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Itbd iweet applet, with MM people, bring
^ MniDdoubiodlr hu > TweUblo nmodr M
roUoTMrerf jtllmont known to onn, If pbjiidua
?? m una N'miiii'i ? > to kaolin. And fklafe
mm fc*ar6<u?dniadiit aicellont aid loth (a
KUOt. But. OMnnlnod with Sorption Sonna, BUo
Bort./ialldEolaa of Pronto. ?tc..lbli
l?ut if firm Uf fraMMt postibM
Chndy now m?d? ttthf
Blbocraphtd mrtui bora tit onu uu) 36 wntt
' * * 14
| i Ji. BILLINGSLEA ft C0.
Baltimore & Ohio
El *'ADELfm*" A?1r!l^I'TTORKB'^n""*
I GRAFTON ACCOM., No. 72, *10.(1 A If.
gjj|;' TO ^COT,TOBCS * CHICAGO, No. 1,
! I! monongah division.
* T.No. 2. !7:05 A. M.; No. 66. *8:00 A. M.;
BHsraBam Wednesday and Saturday.
201. 7:00 A. M.; No. 211,
^ Arrive^ N?. 200. 8;55 A. M.; No. 202
ll its Money
1: yon Want
We buy and sell all klnde ascond
? hand household good., Clothing, etc
JS*! New Qa. Range* and heaters exchang
ed tor coal stoves, the only place you
.^ an do this in town. Jewelry bought
Ip.1' Md sold. The best place to sell;
th* cheapest place to buy?No other
Wt* It. 8end for our agent or call or
K Ttie Second Hand Store
mm Auction House
P&"' F. W. GARRETT, Prop.
?uV , .M Jackson Street.
I Con?. Phone, 355,
I admlnlitered. Lady attendait.
Porcelain work a specially.
nt Co. Building, Fourth Floor,
Rooma It, lti, 17.
ce hour*: Phonei:
8 to 12 a. m. Con. 214.
1 to 6 p. m. Bell 3S7 L
ill iBlock, oppoilte Marietta
All Work Ouarante
jgk ftill Set of Teeth M.00 un
Gold Crown*, 22k .$8.00
J). Exf-ectiofSSo, without p?in. 60c
f Over Poatol
CHICAGO, Dec. 26. ? Treason,
treachery and Kraft were the mildest
terms applied by Peter Vlctorowltz to
the legal bureau conducted by the
late N'lcolul ,1e Raylan In connection
with theJtasslan consulate In Chicago.
Vlctorowltz, a former employe of
De Raylan, nays the latter paid him
"hneh money" up almost to the day of
her death. De Raylan, who la the woman
who Vecently died in Arizona after
posing for years as a man, holding a
clerkship In the Russian consulate and
marrying two Chicago women, Is declared
by Vlctorowltz to huve been
the moving spirit In the alleged graftnenn
ofdziH Unp /Katnluafll from th??
contmlar service on a charge of The
theft of an Important Slate paper.
Money wan taken in la rue Hums l>y
De Raylan, Vlctorowitz said In a former
statement to Assistant States
Attorney Zolltkoff to-tlay for Irnnsntlsslon
to Russia and then never accounted
for. He does not pretend to say
how much these sums will aggregate,
hut remarks that they were sufficient
to make De Raylan rich.
"The usual excuse was," says Vietorowitr.'s
statement, "thut Russian
; revolutionary conditions had made
the transmission of the money Impossible,
and thai It was impossible to get
It back. As a mater of fact half this
money or more never left Chlcngo."
"We have known for some time."
says Prosecutor Zolitkoff, "that some
such crookedness existed, but, could
i not And where It was. We shall trace
this graft further back."
First Woman
Under River
NEW YORK, Dec. 20.?Wearing her
I husband's rubber hoots, an old rainy
da3r skirt, a sweater and a man's hat,
Mrs. Ogden Merrill Is the flrst woman
to travel from New York to
Brooklyn under the East River. She
made the trip with her husband
through the subway tunnel, the ends
of which were joined last. Friday, front
the Battery. Mr. Merrill is an engineer
employed on this work. Mrs.
Merrill is a bride, petite, young and
"afraid pap would not like it" if she
described for print, her underground
"Mrs. Morrill had already been down
: in the shaft of the New Jersey end of
the Pennsylvania tube when I was
engaged on that work." said Mr. Merrill.
