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- II. w 1/JLI IvMl
^ j^lUANING, Pressing and Re ft
a pairing Ladles' and Men'i
. Clothlni;. Work failed for
and delivered. Mothlj rates
I Ihop phone 90-w Bell Phone 241.
?m an. Hater Broha shoe etore.
t. ?* * **** + *****? + ?
8 First Warn :
II 11 VII IIU1 u
Mrs. 0. W. Bennlx, of Falrchancc,
vlBltng her son, Mr. G. W. Bennlx,
Mr. Horry Zlnn, of Preston county,
the: guest for a few days of Mr.
Mrs. Swisher and son, of Bollview,
ere guests Sunday f Mr. and Mrs.
rthur Cole, of Clumbla street.
Miles Anna Richards left the city
uiday for Catawba, where she will
end the winter teaching school.
Hessrs. Wirt Brown and E. C.
spit have returned from a short
mtihg trip In Preston county. They
ust have been very successful or
Icy ?uuu jibvo epcui Uiuiv iuuu a
y hunting game,
Mr* Kimble Zlnn has returned to his
me In Tunnelton after a brief visit
th his sister, Mrs. Lydia Henderson.
Mr. Harry Wiggtn and sister, .Miss
ace, who have been vistlng their
usins, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Donliam.
tMnrket street, for a few days, have
turned to their home In Greensboro,
Jttss Florence Mason, of Valley
ills, Is In the city visiting First ward
Mr. Will Shafferman has returned
>in Grafton, where he spent Sunday
iltng his parents.
Dr. McDonald has returned from a
>ek's bUBlness trip In New York.
Mr. Rtifus Satterfleld went to Coit
Monday, where he will be detainfor.a
few days on business.
^V.iaiHa Jinrv xmrnes, 01 ueiiLuns car^ ;ry,
who Is attending school In this
; cjty, spoilt Saturday and Sunday at
Cfc. her home.
!<; Mrs. Lillian DeVault and Miss
Clear, of White Day, are In
the city visting among friends and
K'reiatlves for a short time.
fei'Miss Sarah B. Haddox, of Grafton,
% ' la yistlng Fftrst ward friends.
lp Miss Ruby Hayes, of Shinnston, is
In the city, the guest of Prof, and
. Mrs. O. S. Bond. Miss Hayes Is just
| recovering from injuries received by
. being thrown from a carriage sometime
ago In a runaway at Shinnston.
Ife'; Mr. Tom Herskell and family, of
l^j^jReedsvllle, is In the city the guests of
his brother, Mr. Charles Herskell.
p., ' Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Deck and little
|fesda>lihter, Luetic, of Grafton, were the
'guests Sunday of Rev. and Mrs. G.
Mrs. Frank Bennet, left the city yesHuffily
for Richmond. Nicholas conn
ty, where she will remain for some
tej&fc* as the guest of her brother, Mr.
Sg| :$j Mrs. Charles Rhlneliart Is very 111
. .. at her home on Merchant street. Mrs.
jjr George Rhtnehart, who has also been
IB. I? now convalescing.
" tPwS PranM? 8hto and Josephine
. Harner, of Shlnnston. were guests
c . Sunday of Mrs. 0. S. Bond, of Colum^,
tta street
I'1' , Mr. John Flesher, of Pennsboro, was
|fc? business visitor In the city yester*
i Rear. Lee, the noted temperance
gV j|cturer, gave an Interesting talk Sun?/
day evening to the congregation of
j|i "the First M. P. Church, of Market
St'. .;> Miss Mabla Powell returned last
iveillng to her home In Grafton after
ftk, a visit of several weeks with .Mrs.
|-v.: John Debolt. of Merchant street.
Mrs. Donham Entertained.
Mrs. H. L. Donham delightfully enL.;
tabled at a si* o'clock dinner Saturjst*
day evening In honor of Mr. and Mrs.
ft J Wlggln, of Greensboro, Pa., who have
been her guests for a few days. Covjfifeers
were laid for twelve guests. All
the guests remained for the evening,
tej?;,when music and games were enjoyed.,
jii.-.t Candy making was the chief feature
the evening and canned much merriment
A delicious course of rewere
served during the
jj^raMng by -the hostess. .
titmtibeht .of a broken leg, which lii-;
jury was sustained during his work
at the glass house.
Mrs. C. E.. McCray, of Bellvtew, a
surgical patient, was dismissed yesterday
and returned to her home.
Miss Alice Sapp, who has been
cursing Mr. Hamilton Gump at his
residence on Ice's Run, has returned
to the hospital.
