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Iiiean has fallen. Outplay aled,
outklcked, and out
i erstwhile mighty Wol$dragged
down to a I" to
a fjaturday by Pennaylvay"
regarded as the Joke of
among Eastern football
[tie score was the big surseason,
biggest possibly
was confident. True, the
enerally regarded as the
t had won In the maize
years. But It was Yoaft
s "Michigan." The name
weight, and a record of
Ished hy defeat commandInturdny
It was different,
t was there, but the Volmet
their match. It war
h'a lnnt glltoli hut tliiTf*
p* vas never any doubt as to the out
Hga * \ tome. There wan the honor of n
fight for tho Wolverenes, lint
?w?ota of victory were all for tho
? : 1 .. A Last Struggle.
Wj?-"-' , I1" was when all hopes of victory
Wi ? *oro gone that Michigan made Iter
[?( . pluckiest fight?not to win; It was too
|? Me for thgt, but to score?to, save Iter
B??, self from the fate which she has dealt
Bifc;' . V'so many luckless opponents. Urn
pi,;:',;'it was no use. The Quakers hail tasted
|fe^^ctctry. They Insisted upon having It
Bji'g.-' nhalloyed. .
? ' It was a sad day for the Western
?ioottSail enthusiasts, who have for the
fer/spagt few( years ctmteqded that the
^?'|., ggn)e played west of the Allefthonle.s
' wak equal of the best efforts of the
' ' eastern teams With Michigan's colore
dragged in the dust at Franklin
| Field,, and the Indians trouncing Mlnijfeieeota
in no uncertain style there
jvl.r : wonld seem to he little ground left for
{SJl^ajgament on (lie respective merits of
MSkJilrtvy.W.tntM nn>i umoiorit fAnflinll Hill In
jV sUoog (tame after the poor showing
|j; she made earlier In the season. Yale
3;; shored her traditional hurst of re
, serve power In the second half in the
J',: last few moments was clearly outplayIns
the Tigers. The whistle sounded
however, too soon to show whether or
! . sot Yale could carry the ball over.
In some respects the game was dls
fa; appointing. With the exception oi:
jS one 30-yard run by B. Dillon, prince
ton's quarterback, the contest was
fp.: lacking In sensational plays such as
jfje' the spectators had expected. The ball
it".;, would he called hack and given to the
'if';.'-' opposite side. This was dishearten
Ing to the teams, both of which suffer%
ed about equally at the hands of tho
%'i offlcials, and plays where no question
could be raised were resorted to.
|.A Kicking Game,
j. Princeton played a klcldng game .to
03111811,111,11110 ereat
on pintf made tbla form of;pIa?/effectlve.
Time and sgalri Harlan was
called on to punt; every aecopd down
and not once did be fall or was a kick
blocked. Vceder for Yale Old almost
equally well on punting-. Ho missed
two attempts for drop kicks, however.
(In one other occasion Yale had an
opportunity to score a field goal. Bigelow's
attempt at a kick from placement
was a miserable failure, however.
Toward the close of the game Princeton
weakened somewhat and the Yale
I. . *?j .?. i- i.- .
averaging nearly five yards to tho
rush. The spurt came too late to result
In a score and tho whistle sounded
while Yale was still 16 yards from
the coveted goal, after carrying the
ball for 30 yards by steady plays.
Plunges failed. Quarterback kicks
were then resorted to but seldom
could the ends get down the llenld to
recover the, ball. Then would come
a resort to punting and so the game
progressed. The ball zlg-zageed back
and forth first at Yale's end of the
field, then to return Into Princeton's
territory after one of Veedur's long
Yale, 0; Princeton. 0.
Harvard, 22: Dartmouth, 0.
Cornell, 2S: Swuthmore, 0.
Yale Freshmen, 28; Harvard Freshmen,
Navy, M: North Carolina, 0,
Anterhest, 0; Williams, 0.
Wisconsin. 23: Purdie, 5.
Tufts, 25: Rochester, 0.
Carlisle, 12: Minesota, o.
Chicago, 63: Illinois, 0.
Obelin, it; Western Reserve, 0.
At Marietta?Marietta 51; Cincinnati,
Case, 0; State, 0.
Ohio, 0; Detroit, 0.
