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El Itaenger train, due In Haat
7:05 a. m., ran Into the
of un 'extra freight Irain at
Ferry, at <5:30 o'clock ynterolng,
fnjnrhig Flagman Redsen,
of the freight train, and
Bowman, of the pasaenger
igine and combination mall
sage car of the passenger
e-'wrecked. ;
boose and'a carload of coal
sight iraln were derailed' and
ipeet. Flagman "Wesson was
ggS;, . In the cabooao ana injured in .jumping.
B;., The freight train wan running on
, the' passenger train's time and when
jpfv It Btopped at the Ferry, failed to send
5V a flagman back.' The passenger train
wa* running about 20 miles an hour
'Y , when the colllBsion occurred. The
jfe^tpaaaenger Is tho dally accommodation
I'X between Cumberland and Baltimore.
-> - The ..wrecking crew from Hagersk
town eleared the tracks. Passengers
;-f.' we're transferred around'the wreck.
( Increase Salaries
WASHINGTON, Dee. 0.?Representative
John Wesley Gaines, of Tennessee,
Introduced a bfll in the House
yesterday, rt)lpjng ' the i salaries of
members of Congress to $7,500 annually,
to become effective In the Sixtyflrst
Congress, and retnburslng thein
for money actually spent in Rolng to
and from each session of Congress.
. ^leanwhlle, It is not improbable that
the legislative appropriation bill,
which Is now being prepared by the
House Committee on Appropriations
and will be reported this week, will
contain a provision for such an increase.
Such a provision would be
! ' subject to a point of order, but there
. Is said to be a tacit understanding
j 'that Inch a point shall not be raised. I
A proportionate Increase would allow
' the Vice president and Speaker of
the House each f 12.000 a year, Instead
To haveMweuttful. perfect, pink, velvet-like
Hps. apply at bedtime a light
coating of Dr. Shonp's Green Salve.
Then, next horning, notice carefully
the effect T)yJ?'cracked,' or colorless
lips mean feverlshties. and areas well
111 appearing. Dr. Shoop's Green Salve
is soft, creamy, healing ointment, that I
will" quickly correct any skin Idem- j
lsh Or alhnei.t. Get a free (rial box
i|j;.at our store ami beconvinced. latrge. j
I v (Hjass Jars; 25 ct?. SotdibyiE. A. uu
. Ilngslea & Co. I
'Ton will need lJnrt. oout you
shave contemplated bnyinjr .every
,Ctty;from jjow utNil orialor is.over.
If .you want the vwjr heat .coat
-that will ^ivcr .be olT.ov.iil you .for
{ we think we are prepared to.wea?!
the requirements of all at tkia
popular price. We are able to
show you an exceptionally atcong
line .of coals at .Shis price. The
Ilaug warm ones, boiii in dark and
light eoLois, nlaids a?d stripes,
plain ?r trimmed. M /liis price
yon ean get a dependable garment
tl'ftt wilt wear well and look J raspy
at tlie same time.
If you have made up your mind
to spend
S?r K *12 60 01 5X0.UU
Sfct^'j for a coat bya II means see our
|;;y $10.00 line, get one and save tin
Ornaments! ^
Every customer purchasing I Of Men'
goods amounting to $15 or more,. ~%\T ' J.
' (luring this side will receive ? V* Oicfg
' 'Magnificent I'urlor Ornament ' CM-v**3
Here's the idea: simply savcvotir
sales checks of every purclmse
made at our store. Every
customer saving checks amountDig
to ?15 or more will be giver , ?P?3,UOO
one of these magnificent orna- .
n.,.?tg Stock of Ladies'
Fine Fall
I 11
J15.000.00 STOI
On Sa
T>Arimc O A H
D"5"1" OJt\ J
We give you the greatest oj
Jackets, Skirts, Shoes, Underwear,
able merchandise, for fall and wint
has never known such low prices.
Don't 1
Read These Prices.
Our < 'luthinjr lid. will not lie n very Jenirlhv ?ni\ GIRLS' TO
as we don't helii've in wasting words. Talk is - 'Girts"
cheap: "You've cot to show me," said the man velvet pipil
from Missouri, and we mean to show yon. Head sizes G to I
every'item carefully, for it's important to you. LADIES'C
'MEN S GOOD QUALITY OVERCOATS, $3.98. 1-adies' 5
Men's all wool, Cheviot Overcoats, Italian cloth wortto $'2.0
i -i ,i,mnn CQ QO T A1MTPO' T
jlin<K|, \WOlM 11 T'JU.UU, litis SillC fu.vu. A j.
