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I M # ^FUiN j ^
I t.?Mcni given on (II Inatrumantaj
| H?>1 Rlock, opposite Marietta
+4 4>'.44* ?? 4+4* 4
Wk jk immiY 4
HPI Some are decidedly elaborate^
H'jj,hats, others are Juat what*
HMMjJKjli 7UU "?Ul lUf Btrmi '
^ You irtli find our prices are+
4* the loweet. Call'and see ?mr4
* aire muiNEiy parlor, j
* (It Merchant Street *
$+++ + 4* 4* 4* -4* 4"+ 4* ^
I ^ 6. ft. BUNflAK, j
? 217 Walnut flveuue. \
% Consolidated Phone 694 V
^ Boll Phone 421-R k
town people wheit
you can buy the!
above number one!
burner, mantle
and globe right in
| Fairmont of
II its Money
1 You want
$Sr'" We buy and sell all kinds second
hand household goods, Clothing, etc.
' New Gas Ranges and heaters exchang?'
ed for. coal stoves, the only place you
can do this in town. Money loaned
on Jewelry. The best place to sell;
I?':, the cheapest place to buy?No other
^ like It Send for our agent or call on I,
, phone.
jpf lie Second Hand store
I III Auction House
P , 208 Jackson Street.
Cons. Phone, 355.
Of all exhibitlonr hold In tho Un
tennlal In 187C, the Jamestown Tcr-t
waters of Hampton, Roads,' near,tlio c
port News, Va., April 26 to Novembe
In originality and novelty will compli
mL- -^4*
i uc Vcicu; ?uuu V'Viuiuuiuwihwx *
founding of Uie first English-speaking
Va.. in 1607. where Captain John Smi1
liahed a Village from which has gron
million population. Tho celebration ?
tained by the United States in histci
. veious industrial development an.l cr
dred years. Contemporaneous with tt
of Hampton Hoads the greatest naval
In which every type of war vessel frc
participate. Another attracttvo fcatui
encampment in which detachments ol
unite with, the soldiera-of the United ?
parades, etc.
The site of the Exposition is local
Tidewater cities of Virginia, .reached i.
has combined with the ingnnuity of in
esque. spot. The gropnds cover piorc
water front facing tho greatest watei
unsurpassed view of innumerable pel
The scheme of landscape decorall
the attractive features being the flor
It Is made of trumpet vines, traJne
honeysuckle and crimson rambler rose
flowering beauty.
More than twenty-live exhibit pala
prising Auditorium, Manufacture and
Marine Appliances, Machinery, Food
Products, Arts a..d Crafts, Transports
tags and pavilions. They will be of
appointments will excoll any similar g
architecture they will all bo of the col
setting to the natural beauties of the
Another attractive feature will be
ing 2,000 feet into Hampton lloads. At
light towers and a working exhibit c
ture will be illuminated by thousands o
nffn^tni, an iinnvnnllw) vtnuu nf fllO na
been lost sight ot, and the "Warpatli,'
a diversified class or original noveltic
In assembling the exhibits, especi
dustries and the liberal arts tho raana
fill to select only such as show the lat
of industry. Hence, it wil bo the first "
United States, in which every phase o
ment will be displayed so arranged an
intelligent understanding of the histo
of the trades and industries, without t
Ings to inspect another part of the sa
Many reasons combine to muJte t;
atempted, and when President. Roosevi
of next year, signifying the formal op
visitors will not lie disappointed in th
Jamestown Tercentennial.
Make Daring
Bank Theft
LA SALLE, III., Nov. d.?The Farmers
and Miners' Bank, of Laclrt, a mining
town, was held tip anil robbed yes[erday
afternoon. Assistant Cashier
I. J. Hurley, was alone in the bank
ivhen two men entered and aBkcd for
some pennies The next moment, covering
Hurley with revolvers, they orlerud
him to throw up his hands ami
narched him to a back room, where
hey bound him hand and foot.
After taking a quantity of money the
nen escaped.
The amount of booty wnl lie about
17,000, as near as the olllcers of the
jank were able to estimate last night.
I-add was thrown Into a state of exiltement
by Ute daring hold-tip.
rtn? of the two masked robbers
Jimrded the street door, while the
jther scooped up the cash. Some reports
say that the amount Btolen Is
(20,000. It was inoBtly In currency.