"and hankered for more. She
luid never been through the air-lock
before, however."
I Presented With Diamond.
CUMBERLAND. MU.. Dec. 2d.?Ora
H. Hobbs, who has been promoted
I from the siiperintcadency of the Connellsville
division, of the Baltimore &
. Ohio railroad to tne Baltimore divi'
sion, was Saturday night formally presented
with a fine, diamond ring by
tlie men who served under him on the
Connellsville division. Master Mechanic
P. .1. Hurirgnn made the presentation
If "taken at the Sneeze Stage" prei
verities?a toothsome candy Tablet?
will surely and quickly check an ap
proachins cold or Lagrippe. When
von (list catch cold?or feci It coming
on?take Dr. Shoop's Preventlos, ami
the, prompt effect will certainly stirprise
an 1 please yon. Preventlcs. sure:
ly supply the proverbial "ounce of
prevention." Sold in 5 cent and 2?
cent boxes by E. A. Blllingslea & Co.
j Jones Undertaking Co.
I R. C. JONES, Funeral Director,
Arterial Erobalmer.
Bell Phone 305-2.
1 F. It M., 295-2.
Health and Accident Insurance
| Office Room No. 7 j
S., Dentists.*
See Our ^
Prleee for
rfP First Class
ed. Lady Attendant.]
'Bridge Work .......MM _
Fine Gold Filling* 11.00 on I
White Filling* .. . {S Z
flee, Fairmont, _
a a
Why not begin the new year in that home you have been think- !
ing about buying ao long? You could do It juat at easy a* not if you |
would only decide it that way, and you could j
I ahould be glad to tajk with all parties who have been conild- j
erlng this home buying proposition?maybe i can ilmplyfy It for j
you?show you a better, and cheaperproperty told on easier terms j
than you have thought you could pay. My facilities for getting hold j
* - 1 A 1 /-Uaarsaw* nrnn*r+!*fl aP#s V?rV afCSt.
01 "ic Weal HMU rn . f _
It broad and thorough at yeart of experience and the aaeletance of j
experienced men can make IL It la not a one man affair.. Every j
man employed It potted on real etfate. They know Fairmont real 1
estate and are always on the lookout for good propertiea which can j
be turnedover to my client* at low prices. j
Come and see what I have to offer and turn that
Home Buyers and Investors should BUY FAIRMONT REAL ES- !
Entire Third Floor, Trust Co. Sfldg.
Fairmont, W. Va.
rnnr.H rnnr.H rnio
Why Do You Cough?
There is no Cough but what will yield to some of the many remedies.
We carry in stock?
Ackers' English Remeay.
Kemp's asisam
Bosehees' German Syrup.
Foley's Honey end Tar.
Dr. Shoob's Cough Cure. I j
Dr.-James' Cherry Tar Syrup. '
Dr. McLean's Tar Wine Lung Balsam. * ' | : j
, .!h?| Dr. Bull's Cough 8yrup. 1|.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. ''liWdit''',
Dr. Bell's Pine Tar and Honey. *, |1
JF- Dr. Hall's Balsam ,'.|.j
Dr. Fenner's Cough Honey. !f i?|i,
. Dr. Cooper's Cough Remedy. '-"uajli'
; Dr. Seth Arnold's Cough Killer. j,
rDr. DeWitt's One Minute Cough Cure. ,-?ri|!i|f!*'
Dr. Kilmer's Cough Cure. : ajjUfjfy.ilik
,J5i' Dr. Hand's Cough dure. , | j - ivW"
Dr. D. Jaynes' 1 Expectorant J ; jj,'
l-4 Hamlin's Cough Balsam. j
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. , ( ,,*?
Slocum's Colt's Foot Expectorant. "
Shiloh's Consumption Cure. j ^
:Piso's Consumption Cure. ^
"T ' King's New Disco/cry.
. " Codeine Cough 8edative.
Creo-Terpin Compound.
Elixir Terpin Hydrate Compound.
Red Srrur-e and Codeine Expectorant.
Hoult's Cure for LaGrlppe Cough. (Our make only.)
Brady's Cough Cure, (Our make only.)
White Pine With Tar. (Our make only.)
