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I [in Every E
?mM it Jacobs
IS25c souvenir Calendars 25c
H I vigilant Circle Kino's Dangim I
On Sale To-day, Main Floor.
It takes a little city pride and a Quarter to pnrchase one
I of these handsome calendars, you'll want one for'yourself
K and one each for your many friends. They're really artistic;
I the Cardboard being of the new Sepia tone ,while the pictures
,Vf| I are small and neat, pasted on at top only.
This, calendar is far ahead of anything the King's
Daughters have ever attempted.
On sale begihing to-day at
\ J The Delineator for Carpet. Sweepers
plj Christinas $250 tosuo
I' $1.80 a Year Famous "Bissell."
ipfe! : . ) Make her work lighter by
8?|f Did you ever think that buying a Sweeper and bv ali
gfef.fi I he Delineator would make means set the best. 'The
i.;l wme woman a very exccll- "Bissell" is the best. No
It's the best fash- Hnnlit of it
paper published; gives ^iccr finished, and does
fel you moro practical ideas. ilg ,vork perfectly. We'll de1-4
Subscriptions .aken iw e. ( when you say.
Haw) Get the Delineator.
H ino laitJl
-?i ' 'Hi! Cb$l
14%' '' fo onc ever gets too many Ibiiuikcrrhiel's and no more
sift could bo made. Whether for looks or food hnrd somri
( ; best able to serve you.
' Women's Hrndl-erchief'' .is ebcip as a nickel, as big
mid a half dollars. Men's the same and we have the credit
the only Linen Handkerchief for men in town at 15c or t
- For Women
y , Plain Linen, 5. 10, 15. 25 and 50e.
Fancy Linen, 15,25, 50, 75e up to $2.50.
1 ? Initial Handkerchiefs. 13 and 2.V.
For Men
; i* Plain Cambric, 5e and 10e.
i*i Plain Linen, 15c and 25c.
i ' % -i. Initial Linen, 25 and 50c. ,
For Boys
' ' Linen, 15, 25, 50c and 11.00.
A size just between that for men and women.
Handkerchiefs for children, 5. 10 and 15c.
Get the Guild Leooingx
You'll wish you had them' later on and they'll lie ap'precis
ted perhaps Christmas morn ins.
Little "Nemo"' of funny paper fame, has had letting
ed for lum and we are the first and only to show it.
F Red Cloth, fleece lined, and put up in
sinele holiday box witii pictures of "Little
Nemo" on it; very attractive.
Asl'ikim Li'g'ffiuax in Red. Gray. Blue and black.
Black Velvet and Tail Leather, all $1 pair.
Children's Christmas Shoes
Wo are lucky indwl In yet these prottv new styles in
Christmas sellinc: the i-ewest style, the best workmnni
iiiiike these ideal drc.ss shoes for small children.
Red or Tad Button Shoes, $1.25 and $1.50.
Pat. Leather Button, Cloth Top. $1 50.
Pot. Leather Button. Red Top, $1.25 and $1.50.
wnurcj uuuuii, i>iur i ??jJ, -pi.-tJ ?uiu -pl.tiu.
gf: , Pat. Ijpathor Hutloti. AVl ito Top, $1.25 and $1.50.
||' ; The stylos you have boon waiting for.
HI .'i-' ~ ~ Mr. and Mrs. A. L. I.ehman returned
< pPT) CA\T At 1 to-day from Waynesburg where they
| attended the Simpson-Donally wedfe-V*.'
French 'and Earl llcCrny. students
?J- at the Ohio State University, arrived
. 1 Miss Nell Krttmme will spend b hom,! lasl- night to spend the holidays.
' vacation at her home in Wheeling. Jack Kenna. a W. V. U. student, who
Miss Mary Oldham went to Wash has been in the city for several days.
: lngtob, D. C., this afternoon whera left last, evening for his home in
i ahe will spend her vacation. Charleston,
j'y.'v' Harbor Mitchell, of tbo W. V. U? Miss Belle Howatt, of Franklin, Va.,
PSnR has boog In tho city since Wednes- returned home yesterday morning to
, day, left for his home in Wheeling this spend the holidays at her home , on
morning. Jamison street.
I fiiii Doflri oStinft!
is \ji v uiiy l/vuu uiiuuv
ff . $3.00, $3.50 and
w. L Douglas sue
i - , Union Mad
I; _ ?
?' Wiiat is more invigorating on a cold / rill] A
. day thaaa nice ^up of Bullion, Beef
I VnNsAyJj .
letaU Fairmont's Leading Retail Establishment. .
-Hutchinson Bicick. Fairmont, W. Va.
r-1 ii "We without fri
4 The Christmas Store" ;
Don't doiay. Moujphjll St & 1
We're getting busier every day, -50c at Book
and. want to give every one the Jssu^'by Daught
very best of attention. As a mat- ^ ^ WS&. rac
ter of Hartley's History wa've ov- " Most of the j&ipes given arc
Wt - ~
quite a few for even this store.'
