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Headquarters 1
Novelties, Ne
- . Come in and see,
'1 ''
. ' -0 c Preparations gri
feS ^ *
I 1 .aeCBfcrf* What you buy t
Gifts that are n
i- ! We have oreoared a CH
planner, which you will find
B Igifts for Men, Women and CI
| {morning and you can have o
{ Dl?t>Gri\r A T ( !'raz<-'r, two promln
Uvll l\Lt I torneyg. were In t?
BW?t?tt Mute? and Miss Ma- hor hon,e nt Warr{
"* on Gflf,(on avenue. Mr p Kecna,
:;$* HI Beckman and M. A. Fletcher nlngton, district on
roStettred at Pltts" Pie's Mutual Life
lion/and local agei
MtrB?tirigfit Is expected .here 10 States .Mutual Lift
^^?,i3^^rt.jfe)(rn,hl8 home at Covington, Vtu, Charleston, W. Va
&;1# tpefcd several days with his wife located in Fairmoi
* and son who are guests at the home | property of Geo.
flitt is. 3. Stone on Qulncy street. I oust avenue where
a(i <|i ?|i >{ ?|a 4" *{* 4* *1* V *1* *?* *2* 4* 4* *S*
g .y HP?gft't to be as Rood as any other to leave an order wl
i* ?* Overcoat for the winter. It's well not to put off
Bfe'.'jt- ,*Mt can be; done to day. You might lose many of
"i: >) ttej delay. Grasp this opportunity to have an atrac
? Suit or Overcoat from SlS .00 UP.
ijii . Guaranteed Tailoring. No fit, no pay.
jlavlor the Ta
| * P. O. Building, Park
|| ,See fliir $2,00 Hat. Not
J^reesing, Cteaniug ami Dyeing done on short notice.
fcyiCTfd. Both Phones. Give ns a trial.
|VJ + + *fr 4* + + 4* 4- + + + 4* + -fr 4* 4* 4* 4
Etiu DDdfl
$3.00. $.
L. Doll?
didate for
fthing new. Pi
Tills Store Will be Ope
is gives every one a chance to see th e prett
State?open evenings, beginnii
y JacobrHutchlnson Ble
lor all ol fain
cessities andLu:
, then you'll believe that this is "THE CHE
eater than ever?more holiday goods?grea
>ys and Girls are taken care of equally well,
o give, from this store, will be practical, ui
ot practical and useful are no gifts at all.
to be very helpful in ma'
lildren and the HOME,
ne by asking.
cock and Col. J. C. Miss Jane Carpenter went
ent Morgnntown at- lnp yesterday morning to sp
lis city to-day. days.
ne. who bus been J)M|S8 Gertrude. Johnson, o
Kemble White for wh0 Is attending school
this afternoon for town Colle?e' Washington, I
Mrs. Harriett Manleya nd
!U, ra. , ..
bel Curry, who were the
1, tormerly of Man- relatives here for several 0
tanizer for the Peo- returned to their homes at
Insurance Assocla- Mrs. L. Prlcliard and
it for the Southern Misses Lena and Helen, of
Insurance Co., of ioni were shopping In the cS
., has permanently ,]ay. Mrs. Prlchard and M
nt and bought the returned homo on 55 last
Wadsworth on Lo- Miss Lena is tire guest of
he now lives. garet Shinn at Iter home on
4? + + ?
m Did You Eve
^ 1 ^ Feel like jumping up and
9 /WRl * aml thro,vlns away you
.j. Well then you don't knov
.j. real enjoyment Is. If y(
th us for a Suit ^ take home a piece of 01
till to-morrow meat and have It cook
A dinner to-night you will
tporltinities by
<T to realise what real csjt
tive, well made ? means. Get pure meat an
products and see the dlff
* Mountain Ci
| * Meat Mar
I I I IIP * W. C. Manley, Mgt
" "I J ^ Majn st
+ Phones?Bell, 317; Co
s Ave. *
* The New Oyster I
tCU. t S'DE
" Good Selects, 45c.
"f" Standard, 35c.
4" >/z Shells, 20c per do
4* In shells, 20c per do
failed for and ^ OYSTERS OPENED D/
.j. Phone, Bell 328-R. Co
j J- L- Zuhlclte
Shoes For If
w(\ <unn
y.ov unu dJf.uv/,
is Shoes For
ion Mafle.
'Trade. Call and s
rescription work a specia
n miiqs. tff
m M
iest store in this section of the ufm
ig next Monday.
nont lor Tons at
xuries all over the
ter varieties.
X7XU1 ?liU
N BOOK, listing the gifts
king your rounds. Pages d(
These will be ready for disl
son. j. vim
to Wheel- chti
em! a few THE CHURCHES
I t/t
f Latrobo, I Sis'
at George- { ?rder of Services at the Pre
) C Is In I Var:ou? Places of Worhslp. "go
Miss Ma- ' ?? ?? ?'? Thi
guests of ? Stri
ays, have , M. E. Church, South.
