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, } ?~~7T ' ,'*; 1
Central 'Federation o
| Ktfv kaa Islien action which Is ej
pM to fct SnrlUtal by other Inbo
1; Mhsaisardfng 'be now contract to
I tan done by. the governmen
joint Is that the utamr
I Otis labor finds "sutlsrai
ntrse tbc excess cos; we
By the taxpayers. Thl
ten satisfactory to ttios
si (be money contribute
' atamps, but It ought nt
hefory either to the go'
deft osght to get the moi
Iter money disbursement
smpelled to make up th
r tax contributions In nil
V contract Is nut a Inrg
ie principle involved I
It lies at the'bottom <
the Panama canul, In
s political and Industrlt
Hog to the policy wide
km bns resolved Is 'n
us! tt Is the basis of lit
no Hehtrt in asking thl
. ?t ' etall be disbursed 'fc
ssnsejnXoiml Interest. ? No
HBUX, cw. in.
life Geek Robin Up-to-Date.
i?*?. /'IMfTrft the light?"
JBtTI Hearst,
'-''TOrScs I shall worst.
W:f" ;n?tb.ne%iit."
jfe;; : * -***i7j*ort friend?"
"TM sdV Hill Hearst.
jplff? V.MW-Bm Hearst.
' S*"*tin Thists." "
I IT "TT?a BBCT Hearst.
. ma r?mrofs\e(l Spain?"'
'/ ' . ~%r r?U Bill Hearst,
dSfpn dispersed.
Pfii ' T'nniHilii f Spain."
dv .^WufiMi annul America?"
&CV "V *W! Rill Hearst.
|p| .-mfe* Ifrere first.
Ittnteal America."
5' ? " 'V.' T nil Bias Hearst,
; Sit innnersccl,
' Waprifja Ends in a Fiasco at Cun
fp; ' (CTHtlWRWND. JUI., Nov:
Br Rh Sfltorltetlt and Jennie' Emrlcl
J;,'afctai, ol Alum' Hank, Pa., and Hot
-* PloncnnlsvUl
Bffii'.: *h. nl ?. A. Handabush. of Rum
??E. ! *., arrived here yesterday I
S The jrsjpeetive grooms were dlrec
WE';' ; ;* *? Aft* Ocmrt hoiise, and had a mi
ll?'$v;-' SMnr Mqftoncd for.
irten Mrey relumed stating the
Mfittfy'.:. tad fncaml the licenses, one of tt
K&jg v 1&A*' tmmr&c'd:
!?$.' " 1 m not going to get married ft
^H|; flmwyoui.-'
I?', :. tker airfcr annoiinced the same d
fc:'..v . - ' 4Mb m all the persaadlng th
?M- -' jmanr wen could do was of no aval
(motet reft on the evening trai
' <ir their homes.
Dynamite Bomb
srap *m- *eeo in scale hous
Bttfe.V' WUttJNO. Nov. C.?During liu
In the scale house mule
tipple of the Elm Grov
six miles from Wheellni
'Man On scale house was opene
w* No-one was serious]
[g|V;. g jgMK. The mine started Monda
nnMr vfUi strikers and. labor di?
taStm air snppwed to. be the earn
?tf*r attempt to dfcntroy the props
\ ffofca- fie -Keir- York Tiniest , ' j
- The rearrangement of the offlcen* 4
quart era on the battle ship Louisiana 4
lf for the use ot President Roosevelt on <
Is trip to Port! Rico and Panama, t
'r .which work Is being.done at the New e
r York Navy yard, was rushed with all t
I. possible dispatch at he yard yesterday,
t as It is the Intention of Capt Couden, j
' the commander of the I/mislana, to t
?' V?.1. nt,aaan*>a1ra
ff fnil iruill ni'H lUIA IUt Wl.wii.inw J
a Bay on 8un<toy. President Roosevelt t
e will go to qyster Bay to vote next T
lt Tuesday morning, and that duty An- ,
. If hed, will return immediately to 1
Washington where he win board the f
, naval, yacht Mayflower, which will ,,
' take him to a point off Wolf Trap ?
. Light where be will go on board the (
s Louisiana.
