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u'. . )pjJQ , virgfnlab, daily and
RLWBAU Oftai BTAkl I AtlAU I'iiiA.
IB come to the front with an
ieodore Roosevelt for a third
president of the new ieaguo
tached to the platform !t: Is
Mid llkd to hear frpm every
IVe, the members of the Roosevelt
rd Term National League, having
heart the great social and political
Clems now confronting the people,
I In order that the rights of the
ises be.protected and that national
mony be preserved, deem It lmperre
that Theodore Roosevelt be reed
to the Presidency In 190S.
7e have come upon days In our soand
political life, fermenting with
rust and requiring firm control.
with alarm the evils alIjr,
jjrown from the abuse of corite
power and see in these evils
irtlle field for the demagogue, from
ch might readily spring a polltland
social revolution, and believe
| nothing short of temperate and
ferfial solicitude, on the part of
people, will hold our political and
a tbe people Irrespective of party
B'is due tho credit that their PrestV
to-day, Is Theodore Roosevelt
fliny am nf fAftl ffAPrlom ftllf! VltfllitV
f in our Institutions of government and
If politics was demanded, and tbey wisej
ly saw in him a means to attain it
80 valiantly and wholeheartedly has
thla man reflected the wishes of the
j people, that" his personality has en<
tered into and become a part of every
(department of our national life.
won lite confidence of the
people: and this fact alone, atakea
ft*;. Mm the most potent factor in the soh';:lution
of the present disturbing con,
ditions. To eliminate this personals
is to that confidence?nt a
time when the people, as a whole, are
Ipwrtlve and trembling with apprehen:
aion, Is to invite national disorder.
Kip,So .'dooely woven Is this bond hoKrtween
the President and the people.
K||l -.that he has become to them a public
K^oeeesBlty, an essential of things in
p;, fthe social and political fabric. ThereTheodore
Hoosevelt is not only
I the one logical candidate for nomlna
I Ion, but. ..manifestly Is the only Initial
President for the people.
' Already has It be'en demonstrated
bat- the. frightened and vengeful
realth controlling forces of the counfy,
will resort to any means to defeat
lis nomination for a Presidential
third Term. We, therefore, must be
U the alert and quick to action If we,
rould save that which has already
een/accomplished by our Illustrious
s'We are not unmindful of the fact
biat Theodore Koosevelt himself delared'ln
1904, that "under no clrcnmtances
would he be a candidate for.
r, would be Bccept another nomlnsWe
challenge, however, his right
yxefuse to accept the Presidency of
le United States for a Third Term,
tthe-face of the people's demand, essclally
at a time when so many tinertaklngs
of the highest. Importance
Ive been brought about and set In
lotion by him, and so subject them
i; the danger o( an untried and tinjoved
successor, to whom public con
Iienoe wouio oe remcianny exienaeu.
Manifestly, the selection of' lis
resident rests with the people. The
lblle, alone. Is Judge. No man may
iy he will not accept. It Is not the
ovlnce of Theodore Roosevelt to say
t will or will not lie the President,
e, who acts as President, sets solely
i a servant of the people, and when
died by thera, must come.
We further hold, that In point of
ct his re-election In 190S would not
institute a Third Term. HE HAS
BflfP n\TPD TnoamiMfi Vino'.
i,;; upuiuf uul V/UVJIH.?jiiguMuuiut uun
g ever, an the laahe.hu been so general
ally spoke* ot as a Third Term, (he
i We, therefore, In the Interest of
ffiSwh'"0 welfare, demand . that TheoWS&n
RobeereH be nominated for the
H|jmjM$jjc]r and be reflected In 1B0S,
B?d; to that end hereby pledge our sup(
jT-?i nTr*^ ' S
fcui* and Fairmont by an exchange
on the part o/the.buaines*
men'of the two citlea oyer the open
fng of the new trolley system between
fheee-two point* . On the invitation
of the business men of Fairmont a
targe delegation of representative citizens
of the upper West Fork river
town went down on the first through
car to that city, where the glad hand
was extended the visitors. The Clarksburg
delegation was accompanied
home by a representative delegation
of the Mountain City business men.
