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Ave., under roh's ^Shoc Store.
I returned to ner norae
v'her daughter, Mrs.
Harden and Delia
the guests of friends
wler.'of Connellsville,
'^eal, Sherwood, of
Milton Satterfleld, of
the. guests of the for4rs'.;,
Virginia Batterstreet,
Inkle and Mr. Alfred
at Grafton Saturday
llnney, who Is attendrgnntown,
spent Sunon
^Merchant street.
Ldams, of Diamond
sen very ill, Is better.
:e-Vanata, who has
sndB at Oakland for
eeks, returned home
rtney, who has been
A naut voalr Ir ahlp
I^ IUI ';WC )" ?? " vv?
annie Robinson Is 111 at her
8tate street with symptoms
iorence Levelle, Blanche and
attley were at Eldora Sunday,
rsey Pople and daughters,
aye returned from a short
C; Scott and daughter, Edith,
[uests of relatives at PleasI
Mrs. Samuel Shuttlesworth
ig at. Little Palls,
d Mrs. Levi Sbumaker, of
TO, are the guests of Mr.
George Shumaker.
>mer CoBinan and Miss Hatrt.
of Lumberport, are visitMe*
laggerty was at Clarksburg
Attended Funeral.
ttinno whn attended the fu
neral of Mr. Alexander McAllister at
p|j?Bnton'a Ferry Sunday were Mr. and
^Mjrs^JVO. Gaskins, Mr. and Mrs. J.
N. VGasklns, Mr. and Mrs. John S.
Bcott and family. Miss Emma Lloyd.
City, Hospital News,
jfpjijfLepn Coombs was admitted Snturday
evening for medical treatment
bSSsR- Sfafaons, of Bast Park, was
admitted .for. typhoid fever treatment
Miss Chlpps Is nursing Miss Emma
Rdkaimi, of Diamond street.
Hpt| ' Will Meet Pastor.
:of, the parents desiring to have
their children baptized next Sunday
will meet the. pastor, Rev. o. W. Bent,
^ ait' tihe church on Saturday afternoon
at three o'clock.
Sunday School Attendance.
KlSt?-At theTyiiimond Street M.T2. church
[iblars were present at Sunday
? Slaty-two were enrolled at
atine Baptist church and 72 at
Called to Morgantown.
Nan Morris was called to Mori
Sunday by the serious Illness
granddaughter, Miss Dellllah
Ty Again to
Save Trouble
KSBURG, July 22.?John S.
ud Mary Jane Stewart, of
pson creek neighborhood, who
B*r bond to appear at the next
Circuit Court to answer to the
of having lived together a?
'and wife for nine years withI
legally married, have just rerotn
a wedding trip. Wednesr
went to Oakland and were
i marriage Friday by the Rev.
|j Mi. Workman, pastor of St Paul's
L' Methodist Eplscopnl Church, at his
^>homel{$ere, after having procure J a
from the county clerk
^Keener Insists that he married his
wife In Garrett county nine years ago,
but told Magistrate Gordon that In
REjiSriler' 'towtye the trouble and expense
B^fcbOtTng up pie record of the marriage
-he would take his wife to Oak1
marry her over again,
^ajbe'wuhty clerk of ..Garrett county
Efittlares -there Is, no record of a marBpfiage
license having been Issued to
ijpbwi nlne;years ago In that county.
Advertlments in tils paper bring
. MILWAUKEE, Wis, July Z2?furns
for a big West Virginia campaign by
[be Social Democratic party have been
completed and (taring the coming winter,
from October to April,.a aeries of
lectures on socialistic topics-is to. be
tiren, with the object of making concerts
to the party.-' The brightest'men
and women In the party have been
picked for this campaign, and during
the winter will visit Wheeling, lecturing
once a week.
This, in brief, is the announcement
that has been made in this city by
Victor L. Berger, national committeeman,
and one of the founders of the.
party. The plans for this campaign
are in charge of National Secretary'J.
