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R(3l6S 1/
1* TERMS?Cash, unless adI;
# Tertlser has open account.
??* ?????????>< ??*
tror Rents
Giiolce Office Rooms ?
Geo. M. Jacobs Bidg, ?
Monroe Street. 0
Special Inducement* and
Speoial Prices. Apply
County Clerk's Office. $
(WANTED?A middle-aged or younge
' woman, with references, as an assist
ant housekeeper and companion in i
small family with good home. Cal
on E, E. Moran, East Ptirlt avenue. 0
WANTED?Traveler for eBtabiishei
house. Twelve dollars weekly t<
start. Expenses paid. References
.Address George G. Clows, Fairmont
W. Va. 17-J
^'WANTED?A trusty horse with bug
gy, or saddle to keep during wintei
for their use. Light service, with tin
best personal care. Address Fair
mont, Box 247. 17-?
WANTED?Boy to drive delivery wag
on. Apply McKeever's B(al:ery, Mair
street. t:
WANTED?Manager for branch ofllci
" we wish to locate here in Fairmont
Address, with references, The Morrit
Wholesale House, Ciecinnali, Ohio.
>/.' 'WANTED?At once;position as nursf
tor children. Can give reference II
|f required. Address "F." cars of Wesl
if Virginian office. tl
I; . WANTED?At once, c nurso, Apply
tin. M. L,"Hutchinson, 65S Fairmont
H avenue.
ft ^
JR LOST?Saturday evening, ladles open
face gold watch with pin. on Main or
aBB? Monroe. Leave at this office for reward.
g|j FOR RENT ? Five room house or
p:,*: State street, First ward. Apply at
Efe? Carpettter's boarding house on Guffey
? ; street.
M. FOR RENT?3 rooms on OgJen avePi,;nue.
Gas and water. Apply 304 Q-jIncy
jSj;V 20x107 feet in Simous building on
if-. Jackson street Apply to A, D. Sijjy
I |f noons or at Trust Company building.
FOiR RENT?One front room, furnish
i ed; price $8 per month. 320 Gaston
& avenue. ti
'* FOR RENT?Furnished room. All
i>-\ modern conveniences. Rate reasons
l> r ble. Apply at 800 Locust avenue. Con
|ijK eolldatej phone, 72-n.
FOR RENT?One seven-roam house.
Two four-room cottages, two flats. All
modern conveniences. Good locations
. Bfctin. People's Bank Building, i
FOR RENT?A few choice office rooms
I la the new People's Bank building
apply at the People's Bank.
FOR SALE?Five room houee on
High street Enquire at Merrlfleld
ntel. First ward. 21-71
FOR SALE?Farm of 173 acres, one
mile south ol Lore City, Guernsey
county, Ohio. Strong lime stono land
lays well; nine room house, slate roof,
two large bams, sheep house, wagon
it' shed, water at house and barn, fruit
of .aH kinds, underlaid with six foot
( vein "of coal, nines working up to line,
> plenty of timber. If sold soon will
sell at a bargain.
Lore City,
(iuernscy Co., Ohio,
i S times in weekly.
FOR SALE CHEAP?Lot in Morrow
g Addition. Cost $150 four years ago.
Cash price now $400, it sn'd at once.
Address, Arcli H. Miller, Charleston,
" W. VA
- FOR SALE?3 pool tables and fixture:
\ cheap. Apply J, West Virginian of
... flee. 12-CI
- , FOR SALE?Alleghany Pin & Bracket
i" Co. stock, i have eight shares of this
stock that I will sell for $400 cash, il
taken at once. W. B. Payne, Coving
ton, Va.
FOR SALE?I am compelled to sacrl
lice an established business clearing
.. prom $150 to $200 per month to r
v quick buyer. Terms to suit Addresi
HS '1 *VJ81IiffllN' uhh oraco.
f rOR SALE OR RENT?A comfortabli
djfe tirlch botise with all modem Improve
Risk, fmeoia. two sere* of land, flue frul
and good shades. Apply on premises
MS Pike street. t
of the Circuit Court of Marlon coimty.