Speaking of the event the Fairmont
West 'frirginlan has this to say: 'This
interurban'connection Is, we hcpe, but
the beginning of a net work of trolley
lilies between the various towns in
this region. What a efenter Fairmont
will be with trolley connection with
Clarksburg, Morgnntown, Mnnulngton
and Grafton. Wg hope the day is not
fgr distant when this dream may be
realized. With continuous towns along
the lines from city to city we shall
soon have a rival for Pittsburg in the
Upper Aloiiunguiieiu > iuir.r, n maiter
of course such a connection as (he
West Virginian speaks of would be a
great advantage to Fairmont, but we
do not see ipat It would help that
town any more than It would benerft
all of the towns Interested. The
truth Is such an enterprise, and It Is
one to bei devoutly wished for, extending
to all points named above, would
be Immensely profitable to this whole
section of the State, especially that
portion contiguous thereto. Hasten
the day that will see such a line completed."
Th? Grafton Sentinel Is a good
enough paper to deserve a holiday
Christmas, but It did not take It. ?
PnrkerBburg Slate Journal:
Ves, the Sentinel was entitled to the
holiday, but It could not afford the
luxury. Hut think how lonesome It
was the day after the holiday without
the Journal, the Fairmont West Virginian
and a whole lot of others or
our choice exchanges from all the
surrounding towns that "jumped" the
Christmas Issue. The Journal's editorial
page the day following showed
that the editor had been benefited
by the holiday suspension. "Too much
work and no play makes Jack a dull
boy," Is a saying that applies to newspaper
men as well as other boys. ?
Grafton Sentinel.
! It Is too bad that the dear Sentinel
had to work and was deprived of Its
"regular company" on Christmas, but
the West Virginian has decided to
celebrate on Christmas and the Fourth
of Jnly In order that, the "force" may
enjoy the festive seasons.
1 The following news Item from yesterday's
Wheeling News Is of Interest:
The Hon. T. P. Hill, or Middlebourne.
State Senator from the Second
West Virginia district, Is In the
city, registered at the McUtre. Senator
Hill stated that politics is beginning
to liven up down his way wl'h
the approach of the opening of the
legislature. "I think Mr. Senmon will
be the next speaker of the house, but
I don't know about the presidency of
the Sennte. I might say, however, that
Mr. McDermott has many friends
down our way." Senator Hill states
that business not politics brings him
to Wheeling.
The editor ot the Parkeraburg Dlspntch
News says:
"A French professor says a man's!
best Ideas conre to him between 2 nndj
r. o'clock In the morning. That's about!
the time he usually thinks he ran
make a pair of Jacks ko through-by!
standing pat and leading off with a
Miff bet."
[ Now. how does Smith know about
such .things?
N'o.w, that the twin cities have been
j christened. It Is hoped they will regard
themselves members of the I
same family with a common heritage, i
?C'larkslmrg Telegram,
j Good!
The Parkersliurg State Journal:
quotes from the Charleston Selmitar.j
Where Is that paper published andi
who Is Its editor?
Man Convicted of Holding up Schan
Muat Serve Hia Sentence.
\VHEEI.ING, Dec. 28.?Word was
received iu Wheeling Thursday thai
Gov. W. M. O. Dawson had refused
to grunt Dan Mock a pardon, although
a petition with quite a number of
names attached hud been sent to bint
aekltlg for clemency.