Mr. J. Calvin Robes, who has been
very 111 with typnmu pneumonia, is
now greatly improved, and will soon
! be able to return to bis home.
Change of Firm,
1 Melvln A. Snyder har, bought out
1 his brother's Interest In the Commercial
Hotel and restaurant on Water
street, so that the Arm name hereaf1
ter will be Melvln A. Snyder, Instead
of Snyder Bros. Lee Snyder, the
the brother going out, has already
opened up a lunch room under Skinners
Tavern, where his friends will
find blm, while Melvln will remain
alone as sole proprietor of the Commercial
Hotel, where he will serve
the Interests of the public as In the
pa8t .as. IJULVfc
Chicken Supper.
The Ladles' Aid Society of the M.
P. Church are making arrangements
for a chicken supper which they will
: give In the room on Water street
where the rummage sale Is being held.
Chicken served In any manner as desired
and an excellent supper will be
served, which will be much enjoyed
liy all who attend.
Met Last Night.
The SI. P. chorus composed or ten
young people under the leadership of
Harry McCloy, met last evening al
the church and practiced temperance
songs which are to he sung next Sunday
uiorning at Sunday school. It being
a temperance lesson. Mr. McCloy
is an able leader and the chorus l:t
improving wonderfully under ills instruction.
Called to Cameron.
Mrs. Cora Morrow and son Floyd,
and Miss Margaret Morrow, of Cameron,
who have been the guests of relatives
In this city for several days,
were suddenly called lo Cameron
Monthly by the very serious illness
of the latter's father, Mr. Fletcher
AlOlTOtv, wng js sutti-nug irum a
stroke ol paralysis.
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Pllson.
Mr. and Mrs. Prless and daughter,
and Mr. and Mrs. John Deck, of Grafton,
were guests Sunday of the former's
daughter, Mrs. Charles Pilson,
and husband.
Rummage Sale.
The rummage sate vrnich is being
held by the Ladies' Aid Society of the
M. P. Church, will continue their sale
through Thursday. So fur they arc
meeting with very encouraging success.
At Grafton Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Klrlt and Mr.
and Mrs. 0. B. Levelle spent Sunday
at Grafton visiting Rev. and Mrs. L.
\V. Roberts.
TAVERN?C. V. Emerson, H. E.
Reecier, N. F. Osborn, J. \V. Tryman,
O. H. Stewart, H. L. Stemple, Clarksburg;
W. W. Manning, Shlnnston; A.
\V. Shlnn, Enterprise; Harry Miller,
C. M. Bishop, Buckbannon; H. M.
Roberts, It. B. Ash, Mannington; \V.
A. Cobun, C. W. Huston, John H.
Kennedy, J. L. Dugan, Morgahtown;
N. B. Reed, R. Ryan, F. E. Koon, Jns.
N. Craig, Harry Ott, W. A. Nye,
Wheeling; J. Logan Hill, F. H. Corner.
Rlchwood; J. W. Miller, Grafton;
H. J. Cotiolly, Parkersliurg; Charles
Whitecotlon, Davie Whltccotton, Hunt- j
lnglon: G. Brown, \V. J. Pixler, Morgantown;
Dominco Gotti, Paneto Rosclsco,
MARIETTA?Lee Duval!, H. E.
| Moore, W. J. B-.irkle, Samuel Bradley.
\\ neeiing; ii. v.- numiiuai, .p. i?.
Sinlih, 1. B. Pocock, Morgnntown; J.
A. McCloml anil wife, Henry Prlmm,
E. M. Morris, H. F. Burke, A. I.. Anderson,
Clarksburg; John F. Poland,
Beverly; J. E. Letnley, Clrays Flat; N.
B. Rowley, Chester; George Ramsey.
Pickens; H. \V. Bucy, Elklns; C. I..
Shuman, Center.
JACKSON?D. E. Evans. Salem; J.
K. Edwards, Monongah; Guy Swisher,
Catawba; John S. Manning, Weston;
Hugh Dllllnger, Dave DGlinger,
Moundsvllle; F. S. Short, Littleton.
WATSON?J. M. Crowl, Clnrksburg;
\V. h. Jones, J. \V. Flasher, D. L.
Hlnton, Charles Chadwlck, Wheeling.
MANI.EY?J. Carl Vance, Clarksburg;
ruul McClure, L. D. Bowlln,
Wheeling; C. H. Nutti, Pnrkoreburg.
Don't wait until your UU0M17 k
entirely out before ordering but Mi
as np no* and try onr new lob <?
pertinent WEST VIItGmUN.
Read (be Daily West Virginian.