WEN'S CHEVIOT SUITS, $4.98. tidies' ]
,U? 11is -ill wool Cheviot Suits, single or (Ion- latent shadi
>bli'ibreiMt?(), positively worth $70.00, this sale for this sale, $)
<188.. All -sizes. LADIES' i
amOMBRCOATS, <2.98. Ladies']
Marry! Hurry! .lust. 100 Boys' Gray Meston Skirls, wort
Over?oa,ts, -with velvet collars, size 9 to 16, until LADIES' I
sold at $2:98, worth $1.50. Ladies' I
BOYS' M29$, <1.98. ored, worth
Just tat owtale. excitement, 100 Boys' $2.98 Suits, LADIJSS'I
- iizes 6 toMA, .oonts and pants suit complete, until Ijadieh' I
sold, <1.98. price, $1.25
^ ,s Children's 50c Flatinelet
I s 4 braid trimmed, 29r each.
Gome Earn ana m
.. - . .. . <
| The People's |
L.S.to!!'.J 320 J
>*^\ ' * -y *, -** < t rf - y i -.>V . <ft'v ' ! v ' a <
I m ? w
s Suits, Overcoats
, Jackets, Misses, Cos
Pants, Shoes,
$5,000 .. $3,000
^ n- ? n,(. Stock of Shoes for Men,
wSlrSU '-I* '
j : !_
le for 15 D
A.?fA corn
jpuriuilliy ui JfUUi 1UV bv Qvyv
Fancy Goods, etc. We have
er wear. You never saw a
Miss 1
Bring* Circuli
DEIST COATS, $1.98. AT 39c PAIE.
Tourist Coats,3-4'length, trimmed with Children's 5
ng braid, buckle and nubby buttons, 2 to 5, at 39c.
1, worth $3.G0, at $1.98. AT 89c PAIR.
OATS, $6.98. Children's $
0 inch long, Tun Covert Tourist Coat, hand turned, a'
0, for only $6.98. AT 98c PAIR.
ONG COATS, $9.75. Boys' and C
full Lenglb Kersey Coats, in all the soli(1 leather, a
* and styles, worth $15.00 to $18.00, AT 95c PAIR.
1.75. Ladies' $1.5i
IKJSTS, $2.98. up-to-date sty]
^anaraa and Cloth Dress or Walking AT $1.49 P All
Ih $5.00, at $3.98. ,Jidl0K $-;CK
hire Taffeta Silk Waists, black or col- ,s gjj^
$5.00, at $2.98. only at
flannelette or Percale Wrappers, usual Men's Shoes
i, this sale, 89c, | iaec, Sale Pric<
,te Dresses, rufFle and
vkwsr.-.* TJ;
/lain St. Fairm
H ' H H
' ""
^i Jr
i, Ladies' Skirt
ate, Boys' Suits,
&c. - .
$1,500 , $2,500
Wftrtii ?f Stook of Men's
T . r* and Women's
STSTnSly Furnishing Dry G<
1-2 PRICE. Reduced Prices.
AND Will
'/-Y T O V^l
ire collosal bargains in
i on sale $15,000 worth <
better class of wearing i
ar With You to
Oc I.aco Shoes, hand turned, sizes
1.00 Lace Shoes, sizes tip to No. 8,
t 89c.
" * al (?.1 in t ?.
uris rsnoes, an sizes, worm ?i.iu,iueus,
t 98c. I only..
I $2.00
9 and $1.75 I nice Shoes, all sizes, very lr
es, 05c pair. $5.00
1. fancy 1
) and $2.50 Lacc and Button Shoes, ^
ihapcs, this sale, ?1.49. and p('
$? 50
!, for dress or work, for this Sale .
R. in?-th
. worth $3.00, all styles, button or 200
, $2.00. large? i
Big line of Furs, in this season's late
4 from 98c upward.
Extra Clerks i
ontj Va
' NBHl' I
^ lined ve.sts or
sizes, lit 19c each. '"^
J : -~V-< lYv
19c st 1
'! "r * ' one, worth 39e. " .
^ denvear, worth -50e. i
? Z?? denvcarf worth |f
i 7tr Men's -ah#^Voraeo's all I
Ji3V wool; natural or modieat-1
ods ed red Underwear; Thia I .1
grade i? worth up to I.
Fine' Clothing' Ladies | Sh
rfHigh Grade depend- j
apparel, nor the world |j|H
Sale! 1
Avoid Mistakes; 1
- ' V' 8
M *w> ^ 1^18
ti nd white blankets for double
11-4 size, $1.25 values, this sale 7P? -1
i value, gray and white blankets AraHS
irge size 9|'&V j
value, grey and whito blankets AA JA
borders fjggflj
) heavy comforts, nicely striped'
>od tilling, this sale only, ..... <2f0? I
quality comforts, silkbline cov-AI
fancy borders, white cotton fili^|| JJ-iJ
is salf only . /."v.
wnne crocnei dco spreaas, very -ir
;i/e, this sale only
st styles,
wait on you.M
nn. ii t%
: i ne nome or: n
^ ^ ^ I
'B ' c* '

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