Mock was sentenced in the criminal
court the past year and sentenced
to a two year term for an attempt at
highway robbery, committed upon Albert
Schan near Mt. De Chantel.
t'iem Relabeck, arrested as an an- i
complice of Mock, was, when tried, i
Kodak* and rjppllea at reduaea
prlo-pn at A. C. Klnkead'8, Wataon HnWl
building. tt
While the following letter was not *
written for publication, It has bo man)
things of Interest to the people of 1
Fairmont we take the liberty to pub- 11
Hsh It, knowing that Mr. Rogers will
not object. Mr. Rogers was formerly '
a teacher In the Fairmont Normal 1
school and Is well known and well
liked here. The letter Is a? follows: 1
CAMBRIDGE, Mass, Dec. 26: 1906. '
Dear Mr. Ixtiigh:?
I dare say yon will be surprised to c
learn that I am a Harvard student. I 3
stole away like a thief In the night. 1
Only my most Intimate friends knew e
of It I had planned so many times to
take a course somewhere and always C
falling to do so, that this time I was J
afraid to breathe it. t
I came here the opening of the academic
year and have enjoyed my life h
here very much Indeed. I am study- t
lug chemistry exclusively; am not overburdening
myself, but have enough (
work to keep me fairly busy all the t
time except for an evening off now
and then to go out and see things, a
The opportunities I have here are won- C
derful and I am trying to make the
best of th'em. p
Do you remember of my telling you r
a year or two ago of my Intentions at
that time of studying philosophy and 1
of your telling me T ought to study h
selence in some line Instead? 1 was 1
somewhat Influenced by what you sab1
then to determine to take up chemls- f
try or physios. It was a very difficult
matter for me to come to a decision t
upon. The facts that philosophy dud
education are comparatively easy to i
take up ami that entirely loo many t
are already dabbling in those fields
have deterred me from that eourse t
and I feel J have acted wisely, though
the mastery of a chemical specialty (
seems almost beyond me at my age, ,
and considering my limited means. I
have pretty good assurance of an A l
M. In chemistry In 1IWS, or by doing
rwo years' exclusive work in chemls- (
try. x
You will be Interested to know the
West Virginia Cluh of Harvard had a \
very patriotic banquet at the American
House, Boston, one night this ;
month. Fourteen West Virginians j
were present Not all of these, how
ever, were Hurvaril students. Some of js
tliem attend other Institutions nearby.
Mr. Guy Pi lchard was loastmnster and v
officiated very cleverly. 1 can't name
all of those present. Among llieni
were, Mr. B. A. Horkbelmer. preslilent
of the club; Mr. J. H. Brennen, ?
secretary, both of Wheeling; .Mr. C. (
W. Wadderll, of the Howard Medical |
School: Mr. 0. E. Kurlckhoff, of Hp- f
shur county, graduate of the Seminary:
Sir. Keeley, a former W. V. U.
student; Sir. D. E. SlcQitllkln. W. V.
U? '04, English student, front Shep- (
herdstown. W. Va.; Sir. Gtiy' Prlch
artl, law; Mr. Haggarty, of Mahnlngjton;
Howard Divinity; Sir. Hen- j
: nen. of Morgantown, student at SlitsBachusfetts
institute of Technology; j
Sir. Geo. Griffith, of Sloundsvllle, n
| graduate of Harvard Sledical School,
and Frank Hnymond, of Fairmont, law. j
We all had appropriate toasts to respond
to. Sllne was "The Schools of
West Virginia " We eutled by singing
"The West Virginia Hills." We j
thought It quite a significant gathering.
It was suggested that we advocate
the organization of a University
club In West Virginia. U
This Is the first time I have ever
spent the holidays away front home. 1
am putting lu the time for a day or e
two writing to all my friends. I find
there are a good many ways to put E
1>' me lime, |>III. i uuu u imc <nc lucn
of being forgotten. I received n leiter j,,
to-day from a young Human In
Monndsvllle. lo whom I had sent n
picture post card, and she said she
was glad lo "discover" what had hecome
of me. |
With best wishes and greetings of |r
the season, I am.
