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* THE VIRGINIAN * ^ 4 4 ^ t * fm-^ ***********
IS READABLE AND RB- * 11 ||ii MmJ^ *4**** A4|f JT|1^4^J? ?UuA4A4l AAA. "*? 32 *
K LIABLE NEWS EVERY DAT. * mPLllI^ Mil 1 1 I-lM I 111 3 I WT WW ? ' dl' ? MRQ1NIAN BBCAPfl^B
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EjflUdc ur inc
PIC CITT, Oct. 30.?Divers
overed several additional
Ictlms of the railway disssthoroughfare
draw bridge
? mud under the trucks of
car which has not yet been
Jjs.rts are now being directgetting
these corpses to
>. From eight, to fourteen
angers on the 111 fated train
ccounted for. but hope that
II y of them are yet alive has been
ittndbned. Explosives will be emoyed
to destroy the trucks of the
lachds which are still at the bottom
the creek. They are so embedded
at. all efforts to hoist them each
sighing nearly sixteen tons have
oyen fruitless. It Is now expected
at the total death list will be fixed
sixty-six. During last night half a
sen cases were reported to the poe
of persons known to have been
oard the train are mlBslng from
sir. homes. The coroners Jury, headby
State Senator Lee. as foreman,
U hold Its first session at ten o'clock
morrow morning.
rhat train wreckers were responsli
for the terrible disaster of Sunr,
Is the latest theory advanced to
sount for the accident. And Its glvby
no less an authority than Chief
Police Maxwell, who firmly believes
it river pirates may have purposely
joked the train for spite. The PCS'Have
discovered that Daniel Stetv,:
tender of the bridge, recently Hi
I tmiihta wttli river 1)1 r" I...i1
I I.; had twice been assaulted he- of
gSiVwarfare upon them. Detect I- e? are
rnow searching tor.three men tvhom
' the police say may lio able to throw
some light on the matter.
robert dunn succumbed ~to
S5'''injuries received by
bursting of compressed
air pipe.
. Yesterday afternoon at the Miners' ,
Hospital occured the death of Robert <
Dunn, who was hurt several days ago |
In an accident at Cray's Flat. Mr.
Dunn was Injured hy the bursting of ,
a-compressed air pipe, the force of the '
air being so strong as to cause fatal
Internal Injuries'. ' From the first there ,
were but slight hopes of his recovery
though on 'Saturday he was thought to
he some better. Mr. Dunn formerly ,
i? Dhlioitalntilo l??f for onnio i
: i tiniuL-u HI I ?
i V time past lios made his home with his ;
cousin, Mrs. Thomas Tltherlngton, on
]l% Maple avenue. He was a widower ami
leaves one child, Miss Viola, who resided
with him. The body was taken
g. f to Philadelphia today where Interment
will he made. Undertaker R. C. Jones ,
fc.' had charge of the arrangements.
SgVi SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 30? In spite
H^if the pressure from high sources, the
^School board of this city will not re.
> cede from Its plan to separate the
Japanese and white children attend- 1
the public schools.
(President Altman, of the board,
p i- wild that the action taken by that
jpft-hfedT was In compliance with the law
[email protected]?8?k&?itfinf nnlpss this lnw is declared
In violation of the treaty obllga|v!
tioni, the board must adhere to Its
Et; ;80.?John Hild, who fell from a ladder
III?: at the bott lying works at. Paden City
Friday la dead at Schmeld's hospital,
f! He was trying to catch an owl that
$t: flew Into the works. It lodged on a
j* rafter and he climbed a ladder to get
g|l? A rang of the ladder broke and he
jjjfeWns precipitated to the ground. He
fell.on his back and fractured his
Comu^"zl,, J,,orted
f : ; :?'
Mrs. Mary Baker !
Newspaper Men'
To Prove She !
