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I ton Star, j
a surplus approximating *87.inS^ie^Treaaury,
the United i
I hardly. to be classed with
nation's of the world. It Is,
o rich that some folks.think
terlng from Its own prosperjjfllngi
billions on government
^iTaiid'Improvements, It nev'ls
able to pile-up reserves by
"of millions and to keep all
y'Issues on the soundest posIs.
Its credit Is so high that
It Issues bonds the offer those
securities are manytees
of the supply,
jgpf the couhtry Is In good
at this time. The stock
lump of March has been fola
period of stagnation In
ly centers, perhaps due In
t to the extraordinary backof
the season and the rutmage
to the wheat crop. The
extreme depression and pesowever,
has been passed,
has succeded a general feeliinlsm
and a strong belief In
romlng of general confidence.
: market may not soar to
3 heights, but It exhibits a
|:y > healthy tone, whloh is rar better than
vtfie rapid fluctuations that cause the
swift making and losing of fortunes.
"Mills are kept busy to the limit of
their possibilities turning out all sorts
of products in metais, fabrics, and
. Other necessities. Prices are good.
S1 : -but not excessive. The demand for
construction materials Indicates that
the confidence In the future on the part
of business men Is sufficiently high to
warrant their Investing millions In enlargements
and in new ventures. Labor
conditions here and there operate
to tiecfothls foimof development, but
< there Is little fear of prolonged stoppages
of work In any section.
New Immigration Law.
Boston Transcript.
The new Immigration law which
went; Into effect Monday, besides add^
Ing a million dollars or so of reveC;'
nues by Its Increase of head money,
I. subtracts a good many from the numf
ber of "underslrables" likely to be
dumped_ upon our shores. The exff
.. -eluded clfSes are extended to cover the
f imbecile, the feeble-minded, the consumptive,
the physically and morally
defective. The government will find!
We Believe t
"We believe without
doubt that the Issues <
West Virginian on M<
of Fairmont a better m
other paper publish
county, and as good a
| Why?
It Is because we hav
tljre weekly subscripts
two Issues. The We
ginion Is the oldest i
In Marion county; wai
1868, and has a big list
porters as any paper
West Virginia. The
uses these two issues
the benefit of the best
DUt reacnes a cmos u
town who have not 1
appealed to for trade I
umns of the dally papi
giving our weekly si
papers a week for th
> has proved to be verj
our liberal offer is brim
of new subscribers da
Now we are not ma
tlon In the way of an
boast, but we present
lair thinking advert
as we look at it, and
try It yen will find tha
tually think and see
From May 1st we g!
p '
ecrlbera the paper for
Inetead of *4.00 torn
Fairmont dally doee.
;.V,V-1' : *#*^iy.? *'>Tl^iv?#7?-TI !* *
SsssSEsS^ t * *vft fy''?M~s
it easier than heretofore to turn back
the incapables and to roll the efforts
of foreign nations to nnioafl their paupers
and perverts upon the. charitable
and' correctional Institutions of the
United States. Also the Immigration
authorities are authorized to attempt
"a beneficial distribution of admitted
aliens among the several States and
territories desiring Immigration." The
operation of this task of distribution
will be watched with close interest,
for it Is likely to prove by no means
as easy as it looks. The tendency of
Immigrants to gather In great cities Is
far from being altogether accidental.
The ties of kindred speech and thought
I??? Ttollonn fl/u?lr f/t infn
QIC IUUU(i iwimus ?w> ?v
Italians already settled here, and the
various foreign colonies receive steady
accretions. A very large proportion
of the Immigrants have a definite destination
In mind when they start for
this country and land ticketed through.
Some Southern and Western States
will doubtless pick up help under the
distribution project, but their retention
of these laborers depends upon
the acceptability of the employment
afforded. Allen congestion In our hl-t
cities Is a problem which may demand
many experiments before a solution
Is attained, and the popular but eis.
roneous Impression that every foreigner
coming here Is so eager for labor
that he will go anywhere to secure it
Is likely to prove one of the embarrassments
of the station.
In Oklahoma.
Kansas City Star.
The Supreme Court of Oklahoma,
havlpg dissolved the injunction against
the constitutional election, the question
is squarely up to the Republicans
to make their fight against the adoption
of the constitution or nominate
a State ticket and contend with the
Democrats for political control of the I
uew 'State. The people of Oklahoma
have been so urgent in their demand
for statehood that It seems entirely
Improbable that they will reject the
constitution and rob themselves of
self-government unless there appear*
some serious flaws in the instrument.
