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I ^ ^ ^ ^
T ?*? ?
I^TOr ngni parcy. miurcsa r,
NTED?Rooms sad board for stttti.':
A few want regular 'hoarding,
ne desire club boarding and the
ter.nuinbcr want rooms where the
j of the bouse will cook whatever
students provides that needs cook'.
Wilte Prof. Fleming, 2E0 Watson
atie. or tdlephone him.
1<5PBD? Traveler for established
M. Twelve dollars weekly to
;t Expenses paid. References,
tress George G. Clows, Fairmont,
IpWANTED?Girl for general housep:
; work. Moit be good cook. Apply 315
MgpWANTHD?For a good salaried position,
lady or-gentleman solicitors. Address
K, this'office. 264c
g WANTED?At once, a nurse. Apply
j:.V::-Mrs..M. L. Hutchinson, 6M Fairmont
. -... ?i??i?i??? ?
p-p LOST?Gold plo, -shield shape, black
enameled center, border or opals. Re
^'i/Wn tdthls. office. (Reward. 4!
I -FDR RENT? My dwelling, wo. zui
Jefferson street, frrrnlsheil. Hot wat
per,'ij^it,''hot an d cold water tn HteJr
5; en and bath room, gas for cooking pur
Eposes. ImmBdlate possession. Tbos
n *
toHer Statiflf
I p$IrCa?no
Wednesday. Thursday and Frl
I illy afternoon*. Start**, 25c.
Evening ekatei, 35c. Admlifir
alon, free.
B. B. LYNCH, Instructor.
, Dancing Tuetdaya and Satursf
day*. AdrnMon to floor SOc.
Prof. Mytln, floor manager.
General admleeien <free.
j. sands jackson.
Proprietor and Manager. .
418 Uackeon Street.
Con. 'Phone, *40.
a n? r
I M otrony, l
gh has persu
|f|' influence<
ured bv/dc
It may be the se
I goods-it may c
I ualitytoadistar
erwise might i
manner of mar
Strong, dignified s
we produce. We
type and new mac
Job Department.
We can furnish y
Iuu any uuu ui ya
'ordinary Flat Cap
1 PPRftT A N Hf
b! S^' :y' ' '??'. ' '' ?
?p 'f\ II 1*1 .4. Hi
Minimum Charge 10c.
' TERMS?Cash, unless advertiser
has open account
FOR RENT?Furnished rooms, privilege
light housekeeping. Address "E,"
West Virginian office.
FOR 'RENT?One two story, six room
dwelling with bath, and al modern
Improvements, at;No. <13 "Washington
street' Rent, $25.00 per month. Apply
to James W.# Hair, office, or residence.
'Possession given- at once, tf
FOR RENT?Fhtrnisbed room. All
modem conveniences. Rates reasonable.
Apply at 860 Locust avenue. Consolidated
phone, 72-R.
FOR RENT?Store :oom, Helfner
Bldg, Barney St. Apply at this ofSee.
< tf
FOR RENT?A few choice office rooms
In the new People's 'Bank building.
Apply at the People's Bank.
FOR RENT?Furnished front room
... - _? 1 -?l.t In nnj
Willi uain, HOI HHU COIU WHIP,
or two gentlemen. Apply 200 Gaston
avenue. . tf__
TOR RENT?3 rooms on OgJen aveaue.
Gas and water. Apply 304 Quinsy
TOR RENT?Furnished room. All
aodern conveniences. Rate reason*tie.
Apply at 800 Locust avenue. Conlolldated
phone, 72-R.
FOR RENT?One front room furnished,modem
conveniences. 443 Monroe
' FOR RENT? 2 furnished rooms for
light house keeping. $10 per month.
Apply 309 View street.
TOR SALE OR RENT?A comfortable
- trick house with all modem improve
nenti, two acres of land, See fnitt
- uid good 8bade>. Apply on premises,
HI Plka street tt
CHESTER, W. Va? Dec. 28.?J. W.