Mahlon Barnes, of Chicago, who for
some time past has been In correspondence
with the leaders In the
States that are to be included in the
lecture courBe. He has so far booked
eighteen speakers, and more are
to be enlisted before the campaign
"This is the time for action by our
party," said Mr. Berger. "The time
for action was never more opportune
What we propose to do is to debate
every side of the socialist doctrine. It
will be discussed by men and women
who know what they are talking about;
who have given the subject ions study
and thought, and who are in a position
to enlighten those who really want
to know what true socialism means.
"Socialism Is spreading and we are
making great progress. The people
ore aware that something is wrong
with social conditions and are doing a
great deal of tl.inking these days when
agitation Is going on everywhere.
When such men as Presfdent Roosevelt
take up our ideas there must he
something more 10 them than mere
talk. Many of his declarations ate
founded on our doctrines, and were so
long he'crc he took them up In hit
pr'icnt policy. He does not claim to
be one of us, but many of his ideas
originated with us and are socialistic
and he Is helping our cause. His fight
on railroads and trusts is right, and he
is doing excellent work cojsiderirg lite
bandit t ps he Is working under. He
is not going far enough, however.
However, his light on the big corporations
that are robbing the people is
dring great good to onr cause.
"With all these cond'tions existing,
the time for action hy our party is
ripe. We are a party of the people ?.nd
in view of (he fact lhat the presidential
Cdn.a'gn will be op-..iod by the lime
i't<- lectures begin, tie p-jpie vi'i be
Interested to know what we have to
say to them." '
The following have tieen selected as
speakers, hut more aie to be chosen:
Victor L Berger. .fames F. Carey, E.
E. Carr, W. D. Gaj >rc,' ben Hanfonl
E. V. Debs, dnnni in H. King, .!r
Mllu T. Maynard, G. F. Klrkpatrlck, S,
M. Reynolds, A. M. Simons, Lena Mor
tow Lewis, May Woods Simons, F. G.
Sf 'ckland, J. G. PUetpB Stokes Mori
n Crsig Wentworth, John M. VVnrl;
Ce.-l D. Thompson.
Following is a list of the topics
which the national secretary has chosen
for the speakers: 1. The Reasonableness
of Socialism; 2. The Class
War In the East; 3. Socialism and
the Homes; 4. Trades Unions and Socialism;
5. Think or Surrender; 6.
The Working Classes in American
History; 7. Socialism and Ethics; 8.
Merrle England, Yesterday and Today;
9., Emperor William and Socialists;
10, A Night. With the French;
11. In Russia With the Revolutionists;
12. Influence of Socialism on the Statecraft
of Italy; 13. Constructive Programme
of Socialism; 14. The Amerl
can Social Movement; 15, The Last
of the Anarchist; 16. Socialism and
Low; 17. The Joy of Living; 18.
Readings From Gorky and Hauptman;
19. The Failure of Capitalism; 20.
Socialism and Education; 1. Economic
Interpretation of History; 22. The
Wages System and Socialism; 23. Socialism
aud the Farmer.
It will be Been at a glance at the subjects
of the lectures that every phase
of the question in this country as well
as In Europe has been covered. In his
letter to the leaders of the various
States, Mr, Barnes says:
"Having the best talent In the movement
on the platform, there Is no
question of the great value of the undertaking,
especially as It Immediately
precedes the national socialist convention
and the presidential election.
Not a single discordant note has sounded
from any quarter where this proposition
has been presented. All agree
that It is tho best move we could pesslhly
make at this time. I trust you
will take this matter up immediately
and never rest until you have reached
a conclusion; then let me henr from
you, the earlier the better."
The wording of Mr. Barnes' letter
can leave no doubt that he places
great Importance on the cnmpalgn at
this time.
Church?Do yon think traveling
broadens a man?
Gotham?Why, yes; look at Secretary
Taft!?Yonkers Statesman.
knocked out easily In the second
round, Is all he has" In the world.
This announcement will come as an
unpleasant surprise to many friends
of Fltrsimmons, who thought a few
yegri ago that be had an Independent
fortune from which nothing could divorce
All of that money which Fitz earned
and kept with such care baa been
sifted out In theatrical ventures and
taken froril him by sharpers. Fltzsimmons
in his life has earned easily, n
Is estimated, half a million dollars.