CONCORD, N. H?Oct.30? In order
as her followers aver, to set effecttinlly
at rest the report that her health
WI1B HO UUUOrnilUUU lliui sue ID III an* I
tlcally unable to 'understand the affairs
of the day. a private audience
was granted by Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy,
head of Christian Science sec*,
to a representative of the Publishers*
"The Ninety and Nine" com- ;
pnny which has been so extensive- |
ly advertised for the past week, '
as the attraction for the Grand i
Opera House to-nlglit arrived to- j
dny at noon from Morgantown, j
where It played at Swisher's new j
theater last night and gave ex- '
cedent satisfaction. This com- |
pnny has given universal sntls- '
| faction anil It Is sure to please ]
j the large crowd It will attract to
j the local theater to-night. Fre.l ]
j E. Wright, Its manager, has
1 ctnni'orl nn Avnonoo In mJlkf* tllf? I
| production everything It should |
I he. and local theater-goers who ]
| Itnow Mr. Wright so well ns the j
| manager or "York State Folks." j i
| will be anxious to see "The ;
| Ninety and Nine" company to- i
| night.
; ;
Says Republicans i
H're Anarchists !
AUBURN, N. Y.. Oct. lift.?Clarence t
.). Shearn,. attorney for William R. ,
Hearst, last night made a sensutlona! |
declaration during his address here, t
Mr. Shearn. who spoke front the same ,
idatform ns Mr. Hearst, said he had
ienrned of a dastardly scheme that :
I ad come to light through a man high i
In Republican circles. I
It Is planned, he said, to employ a ,
half dozen well known anarchists to|,
hold a series of meetings' In as many.,
sections'of the Stale late In the week.lt
l?i which Inflnmmnlorv speeches will
l)e made denouncing President Uoose- ,
celt and calling uimiii anarchists to
rally to the Biipport of Mr. Hearst. .
These speeches and resolutions are to .
he played up In a series of Sensational
articles all over the State and offered
Lo voter,s as proof of the charge made
hy the Republican candidate for governor
that Mr. Hearst represents In
this campaign the foes df the United
Slates and the forces of indecency and ,
nob violence. I
"Just remember," he continued
'that the halls and the speakers for
these anarchist meetings will all be
inld for by Tim Woodruff with money j
lollecleil hy 'Shipbuilding Trust' Shel- (
don, with the active co-operntlon of (
Cornelius Vanderblltr, whose railroad (
litis last been lined $111000 for rebat- .
It g as a result of pernicious activity .
i.f one W. It. Hearst." j
Chief Judge Edgar M. Cr.lleu consented
to call the Court of Appeals in
session at Albany to hear an appeal (
from the decision of the appellate di
Islon of the Supreme court, which de [
rlared void the petitions upon which J
many Independence l.eagiib candidates (
,n New York county were nominated. ,
? - . 1 ? i_:. i
lix-semuor unvm ?. run ? mv.-ii.ii.-, ,
Inined by the leafeu-. . I
Gates Puts His Money on Republican {
.at Odds of 3 to 1.
NEW YORK, Oct. 30. ? John W. !
Gates has lict $30,000 to $10,000 thut ]
Hughes will l)e elected governor of
New York Slate. The short end of '
the bet was taken by Allen McGraw
4c Co.. members of the Stock Exchange,
for a customer.
This is the biggest bet of tlie campaign
so far ics Wall street knows. |
Tom Lyle Still Lives. '
Tom l.yle, the negro who was shot ,
yesterday by "Yellow" Chad wick. is '
still living though his roepvery is
thought to be lmDOSsibie. lie Is at the '
City Hospital
Toko your wife and children nnd
(jo to the Si. E. Church for supper toright.
For pure home mHde lard, go to Sattorfleld's,
Watson Hotel Building. <
Tpf our home made nut taffies. Com- ^
Eddy Talked to
ro-day But Failed
[s in Good Health
Press Asosclation, and a limited namPer
of newspaper correspondents, at
In r home at Pleasant View this aftAinnmi
I# t li t\ niiillimna ivnu lutnnrl
iriliui/u. il Mis uuiivih.c iuivuu<d
as an absolute demonstration In
that the mother of the Christian Science
cult wus In perfect health, It
failed In i}s purpose. The falling
health of the aged lady was very much
in evidence. In both face and manner.
Weston, W. Va., Oct. 30.?Hon. J.
