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I; I
Mia Utn Shaver, of Seven Pines,
i|| Mrs. Geerge Neptune, of BarrackMrs.
Maggie Regar returnee! Hatitrdhy
night from a week's visit at El<
: Ac guest of friends end relatives in
Btj Mia. R. L. Cunningham and son,
tram a week's stay at Mt. Lake Park,
Sg Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jones, of Rawnu^
are hi the city the guests of the
letter's sister, Mrs. Courtney, of OgMia
Bew IfazllI and Mr. Ben Poe,
K t# Grafton, spent Sunday here the
Enesta of Mrs. Minnie Martin, on JefFlonfe
Jackson1 and Mrs. John Brown
:'f~Mr. Ihrfa Cresdbn and'niece, Miss
fc Ira Cretson, of Swarthmore, Fa., are
the (seats of Mr. end Mrs. Waidei
Miss Margaret Ice, who had bpen
li?it from Hartley's store for the
van sbt weeks on account of illness,
: reasae^icr duties this morning.
1 . Miss filancbe Barns returned to-day
a seTeral days' vsllt with friends
' to Morgantotrn. She leaves tomorrow
lor Hklns to spend some lime.
Mrs. W. 8,.Hamilton, who Is spend
tag the snnner at Mt. Lake Park, Is
here to spend a few days with rela
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Miller and son
Jtalph, of Warren, Ohio, are In the
efty. the guests of the former's neph
Sfm Bright They will alsc
\jtr: Wm. Miller and family at
|t . MMs Jennie Fleming baa reuirnet
fc!:-tabtn Weston where she was called l>j
S&\" Jj* aerioas Illness of an aged relative
re,''--- Mr. James Vaadervort. It Is thoaghl
: Vaadervort can survive but
Mr. a B. Carrel I, who was formerly
g|?i>Vj*?iDect*d with the West Virginian
input torlal force, but now the Cbron
"tad Telegraph at Pittsburg, Is visit
BSi.C;'- fys -ilsS bather and mother, Mr. and
Mr*. G. F. Carrell, of this cltv.
IBM Ethel Smith, of Seventh street,
Sj/V 'I fifth ward, left Saturday on No. 71
.Wheeling, where she will vlsil
li^^'itw'a.few days, after which she will
accompany Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Metz, ol
of a tour of the Great Lakes
iand other northern points of interest
| ? ^ ^
'Sill' - V;'.
golden opportunity escape you?it'
you for our great sale will positive]
3e of Cassimeres and Worsteds, sal
' v.2_? '
or Men, made of Casaimere, "Worstec
in singju or doable breasted
for Men, made of pure Worsteds, co
id plaids; sale price
i-ior Men,'made of imported fabric;
jrey checits, dark mixtures, plain an
ingle or double breasted, every su;
rice $10.98
the newest shades, stripes and check
ft creations: sale price . v. .<. .......
Rev. M. F. Compton, of Morgantown,
Is In the city to-day.
Dr. B. F. Bone, of Tunnelton, is a
visitor In the city to-day.
State Superintendent Miller, of Charleston,
is a visitor In the city.
Attorney W. B. Com well went to
Roznney this afternoon on a business
Glenn Fleming and Larney Lloyd
* - ** ' 4"" *"'? nWornnnn An
weni 10 MUJlUill&lUU LH ID -business.
Mrs. 0. J. Watkins and children, of
Wheeling, are visiting relatives here
at present
Mrs. Charles Watkins and daughter,
Miss Wilms, of Shinnston, are In the
city to-day.
Mrs. B. F. Ramage returned home today
from a visit with relatives In Harrison
A. G. Martin returned this morning
from Philadelphia where he attended
the B. P. 0. E. convention.
Hoult Jottings
HOULT, July 22.?Mrs. Charles Satterfleld,
reported last week as Blck
. of appendicitis, Is slowly Improving,
but stilt confined to her bed.
i Mr. Bert Worley, of Fairmont, was
i a visitor at C. B. SatterSeld's Sunday.