We are of the opinion that someone of the above will meet your case,
but should they not, we have others, which we will be pleased to talk with
ycu about.
untn I ntutiU Prnm tlie Provl(lence Journal
? O Thcodor, 1 never sor
BOOKER WASHINGTON VISITS HIS * So S'ul a f|lt'lin? ro0''
For now mi I'nr as well as .Mar
SISTER AT WALDEN AND go ba); u, sUop,;
SPEAKS AT STATE While I can spel just ?'is I plees
CAPITAL. And spel it rite with perfect ees.
O Thoodor,. I never .sor
CHARLESTON, Dec. 20.?Booker T. A man s0 one-drus wise;
Washington, the most widely known P^au<^> speling bee>:
negro exponent of manual education fcncdi chihi wil win a prize,
for the negro in the United .States, And eUuknshun wi) be pla;
was here Monday. *? one wil w,,m 11 ho,adaAfter
arriving on C. an.) O. train
No. ho wont ,n Maiden, his 'former 0 The0,I"r'1 n"vp, r sor
home, lo visit his sister, Amnnda A mun Bu f1''
Johnson, nn.l returned lo this city, And wen rave nothing els lo do
where he was the guest of State LI- Plee* eto''s 'hc 0' of thr?'
bration Sam. Starks, and addressod And y0" wl glv,the patent Joy
the elvlc lengno. a local negro organl- r" ry s"rl an" ."vry l">y'
zntion. ?
tV'ffllilngtbn is ?. quiet, well ed- McCRAY LIVERY CO. . '
,'rated. conservative negro, the expo- Hav# Rubber Tired> Carbon Heat.
nent of principles which are eonsll- r.ahs Alwavs Rtadv.for
ered thebest over proposed for the * Day or Night Wor"k
betterment of his race, those which nates cheaper than you will exomlinily
work. j
Washington's lilons are endors- ^
oil liv I lie leading statesmen without i pollllrlil
reasons as being nn apparent
solution of a perplexing problem, ? ?
which Is becoming a national para- , 'f
moanl Issue. ~^38|l & I
Washington earnestly urge's the I
negro to quit loaflng and educate hltn- -Safel . |r?
self to work. Me will go from this 'to >
city to Baltimore. TjnF
The nmrtlngo has been announced
of Miss Helene I.ackaye, the sister of ' tjfejt," j ''jfT/j' f y
Wilton l.neknye. and the loading wo- ^Ti V:l*aL fee
i.i "Tim Miiip (ho l-Innrfth'' J.1k:pL::?r?i
company, to Herbert K. Ridings, of
Synirnso, the manager of the com- ' -
liany. The wedding took place at / i Oakland,
Cnl., whore Hie company has I?????.?
jnsl com|)1eted an engagement MIsb t /? n pouilllu
Laclmyo wna formerly a member of J DUtinnfll,
tlio alock company In this city. J PIllDlbillQ 90(1
? ? ?? 5 217 Walnut Avenue.
M. M. Poster, Manager. j
* Consolidated Phone 594
Offlc?-3M Main Street Phonea-F. Bell Phone 4Z1-R
From tbe Mttonclraer Neufe*te-Na<%
.l.ktnn "Ji i
tiVUWIK ( ; Vv
Amongthe most gtrUdngandnoTe!
features of American life Is tie
position of woman This Is briefly
but comprehensively described th the
phrase, wholly un-European. The European
woman Is, first of all, a wife
and mother. In Germany the home
Is the foundation of the family, and
so, In an extended sense, of the great
nation family of the State. The man ;'
considers It his most precipes prlvlP on
ege to'lie protector nmTprovlderto
his wife and children; the more faithfully
_hc performs this function,, the
more solicitously the woman keeps
his home and brightens It'with ^the
most precious characteristics of'her
To Yunkeeland this restricted conception
of the family and State Is
strange. The American man la the ,
money maker of the household, and
nothing more. Bnt May the struggle
for the dollar is not half so fierce- J.
ly strenuous as the battle for the ^
franc, the mark, tho shilling, fn Dollurlca
men become rich, or, at least, ?
well to do, In a rush. The natural
result Is that in the family partnership.
in the wall-to-do classes, the wo
! man's responsibilities as wire ana
mother are not great. She does not
m have to toll ceaselessly, sweeping and
. cooking, because she can hire others
to do it. She need not turn every
penny over a hundred times before
spending It. for she Is liberally supJ
l lied with spending money'. Of
course, this Is not the case In all middle
class families, but It Is in most.