S. Durst, assistant state tax commissioner.
was here on Ills way to Richwood,
where he will address the voters
At this place he was shown a copy of
the Fairmont Times, of the date of the
27th Inst., In which paper appears a
statement to the effect that Mr. Darst
had saltl "to a gentleman of unquestionable
Integrity who resides in
Liarkshurg. that the increase of
values now complained of were madcis
a matter of self protection and fti-Itire
salvation of tlic state admlnlstra- |
lion." j|
I i' yuui uuicriiauuuuuL mi. i/mni j
laid: "You will please denty thai (
statement In Its entirety. I never
laid such a thing nor anything like
t to any nmn anywhere, and I chal- (
cnge the Times to name Its man and ,
submit proof. 1 brand the story as a (
lellberate He."
In the same article In the Times is
i farther statement to the effect that
Ur. Djirst had said that the "State adfilnisfratlon
had been assured that
hese assessments weald not be dlsurbod
by the result of any hearings,
md "outside Inlliience could be |
irought to bear upon the judiciary of
his, State in such an Important mater."
Mr. Durst also brands this assertion
is a wilful lie, and declares that he |
lever Intimated such thing to any ,
nan at any time or place. He espe- |
lially asserts that he has at no time (
litered a word which would or could ,
uflect upon the houor or integrity of |
he judiciary of this State. I
Mr. Durst Is confldcnt of a general (
ictory in the State. t
New Sand Concern;
CHARLESTON Oct. 30.?The Sec J
ctary of Stale has Issued the follow ,
nj; diallers: I
The Berkeley Springs Sun.! Comtan.v,
chief 'works in Bath tllslricl. .
.torgim county, to quarry and extracl. |
land rock and sand, maintain mills (
u crush an.l dry sand rock, operate ,
ram and rallroadsi Capital, $100,- (
100. Incorporators, s. S. -laney and T. |
L Wise, Baltimore: w. C. Kllmey, C. j
II. Herbert and C. E. Williams, Mar- ,
iiisburg. ,
The Local Coal and Coke Company. ,
if Pikovllle, Ky., to acquire land connlnlng
coal and other minerals, to
hip and sell coal, manufacture and |
ell timber, own. and operate steam- a
oats and railroads. Capital, $100,- ,
lOO. Incorporators. E. E. Williams, ,
Paul W. Scoft, H. T. Lovell. Don C. ,
tussell, W. C. Wrlston, all of Hunt- ,
Laid to Rest To-day.
This morning at the home of Arthur '
Evans on Fourteenth street funeral '
lerrlces were conducted by Rev. W. -I. '
Eddy ovqr the remains of little Cora
Evans, whose death occurred on Sun- ]
lay. The remains were laid to rest In
Unnln fit-Are flometorv.
Postmaster Z. J. Martin and wife, of ,
Pali-view, were in town to-day on their
way home from a visit to their ilaugher,
Mrs. M. L. Davis at Ellsworth, (
Pa; , ?
? -4 ;
! : I 1
\ Snow Flurries To-morrow.
| WASHINGTON, D. C.. Oct. SO.? t
j Forecast for Wost Virginia? \ 1
J Partly cloudy and colder to- j I
| night and Wednesday; occa- ! 1
j slonal snow flurries. <
Judges Will
Decide Later
The hearing of the Baltimore ami
Ohio appeal case Vs. the Board of
Public Works closed last evening. The
case now rests with the Judges of the |
several circuits through which the 13.
and 0. or Its brunches run. The evidence
taken here will be certified to
each Judge. All the evidence was taken
down by a stenographer. Each
jLdge will be furnished with a record
of the testimony.
The plaintiff put every particle of
evidence that was possible for it to get
in the record. And the record when
made up will show that much of the
testimony wus objected to by coansel
for the defense.
The case was an ln|eresting one and
brought a brilliant array of legal talent
to the c(ty. All of the lawyers connected
with the suit have gone home.
George J. McComas left yesterday at
1:45. Commissioner Dillon left last
night at 9:40. He went to Clarksburg.
