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Hi /ft PI?
Hh mr
I': jT7V1*yflNflnBVVr^fr"
earnestly request
mNG^resslng ^and^Hettilny.
Work called for
pjajihrered. Mothly rttei
u Hater Broha ahoa iters.
I^ij^ ^treef, First
spared to furnish the heat negations
to hie patrons nt the
t prices. Ladles' and gents'
{ Hull on the flrst floor; also a
tinburg Restaurant
mectlon with the Hotel, always
?Terns for permanent hoard
5.00 Per Week.
lelent boarders, {1-00 per day.
it-Date "Home Cooking" our
ity, and satisfactory service
: * * * * * * * * * * + ? *
Irst Ward I
* **-K * ***** + * #
id Mrs. Sellers have returnsir
home In (Hover's (lu|> ufek'fl
visit at the home of Mr. |:
J. N. Oasklns.
orsey Pople still continues 1
although there Is a very!
ange for the better. Her '
drs. Malone, of Grafton, Is In
a guest of Mrs. Pople. ;'
was Library Day at the First j
ool, and an excellent pro-1
had been prepared and rcn- '
11 Gasltlns has just complet-1
a brick' pavement In front '
lumbln street property. i'
;arl Combs, of Bellvletv, 1,
sterdny risking her father |(
Barnes, of State street. |
. Wyatt, of Shlnnston, who 11
has been visiting Mm. J. I. Stealer, I
SSrekurned to her home yesterday.
, Rev. .A. Llnkleltter, of Moundsvllle, | ,
returned to his home after having
KStithBi guestt'pf Prof. S. 0. Bond for a[
tebrtef time. Rev. Llnkbetter Is pastor
Spf jille ChrtBtlon church at Moundsvllle. j
Newton Morrow has returned j t
from Granville, where he has been |
iSihe.ilguest for some time of her dangle
jp|Vter..Mrs. George From.
^i hirs. John W. McKay and daughter,
f, Mable, of Friendly. Tyler county, who: J
Hi been guests of the former's sisgr.ter.'
Mrs. J. Harvey Vanata, of New
EsVKrijbt,' have relumed lo their home.
8?^;- Birthday Party.
|K'j<j.'Miss Edith Scott delightfully enter- j
pf: talned a large number of her friends j
SSte'laat night at the home of her imr- ]
(i -Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Scott, of!
jubla street. Music and games
ed to make the evening one of
t pleasure to all the Invited guests. |
affair wan In honor of the inth'
iday anniversary of the hostess. S
all wish her many happy returns j
le day. Those present we're Louise
Marie Lloyd, Virginia Barnes, j
Stret. Fleming. Pearl and Marie |
t, Nellie and Lena Vannort, Ethel
. Francis Lowe. Louise Leonard, I
Gray, Laura Jones, Lulu Rlsln>|i
Regetta Nichols, Refreshments j
i served to the suosts during the j
log by Mm, E. C, Scott and Miss |
Aid Society.
??&y:The M, E. Aid Society hold a very
PMmWttt meeting yesterdapy even,
Kc.|;Jng at the home of Mrs. Florence,
if?. Cray, of Newton street. Arrnngments
K?A?ere completed for the chicken sup,
: per to be given Thursday.
to'*. Good Time Club.
U S. Helmlck was hostess to
^^^R'GDod Time Club this afternoon
, her home on Diamond streat A very
pleasant attarpoon ?fas spent at:,
tl i }jA^^n || Tf " ^
consideration and thought very blghjy.
In particular she wants to thank the
B. of D. C. A. for all they have dono
Tor her and her children,
???? 0
City Hospital,
Janlero Delists!* was a medical patient
admitted yesterday.
Jim Denarlo was admitted yesterday
for surgical treatment, i
Mike Debato was a typhoid fever
patient dismissed yesterday.
hj* ?*,
i-i-i-r- H-I-HHOrtl.T,
Dec. 5.?Miss Bell Burnworth
went yesterday to llniontown
on a viBlt to her slater, Mrs. Ezra
""-a?. T A ,it_ .? T IKt- PnTt/i
VJIIIH.UIl ). S\?IHIIII, ill uniit- I'aiin,
was at Mston Btiraworlb's Saturday.
Mrs. Olivia Kerns and daughter,
Edna, were on a visit to Monongah,
Mrs. Newton Hess was visiting at
Enterprise yesterday.
Mrs. W, H. Bunner, of Hoult avenue,
was a caller In. our village yesterdny.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Harris, or Montana,
were vlsitng at .Mrs. Harris' parents
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest. Wiles, of Fairmont,
were visiting the latter's parents
here Sunday.
J. I). Bowman fell from a carload of
ties Frhlay and hurt his side and
sprained Ills wrist.
Mrs, Huffman is showing but little
Mrs. O. II, Hal lorfk'ld is On the slc'r
list at Mils writing.
Are the boys from over on Prickett's
creek more attractive than the home
product or haven't the Hoult boys the
backbone lo go In and win? How Is
It girls?
Pine drove seems to ne n very miravtlce
place and the climate very
congenial. Ask "Skinny" anil Earl.
Mrs. C. It. Dean, of Mcnongal), Is a
surgical pailent recently admitted.
.Mrs. V. B. Burger, of this city. Is a
surgical patient.
Mrs. A. X. Angalta, of tills city, Is
here for treatment.
Mrs. Earl Mann, of Fairmont, is a
new surgical patient.
Mr. G. W. Brown, of Gladesvillc, Is
here for surgical treatment
Mrs. Isaac Robinson, of the First
ward, is a surgical patient.
Miss Asia Cramer, who was Injured
recently at. her home at Smlthtown
liv falling from a horse, was brought
to the Hospital some time ago. She
Is doing well.