Eldora. Rcv r, t. Webb, pastor.?Sundaydaughters,
school at 9:30 a. m., conducted by Dr.- 5
Manning- u N. Yost. The superintendent de- euc
ity yester- sires all the school present to hear the g:3i
Iss Helen announcement for Christmas. Preach- any
evening. ing at 10:30 a. m. by tie pastor; suu- tjva
Miss Mar- ject "The Mind of Christ." Bp worth c|,a,
Plerpont League at 0:3(1 p. m., led by Mrs. Dr. in.;
Peters: subject. "Association TTnto day!
--? Salvation." Preaching at 7:30 p. m
? ~ |,y jjcv g (; Preston. Business session
of the quarterly conference Monip
day night at 7:30 o'clock. Let all of ^ '
il the official members be present Evej
Monongah?Preaching this (Satui- gjg(j
yelling; day) evening at 7:30 o'clock by Rev. S. ^
r hat? G' Pre310n' Sunday school at 2 p. nt. ,i( .
, ' Preaching at 3 and 7:30 p. m? by the '?
'' w presiding elder. Rev. W. L. Reed.
>u will You are cordially Invited to attend
tr nice till the services of dur church. We are
ed for especially glad to welcome strangers. "
begin **"
lymeut Monongah Presbyterian Church,
d meat Rev. W. O. David, pastor.?Mornerence
ins service at 11:00 a. m., subject. If
"Pilate's Condemnation;" evening ser- f
hp vice 7:30 p. m., subject "The Seven I |
' Words." These services will be the I
"rs' ?' a a?1"!?8 ?f meetings. Tlia '.
K L Rev. .1. Calvin Mead, D. D., will take tj
chargo on Monday ovenlng. Dr. Mead I
| will remain with us during thd two !|
I wnnks and Sir. E. M. RittenhOUSC, J
who assisted him In Fairmont and Is I JTI
,n- 12?' assisting him this week at Grafton, |||
will asslRt him here. A cordial Invltn- fl
lion is extended to the workers In all ijj
the churches of the town to attend |C
",ul take part in these meetings. Let 5
"CJJUl lis make an earnest persistent effort f
IOUTH to advance the Master's cause and wo i
all shall reap the benefit. Sabbath K
school at 10:00 a. m. ^
j, Mt. Zion Baptist Church.
Rev. J. W. Robinson, pastor.?
kILY. Preaching at 11 a. m., by pastor; subn.
248. Ject, "Obedience Essential to Satva?
tlon;" Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.;
Prop, j Communion and covenant mooting at
2:30 p. m. All the members of the
ee our stock before you pui
tly. ,
. '.-mA
1(1 DOllS
in a convenient
jvoted to special
;ribution Monday
irch are urgently requested to be
sent B. Y. P. U". at 7 p. m? topic,
irist's Life of the Cross," led by
ter W. M. Lee . and Sister Jenkins,
aching. 8 p. m? by pastor, subject,
me Inflrmatlves and How Cured."
j public is cordially invited,
angers are given a hearty welcome.
Christ P. E. Church.
lev. If. A. Damns, rector.?Holy
harlet. 7:80 a. ni.: Sunday school,
) a. m.; morning prayer and lit
, 10:15 a. m.: first Sundays and fesIs,
second celebration of holy eurlst,
10:45 a. in.; evensong, 7:30 p.
Friday, evensong, 7:30 p. m.; holy
i, holy oucharist, 7:30 a. m.
Catholic Church,
;v. A. Boutlou, piistor.?Mass evSunday
at S and 10 o'clock a. m.
ning devotions at 7:30 o'clock, conng
of the rosary and benediction,
js every morning during the week
: 30 o'clock.
gi u iiiiMiim ? p VJ puffljn
Glow I very Evening at 6, er
am i
<ju/ n
10:45 a. m.. quarterly communion scr'
rice: 2:30 p. m., Junior League, Mrs.
Allle' J. Remold*, superintendent:
6:30 p. m., Epworth League, topic.
"Missions, a Worldwide Responsibility,"
leader. Prof. E. E. Mercer: 7: JO
p. m? Rev. J. S. Robinson, presiding
elder, trill preach Monday evening at
7:30 the first quarterly conference
will be held by the presiding elder.
Preabyteriao Church.
Rev. H. C- Stoetier. pastor.?Sab
batik school, 9:30 a. m., Prof. J. Walter
Barnes, superintendent. Moraine
service, 10:45 o'clock, reception of
members?" "subject of sermon, ""The
Purpose of Christianity." Christian
Endeavor Society, G:30 p. n>? topic
"Lessons From the Cross." Evening
serviee, 7:30 o'clock: subject. "The
Expulsion of Evil?its Difficulty and
its Duty." Mtiweek sen-ice, Wednesday,
7:480 p. m. You are cordially invited
to these sendees.