,1 Naval Constructor William J. Bax0
ter said yesterday that at the rate the
,] work of fitting the batle ship was pro- j
? greasing he thought thero was little
doubt that she would be ready by next
M Sunday morning at tlic latest. The '
j. Presidential quarters, which are sitj.
unted aft ho snhl. will be separated
ig from the rest of the ship by a tempor- '
[g ary bulklicu'd now being placed In po
;e slllon, and will consist of seven stale- "
j rooms and three bathrooms. The
,t quarters being made over for the ,
r. President's party are the admiral's
it suite, ami the cabins set aside for the
3 captain commanding the ship and the
e admiral's chief of stuff should it ever
ji, be found necessary to use the battle
,, ship as a flagship, a contingency now
s quite remote apparently, (
if The large cabin intended for the |
i- occupancy of a flag officer Is being ,
converted Into a large dining and re- (
il ceptlon room. Te chief of staff's cab- ,
it In Is to bo used as a sitting room, ,
b while the apace around the after tur- .
I- ret has been specially prepared as a
e sort of general sitting room for the |
ir vise of the President ttnil those who
it will accompany him on Ills trip,
tr The admiral's stateroom will he oc- i
a copied by President Roosevelt, while <
The Bmk ot Fairmont,
J. E. WATSON, President.
J. 8. HAYDEN, Vice President.
* I B UAUneM t
H. 0. rLtcminiUf *#. o, net
J. E. WAT80N.
Capital, $150,000.00.
Undivided Profits, $160,00p.00 ,
Transacts a genral banking buslaass.
Accounts of corporations, (Irras and t
Individuals received upon the sost 1
iavorable terms consistent with sound '
wd conservative banking. <
Interest paid on time deposits. !
Separate vault with safety deposit 8
> boxes tor use of customers. <
" ?: : Tviiil ,
s- 1
? vhich tends to Improve the facilities 1
of our bank Is prresse.1 Into service. ;
Vo look very carefully after all dellm
ails and make our service as effective
ta possible. We receive deposits sub- (
,v act to check, pay 4 per cent. Interest (
in savings and time deposits, loan
small banks to savings depositors, and
)r -under up-to-date service. Call for circular
giving full information.
; Home Savinos Bankn
Fairmont. W Ve
Persons who desire
Jt mum returns, consistent
r. Certificate of Deposit-which
0 ideal form of investment.
luuacjr luv^iou ut uiv
^ is absolutely Secure-and t
10 form of investment.
lecoratlons placed In the President"'
luarters, nor will there be any addlional
furaifare, beyond a few wick
t chairs, lounges, etc., tor use in the
The wireless apparatus on the. Louf
lana Is being fully tested, as it Is
he intention of the Navy Department
o make It possible for the President
o be In touch with Washington by
vlreleas every day he is at sea. The
rork of keeping the President In wireess
communication with the shore
tas been Intrusted to Lieut Frank
Taylor Evans, the President's newly
ippolntod naval aide. Lieut Evans
a a son of Rear Admiral Evans.
="rom Llpplncott's.
They say that sleeplng'dogs may He;
But little girls may not,
""or when "I tell the littlest flb
They scold an awful lot.
Sometimes I wish I was a (log
So's i, could lie a lot;
for when I've taken mother's cake
I'd rather sleep than not.
Then when-she'd say, "Now, Clementine,
Did you do so and so?"
'd close my eyes and snooze a bit
And growl out, "No; oh, no!"
Think of Dr. snoops catarrh Cure
I. your nose and throat discharges?
f your breath Is foul or feverish. This
mow white soothing balm contains
311 of Eucalptus, Thymol, Menthol,
itc., Incorporated Into an Imported,
sreamlllte, velvety petrolatum. It
loothea, heals, purities, controls. Call
?r our store for free trial box. E. A.
SllllDgslea & Co.
Subscribe for the West Virginian
vhlle you get it at bargain prices. Sec
?1 in today's paper.
a. L. USHUAN, fresident.
J. A. CLARK, Vice President.
J. R LINN, Cashier.
he track is clear and you may proceed
with satiety. Our Institution
s on a sale basis, and you may pro
:eod to deposit here, knowing that
'ou run no risk, We have 110 (laager
ignal. Our methods always inspire
tonlldcnce In depositors.
"he Peoples Banl< j
m. si6o.ooo.oo.
