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(idge Mason sets
For Goverr
Iter given below will be of unusual interest to the people of the
I definitely and positively eliminates the author, Judge John W.
this county, as a candidate for the Republican nomination for
As it well known by his friends Judge Mason has been fmporlarge
number of influential Republicans wiDhin the past few
least that he would not refuse the nomination were it terv
by the State convention.
fays ago, a committee of Monongalia citizens waited upon him
of, getting a definite answer to the repeated requests made but
Mi?on declined to make * statement, promising to do so a little
ay the West Virginian has the privilege of announcing to that
and to the pdople at large Judge Mason's views on the propoeiare
given in full below.
July 26, 1907.
M, Grant, y
>rge C. Sturgiss,
ink Co*, and others. _ ^
i?n:?When a delegation of representative citizens of Mononr
called on me a few days ago at Morgantown, and expressed
jt I become a candidate for Governor of the 8tate, subject to the
it Republican convention, I promised to make a more formal reis
then given.
oped that my disinclination to become a candidate and my dotin
on Die bench, wpuld bo sufficient answer. Similar requests
nade by a large number of my fellow citizens in different parts
To all of these I have replied in substance, that I am not a
i any serpe of the Wbrdrand that I prefer to remain pn the
Mrent, however, that my attitude Is not fully understood and
danger that my friends shall misconstrue my language. I apy
the expressions of confidence coming from you and other di?.
tfngulshed mOn of the 8tate. You ate entitieo to a very rranx repiy.
To be Governor of one's State is an honor worthy, the ambition.rpf any .
citizen. Unlets embarrassed by unfriendly or unwise policies this .Stat?
promises to have a long lease of unegualed prosperity. It wouldi>s.a great
privilege indtedr to be-irv-a poeltlon-to leed in this .great .wariC.VNdr do I
underestimate thi distinguished honor of being placed at the head of the
ftepublicA.r.i^iet of the State. The Republican party'has had a most en^tblCTrrtlTlt
has dictated the policies of this country during the periods
of-Its greatest progress. Its name will always be associated with most of
' the great events of this country. .
itfv-vTWs party now being the majority party of the State, and having control
of every department of the State government, is In position to do
much good for West Virginia. The policies of a political party, to be useful
to.a State,' must be formulated and executed by men who are themselves
just, useful and patriotic and who are regarded as exemplary citizens
without regard to party. The people look more to the men who
are to execute oarty pledges, than they do to any platform of principles.
v .Happy that party whose chosen representatives are of such character, and
whose opinions in regard to public affairs are so well known and established
that no party platform is necessary to declare the policies to be purPlied
by them while in official position.
; One of your number has with great skill and delicacy suggested that
- the.people of West Virginia desire to honor some one of the federal soldiers
/before too Jate, by placing him at the head of the State government, and
,/that l belong to this class. This appeals to me with great force and ten.
^ejerneas. ? There is a strong sympathetic cord which unites men who have
i'^ierved together in the. army. Yes, I would be delighted to see an old comj;>5rad#
governor of the State. I beg to remind you that there are several i
thousand of the old federal soldiers in the State and that a splendid gov- j
^. j.?fpor -may be selected from their ranks.
;You hive presented the situation to me in such attractive manner and
| : 'your tender of support is so magnanimous and your expressions of confi;
dence so generous, that you make it very hard for me to do what my judg*
K^venent dictates and my conscience approves.
It must be borne in mind that I have been elected to an Important ju^jdlclal
position, and that more than five years of that term remain. There
, ^jsre many reasons why I do not feel at liberty to resign this position, and
HpT' could not, under any circumstances become a candidate for an elective
office while I am on the bench.
^ But it is insisted that I need not become a candidate In advance of tbe
?tk,) I ?eerl onlv indicate that I will acceot
fe-Wje nomination if tendered me. I cannot concur in this view, it is not
?pt< all probable that* I could be nominated without becoming an active
ib&candldate, and then I should have to take my chances with the other can.
ratfftattt." 1 certainly should not enjoy being nominated by delegates sent
^ r^to the convention In the Interest of other persons, especially so. were it
. supposed prior to the convention that my name would not be presented.
think It la my duty now to say I am a candidate or that I am not a candipdjite.
It occurs to me that by saying I will accept the nomination if offer?k>?
i tk.^hu 3 candidate. I am ouite sure I should so re
-UlWy kH?i I %||0|QW/ mwvviiiw v?nw - -i sfcfflfard
It and thereafter seek the nomination, and election. x
I take It, that It will not be Inaiated by any of my frlenda that I ahould
l'f.~indw realgn a Judgshlp and aak to be elected Governor a year hence.
rThe office of Governor of a State la largely political. It la expected
t that moat of the patronage of the office will be given to the Governor's poj?*llt|cal
associates. He la usually regarded as the leader of the political
Snvparty that elected him.
Judgei should keep out of polltitlcs. This is part of the common law
of this State. If a Judge wants to go into politics he ahould resign before
?% doing ?o. He will then be placed upon an equal footing with other citizens :
|?^nd take no risks of bringing hla court Into disrepute. The usefulness of
jm%ffludge it at an end when he so conduct* himself or permits himself to
he surrounded by such Influences that litigants In his court, may be JustK
^Ifed ln'locking outside of the record of the case for a reason for the doI.
inuet not be understood as saying that Judges should have no polity
P)cal views. The man who has no opinion on governmental policies is very
*Tfkely to have no well defined opinion on any subject requiring investiga>^^tjon
and thought. When a citizen becomes a Judge, he does not thereby
S-mifranchiie or expatriate himself but he should not, in my judgment, solicit
the political support of litigants in his court or In any manner engage In
''^IMtrtisan politics or disputes.
addition to these things, I may add that I enjoy my work on the
'lyeneh. Thj bar and the people have united in their efforts to ""J** 'a*
boni easy and pleasant and have recently expressed uieir connaencc in 11
me by electing me, without objection, in a most desirable circuit, for a
long term of years. I have willingly and gladly accepted. I could not return
them the commission thus given me and ask for another. By so doing
I.should feel that I was not properly manifesting that high appreciation
which I entertain for their kindness and partiality. Then, I am sure
i pnil|H
o^^IA-CWI OClwr MTVO fIJT icituw wiiiuni III a JWUIWIMI pwtu<wm MI*M w<>>?
jV^-at'the held of ttie executive department of the State.