Lawrence Satterfleld, who has been
at home all week, had as a guest Satt
urday and Sunday, Mr. Donny Post
, of Chlefton.
The festival held by the young folks
| on the school house lot Saturday night
for'purchasing an organ for the church
, was a splendid financial success con,
siderlng everything. Only a week's
notice given. It was a home affair
with a small crowd In attendance. The
: heavy rain broke It up early and drove
l everybody in the little achool house.
In spite of these drawbacts about forty-live
dollars was taken in for which
' the promoters are thankful to every
! one present and to all who lent their
| Foreman Bnrnworth and most of his
men, of the section guog here went to
Fairmont Sunday afternoon to the
1 meeting of the trackmen's organization
which was held over Musgrave'a
1 undertaking rooms. An enthusiastic
meeting was held representing the F.
M. and D. division, the F. R. division
and the Fourth division from Barrack'
vllle to Valley Falls,
i Jesse Barnes, of Little Falls, was
a visitor at his brother's, Frank
Barnes, Sunday,
I Mr. Charles Kliner and wife and
children, of Mannlngton, are visiting
, the many friends of Mrs. Kliner (nee
. Miss Maggie Henry), who was raised
I herd In Hoult.
II Mr. Albert Snider, of Colfax, was a
' guest of his grandmother, Mrs. Ann
1'sinder, Sunday and Dora, his sister
.'returned home with him.
i your fault, not ours. If you will
y end WEDNESDAY, JULY 31st
The following mention
le $1.50 Men's Hats,
..$4.71) zoc ana aoc uapt
Is ' $1:50 and $1.75 Si
...$6.98 jfen's 25c and 35i
1- 50c anjl 75c Unde
...$9.48 out at
s, Boys' Wash Suits
d 35c Knee Pants,
it 50c Dress Shirts, i
25e String or Fc
3, $1.75 Men's Dresf
..$13.98 $2.50 and $2.75 I
*G'S, g
MAJJNINGTON, July 22.?Yesterday 1
was a most beautiful day, like a rare 1
day In June, and the people of Man- i
nlngton were out fc enjoy It. The
usual services were held at the different
churches, which were well attended.
The SiAday schools were ,
thronged with children. To be on the t
street on Sunday morning and see the |
n'hlliiren eolne to the different church- ,
es one would think this a model Sun- t
day school town, yet not fifty per cent. ,
of the children In the city attend Sun- |
day school. Should all the children ,
decide to attend Sunday school the j
churches could not accommodate t
them. j
Soldiers' Reunion.
The annual reunion of the old sol- j
dlers of Marion county will be held t
In -this city some time In September. (
This will be an Important gathering .
the people of the city should take J
much thought and trouble to make this 1
a memorable occasion. It has been 1
said of us that we are not as loyal to '
the old soldiers as the other towns of 1
the county. I.et us redeem ourselves <
and show to them and to the world J
that we are not lacking In apprecla- 1
tlon. Let the town be decorated In 1
their honor and some suitable enter- 1
talnment be provided. Judging by
what they endured and bv the.results
achieved by their sendees they are the j
heroes of the republic, and should be .
our honored guests. 1
Engineers Arrive. 1
A corps of englners came In on 1
the 8:30 train this morning out so far wo
have been unable to ascertain on what
work they will ho located. 1
Many Farmers In Town.
There were a great many tanners in
tbo city on Saturday and while the .
Iiast week has been very wet and has
Interfered very much with their work :
yet they are all hopeful and say tbo
corn Is making a wonderful growth In ,j
the last few weeks and bids fair to yet ,
make a good crop. Meadows and oats j
are looking fine and wneat will be only ,
fairly good. They take the hopeful ,
view of the situation and say that j
the soil of Marion county has never
failed them yet
Got It Wrong.