C. W. Campbell left to-day at
1:15, and Attorneys W. Mollohan and
IV. W. Van Winkle left to-day on No.
lodge Mason heard some questions
in the King case this morning. Some
Important questions In this case are
in the Supreme court. These fines
lions have been there since March.
Until these questions are decided
.vblch will govern the boundaries or
ertaln tracts of land In dispute there
vill he practically nothing dono la
he ease. (
Laid to Rest
By Loving Hands
A large throng of relatives and ]
i lends gathered at the Presbyterian j
hiirch this afternoon to attend the j
ast sad ritos over the remains of Jus j
Ice L' G Bennington, whose death oc- ]
sirred on Sunday. Rev. Morton ]
tames, of Christ Church, conducted j
he funeral services of the Episcopal i
iliurch, of which tlio deceased was a j
nonihor. Rev. H. G. Stoetser. of the ]
'reshvterlan Cluirch, assited In the ]
nrvlces and made a brief address in
vliich he paid a high tribute of reipoct
and esteem to the exemplary ]
tfe of lite deceased. Judge W. S. Hay- ]
aond, on behalf of the Marion county ]
tar, of which the deceased was n ntcm- ;
tor, spoke of the useful life of Mr. ]
eiimngion 111* a [Mihiiu acivitu' nil*i
xpressed the regret that his death
lad caused among his fellow lawyers.
Tito choir or the Episcopal Church
iing several selections. The enske;
II which (lie remains lay was coindctely
surrounded by beautiful flowis
which bore silent, testimony to the
steeni In which the deceased was hel l
y Ills fellow men. The services were
n charge of the Knigliis of Pythias, of
vhich Mr.. Pennington had been a
nember. and many members from
learby towns were present.. The Bar
Vssoclatipn was present In a body.
The honorary pall bearers were seeded
from Hie Bar Association at
i meeting held last night. They were
iV, H. Brant. T. N. Parks, E. F. Mor- _
an. S. C. Lowe, John Hensbaw, M.
iV. Ogilen, P. Al. Hoge. J, A. MercIII
h, B. F. Ramage an| IT. N. Arnett
A "committee was also appointed at
he liar meeting to draff resolutions j(
o the memory of the deceased. They
vere, B. L. Butcher, E. M. dhowalter
mil B. F. Ramage.
The active pall bearers were se- -1
eeted from the Knights of Pythias. ?
Ihey wore F. P. Kelley. .7. E. McCoy,
i. F. Ramage, W. R. Hicktuan, J. M.
lacohs and Smith Hood.
The (lower bearers 'Were Messrs.
dlller, Browufleld, Sherwood, Hough, 8
' 'Isher and Martin.
Following the services al the church
Iw remains were taken to Woodlawn
temetery. where they were consign;d
to the grave. Undertaker R. L.
h.nnlngbam bad charge of the f.mer on
il arrangements. be
? of
Notice. in
The cltjr taxes for the year 1906 tie
ire now ready for payment, and all ec
lersons paying the same on or be- cc
ore November 15th. will be allowed a th
Ilacount of per <jent,' but no dl? lb
mint allowed after the 15th day of P?
^ JO^B. SCOTT, |
Another Long List of Taxpayers
Who Are Enjoying Reductions <
Taxes by Reason of New Tax L
No matter where the mmes are (ound on the tax bookB the rest
the same this year. Lower taxes (or the masses of the people. T
pie of Fairmont district, outside of the corporation, and those of
district, too, are the beneficiaries or the new tax laws as the figure
below Indicate. If you appreciate haying lower taxes vote for the 1
can candidate for the Legislature and they will stand by the net
which made lower ttfxes possible. The Democratic candidates are <
to the new tax laws. Their platform condemns them and their 01
this county is doing all In Its power to break them down. Read the
below and be convinced.
Name of Tax Payer. |_1904. |_1900. | Ret
Hayhurst, D. E 24.09 20.29"
Hayhurst, Goldie A. .' 9.00 1.01
Henderson, W. D 02.02 29.49 . 2:
Henderson, E. T 64.30 30.59 21
Holland, Elizabeth : 18.6$ 7.20 1
Hull. Nelson 43.00 13.04 2!