A New York City principal, Van
Evrle Kllpatrick, head of Public
School No. 52, has jnst completed an
Interesting pedagogical test of the effect
of simplified spelling on children.
Mr. Kilpatrlck's conclusions are that
the simplified rorm or many woruB
recommended by the Simplified Spelling
Board is the natural forpi for children.
Of hia test Mr. Kilpatrlck
"On October 24, I gave a spelling
test to all pupils in the last fire years
in the course In Public School No. 62.
To these children I gave from the
Simplified Spelling Board's list the
following ten words not yet commonly
Drest, dropt, fixt, lookt, mist, kist,
lupt, nipt, stepl, stopt.
"An examination of the papers
showed some interesting results. The
tendency of the children to end the
words In the above group In "t" was
C 2-7 per cent. This tendency varied
In the different grades. In the lower
grades the tendency to end these
words In "t" was much stronger than
In the "th and Sth years where there
was no tendency to use this form, as
the children had learned to use the
"ed" ending. I found In the 4th year
on Italian hoy, who evidently was
used to phonetic spelling of Italian.
v;ho spelled 90 per cent, of these
words with the't" ending. Most significant
of all. however, was the fact
that 21 5-7 per cent, of these wofds,
or nearly 1-4, were- missed on account
of the failure of the children to double
the consonants In spelling them with
the "ed" ending.
"As a second test I gave the following
ten words from the Simplified
Spelling Hoard's list:
"Ax, bark, color, draft, center, gipsy,
mama, mold, pigmy, omelet."
"1 found that fit 5-7 per cent, of all
the pupils used these simplified spellings.
The tendency to use the more
anomalous spellings was most marked
in i no an nnn Rin years, a iuci which
seems to Indicate (hat constant trainins
lias overcome the natural tendency
of the children to spell simply and
to avoid the superfluous letters. It j
It unnecessary to say that apparently
the expenditure of time and energy to
overcome the natural tendency of the
child, which. In Itself, Is logical, Is a
serious waste."
Job for Boni
NEW YORK, Nov. 20.?Count Bon!
DeCastellnne need not starve because
lime. Anna Gould cut him off
without a penny. He can get a job
here as head waiter in Cafe Martin. |
J. B. Martin, proprietor of Cafe Martin,
sent Boni the following cablegram
"Count Boni DeCastellane, ParisWill
nntt f rant In onirnfrn . vnil HS
Major Domo at salary of 50,000 franc3
a year to take entire charge of waiters
and manage restaurant privileges of
Cafe Martin. Oblige with Immediate
answer." !
Mr. Martin said that he had received
no answer.
Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.
Mr. Gorky's impressions of America
would have been much more favorable
if he had been able to take back
with hint a few of the impressions
of the mint upon the American dollars.
j For pure home made laid, yo 'o Sat
'erfleld's. Watson Hotel Buiidine.
Grand Opera House
Wednesday Mov. 21
Matinee And Night
Original Bi?r Double Spectacular
Production of
The Barnum of Them All.
Under Hie Management of
More Grand Novelties
Than Ever.
Gorgeous Scenery With Beautiful
Electrical Effects.
Two Brass Band3.
Two Funny Marks.
Two Mischievous Topsies.
Genuine Southern Cake Walkers.
Buck and Wing Dancers.
Male and Female Quartette.
30 Ponies, Donkies And Bloodhounds.
Beautiful Chariots and Tableaux.
Wagons Drawn by Handsome Shetland
Grand Vision and Transformation
Eva and Her Golden Chariot
Watch for the Big Street Parade.
It Beats a Circus.
PRICES?Matinee, 10 and 25c.
Among the mitnv stibfecto o!
political controversv this wlntet
none promises to be more spirited
than the election of a president o!
the State Senate. Out of the thirty
Senators corn posing the tipper house
of the West Virginia congress, between
twenty-four and twenty-five
of them want to be president. Those
who are not openly hankering for
such honors are the Democratic Senators.
who recognise the facr that
they are hopelessly In the minority.
There will be five or six of them
about the same number as In the
Senate two years ago. and th?v will
not struggle for preferrment, at
heHt they constitute mf'tp an able
body of men, barrlne their political
proclivities, says the Parkersburg
State Journal.