West "Virginia, on the Drat Monday in
November, 180S. J R
W. If. Perkins vs. Leila Perkins.?lii
Chancery. '
To the Sheriff of Marlon county, greet- p<
Ins: M
You nre hereby commanded to cum- c
mon Leila Perkins to appear before It;
the Judge of the Circuit Court of Ma- T
k rlon county. ut rules to be held In the
' Clerk's ctBco of said court, on the ai
I first Monday In November, 390C, to K
I ansver a bill In chancery exhibited D
| against Tier In sr.lil court by W. Jf jv
. Perkins. _ it
Aril have then t?ere this writ. i.
I Witness-, U. B. Pnrrtsh, Clerk of onr D
| sold court, at the Court-house In said
. county, (he 22(1 day o[ October, 1900, ej
and Ifth year c.f the State. ?M
' The Sheriff's return on the forego- v.
| Inn summons Is cr follows: e\
I The v.'tlrln named T.elln Perkins Is Si
not lounil in my ballhvlclc. , 2
I W. S. Pt'?BEB. Si
| Deputy for H. T>. Furhce, Sheriff of \]
I Marlon county, West Virginia. p
Object of Suit.
The rhjcct of the nhove suit. Is 'o ;,j
: obtnlr e divorce s v'r.culo matrimonii e,
by Ike ylnintiff, Y~. M. PerllnR, from i1(
r the dcfev.Cr.r.t T.cUo PerMns, xvho is a
. nnn-ri i ' : ' of the Slate of West VtrI
I An r.fliT-vll havlrs been made end
t filed I' nt the defendant, Leila Per- a)
j klr.s. Is i> t.on-renl.lent of this State, p
the arid defendant Is required to sinpeer
witlifn one raer.th nfter the date p
of the ft- publication (if tlds order,
J In the cltrli's ofilrc of, nllr-snld court, p,
to do -f t* r.ceeicsnrjr to protect her ?
' interests. (
r Art tt b. ordered that ll.ts order lie ,
1 II
* published r > <1 5 v-.V.ai! nccwding to law. )p
Given ki .ler in; hand this the 9th .,]
1 day ol November. 1900. p
R. E. EARRtSH, Clerk. n)
1 s. b. siec. OGDi-r: t ooden,
[ Connsf-i for plaintiff. t|]
Nov. KJ-lVUi-Dcc. ]. '
Wiser the tip of r dec's none Is cold j
' un.l aoisi, thai dec Is not sick. A ,..j
feverish dry nose meant sickness with cc
1 a dop. And so with the limnan lips.
I Dry, cricked ami colorless lips mean
1 teYCrMir.es?), and are as well ill ap
' pearluc. To have beautiful, pink, vei- sc
' vct-llhc lips, apply at bedtime a coat- t,j
lne ot Dr. Slioop's Green Salve. It Ec
will Fcflrn and heal any sltin ailment. or
Get a free, trial tox.'afc our store, and ,-0
be convinced. la rye cic'rcl capped je
class Jure id cents. E. Blllinyslea
&C?" , w
Head the Daily V.'est Virginian. '!
1R oiler I ?
Qlr?,ftnm I
I <MM? llfllR
418 JacL'SOIl SI f
? Ill
Is now o;- en for the ptiMlc. (C
Morning Seeeion 9 to 12. p.)
Aclmleclon, 10 and 16c.
Afternoon Session 2 to 5. I
AdmiEstcn. 10 and 15c. vj
I' Evening Session 7 to 10:30. vi
Admlsric;-., 10 and 25c.
Private Cloak Room, 5c.
Spoof.I arrangements given
to private parties wishing to S:
rent the rink. Sec nif for dates sc
Mgr. New Casino.