The compositor of Saturday makes i
us say that Dr. C. H. Ice has been sick t
for the past year, when In f'.ct this I
item refo-red to another party. Dr. i
This is our last an
. has been here and;
come in for a look, you'll buy ?re
Are yon going to miss it?
sd prices will give yon an idea of 1
latest styles, sale price
i, price ..
mi <_ases, saic price
i Balbriggan Shirts or Drawers, sal
rwear in white, pink, black and tai
, sale price ... 1.
size 4 to 16, price
sale price
mr-in-Hand Ties
i Shoes, price
)ress Shoes, vici kid, veloitr calf an
3 Main Street, Nex
?or to Marietta Hotel
ce was never more vigorous in his
ife and Is very busy healing the tick
tnd relieving the distressed.
Eighteenth Straight Victory.
The game of baseball between the
Ubieties and the Moundaville team
Saturday was one of the best ever
jiayed on the local diamond. The I
reather was line 'and the town all E
urned out to see the game which was 1
melting from the beginning. The 1
joys all played good ball and the tine c
jlays were highly applauded. The
vIoiindBvilie team was Bhut out until
he last inning, when they succeeded
n making one score by the skin of '
heir teeth. The anal score stood two '
o one in favor of the Athletics. This
s the eighteenth winning game for '
he Aahletlcs. Tfe one harded catch 1
if McGonigal was a dandy. Score: '
MANN1NGTON. AB. R. H. P. A. E. '
leeder, rf 3 01010c
Prlchard, ss 3 0 1 1 2 1 i
Smith, 2b 4 0 0 2 2 0
McCarthy, c 4 1 0 4 3 Or
Iruber, lb 4 0 0 17 0 0 e
lolliffe, cf ..... ....3 1 1 2 0 0 t
toy on, p 3 0 1 0 4 0
Purbee, If -.,...3 0 0 0 0 0 i
IfcGonlgal, 3b 3 0 0 1 3 1
Totals 30 2 4 24 16 2
'ickeU, cf 3 0 0 0 0 0 a
Smith, rf ....4 0 0 1 0 0 s
Vhiteman, 2b 4 0 0 0 0 0 t
rlolmes, 3b 4 0 1 0 2 On
ilullen, ss 3 0 0 1 5 0 i
Ulen. lb 4 0 0 14 4 0 1
Sennelt, If 4 0 0 0 0 0
Slake, c 3 0 0 5 0 0 e
dcMullen, p ...3 0 0 2 3 0
Totals 30 2 4 27 15 2 \
Mannlngton 00010100*?2
Moundsvllle 000000001?1 ,
Two base hits ? Prlchard, Jolllffe,
Holmes. Hit by pitcher?Royon, 1. f
Sacrifice hits ? Prlchard, Pickett.
Bases on balls?Royon, 1; MeMulleri, 1 '
Struck out?Royon, 4; McMullen, 0.
Stolen bases?Reeder, McCarthy, Jol- 1
IfTe. Time?1:40. Umpire?Johnson. <
attendance?500. e
Home From the East.
John L. Howard, of the boiler works, 1
eturned from the east this morning
ind reports the boiler business good, <
rut that collections were very slow
ind In fact money matters very close, i
gffl p i *ii 14*11
profited and gone oi
^IR !
joice at your bargain and wonder n
he many bargains that await yon:
....... 98c colt;
.......... lflo $3.50 Bos
$5.00 J. a
!e pnee ? 19c ^ .,
a,to close $1'?? 01111
42o $1-25 Chil
42c $1.50 Lad
100 $2.00 Lad
39c $2.50 Lad
19c $1.25 Lad
$1.39 $2.00 Lad
d patent- price
' Rairrr
Drilling In "Afrloa." 1
There Is much drilling being done in 1
Ifrlca (Monongalia county), and some
;ood producers have came in over In 1
hat section recently. This is drilling
r/cr the same territory that was drill- I
id years ago and getting the oil in a
ower sand.. Truly this is a wonder- t
>il country and no one can predict |
vhat will be next There is much
eavy hauling from hero to that field j
ind the roads In that section arc nlsost
Impassable, Business makes (
nud. ? f
Enterprise Plant Moved. !
The plant of the Mannlngton Enteririse
has been moved from the Prlch- ,
ird building on Market street to the j
Jess building on Railroad street A ,
lew gas engine Is being Installed and
itber Improvements being made.
