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I '
I precious and yoiir eyes too
liuy; eye glasses without
tatiou will cost you nothing
;* graduate optician to tell
whether you need glasses
Ilroai Watches, Elgin, Walun,
BHnois, Hamilton, Hamplen
and Columbus, 17, 21, 23
and 24 Jeweled. Prices
ft--i V' ;
Sight. Come and
Inspect Them.
t O. & H. H.
Jewelers and...
[Water.St.. FAIRMONT
|S 6. fl. BONftftJH,
| % Plumbing and
| 5 Gas Fitting,
pf 217 Walnut Avenue.
, %, Consolidated Phone 594
|#S Bel) Phone 421-R
yon Want
5:' . We buy and sell all hinds second
M household goods. Clothing, etc.
ii1:Hsu Gas Ranges and heaters exchang.
sdfsr coal atoves, the only place you
K can do (Ma. In town. Jewelry bought
5 and softf. The best place to sell;
ahasnMt' nlnna ?n hnu Mn nllisr
fikc K. Send (or our agent or call on
neSecond HandStore
t find fluGtlon House
F. W. GARRETT, Prop,
fc.., MR Jaeftaaa Street.
Cons. Phone, 355.
[?$ '... Fleet CUm Pressing and RtpalrNig
Ladies' and Men's
I Work Called for 3rd Delivered,
p'ffl Ml Pbooo-25W.
& ' Consolidated Phone?551.
|jjfo.-- *
Music for all Occasions
At Reasonable Prices.
jfWIn, cornet and plino or any
Hier combination of Instrument!
Be deal red.
^Leader and Mgr.
laeeone given on all Initrumente.
When the decision was handed down
by the United Sttaes Supreme court
at Washington that a State has the
right to compel non-resident and foreign
corporations to accept legal service
through the State auditor, In the
case of St Mary's Franco^American
Petroleum Co. versus the State of
West Virginia, the State was assured
of the maintenance of a source of revenue
which brings Into the coffers between
twenty and twenty-live thousand
dollars a year.
Tt hnit hnnn twn Veflf-R nlnCfl tllfl set
of the West Virginia legislature making
the auditor attorney in fact, was
p8sned and the revenue of (42,500
collected at the rate of (10 per year
from the 2,125 corporations listed In
the auditor's office would have had
to be returned the chartered concerns,
by a special act of the legislature, haa
the case heen decided adversely.
There has lieen some objeclion lo
the law as It itow stands because a
concern which may be chartered or*
procure authority to do business In the
State, within a short time of the closing
of the year In which It Is entered
i a the auditor's hooks, now has to pay
the Ittx of (10 for that year as l( It
had been entered at the first of the
It is very probable that a rccotninendtalon
will be made to the Legislature
in the auditor's report suggesting
that this fee be collected pro rata
tor tne time me corpumuun is uu wu
books during ilio first year.
The clause of chapter 30 of the Acts
of 1005. by which the auditor was
made attorney in fact, follows:
A bill constituting the auditor of this
State the attorney in fact for all foreign
and non-resident domestic corporations.
Passed February 22. in
effect 90 days from passage.
Sec 1. The auditor of this State
.shall be and he is hereby constituted
tho attorney in fact for and on behalf
of every foreign corporation doing business
in this Suite, and of every non'
resident domestic corporation. Every
such corporation shall by power of at- i
torney, duly executed, ask now lodged. I
and filed In the auditor's office of this
State, appoint, said auditor and his
auccesoors in office, attorney in fact
1 to accept service of process an notice
in this Slate for such corporation, and
by the same instrument it shall declare
its consent that service of any
process or not toe in this State on said j
attorney in fact, or his acceptance
thereof, endorsed thereon shrill he
ejuivalent for all purposes to, and shall
he and constitute, due and legal ser\jce
upon said corporation.
Sec. 2. Such foreign or non-rest-j
drill domestic corporation shall at the
time of taking out Its charter, or procuring
its authority to do business in
this State as the case may he, pay to
the auditor as its said attorney, ten
dollars for his services as such for !
die then current, year ending on the j
:;oili day of April next ensuing; and :
on or before the first day of May, for!
each year, such*corporation shall pay.
to said auditor the like sum of ten j
dollars for his services as such attor-j
ney. And all such corporations as
, luve heretofore taken out charters, or
procured authority to do business in I
this State, shall for the fiscal yca. J
commencing on the first day of May, i
nineteen hundred and five, pay the
sum of ten dollars to the auditor as J
die fee for such attorney to receive ,
soi vice of process, and annually thereafter
a like sum. and such corporation j
shall not. We required to pay any fee;
to the person who may have boon!
heretofore appointed its attorney to receive
service of process. All moneys
received by the auditor tinder this!
chapter shall belong to the State, ami
he by him immediately paid into the
Slate treasury. The auditor shall;
keep in a well hound book in his of-j
lice a true and accurate account of all;
moneys so received and paid over to 1
Sec. ?. Any corporation failing- to
comply with the provisions of this act i
in so far as it. relates to the appointment
of the auditor as its statutory
attorney, within ninety days front in
incorporation, shall forfeit one hundred
dollars as a penalty for such fall-.