The woman Is an expensive ornament
In the home, rather than an Important
cog in its machinery.
Out of these circumstances the position
of the American woman, at home
and in public, has developed so that
is a queen whom the man serves with
devoted zeal, and whose gracious
smile he values as tho best reward
of his efforts. Lamprocht rightly
speaks of an almost mediaeval reverence
for women In America. *
Mamma's wish Is law. Mamma Is tired
of arguing with the Imported help.
Papa must give up his home and take
his family to a hotel. Mamma takes
her daughters to the country fop tho
summer.. Papa can come out for tho
weekend and he's suited, for he, the
doliar maker, doesn't know what to
da with himself away from town.
Some fine day mamma packs up and
takes the girls off for a year In London
or Purls?it's up to papa to send
'he checks. "Ladles first" Is an almost
sacred motto in the United
Ptates?more than anywhere else. Another
Is: "Never contradict a lady," =
and however false a statement made
by a lady In conversation may be, no gj
man will contradict her. It would be
-- ' ? <11.. W
"bad manners.' tie wouta oe no ia- ^
dies' rann."
The press, in America (he servant I
of public opinion and the ruler of tho T
people, takes its keynote from the uni- X
versal chorus in praise of woman. Tho T
great trinity that govorns the news- X
papers Is the dollar, politics, and wo- J
- mnn, To "the great American wo- I
mun" leading articles are constantly T
devoted. She is continually exalted X
us the most beautiful, wise, and T
charming woman in the world. Woe X
to liiin who does not add his voice to T
this cliorns of praise! * * * * In the X
schools of America, too, woman itlays X
n part in which site is not seen in Ku- X
rope. The education of hoys Is aimost X
entirely ihe work of women, who train X
| tl-em lo the national respect for wo X
men. The position of the sex apejmrs X
still-more plainly in tho much-talked- a
i of co-education. * * * The result is &
that the American mnn ,ls nervous al- a
most to the point of hysteria, like a X
woman, always going to extremes; X
and his conduct ami his tastes are X
feminized. He seldom has the fine, X
strong masculinity oi the German X
man. X
More Work ?
t/Unrynn i iuivg. ^
j CHARLESTON, Dec. 2G.?'The ral(- Z
i roails, iolegraph companies, express T
^ and telephone companies will have Z
Z their lax trouble to look'after again a
soon, as the tax commissioner has ho- Z
Kim to mail the blanks upon wTilcli I
(lie different companies must, make Z
their annual reports to the board of a
pilbllc works, and this means work for Z
the companies and the board of public X
works. m
, The fifteenth of January the rcikirts
arc expected to begin coining in and Z
about the llrst. of April the board will
lie ready to assess the property. Z
I .
To haye beautiful, perfect, pink, vel- ?
vet-llkrllps, apply at heJtime a light I
coating of Dr. Shoop's Orcen Salve. X
Then, next morning, notice carefully 7
the effect. Dry, cracked, or colorless X
1^' Hps mean feverlshn&s, and are as well
^ III appearing. Dr. Shoop's Green Salve X
fc Is soft, creamy, healing ointment, that X
Vl will quickly correct any skin blem- X
It Ish or alluio/.t. Get a free trial 'box 7
It at our store and he convinced. Large, X
j? Glass Jars, 25 cts. A. Bll- J
fc Blanche Walsh has selected St. Lou- X
Jj I? flB the place In which she Is to try ?
* hfr ; p
ftfiv J| ; j.jzmm'
A few hats yet at just 1-2 Price.
: si
You should see the $1.00 to $2.00
ape^we are selling foj: 25c. Flower^J
r' ";
Xmas Novelties Reduced just lr|||SB|
Furs, Children's Coats and Caps ReBeautiful
' " : ^' ' j . ^
The Jeweler-Opticians
lA/otdr stf : J ->-^^^8H
Reduction on Ail J?|M
Ladies Winter Coatsj
We have just gone
through our entire S?
stack of ladies eoais -:,&m
and made a general . "t;|
sweeping reduction
on every one in #the | H
house making a SAY- l|S
$2 to $5 J1
\ A I
On a single garment
This includes all of this season's latest styles
some ot the coats have just been received freshfrdpa
tha in;ipknf, hnt all hiive been subjected to the ramaj
heavy reduction.
* '' .* '' :

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