Permonal Mention.
Mrs. Samuel Hopwood and children (
mve returned from an- extended visit (
o Wheeling and Pittsburg,
Frank Furbee Is homo from Ran- (
lolph county where he and LeRoy Tay- j
or are engaged in the lumber busiless.
They report the demand for
umber very good. I
Ned Davis and family have return- (
id from Wheeling where they spent a l
reek visiting relatives. t
Rev. Orr, of Wallace, is at the home j
if A. J. Hess on High street. He held
ervices at the M. E. Church yesterlay.
Howard N. OJgen and eon Dana j
vere In the city yesterday afternoon :
John McGowan, wife and baby have
tone to Wheeling for a short visit.
Abe Gasklll has returned from Philidelpbla,
where he attended the anlual
meeting of the Elks. He reports
i great meeting and there were deletes
from all over the world almost
o this convention and there was
trong talk of having the next meeting
n Porto Rico but in the contest l?alas,
Texas, won.
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Jones spent Sunlay
in Fairmont.
Mrs. E. J. Thomas and son, Walker,
lave returned' from visiting Captain
iValker, of Fairmont
Miss Ora Dent will spend ber vacalon
in Fairmont and Uniontown.
Mrs. V. A. Clayton, of Fairmont
ipent Sunday with friends in this city.
James T. Cries, of Blngamon, Is in
he city to-day
A. P. Haught of Cross Roads, is
ere on business to-day. He is one
if the very few men who have drillid
their own farms and produce taeii
iwn oil. ,
Geo. W. Bowers; of the Homewood I
lottery, spent Sunday in Wheeling.
Mrs. Thomas Haskins and daugher,
Edna, are visiting near Barton.
No. 8, due here at 3 o'clock Sunday
nornlng, was serached by the local '
I A[
i his way rejoicing.
dty yon didn't come before. Here
sale price
toman Shoes and Oxfords, in all le
nd M. Shoes, all late styles, price
Idren's Shoes, size & to 8, price ..
dren's Shoes, size 9 to 11, price ..
iea' Pine Dress Shoes, price
ies' Dress Shoes, pyice .
ies' Dress Shoes, blacher or b&l.,
ies' White Canvass Oxfords, price
ies' Oxfords, in patent colt and p
nont, V
>ollce for the negro murderer, ot
Wheeling, but he was not found.
Miss Edna Black spent Sunday at |
ler home In Burton.
Billy Bird of the South Penn OH Co.,
ipent Sunday at Metz.
Orace Charlton, who has been atending
commercial school at Parkerslurg,
Is at home for the summer.
Miss Maude Sturm has gone to Eltins
for a two weeks' visit
The Star Theater Is moving to-day
'rom the Hayes building on Buffalo
itreet to the Lancaster building on
31arksburfc street. This Is owned by
'Doc" Beatty and he ta giving his
jatrons a high class show. Nothing
>ut the best pictures are given. The
hubIc Is In charge of Miss I.Ida Beatty
uid Slg Hernshelm.
Prof. E. Clayton Wyland, of the
School for the Deaf, In Frederick, Md.
llmself a mute. Is Hie first person so
afflicted to be admitted to membership
nto the KnlghU of Pythias. He'Is
l member of Lodge 29, and It was necessary
for the Initiating committee to
earn the sign language.
$ "
The official statistics of the foreign
rade of Japan for the first quarter of
he current year show that the tm>orts
and exports amounted to $103,169.453,
as compared with $95,383,400
n the corresponding period of 1906.
Bargains In china, pictures and sumner
curtains at Lloyd's Book 3hop.
105 Fairmont avenue. if
Electric Theatre
. -J ~" c
Old Postoffice Building.
"A Father's Vengeance"
"Not as Big a Fool as He
"The Near-Sighted Cyclist."
By Chas. Ingram.
420 Monroe 8t, Fairmont, W. Va
E July I
.. . . . $1.98 I
The Coolest Spot I
in the City I
"Picturesque Canada."
"Jealousy to Madness.";?!
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