Wosleyan, 0; Dennison, fi.
Wooster, 23: Heiderberg, 0.
Ray High, it; Pittsburg High, 0.
.Medicos, 30; Wittenberg'0.
Delaware High, 11; Columbia
The Bit ot Fairmont,
StfSP&t- ' . i a i
t. t. WAT80N, President.
J. S. HAYDEN, Vice President.
rtanlfal C1 Ofl 000 OD
Undivided Profits, $160,000.00
Transacts a genral banking busl1MS.
Accounts of corporations, Arms and
ndlvlduala received upon the sost
'avorable terms consistent with sound
wd conservative banking.
Interest paid on time deposits.
Separate vault with safety deposit
voxee tor use of customers.
v v : 1
vhlch tends to Improve the facilities
f our bank Is prressed into service.
look very carefully after all dealls
and make our service as effective
ta possible. We receive deposits sub
? ?A -v_?1p ? A raw ?ntif InlnMot
ieci im uucun, jmj i jro' 'uvbiw s
eavlngs and time deposits, loan
mail banks to savings depositors, and
-ender up-to-date service. Call for clrmlar
giving lull lntormatlon.
Home Savings BankFairmont,
W. Va
I conservative B<
The First National Bank is ce
Thia?together: with its Capit.
dividual meant of Its. stockholders
of all omney entrusted to Its care.
Your account is welcomed.
A nii* I + Dnlri
4 rcrucub. iiiioiost raiu
United States and
ital tlCO.OOO. Su
I file credit of Michigan It should be
laid that the Quaker elevpn which
struck the maize ami blue colors was
ft different aggregation that that
*h!oh was trampled under foot by CarGale
a few weeks ago and defeated by
a wore of 24 to 6. It was the snappiest
and best team that has won the
led and blue In many a day?a rejitvetiated'eleven.
Michigan Crippled.
While Michigan was undoubtedly
eh'ppled by the absence of Captain
Curtis It Is a question whether any one
man could have stood between the
Quakers and the victory. Michigan,
the hepvler and huskier, was surprisingly
slow. here was none of the plays
i l^fean^tCiJfoat Uie name of'"Hurry
Tip " Michigan's backs were terribly
i'cUV and her line while pond enough
?n the defensive, was powerless to
dent that of the Blue and Red. The
Wolverenes lost because they bad no
rffense. Cfarels, coupts-1 ns Michigan's
fro and gainer, was mmh'e 'o lellvcr
Hie goods.
. Michigan's Interference was nil. anil
file full back was not swift enough
so elude Pennsylvania's fleot-fo'ed end
and halves, who time and again. At
that It is to him Hint Michigan owes
the lact that her deteat was no n?rc
humiliating, for time and again It was
his toe that sent the ball out of danger,
when the Wolverene goal was
. . threatened, and it was in ills worn
jjfe'.'. alone at panting, thai. Michigan had.*
V... ahade on her opponents,
p1 Fttten thousand people witnessed
i "> the game, which was played under
- . conditions well nigh faultless,
fetThousands of Westeners were on
:! ". - hand to cheer the Wolverenes and fulpjl;:,
'filed their mission loyally.
Princeton and
Yale to a Tie
between Crimson and
5; TJKi' N. J., November 19.?Princeton
and Yale played a tic Saturday after"
noon la their annual gridiron contest,
M neither side being uble to score In the
SO minutes of hard play. Princeton,
touted to win, failed to show her exfe'--.
pected superiority to the Yale wari
rtors and Yale nlnyoil a surnrislngly
From the Cleveland Leader. '
Winter's coming, that I see,
Coming, coming?
Summer's o'er; c(.
The business of the busy bee
Isn't humming
Any more!
Flowers are slain and frosts begot?
(Old- Algernon
8wtnbume's line, . Tti
i TTsPfl hufanse It mak??s a. lot I UN
Better turn It les
One o' mine.) ne
I Yet we have a lot of cheer? 8(1
The election's "S
Over. Now i J'n
We'll avoid, for one more year, ca
Nerve affections,
'Anyhow. <'e
Life once more is worth the living; wl
You've Btrablmus
If you say as!
That It's not?hero comes Thanksgiv- of
giving; lnf
Also, Christmas, '0I
By the way! 'ol
m tie
The Great Song Town.