Sincerely yours,
(We should have omllted the refer
euce lo the "young woman In Moundsvllle,"
had Mr. Rogers nol made It
so clear thHt' she really didn't know
where he was all this time.??1.1
Crew Rescued.
RED FAR, Wales. Dec. 28. ? Life
1 oats hate taken off the crew aud pas- a'
sengers of the Japanese liner Atva. ^
which ran on the rocks here yesterday
during a snow alorm. The vessel Is
In bail condition. One hundred and
twenty-two persons were rescued.
Reprint, News-Herald: "There is a]- IS
least ono effctual, safe, and reliable
Cough Cure?Dr. Shoop's?that we retard
as suitable, even for the young
est child. For yearn Dr. Shoop bit- ?|
terly opposed the use or ophite? or nnr ^
colics In medloluB. offering >10 per (])
drop or any one finding Opium, Cbloio
form, or any oher poisonous or nnr- ^
noiic Ingredient In Dr. Sboup's Cough
Cpre. And the challenge is as yet M|
unanswered. Here Is one manufacturing
physician who welcomed with
much satisfaction the new government si
Pure Food and Drug Daw. The pub- tfi
lie can now protect itself at all times wt
by Insisting on having Dr. Shoop's, inj
when a cough'remedy Is needed." dli
Hold by E. A, Billfngslea A Co. it
- . - ...- .. .
Miss Ella Msrtln has returned from 1
teedsville. Preston county, -' wfcdre I
he was the guest of relatives.Mtss
Zella Satterfleld, of Clarksburg,
i the guest ofberparenta at Hope-' :
rell for a couple at week's.
Mr. Dennis' HcKJnney and family
re spending a few jluys with relatives
n Taylor county.
Mr. and Mrs. George Shoemaker,
iave-returned from" a week's visit at 1
itorg&ntown. e
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hlgglnbotham, '
f Shlnnston, Mtsa Idly Swindler and h
dr. L. L. Swindler wore over at Cheat 1
rhursdny to attend the funeral of their 1
;randmother, Mrs. William Swindler. f
Mr. and Mrs. Mansfield Hoult, of "
.'larkshttrg, tyho have heen guests of '
dr. and Mrs. H. A. Jimilson, have re- ''
urned home.
Mr. Lawrence Toothntan is spending
ils vacation with his parents lit Hill- '
op farm.
Robert Hoult and children, of
ClarksbuiJ;, have returned In their '
lome after a short stay In Jhe city. v
Miss' Maggie Jamison la spending
, couple of weeks at her home in 0
Mr. Aitid Mm. Tim Ronnett. of Mor
rnnlown, came up yesterday to visit
elatives. f
Mrs. Anna Belle Baker, of Austin. ^
rexas, Is spending the holidays with y
ler molher, Mrs. Mary Anne Bartho- (
ow. ^
Mr. W. H. Shaffer, Qf Haymond
il.reet, is In Washington. D. C. (
lames Morris, of Slate street, Is
he guesl of his aunt nt Shinnston. (
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rlnehart re- #
aimed to-day fi'om Graflon, where r
hey spent Christmas with relatives, y
Fred Honlt Is at his home In Nes- v
orffle for a few days. B
Mr. I.ovejoy, of Craflon, has se- j
Hired employment here and will re- ,,
naln In the city. I
Mr. N. C. Sleele Is confined to his ,
lorne by Illness. ,,
Guy Humphreys has returned from .,
Jrafton where he spent Christmas ..
vlth his parents. f
Rev. G. IV. Bent has lieen sick for n
he past few days. \
Miss Nan Cox returned yesterday i,
rom a short visit with frien.ls at v
lorgitjitown. C
Rtiy Michael, of McCurdysvlIle, :i
pent Thursday In the First ward. ,,
Mrs. Harry Klger and children are y
Isiting relatives at Mannington. t
Junior League Entertainment. <
The entertainment Riven In the Dla- i
riont Street M. E. Church Thursday fc
venlng was well attended, consider- f
ng the disagreeable evening, and the t
allowing programme was rendered: t
Singing. S
Lord's Prayer. b
Recitation?"Little Miss Mischief,'' It
Iretta Nichols, fi
Singing. v
Recitation?"When the Cat Kneels e
lown," Wanda Hall.
