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I Is now on in fu|L',?j?jng. We lave had three days of v
or crowds this week. Great bargains from all
I me yourself to-day and let us'show yo
Eveiy.yard of Figured Lawns, Organdies, Sw:
Table Linens and I
o ' Now sell about ONE-FIFTH below our regular
tivery Spring
llO.OO to $25.00, now
coott, black and colors, new
est Voile and
Vhite Lawn S
( special lots at ..
lea's, Women's and
t. jones, mn
\ and Madison Sts.
ESTABLISHED 1868. m,ade Sny , SUCl1 b,Un
i i-'i ... - Times be kind enough
^^HBeefpallyexcapt Sunday and Semi-'' or in his attempt to
Weekly by the Fairmont West vir- the incompetents by
Slnl.n Publl?hln? Company. ^ |h< open a?(J stand,ng
. PUBLICATION OFFICE, ' It is easier to accusi
^AeoobocEulldlng v Monroe Street sustain the charges
W'-- ' .j*v ""*TWLepHONPR ' Mslnst a pollcman by
consolidated, 87. ' Boll, 88. cratlc sheet Howevt
' ? ministration is ready
Bfe"^.lvaF^TcXION- deace lhe case re*
*Deny, One year ..14.00 Times If It is ready to
SSy' | month* '' So mcn' 18 becoming bad
DeUy) l week Iio condemnlrgr the police
f|i$ Mall, Poetags Prepaid, <0 do their duty In br
Daily, One year 13.00 nees. For our part
f (wi;So 8180,1 by the oncers
I Sally' ' month* ' 26 that th6y ar6 ln 1,16
' p; *""" ' we will advocate thel
.TWICB-A-WEEK. the appointment of 0
Ionday and Thursday.) d ,h work neceB8a
b 50 meantime, let us not
for*"*" 25 over to the prostitutes
it the Poetofflce at Fairmont, pany."
nia aa aecond-class mall mat- ===
*?0BS President Broadstreet's for Sc
QH Editor
IS ........ Business Msnsoer following editorial on
' the money market on '
PRETTY RAW. Eo6ler conditions
market, the tendency,
Lrnett and his police force #t (h|g riodi belng f
era,b,iy..W.r0^^,UP ?Ve,r aD turn from the Interlo,
i, edltortai In this mornings while the Treasury's pt
broadside Is fired Into the ruunlng gbead of ,
what Is alleged to have nlrculn8tances are refi
nder on the part ot one and tlons
of 3 per cent, i
of certain lewd characters money and ? conce8s
era. There has been some tatlong for shorttIme
lying done somewhere since gerved iowever t-nat
night and we wouldn't be runn|ng for glx montl
f the attack of the Times
G per cent o
ate it We know nothing sbow no dl8p09ltl0n ,,
a concerning the cases ex- ,n that way at |ower
statements made by both fact) there l9 u gencn
hey are so at variance that tlie ,dea that by the
robably be well to straight- gl|8|i at tbe furtbe8t_ ,
tier out. .At any rate, we fllnd8 for tbe we8t and
th the Times when It says: ...
attained sucn proportl
ave the town over run with 0,u.?n,p
Ian have decent peopie t,]nm wm witness a t
:he blundering unties of ,oan market The poi,
int members of the po- loan n,arket The pole
tlcularly those at the
ile are not very likely to tionally well supplied
d by the police force and that the demands on tl
ret heard of many moth- for crop-moving purpo
sisters being arrested respondlngly modifier
standing on the streets ence of recent years,
A pbllce officer mlgnt conditions, does not oh
ike, of course, but can for reliance on the ab:
have the town overrun cultural sections to fi
tes lest a wife, sister movement themselves,
[L'Was. ha orrPofPtl If loft |? Wnll atrot
EtWrti'minute after Jark? If oy market la now ex
(a .knows -of a casd where a temporary ease would
rtJier or sliter waa arrested grounded.
dbg for a minute will It In Our Mannlngton coi
^tkiejpolice fofce kindly ipeci- off a pretty good one
i tfajiyor would like tfhear of "business makes mud
;sn'd see If , it .can be anbstan- donbtedly . true when
He stands ready to call 10 ray dirt.
2e Sale
ery lively, sellmg since the sale began. We ex"***
^A-aS&l lisnMir r?lontv nf pap-pt* buverfl.
UVCi WO OfcViX>ITlU ViJUg J?v?*v -- 0 ? u
many of the best values to be had in Fairmont.
iss, Batiste, etc., from this summer stock reducrancy
Art Linens
1 low prices. Not a few pieces, ^but the entire
Jacket Suit
Panama Skirts
!hirt Waists
.' 85c, 98c and $1.65
Children's Oxfords
r. TO 30 PER CENT.