There was $2,000 due him from tae
Philadelphia light, and a telegram from
the Quaker City says that George
Consldine, of this city, attached this,
following a judgment of >4,200, which
he had secured against the gladiator.
Mr. Considlne's action, however, was
taken only to secure the money for
Fitz himself. Others of his creditors
were after It
New York city has provided new
flat-bouses for 580,000 tennants during
the last five years.
At the tobacco exhibition In London
some women made cigarettes at the
rate of 120 in 30 minutes.
Colorado will be 30 years old August
1, and, beginning this summer, the
date Is to be marked by an annual celebration.
A Japanese porter carries his teapot
with him when be goes to his day's
work, as an American workman carries
a dinner pall.
JiufflnB form the staple dish at tea
parties in Kensington Palace. The
King, like his mother before him, has
a special weakness for mnffins.
Kaiser Wilhelm is having an antique
sun dial set up in the Imperial
Park of Charlottenhof bearing the Inscription
"I count only happy hours."
Estimate for Levy For 1B07.
(a) Bond sinking fund...,
$ 8,117.05
(b). Interest on same
(c) Expenses of Water Plant:
Salaries . 4,440.00
Supplies and repairs,
Commissions ... 600.00
Discount ' 625.00
Fuel 3,600.00
Contingent 2,000.0 $35,832.65
Less estimated income
from Water Plant 30,000.00
Amount necessary to be
levied $ 5,832.65
(2) For (general Purposes:
(a) Bond sinking fund.... $ 1,614.71
(b) Interest on same 2,430.00
(c) Police dept. salaries .. 6,240.00
(d) Fire Department:
Salaries (5,940.00
Run'g expenses, 1,600.00
New equtp't .... 1,000.00 8,540.00
(e) Officers' salaries 7,260.00
(f) Sewers, 2,000.00
(g) Streets, Alleys and Public Buildings:
City building site,$ 5,000.00
Street lights 10,000.00
Crematory 1,000.00
Street repairs ... 7,000.00 23,000.00
(h) Poor 1,000.00
(I) Printing 1,500.00
(J) Rents 580.00
(k) Commission 1,100.00
(1) Discount 700.00
(m) Board for city prisoners
(n) Election expenses .... 100.00
(o) Refunding and: delinquent
taxes 1,000.00
(p) Contingent expenses,.. 3,000.00
(q) Interest on outstanding
orders 5,700.00
(r) Payment on outsanding
orders 5,600.00
(s) Fuel 200.00
(t) Permanent Improve'ts. 4,000.00
Total estimate for General
Fund I $76,014.71
Less General Fund Resources
Amount to be levied for
General Fund $29,094.92
Amount to be levied for
Water Fund 5.S32.65
Amount to be levied for
Bond Sinking Funds ... 1,336.13
Amount to be levied for
all purposes $36,263.70
Amount of assessable property....
I, W. S. Black, Clerk of the City of
Fairmont, do hereby certify that the
foregoing is a correct report of the
estimate for tho purpose of taxation
as made by the Common Council of
the said city at a regular meeting held
on the 2d day of July, 1907.
Given under my hand this 8th day
of July, 1907.
W. Si BLACK, City Clerk
Jnlv a IK 28.
A.:i J
, nn i T*rrtw T..U 09 U*i Uattla
AMVa-r j.v/41, uuij ??.?nun, iumvmu
Hall, of Phlllppl, tie guest o( Mrs. Dr.
Gall at Cecil, met death la'a'tragic
and -rery deplorable manner at Cecil
Saturday. Mra. Hall bad been vls)t
Ing Mra. Gall for the paat few days
and at. ten o'clock went to the postoffice.
As 'she was ,'returning to the
residence of Mrs. Gall the southbound
train was just pulling out and she
Started to walk up the track. The
work "train, in charge of Engineer
Brown Church, of Grafton, was following
the passenger, aild Mrs. Hall got
directly ahead of It, and was walking
with her back to the oncoming train.