They will not revolt against It simply
because it was framed by a Democrat- Ic
The charge is made that the Democrats
have gerrymandered tlie State In
order to make Democratic success cer.
f v m tL tn 1? an noflnotc imnn
lain. II tOID IB U UC IB IdiCVlo Ufivu '
the Integrity of Democratic leaders,
and the people may even vote to adopt
the constitution but reject the pdlltlclans
responsible for the Injustice. The
administration at Washington may
safely be relied upon to protect the
2 Da
his ^
a question ot
)t the Fairmont
tie advertisers
edlum than any
3d in Marion t
s can be found
e added our en- I .^^?4
in list to these
Bkly West Vlrlaper
i established In ,
of as loyal suppublished
In f
merchant who
not only gets
t local medium,
[ people out of
leretofore been
;hrough the col
?r. mis piau ui
jbacribera two
e price of one
popular and
glug-ln numbers f "%
lly. YOU GET V-' 1 1
king this asser- I
Idle circulation
the matter to a
Islng patronage ???
If you will but
it you will even- ^
as we uu suuui p
, Encloted And
Ive til mall tub- Virginian.
> $3,00 per year,
ethlng no other '
:d? like cm- ?
All (
of more interest povr to the average
citizen of Oklahoma then party success.
and if the Republican leader*
commit their, party to a policy of obstruction
only they are simply invlu- (
ing disaster. I
The Democratic Problem. 1
Ohio State Journal. 1
The direct refusal of the Pennsylva- '
nla Democrats to Indorse Mr. Bryan 1
for the presidency Is significant of the 1
waning enthusiasm with which Democratic
politicians look forward to a |
third Bryan campaign. With Mr. .
Bryan their candidate against a rep- ,
resenlative of the Roosevelt policies, |
what in the world could the Democrats j
bring forward as their paramount Is- i
sue! ,
Both President Roosevelt and Mr.
Bryan are loose constructionists. Both ,
believe in the extension of federat ,
powers of government. The difference i
Is that Mr. Roosevelt stops short of ,
socialism, while Mr. Bryan has lost j
the support of the conservative men
ef his party by hi8 railroad ownership
propaganda. Mr. Bryan frequently
complains that the RepuDllcan administration
has stolen his thunder. In
other words, If he is made the candl- .
date against a Roosevelt Republican ,
the only ground on which he can ap- (
peal for votes will be that, while praising
the present administration for the
big things it has done, he thinks it
might have gone further, such a plea
cannot be made very effective with
any class of thinkers. So, in view of
the turn affairs have taken in the Re- '
publican party, it looks as if Mr. Bryan <
could not posBibiy be eiectea presi- >
dent In . 1908. Since it has become i
evident that the Republicans will not <
name a reactionary, Democratic man- I
agera are convinced that bla candidacy I
could not be successrul, anil their <
bard problem is to find a man wbo <
would stand a better cbance. . l
Z)ne Y
3S The
e Year i
^ess Than
Falrment,'W. Va.
25c for Ope Month Subecrlptlon to thi
;an Afford It
? m ?STJ'_ir2 : it. _ MfiL
Un fTiaay morning me mui annum
educational conference opened in Morjantown
with a large ana enthusiastic J
crowd of educations and other inter- j
isted people present. The presiding
3dicer Is President ^urlnton, of the t
University and -8, P. Hattan, of Pow- (
latton college, Is secretary..
The first speaker was J. F. March,
principal of the HarrlsvlUe schools, j
who discussed at some length the 1
county high school. He IndulgeJ In :
tome reminiscence of the time when I
there were no county high schools, I
tnd he Is a young man yet. The dls- I
trlct high Bchool was discussed by t
Principal 0. O. Crawford of Fayette
county, Principal 1. F. Stewart, of I
pf Wood county, Principal Frank J. I
Tracy, of Taylor county, Professor i
fasper Newton Deahl and Dr. Shel- I
Ion. "
T. C. Johnson, of the University '
ielivered a paper on the Agricultural
High School. He suggests that agrl- 1
culture' be Introduced in the high
school. In this he was opposed by 1
Dr. Charles A. McMurry, who Insists J
that the high school must confine Its'1
sttention to general educational work,
and leave the technical work to the 1
college. He Insists that the course 1
Is Impractical to top-heavy, which 1
pplnlon will find many supporters.
"District Supervision" was the (
theme of Principal J. C. Shaw, of the
Slenvllle State Normal school. He ,
claims that many students leave the ]
country schools because of poor sup- |
crvlslon. that aimless teachers continue
holding positions, and many
laults are perpetuated. Supt. Faust, c
if Marlon county, contributed consld- 1
irable ginger by his remarks, which t
were able. Professor MpBee^polte.eu- c
What Is ihedlclne for
II But one medicine wi!
J| medicines act on different
|| another to the spine, Win
I, Win
has proven so efficacious
Mr*. Wm. Tomer, at Barton
without rebel. My back and baa
J took Wine of Cardul and nor I
ear E
in One C
y and TP
TWO Cent
i F>
i Dally West Enclosed fli
We?t Virgin
.... Nemo ...
