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Eoed from Clarksburg yeslie
there she 'was the
and Mrs. Stemple.
L Bfrlstor, and Mrs. Sa'nf
East Park avenue, were
and Mrs. William Mereistowh
Shotti of Columbia street
from Jamestown where
fenklns, of Pittsburg, 's
mother, Mrs. Walter.
on Fauceee, of Columbia
with symptoms of typhoid
i Selby returned to her
rgantown yesterday aftv
t with her sister, Mrs.
laker, of Guffey street
s Dorsey and daughter
it Grafton "yesterday.
t . V(iron artrl pAn
Iard and Elizabeth, have returned
a short stay at Morgantown.
?> D. D. Leonard, of Clarksburg,
here yesterday visiting her mothirs.
Thomas Barnes, cf State
t, who Is quite sick.
a. Arthur Stealey and daughter
line, of Washington, are visiting
ind Mrs. P. G. Stealey.
. and Mrs, D. S. Helmick of DlaI
street, are visiting relatives at
lelton and Hutton, Md.
. C. B. Cordray, who Is employ;
Falrview, spent Sunday with his
iy on Diamond street
City Hospital Notes.
bs Bennle 'Is nursing at the home
. H. Hedges.
ss Chlpps was called to her home
ichwood Saturday by the illness
!r brother.
i Harry Reed, of Charlerol, Pa.,
admitted yesterday.
I-jar.- waiier uray was aismissea yesJohn
S par) of a r was admitted yesterRev.
Rice Will Preach.
. Rev, R. R. Rice, of Newbiirg, will
preaoh at'^he First M. P. Church tomorrow
evening at eight o'clock. It
I? is the first meeting of the District Con'
ference which will be held for a conpie
of flays.
' Ladies' Aid Society.
^ ' "Hie Ladles' Aid Society of the Dia'
mond Street M. E. Church will meet
' at the home of Mrs. Minnie Springer
on Diamond street on Thursday even&ii
Ttaken to Hospital.
r Mrs. Ernest Hawkins, of Columbia
; street, who is very ill or typhoid fever
^ Ywas taken to Cook's Hospital yester|
A Sistersville
IBaby Abandoned
WASHINGTON, Pa., July S.?A litbaby
girl was abandoned by 'ner
posed parents at the Cllftnn hotel
Flnleyvllle. Every effort so far
ie to locate the strange couple who
the child has so far proved witheffecL.
it is a mystery in which
people of the town take a deep in!8t.
The child will be cared for by
women of the town. Several days
a couple came to the hotel with
child, registering as Mr. and Mrs.
P. Sode, of Sistersvtlle, W. Va, The
a first disappeared and the same
. the woman failed to show up as
ai at dinner. When a search was
;ltuted it was found that tbey left
n on tlia trolley in the direction of
:sburg, leaving the child behind.
( little girl Is only seven months of
I; '?> ' A Nice Excurilon,
i^jThe steamer'J^roy had a good day
.yjMjpjOay.'About one hundred persons
took advantage of the opportunity to
Hw a pleasant day. on the river.
EB&*'..When tho boat readied Morgantown a
' m number, of excursionists were
..to board tbe boat for Fairmont.
They were brought to this city and reHead
the Dally West Tlrglnlan.
Who will appear at the Grand <
dramatic travesty, "The Tramp's R<
their act is taken from the T'itiBburg
Heading the bill at the East 1
Maye In a Buslesque Travesty, with i
laugh every few seconds. The singii
their dialogue work above par.?Pitt
Rejected On
His Return
. PARKERSBURG, July 8.?Notwithstanding
a bullet wound In bis left
side, Edward Hubbard Is still able to
cause his wife, from whom he has been
separated for three years,- lots of trouble.
Returning home from Cincinnati
a few days ago he got drunk and commencved
making overtures to his wife.
She well remembered how he used to|
treat her and spurned him. The more
he drank the worse he got, and Saturday
violated the law so many times
that his arrest was ordered and he is
now in the county Jail.
Hubhard was arrested by Constable
Nolan, a charge having been preferred
by Mrs. Hubbard. The woman said
that he went to her restaurant near
! the 0. R. depot and took full possession.
She tried to drive htm away, but
he would not budge and helped himself
to all the money In the cash register
and started to give away all of
her 10 cent cigars.