tire, and upon a failure to pay such j
penalty the charter of such corpora-j
(ion shall thereby ho forfeited and he
W#? Prrfrctly Ilnld When He Started
to l'*e Xewliro'a Ilerplrlde
Frederick Manuell, Maryland block,
Butte, Montana, bought a bottle of NewPro's
Herjiiclde. April 6, *t?9. and began i?.
use it for entire baldness. The hair follicles
In Iris scalp wore not dead and li ,
20 days he had hair all over his head
I On July 2 ho writes, "and today my hah
I. ?U(nt- .1 htruvtntit nnv ?\i\? '
could wish." Newbro's Iterpicldn worlo
on nn old principle and with a now d s
cnvcry?destroy the eau<o and you remove
the effect. Herplrlde destroys the
rerm tlmt cause* dandruff, falling hair, ij
and finally bnldnesi, 10 that with tho |
nun* Rune the offset en nno* remain. i
Stops falling hnlr at once and a new
urnwth xtnrts. Sold by leading
rlrutrsistM. Send 10e. in stamps for sample
to The Herplcld* Co.. Detroit Mich.
B. A. BlUlDgilet A Co., apodal
Ladles' bracelets, sold rings and
pretty Jewelry for Xmas.
CLYDE 8. HOLT, 'jjj
When it comet to getting right down to butineaa and making <
aalet of Fairmont Real Ettate every one appreciatet the tervlcea of j
my i i
Real Estate Department j
It la thla department of my bufelneaa that helpt the man who haa |
a houie to aell to find a buye-, and the man who wanta to buy will i
find that I have liated on my beokt the
?? - aw _ a a !
most uesiraoie nomes
and the ones that eon be bough t at the most reasonable prices an J
on the easiest terms.
I could describe a number of properties here, some of which
would suit you, but I prefer to have you come In and tell me about
what you want and then I can
Show You the House
Always glad to show the property I have listed, for I dont handle
anything but good property.
Mgr. Heal Estate Dept.
!M g PAIST Civil, Mining and Consulting
Health and Accident ,acol)S Building, Fairmont, w. v
jng Surveys of all kinds executed (
v '. t r nr r\pit short notice. Coal and coke plan
| HALL dLULIy, a 5pcciaity. Rates reasonable. E
| Office Koom .No. 7 amlnations and reports on mlnli
Golden OH
Becoming A Household Favorite
Praised by the Citizens of West Virginia; used and
Recommended by Practicing Physicians.
Golden Oil, a famous old Indian remedy, la growing in popularity
as a household medicine as Its good qualities become known. It ha*
been used by hundreds of the citizens of this State and all wh*
have used It will cheerfully recommend It Read the following tat
GOLDEN OIL Is not a "cure all" but a simple, harmless, household
remedy that is a certain and quick destroyer of all achea sr
pains. It Is unexcelled as a remedy for neuralgia, headachs,
toothache, earache, rheumatic pains In children, colic, cholera morbls,
flux, summer complaint, pain urination or bloody gravel a< U
Is called, bruises, cuts, old sores, chilblains, frost bite, burns and
scalds, boils, carbuncles, teter, eczema, Itching piles, cramp, cold la
head, nose cold, lumbago, sciatic pains, abscess, facial neuralgia, kt.
and in any case where there 13 any great pain as an anodyne.
; That Is what you have when you have a bottle of Golden Oil Im
your house. It is the sufferer's most useful friend and no family caa
afford to remain without this remedy when It can be procured !
any denier.
It Is equally serviceable when applied externally or taken internally.
Every bottle guaranteed to lo what Is claimed for It ?r yo?r
money will be cheerfully refunded.
For Sale toy
Crane's Drug Store.
2 5c and 50 Cents.
Handled by all Jobbers. L i
Grand Opera House, Friday
Thfl NiYftn ft 7immftpman f.n
i iiu lll/wll u l.iiuiuui iiiuii vui
A Scenic Investure of Great Splendor.
A Play of Stupendous Climaxes. " ^Sr
& .
"A Work that will Become a Classic." m..
vnniti ??
"Extraordinarily Strong Cast/*
PRICES: $1.00, 75, 50 an
Car will run to Gypsy after the P(
NEW YORK, Dec. 10.?Manhattan
and Brooklyn boroughs were connected
under the East river bave by the
piercing of the last section ol earth
which separated the ends of the north
tube of the tunnel of the Rapid Tranerff
wnilmnrl oYfonnlrvn Korontv-flvo ffhal1
beneath the face of the river and by
Joining by a ten-inch pipe the two
bores of the tunnel. The East river
tunnel extends from the Battery of
Joralemon street, Brooklyn. When
tracks are laid it will form part of the
subway rapid transit system from
Kings bridge to Brooklyn. Electric
cars of the Long Island railroad will
also run through the tunnel.
Celebrated W. Va. Day.