Hull, 8. B 33.05 21.92 1
llunsnker, Henry / 5.20 3.42
Irons, Joseph 02.99 25.89 2'
JolllIT, Mary E 19.91 4.77, II
Keener, E. F 8.90 0.20 I
Keener, B. F 4.73 3.20
Keener, R. W | 3.23 | 1.80 1
Ktncahl, Elizabeth A (.| 5.70 j 3.98) 1
Layman, Zadoc ! 24.74 8.39 II
Lake, John G. ,\ <8.05 27.19 2!
Lake, John L 34.99 21.00 II
Linn, Samuel W v 80.02 37.95 41
Linn, Robert . 24.88 12.03 1!
Linn, Geo. B 25.94 11.08 14
Linn, Samuel H ' 34.09 31.64 i
Linn, HnhgM 15.94 13.75 1
Morgan, J. G 10.39 11.70 4
Martin, R. L., (Trustee) 186.58 92.91 9J
Sillier, C. B 8.86 4.76 4
Miller, J. B I 17.21 12.03 ?
Miller, E. W i 7.27 4.04 i
Michael, William I 22.17 j 13.96 | 8
McHenry, J. W'Nantl J. 1, | 6.06 | 4.30 |
Moran, Monroe | 13.57 | 6.64 ] t
Morgan. Eliza | 4.38 | 1.65 | S
Morgan, W. E [ 16.38 | 7.72 8
Morgan, James W j 22.74 | 16.58 6
Morgan. Henry V. 11198"] - 2.61 't
Morgan, Eliza A. ..., I 7.45 | ' 4.39 J
Morris,D. P 19.30 | 6.17 13
Morris, D. H : 6.97 | 2.68 3
Miller, C. E. and Cora - 16.51 | 12.00 4
Nichols, George 2.91 .58 2
Nixon, T. B 5.16 4.41
Nuzuni, X.J 17.15 11.63 6
Nuzum, David C 22.00 8.04 14
Nuzuni, Job S 20.01 14.93 11
Nnzum, Menesseh 28.17 14.88 13
Nuzum, Banks .. 15.93 10.76 5
Nnzum, E. F. 0.62 2.04 4
Nuzum, J. R '. 19.80 16.80 3
Nuzum, Geo. M.t and Mary 57.48 25.59 31
Nuzum. Cornelia 21.06 11.42 9
'runty, Samuel 17.30 11.94 6
Pride, J. V. 34.22 22.01 | 12
Reynolds, J. B. and Mary C | 9.52 6.30 | 3
Myers, Jacob, Mnnniugtcn i zt.ih n.au | is
Myers. E. D., Metz .... i 14.77 11.65 3
MeVlcker, W. E? Mannlngton j 3.47 1.35 2
National Supply Co., Mannlntgon | 1G1.94 73.G3 88
May, H. B? Mannlngton I 35.35 31.9G 3
May. C. S.. Dent's Run G8.98 51.68 17
Meely. Sarali A.. Mannlnglon 10.G8 3.G9 G
Mcer, J. E., Metz 2.49 1.29 1
Nuzura, H. C.. Metz 14.27 7.24 7
J doll, A. D., Worthlngton I 6.08 3.84 1
Idol 1. Helen M.. Wortlilntgon 8.59 3.52 5
Jrnduff, S. E.. Metz 7.15 2.32 4
Jtl, Jacob E., Mannlngton 15.45 9.16 G
Jtt, J. S? Mannlngton 39.8G 28.10 11
Jit, John, Mannlngton 45.88 2810 17
Painter, R. A., Mannlugton 17.27 8.G1 9
Parrish, J. F. and Dora, Mannlngton 44.38 29.22 15
Parrlsh, B. U, Warrior Fork | 17.35 11.51 5
Petbel,'Susan, Glover's Gap | 14.18 5.96 8
Phillips. Chas. R., Mannlngton | 30.20 19.J9 11
Phillips Tool Co.,'Mannlngton j 90.00 78.17 11
Phillips, A. D., Mannlngton | 2.14 .48 1
/ To Be Continued.