Fairmont, W. Va.
>f his force who AGREES WITH US.
aer. Will the The Clarksburg Telegram takes up
to aid the may- the West Virginian's comment on
rid the force of Judge Mason and Charles W.. Swisher
coming out In in answer to the Grafton Sentinel the
by Its charges? other day as follows:
e than it is to The Telegram argees with the Fairmade
even mont West Virginian that Charles W.
a hostile Demo- gwjsher has made good In every office
T, the city ad- he haa been elected to and that he is
to hear the evl- raaklng good in the office he now
erred to by the holds. There is no reason to believe
produce it Fair- that he would not be a good governor,
enough without Mr gWisher appreciates the responsitmen
for trying bilitlcs of that high office and has deeaklng
up lewd- ciarGil In an emphatic manner that he
we propose to wou|,] g0 everything In his power to
until convinced faithfully keep the trust, if reposed In
ivrong and then j,tm. Tried and not found wanting in
r dismissal anu bigh 0mce, he certainly would keep up
there who will hfs record, If chosen governor of West
ry, but in the Virginia. Of course, hiB enemies seek
give the town to cast all sorts of reflections on blm,
and tbeir "com but they must all admit that he has
proved equal to the duties of the of=
flees he has held. And, what reason
ARKET. bave tbey to say he would not be a
iturday had the capable governor?
the condition of * SVall
street: Department of Justice has at
vail in the loan ,Mt evj),.ed a scheme for beating the
as is customary lrust3 that looks good from this 'User
money to re- (ance Jt ,g a0 slmple ,hati the wdn
to New York, der |g r0 one bas thought of It belyments
are also fQre Tr.c p]an |s When a trust is conrecelpis.
Theso vjcted o( iawbreaking and directed to
ected by quota- dlssoll,fi not to lenve the dissolution
ir less for call t0 ,hf. oftlceiR of the trust. This h}s
Ions in the quo- been ;rj(,j w|tll scant effect a number
loans It Is oil- of tlmeg but to put. the whole thing
collateral loans ]nt0 the bands of?a receiver and run
is or more still ,t for tilfc benefit of the stockholders
nd that lenders tl)| a dlrfu|m|0n in effected that really
I put out funds d|gS0|Vt-a.
quotations. In il
agreement on of course, a lot of carping critics
middle of Au- W|,j now he looking at the bottom of
he demands tor the president's latest trust busting
south will have recommendation's to see If they are
ons that money not labeled "Made in Lincoln, Neb."
ul that the au -
lecldedly higher what the Navy Department pro! aat
has ben rals- b]y mean) |s that the sending of the
it has been rals- battleships to San Francisco is a
west, are excep- ..p|ec? niove." The rest of the move
with funds, and wm |)C t0 jmnlla.
he eastern cities
ses will be cor- preaj,ient Roosevelt states that he
I. The expert- knows notj,|ng about millinery. If he
under parallel , . ?uej,ier tban the most
!er much grounn
Iltty of the agrl- raen w 0 foot the
inance the croi
and the idea en- Tl10 Parkersburg State oJurnal says
3t that the men- that Mr- Greene, the new tdltor of the
perienclng onlv Morgantown Chronicle, seems to do
seem to be well ">? work with Ill's.
= The Clarksburg News Is clamoring
respondent hits for a new court-house for Harrison
when he says, ? county.
." That Is un-|
yon strike the' 20 per cent, discount sale at Lloyd's
Book Shop. if
tor In Fairmont Thursday.
Mr. J. M. Haggerty waa to Fairmont
Thursday on business. Saturday
Is pay . day. tjrith the
George's Creek Company.
Mr. Lee , Wells' house la being finished
by the carpenters, and he expects
to move Into It by the first
of the week.
Several of the boys went to Mannlngton
Tuesday night to . Masonic
lnifro * , 1 *
Mr. E. J. Snider, Geo. Hatzel, Max
Quennon, and Samuel Blsset drove to
Fairmont Thursday night.
The dogs of a night seem to be
holding- things pretty much their own
way,a s only one night last week several
cats and dogB such as happened
to be in their way, fell victims to their
murderous assaults.
One day last'week Mr. O. M. Beatty
received word from his sister in
Pittsburg that their brother In Findley,
Ohio, was dead, but there was
nothing more to the message, but a
similar message was sent to another
sister In Norfolk, Va. They came here
expecting'to. be'at the funeral, but to
the town there was no corpse, nor no
signs of any, and they found that the
whole thing was a mistake. Just who
made the blunder has not been determined.