Recitation?"Under Daddy's Coat,"
iarle 3cott.
Duet, Marie Scott and Mary Gllhart. |
Recitation?"My Mother," Harry
Recitation?"When Angellne a-ShopIng
Goes," Louise Leonard.
Recitation?"Christmas In Heaven,"
Iva May. . g
Recitation, Ruth Shafferman.
Recitation?"My Aunt Julia's Cat,"
la Bent.
Song?Marie and Margarlte Barnes.
Reading?"Mamie's Letter to Heavn,"
Alta Gray.
Recitation?-"The Praying of Cyrus
Irown," Edith Scolt. p
Recitation?"The Little Pilgrims," r
Ithel Hoillt. "
At the close of the programme the 11
mllenee adjourned to the lecture "
aom where refreshments were servd
and a short time spent In a so- r
lal manner. The entertainment was n
i eharge of Mrs. Florence Gray, anerlntendent,
and Miss Emma Layinn,
assistant superintendent, who "
ave been In charge of the league "
Ince lis organization. A vote of
rnnks was given the children by the ai
udlence for Ihe evening's eutertalnicnt.
Officers Elected. 1)1
The following officers were elected In
t the last meelln* of the Palatine w
odge No. St, I. 0. O. F.:
Noble Grand,. H. C. Marshall. h<
Secretary, K. A. Wilson. Fl
Treasurer. S. F. Brown. n<
Trustee, ,1. A. Hess.
The vine grand will be elected at P<
le meeting to be held January 2d, ar
107. a*
City Hospital. lb
hllss Palmer who has been nursing
ate Moran near Mt. Harmony, for
e past Ave weetts, has returned to
e hospital. ' 1
John Orlando was admitted Thn'rs- '
y for medical treatment.
uri rr t._ a a. IL_ .J "
iuiHn juyjnr [Wtjuc HI i-ne uuuo ui
r. George Brobst yesterjiay to nurae.
PHea get quick relief Trom Dr. Ja
loop's Magic Ointment. Remember,
s matlo alone for Pile??and It work? I
tb certainly and satisfaction. Itch- ah
* painful, Itrolrudlng, or blind pile? a
itppear like magic by -lu nae. Try an
'he Popular Datfel^ of Reitr Admiral
HIchborn Upon Her Return From
South Dakota,'Where She Had Secured
a Divorce .From -lamea G.
Blaine, Conflrma the 8tory of Her
Engagement tb Lieut Raul S. Peartall?How
She Came to Get Her
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2?.?-Mrs. Mar- I
ha Hfchbora Blaine, who, van mvorcd
from her husband,-James G. Blaine,
r., a few daya ago In South Dakota.
ias. confirmed the rumor that she Is
0 be married soon to Uent Pual S.
'earsall. For sometime past. even heore
the divorced was granted, the rn
tor was rife that the beautiful Marha,
as soon as she was granted her
Ivorce, would marry the ex-Rough
litler. Mrs. Blaine returned from
tottlh Dakota on Christmas Day in
Ime to eat her Christmas dinner with
ier father and mother, Admiral and
Ira. Hlchliorn, at their Washington
iousc, on N street To-day Sirs. Blaine
rag heseiged by callers, who came
o had oat the truth of her reported
omlng marriage. She confirmed the
torlcs to her friends, lint said no date
ad been fixed as yet for the cere
Meutenant Pearanll Ib s New Yorkr,
reported lo be wealthy nnd popular,
ie-was a member of President Rooseell's
Rough Rider regiment and now
l"es at 173 .Madison avenue. New
'oik, nlthough he has spent the greatr
part of the last year at a Washingon
hotel, so as to be near Mrs. Blaine.