The seventh grade of the Fifth
ward school celebrated West Virginia
day this afternoon. The room had
been prettily decorated with national
colors, the State flag and State
flower. Also pictures of Gov. Pierpoar,
W. T. Wllley and others.
The following programme was rendered
by the pupils:
Song?West Virginia Hills.
Why We Celebrate This Day ?
Daisy Arnett.
Quotation?Love of Country. School
EJaMy Settlers of W. Va.-C8stle
Formation of W. Va.?Robert Fau
Song?My Country.
Sketch of Gov. Pierpont?Lester
I Sherrard.
: Recitation (written by Mrs. Anns
, Siviter)?Dorthn Knapp.
Sketch of IV. T. Willey?God Cun
i. Sketch of John Bingham?Carrol
in Cnrr.
tj Quartette ? "Our Soldier Heroe;
j. Sleeping."
,g Recitation of W. Va. authors?Mai
- Our State Flag?Herbert Watlilns.
Pledge to Flag with Flag Drill?
i1 School.
Chorus?Beauteous Flag, School.
Our State Flower?Elizabeth Cook.
< Our Schools?Frances Oliker.
I Farming In W. Va.?Asa Thacker.
Solo?Beautiful YV. Va., LuclL
' Ruchman.
J Fruit Growing?John Erwln.
I Our Railroads?Art Kern.
I' Our Coal?Bartlett Kinger.
Our Oil and Gas?Bailey Hupp.
Recitation?West Va., Mary Hall.
Instrumental Solo?Anna Flaherty.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as they canno
' .... ti,n
1'PUCIl me uiseiisi-u ;jun :uu ul .uu
There is only one way to cure deal
iipss, anil (hat Is by constitutlona
remedies. Deafness Is caused by ai
Inllameil condition of the mucous lie
lag of the Eustachian Tube. When thi.
lube Is inflamed you have a rumblln,
sound or imiierfect hearing, and whei
II is entirely closed. Deafness lath
resuft. and unless the inflammatioi
can ho taken out and this tube restoi
oil to Its normal condition, hearinf
J will be destroyed forever; nine case
I oat of ten are caused by Catarrh
| which Is licitlitny; but an inflamed con
dltion of the mucous surfaces.
We will Hive One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold l>y druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pitts for cor
| sllpatton.
, December II
r the first time outside the large citie
|A Greater play than Sign of the Cross.
"A Classic among Modern Plays."
"E. H. Sothern's Greatest Success,"
"Porter J. White's Greatest Triumph."
d 25 cents.
Gat admlnlitmd. UdriHnrtiat I
Porcelain work ft ipeclftlty. I
Trait Co. BuUdlnjr, Fourth Floor. 1
Roomi 1?, 1?, 17.
OOoe hourt: Phonei:
8 to 12 ft. m. Coo. 814.
1 to 6 p. m. Bell 367 L
Edward Peple. who wrote that
dainty little play. "The Prince Chap."
has made another hit with a aew ntay. i
"The Love Route."
f |
Civil Engineer.
Office?Jacobs Building,
Fairmont, W. Va. P. 0, Box, 3ft.
Railroads, Surveys, Reports,
FounJatlona. Wnlng,
| Hydraulics, Concrete Conatruetlea
Superintendence. j
| 20 Years Experience In General 1
? ?
ITL? IU'?.
I lie UUIUll CI1
On Over C<
ings during this sai
but come in to see
day shopping.
The Union Cli
Open Evenings
Are you an admirer of go(
find something in oar window 1
the following prices per boxThe
$1.50 kind will please the
48 envelopes and 48 sheets of j
ed box, suitable for a Xmas pre
Come in and see our Novel
assortment on hand and more (
find something suitable for a p
Watch for ou
And don't fai
Windows yot
our on oviiL jjuua
sale that it was impossible
to sell'
these books at that ;
You have but to
call to prove that if
is not only possible*
but an absolute1::
fact. The most up- ,
to-date, readable
books to be had^.atr
50 cents*
A. 6. Mm CO,,
neaa ue uuuj www ruyyuu. ,
olhing House 1
oats I
lain Coats ; l
For the next ;vf5
ten days our
entire stock of |
Overcoat's., i
I Cravenettes
p and Kaincoats. ,-|g
will be sold at i |
25 percent disr
count from the S||
original price.
If you want.
something to ;' .'i
keep you warm !, |
or dry be sure | ;
to call on us
during this sale. ||:||
Specials in i
clothing and ! |i
' Gents furnish- f|
le. Do not delay |
us for your holi- J|
.tiling House |
Till PAiHstmSis. 1
)d stationery? If so, you can ;?||?||!
that will please you. We have ||f
-25c, 35c, 50c, $1.00 and $1.50. A i
! most fastidious. It contains
paper in a handsomely decorat- ;
Ity Jewelry. We have a large ;
soming every day. You can'
iresent for all the family. jjj' 1
r Xmas ads.,
1 Ia m'tro rtlir - V<!S
.1 MJglVV, UU1

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