Jeo. M. Jacobs President.
V. S. Haymond Vice President
r. M. Brownficld, Cashier
Our (ire and burglar proof vaults j
ire free to customers for privtc pa- j
We solicit your business, which will
eceive prompt pud careful attention.
Directors?Geo. M. Jacobs, W. 3.
VTeroitith, J. M. Hartley. Harry Shaw,
N. S. Haymond, C. B. Hutchinson,
Howard R. Furhee.
their funds to yield maxi'ith
safety, will, find our
bear 4 per cent interest-an
se Certificates rf Deposit
nake * very satisfactory
' t'
PARIS, Not. 6.?The feature of th
reassembling of the French Parlie
ment was Premier Clemenceau's dec
laratlon of the policy of the new got
The Chamber of Deputies wa
crowded when the cabinet minister
entered, and al eyes were on* Premie
Clemcnceau ana . war Minister in
Quart, but there was no demons tyatio:
of an extraordinary nature. The Pre
roler, when he read the minlsterin
declaration of policy, was foIIoweJ ai
tentlvely, and evoked several round
of applause, especially when be at
nounced that the law separating churc
and state, as applied, would insure fu:
exercise of liberty of conscience.
As the change In the cabinet wa
due solely to the III health of ex-Pr<
nllcr Sarrlen, the declaration of po
Icy anounced that with the support c
the country at the last elections th
government only Intended to pursu
actively the work of reform, and tha
its foreign policy would remain ui
A Guarantee of Peace. '
"Founded upon peace with dignity,
said M. Clemencenu, "we can an
with pride that during the 35 years o
the republic there has not been on
minute when we couid be accusted o
threatening the peace or Europe. A
tho same time, since the peace of th
world is based on force of arms, w
cannot disarm, for to do so would d<
stray llic guarantee of our Imlenem
mice. Until the nrrlval of that hnpp
hut uncertain day when the regime c
force wii be changed our first duty i
not to weaken our defensive power
of which our International understam
ings form an important element, i
cultivating good relations with othc
"V'e must carefully maintain th
alliances contracted In the Interests r
neucp as well as the friendships whos
value has already heen proved, and w
must not forgot at difficult period
that moral authority and upright po
lev openly practiced can become (h
!erminlng raciors in isurupemi u^i
Ion without which no government I
future can fail to reckon."
Internal Affairs.
In interior affairs, the Premier coi
timied, the policy of the minlstr
would he no less clear, the ohject'lu
tpR the definite Installation of a demi
crallc government.
The declaration of policy then on
lined the concrete proposition, the a]
plication of the law separating churc
anil state, the realisation of worl
men' spensions. the extension of th
lew governing lalior unions, the ri
firm of the mining laws, the introdui
Hen "f a democratic snirit in the arm
liy the reduction of the term of sei
vice to two years, I lie suppression o
court-martials, /elief of the w I aggrov
ers and. a progressive income tax, an
concluded with an expression of th
governments' unshakable determin:
ilon to transform Into nets the .ius
demands of the democracy. A motio
nnnrovlng the government's prt
gramme w'as carried by the great m.
jurltv of 395 to 96.
The debate In the Chamber whir
followed the declarallon of policy wn
confined exclusively to the matter o
the separation of church and stat<
There was a perfect volley of Intel
pollutions with the object of learnlm
lite intention of the government In th
muter of the application of the law o
separation. No further votes wor
in lion.
$15,00,000 for Relief.
PHir.ADEfvfHIA. Nov. 7.?Tin
monthly report of the Employers' lb
lief Fund for the Pennsylvania Rail
road Company's lines east of Pitts
burg and Erie shows that the payment
for the month of September, 196t
amounted to $115,151.92. Of till
amount $40,902.03 were on account o
clealh, and represent the payment o
death benefits to the families of mem
hers and the fnrter payments of *74
2W.no in benefits for the relief c
members disabled and incapacitate
for work in the company's service.
Since the organization of the Relle
Department, February 15, 1880, Jh*r
have been.paid in death benefits $C
331,189.04, and on account of disable
ment $9,130,752.04, or a total of $15
appearing old
Acts an a Bar to Profitable Employ
You cannot afford to prow old.