First Baptist Church.
Rev. W. J. Eddy, pastor.?This invites
you-to the services for to-rporrow.
Sermon at 10:45, "Some Compensations
of Dlscipleship;" 7:30 sermon,
"The Father and the Oldest
Rnvr" Srmrfniv school. 9:30. It is do
sired that all the school may be present.
The orchestra will soon be In
good condition for effective sendee.
The B. Y. P. U. at 6:30. The public
is cordially Invited to attend all the ,
Central Christian Church.
Walnut and Second avenue, Z. G.
Bates, minister. ? 9:30 a. m., Bible
school, Seymour Melntiro superintendent:
,10:45 a. m.. subject "ExceoJIng
Great and Precious Promises;" 7:45 I
p. m., subject. "The Duty of Inspection;"
0:45 p. m., Y. P. S. C. E., topic
Christ's Life. Lessons of the "Seven
Words From the Cross," Jno. 19:25-31
Luke 23:34-45 Mark 14:34. Leader,
May Lnughlin. We urge every member
to be present.
Methodist Protestant Temple.
Rev. J. C. Broomfleld, Pastor.?Sunday
scbooi at 9:30 a. m.; public worship
at 10:45,'subject, "The Inscription
on the Cross:" Junior C. E. at 2:30,
Intermediate C. E. at 4 o'clock and
Senior C. E. at 0:30, with Miss Rose
Goskill as leader. Evening service at
7:30, with sermon from the text,
"There they crucified Him." Special
music at both services.
Grace Lutheran Mission.
Sunday school at 10 a. m., John F.
ShafTerman, superintendent. All tenchers
and scholars are urgently requested
to be present Sunday morning, as
our Christmas servioe is here and we
must get to work on it at once.
Death at New Central.
Mrs. Joseph Green died this mom
ing at her Dome at New central .Mine.
Her husband, who is a miner, and two |
children survive her. The funeral ser
vices will be held on Monday morning
and the remains laid to rest in the j
Holy Cross Cemetery at this place.
Undertaker R. L. Cunningham has
charge of the arrangements.
To Whom This May
A Few Suggestions
Buy good Clothes where you |et
the beet for less.
Buy the Graduated brand for Men
Buy Mrs. Jane Hopkins' boy proof
elothei for your boys.
Buy the best shoes that's kept la
your city.
Buy the belt hats that you And la '
the State,
Buy everything you need for yotin
elf or your boya where you get tha
best, noblest and most up-to-date goods
on the market to-day.
Under the Mayors Office
cept Saturday, at 11:30 p. m.
am ST.
we will be pleated to show our friend*
and (otrona. New Nuta of all klndt. '
Pulled Fiflt, the flnett flavored flgt
Walnuts, 8oft Shelled Almonds.
Filberts, Pecans, Brazil Nuta.
Walnut Meat*, Pecan Meat*: '
Jordan Shelled Almonds, .
Loom Mueeatel ftaialna.
Seeded Raleina,
Currana, Citron. Orange Pool,
Lemon Peel, Pure 8pleea,
Flga In bulk and packagea, ..,{3
Candled Cherrlea,
Candled Pineapple,
Maraaehino Cherrlea,
Datea, Pitted Oatea, ; ''1|
Ruby Prunee,
Lima Beana, '
Salt MackerelMinute
Tetley*a Teaa,
Llpton'a Teaa, ] i
Empreaa Teaa, High
grade t?aa In bulk,
Young Hyaon, Gun Powder, ','J
Engllah Breakfaet, Oolong,
n?L*? ciH., ( ? ? ' * I 9
wainvt rncu jy,r? if
Spur'* Coffee*. Nothing finor sold. '
Somerset County Maple Syrup.
Preston County Ptiro Buckwheat
Flour. The kind we alwaya sell. ; ;
You get your money's worth tnd^
satisfaction at this store.
IMMairisireet _
Hiawatha Slippers in I
Great Variety.
Give your feet a rest?wear' i
Hiawatha Slippers. Every pair j8|0
is a true reproduction ot an v
original Indian design.
They are made from the fin. ;.?|p
est skins the world affords.
Made for service, shaped for
comfort and finished in a great
variety of decorations. ;' j >''?
You must see them to appre-.
date their usefulness and their
We are now showing a great' .V./.-'i
variety of house slippers for . '
men, women ana cnuaren in nn i
styles and colors. A nice {>3
Christmas gift.
Shurtleff & Welton, |
Opposte P. O, i 1. v;
_ |
PlumDlDQ and i
Gas ma,. 5
k Cll^f UJolnnt aiiah?ia .-fc":;
; lu naiuub nvouuK, ?
f Consolidated Phone AM ft : ? :
| Bell Phone 421-B
Read the Dally West TOijMan.

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