Lxtes, of New MartinffviTle, and Clem
Pngh. of this city, have completed the
closing of options on 1,100 acres ol
Hancock comity eon! lands. Both men
refnse at this time to ten for whom
tbey have been acting, but tliey have
announced that a big coal company
proposes to develop the field and make
oost of their shipments by river. Thlt
means Hint new coal tipples wfll be
erected between tills place and New
. AuBeiayed Report
| O.Wtng to tne lamire ui ids
designated to give a Teport of the
' 'Christmas entertainment at the Cen
'tral Christian Church last Sunday
might-no mention of it was made in the
papers. The entertainment, under the
direction of Mr. A. P. Jones, was quite
a success. The children! performed
their parts in un excellent manner
showing the thorough and oarefu!
training they had received. The pro
graaime .?onei?ited of songs. trec.Ua
Itlions. etc.
asive power-its
nannotbemeas llarsand
alesman for your
arryyour individit
buyer who othnot
know wbat
i you are.
tationery is the kind
arft new usins new
hinery in our New
ou your Letterheads
per you want, from
PITTSBURG, Dec. 29?Who will ;
succeed A. J| Cassatt as president of
the Pennsylvania system? James lie-1'
Crea, acordlng to best Informed and,
most conservative men in railroading
or out of it. H. C. Frick, according to '
reports circulated widely by persons
who take ilttle cognizance of its mean- j
ing, but reports that were described
by Mr. Frlck as being absurd. Sam- j
ue) Rea, say others, especially somo
eastern railroaders and financiers. j'
Capt. John P. Green has also been men-'
tloned, while -other names that have
been spoken of are George F. Baer, Oscar
G. Murray, Joseph Ramsey ami,
Mr. McCrea is recognized as onej
of the great railroad managers, posslblv
second only to Mr. Cassatt through j
his being In a minor position. He has
the confidence of the directors and |
stockholders, while financiers respect
his word as law in anything pertain-!
Ing to railroading, The selection o(
a successor to Mr. Cassatt will un-j
doubtedly be made In a few days.
Of this there Is no doubt. The
Pennsylvania railroad system will not
"go to sticks" because of the death j
of Mr. Cassatt There are strong
men to step into Cassatt's office and [
handle the presidential duties. When i
Mr. CaRsatt's predecessor, the late
Frank W. Thomson, died, there was
mourning in fear that the' Pennsylva-(
nla would go to pieces. An able man
was found in Mr. Cassatt
On the subject of the succession, a
Philadelphia special telegram to The
Gazette Times says: "From three
men It is said a successor will be choa- i
en for Mr. Cassatt These are James
McCrea, Samuel Rea and John P. |
Green. Those who believe Mr. Rea
will become the president base their
opinion on the fact that he has been
very close to Mr. Cassatt, probably:
tlie closest or the vice presidents, ror
a long time it bss been understood
Mr. Cassatt -wished to have Mr. Rea
succeed him. As for Mr. McCrea, if
is thought that Henry C. Frlck will j
; siipport htm for the place, and this, |
taken In connection with the fact that j
every one connected with the railrobd
1 directorate recognizes his superior!
' ability, makes many incline to the
1 opinion that he win be chosen.
"Mt. Green is mentioned as a possible
successor because he has hut two
years to serve until he win retire uni
der the Pennsylvania railroad age lim:
it This fact is the basis for both the
- belief that he "will get the position and
that he will not get it On one hand
it is argued that after years of splens
did service, the directors will be anxl!
oils to give him the honor of the presI
lilency before his retirement, but on
. the other hand it. Is-pointed out that
1 at this time the Pennsylvania railroad
cannot afford to selct anyone for tern
porary service, hut mnst choose a man
with a Arm band who will assume the
reins now and he young enongh to
hold the position for some years to
"For some time there have been m
mors Tout nt'ury rnun, uiuiocn,
would become the president But it
whk Bald last night by a high official of
the Pennsylvania railroad that there
Is no around for such assertions. It
was pointed out that the Pennsylvania
has usually made It a practive to
choose the president from the active
official list, and that while Mr. Prick
is eminently tilled In most respects to
fill Ihe post, it is not believed that
even ho would desire the position."