Among the Republican aspirants
may be mentioned 0. S. Marshall, ol
Hancock county, who crime very
near getting It two years ago anil
who would make a fine presiding
officer. Senator Marshall enjoys the
enviable distinction of being almost
an exact counterpart In personal ap
penrance of Mark Twain. He also
possesses other qualifications, an,I
would be upon the whole, a very
jgoo.l selection, josepn it. iiicuiennou
j is another Senator who would like to
jhe addressed as Mr. President. lie
halls from Monongalia county, where
I lie Is a great favorite with Is party.
| If he were a resident of Marlon, along
with his other qualifications he would
j have a cinch. As it is. he will give
his competitors a lively hustle,
j Senator Alex. McVeigh Miller, of
[Alderson, on the Greenbrier, side of
the river, is another possibility, and
a strong one. He is one of the
ablest members of the Senate. In the
same side of the State is Senator
lohnson, of McDowell county, who
was distinguished two years ago by
his pistol toting bill, which sought
to put the carrying of firearms on a
license basis. He is a good speaker,
and would hold the reins gracefully
if elevated to the senatorial driving
seat. These are only a few of the
| many members of that august body
who would not flinch If the presidential
hnnnrs were tendered tltetil.
Senator Forman, of Grunt county.
Senator McKown, of Roane, Senator
Colconl, of Kanawha, Senator Mont!
gomery, of Preston, to say nothing of
Senator Gartian, of Wood, all have
claims which coulil not be lightly ignored
If they were to shed their coats
un.I go after the prize wllh their full
strength. The fight promises to lie
Interesting and It would take much
skill at this stage to pick the winner.
The new Pure Food and Drug Law
will mark It on the label of every
Cough Cure containing Opium. Chloroform,
or any other stupifying or pois
| onous drug. But It passes Dr. Shoop's
Cough Cure as made for 280 years,
entirely free. Dr. Shoop all along
J has bitterly opposed the use of all
I opiates or narcotics. Dr. Shoop s
| Cough Cure Is absolutely safe even
for the youngest babe?and It cures
I't does not simply suppress. Get a
tafe and reliable Cough Cure, by sintply
insisting on having Dr. Shoop's.
Let the law be your protection. We
theerfully recommend and sell it El
1. Billlngslea & Co.
Chicago Tribune.
All the indications are that the
Grander Matthews amendment to the
English language will he laid on the
talde by a majority of 70,000,000 or
Read the Dally West Virginian.
Fred E. Wright's
I\J\\\\V UI111L
With the same Great Cast that made
It Famous.
Prices: .25, 50, 75c and $1.00. Boxes,
Matinee:. 35, 50, and 75.. Children, 25
Advance sale for both performances
open Saturday morning.
:t TOO fcav? tarnished or a?iunnined
roonib to lot joo *.11 find the U
dress of the peujle wonting them to
the West Virginian want coininn.
Deed dated September 15. 1900;
Kenneth E. Wamsley et, nx. to George
T. Peck, percel of lend near Flrat
ward; consideration, $800.
Deed dated April 23, 1892; William
Rldpely et ox. to Benjamin D. FlemInir
lot. M.aMn'M?lnR ?OAA
Deed dated November 19, 1900; J.
L Satterfleld to' Ettas S. Amos, lot oo
Glenn avenue; consideration. 1500.
Deed dated November 13, 1906;
Clara J. Miller and busband to the
Fairmont Coal Company, lot In village
of Huntchlnson. Grant district; consideration,
Deed dated November 8, 1906; Richard
F. Nitzum et ux. to James A. Meredith
et ux., lot on Walnut avenue;
consideration; $4,200.
Deed dated November 10. 190C; S. ft
M. Hoff et ux. to H. R. He?s. lot on
Sixth street, Fifth ward; consideration,
Deed dated November 19,1900; Benjamin
K. Martin et al. to Clement L.
Shaver. 413 acres of coal; considers- _
lldn! $79,000.
Deed dated September 2. 1889; Su
1 sun F. Martin and husband to Car
mart ha Martin, 150 acres of land on
Blhgamon creek; consideration, $2,000.
Deed dated September 4, 1900; Jo1
sephine Sandy and husband to L. B.
Martin, ten acres of land on the head
waters of Bingamon; consideration,
Deed dated November 10, 1900; Em'ery
Talklngton et al. to Samuel Dob- r
son, lot on Walnut avenue; consideration,
$1,711.90. (
Deed dated November 13, 1900; Emery
Talklngton ct al. to Samuel Dobson,
lot In Fourth ward; consideration.
$1,328.67. 8'
Marriage LicenseReuben
Edwin Timbers and Jessie
Dee Dent.
Two Kinds. D
Boston Globe.
Austin Corbln furnished a wild boar
for the dinner of the New York club
called the Canadian camp. Usually
the bores at dinner get In their work T
during the after-dinner speaking. ?
Baltimore & Ohic =
Dally. JDally except Sunday. xSunday
& NEW YORK. No. 8.