The engineer blew his whistle, vigorously
and one of the trainmen Bitting
on the "cow catcher" called to her
loudly, but Mrs. Hall never noticed the
train until Itwas almost upon her when
she looked back and saw it. It was
too late, however, and as the train
struck her she threw her hands up as
if in appeal. The engine knocked the
woman to the left of the track. The
train was stopped as quickly as possible.
The accident had occurred dl
Tectly In front of the residence of
Frank McDaniel, and nearby residents
were quick to reach the side
of the fallen woman. Her broken body
was tenderly laid on a cot and taken to
the residence of Mrs. Gall.' Dr. Brown
of Webster, was called, and hurried to
the scene, but could do nothing, and
death came at twelve ' twenty-eight
o'clock. The Injuries received consisted
of a bad gash In the head, a broken
ankle and Internal injuries.
Mrs. Hall was the widow o( the late
Marlon Hall, of Phllippl, who died
about one year ago. She was well and
favorably known at Phllippl, and was
loved by all who knew her. Mrs. Hall
was a good, rellglouB, charitable ant.
gracious woman, and the announcement
of her death will be received at
Phllippl with every regret. There are
no children surviving. The- remains
will be taken to Phllippl for burial.
Mrs. Dr. Gall, whom Mrs. Hall was
visiting, Is a daughter of Mr. Joseph
Matllck, better known as "Uncle Joe,"
who was spending the day in Grafton
when the deplorable accident occurred.
' .- I
EAST LIVERPOOL, 0., July 22. ? j
One man was killed and four perhaps
fatally Injured because of the explosion
of a keg of powder at the Island
Run coal mines Saturday afternoon.
Three are Italians, two Americans, Edward
Brennan and John Green. Brennan
Is dead. He Is the son of Mine
Boss Brennan. Oneo f the foreigners
was fooling with the powder keg when
It exploded.
Bone Paine, Itching, Sea bey Skin Die
Permanently cured by taking Botanic
Blood Balm. Blood poison is the worst
diseases on earth, yet easily cured
by taking Botanic Blood Balm. II
you have acbes and pains in bones
back and joints, Itching, scabby sldn.
blood (eels hot or thin; swollen glands,
risings and bumps on the skin, sort
throat or moutb, falling hair, pimples
or offensive eruptions.ior rash on skin,
are run down or nervous, ulcers on
any part of the body, carbuncles or
(B. B. B.) GUARANTEED to cure *>
en the worst and most deepseated
cases. B. B. B. acts directly on the
poisons In the blood, driving all poisonous
matter from the system and
sending flood of pnre, rich blood directly
to the skin surface. In this
way sores, eruptions and pimples are
quickly healed and cured, completed
changing the entire body into a clean,
healthy condition. B. B.| B. has done
this for thousands of cases, so B. B.
B. will certainly cure you. For rhenmaitsm,
aching shoulders, -hawking
and spitting, blurred eyesight, catarrh,
cancer, and all evidences of Impure
blood, take Botanic Blood Balm It
stops all aches and pains, cures rheumatism
or catnrrh, heals every sore
and makes the blood pure and rich.
is pleasant and safe to take; composed
of pure Botanic Ingredients. It Is different
from any other blood purifier,
because B. B. B. cures where all elsa
falls. SAMPLE SENT FREE by writ
Ing Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga. SOLD
BOTTLE. Sold In Fairmont, W. Va
by Mountain City Drug Co., Main SI
Call or write. Remedy sett by ea
^ ^ ^ ^ ~ . t.
and Tu^JrculosI^and
folk, Va., at the Jamestown Exnositlon
Is oneo f the most Interesting and lm- <
portant on the entire. grounds. One 1
entire end of the Vjildlng Is utilised, ,
the charts, maps, photographs, etc., i
covering- the three side wails while 1
several large booths have been con- j
structed In .the center of that'part of i
the building to display further exaious
and literature. '
The i rime purpose of this exhibit
which was opened by Dr. Livingston
Farmed, Is to show that consumption
can be prevented; then It contends
tnat it can be cured. Its great argument
l's sanitation, and consequently
In spite of Its gruesome nomenclature
tiler- Is nothing sickening not unpleasant
about the exhibit. >
For the most part the display consists
of models of dwellings, hospitals, '
sanitariums, tents, etc., together with
chants and pamphlet literature and (
the various appliances by the tuberculosis
experts in the prevention an-] (
cure of the disease. ,
The health statistics of the United
Stales show that nearly fifteen per
cent, of the deaths In the country are r
caused by consumption. In some sec- .