Tinder the charter of the Pennsylvania
railroad a new president must
be chosen at once. The meeting of
the directors for this purpose will,
however, be postponed until after the
funeral, which wfll be held on Monday
afternoon. The directors will probably
meet on Tuesday to chooee the
successor to A. .T. Caasatt and In tho
meantime Col. John P. Green, first
vice president, will be acting head ot
the lines east of Pittsburg and James
MeCrea of the lines west
Well Known Van Secures Position
no nuaiiiiimwu
Charles E. Watts, mho made application
for general wharf agent for
the Mouongnhola and Ohio Pacltct
Company, and who received the endorsement
of many of the business
men'of this city has reclved his appointment
to act for the packet company.
Mr. WRtts Is wbarfmaster for
the city also. In Mr. Watts the city
and I he packet company both have a
very efficient man: one that is thoroughly
acquainted with rlvor traffic.
One nam urun*.
Clmrlos Willis was the only name
that came before the mayor to-day.
He wns a plain drunk. He eame here
from Morgantown and was. thirsty.
He put up a forfeit for the tine. s
Piles get oulck relief rrom Dr.
Shoop's Magic Ointment Remember,
It's made slope for Piles?and It storks
with certainty and satisfaction. Itching.
paipfnl, protruding, or blind piles
Girls of America.
This evening at 7:30 at the Mauley
Motel there will be a meeting of the
principal characters In the opera
'Girls of America," which will be produced
here for the benefit of the Hu
mane Society oil January 26th. On
next 'Wednesday a meeting of the
chorus will be held at the same place.
The following Is the cast of characters:
Otto Schmidt?A retired brewer,
Mr. Gub De Vrles..
Tom Lovejoy?A young N. T. Lawyer,
Mr. Clarence R. KlnBey.
Fred'k Du Rant?Who suffers for
arts sake, Mr. John Saunders.
Sam'l Shade?A Rural Sleuth, Mr. J.
Clyde Klnsey.
Crip?A Romantic Footman, Mr.
LaMar Satterfletd.
Mrs. Otto Schmidt?With Social Aspirations,
Miss Ida Stone.
Evallna?Her daughter, Miss Gertrude
Carlotta Deane?Evallna's friend,
Miss Pauline Stewart.
Rita?A stage struck maid, Miss
Minnie Fleming.
Annie O'Brien?A Cook, Miss Margaret
Jessamine?Schood friend of Evallna,
Miss Mary Crowell.
Dance at the Tavern.
Miss Blanche Malone, -who is spending
the Christmas vacation at her
home in the city, was the guest ot
honor at a delightful dance given last
evening at the Tavern by Messrs.
Charles Vaught and Raymond Fast.
The spacious dining room was utilized
by the dancers and a programme
of 22 dances and extras was carried
out. An orchestra from Clarksburg
directed by Prof. Shaw of this city,
furnished music. Punch was served
throughout the evening and during
the intermission tempting refreshments
were served. The chaparones
were Mrs. L. L. Malone, Mrs. Preston
Crowell, Mrs. M. A^Jolllffe and Mrs.
W. S. Haymond. Among the out of
town guests present were Misses Helen
and Florence KlrttlanJ, Gall Smith,
Margaret Beatty, Lucy and Lena Prlchard.
Messrs. Birch Koen, Albert and
Lawrence Beatty, Don Barnhart. all
of Mannlngton, MIsb Florence Caven;der.
of Connellsvtlle, Pa., Miss Caroline
Abbatlchlo. of Latrobe, Pa., and
Miss Mary Virginia Sands, of Wheollag.
A Witch Party.
Mr. Robert Snider lins issued invitations
for a watch party for Monday
eventog to be given at his home on
MadlBon -street. The invitation reads:
T. Robert Snider,
Ring out the old,
Khtg Iptbe new,
i Monday evening; thirty-first
The Mlteei 8mlth Will Entertain.
Invitations have been received by
n -number of people to a reception to
-be T-tvun by Miss Mollle Virginia Smith
1 and Miss Cora Smith at their home In
, CTartcsburg on Monday afternoon .of
; next. week. Mrs. Alston Gordon Day!
ton, of PhTTlppI, will be the honor
'gnest of the occasion.