3:25 A. M.; No. 14. *1:4(1 P. M.; No. 4.
8:40 P. M. (local to Grarton.)
A. M.
GRAFTON ACCOM.. No. 72, *10.51 A. M.
2:24 A. M.; No. 71. 1.30 P. M. 1
For WHEELING. No. 7. *2:24 A. M.; No.
17. *7:40 A. M. (local); No. 71, *1:30
P. M. (local); No. 55, *7:30 P. M.
No. 2. 17:05 A. M.; No. 66. x8:00 A. M.;
No. 6. 11.45 P. M.; No. 64. x4:30 P.
M.: No. 4. 19:45 P. M. Arrive, No. 3.
17:38 A. M.; No. 63. xll:50 A. M.; No.
1. 112:00 noon; No. 69, x8:30 P. M.; No. ,
5, 15:30 P. M.
t x*.. < tr.ftA * 1 If.iO
J-CllVU, .>U. 1, J\. iTX. , iiu, .1, il.-C*
A. M.: No. r.1, '2:15 A.M. Arrive. No.
50. *1:00 P. M.; No. 2. !7:20 P. M.; No.
4. !9:40 P. M.: No. 44. x9:40.
For MORGANTOWN. Leave. No. 69,
9:00 P. M. Arrive. No. 62, !6:50 A. M.;
No. 66. x7:32 A. M.
Monday. Wednesday and Saturday.
Depart. No. 201, 7:00 A. M.; No. 203.
1:00 P. M.
Arrive. No. 200. 8:55 A. M.; No. 202.
5:40 P. M
We're showing our New
and Exclusive
Fall Woolens
It may seem early to buy,
but the wise man makes
his selection before the
rush begins.
T. W, ton,
Id Floor, Maionlc Temple.
Abbott's New Market
Fresh Eggs and Country Butter 1
Always on Hands. Toung
and Old Chickens.
Our Specialty is Pond Caught
jftcbh water run.
Give us a Call.
'III Mil" ' IBffl
$150 per SetT*2*2
rhc Largest Chin
Stock in West Virgi
JuBt at present eevearl tl
eta and odd pieces at 20 per
This Department is full
ewest, snappiest patterns ol
0x12 Brussel
A pleaBant surprise t
Vatch our Ad.
"Goal GIIIJ Hons
The Big Fui
To close out quickly a nice assortment
of colors both dark
and light, all sizes from W/2 to
17?with laundered bosoms and
cuffs. A good 75c number, to
close at the small price of only
48c each.
Friends, If you are wise you
will avail yourselves of this
chance. Better buy a good supply.
Men's Cotton Underwear
at 50c the garment. Ribbed or
flat, the best that money and experienced
could secure to sell at
" above price.
Also Men's Woolen Underwear
we are showing a very nice line
in natural at $1.00 per garment.
Come In and look our line over.
k r*r'^r,,,*,^pr^^^B^ |v
I The Building of a I
I Square Dealing.
K Why is it that this store deserve
Here is the answer in a nutshell
HI Because we give you a square d
Hi we look at Drug Store keeping from
II every time you trade here.
\Va hpftpve in doing thincs a li
II by doing things a little bit better th
is accomplished.
There's a difference between t
store, just as there is a difference I
the "fair priced "drug store. The'
a dangerous store to patronise, esped
knows that, and your doctor alto h,
the ordinary drug rtort?that it is t
and medicines that are pure and freal
thing at a fair price.
rour m sinees bo tbat you Know
it a 1 times just where to lay
roar hands upon* any paper.
Jeeps your accounts straight,
nvaluable to professional people?doctors,
lawyers, dentiBts.
)rop us a cird. After you
lave it explained you'll be
urprised that you've waited
o long.
a an A Cut Glass
Lousand dollars worth of odd
cent, discount.
to the brim of the niceet,
s Rug $10.00.
o announce in a few days.
' t ?
6 rnrnishidd go.
nlture Store.
eor tie ladies
Nice line of Fur? In Scarfs,
Ties, Throws and Muffs at
prices to suit, from $1.50 up to ;
$25.00 per set.
Also we have not forgotten
: 'is
the children and have tome v
handsome sets for them. Neck
furs and muffs to match at from
$1.50 and up to $10.00.
FASCINATORS, and all the
many things that go to make up
a winter outfit. Give us a call.
" "ft
leal In everything you buy?became I
your standpoint. You find that out ^ H
ttle bit better than ordinary, and it 1*
an ordinary that our business building
tetween the "cheap" drug storeani
DRUts i^n '
f \0 j

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