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1 1
I jl UI IlClilj
I QolceOtltoe Rooms
Geo. *. Jacobs SidQ,
Monroe Street.
A County Clerk's Office. A
'"^V^AKTRI^-'Bteady employment by ull?Sv.,?
41 ....JUW, ^alxfaif A/Id posh P.
Ss.j Nutter, Worthingtoo, W Va.
WANTED?Two !boj-s to sell the West
Virginian. Must be hustlers, boys without
experience need not apply.
WAN,TED?Manager for branch office
we wish to locate here in Fairmont.
Address, with inferences, The Morris
Wholesale House, Cincinnati, Ohio.
WANTED?At once; position hs nurse
lor children. Con give reference if
required. Address "F," care of West
Virginian office. tf
WANTED?At once, a nurso. Apply
Mrs. M. L. Hutchinson, Ca9 Fairmont
Ry;.-' LOST?Between Central Christian
Church and Fred Kahrl's store, golfl
MtC' broach with pearl set. Return to West
ffe ' Tirglnlan ofDce for reward. 2t
, LOST?Saturday evening, ladles open
J?/;., rface gold watch with pin, on Main or
< Monroe. Leave at ibid office for reT&g
ward. Gl-3t
IpC rOUND?On Friday near Elks' Club.
Hg|'' , a chatelaine signet pin. Inquire at this
jBpff office
life'; IWt RENT?3 .rooms on Ogden ave;
ane. das and water. App.y 304 Qain|'r
ey etreet
BKNT. AT ONCE?S",ore room
fdet dn ?mons bniiding .on
SB^i- Jackson street. Ajpply to A. D. Simons
or at Trust Company building.
HEVT?One lWnt room, tfnralah d;
price $S per mouth. 326 Gaston
| TOP, BENT?Furnished room. All
^^^V^BOdartt! coprestences. Rate reasons
Apply at M0 Locust avenue. ConjKg[|H$iMsted
phone, tS-R.
jfOH RENT?A lew choice offlce roomt
to tie new People's BAnlc building
f: ? /tapir at the People's Bank.
FOB BALE?Five. mom Jwuae on
Blgh street Enquire at KerrlSeld
Intel. Pint wart. 14-71
FOB^ALE?I 4m compelled to eseriy,!'
Bee an established business clearing
|v'prom |136 to $200 per month to a
jP^- ^.qelck ibnyer. Terms to suit. Address
J,; . . Bostaeas, ifcfs offlce.
: 'FOB SALE OK RENT?A comfortable
i"; ; - Mek honBe'with all modern Improve
K '"Mail, tne'acaes of land, line Irult
and good shades. Apply on premises,
If nmn cuocu
statu Rink
418 JKKW
la now open for the puhllc. i
Morning Seuion S to 12.
Aclminion, 10 .and ISo.
Aftarnoon fiauion 2 to fi.
Admission, 10 snd 15o.
pj) v,y v--' Evening Session 7 to 10:3a
|K , Admission, 10 snd 28c.
Privste Ol# Room, 5e.
p;; ' Special arrangements Ktrea
to privste parties wishing to
Bp?# rent the rink. See me for datai
p : Mgr. New Caiiio.
-M Can. 'Phone, Me.
(OontiDDcd from face -One.)
mess "under the contrail of a central'
power, 'it Is not 7,'la purpose'*o furnish
specifications as to the manner In
which this power Should 'he exercised,
1'dt It Is understood that he will insist'
that the government he vetted with
buch authority by license or other
wise in .order to dedi wUb-the-far
machine evils of ovos caDitdilzation.
This has been one of the things
wliich he has constantly dwelt upon
In his messages and speeches.
President Roosevelt will strongly
urge that tho divorce evils and .the-,
evils of southern lynching and other
; filings interfering withrthe well being
or the nation shall be regulated by
congressional enactment. In case
: Congress should feel that It would be
unconstitutional to handle 'these mat1
ters by act of Congress, then he would
> ask that tho constitution be amended.