Philadelphia Record. to!
Philadelphia prints more than one- en
.quarter at all the music In the Uutt- j thi
! fill States. nnrl the total amount of It I tin
is six limes as great as It was 15 I
years ago. But, wlille Europe shows pl<:
no siioli Increase as that, tills coun- rla
try's total output Is still less than W
that of Lcipsic, Germany, and less 'l0
than that of several other European 1,0
cities, la this city the amount of in- wa
strumental music printtd used to ex- wl
coed that of vocal music. This was
due, it Is said, to the cheapening of "s
pianos in recent years and the popu- sel
lnrlly of lianjo and guitar music. Now,
iiowever, the banjo, at least, has lost
some of Its popularity, ami the gain 1
in vocal music?until it is about equal ""
to the instrumental In quantity?is at- '''!
trlbrited to the current prevalence of
musical comedies. In vocal music the
comic and the sentimental keep about,
even. The gain in religious music lias ' J
mot been so great as that in oilier
| wa
The Peoples Bank w<
* re.<
of Fairmont. I"
IN, $150,000.00. '!
3eo. M. Jacobs President. 'J"
W. B. Raymond Vice President 1 '
I. M. Brownflold Casbler a1'
Our Are and burglar proof raults en
are free to customers for.privte pa- lire
pert. coi
We solicit your business, which will P?
ecelve prompt and careful attention. >,,J
Directors?Geo. M. Jacobs, W. S. .j,.
Meredith, J. M. Hartley, Harry Shaw, p,,
W. S. Haymond, C. E. Hutchinson.
nowaru n. rurucc. j0
- r.??
A. L. LEHMAN, PresiAent.
J. A. CLARK, Vice President J"
J. R. LINN, Cashier. :r*
I 'I
(rack Is clear and you may pro
ceej with safety. Onr Institution
la on a sale basis, and you may proceed
to deposit here, knowing that
you run no risk. We have so danger ed
signal. Our methods always inspire sti
confldence In depositors. Bt
~~ da
ml Management J
inservatlvely managed.
al and Surplus and the adequate In- ln
?guarantees the Absolute Safety ca
on Certificates of Deposit. S
)NflL BANK, s"
West Va. i
State Depository.
xplua andProfite$218,Q00. 0?
NEW YORK. Nov. 19.?Harry 1<
taw's fl?bt for life Is to be mad
ich as Congressman Daniel E. Sic!
i won bis fight (or life and libert
arty half a century ago In Wasbini
]. Chief Counsel Del mas has li
meed that case as one which just
s his contention that the averag
-yman upholds the forec of the si
lletl "highor law," or "unwritte
v," which, permits a man to slay th
stroyer of his tome and of hi
ie's honor.
doth cases are similar In that th
mllant and his victim caught slgli
each other shortly before the shoo
Harry Thaw caught sight of Sta:
d White In Martin's safe just bi
e both, with their respective pa
s of friends, adjourned to the Mad
n Square roof garden.
Thaw hurried away, procured a pii
and. rejoining his wife and the otl
= of his party, lingered a moment n
?ir table before seeking out Whit
d killing him.
Sickles had heard Ills wife's confei
in 01 a guilty irienuHiup won ruin
rion Koy, then District Atorney c
ashlngton, and was brooding ove
r words when Key passed the wit
w out or which the stlcken htishan
is ga/.ing. The unsuspecting Ke
tvcd liis handkerchief, the slgnt
Airs. Sickles to join him at thel
ttal rendezvous. After a brk
irch for a weapon Sickles hnrrle
:o the street, overtook Koy and she
Joimsel for Sickles contended Ihn
2 mental condition of a sensitive
;h-striing man of honor who ha
it caught, sight of the injlvidu:
io had ruined his happiness and In
drched his honor could not poss
t he described as normal. Such
in would necessarily lie so bosl.I
itself with baffling emotions as t
unaccountable. Congressman Sicl
; look it for granted that Koy. wh
s his friend and was made welcom
the Sickles home, entertained on!
honorable liking for Mrs. Slckl"
d he was convinced that his wif
is simply pleased to have the attei
n ol an entertaining, educated an
illhred cavalier, hong after Wt
it of Washington was aware of th
UlUill ue HUN suit miauspiviuua till
eliding. The Sickles trial was th
tsatlon of the day.