Mrs. Jones Entertained Circle.
Mrs. E. C. .Tones entertained the
Elisabeth Hayes Circle of the Presbyterian
Church on Friday afternoon at
her home on locust avenue. The circle
is planning for a reception for
their new members which will be glvlen
on Thnrsday evening, January tbe
Will Keep "Open House."
Tbe members of the Sicilian Thimble
Club will keep "open house" on
New Year's day at the residence of
Miss Lucy Barnes In the First ward.
The hours will be from two until four
and an Invitation has been extended
to their friends to call.
governor magoon to secretary
I WASHINGTON, D. C., Dep. 29. ?
Secretary ot War Taft this morning
received most reassuring Information
from Cuba renaming the situation
there. Civil Governor Magoon In n
: let ter dated Dec. 23, says there's no
(lunger of general uprising: believes
that civil government established by
j the United States will continue to exercise
Its functions peaceably.
Paved Street Is Slipping.
The paved street on Walnut avenue
near the Baptist Church Is slipping to
ward Coal run. Some of the street
j was made by dumping dirt taken from
; the foundation for the Y. M. C. A.
1 building. The bricks are sinning ror
j three of four rods.
The Devil has sport
With the lqpg-faced sort.
That BA.WS like a motherless calf:
But the Devil will beat
A hasty rttreat
When you open your face and laugh?Captain
Jack Crawford.
fwt IblcknS
Charting of the sky itsoir OS such n
ica)? that a thousand minion' members
of the firmament c?n be recorded web
In Its appointed, place, of. the discovery
of something like the sense organs
of banian knowledge on the roots,
stems and leaves of plants; of the
tracking of diseases which decimate
humanity to their obscure source In the
parasite of a parasite and of the process
by which two patient and humble
scientists working upon a few grains
of an element In n mere secondary
fstswn mnnnooit tft , rHVOhltiOIliZe ?TH*
whole conception of the moat stupendous
forces of tho physical world It
seems indeed a mystery that the appetite
for surprise and sensation should
turn aside from what the pnrsnlt of
truth can offer and prefer to resale
Itself with the petty products of trumpery,
invention and Ingenuity. ? Pall
Mull Gazette.
Beauty ot Clonds.
It Is not of first sight easy to say
why people so rarely give more than
a passing glance to the realm of air
above them. Is It because we cannot
have n finger In tills depnrtmeut of
the wonders of nature, cannot net and
label anything In those blue fields, pin
it down on cork or fatten It In Canada
bulsatn; cannot here annihilate distance
with our Ingenious Instruments,
that we neglect the phenoineua of the
sky? There above us, always ours for
a lift of the eyes, Is beauty In endless
change for the contented mind and for
the restless one the challenge of the
ceaseless thaumaturgy which seems
?- Sinn
little nearer neiug iuuuu vu*. ???? l
when the wflrld began, and yet In comparison
with such lines ot research ns
are offered by cuckoo's eggs or the
"protective devices" of caterpillars the
region of the clouds ran.v be said to be
unexplored.?Saturday Iteview.
Stilt Marks on Chlaa.
Hunting for stilt marks ou old china
Is often good fun In itself. Almost every
old piece of flatware?1. e., plates,
plutters, Bnucers, etc.-shows three little
rough sjtots more or less clearly
marked 011 both sides, usually on the
margin. These spots were made In the
tiring by the cockspur of stilts, the little
tripods used between the plates In
piling them up in the kiln. The three
points where the cockspur touched the
plnte caused a defect In the glaze. Unfortunately
stilt marks are not as sure
a guarantee of authenticity as some
collectors have supposed, for they are
not only easy to imitate, but they are
sometimes Imperceptible on the old
gvaWnrdaiitrn Furthermore, they ap
pear very frequently on modern tableware
of the cheaper sort and so are no
sign of antiquity.?Country Life In
Wflsklis Comraoa Air.