Mrs. Rlatue was married to Jatnes
!. Blaine, Jr., July 4. 1901. much
gainst the wishes of her parents and
lose friends. She had been a belle
ii SVnshlngton for sometime, and It
las reported that she was engaged to 2
prominent young man, when young
liable began to pay her attention nnd 4
inally became engaged to her. Mrs. 1
'.lalne was known In Washington as 4
lie "Heliotrope Belle" for her fond- 4
icss for that color In her dress. She 4
(footed every shade of heliotrope, and 4
II her dresses, bats, parasols, shoes,
lockings and gloves were always of
shade of heliotrope. Everyone In g
Yashlngton knew Marlha Hlehhorn ^
j her heliotrope costumes. She al- g
tays spoilt her summers at Atlantic
iity, and her costumes there attracted g
s much attention as In Washington. e
-bout two years aeo, after a couple of ai
wiiit <if married life. Mrs. Blaine re- i
urned to Washington, as was sap- p
osed, for a visit to her parents. The p
sit lengthened otit from weeks into p
lonths, slid then into a year, when it j
ecame known that she hail separated y,
rom her hitslmnd. Last Slay site went H
o Slows Falls, S. 15.. to take up herL
t allien re. so as to olitaln a divorce. L,
he remained there the time required L
y the South Dakota laws, and, hat ^
fig secured her divorce, hurriedly let;
>r Washington to spend Christmas
:ith her parents and to announce her ^
ngagemont to Lieut. Paul Pcarsall. y(
EL HENO, Okln., Dec. 28.?A negro V
oldler assaulted Mrs. T. S. Clifford, A
Ife of a prominent physician of this if
luce, yesterday afternoon, near ine|
Lock Island station. Great excite-1
tent prevails and talk of lynching is
eard on every hand. Hundreds of!'"
ten are searching for the assailant. |('
Mrs. Clifford and slRtcr, Mrs. 8. M.|'r
larke, were at templing lo pass a ?
egro soldier of the Twenty-fllfth in-|
intry. when he viciously grabbed
Irs. Clifford, around the waist and ^
irew Jier into the street, exclaiming
tat the sidewalk belonged to him.
Irs. Clarke screamed and the assailat
fled. .
News of Ihe attack spread rapidly
id the entire police department, reinirced
by several hundred men and >ys
searched the town and surround- |
g country, but last evening the chase
as given1 up. The negro was In unlirm
and must return to the post or
tcome a deserter. Word was sent to
art Reno and all absentees were
Both Mrs. Clifford and her sister are
>sltlve they can identity tae man
id will go to Fort Reno to-day and
tempt to And him among the solera
who were out of the post when
e assault occurred.
A Baby Daughter.
Born, on Thursday, December 27, to
r. and Mrs. George BrobBt, a dnnghr.
, Nt
Civil,"Mining and Consulting
Engineer. B<
cobs Building, Fairmont, W. Va
Surreys of all' kinds executed on
Drt notice. Cosil and coke plants '
specialty. JUtes reasonable. .Ex
- H ? Jj?j ^ I I ^81 w ''ct ',
OF . . ; '|^^B
exceptional Beit mi m
IE size ana Brilliancy, HI 1
ruin prices. - 1?
i HH
A. B. Scott & Co. I:
- I I
. Jewelers
228 Main [St. Opp. Court House.
AT THE LOCAL HOTELS. * South. Bbund;' V ' : dl
+ A. M. At M. *r M. 1
?4?++ +Main & Jefferson.. 5:15 5:45 9:45-g^^B
Cam Barn 5125 5:55 OlRSre
TAVERN?W. rr. Taylor, C; El Jhyenn 5i30 5:00 10:00||
unwell, Jlannlngton: H. 3. Baanett. Tucker Siding- .... 5:35 6:05 10:05 ?