! the President regards tho ever in:
creasing numbor;Of divorces as a menace
and hopes to see a remedy applied
Which Will reduce this to a minimum.
! '.The question Of reaching this subject
1 of divorce has already come bofore
Congress, Representative Robert W.
Taylor, of Ohio, having offered a resolittlon
In 'the House paving the way
for a constitutional amendment, ,
Nowhere In tho message does "the!
! - I... M~
; ITt'SIUUIlL HJlim lVB|iUliOIUiut,j. lie ue
sires earnestly to see a check -upon!
1 race riots, ami It Is understood that'
; Ills message will contain almost the
; exact language ot the dls|?tch sent
; from Panama on the subject of the
differences at Brownsville,
Political Cash Publicity.
President Roosevelt will strongly
,t.rge upon Congress, the passage of a
: law providing for the publication of expenditures
made -by political committees
durlng'the congressional and presidential
campaigns. The President
will also renew Ills recommendations
that contributions by corporations to
any political committee he forbidden,
nnd that the directors should not be.
! allowed to expend stockholders' money
| for such purposes.
Immigration will furnish another
' topic upon which strong recommendations
will he based. At the last session/
of Congress the immigration bill fell
by the wayside largely through ilhe
tear of the members of the House that
. persons of foreign llrth would resent
the passage or a restrictive law. ine
whole object^f .the President in nrg-i
Ing this legislation is to dxclwle imrat i
grants that are of an undesirable class
He does not desire to prevent the ar-'
rival in this country of. any immigrant
who will make a good citizen. '
In a.general way.tho President will
deal with the question of our foreign
telaOons; with the Monroe doctrine,
the Dominican treaty, the New Foundland
fisheries treaty, the snbjoct. of
Asiatic immigration, the Panama cknal
project, which will be treated more
fully In a special message; tjie reduc;
Hon on Philippine produces 'imported
s into this country, and the needs of the
; army and navy.
'' The message will be sine of the most
, interesting that has been penned by
flie President slnoe he has boen In
! the White House, and owing to the advanced
gronnds ho will take in the way
if "progressive centralization" will attract
as much attention abroad as at
Hla Day Off.
-~Avpostmaster not many mihps from
Btllviilc, posted Hte following notice
on his shutter recently:
"All parties expectln' mail are here1
tr notified to git all that's comln' t.o
; Jem fn advance?any time before nekt
Thursday, that both' the day' we have
app'intcd to go huntin'?not havia'
had a holiday from the government
since July 4, and the said government
seemln' to forget that heln' only human,
we need reel and recreation occasionally.
There's some little mall
here for the Joneses and the 'torn pi nsr
$s?but It don't amount to much, as
. It's all got l-cont stamps on it There
: ata't mithiiv' mush In the business nohow!"?Atlanta
!?EN h A ]
: Complete
I Outfitters
f*'' 4
|?iat yoo^ot'Voiir|
j. !+
OP t
I: Ttie Floi?, J
4 4
4W 4 + 4 444 4444 4
j ..j
Entertained at Whlet.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Herndon Smith
entertained at a chrysanthemum whist
last evening at their home on Qulncy
afreet complimentary to their house
guest. Miss May I.ong, of Ke.vsor.
Nine tables were occupied at whist
arid! at the conclusion of the games delirious
refreshments were served. The
lady guests were presented with yellow.
Chrysanthemums by the hostess,,
antl' the daintv score cardR were em
bossed with a yellow 'mum A delicious
'lunch wn? served at the close of
(he' game and fruit punch was served
throughout the evening. The guests,
wefe Mr. and Mrs. Howard Showhltor,
of .Mannlngton; Mr. and Mrs. C. C\
Morfitt, of tVllsonburg; Miss Irene
Doilies, of Huntington: Mr. and Mrs.
Herbert Brooks, Dr. and Mrs. W. H.