The weight of air has often Ween
tested by compressing It In receptacles
liy the air pump. That It really haB
weight when so compressed Is shown
by the fact that the weight of the vessels
Is Increased slightly by filling
them with compressed air and that
such vessels become specifically "lighter"
as soon as the air contained In
them Is exhausted, tinny elaborate
experiments 011 the weight of air have
proved that the cubic foot weighs 530
grains, or something less than one and
a qnnrter ounces. The above experiment
on the weight of air Is supposed
to be made at the surface of the earth
with the temperature at 50 degrees P.
Heated nlr or air at high elevations Is
much lighter. ?
A Deferred Call.
In n certain town In the county of
Wexford there Is a house the door of
which must be raised a Utile to he
opened, and far this purpose the
hatchet Is generally used. One night
lately a knock came to the door, and a
youngster was sent to see who was
. "Who Is there?" he Inquired.
"Me," snld a voice outside.
The youngster, knowing the voice,
shouted hack (Ip such a tone that the
person outside could hear lilra):
"It's Mrs. Murphy. Get the hatchet!"
Needless to sn.v Mrs. Murphy didn't
wait.?Pearson's Weckljv
He Wouldn't Wnke.
One evening lust week Mr. Polndextor,
a traveling man, had a remarkable
dream. lie seemed to lie exploring an
old and initialled attic In Ills dwelling
bouse. Presently lie uncovered nn ancient
chest. He opened It and found It
full of gold nnd silver.
So strong wns the Impression upon
him Unit he realized at once the utter
folly of waking up. Thereupon be
Slept 011 nnd continued to dream.?Chicago
Tribune. I
Bad Error.
"That was a rather serious mistake
lie types mnde In spcnklng of young I
II [l wuui way :
"Changed n 'u' Into an 'a' nnd snld
I pc was n ragged specimen of athletic
An Exception.
"I never henrd such n lot of gossip.
The walls In that hoarding bouse have
vara, haven't they?"
"Yes; everywhere except nbout the
dumb waiter."?Baltimore American.
In the Swiss Stonntnlnn.
"Ethel, that awfully huudsomc guide
kissed me n moment ago. Do you
think I ought to deduct something
from his pay or add to It?"?Fllegende
Blatter. ,
Those edges soonest turn that are
most keen. A sober moderation standa
sure. No violent extremes endure.?
Person who took suit of clothes
either by mistake of. design, from
Smouse & Echols' store, First ward,
should return same at once to avoid
arrest H. F. BRAND,
2T-6t .. CSlty.,
TT Aw Iflvt/1 IT1 \J T m L* T lwUL * ^ ' ^
^ ^ k
Pattern in our store and if prices will sell them the/ won't last long- I
Everything made to your Individual measure.. Guaranteed TailerlniM
' BE 9B
No fit, no pay.
915 Made to Order Suit or Overcoat ......913*0
918 Made to Order 3ult or Overcoat .... 915.00
920 Made to Order Suit or Overcoat 917*0
923 Made to Order Suit or Overcoat . ....$20.00 : a
925 Made to Order Suit or Overcoat ......-921.90
930 Made to Order 8uit or Overcoat 928.00
We have 100 Suits and Overcoats where there is only one auditwo
of a kind left that are reduced from
$5. to $8. ij
Special reduction on the best Shoes that money can buy. Fancy HE :?|l
You will find nothing but bargains here for ONE WEEK ONLY. I
Come early and get first pick.
? * n i ?
Parks Ave. near Bridge . j
Pressing, Cleaning, Dyeing done on abort notloe. Called for and I
delivered. Bell phone 80-J, All 8ulta bought of ui preieed free. , ' '
President off Great Northern Railway & I] ? 11 ^
Will Be 8uceeded by Hie Son * l"'||l^ ! Oil
Next July. Villi II Lfll L
ST. PAUL, Dec. 29.?James J. Hill, 0 ..
president of the Great Northern rail- Q Ji'f AH
way, will retire from active business _ fihnlrp ftfflrp R/MM1S 4
und active management of bis many UIIUIuD UlllUO IWtWl I
mammoth enterprises July 1, 1907 V G60, M. J3G0DS BluQ, 0
This announcement comes from Mr. A MOflTOB StrSfit.