Hons of the country the' mortality ,
from this source is naturally decidedly
less, but lp other places It is shocking- 1
ly high.
. Throughout the exposition period <
stereoptlcan views will be shown, brief <
lectures given for the benefit of the
more Interested vistors and general !
conferences held to which the public
at large Is Invited.
1 will mail you rree, it> prove merit,
samples of my Dr. Shoop's Restorative
and my Book on either Dyspepsia, the
Heart, or the' Kidneys. Troubles of
the 8tomacb, Heart or Kidneys, are
merely symptoms of a deeper ailment
Don't make the common error
of treating symptoms only. Symptoms
treatment Is treating the result of
your ailment and not the cause. Weak
Stomach nerves?the Inside nerves?
mean Stomach weakness, always. And
the Heart, and Kidneys as well, have
their controlling or Inside nerves.
Weaken these nerves and you Inevitably
have weak vital organs. Here Is
where Dr. Shoop'a Restorative has
made Its fame. No other remedy even
claims to treat the 'Inside nerves."
Also for bloating, bllllonsness, bad .
breath or complexion, nse Dr. Sboop's
Restorative. Write me to-day for sample
and free book. Dr. Shoop, Racine.
Wis. The Restorative Is sold by E,
A. Bllllugslea & Co.
Advertlments in this paper bring
If You
We have a message j
for you. We have a
safe, satisfactory and
sure remedy without a
single harmful ingredient,
which we will
send to you on terms
whereby you can have
your money back, even
to the postage you expend,
if you are not satisfied
with the results.
Our proposition is this:
Send us One Dollar
for one bottle of the
Popular Pile
use it according to directions,
and if you are
not satisfied with the respit,
write us and we
will refund your money,
even down to the postage
you expend,
Address all orders to
P. P. P. Co. M
63! F. St., N. E.,
^ L-Lar j-j-jtjvtj-ltut-Tji n.i nj~_n-xruTj\n
cttre anted, neklnf tte repair of an nan* '
n nana, and ell Wood allsMntB.
Ih? "Kltia Con". Mlu name lmpHea, doae Ha
roik wbUe too ileop. Iteootbeaaonaodlnflaisamooooa
iorfewa. heala tool euatniaeea and j
lacliawa. while tba BeetoeaUe* aaaaanareaa
idUeiMit. fine renewed viftr and amNQay 1
eflda op ended tiaaoea. fcatmtaa abootieaienefl
benctfc. Tlfor. and eoetl7- lata Dr. Bhoop'a '
Icatontier^atMeorUgsld-aeeiooemltonlc ,
Dtbaanteaa. ItorpoaMrt local l?lp.oeeae wen
ur. snoops
Night Cure
Not For Many Year*.
Chicago Record-Herald.
The price of hay la rising. This Inlicates
that the horse has not gone
Adrertlments In this paper bring ,
We have an
Elegant Line of
A Suit from one of
these would help
SOME these warm
Merchant Tailor.
Main and Madison fits., 2d Floor
The Monongahela Bank of
Opened tor business July 16, 1901
R. E. HARR, President
B. L. BOTCHER. Vice Preside*
HOQH F SMITH, Cashier.
W. E. Watson, R. E. Harr, C. D. Rot
lnson, C. L. Barnes, P. B. Swear'
lngen, B. F. GasUna, B.
L. Butcher. .
A general banking bnalneei traa.
Your business Is solicited.