By his alleged actions he ltcpt trade
away from the reslanrant and was
running everything down when the
woman decided that her only recourse
was to invoke the law. When arrested
Hubbard put up an awful protest,
Un l.n?1 n vlrrVif til .If) OR ][email protected]
ucuiaiuift uc iiuvi ? >.a..b ? ? ?
pleased in his wife's restaurant. The
officer finally landed him, however, and
he will have a hearing before Squire
Ruttencutter Monday.
Hubbard refused to tell how he happened
to receive the gun shot wound
in Cincinnati, but it is the opinion
of the officers that he was in one of
his old time fights and got the worst
of it.
A Morgantown young man and a
lady student at the university became
separated from the' rest of a picnic
party on Cheat mountains and lost
their way. They wandered through
the woods all night while searching
... - ,? ., |? In ip|,ov
jmrues numeu iui mnn iu
found their way back to civilization
about six o'clock the next morning.
Try a West Virginian want a4.
| Dining R<
| Pictures
| For one day on
2 Saturday, July 6
2 ,?;11 u ntm r\n c<
^ WC Wiliiiav^vxi
ia very handsoi
line of dining roc
Pictures at abc
onerhalf the mar
facturers cost.
coal ary
)pera House to-night in their burlesque
'hearsal.' The following criticism of
Herald of May 21:
!nd Hippodrome were Beecher and
to particular title, but good for a hearty
ig of the duo especially is good and
iburg, Pa., Herald, May 21, lf07.
Soldier Boys
Reach Home
The members of Company H arrived
home yesterday afternoon. Company
H was part of the provisional reglment
that was selected at Camp C. L.
Smith, Charleston, to go to Jamestown.
This was a delightful trip for
the boys. They came to Washington
by boat and from there they were
transported over the lines of the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad Company.
Companies K. of Clarksburg, L, of
Morgantown, M, of Terra Alta, A, of
Weston, of the First regiment and
Company I), of Spencer of the 3econd
regiment came by this route. Companies
G and H, of Huntington, and SI,
of Charleston, of the Second regiment,
were transported over the C. and 0.
From Wheeling
1 " *
PITTSBURG, Pa., July 8.?Charles
Abey, alias Charles Elmer Singleton,
of Wheeling, W. Va, Is in jail here
charged with bigamy. Saturday morning
Mrs. Eleanor Simgleton, of Wheeling,
came here and brought the bigamy
charge against her husband, naming
Mrs. Alice Dunns singieion, 01 misburg;
as wife No. 2.
Mrs. Singleton No. 1 says she and
the prisoner were married in 1905, and
that her husband came to Pittsburg
IS months after their wedding and
married again. The man does not appear
to be disturbed and refused to
testify at the trial this morning.
The Pittsburg police say that Abbey
is a vaudeville actor, having recently
played in New York State. They say
that not long ago he was arrested at
Altoona, Pa., for being implicated in
a theft of a diamond and served 10
months as a result.
The Twine Trust may find a rival
In the Malva Cnstella, a new Philippine
fiber plant
>om Dini
th, poi
ale fl fl ver
s U U tur
?Do ?
lu- II I V It.
U I ) opi
II V V VA4 * vi\4
l' "its be^g'tiuq^v? i
' '
: CttAtoACQUA; ;N. Y., ?aljr 8.?An
hoar of exceptional Interest was Henrv
J. Gorman's Internretatlon of the
newest language, Esperanto. In hart
bejald: p
The world is ever grasping for
something which vyill tend to remove &
the restriction imposed by the use Of o
the various languages for a unlver- t<
sal medium which will enable ail to I;
meet on the common ground of a com- t!
mon speech. Some belfevo we should
revert to the classical tongues; some p
maintain that the modern tongue e
Should be adopted. To both these p
plans there are serious objections. In c
this busy life any dead language Is j,
impossible; some artificial language r
must be chosen so easy that all con- h
ditions of people can master It. Such
Is Esperanto, which has been invest!- a
gated by a great number. Including c
great scholars and scientists, and. bas j
received the indorsement of eminent v
men in Germany, Australia, England it
and France. Esperanto Is not mere- ti
!y"a fad of a few cranks, but is warm- h
ly fostered by many people. b
In spelling the language Is strict- g
ly phonetic. Certain new signs are
introduced, but no new sounds. In s
constructing the vocabulary Zemanof p
compared tbe dictionaries of languages g
and used words common to all. He t
then chose words appearing In ndar- c
ly all languages, and then chose with- p
X *-? "?? lnnrniotro thp 11
oul yrcjuuiue iu auj
words wblcb seemed best to blm. In p
the suffixes He the secret and strength t;
of Esperanto. ABide from technical c
terms, the language consists of about 0
? enn Wohufor'a dictionary ]\
contains 1.10,000 to 158,000 words. As s
an actual fact the grammar can be r
printed on a postal card. Published c
In 1887. Esperanto did not make elaborate
progress. It happened during ?