The robbers had been gone an hour
before the robbery was discovered
ind the imprisondd bank officer released.
The robbers hired a livery
rig at Peru to drive to Ladd. In about
three hours they came back and relumed
the rig to the liveryman, who.
having heard of the hold-up, tried to
procure the assistance of citizens to
surround the robbers In the livery staple,
but the robbers drew revolvers
md shot nt every one who appeared
pear the stable. The robbers escaped
In the direction of La Salle.1
Naval Mutiny
PORTSMOUTH, Eng., Nov. C? Ansther
nuval mutiny occurred in the
barracks here last night. As n result
roops are being hurried here from
several points and warships In the
inrbor also have been ordered to
nako ready for landing an armed
guard, In the event of further dlsturbuices.
It has been many years since
such mutinies occurred In the English
inval barracks and outbreaks have
ilnrmed the authorities, who fear the
s'hole garrison may be affected. In |
lie outbreak last night rioters attackid
officers' quarters and broke all the
windows and were not subdued until
many had'been arrested and a numlier
badly beaten.
"Which candidate nro you going to
roto for7"
"1 ain't goln' to tell," answered.Far^
mer V/UIUIUBBCJ. /v jeoi UJ BU ui lvl
election I hay* generaiiy' 'ficett' hp
inhumed of the way I voted that l\k
made up my mind hereafter^, to Jtee|
Ited Stales since (he Philadelphia CenJentennlal
to he "held on the shores and
ftlru of Norfolk. .Portimouth and Newr30,
1907, Is to he the most unique, and
jtely ccllpso all previous Expositions.
10 most Important event In history?the
settlement In America, at Jamestown,
th and a small party ot colonists estali n
America, with nearly- one hundred
'HI show the remarkable position at y
and education, togoDier with the mar
immerclal expansion iwriitB mrce nunte
Exposition will beheld on the waters
pageant ever witnessed In the world,
im the navies of an foreign nations will
0 will be the International military
t troops of Europenli countries will
Itatcs in a serleB oil tlrflla, maneuvers,
:?d within twenty minutes" ride of (he
lithor by. trolley or slcnmer. and nature
tan In malting a beautiful and plctnr1
than 40b acres, with two miles of'way
In the world, and commands an
Inls ot national and hostoric Interest.
Ion will be novel and olahorate, one of
al fenco which sitrronnds the ground,
id oh meshed Wire, Intertwined with
is, the effect being an artistic triumph of
cos aro now neafing completion, comLiberal
Arts, Mines and Metallurgy,
Ink* Snnlol Frnnnmv. otr In addition
to'tho government and States bulldsoml-permanent
construction and in
roup of buildings over erected. In
bnl.il period, forming an appropriate
' environment.
i tin: government plcnsure pier extendeither
end it wll he surmounted with
f wireless telegraphy.The entire strue(
arc and Incandescent electric lights,
val display. Amusements have not
1 eovorlng more than a mile, will offer
ally those representing the vaWed Itinera
of the Exposition have been careest
and liest attainments In every line
selective" exposition over held In tnc
f commercial and Industrial developd
classified that visitors may obtain an
ry and growth of any specific branch
he necessity of visiting other build
IMC v A111 Itl t.
he celebration the mnsl successful ever
Git touches an electric button April 211,
eniug of the gates, the thousands of
e wonders mid attractions of the
House Burns
In Few Minutes
MORGANTOWN, Nor. 6. ? The
home of Eugene Clark, on Rock Forge,
was burned to the ground yesterday
morning about 10 o'clock. The loss Is
not accurately estimated, but Is believed
to be loss than $1,000. The properfv
u'no nnl Inmirpil
The lire caught In the woodwork
about the chimney from the kitchen,
and before anything could be done by
the excited neighbors to render assistance
the property had burned beyond
control. The honse was Boon almost
entirely in flames and this before
the occupants were aware of It.
The only persons there at the time
were Mr. Clark's molher and his sister.
None of the insurance concerns doing
business in the Morguntown district
had any records showing the value
of the house, which, as stated, was
not covered by nny Insurance whatever.
Mr. Clark's loss therefore is
complete aad he has the sincere sympathy
of all.
Misplaced Rail
The theory held by Coroner Gaskill
that a misplaced rail caused the Tliorongbfnre
wreck was strengthened
when the jury Inspected the draw.