Mrs. Guy Morgan is erecting a new
house over on the West Side. It is
rumored that she will build a store
over near the bridge to accommodate
lue pat I UUa Wl tuat o.a- ?
Mr. Ed. Ross has purchased a flne
horse. We -understand the price was
in the neighborhood of (300.
Mr. Doc. Elliott Is back working
again since his .illness.
On Sunday next there will be. a basket
picnic at Downs. Several of our
young people are going. The affair
will take place at Eureka Park.
+ *
4. 4.
TAVERN?Mr. and Mrs. W. McGowan
and daughter, Clarksburg;
Fred C. Lewis, Douglass Lewis, Federal;
N. H. Holmes, J. C. Melott, H.
A.. Gump, Calvin Brown, Elza Miller,
Mannigton; M. M. Malone, J. E.'Har
j ris, Beechwood; L, Burnworth, Hoult;
Mr. and Mrs. W. 8. Brydon, Jonu
W. Gigley, Grafton; A. F. Garrison,
J. H. Stewart, Ed. W. McNeil, C.
Alexander, W. E. Parsons, Morgantown;
E. C. Rody, Martlnsburg; Joe
Bococh, Middlebrodk; J. H. Arnett,
Miss Allen, M. H. Holcomb, M. B.
Rlggs, Wheeling; N. A.Davlsson, Capon;
R. Nichols, Colfax.
-rv- -y
MARIETTA?Gertrude Shrecongost,
C. D. Wlllison, H. A. Gump, C. S.
Thomas, Mannlngton; Hettle Heath,
Mrs. P. A Shrecongost, Wheeling; W.
W. Stewart, E. L. Fortney, Clarksburg;
B. B. Wilson, Pennsboro; J. C.
Amsler, Lost Creek; Charles E. Flanagan,
W. E. Deveny, Grafton; Thomas
I. Hunsaker, Klngmont; A. H.
Shalbelter, Tunnelton; F. M. Hen
derson. Dent Summers, Morgantown;
J. A. Nixon, Eldora.
MAULEY? Joseph Rhodes, Ernest
Swlger, Clarksburg; A. H, Bern, Newtonton;
Henderson Dooh, Bellngton;
Frank Williams, W. C. Barnett, J.
K. Wisner, R. G. Glass, W. V. Smiley,
Wheeling; E. M. Robb, Salem;
S. M. Nease, Weston,
WATSON?J. A. Webb, Clarksburg;
C. H. Bloom, Grafton; E. B. Bartle,
Colfax; D. K. Malone, Shlnnston.
Remains Brought -Here.
The three months old child of Gibson
Mahaffey, of Colfman, Taylor
county, were brought here on Sunday
afternoon and laid to rest in Maple
Grove Cemetery. The child died oh
Friday of brain fever at the home of
o rolnHvo fn ttrafton
West Virginian wants ads pay.
gt'Hi n
a happy purse and a good, nourishing
loat of Wise's delicious
bread. Our bread doesn't make
your purse suffer. It Is more economical
tban baking at borne, and
you get palatable and wholesome
eating without cooking during the
heated term, at less cost tban when
you bake yourself. Try some of
our bread. It Is a meal for the
WHEELING, July 22,-Onty after
being told that they would be tired
tJ" Op uoliee Offlrera If ther ad
Ufjvu w/ "? T, -- - ,
vanced a step further, a large crowd I
of highly excited and angry foreign- \
era of Benwood sullenly desisted In
their efforts to reach the city building
and jail of Benwood. Their fully
determined purpose was to reach the
jail and get from one of the cells an
old man who was arrested at&ut 6:30
o'clock, charged with assaulting two
foreign girls. The man Is Joe Redwood,
who lives at No. 18 Seventeenth
street,.this city. Redwood Is a man
blxty-four years of age.
Redwood was-found In a compromising
position #lth the little girls
by Brady Brabtree, of North Marshall
street. Orabtree notified Officer Matthews.
who arrested the man, taking
him to the jail as fast as possible.
A sullen mob of foreign residents followed
all the way to the Jail, murmuring
against the man.
The girls are Mary Brula and Mary
Vmolac, aged respectively, ten and
eleven years. They were taken to
their homes. The tittle girls were
< r-i-nfanou hoHiv nnrt multl hardlv
calk. The police were able to obtain
a little information. Jt Was slated by
the little girls that they had gone on
the hill to gather wild flowers. While i
plucking the flowers. It is said, Red- J
wood approached them, telling them
that he had some money he wished to
give them. They accompanied him
ar.d he gave Mary Brula a dime and
two nickles and gave the Vmolac girl
a quarter. Crabtree says he saw
what was taking' place and called the
As soon as the foreign population
was informed of what had happened
they became highly excited and muttered
all kinds of r&sh threats.