Sands. Mr. and Mrs. George T. V/atson,
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Martin, Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Conaway, Misses Madge
Sample, Elizabeth Stone, ! Elizabeth
Watson, Anna Murphy, Mabel Moder
well, Ida Sone, Messrs. Sam iButcher,
Jamas Shlnn, 'M. R. Frantz. J. II. Rogeis,
John Lehman, Edward Slack, Fred
Gibson, Sam Holbert, Ned Smith
Frank Haas and Mr. Caffkin3.
"Married .by Father fioutlou.
On Wednesday afternoon at the
Cfrtholic Rectory, the marriage of Mr.
Dale Parker, and Miss Ella Borgman
was solemnized by Rev. Father Boutloti.
Miss Alma Parker, sister of .the
groom, attended the bride and the
groom was attended by Mr. Test us
O.k.Jtn Tlwi at'Afl/llnrr oitociu InfllllH
OUllUtl6> 1UU ncuuii.), QUVUVH
ed Mr. and Mrs. Lee Parker, parents
at the groom, and 'Mrs. W. Waltz, the
bride's sister. Both Mr. and Mrs. Parker
are excellent young people and
have the best wishes of their many
Married by Rev. Engle.
Last evening at the home of Mr.
S. M. Wilson, the marriage of Miss
Kffle Mary Morris, of Terra Alta, and
Mr. Levi Eugene Rightmyer, of
Rowlosburg, "was solemnized In the
presence of a few intimate friends of
; 'he contracting parties. The hrltle;
,'yore.a.gown of white lace over taffeta;
ar.d carried white roses. Rev. 3. Engie
was the officiating minister.
Home From Wedding Trip.
Mfr-and KTrs." BriwksTleirTrn' arrl
el here last evening from a two weeks'
wedding journey to points iu the east;
j They are now at the home -of the former's
parents Governor and Mrs. A.
U. Fleming, on Jeffersou street, bul
v.lli. soon take up their residence on
Walnut avenue between 7th and Sth
Mrs. White (fives Recaption.
Mrs. Kemhle White Is holding a reception
this afternoon at her heme on
Benonl avenue In honor of her guest
Mrs. Hubert Lane, of Warern, P.i'. A
large number of guests are culling
and are being graciously entertained
I l>y the hofrtess ana ner aura.
Get your 1
. Every thin
Mirrors, Coucl
sary to furnish
new home on .Monroe street The day
Also mar Iced the. 39th anniversary of ,
thdlr marrlatK, which added greatly
<o the gileasurebf -the occasion. -The
entertainment *8* arranged fcy ttefr j
daughters, Mrs. Roy Lough and Mrs. E
Arthur Musgrave and the guests In t
eluded their relatives and a few j
friends. An enjoyable evening was ,
grant anfl delicious refreshments were t.
served. Mr.. and.-.Mrs.-M.lHKrgve TSrij
celved a number of nice gifts from c
their /Mends. h
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Entertain- A
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Reed entertained j
at dinner .last .evening at their home ?
on Fairmont avenue complimentary to s
'heir guest, Mr. W. F. Johnson, of
PittSbnrg. Covers were laid for Rev.
M. .ft.. Barnes, Messrs. M. A. Fletcher, y
Glenn Barnes, J. P. Fleming. A. F. f
Peddlcord, J. B. Powell, T. F. Reed,
the 'honor guest and host.
Chafing Dish Party t(
Miss TTatharine De?jran enterhilnp1' j
a number of Mends at a chafing dish
party last evening at her home on
Maple -avenue. The g~.es's WPre Miss y
I - ? ? ?.J r? n O1.A~? *
jean tmiieiou auu n, o. anoup, UL t
Scottdale, Pa., Miss Helen Berry, of q
J'blltppl, and Mr. George Hocklielmer, z
of Uniontown. {
Birthday Anniversary.