When the draw was set by the railroad
operatives the metal top of the
casing on me ran jnmmeu ana uiu nm.
go inlo place. The rail had not Jammed
sufficiently to have proved dangerous
in the opinion of the railroad
men and Ihe jury, as it required only
a slight tap to put the cap in place.
It lay in such a position that a car
wheel would have forced it into place.
After the operations, tests were
made to determine Ihe truthworthyness
of the eyesight of Daniel Stew
art, the aged bridge lender, and it was
shown that his eyesight was defective
to the extent that bo coulil not see to
yond without glasses,
Preventlcs, as the name implies
prevents all Colds and Grippe when
token at the sneeze stage."
Preventlcs. are loothsome candy
tablets. Preventlcs dissipate all
colds quickly, and taken early, when
you first feel that a cold Is coming,
they check and prevent them. Pre
ventlcs are tnorougniy sare ior cnu
dren, and as effectual for adults. Sold
and' recommended In 5 cents and 25
centiboxes by E. A. Bllllngslea & Co.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 7.?Unprecedented
In the history of the army of \
the United States Is the action or the
President Just announced. In dismisssi
lllg III (|l?Bruwiiwu? *!!??. ouujr an cu- ?
tire battalion of colored troops be- M
cause of their failure to disclose the J
Identity or some of their number who
had been' gi>Ut)' ?f violence and mur- J
der. I
As an evidence, however, of his In- 1
tentlon to be fair to the colored troops, '
the President has accompanied this,
action by an order which may amount
to the court martial of a white army,
officer of high grade, who was charged;
with having cast slurs upon the colored
troops. The story of both actions
Is told in the following official correspondence
made public to-day by the
military secretary:
"The report of an Investigation
made by Brigadier General E. A. Garllngton
Inspector general of the army,
relative to the riotous disturbance
that occurred nt Brownsville, Texas,
on the night of August 13, 1906, and
that resulted in the death of one and
wounding of another citizen of that
city, has been considered and acted
upon by the President Following are
bis instruction with regard to the
""The White House, . ft
"Washington, Nov, 6, 1906. ft
" 'The Secretary of War: ., 3
"I have read through General Gar- ft
lington's report dated October 22d, M
uuhnillted to mo by you. I direct that ft
the recommendations of General Gnr- W
llugton be complied with, and that 11
at the same time the concluding por- M
tlon of his report be published without
sanction as giving the reasons for A
the action. . M
'"Theodore Roosevelt." ft
"Following Is the . concluding por- W
tlon of General Garllngton's report, ft
which embodies the recommendations' W
that, by direction of the President ft
will be carrleJ Into efTect Immediately
by the War Department:
" 'I recommend that orders be Is- ft
sued as soon is practicable discharg- 3
Ing. without honor, every man In com- ft
panies B, C, D, of the Twentjvflfth in- f
fantry, serving at Fort Brown, Texas, Jj
on the night of August 13, 190G, anil
forever debarring them from re-en- %
- listing in the army or navy of the f
TlnJtecl Stnes, as well as from employ- 1
nient in any civil capacity under the ,
government. In malting this rocom- 3
mendatlon, I recognize the fact that .1
number of men who have no direct 3
knowledge as'to the identity of the &
men of the Twenty-fifth Infantry who M
actually fired the shots on the night V|
of the 13th of August, 190C, will incur K
this extreme penalty.'"
After It's Over. 3
Somebody's everything naughty and &
Somebody's heart' is a fountain of vj
guile; ^
Somebody's gala were a National loss; V|
Somebody's wearing the chain oi a K
Somebody's lionedt, unfettered, and X
braye; W
Somebody's destined the Nation to A
save; Vj
Somebody's zealous our rights to de- JF
Somebody's truly the Worklngman's ]
(Leave a hiatus, king Printer, denotSbouting
and arguing, betting and vot- J
Somebody's hand's In an ague of W
shakes; lU
Somebody's friends are collecting the M
Somebody's face is a permanent grin; ]
Somebody's weary but glad he got In. S
Somebody's turkey is bound to be V
crow; V]
Somebody's cake Is assuredly dongh; 1
QwiiieuiJiiy a oaiuiife up uaii avivgs a
Somebody's applecart's dumped In the G
mud. 9
How's This? 9
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re- G
ward for any cose of Catarrh that can 9
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. J
P. J. CHEN BP & CO., Toledo, 0. G
We, tho undersigned, have known 9
F. J. Cheney tor the Inst 15 years, and U
believe him perfectly honorable in all 9
business transnotlons, and flnanclnl- U
ly able to carry out any obligations 19
made by Ills firm. G
Waldlnp, Klnnan & Marvin, Jn
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0. 9
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Inter- E
nally, acting directly uiion the bfood 2
,ui.t niitptinnu wirfiices of the system, ai
Testimonials sent free. Price, 75c per 9
liottip. Sold by all Druggists. U
Take Hall's Family Pills for coa- ^
stlpntlon. ??