the period of the doubtful Volapul r
which was intended as a universal lan- v
guage. The founder and his "zealous e
followers have an Ideal object In view a
?the promotion of human justice and p
brotherhood. To-day' there are about n
1,000 or more clubs In France for the t
propaganda of Esperanto and In Eng- t
land nearly 100. Secretary Root Is
strongly in favor of Introducing the ?
language In the American consular ^
service. v
At the conclusion of Air. Forman's j
lecture such enthusiasm was shown, 0
that Mr. George Vincent decided at ,
once that the language will be taught p
here this summer. s
* 1:
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
with local applications, as they cannot
reach the seat of the dlesase.
Catarrh Is a blood or constitutional
disease, and In order to cure It you c
must take Internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, and
acts dlreclly on the blood and mucous
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Care Is not 0
a quack medicine. It was prescribed 1
by one of the best physicians In this r
country for years and is a regular
prescription. It is composed of the c
best tonics known, combined with the c
best blood purlflors, acting directly on 1
the mucous surfaces. The perfect !
combination of the two Ingredients ''
- - - - . _ n
Is what produces sucn wonaeriui re- eults
In curing Catarrh. Send for tea r
tlmonlals free. *'
F. J. CHENEY & CO, Props., 0
Toledo, 0.
Sold by Druggists, price 75.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constl
Sure He Is a Quitter.
The fact that President Roosevelt allowed
a steam whistle to silence him
at Cumberland, Md? will convince Colonel
Bryan that the President Is a
good deal of a mollycoddle himself. ?
Kansas City Journal.
ng Room f"
Pictures |
is is a rare op- i I
tunity to get a Z I
y attractive pic- 2 ?
e at a very small "
_ it
ce. See our win- f
n and you will |?
nder how we do f ?
Don't miss the | *
Dortunity. ?
ucimw ra I"
I13II1UU tV.
anralmost? unlimited speed
NORFOLK, Va.. July 8.?Of all the
Kent-inventions in metbodB of transportation',
the one which it would
eem is calculated to upset the whole
f the present method of city and Insrurban
rapid transit was successfulr
tested at the Jamestown Exposlton
on June 27.
The statement of this fact must
are a very soothing effect upon Amrican
pride, for the reason that this
roposed innovation has been the ocasion
for considerable rivalry of late
etween this country and England, by
eason of the fact that a London man
as recetnly invented a similar car.
A a matter of fact, the two systems,
s far as the track and car are conerned,
are identical. But there Is a
Ifference in the method of equilibrium
rhich, it can be seen at once, is a very
mportant factor in a car constructed
p run at a higher rate of speed than
as yet been nttalne dby any device
uilt for the transportation of passenprs
With the exception of one or two
hort experimental lines, the Jamesown
Exposition line Is the first sinle
rail railroad ever built In this counry,
and this half-mile track now has
ar speeding back and forth over
: daily by way of convincing the pub,c
that the system is beyond the exerlmental
stage. Tbe initial run over
be line was made on June 27, witn
lovernor Warfleld, of Maryland; Mayr
Barry Mahool, of Baltimore; the
iaryland commissioners to the expoItion;
officers of the company, and
epresentutlves of press aboard the
This car Is 47 feet 6 Inches long, has
seating capacity of 34, with standing
oom for fifty more, and Is equipped
,'ith eight motor of 20 horse power
ach. The frame work Is of structurI
steel. It Is estimated that It will
e able to make three hundred trips
. day from the exposition to tbe miliary
camp, which points represent the
This car Is operated upon a positive
aechanlcnl method, of which N. H.
'unts, of Baltimore, is the Inventor,
.hlle the English car of which Louis
Irennan Is the inventor, operates upn
the guroscope method?or In other
rords upon the principal that underles
and keeps In motion the ordinary
pinning top, with which every boys
3 familiar.