'j'wo Delivery Wagons and a Pony ? , . . .
Express are seeing that the goods UnCllIfll KllgS
go,out on time. On next Saturday $15 to $"0
and Monday before Christmas we 1T . , ,
Handsome ones, too, and
will serve lunch to each of our from an impo.tcr ^
employes, saving -JU Hours eacti WOrd is his bond. You have
cay in time. conlidencc in us, we in him.
Mornings and evenings best One of these Rugs will last
time to buy?busiest in aftcraons. a lieftime; could you find'
Be patient. any better investment?
Take small packages with you Let's show you the collecand
keep to the right. tiou to-day, $25 to $140.
Don't delay.
/"TWo irenijlic Uty Bc.l
aceptable Wopien buy for men, and men for women
ee we are they want the best. We offer in addition to tl
Plain Cotton and Cashmeres a fine line of Silk ?
;h as two would'nt accept them'?
of polling A half dozen pairs are none too many to gi
j>1.50 doz. he pleasant to receive.
For Women
Silk Stockings, $1 to $3.50 pai
Plnin Black, Navy and Light Bine,
Tan and Lavender.
Put up in one of our attractive Ch
you will buy them readily.
For Men
Silk Socks, $1 to $2.50 pair
Plain or Embroidered Black Silk Socks
lie will appreciate them, especially wil
clothes. We'll box these for you, too,
store's mark on them, quality is assurer
Why Not
I Ta|l( , GARMENTS X 1 If you intend to give gloves
4 T , "T1"'' J are greatest? This store's glovi
V Tailor Jfl SIliU siort*. J " . . . . ,
^ Tiilornl Suit*. tii.I lllfirvel lit, llTllI it ll!lK Kllrllllv film
- rv
ur , - . . ? pie want; kinds and sizes.
Women s Coats and Suits For w?r
REDUCED. Short Kid Gloves. $1 to si
Coming as it does, just gcforc ~ 8 nuMon J | tl $2;2g_
, '" lstn'.;lf 11 *"7, >'?" ft ehnncu 10 Button Lengths, U75.
to provide yourself with a warm, p u
stylish wrap, and have money left _ ''(,r
over for gifts. ' Knit Gloves. 25c, 50c and $
The dollar ones, genuine S
20 P<*f Cpflt Off heather Gloves, $1. $1.50,
iv rer tern un Those llt $2 and $250 ar(
SUITS AND PLAID COATS Hair lined Gloves, $3 to if
Misses' Gloves, 25c, 50c ai
(0 Ppr fPflf Off Govs' Gloves, 25c, 50c, 75
IU rer ICIlt Ull Babies' Silk Mittens. 25c?
BLACK AND PLAIN COATS Babies' Wool Mittens, 25e.
We started this recluelion last Gloves that are not vvriukloc
Saturday and the business has ,ed after Christmas,
been very gratifying. Attractive hoses for the bet
Miss Isa Noll left for her home in Miss Mlnta Canning, of Volley Falls, wot
Ellenboro this afternoon to spend her Is shopping in the city to-day. day
vacation. Mrs. J. Engle leavos on the 27th for Mis
n*i it..t i.t..n _.v.? nt.?,.u. ...l ~ Mi l. iL. ?,.?i Vnr
mit>? .?iui j rtuuuii, wuu is ULiuuuiiiK 1 luuiuurg wuure sue wm ue ui? ftucai
school in Parkcrsburg, arrived here of her daughter, Mrs. Harry Dobson. Wa
last night to spend the Christmas va- Miss Sarah Morodlin, who Is a teach' ^
cation at her homo on Maple avenue. ,.r |n the Normal school at Athons, Is Mo(
Mrs. C. P. Taylor, her child anil here to spend the holidays with rela- wa)
nurse went to Cleveland this morning lives.
to consult with a specialist In regard Mr. and .Mrs. Mnnslleld Noeloy and K
to the child, who Is very ill and whose son Inavo on Monday for Bellngton to prlc
condition has boon pronounced hope- spend the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. tel
less by attending physicians. Mrs. J H. Koyser. C(
Taylor herself Is not ill as was re- Miss Suo Watson, -who is attending 0j a
ported. the Dwight. school for girls at Englei
For Women
'W I l/l flll/ll
6. I
\\J k\J)C T-?, U We have the Hot Drink
i W /I I N I TV IT Proposition Jtoped, Tied
^ " ** * V) J * ^ ajid Nailed to the Poet.
live without cooks." I t
?Owen Meredith. m
te Cook Book
Department Z
erS of the King of
E. Church Z
>re than passing attention, x
original and have never been Z
A. few have been EA/?
ic country 3U? 2
Electric Trolley |
$8.50 S
You've seen Toy Trains x
with engines that had to be X
woiddi up. We've one that
runs by electricity, just like Z
the big interurban cars.