Gen, 8t. Clair Dead. * '
CHARLESTON', Nov. fi.?General J.
W. St. Qlalr, prominent lawyer and
Democratic politician, died at his home
In Fayetleville last night, aged 53, He
was a former member of the board of ^
tiinnoirnra nf lllf? WOrlll'B fllir ttt Chi
cttgo, and father of Mrs. A. T. Wheeler, I j '
of Cincinnati, 'Acute Indigestion fol-jA,
lowing heart failure .was the. cause. W"
^^neral will J ?
_ - - ? - ~
i great bargain offer i
f We will send fife ^
I Daily weat virgmi?n g
... ... T-K"' J .* fl
Six Months $1.25 I
If all our 4,000 readers take advantage of this .proposition tt 9H
mean a saving of $6,000 00 to the people of Marion county. If tM?
proposition is accepted on or before IVI-OV6inO0r ilUttViyUO^ w
which time the offer will positively be withdrawn.
The regular subscription price is 14 DO per year. vYoti -save fhs jfl
difference. A Dollar and Fifty Cents is the difference, a Dollar
This, offer, applies to old and new subecriptianB -alikpr any*
scriber may take advantage of this .offer by paying his arrearages oaad sic A
months or one year in advance.
If yon want to read the people's paper, < the paper that vJOOr J
neighbor reads, and keep abreast with the times-send in yoor mIk .S
Bcription to the Daily West Virginian and do it NOW. - fl||
I Yon get all the local news as well as the wire service of the P,ub!iBfc#i|!jyH
| Press which gives you the news of the World the day it happens. ;
1./08B man
One Cent per Day
every paper yre publish cost more than^double that amount to produce H. . ,
Fairmont, West Virginian Publishing Co. ^ ( fl
E" Fill this Fairmont,*. V?.
X|,f. tn.rl av Find enclosed $ for subscription to the.PaMyl -B
J' West Virginian for In accordance with your Bor-il'
gain Offer which expires Nov. 6th, 1906.; * ri
Any subscriber sending in subscription under .this
Will be given a handsome book FREE that is well worth $2. 60
The title of the book is
Por the* Home la :
Selected with a View to^ Heme Reading, and the Inspiring, RnnbbKnf;
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Well Known Author and Historian
TOT wrm A\rn wisnnM nv THtt GREATEST WRITERS j
Origin of the World's Favorite Songs, Appropriate and Instro&ne Select
ons in Poetry and Prcse, Jewels of Patriotism and Selections for (fee H
Children. Including Anecdotes and Biographies of Great. Authors and Orators.
Witty After-Dinner Speeches by Men cf note, Great Historical' Oration* JS& d
Sorts of Humor by the Greatest Humorists.
Including a Gallery of Portraits of Great Authors. BH|
If you send in your subscription and get your neighbor to send dn wtJh fl
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I win reacmy sen ior
First Class Pressing and Rspalr-j | . Civil Englweec.
lug Ladies' and Men's | M- M- Foster, Manager. | Office?Jacobs Bcrildls?,
^ OfflJS^ooB^treenPEon^^ ^TJIFSSW^. v*.
WONTHIiY RATE, I1.B0. J . | Railroad., . Surer*. 1 I llM
?.'ork Called for and Dtllvarad, | and M.. 308. Bell 333-2. ! 'WWiillH
tall Phons?2SW. ~~ j HjrdfiaUc., Concrete OaM*tefM|5
' Consolidated PHona?681. 1 The. West Virginian'barsaln offer i Superlntendenoa.
? 4 expire. November 6. Don'. M .be | 20 Ymr, Expi'rlence *
? i ' date pasa wltbout getting on our sub- I Engineering. (
_ . . re(luc . ( . a f

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