Banking room, Market meet, fin I
a-ard. I
" i ?i ^ r
Transfer and ail I
I more anything from a baby c
<o It quickly, alio make a ipect
Beodi and Planoa wlthont dam
all me up. I deliver Coal and t
la ihort order. When you bare
thing placed In itorage, iee The
Trunk faaullng a ipeclalty
Ball Phone?Office 8, Ree. 140. Ill
Oaa.?Office 100, Hee. 70. Jf,
thought to be attai
\ UU^iHIl V HaS^iapportof
* iil
;.);:) -,f V; /V
Dally. xDaliy axcapt Sunday. (Sunday
only. *: (v
Eaitbound. 5g?
la A *1:25 V m.; Na II I
?o. 4. -8:40 p. m. Iioeaj to urarion.)
rtlUBERLAND ACCOM., No. ?, *7:1# ;
IRAJTON ACCOM.. No. 7!. *10:51 A at
tsu a. .: No. p. m.
for WHEELING, No. 7, ?:?? a. n.; N<k 99
17. *7:40 a. m. (local); No. 71, TtlllaM
B. (local); Na 55, HI p. m.
Monoogah Dlvlalon.
'tlrmont, Morgantown A Plttrtur# Bis.
OU, *i;iV pt. UJ.i ?w. i#4sAbf?,WBrr:M' nwncnw-winn.
4. *9:40 p. m.; No. W, *10.96 p. m.
for MORGANTOWN. Leave, No. 69, xM*<
p. m. Arrive, No. 42, *0:66 a. zn.
PawpaW Branch. ~'r::}d
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
Depart, No. !01, 7:00 a. m.: No. 29t. 4:0k
S. m. Arrive. No. 200, *16 a. m.; Naa
tt. 6.00 p. jn.
Through Service
Fairmont to Clarksburg
Cars leave Cor. Main and Jefferaoit
St*., Fairmont, HOURLY for .Clartca., J.. ;
burg and Intermediate Point* front
6100 A. M. Until 10:00 P. M.
A. M. A. M. 'P. M.
Fairmont 5:30 6:00 lOlMGmi
12th Street ....5:89 '10:0b
Jayenne 5:45 #:15
Monongah 5:58 6:28 10:09
Chlefton 6:10 6;40 ,10;49 ?
TOnrfhineton ...6:15 6:46 'Sfi4T?
Hutchinson .... eJsO ' W-SSEB
EnMrprlse 6:66 ..10:W
Bhlnnston 7:06 11:06
Gypsy 7:14
Meadowbrook .. 7:20 11:20
Pery Coaling SUOon 7:87
Bhort Line June. 7:41
Clarksburg .... 7:45 ill40
?Hourly Until.
A. M. A. M.
Clarksburg .... 6:15 10^10;',^
Short Line June 6:10
Perry Coaling Sta.. 6:23 10:28
Hepslbah 6:38 10:83
Meadowbrook .. 6:40
Gypsy 6:40 10:40';
Shlnnston 6:64 10:6j?
Enterprise 7:04 li:#4.v^
Hutchinson.... 7:10 11:10 .
Worthington ...6:16 7:16 11:10
Chiefton 6:20 7:20 'JitiOiA^f
Monongah 6:32 7:32
Jayenne 6:46 7:46 11:46>
12th Street ....6:61 7:61 U:6iK
Fairmont 7:00 8:00 13:0?.A'
?Hourly Until.
Our stock of Wall Paper, Mew
Moldings, Burlap, and Uncrwf^.' | |j
Varnishes and SUtns.
Agent* rcr Sherwln and WllllaMI
Both Phones, Jaeoba Bid*
mrrlafn to a atreat car and--, P?
alty of moTlnf Hooieholi
ace. When yon nfed Ooal, ; -A}
land to ell parte of the dty . v ?f
Haallng to lo, or deelra any- vjgjjj
imaa, be'a the man. " ;:A
S. Thomas,. '" ?? (
y to overfleibines*, and mould* tha
portions into graceful outline* hitherto
nable only by slighter figure*. 'AA
endid result is attained by uti>
extension which reaches down over
. and hips, giving the wearer absolute
ure absolutely eliminates die necessity ' V]
uss-like devices ami stria*, hitherto
itial on corsets of tbis bind.

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