.... Acidrest
' tvy.v'. j . j' . : .
* Plague-Swept India,
few.' York Sun.
During the- first three and a half
rears of 1907 the deathi from the
>!agut In India totalled 494,000, the
leaviest v monthly mortality yet rejorted
during the epidemic. This
vould appear to show that the preeint
year will exhibit a rtcord trimler
of deaths.
The plague, recerds for the ten ,
rears, October, 1896, to .December, s
1906, show that there was a Urge
tnnual Increase from 1901 to 1904,
he deaths numbering 274,000 In 1901, ^
577,000 in 1902, 657,006 in 1903 and
il,022,000 in 1904, the worst year in 1
an years.
There was a small decrease in 1905, ^
he deaths falling ,te 951,000, and a
arge decrease In ? 1906, When there (
were only 332,000. The total deaths
or the whole ten years numbered
1,411,212. The improvement whtcn y
was shown' In the two years 1905 and
1906 has not, unfortunately, been
nalntalned. j
From the first appearance of the
lisease up to the year 1901 the mor- ,
tallty was greatest In the Bombay
presidency, but from 1902 onward,
with one exception, the worst area (
ids been the Punjab, and in 1905 the
leaths In the latter province alone
lumbered 364,626. |>
Bidding for Notoriety. ^
Chicago Dally Nbwb.
Col. Harvey feels that lie would be ^
lulte a personage If be could Induce
President Roosevelt to take some no (
Ice of him.
The most liberal offer that was em
it this paper feHlay. Read It. Let ?s
tear from you at once. We want
wo thousand more readers In Harlon e
onnty'aad think,this;win get.them, *
? To cure you. If sick, you sa
II not cure every kind of Islcl
parts of the body. Onemed
ieof Gtrdui tothe womanly^
0 -pi
in most cases of womihfy (Use
nrtB?. in., vitas: "I auffered foryearawt
d would hurt me, and I suffered agonjr vf
am In good health." Sold evaqrvfaara, In
4 * T*
y Ma
Dent SL C
) One V<
s Per Wee
Fairmont,' W. Va.
id 2Sc for' 3 montha Subscription to
Subscribe No1
: . v.: ''
TRIP <0 ivivv
Only |2 Additional to Aktury Park. L<
For Full Detail! Call on Not
Vhere blrda In h,edges Ijlossotny
Their lyric notee re pen, j
'ill morning drips with melody I
Melllfluously sweel: t
Vhere bees from ^taming buttercups t
'Ambrosial nectars drain? t
) ho. but let's go loitering! I
0 hey, for Llghtheart Lane! . I
Vhere the ways stretch cool and shad- i
owy <
To lure the laggard tot, i
And little winds leap laughingly t
Down, ranks of rippling wheat; I
Vhere wild blossoms pelt the butter- c
With gusts of rosy rain? i
) bo. but let's go loitering! 1
0 hey, for Lightheart Lane! t
.et's leave the clash and clamoring, c
The Just and din and beat; t
iet's quit the cramping sortdneaa j
And struggle of the street; . t
'or one full day of Jojonsness 1
Let's slip the gyves ol pain?
> ho, but let's go loitering! ,
0 hey, for Lightheart Lane!
?Hilton R. Green li^Llppincott's.
Forty, thousand person are engag- '
d in the manufacture ol stockings In
higland. ; |
Sess; because
Udne goes to the Over,
pi ^So'that
< ? %
- ..ifc .
ase. Try>n;r
lh female dtseaie* aad doctored *
thbearfng-doro palna. At hit
$1.00 bottles. v I
a FT?*" '
f ??M?? ? ?
j Corrc
11 tffarrt
la v
lag t]
aire t
)ay St?
- t:
i '
to wr
Is woi
|_ .pert*
?V work
" subsc
, We
the Twicer-week ^
Name We
Addrew VInrli
daily i
. by'wi
W .Uon.
a uuu w lUB Buocutc Ui vu; oiu^.
ontrol the spectators^ If they wooIiL
aces: there Is oDOOrtunltr tor bet
Prompt attention given to calle day
I Ivlwlrf premium*.
Mr oar new plan of big proffti with
little work. Write Unlay. Address
E. T. H03ELEY, .Premium, departispondents
lew of making the change In the
y edition of thin paper and aead- I
he dally, aeml-vreekly for the I
PER TEAR and in order to In- I
the value of the. paper to the I
re throughout the county we de- I
a hare a regular correspondent I
ch postofflce of any site, eape- I
at all such places as I
tte one news letter each week
^ the countrr startM out by oor? ^ %

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