Teaching the Ear.
eveland PlaJn Dealer,
rhe city of Boston has a music d<
rtment that is expected to aid it
? cultivation of the musical taste o
i citizens of the venersbld town. It
tlition lo its other efforts along thl
e (lie music department is trying :
meivhat notable experiment. It J
couraging asserjes ;0f thescrlptiv
litres to'Wconifyhny tfie orchestra
icerts that are given under its sti
rvislon. These lectures are design
to teacli the public to listen inlelll
ntly. Last Thursday night the let
or. who is also director of music ii
? Chelsea schools, explained at thi
irchester high school building th
:ht way to hear Auher's "Mnsanlel
" a waltz by Hellmesberger, and i
izourka by Zarzycki. Here was cei
nlya wide range of composition am
e Well calculated to prove eonfusim
the 'untrained ear. tinder the e>
tnalory guidance of Director Mt
nathy, however, the differences on
nilaritles of these selections wer
larly Indicated, and It may he holier
th'd after his explanations wer
nclnditd the most untrained Bac
y ear could distinguish between th
mz emu ine wir/.vciu 11110 unci nin<
iiiblp In separating both from th
liter masterpiece. It Is quite probi
? that a good many alleged ntus!
ers would strongly object to thi
stem of coaching, but there ttr
sts of others who will welcome I
inkly and thankfully. The Bosto:
isle department has hit uiion an ei
llent Idea.
Court News
NVilbuh H. Brand has been appolm
administrator of tho personal et
ite of Mary J. Brand, decease!
ind given lti the sum of $100 wit:
L. B. Dudley as surety.
Reeds Recorded.
Deed dated October 25, 1899; Mat!
J. Fowler to Celia At. Sattorflel
d John .M. Satterflcld, 8 acres and
les of land In Union district; cor
lerallon $1,300.
Deed dated October 1. 1900; Ralpl
tzza ot ttx. to Leonidas V. Reame
on Highland Terrace addition; cor
loratlon, $500.
Deed dated Novembor 15, 1900
hn A. Shownlter ct it*, to Charlo
rrou Sliownlter lot m .nonongai
nslderntlon, |015.
Deed doled November 10,190G: Johi
Sliownlter et ux. to the Monongai
vestment Company, lot In Monor
It, consideration, 1175.
Deed doted November 14, 190C
oil l.ovell et ux. to John A. Shown'
puree] of land In Monongah; con
leratlon, 5475.
Read the Daily Went Virginian,
. M,. M. Manager.
I when they read Itie title of this nriiele.
Let theui rend -It. to' die end. There
' wan in Corslet some hundred years,
ago a very pious family called the Bonaparte*.
Their drat child was bom
on the 15th of August. Assumption
day, and aa he looked very small and
. feehle tbey wanted him to he baptized
" without delay. Their priest consented
- to perforin the ceremony, hut aa It was
'' customary to give to a child the name
' of the patron saint of Ills or tier bfrth;
day the good priest could lint and'
! would not cull lilm "Assumption llina|.
parte." In his embarrassment lie Iwke
ed carefully over the "Lives of the
! saints" l!ml nnaiiy iouuu me name or
' a sniut niurtyr who in tbe first centuries
of the cliuroli bu<l been stoned to
" dentil on that very day of Aug. ID. Of
8 course neither Mr. nor Mrs. Bouapoyto
objected tlut llieir firstborn child
q should he named Napoleon, having
,t thus the Uijrli patronage of a brave
t- martyr of the early Christian church.?
,. Letter to Philadelphia North Auicrlvan. !
A 111 miller In Coctn* t
J" Tennyson Is nut the only jio't Jnnreate
whom Regent street has kimwn.
Sotithey relates u ludicrous senile Into
, tvlileh ho unit ('iiiiiphcll fell one day In
H Die ilun(leant. Campbell ivl-dird to
it relieve a poor woman and rushed Ipto
0 Die nearest shop la-change a sovereign.
The slioplteeper was attending to eiis..
loiners and delated ru oblige tilm. and
,t' Die gpiierous (i.e't lost Ills temper.