The American car, of which Mr. Tuts
is the Inventor, and which Is in
peratlon at the Exposition, has two
verhead trucks, built as light as posible
for safety. The wheels run beween
positive guides overhead. Thereore,
It matters not If the motor stops
>r some accident happens to the car,
he guides are there to hold It on the
A desirable feature of the Tunis
ar Is that when the car Is running on
urvos at a high rate of speed It leans
ownrd the center. In come cases as
ouch as 45 degrees which serves to
eep the car on the rail. One of the
ice points about this American monoall
system is the fact that the equllirlum
device also serves" the purpose
f a transmitter for the electricity.
The only single rail system in opiratlon
heretofore Is that of the suslenslon
type known to Europe, and
if which this country could make no
iradical use. Therefore the Jamesown
Exposition line is attracting wide
nterest, especially among practical
abroad men. Much interest has likerise
been aroused in the proposed contraction
of a nonorall Interurban line
rom Newark, N. J., to New York
Ilty, which undoubtedly depends'upon
he success Si the demonstration now
elng made on the shores of Hampton
Flemington Man
Had Legs Cut Off
GRAFTON, July 8.?John W. Nesar,
an employe of the Pittsburg Vein
loal Company, and the owner of the
festor barber shop of Flemlngton, tills
ounty, had both legs sevrely mangled
y being run over by a yard engine
f the Baltimore & Ohio railroad In
tie Flemlngton yards early Saturday
fternoon and when an operation amutatlng
Ills limbs at the Grafton snnarlum
was completed three hours lair
he died of his Injuries.
Nestor was walking along the siding
ver which the yard engine was movig
and the speed and noise of a
trough west bound freight on the
ext track attracted his attention.
,'hen It was too late he attempted to .
>av? the siding and his legs were run
ver. He was brought to the Grafton
lnltarlum hair an nour inier ana united
on with the above result.
Mr. Nestor was about forty years
Id and Is survived by a wife and five
hlldren residing at Flemlngton.
Read the Dally "We* Virginian.
Buckhanno'n; H. F. Dent, John Queen,
Charles Trhxeil,!Weston; M;
lenbee, HMns; Cook Devore, Hoy
Bockhanncn, Harry Gump, Clyde
Shanks,' Luther Cottrlll, Mahnlngton; |
S. C. Lockhart; Mlddleton; Mr*. M.,
H. Braden, Prank P. Corhln and, wife,
Morgantown; H. Hatch and son, Be-'
jlngton; F, Largest. Montana;. Ingle,
Malone, Beechwood; D. M. DeHass,
Austin; H. T. Smoot, Parkeraburg; K.
G. D. Bedford, Clarksburg; A. J. Stewart,
Wheeling; \v. W. Manning, Opeklska.
MARIETTA?J. C. Yost, W. H.
Knowle, W. H. Bowman, Glenn Lowe
0. E. Morris, Amos; H. F. Piney, M.
J. McLaughlin, George K. O'Nell, Joseph
McCray, wife and daughter, W.
W. Warder, J. Mi Logue, R. F. Ward,
A. L. Wilson, Harry Gump, Clyde
Shanks, M. C. McLaughlin, Mannington;
B. F. Hornor, E. Essler, F. J.
Welsh, J. Wlckover, J. M. Johnston,'
F. Terrill, Clarksburg; J. M. McChes-A"
D^iinut Vf/tPoriv
JiC-J UUU " lit, Wiu^.vu, <uvvw.>?,|
Gronnlnger, Morgantown.
MANLEY?E. F. Mullan, Tofake Simon,
Roy H. Stewart, Mannlngton;
W. C. Shafer, A. Bell, Wheeling; Solomon
Meyers, Blacksvllle; O. G. Coulter,
Elklns; A. G. Arters and family,'
Wolf Summit; E. S. Davis, Clarksburg;
Isaac Peters, Shlnnston.
WATSON?H. B, Mason, J. A. Leamon,
H. Koplan, C. E. Beaty, Harry
Straight, Besse Thomas, Mannlngton;
C. H. Bloom.
Bellaire Girl
Taken Home
Learning that her pretty daughter, who
has been absent, from home In Bellaire
for several weeks, was an inmate of i
'house on lower Broadway, Mrs. Elizabeth
Bittish came here and had the
police locate the girl. Officer Hugh
McDerraott found the girl In a Broadway
resort and after the threat of
Mayor Blake to send her to (he work
house In the event that she refused to
accompany her mother she was rescued
from the clutches of several women.