Miss Connie Golden T.inger was the
guest of honor at a party last evening n
given by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. (
A. Linger In celebration of the tenth r
unnlversury of her birth. The young r
people were delightfully entertainer
at games and tempting refreshments
vere seivod. I
Attended Thanksgiving Ball.
Mrs. John Clark, Mrs Harry Crane,
Misses Lucy Haymond, Mr. Ed I
Holbert and Dr. Hugh Carr attended v
the Thanksgiving Assembly ball at s
Clarksburg last night. Mlas Helen t
Kirkland, of Mannington, was a mem- \
ber of the party. v
' ? t
Will Visit-at Shlnnston. r
Idny, antl not one or ilium wouiu uwe
a drink.?Somerrille Journal.
10 me fitted out whil
g in furniture, Parlor
les, Carpets and Ruj
a home complete.
Mr.8 ssopnia UIUI uangiuoi, ?
Miss Stella, who are spending Hie win- 1
lei In Chicago, will come to Shinns- r
ton Friday night to spend a few days c
with the former's son, Mr. Will Mere c
Complimentary to Misa Bowles. j
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Martin will entertain
a few friends at dinner this evening
at the Manley complimentary-to
Miss Irene Bowies, of Hnntlngton, who .
i-i the guest of Miss Ida Stone.
Brought Fodder for Hens.
New Haven Dispatch to the New York
World. """
Silas Horsford, whose farm abuts
the Danbtiry branch of the New Haven
road, knows the ways of Providence
are Inscrutable. He has been praying
- - - A
ror louuer ior nis nen? tor uic ?tutc<.
A freight train of twenty-three cars
was wrecked ;t>y 'his place this morn- f
Ing. Twenty-two cars were smashed.
The twenty-third obligingly tumbled
down Into Silas's back yard and dumped
several hundred bushels of corn
neatly against his back door.
"That'll tickle the hens?and eggs
at 45 cents," was the farmer's joyous
The other care performed remarkable
stunts. They tore up the embankment,
and at one point razed It
to a level. They tore up tracks for a lj
quarter of a mile. 'They were loaded 1
with produce, and farmers have been
busy all day gathering in stores of
taunt}- for the winter.
The Damage to the road was so
serious that It will be days before
trains can be run. Meantime New ./
York trains will go by way of Bridgeport
Colonel Chlnn (of Kentucky)? The
newspaper business must be going tu J
the devil nowadays. I
Newspaper Publisher?How so?
Colctmt Ohlnn?Why, there were 1"
reporters up at the legislature yester
h++ ++< +4' ++++4??i-+
TAVERN?Oscar Jenkins, John
lenball, William Cohen. ParkeraBun;:
!. D. leach,' Monndsville; V. T. Clay,
in; Robert H, Klnkead, Mannlngton;
B. Parrlott, Mrs. A. J. Frame, Wll
am Young, James WaUdns, Wheel
ig: 0. Rlckert, H. W. Dent, Grafton;
W, Tryman, ..Clarksburg; John
reen. R. 8. Skemp, George Hock
elmer, Bellngton; H. H. Wilson
lypsy: Miss Berry, Phlllppi; E. L
inderson, Keyser: W. M. Longstreet
loyser: George C. Sturglga, -Frank 8
(ronsen, H. A. Reynolds, James Jack
on, Morgantown.
MANLEY-O. F. ColllnB, Miss Col
Ins, R. H. Long, Frank E. Tlbbals
Uarksburg; Miss BesBle Tibson, Tun
elton; E. 8. Stone, Parkersburg; W
ce Poling, Hendricks; W. B. Brown
tavenswood; 8. F. Glasscock, Morgan
own; A. Bliss McCrume, Klngwooil;
L E. Clark, Littleton.