Switches, trolley pole and IJ
wire; best toy in the house. A
Somebody's boy is going to x
get it sure. Price $8.50. S
) . ,1
f ret
I spe
" Mr
ami at Christmas f
ic regular stocks of Clo
Itockings; uud who lr,s
ve; even 011c would Is i
Pink, Nile Red, the
ristmas boxes, P
B. ;
th his evening F
and with this 4 C
Gloves ? leEt
, why not buy where varieties nool
s Knumnui! io cnnintViiM r? +n
, /iiuiiiviia ia nviiiubiuug lu Adll
e about by having what peo- __
Scotch knit. ,
$2 and $2.50.
s "Dent's" English Gloves.
id $1.
c and $1.
1 and soiled may be exchang,ter
>d, N. J., will arrive home on Sunto
spend the Christmas holiday;,
s Watson will spend Saturday in
v York with her mother, Mrs. J. E.
Ihy pay a big price for cab work? {
3raj- Livery will do It cheap. At j
<f ready. |
odaks and supplies at reduced I
es at A. C. Kinkead's, Watson Ho I
building. tf. | j
>me In and see. I can not tell you ?
II the nice things I have for Xmaa. ?w
Si b.
307 M
1??. . % . A
Hot Clam Bullion, Hot'
to Bullion, beef Tea, Choc
Cocoa, Malted Milk, etc.
, ^ ^ _
I IWI j 9 ?
| ^
i flifnnnrvt aiiv nnfinn
tAuvugii uui - 1,/iiiU^ ' y
1 stock of ladies coats
> and made a general
sweeping reduction j|
on every one in the \
house making a SA1P- I I B
$2 to $5
" On a single garment :
This includes all of this season's latest styles and X
some ot the coats have just been received fresh
the market, but all have been subjected to
ffP rWTW *? ? < * ! ? ? ? ? WTWTW
Ilss Zoe Jolllffe, who is a student Miss Laura Hill came home from
Do Chantai Academy at Wheeling Mt. De Chantal Acodemy at Wheeling
urned home yesterday afternoon to yesterday to spend the Christmas varnd
the holidays with her parents, cation with her parents, Dr, and Miw. is
. and Mrs. M. A. Jolllffe. J. T. Hill.
to Inferior goods hi our Btore. Why pay a big price for cab work*
ibe Book Store, Watson Hotel build- McCray Livery will do it cheap. Al- &
he condition of'Mrs. Susan Brock A nlce Ilne ? B',jvor gg 6ets at
much improved to-day. CIyde g Holt.s .
iiss Ella Mattingly returned yester- Ge'
afternoon from Mt. De Chantal ? 00 to *5.?. CLTPE S. HOLT,
idemy at Wheeling and will spend Dlamnods at aBjr prfce at A B> 8cott
holidays with her parents, Mr. and & Co
" TOR SALE OR RENT?A comfortable j
octet books and card cases at A. )flck h0UBe w,th al, modera ,mpr0Te.
Scott & Co. nents, two acres of land, line fruit
ancy back' and side combs hiake a ? Wjd Ante. tf&fa PnM
! Xmas gift. CLYDE S. HOLT. Pike street. tt
ashionable bracelets at A. B. Scotr. ^ .?i a fe
ft i n.Antt/ s itirnu r>ft i
mc^nni uivsni uw< ..
_ ~ *7 _ , | Have Rubber Tired, Carbon Heat10
Doll Shoes to be given away Fri- . -, h (AI _ d . SI
. Dec. 14. Read our ad. Shurt- ed CabwAtvnyi Ready ram
and Welton, Opp. P. 0. 2t ! Bay or NlgN| Work.
? T71?? _ ,? , ... ! Rates cheaper than you will IwfilH
oiler skating in Casino this after- j
i and evening. Skates 2oc and 35c. ^ '' xffijjMfifl
The philosophy of a College Suit was never better?ex- igj
emplified than in "Senior" Smart College Cloth for Yoiiiig J
Men. Have you seen our "Senior" brand!
Boy Proof for your boys, is the' Mrs. Jane HopkinSr|l
Smart College Suits. A fine present for Xmas.
tVe have many nobby presents, such as Toilet.' Sets,
Watch Fobs, Chain's, Charms and Collar and Cuff Button* 111?
M 1
Don't forget the Hats?Dunlap, Stetson or any smart.3
up-to-date Hat?you can get them here.
We have the choice 4- in-hand. All kinds of Mufflers, ;1
#or?A*r nont HoQiamc O iir linA nf fflrtov StiafiahiiArc Afln^
be bent at 50c to $5.00 per pair.
Come to us, we will p lease you.
Open every Evening to 10 P. M. Until Xmas.

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