In these days of strenuous competltloi
it is necessary to maintain, as long a;
possible onc3 youthful appearance.
It Is impossible to do this without re
talnlng a luxurious growth of hair.
The presence of Dandruff Indicates tin
presence of a burrowing germ whlcl
lives and thrives on the roots of tin
hnlr until it onuses total baldness.
N'ewbro's Herpfclde is the only knowi
destroyer of this pest, and It Is as effec
tlvo as It Is delightful to use
Herplctde makes nn elegant hair dress
fnc as woil as Dandruff cure.
Accept no substitute?there is none.
Sold by lending dmsKlata. 8end l0o.li
dtnmpe fur sample to The Herplctde Co.
Detroit. Midi.
E. A. Bllllngalea ft Co., specls
!l you tave t.irulAhtd or n'furnish
d rooms to' M )oi" *J1 find the ad
., the |
n itself a true disease. We th^dc of Dnpepck
Heartburn. and Indigestion,** real dlseaaea. nt
they are symptoms only of a certain, eeedpe
O Nerve aicknesa-nothing else. '
t. k was this feet that lint odrrectljr led Dr. Fhoop
/ in the creation of that now very popular Stomsch
Bemedy?-Dr. Shoop'sReatoratlvt: Going direct
to the stomach nerves, elone brought that sucfe*
end fevor to DrjShcwpsnd hie Restorative. With*
3 oat that original and highly vital principle, no
(ueh lasting accomplishment* were ever to be hed.
s For stomach distress, bloatiny. BUfotttaett, tei
r breath and sallow coopIeziwnL ley Dr. ShoAp'i
Restorative?Tabletu or Iiqjald?and1 ecu for your.
a lelf what it can and will dia. Wa fctt and ch^ta
IUUJ recomxuouu , , .
Dr. Stoop's
f "Dally. "Dally exrept Sunday. .Sunday
0 ?
I A. M.; No. 14. *1:40 P. AL; No. 4,
y *8:40 P. M. (local to ararton.)
lf CUMBERLAND ACCOM., No. 6, 17:00
II A. M.
S GRAFTON ACCOM., No. 72, *10.51 A M.
n For coi.rirnrs & Chicago, no. 7,
T A. M.; No. 71, *1.30 P. M.
For WHEELING. No. 7. ?2:24 A. M.; No.
17. *7:-in A. M. (locoll: No. 71, *1:30
0 P. 3L (local;; No. 55, *7:30 P. M.
I So. 2. !7:0T? A. M.: No. 06. *8:00 A. 1L;
9 No. 0. !1.45 P. M.: No. 64. x4:30 P.
1. .\r.: No. 4. 19:45 P. M. Arrive. No. 3.
!7::js A. M.; No. 63..xll:50 A. M.; No.
? 1. :r.':00 noon: No. 6'9, x8:30 P. M.; No.
j 5, 15:30 P. M.
* ? <"> "?? - o 17..4 O
! IiORVO, ISO. J. *o;uu At.. *w. o, ...-?-,
v A. M. ; No. 51, *2:15 A. M. Arrive. No. j
> .10, *1:00 P. M.; No. 2. 17:20 P. M.; No.
?. 4. !9:40 P. M.; No. 44, x9:40.
, For MORGANTOWN. T^nve. No. 69,
J 9:00 P. M. Arrive. No. r,J. !6:50 A. M.;1
No. 66, x7:32 A It.
^ Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
Depart. No. 201. 7:00 A. M.; No. 203,,
c* 4:00 P. M. I
e Arrive, No. 200, 8:uo A, M.; No. 202,
, 5:40 p. ar. |
t ,
f We're showier our New
. and Exclusive
: Fail woolens
' It may si em early to buj,
11 but toe wise m m makes
> bis -.el no hefoie the
i- rush oe?ins. j
* your
r Inspection
; Solicited
J T. Ill, Hennen, I
Id Floor. Masonic Temple.
|J ii
Abbott's New Market
{ Fresh Eggs and Country Butter
Always on Hands. Young
and Old Chickens.
f Our Specialty is Pond Caught
Fresh Water Fish.
'i Give us a Call.
Next Door to Koon's Marble j
Works, Jackson St.
Cr, El Eddy,
' Gm administered. Lady attends, I
Porcelain work a specialty.