'. Thereupon the shopkeeper Juiupe.Llo ?
1 , Die eonelnsloii Dial, jie.bnd two rn^iicH I
1 to with situ! rashly Kcut for tluujio- ^
l" lire. Cami>!>( ;! stood in helpless fur/, J
(t hut when Sou ?lu\v* explained tjiinp.to V
y, the constable that worthy* who trppen- p
il oil in lie :t (JIiiml'ow nimi. nt oricr r*
r' claimed. "(Juldnrss; nirtn. Is that Mai's- ^
if, ter Camell, t)ic* lord rector o* Gtnls;d ^
,1J After that It was ilifiicult to separate ^
Campbell ami the shopkeeper, ko
I warmly were tlwlr, liamlH ItitcrclaFped
I ill explanations nuil forgiveness.'- ^
^ Westminster Gazette. ^
'I Com lull FlMliermen. i ^
il lu the estimation of the averse ^
j.;Coriiish fisherman rabbit Ir an ami
I- mam word, and should it happen to he ^
a used by any one In their hearing when ^
e' they are on thelf, w.ay to sea it is suTl0
rient to send them home aguin for tlmt
. i occasion for fear of accident. In Coin- =
K'\ isli lishlmr circled many tales are ti>hl
01 of disasters thnt'fiave followed dfill- QJ
c.imee of tills superstition and perujst* ^
y ence in putting off In their boats after
s the unlucky word had been spoken,
o Formerly the word church was cipAll- ^
j. ly obnoxious to the fishermen ii'ml
was sedulously eschewed in eon versa- (J
, tion, on the -water particularly. If a ^
*' case arose, as gdlnOtlmes It would..in '
which h sncreu euuice iuiu iiurc ii v
lo l>e referred to, "cleeta" was .isiil m
6 Instead of ekurcli, and whatever mis J
uiutuoiis or evil In the sm art of the 9
latter was liungiiutl to he thereby A
The Innkeeper c " - -Vail. ^
' England's unpoiralurlty with the J
" Englishman?ami the American-, la
f largely due to the country innkeeper, ^
' "If any class of public servant ought 40
a to he made to |iiiih an examination It
v is certainly the licensed vlctnnlcr," A
s writes V. V. V. In the London Sphere, '
e for at jiresont any man may obtain#
I license without nhy knowledge 'of =
[. cooking, jjonsekehjiliijt, sanitation?aiiy
knowledge of anything hut of the d|ie
pulling of a heer liendle. Moreover, Ills *
wife may be the most Incompetent of
housewives, even for her own family.
1 On the continent Inukecping Is an art /
2 to lie sttnlleil. In t: 1 land it Is (till
2 often the rc.'nge of r? pain win) wants
I- an easy duilr to s't. >,
An Hoar Brfsrr Dawn.
I A curious mystery Is the temporary
uneasiness of nnhmils about an hopr
liofore dawn, no matter at what hour
this occurs. Cblhlren turn and moan,
clilorly people awaken and turn.over
tl for imotlier sleep, cocks crow, dogs lie
- - ...I I nn.t notlln
t.UIIIU Utttl llllliiva VMH.V.
: lllo"e <1 Itoilt for ? short period, wlien
e stillness returns fur n time. What is
li Hie eatise? Are the niilmnls affected'
p lij- some magnetic wave which premiles
sunlight an linur or so. or Is the
Imlilt one of Uctvdlly passed down
e through numberless generations from
nil oriifliuil wild slpie. when tin nleftc
Hess ,1?st liefore daylight was necffls
aary for protection from enemies? r __
e ' |
. PiiRlinil the land of rinwen.,
n I know not why Itnl.r rather than
. England should lie called the land or
Honors. The truth Is that the English
people are an art hiring one and that III
England more than In any region of
Holy or country of Europe flowers aro
In evidence everywhere and, with the
grasses and plants and universal veget
tntion, are more Intimately and pereanlally
Intertwined with bnuiau existI
euce Itself?Naples II Mattlno.
^ Ills Personal Appearance. 1
Mamma?I'm afraid t hat young Wilder
will not make yon a good husband,
Clara. Clara ? Why not, iiiamuia?
" " I- ..?? ?,??