HOOE GUILTY * made e??D':
?-? "The Ninety and Nine Dellgh
JRY RETURNED VERDICT THI9 Large Audience at Morgan
"The Ninety and Nine" c
PITTSBURG, OcL 30.?The Jury 111 Pany. which will be seen In F
e Hooe trial, at one-llvo o'clock, ren- mont. for the first time at
red a verdict of guilty as Indicted. Grand Opera House to-nli
.. . , ?n.nn I nlnvo.l 4Vin nnnr Qmlolion ttinr
le case was given to me jury ai u; -a i < *? < <="
Block. Judge Frazer's charge was at Morgantown last night. '
rlctly an Impartial review of the law following telegram recelvej h
id evidence. The negro's counsel thla horning from Mana
111 probably apply for a new trial. Swisher surely indicates that
. will have a treat to-night:
Improvements at the Tavern. Morgantown. W. Vs.. Oct.
On entering the lobby of the Tavern ' ' ?? ' . ?
.a is struck by the change that has Mgr Grand Opera House,
en made by Host Williams. Tho Fairmont, W. Va..
Bee desk and cigar cases have been Ninety and Nine Phycd
oved to the rear of tho room. By n,e" to a and euthusla,
dng this a great, deal of space is audience. Great play, magi
onomlzed. The clerk Is In better cently 8ta?e,J' Rf
imunlcation with the other parts of ^ ever ^
e hotel. The lobby will be fixed up B
general and will present a fine ap
arance when finished. . t .
figure* .Merchants and Board of Comm#r^^8
luctlon. Hutchinson and Walton Miller; mwB
^d Clyde Holt were api?|nted ^<?rahieltule
nil the htiRinefui men of Fair- J
<68 (lurlnn^tbe linslneSB hadrs, toK^^^^8
M A- ** aaiflfc&W
03 PARKERSBURO, Oct. 80.?Ed.
,2f Stall), a young farmer who resides n',;|
short distance up the Little KanawlMwjS
S3 was arrested here yesterday 'aboojl}?l
30 noon on a warrant sworn ontr.tg^^ag
'6 father-in-law, a Mr. Reld, of the SSu^^H
'3 Side, charging him with kidnapping ;
?? ' Ills one year old infant. ^fjggKM
-?1 Stall) was taken before Justice Rpt-iffil
34 tencutter where he admitted' that
22 had taken the habe from his wlfeS|S?a
01 put It In the care of his father '^SB^jj
33 mother who resided near Belpre. The^
5,i wife arrived In the city yesterday aft- j
ernoon and told her side of t]ie|gK
?1? story. She said that she had'8Mnffl|
?havlns trouble with her husband? nBal
I shine' tlmo; and that he had filed a suit s
*? Jl..nmn unotnoi tlDP
ted j Early yesterday morning: Stnlb'enJS
{ tercd ills home and took the .VlfinjftJ
! from the mother's arms. He thenii(wS|9
i in a buggy and drove to the homo of -j
om- ; his parents where he left the Infant uh$a
air- j their care.
the I Mrs. Staib walked two miles to the ||aH
ght, i nearest telephone and called ajji-JtmH
iter i father whom she told of the ineMH^^
rhe j and asked that he swear out the war- J
ere I rant. Another Warrant baa also habntfa
ger i issued for Staib's parents, charging
we I them with complicity In the case.
j Mrs. Stalb has secured the services.of !
30. ' C. T. Caldwell to look after her
The husband has retained W; -P.'Hj
i Smith, who yesterday morning entered BM|?
i the suit for divorce.; .
' Tlin do/nnHant< Alttfftll ypBtoflfftlf, HwHB
itlc I return the babe '{o Its mother. Ttteffi
ilfl. i court refused to let him retorn It tpffl
ie; | escape the penalty but the babe waajgl
| later recovered by the mother'WliSH
fed and cared for It Stalb iw ..
A la the penalty of 1500 and was ro-al
leased until this afternoon at 2 o'clock,
for which

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