I Con. 'Phone, 340. ^
' Grand Opera House
Wednesday Mov. 21
; Matinee And Night*
i Sr&TSON'S, I
Original Bio- Double Spec- T
l tacuiar Production of cl
Barnum of Them All. B
Under (he Meungoment of
H- oj
More Grand Novelties ?
Than Ever. ''<j
? Gorgeous Scenery With Beautiful h.
Electrical Effects, a
Two Brass Band3. bj
Two Punny Marks.
Two Mischievous Topsies.
: Genuine Southern Cake Walkers.
Buck and Wing Dancers, R
Male and Female Quartette. B
- 30 Ponies, Donkies And Bloodhounds. 'R:
- Beautiful Chariots and Tableau*. '"]
i Wagons Drawn by Handsome Shetland ?
, Ponies.
Grand Vision and Transformation
9 Era and Her Golden Chariot.
Watch for the Biir Street Parade. ?'
t It Beats a Circus. 9
mCES-Matinee, 10 and 25c. al
t N%M, 75, 50,85,25c. ft
Order of Services it the
Various Pieces of Worhaip.
,14 Presbyterian Church.
Rev. H. G. Stoetzer, pastor ? Sabith
school 9:30 o'clock, Prof. }. Walx
names, superintendent, morning
>rvlcc, 10:45 o'clock. Dr. J. Calvin
cad, n. D., representative of the
varigclistlc committee of the Presvterlnn
Church, will speak on "The
en Commandments up to Date."
Row the Bible Condemns Intemperace."
Hah 2:5-15; lender, Mr. I,loyil
elley: evening service, 7:30 o'clock,
r. Mead will speak on "A flood DIsjsitton."
a new reading for charity
t 1 Cor. 12th chapter. bring your
aighbors who may need "A Good
Dr. head will also speak at the op '
a house at 3 p. m. on "The Ten Besr
en In Fairmont." Dr. Mend can be
ith us only n?xt week. Ho will apeak
cry evening at 7:.'Ht o'clock except j
[tfurdfy and give a Bible reading at J
p. m. every day. except Monday and}
aturdny; also a Children's Sunshine j
cetiiiy or. these days ? Tuesday o:
riday at 4:10 p. in.
All are cordially Invited. Dr. Mead j
is been a paslor o> 1st-go city chrroh ;
j, a lecturer and it is a rare treat to j
Bar him. Don't miss this great op-j
M. E. Church, South.
R. T. Webb, pastor?Sunday school
t 9:20 a. m., led by Dr. L X. Yost,
on't fall to come, rain or slilno. We!
ted ye.tr presence. Preaching *r
):30 a. rr., l\v the pastor, subject,
Five Leavening influence of Hie Cossi."
At 7:30 p. m.f Bishop C. C. j
er.'ck will deliver his splendid iec |
ire on missions. Don't fail to hear
int. Epworlh League at 0:110 p. in..
d by Miss, Elva Collins, subject,
hospitality ss a Social Service."!
rayer meeting Wednesday at 7:30 p. J
Monongab?Sunday school a I 2 ]i I
and prayer anil class meeting at .S j
Yon arc cordially invited lo altend
1 our services. We are especially
ad to welcome str angers, anil recent
Methodist Protestant Temple.
J. C. BrooniSeld, pastor. ? Sunday
Irool at 0:20 s in.. J. C. Robinson in
targe. Public service at 10:15, witli
rmon on "The Believer's -Dependice
on Christ:" Junior Endeavor at
ur o'clock. Mr. E. 11 Carsknilqn will
ad the Senior Endeavor Society at
20 p. in.; evening service at 7::ic
ith sermon on "Steps Toward
irlst," as illuslrntod In the healing
the hilnd man. Special music by i
ale quartette at both services,
rlendld progress lias been mail" thus
r in the tenth-giving movement for
Mi.Zlcn Eaptist Church.