MARIETTA?Oliver Goodnight anO
rife, Amos; F. M. Keller, Hubdred;
V. W. O'Nell, Mannlngton; J. E
Tiomas and wife, Byron; R, T. Lai
ell, J. E. Peters, Morgantown; A. I,
inderson, Friendly; E. C. Rector
WATSON: F. L. Sharp, Buckhan
on; Samuel A. Dlddel, Meadow brook;
I. D. Bowers, Wheeling; Miss Wis
aan, Morgantown; C. Springer, Bar
JACKSON?J. D. Combs, Cameron;
E. Delaney, Wheeling.
persons knowing themselves to
m indebted to David M, Allen, who
,'as until recently the proprietor and
olc owner ot a grocery Btore located
lear Baxter, in Marlon county, West
'irginla, will please call and settle
ilth the undersigned at once, as 1
ibve been made trustee in an assign
aent recently made by said Allen
ind have in my charge said store
looks and book accounts. And all
lern/ms to whom the Bald Allen is in
lebted are requested to present then
lalms to me for adjustment.
W. R. CLAYTON, Trustee.
Barter, Marlon county, W. Va
'ostofflce Address?Rlvesvllle, W. Va.
R. F. D. No. IB.
Dressed turkeys at Robb's. t
Grand Opera House
' Saturday Dec, 1st.
Mr. Hubert Labadie
Ind his Incomparable Company in hi
Original Complete Production
of the Immortal
Mr?Mert' Labadie ai
(14 Years a Devil)
Prices: 35. 50 and 7!
6eats on 8ale Friday.
a 1 tin
le our stock is at i
' Suits, Bedroom
js, Stoves, anythii
Ill UUCU1CUUO iiv mo * AWMMwii
tions issued by Theodore R-osa*
M. 0. Dawson, the Governor of
our State, our store will be clos?d
U da -* 4
&, & y
that our thankfulness! to the'^J?
public for their patronage |j
through thel^ear may te fitting- |i|
ly expressed.
"Quincy Adams Sawyer" Repeating slat of that kind of KlfalM^^MgjH
Its Succeia. P'aye upon the heart stxtsgsr
book-plny. "Quincy Adams Sawyer," The company repewSMBW
Is repeating Itself again this season beautiful play carrtM^MHM^H
when crowded houses greet Its every equipments Including
appearance. This popular!;/)' Is at- ?' scenery, built especially folU|jBjg^Ha
tilbuted to the-preceding fame of the Auction, all the llghtiae
' book that extended from ocean to a" 'be properties.
8 ocean, and that the play Is In Itself looking forward to the^twiMBW^^B
the most genuine piece of rural life f?r them when the play
ever git en to lover of bucolic drama Monday. December lfl. at 0?<ka^H
The simple, pure charm of the book Opera House. -i|Is
Is distinctly preserved In the play. * .
The characters are drawn so close to "Rich, rich at last," TcAsd
nu hn inBhPti wh ateniiiBiM
life that li requires an effort lo oe con- ?? ?
, vlnee.1 mat they are not real. They caught his Wife In h& anaafc^
are just such types as are found lu rich. rich.". .
every Xew England vlllago and por- "Well, how rich?" the oatili^^H
* trayed by nctora tti are In Vf-feC! 'ashed. ' Just
sympathy with theft roles. enough to gta ddke>fgr||KMK^^H
In fact. It is a case of human nature cago Record-HaadlL S
appealing to human nature. * ^??8
' .Another thing that pebble evidently "I am challenged
appreciate Is not having their pleas- duels," cried the Frencb<Mia9^^H
use of the artistic simpleness of the life may to In dangec" ||
play marred by manrklsh scenes and "Yes," answered Ida pfcWMBBBW
sloshy incidents. The amusing scenes yon try to fight all thto&oifn^^H
and those are what the play is made very liable to catch, cold
up of mainly?contain just wholeBofne, In a tab."?'VVualringtoa;^
I, good nature, compelling laugh after ' * '
j laugh, and the sentimental parts-eon- Read the Daily West
IS PLA Yfin f n h a ?
1/ M > 1 ? >>'!_

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