Hill himself. His successor will be ^ www* .
hlB eldest son, Louis W. HIU. now first J Sp#oIa, Inducement! an* 3
vice president of the Great Northern. V gnsnui priMW
For 60 years or ever since he came 0 M T a rvtf?5 4B
to St Paul from hlB Canadian birth- m "^CoiTnty Cler^'s'QBoi5;i|M|^H
place at the age of 18, Mr. Hill has ||||agg||agS
followed steadily his dream of the do- ---iBB
velopment of the new empire In the
northwest, and at the age of G8 he ,, , ... .. tt d A %,
will retire with his wQfk accomplish- ? INCW AlBllCCElwS
In City Mutt QuftUrtng Water Until
Owing to the Bhoruge in the water Onr Specialty is Pohi ^.flp^MHj
supply for this city the mayor has PreBh Water,I
ordered all elevators running by wa- ' >A:;ifvjsjj
ter power to be stopped until Monday PINE OYSTERS ALL SEASON, 9
noon In order to help ascertain the '
cause of the present troubles. It Is gjve ^ -q . j
thought that the needles waste of wa- Next Door to KooiLlJIarilteJ
ter by careless people is the cause of Workl. Jftckson St
tho scant supply. A diligent search ~-?aaiaM
by the Water Commissioner has j iijci'iiiVnuflM
brought' no, light upon the matter. ?
There seems to be no brake In the re- " |"\p f"\l HHU'C %
turning main from the reservoir to Ml 111 IImII A J
When a hit of sunshine hits ye, .ffrffrlly
When a fit of Innghter gils ye, I Afternoon and In
And your spine is feelln' proud, Evening'.
Don't forget to up and fling It
At a soul that's feelln'blue, TTIppfrir' TllAafAlllfl
For the minute that you sling It (X Ji.CCllCJI.gJ
It's a boomerang to you. . )
Yours !n clouds or sunshine, Olu P.k 0?,
Two Prominent Catholics Dead. f|N||]|^N|IIJJ fjn.l
ROME. Doc. 89.?Two high prelates "
| ?ere lost to tho Catholic church to- ,- t, i
[ 'lay In the deaths of Cardinals Cava- gols
and Trtpopl. Paralysis was the ?'?&t
cause of death In each Instance. I] (\ II H DTIB
I /IttftnKHRwB
hy local applications, as they cannot fliio rorii-ao fn Vi\n9
reach the diseased portion of the ear. vJUCUCUlbCt* . Ly X U1H
There is only one way to cure deaf- '
ness, and that Is by constitutional rem- As much satisfaction as foh'eamB^BI
edles Deafness Is caused by an In- 8ecure elsewhorb In the seven?
named condition of the mucous lining ?
of tho-Eustachlan Tube. When thla ""f ?** . J9H|
tube Is Inflamed you have a rumbling Our holiday trade was itrew i
sound or Imperfect hearing, and when satisfactory and we apprecfn4st-/1
It is entirely closed. Deafness Is the )h- f>ct . ,h>t tw mSI
residt. and unless the inflammation
can be taken out and thlB tube reatorpi
to Its normal condition, beating endeavor to meet \datntNP^H
will be destroyod forever; nine cases funy on ordinary oeca?iona3SiS
out of ton are caused by Catarrh, ; - ' ivK'sSaSH
which Is nothing but an Inflamed oon- OS-o+irvrnorvr ''"3
dltlon of the mucous surfaces. OlcLtlOIlctly
We will give One Hundred Dollars n *_ r\ * tapg
for any oase of DeafneBS (caused by oOC16tV LfOOuS
catarrh) that bonnet be cured by _ . ' ,
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circu- COniCCtlODGry?
ar8' re? F. J. CHENEY & CO., Rnnkc onH Maffeib
Toledo, Ohio. JDUUZVb dliU IVidgaSHj
Sold "by druggists, 75c. or
Take HaU'a Family Pills for con- ZlllCb
stlpatlon. y-yrr. o ^^1' ,
?$-^Unice ouppncfiI
Finest Una of gift books In city. J 'T U

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