Rev. J. W. Robinson, paslor ?
reaching at 11 a. in. and S p. m.:
jnday school, S'.'tu u. m.; B, V. P. U.
p. m., siiIiJccl for 11 a. m? "Chrlsl
ie Light of the World." Subject for
p. m., "The Power of Faith." The
pic of the B. Y. P. U., "How ihe Bie
Condemns Inlenipirraiice," Hub.
5-1li, led by Bro. W. D. Forney and
ister Ida Scott.
The pubic genrallv are cordially Inteil
to nlleud all of ilie above sur- (
cas. Slrcmgers are given a hearty
First M. E. Chruch.
Main street, near postoflice, G. D.
inltli, pastor?9:3U a. in., Sunday
ihoul. Wo expect next Sunday to he
le banner Sunday of the year thus |
10:4$ a.m., preaching by Rev. .To ph
Lee; C:30 p. in., Epivorth League. I
d by the pastor, snhject, "Personal
vangetism;" 7:30 p. in., preaching by j
e pastor, subject, "A Sotil That poo"; i
s Ease." A cordial invitation Is ex j
nded to all.
Union 8crvices.
The Union Thanksgiving services i
111 be hold in the M. E. Church, j
ntlh on Thanksgiving morning at i
j: SO. The Thanksgiving sermon will
! delivered by Rev. Z. E. Union, pas-1
r of the Central Christian Church. |
he music will l?c In charge of the j
loir of the M. E. church South and J
ill be assisted by the choirs of the
her churches.
Ishop C. C, Penick to Lecture at the
M. E. Church, South.
Bishop Penick will give hla lecture
i Missions at the M. E. Church South
tnday evening at 7:31 p. nt. He has j
ndly consented to deliver this great I
pttiro on this vital theme at llw re- j
test of the pastor and it Is hoped that I
; will have a full house to hear him. j
ppropriate niUBic win uu juiuuttu i
r the choir.
? i
Central Christian Church.
Walnut avenue an<l Second street,
ev. Z. E. Dates, pastor?9:30 a. m..
Ible school; 10:45 a. m., preaching
r Evangelist Shearer: subject, "Our
easonable Services;" 7:45 p. m?
The Church That Jesus Built;" 0:45
m., Y. P. S. C. &
Christ P. E. Church.
Rev. IT. A. Barnes, rector?Holy
lcharlst, 7:30 a. in.; Snnday school,
:30 a. m.; morning prayer and litay,
10:45 a. tn.; first Sundays and
?tlval?, second Celebration of holy
Flrat Baptist Church.
Rev. W. J. Eddy, pastor?The eervice
to-morrow-will - be as follows
!0:45, sermon "What the Bible and
Experience Tell Us About the Power '
Worthy Is the Lamb;" 9HO, Sunday 1
school, under he direction of Supt. <
Humphreys Thp music will constat
of orchestra and song. The B. V. P. ,
U? G:3u, led by N. E. Jamison. The
ptbllc Is cordially Invited to attend
all the services. ,
Union Meeting of Women.
There *11 he a union prayer meeting
of women Sunday afternoon at 3 ^
n'/*ln*L. .it tlin Preslivterlaa church
This meeting will be held at the same
time that the men are having their
services In the opera house, and every
woman in town Is earnestly asked to
he present. j
Catholic Church, ' |
Kv. A. Bout Ion. pastor?-.VJass every I j
Sunday at s and 1h o'clock a. in. Even- j<
itig devotions at 7:'!0 o'clock, consist-1
ing of the rosary ami benediction. |
Mass very morn tug during the week j
at 7: .'JO o'clock.
. j'
|Ye Hypocrites!
RIVESVll.'I.K. Nov. 17?What liiii'lj
of religion 'do the people of this coun-j
iry ucuu r.iKi wiicti ivijui iiuvt* iiiuj Ki". |
Is a query In the mind of the writer.1)
The church we will admit on the the-,1
ory it is supposed to represent Is lijej
life of the cause and the light of the '
world, hut what has of late been j
troubling the minds of the so-called [
sinner or nonprofessor is to know how, j
when and where to follow this light j!
which only seems to shine in the win-j
tor time and diminishes or returns;
hack to nonentity and darkness in the,
summer time.