mos; jr. D. Hefmlck, C. a Helmlck, Monongah 6i54 6:i3 10:13 j|
uclthnnnon; B. E. Bassel, W. H. New- Traction Park. .... 5145' 6:15' 10:15:
lan, P. Shutllcs worth; J. R. Osborn, Everson 5:50 6:18 10:18 M
larkaburg; Miss Hallls, Frances Cant- Cblefton 5:52 6:20 10:JJI' ;;
ran; Florence Morrison, Pt. Pleas- Worthlntgon. ..... 6:57 6:24 10:21 p
at; J. B. Canning, Valley Falls; Hutchinson 6:37 10:STcI
uke Murray. 1?. Meyers, Glbn Blngamon ?J^;..lOj!aH
alls: Floyd Canning, Lawrence Frey, Enterprise 6:32 '*
t. Price, C. H. Fella, Grafton; W. C. Vlropa ... 6:84,; itiw?R
uinkle. Morgantown; L. I,. O'Neal, RWerdale 0:37 .lQjffija
ohn Sherwood, Phlllppf; D. E. Da- dhlnnstoo o:uo iu:ay rroga
is, Bellngton; A.BIiss McCrurob, King- Luoas Mill! 6:41 10:4ti->$
ood; n. E. Clark, Littleton! J. G. Gjrpejr 6:45.
enneil.v, Weston: August Meyer, 0. North' Bmtmk 1ir.
Phillips, Harry Frank, Fred A, M.1 A. M. *P. M.
I'rlght. Wheeling; Jess Harris, Par- Gypsy .,, 6:45' 10:45ershurg.
Lucas Mill ....... 6:49 10:49- |
MARIETTA-r-Mra. W. M. Given. RIverdale
arboursvllle: Sallle Wilson, Barack- Viropa 6:66 i026o|1||
llle; M. P. Garvey, Farmlngton; J. Enterprise 6:68 10:5^;
. Furbee. H. W. Heldreth, Manlng- Blngamon 7:01- ll:0t/^
in; E. W. Wells, G. C. Starker, F. Hutchinson 7:03;
i. Smith, Clarksburg: S. Bradley, Worthlngton 6:08 7:06 11:06.; :
rnol.1 Nanman, Wheeling: R. Strott, Chlefton 6:08 7
Jpsy: R. W. Dalby, Thomas Jarrett, Everson 6:10 7:12 li:l2r
hlnnaton; Lottie Mary Deveny, J. Traction Park .... 6:15- 7:15
. Deveny, A. Laughlln, Grafton; Silas- Monongah 6:17 7:17 11:17~ ' "jjjjfl
ombs, Lewis; W. W. Hess, Wyatt; Tucker Siding .... 6:25" 7:26
. O. Crlsllp. Wolf Summit: .I.E.Ham- Jayenn 6:30 7:30 lltJtk^
Ion, Merlden: Claude V. Gartler, Car Barn 6:3S'- 7:85'
untlngton; Henry Fulls, Gray's Flat. Main ft Jefferson.. 6:45- 7:45 11:46?^;
MANLEV?G. A. Benter, Wheeling: ''-Ifl!
. A. Reed, C. B. Boggess, O. M. J A.... Hrt?r?iv
I'hlte, Clttrksbttrg: F. V. Ruckman, vJlutlU VpClfl flOiluv
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JACKSON?P. Shnttleswortb, L. C.
laymari, Cliirkstiurg; A. G. Baker, MATINEES TUE8'? THUR8, 8ATi'
sorge Baker, Downs. John A. Hlmm.leln's :|
One of the certainties of life is _ , . ^ ?
"??f '?ve- imperial Stock Col
grand opera house? Presenting Scenic Productions Only.
riday. december 28th. . ?<>n^.,?ht ||fl
c. h. keer's ^ ^ Paradise I
THIRD YEAR OF GREAT . ' , fc , - $j
A Parisian Princess
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