Fearing some kind of a demonstration,
Night Lieutenant Pearl dispatched
Officers Little, Porter and
Matthews to quell the foreigners.
When they reached the guardhouse
of the Riverside mill on Marshall
street, they met the oncoming foreigners,
and argued with them for
some time. Hot-headed persons in
the crowd wanted to rush the police
thereby forcing their way past. They
were then Informed that they, would
be fired upon If they advanced. Cooler
heads prevailed, and sullenly the
' foreigners backed away.
Redwood will be tried at the city
Meaning your physician's prescription
this time?to the nearest,
drugstore or to a pharmacist with
a reputation? Yours to decide, but
safety points the establishment
where competence and system are
assured. Going to risk the health,
even life, of your family for a few
blocks' walk! Think?then come
her with your doctor'so rders for
the ill.
The Preierlption 8tore.
Both 'Phones.
What in the use of buvil
+ Our stock is new. Our rugs
sane and lower prices than <
y*. Velvet Carpets, 75, 85
J > ? 10 wire Roxbury's
* Tapestrys, 58c, 68c i
> . All Wool Ingrains, 5
^ Other Ingrains, 25e, :
Pine line of Axminst
Reduced proportion
Linoleums two and fo
*- - - . . .
? oooa assortment o
Special lace curtains at
, ' an? inake yogr eel
5 One of the most desirable residence a
4 properties on Fairmont Avenue. #
f Lot 60x120 feet, with 10 room brick f
5 dwelling, and good stable and buggy a
J The house is modern in every respect, J
? well finished and has cemented base- v |
5 ment with laundry and instamtaneptuj ^
I > - heaters.' .
J | For fhither information apply "Residence," tlte -'Xr
<? This is an opportunity that iB seldom offered in #
I' the best residence section of the city, and will not ?
<1 he on the market many days.
Ice Cream Soda
Is the great American drink.
? It cools and refreshes without : $|
4 ill effects. _ ?
It's made fiom the best material. All klnda of crushed
frulta ;fojt Sunday*. Ice Cream delivered to any part of 1
the c(|r'on abort notice. Both PhOneB . m
b.iildlng Monday evening, and the po- Small-Child Dead. ' '
lice are expecting trouble at the trial. Rutsen Spencer, the one- year old
Only a limited number will be admit. pon of Mr an? Mrfc F B g 3ggRg
ted o the trial and the prisoner will nteht ,ftt 10. o'clock at-his
.ie closely guarded. parents' home on Tenth street
? a-:h trouble was the couse of bis dcuth^'^
A monstop run of 712.mllee from Funeral services were held at the reaf- \|j??
Paris to Nice has lust ben-accomplish- de,lce ,hls afteraoon Mfl
ed by Wyndham L. Steel. Driving a lald 10 rest In ^oodlawn cemetery.^
60-horse power De Dietrich chas.ls, Undertaker Musgrave in c&arge. ?
he left Paris at 2 o'clock In the morn- ~ ;
Ing and reached Nice at 6:15 In the Come to Lloyd's Book Shop for roevening,
beating all records from Paris ductions in china, pictures, curtains
to Nice. ~ land wall paper. -y J
Tho Hnlhppt Incupanfvft flflfinftll
I III) IIUIUUI 0 IlltJUl UIIUU l lliuuuy -VI
a It respectfully directed to. the old
Insurance Company ot Nortti America ?
+ "It It WISDOM and ECONOMY to Inturt In the BEST COM< M M
V ' PANIES." ;'*jKj8H|
^ And there It NONE BETTER than thli VETERAN of over f
Hundred Yeare' Honorable Service.
^ Firmly Ettabllthed! 8afe! Reliable! Founded A. D. 1792.
SAM'L B. HOLBERT, Agent. Fairmont, W. Va.
1oi)l'miiiNo''co!| j
: Rugs: Mattings
ig carpets, rugs and mattings from an old, picked over stock?
are in. We afford yon the widest range of selection at the
jffered in close ont sales of old stocks. - ..
, $1.00, $1.10. flx-12 Wiltons, $35.00, wortli $37.50 */ 1
at 95c. 9x12 Axminsters at $22.50. ?T+ ^
and 75c. 9x12 Velvet at $20.00. p
8c to 75c. 9x12 10 wire Tap, at $18.75. Jjl
10c, 85c, 40c. 36x72 Axminster at $2.98.
ers. 27x54 Axniinster at $1.98.
itely. 36x72 Velvets at $3.00.
ur yds wide. ('rex linps in all sixes.
f China and Jap totting. Remnants at im t^ow^ ^

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