1- auunnra?seemum ? rerun- e>
J lie ratlier neideols his personal ap.
4 pearunce. Clara-Yea, that's true,
!_ Iiiainma, anil I'm glad you mentioned
It. I'll see that he makes Ills personal >
appearance here every evenhijt after
'' this Instead of only la-lee a work.
I* Innorfula,
"Minv, what Is a wproliateY"
; "Ask your father, Johnny."
s Now. why should a luun heeome Inrensod
over a harmless little episode
' like this??Louisville Courier-Journal,
a Amiability,
" HOffK?l-Jltl lit." unit uiiiirt-ii nwu w
i- Ml downstairs? Fork-I llilnk not.
lie died without making a sound.;
Harper's Weekly.
J" Think of Dr. snoop s Catarrh Cure
Oil ot Eucalptus, Thymol, Menthol,
mow white soothing balm contain!
etc., Incorporated into an imported,
crcamllke, velvety petrolatum. It
loothea, heals, purines, controls. Call
BUllngslea ft Co.
This department of my business is devoted to the httdlta* Ot J
Stocks and Bonds for Investment. I handle none but recognised j
Those seeking ante six pei cent, investments should Investlg^t^j^^^^B
Those desiring to Invest in industrial or real estate itock should |
consult with me.
Special Offering,
I have been appointed sales agent for tbe stock of the Marion
County Agricultural and Industrial 8ocletjr. Those desiring to pur-1 ::1
chase stock and become Identified with Fairmont's New Fair Asso.
elation should call at my office or write or phone* me at once. .tV'jt
Trust Company Building
Entire Third Floor.
fie Leading General Insurance :
HILL BROS., Dentists.!
All Work Guaranteed. Lady Attendant.'
flB .- " p'v4
Full Sot of Teeth 15.00 np ' Bridge Work IS.M 5 '-M
Gold Crowns, 22k $5.00 Kine Gold Fillings 11.00 op fl >1
Est*acllog25c, without psin.50c White Fillings iOo m . V
Ouftr PontrtfflraA. P?ta>mw%M?.
Dont ru,h mad|y trough this IMS
/CT'ft<rwithout a lltle thought about
K/jBu Each man owes it to hlmimelf and
th0,e dePendent on him to proytds
S against contingencies. The ravagsil
HL 1 1 ?' fire'the horror of an accident, may X-$,
I >V-*J?? shut off the present meant of living
? --- An Insurance policy at this time would jsp
llfj/f | be a comforter in the time of tmti> '*$$
in ' 115'MAIN STREET,
Francis E. NfcHols
? : US
Golden Oil
Becoming A Household Favorite .
Praised by the Citizens of West Virginia; used and
Recommended by Practicing Physicians. > ,|
Golden Oil, a famous old Indian remedy, Is growing In popularity. vi|
as a household medicine as Its good qualities become known. It baa ' ^
been used by hundreds of the citizens of this State and all
have used It will cheerfully recommend It Read the following tea.
GOLDEN OIL Is not a "cure all" but a simple, harmleas, hods* >!?
hold remedy that Is a certain and quick destroyer of all aches ar
pains. It Is unexcelled aa a remedy for neuralgia, headache, , .0
toothache, earache, rheumatic pains In' children, colic, cholera aw?- \
bis, nu\l summer complaint, pain urination or bloody gravel as tt % '$
?- ?11-J 1 l-?o Ai.?a /vl.l sn..e -LltUelna l??S KISa L 1
10 ciuieu, uiuioco, wm out co, vuiit/iiuiio, iivob uiw vuiui aus > a
scalds, bolls, carbuncles, teter, eczema, Itching piles, cramp, cold la I
bead, nose cold, lumbago, sciatic pains, absccssi facial neuralgia, tl I
and In any case wbere there Is any great pain as an anodyne. I
That Is what you have when you hare a bottle of Golden Oil la J
your taouBe. It Is the sufferer's most useful friend and no family eaa I
afford to remain without this remedy when it can be procured ed I I
any dealer.
It Is equally serviceable when applied externally or taken Inter- i
nally. Every bottle gunrantesd to lo what Is claimed for It er yoir J
money will be cheerfully refunded. '"IS
for Sale toy
Crane's Drug Store. i|
on/i an t $

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