There seems to ho a class of peo-'
pie who set themselves apart in their j
own estimation from the nonprofes- j'
sor or sinner about the time protract-;
ed religious services or meetings come
in season, hut previous to the above ^
time they an; as shy of the visible
duties of what is sot forth In the obligations
they are under to the church '
and to God as n peafowl that has los: '
his beautiful tail. Why it is and what
such so-called Christians expect the ;
sinner to think of the Unlit ther represent
Is n study of no little Import ance.
The question Is how cnn they
collect enough nerve to face a nonprofessor
or sinner and even ask them
to loin (hem or the church the same
old stick In the nnul 011 the track again
and Mint's nil there It to It.
Another question, have such supposed
Christians n superior right over j
the nonprofessor to n per rent, vfhiph
would jiisllfy litem to approach the
sinner or nonprofessor In the church
during services in regard to Joining
church or other matters pertaining to
religious affairs more than the nonprofessor
hits the so-called Christians?
True. Ihere surely Is some what we
can safelv call old stand bys, whose
dally walks show to the world that
they arc doing all they can to make
their own salvation sure and to set tt
good and as near a godly example before
the world as they possibly can.
and they are the church, the light and
the life of the ennse and the sinner.
110 difference how vile, will absork the
words or actions of such old honest
~l 1,-"? *-'? M-Jtnn nor.
MJIUlUlys lino inn duui .
row contracted winter imitator who
tries to steal Hie bait, off the Chris.)'
tlan's hook would cause them to lose'
interest In their own souls' salvation i,
as well as In others. We have bothj'
kinds In this Immediate section of '
country and anyone denying the assertion.
if he can get access to the floss
leaders' hooks of the various churches
in this section of |country, will not 1
say the writer has lied or at least told '
a very big one. Look at lite hooks J
anil count noses. The sinner Is getting
tired of this wolf in sheep's clolh- '
lug hike business which is not religion
nnd those who linvo been tor n '
long time shoving it on to the people 1
have alionl got lo the limit. Too many f
hypocrites and gossipers, women and !
men for the size of the platform. They 1
all can't dance at once any more. If '
you have a right to judge us and call 1
us sinners because our names arc not '
nn the class hooks, haven't we a right '
to ask you why you are violating the 11
laws of the Inn,I, the laws of God and 1
the church thai we know you belong 1
to? Sn.v, give ns a rest before you f
nrnvoke ns lo wrath with Imitations I
nml shoddy thnl yon would not risk or "
iihc yourselves. This Is not meant I
fov you. hut you know who It Is meant 11
for don't you ?
l.ONE 3TAB. c
The new Pure Food and Drug Law r
will mark tt on the label of every e
Cough Cure containing Opium, Cbloro- a
form, or any other atuplfylng or pels
anoua drug. But It passes Dr. Shoop's v
Cough Cure as made for 280 years, a
entirely tree. 'Dr. Shoop all along f
has bitterly opposed the use of all
opiates or narcoucs. vr. ouuupa i
Cough Cure la absolutely safe eron c
tor the yotmgeat babe?and It cures )
tt does not simply suppress. Get a I
safe and reliable Cough Cure, by aim 1
My Insisting on having Dr. Shoop's \
.at the la* be your protection. W- t
Jieerfully recommend and sell It E i
...wntagrt* fcO^. ; l
+WeGrow 'Em*
Tne Florist, I
+ M.
T monroesi T
J Botti^ Phones. *
Guests Tell of the Marriage of A.
Brooks Fleming and Miss
Gov. A. rt. Fleming, Miss May Flenv
!ng, Miss ICIfsmbet 1 Watson, Messrs.