The girl Is said to hear a good
reputation In Bellalre, where her mother
conducts a boarding bouse. The
two women left on the evening train
for Bellalre.
Free, for Catarrh, fast to prove merit,
a trial size box of Dr. Shoop's Catarrh
Remedy. Let me send it now.
It Is a snow white, creamy, healing!
antiseptic balm. Containing such healing
Ingredients as Oil Eucaliptus, Thymol,
Menthol, etc., it give* instant and
lnstlng relief to Catarrh of the nose
and throat. Make the free test and
see for your self what this preparation
can and will accomplish. Address Dr.
Shoop, Racine. Wis. Large glass jar, 50
cents. Sold by E. A. Bllllngslea & Co.
Read the Haily West Virginian.
Transfer and an
I move anything from a baby
do It quickly, also mak? a spec
Hoods' and Pianos without dai
all me up. I deliver Coal and
la short order. When yon have
thfnir nlnnaH In atnrnpA Rpi Th
Trunk hauling a apeclalt
all Phone?Office 8, Rea. HO. tlf
Co*.?Office 100, Rea. 70. ,
jfccg.W. B. REDU
Restrains ten den
S over-developed pi
r thoutfkt to be ath
XLx boned apro
mm: mzm
I Btjle ? jU I jimln Pin.
(for Clarkeburg only). Arrive. No. t,r'Zam
*7.?S ?. m. (for Clarkiiburg only); No.
Fairmont, Moroantown A Plttiburg Br.
Leave, No, 1. *5:00 a. m.; No. 3, z7lu H
a. m.i No. 51. 3:16 o, to. Arrive, No,; A)
60. *1:10 p. m.; N<^ E;*?:|??ptifigNo.
0, xi-M p. m.: No. 08, xI0.06
For MOROANTOWN. Leave. No, ?t, xl.Ot
p. m. Arrive, No. 01, x6:66 a. m. vA
Monday. Wedneaday and Saturday.
Depart, No. 201. 7:00 a 'n.yNo.
jE^nn Arrive, No. 200, s.15 a. m.; Now
Through Service
Fairmont to Clarksburg
. Cars leave Cor. Main and Jefferton
Ste., Fairmont, HOURLY for Clark*,
burg and Intermediate Point*, from^. '!
6:00 A. M. Until 10:00 P. M. ... .. J
JANUARY 25, '07. '
A. M. A. M.
Fairmont B:80. 6:00 10:0^ "
12th Street ....6:39 6:09 10:0#
Jayenne ..6:45 6stt.,
Monongah 5:63 6:23 10:23
Chiefton 6:10 6:40
Worthlngton ...6:16 6:45 10:46
Hutchinson .... 6:60 10:50
Enterprise .... 6:66 ..;l6:66^?
Shlnnston ,.... 7:06 '?y0fl;V'|
Meadowbrook .. 7:20 11:20
Pery Coaling Station 7:37
Short Line June. 7:41 11:41 j
Clarksburg .... 6:15 lOllS^M
Short Line June 6:1# 10:i9;j|^
Perry Coaling Sta. ' 6:23 iOfiSf^
HepBlbah 6:33 l$S|raj|9H
Meadowbrook .. 6:40 10:4^?
Shlnnston 6:64 ;
Enterprise 7:04 lT:0i*5?
Hutchinson.... 7:10
Worthlngton ...6:15 7:15 11;15|||
Chiefton .......6:20 7:20 11:20
Monongah 0:32 7:32 11:32
Jayenne .......6:45 "7:46 11:45*
12th Street ....6:61 7:51";
Fairmont 7:00 8:00 12t0# " :
Our stock of Wall Papar, Room
- Moldings, Burlap/ and LI?hih|^^^M
Varnishes and Stains.
Agents ror Sherwln and WllllaMB
Both Phones, Jacobs Bid*
Kinds oiflaiilio.j
carriage to s street ear ai id I
laity of moving Household I
oage. When you need Coal, J
Band to all parts of the dty I
> Hauling to'do, or desire aay- [
omas, he's the man. |
,S. Thomas, " ?s|
cy to overfleskinese, an J mould# tkc
'oportions into frecekJ outline* LitLcrtc

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