Trust Co. Building, Fourth Flocr,
, Rooms 16, 16t, 17.
1 Office hours: Phones:
8 to 12 s. m. Con. ill
, | 1 to 5 p. in Bell 357 L
> Civil, Mining and Consulting
Jacobs Building, Fairmont, W. Va.
Surreys ot oil kinds executed on
, ilhort;
' I* tie flrst. place it to considered the very lest Mnd of security. ]
b the secoiM place It to considered that a man who amountdHKl
much or who has the promise of ever doing anything wltt hareBme^B
real estate possessions. If he dees not ears Ma money'he to aot'MwjjsM
ly to be good.pay. If he does have Ma money and don't pat st MjfiH
* part of It into real estate be would not be considered a very safe 1
; ought to own a.piece of real estate If only a bollding lot. As the j
city advances in every direction peeperty ^advauwmajfeilti^^^M^B
portion. Lots that were a few yearn ago on the "outs'
considered "inside" property. So it wlli be In a few years from now, j
: lots that are now out of the thickly settled portions of the city will j
soon he built around making them "inside" property, ^
While you can at "outside" prices, thus getting you a' hjuali^ituiB
before prices go higher, men yea have your lot poid for It wiqgJgQHH
worth more money either as. a site lor* ho?? or ta?&ll'.fcproa5'>r,
Betake* Department is at yonr service. , , gajH
CHAS W. HAWKINS, Manager, Room IS j
Entire Third Floor Fairmont Trust Co. |
Bldg. Fairmont, W. Va.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Men's Suits I Top Coats |nH
A. I . .
OS A . n n n Aal AA I Aja A A AAA AAl 1
$iim? to jm.iw | wiopiNg
' S A
: mis [Fall Styles Now Ready 1^1^
Head to Foot Outfitters. ';lj|jjH
^ PERRIN'S Strouse Br Is/ STACY j
CLOVES High Art Clothing. SHOE <BH
Children's Suits Rain 'oats
$2.08 to $7.09 $10.00 lo $25,0011|
CHILL BROS., Dentists.! I
V ... ^mgssgSBI
S All Work Guaranteed. /Lady Attendant. 'gS
9 Full Set of Teeth 16.00 np Bridge Work (8.N |
Gold Crowns, 22k $6.00 Pine Gold Filling! 11,00 QbsMH
RxvactingASc, withoutp?ln.50c WhiteFUlingi SOo I
0 Ouer PoetoKlce, Fairmont, '
Golden Oil !
Vi &TCnh9I
Becoming A Household Favorite!
Praised by the Citizens of West Virginia; used and |
Recommended by Practicing Physicians. .H
Golden Oil, a famous old Indian remedy, Is growing In popularity !
as a household medicine as its good qualities become known. It
been used by hundreds of the citizens of this State and all wmH
byre used- It will cheerfully recommend U. Bead the tollqwlng MwjS]
tlmonlals: rv;,?-lnfnB
GOLDEN OIL is not a "cure all" but a simple, harmless, honaa- |
hold remedy that Is a certain and quick destroyer of all ache* ?f I
pains. It Is unexcelled as a remedy for neuralgia, headachy j
..iet,..L? .hnl,nn?ln .talnc In ahlMron Mlllit dhnlftM mnr. j
IVUUiaVIld, BwnuiiDi iniua , , , bis,
flat Bummer complalut. pain urination or bloody gravel as tt I
la called', bruises, cuts, old sorest chilblains, frost bite, burw^luS^B
scalds, bolls, carbuncles, teter. eczema, Itching piles, cramp, oold
head, nose cold, lumbago, sciatic pnlns, abscess| facial neuraigUy ^Mt,^
and to any case where there la any great pain as an anodyne. )
That Is what you have when you have a bottle of Golden Oil la a
your bouse. It Is the sufferer's most useful friend and no family cu9
afford to remain without this remedy when It can be protanw^jBB
any denier. . '
It Is equally serviceable when applied externally or takta' anw^
nally. Every bottle guaranteed, to lo what la claimed, tor It or yoat'vjfl^^^|
money will be cheerfully refunded.
? ? ^ ?*?.
ror oaiu
II j|j|| |j Ky ^VljAhtoV L. LLOYD Manufacturer

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