Walton Miller and George \V. Flem
Ing returned last nlgfit from Colum
litis. Ohio, where they attended the
mar ring" of Mr. A. Brooks Fleming,
Jr., and Miss Amy Jennette Dodson,
which was solemnize! on Thursday
night in that city. The marriage was
celebrated in the parlors of the Hotel
i.incoln. which were lioautifuVy em
helished for I ho occasion in garlands
>f soul horn smilax, palms, forns and
masses of white chrysanthemums,
litv. .1. Pa Morton .of I lie CetP.rni Presbyterian
church performed the marriage
ceremony, using the beauttf'd
Ceremony of tlie Presbyterian church
vhlch lias recently been arranged by
Dr. Henry Van Dyke. The bride was
given away by hor stepfather, Mr.
Grd Dyer, f Columbus. The groom
ivus attended by bis brother, Mr. Geo.
Watson Fleming, of this city. The
iride wore a beautiful Imported gown
jf white with garnlsliings of seed
pearls rind sequin* and the lace decorlion
of (he bodice was a family heirloom
and was worn on the wedding
sown of her mother. There were
hirtyflve guests present it the wedring,
which included the relatives of
lie bride and groom. Following the
ceremony a reception was held, the
guests including only the very intimate
friends of the family. Mr. and
Mrs. Fleming left on the midnight
ril.ln.lAlnl.ln nil.I ...... fn.llnl
ruiu HI|- ruiuu<;i|JU>? UIUI alt wmij
witnessing the football giin<> between
lie U. of l>. nud Michigan. Tlioy are
xpected home within two weeks. UniMinl
Interest has stirronirlcil the marriage
of these two prominent young
people. the crooni having been horn
licre, wheie he has always resided
nHh the exception of four years when
ic was a resident of Charleston during
the administration of his father
is governor of the State of West Vlrtinla.
Miss Dodson, now .Mrs. Flem
. g.lias visited fronds here on several
rccaslons and her many friends will
>e glad to welcome her as n resident
if the city. She is prominent iit Colambus
society circles.
All the the relatives who attended
lie wedding have returned homo with
lie exception of Mrs. George Watson
Fleming, who is the guest of Mrs.
Charles Edwin Ward, at Charleston,
ind Airs. George Thomas Watson, who
rent on to Cincinnati to spend a Week
vith her mother. Mrs. Rase Bussing.
Vlr. George Watson went trom CoUtmins
to Philadelphia.
Thanksgiving Fair.
Elaborate arrangements are being
nude by the ladies of the Catholic
Church for their annual Thanksgiving
"air, which will he held during
Thanksgiving In the basement of the
ihurch on Jackson and.Monroe streets.
Hie fair will be opened on Thnnksglvtig
day tind will be continued through
Friday and Saturday. Each evening
i dinner will be served by the ladles.
Turkey and all the good thing that go
vith u turkey dinner will lie served
or the smell sum of 25 cents. On Sat
irday evening a number of prizes will
ie offered n drawing contests. The
irst prize will he a lot In Bellview
edition,tind live other prizes amount
* l ? lift will lii,l
ng m vniue uviu
riven away. Tickets for Snlurdny ev ning
are alreatly being fold. The
irice is Jl. and admits the holder to
i chance for all of the prizes offered,
n addllon to the supper and prizes,
l number of booths will lie arranged
vhcre beautiful fancy work will be
in 'sale. Several beautiful pieces of
uind embroidered work hnvi been dotted
to the Fair and many ladieB arc
mgaged in making all sorts of fancy
An effort is being made to have an
snally line display of dressed dolls,
ind there will bo candy booths and
ortune tellers.