Miss Bessie Dean is hero for treatment
for typhoid fever.
Mr. \V. It. Staley has returned to
lis honre from Glover's Gap.
Mrs. Elizabeth Yost has returned to
rer home at Mannlngton.
Mrs. Cluisiuan left this afternoon ?
'or Morgnnlown accompanied by her ?
ion. who was a surgical patient.
Among the Nurses. J
Miss Daisy Wilson returned last
light from Adamston, where she was
-.iirslng a patient.
Miss Tsa Hotsinpillar went to
Macksville to-day to take charge of a
Miss Kltahelh Armstrong is nttrsng
in Morgnntotvn.
Catarrh o( the nose and tliroat
mould l"mt yoit to at least ask as
or a free trial !jox of Dr. Shoop's Caarrh
Cure. Nothing so surely proves
merit as a real, actual test?and Dr.
Slioop, to prove this, earnestly desires
hat we let yon make that test. This
rcamy. snow white healing halm
ioothes the throat and nostrils, ami
Illicitly purines a foul or feverish
ireath. Call and investigate. K. A.
Jilllngstea & Co.
Dressed chicken at Rohb's. if
Read the dally West Virginian.
ms juf a. \ mm Am a j i
: Home
\ Outfitters
rtised lines
TTT 111 n 1 J
we ii c^ena it
stop a mom
FVancis E. Nlcl
jpiNF Fill
[ ini^ i ui
Get your home fittec
Everything in furniti
Mirrors, Couches, Carpel
sary to furnish a home c<
S buyer greater opportunity for the exercise of individ- J
in the selection ol Holiday Gifts and the satisfaction
g that he will not be offered a substitute of any adver* inrnlt
e identified by the manufacturer's name. fiijfpj
e exclusive agents of the following well-known adverirdy:
8lot>?^Verr>icl<c "Elastic" Book Cua.) dig
er Kitchen Cabinet,
is Pure Aluminum Ware, lT|
nnati Cut Glass, and' many %J *?
... . ? BESKhft
; Out Whenever You
LTLrijmnAnn ri~* " " * ? * - --* * ?*?** ?
i pastor tired of begging. It Is (
* ^ * wityx in
Resigns Rather Than Collect for His niany w
Living Expenses. 1
* TRENTON, N. J., Doc. n.?Because 00
he has been forced to collect his sal- 0
y through this IWi B1y as wen as money for the running; A H
ght about expenses of his church, the Rev. J. B. Whltton,
ol the Warren Street Melh- ?
IANCE, cfllst Chttrch, announced that he will ^
to hlmamelf ant "nl s,By "?ltb.the congregation after _ A
on him to provldt ''"n' 1p _ flf
tlea. The ravage! He says lie should not he compelled w Hj
of an accident, ma) 'o he a collecting agent for the parish. 0
nt meant of living Besides gathering money to pay the a
I at this time would real bills and the Interest on the _
the time of tras church mortgage, Iho minister says ho
has been compelled lo collect money 0
STREET. 'or even "le necessaries of life. ^
The church Is one of the oldest In a Full
the city, and stands on the hill shore J Gol
Washington planted his ounr.on for the 0
hat tie of Trenton. Time bus changed 0
lite character of the nelgbhorliood. AAA
and the church Is In straits.
V/M'A/1 A. Jl I 111AK/'
I out while our stock is at its be
ire, Parlor Suits, Bedroom Suits
ts and Rugs, Stoves, anything tha
AM, Jackson
\ 04 Por WHEBUNa No! 7r^iJ? A/K.:<jK?^
7 mm# 5. Cumberland Accom., 10:26 P. ML '
. . For CLAUK8BURG & AVKSTOX. Leave '31
7 No. 2. 17:05 A. M,.v Xn.^6S. x*:00 A..JI.: >f3B
a >?r Anrlve, No. 3, !7:38 A. M.;'No." lis-dfe :?
M ^| -\j TKXim No. es, xS:30 P. M.; No. t. M:30
4 r%^\ BURO BRANCH. >4flH
Jt ^4 \V|||
|N 6?,,ji? p?
K For MOIWANTOWN, Jjmti. NO. ?l, -v# fifiBI
^ No0?P'ii'i: aJM?' Xo' 45 A- M-<
^ Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. . is??9
^ DejMirt^No. Ml. 7:00 A. M.; No. SOS, ,
^ Arrhe^Xo. 200, 8:65 A. 1L; NO. SOt, ^j|jj
f - ' ORCHESTRA. , gj
(J ruanjotmo
Music for all Occasions J|
At Reasonable Prices. ; ;; p
Violin, cornet and piano or any "Sirg
other combination of Inatrumanta
Leaaona given on all Inatrumanta. ' ^
We have been f
told since starting
our 50 cent book
sale that it was im- '
P possible to sell ^$?gj
these books at that
You have but, to /Ja
call to prove that it ;
is not only possible,
but an absolute ?j|
fact. The most up- l-ii
to-date, readable
Say. I I books to be had ; at j , ^||I
, 50 cents. -^9
wllmatcd Dial the new wafer- A. 6. MARTIN CO.,
course of construction in Gorill
COSt $75,000,000. ruiTL-L-Lar."rrmnwu-LorLaana-LTLn.-uV
ILL BROS., Dentist^.
All Work Guaranteed. Lady Attendant]
I Set of Teeth 18.00 np "Bridge Work
d Crowne, 22k $6.00 Fine Gold Filling! 11.00 op Aft ? 1?$?
'UtIng2Sc, without pain.60c White Fllllngi i .. ,T!'Mw
Over Poetofflee, Fairmont,
sh&wSS &$&$!$, r $ pp " ? A

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