This may be the last fair vhlch will
le held by the Catholic ladles, as an
diet went forth In church circles last
'ear forbidding the holding of fairs,
tut a special permission was obtained
ly them to hold this one, a privilege
vhlch ntay not be extended to them
igaln. Theso fairs have become very
topular with Fairmont people and this
rear will no doubt be a banner year.
borne on 55 to-night and wl'l bring his
wife along. When George loft here a
week ago Jt was suspected that his
business waff matrimony. Ho gave no y
lnfonnatlon, however, Sn J his friends and
nre on the fence now as to whether Ha]
the wife will be a reality or that George gpe;
Is getting It back on them. Mr.
i Phi Pal Initiation.
MOHGANTOWN. Nov. I7.-The Phi ^
Pel Fraternity held an Initiation last
evening at Cochran home. The fol- w
lowing wore Initiated. Thomas Gll-I tf
looley, of Weston, Thomas Lcwellyn,'T0
of Pittsburg. Pa.. Johnson Camden I
Brady, of Clarksburg. Wllllnm Gnllj
Hamilton, of Wellsburg, ami Forrest j 01
W. Stcmple, of Buckhannon. The fol-j **'
lowing PUt Psis from Fairmont were! n
present: Scott Lowe. A. S. Fleming. | j"or
M. Earl Morgan, Charley llood. and ay
William Kennedy. R. A. Welch, of
Keyset1 was present.
Miss Bloch Leaves. rn"
w Per
Miss Slay Bloch who has conducted ]f
a class In embroidery for the past two g
weeks nt Hartley's Department store, I
closed Iter work yesterday nn.l this jav
evening leaves for Potnrny. Obio.jpi(lv
where she will begin a I wo weeks' ,[u,^
class. Miss Bloch has made an annual
visit to llnrtley's for the pnst three
years antl has many friends here. Her. g j
class numbered ninety one members. 0(.j
Last evening Miss Bloch was the guest
of honor at a tea given by Miss Cora ^.(|v
Wheeler nt her home 011 Plerponl avenue.
eruercaincu m uuhich ijiim
Mrs. IV. H. Nicholson entertained at. C(j |
dinner at the Manley hotel last night c<m
complimentary to Mrs. William Allen on c
Reed, of the Philippines, who Is the |enl
guest of her sister, Mrs. Herbert ,jr;11
Brooks. Covers were laid for Mrs. ma|(
Reed, Mrs. Brooks, Mrs. Sallle Nuzum Qf <;
and the hostess. |0?<
Will See Yale-Princeton Game.
Mr. ami Mrs. John Rock left yester- Pi
The Well Known Pi'
Will Be at thi
np \a/ u
U/ 111 V W 1 I i
321 Jefferson Si
Pittsburg Offices, A
Corner Wood Street
* *
* OBHRaSMW"'*"
! GRAND 01
i HAII >C Elm
' 314 Mai
a.******.*****.***. ??
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CoMaOaUoIntanmlMtM. cm
ling home.
Gueiti of Mr. and Mr*. CUak.; 3
rmond, ot Clarksburg, aniltaSrMffl
nd Sunday as the house gaeabajj^
and Mrs. John A. Clark oa
the 4th day of Decembtr?
teen the hours of 9 o'clock
0 o'clock p. m. on
us evidence In the atomtq!iMK|
io In liohnir of the plaintiff, W11L
from liny cnuse the taklnif
c ho <ioi commenced of belaKW*
cod shall not he completU,tMpM|SS
Inued from time to Une oaaflTA
are completed.
Counsel lor plaintiff.
Appointment Not Made TodnjrtAS
ic Comity Court did not ap|miat*)||
iv the ilonth of I.. 0. BomftfcteSS
Imlsalotittr Moore anaBSed his tat
i nail anil was unable lo tiladOds |
11 of court. Commlaaloitem Oo?v|&
w nnil Fleming JIil not feel
Ing the appointment in Uieabseses'.ji
lommlaaltmer Moore. The'e*st*f^^
>tl the billi that were neeeascr
nrnlaheil rooma Tor rent tt PMjy;
ttsburf Opticas ;:M
z Office ,0
.rrott Building
and Fourth Am
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ver Store;

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