Therefore, gentlemen, for the foregoing reaeona and others, which
^flight be assigned if necessary, I am constrained to say that I am not a
candidate for Governor, and will not be a candidate at the next election,
^ spd further, that I could not accept a nomination if tendered me. I de[ aire
to express these conclusions in the plainest manner possible, leaving
.nothing to be Inferred or read betwein the lines.
$&*djrv Very respectfully, and-with highest regard,
Received His Commission,. Tickets for Boat Trip.
Captain W. C. Parkers has received Tickets for the Watson Band boat
from the State'Board excursion to Morgan town on Sunday
of Healto appointing can oe^ p^ww^a^ro j*
^ ?
? ? ? -'a
judge s instruction!
Case Contaio 15,OC
Be Favorable 1
BOISE, Idaho, July 27.?At the conclusion
of Judge Fremont Wood's instructions
to-day the Haywood case
will go to the Jury. No one looks for
an early verdict Few antldpate other
than a disagreement Of the courts
instructions there are about fifteen
thousand words. They are generally, <
favorable to the prosecution. The de- i
fense's testimony supporting theii
- i
PARKERSBURG, July 27.?A letter 1
was received here by parties from Kirk \
Piedson and Bob Wilson, the two prls- t
oners who escaped from the county jail |
Monday night. The reason given for '
taking "French leave" was their dls- (
like for the food furnished at the jail
and they were adverse to drinking the '
Ohio'river water. In Its present muddy
? - I n?k* IaUa* wewa fha ImnrfiL J
CUHU1UUU. IUC ICllCi fiaid vuv ..
sion that they were entitled to the at* J
tentlon of a retired capitalist The,!
local authorities have received a clue ( s
to the effect that >the fugitive took t 1
train east. ' 1
i:! / V ' ,.
A Fine Shetland. Pony On&plta
*' . ' r ? < 1 v *.^ * '<
Boys, Girls and Ladies Are Eligible
, . Newspaper in West Vi
To-dt\y the West Virginian makes v
the announcement of the most liberal c
distribution of prizes to its renters f
that was ever made in the State of
West Virginia by any newspaper a
where the awards are confined to the 1
limits of a single county. Marion t
asx. ** + *> Uika riletln/t+fnn r\f holn? PhA o
WUUi; U&O UiC UI<3WUVkiWU v? w?*mq w recipient
of this most generous offer. 1
It will be remembered that last sum- v
raer what was then considered a most a
liberal offer was made, when four e
beautiful diamond rings were awarded
by this paper to the four success- t
ful candidates who are still wearing t
the beautiful sparklers as a token of p
the esteem in which they are held by p
#?tAni)a wVir* er% omUantlv ftOflter. r\
IUCU litcuuo n liU ov guiiwuvi/ -V
ed them in their friendly struggle for c
supremacy in the contest, but this of- 1
fer being so much wider In its scope s
and embracing so many and magnifl- {
cent awards causes our former gifts t
to pale into insignificance when the *1
grandure and the intrinsic values of c
these trophies are brought before you e
for consideration. c
For several weeks the markets have I
been searched for a premium different t
from all others and one that will be f
of almost universal interest and it was d
at last decided to let the Michigan
Buggy Company,.of Kalamazoo, Mich., t
furnish to this paper a fine, thorough- <3
ly city broke, blooded, Shetland pony c
fitted out with a set of hand-made har- t
ness and a rubber tired pony wagon to t
be awarded to the boy, girl or lady f
who in the estimation of the readers a
of this paper is most worthy to receive t
it. . o
In addition to the pony outfit which b
cannot be dupdicated on any market c
for a less sum than $300.00 there will a
be awarded six beautiful diamond c
rings and five gold ' watches all of s
which will be exhibited by the local t'
Jewelers during the contest, who Willi p
2 Fair mo:
uotEs Pony
. t "' \ * * \
District NO
This coupon* when properly filled
Contest Manager jot the Fairmont We
votes In Pony Contest and for Dtetric
4 .*: %
rtnn in MCh of thfi flV6 dflU
__ ^
8 TU6 R
- ?
5 in Haywood jS?
10 Words Said to
to the Prosecution
-\r.j."* "
charge that a detective and mine ovoh
era' conspiracy existed against the
Western Federation of Miners is ruled
bat and the jarors are told to Ignore
all accounts of violence and deportations
by troops and citizens in Colorado.
If there is circumstantial evidence
apart from Orchard's testimony
sufficient tio establish Haywood's guilt
a verdict of guilty must be returned.
The Theatorium will give a colored
illustrated picture showing the life of
Christ Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
next This will be the first time
this picture has been shown here and
:he film Is 390 feet long, four times ib6
isual size.* and it will take three days
to run this off. One-third of It will
>e given each afternoon and evening
tor three days. This covers the compete
story of tbe life pf Christ from
? ? _ i. II ? !
ne fenunciauun 10 uie urutmuuu, uurt
al and resurreallon, ascension, etc.
rhe popular price of 5c will be charged
for admission.
Hurt at the 8haft.
Frank Colaruse, an Italian trapper,
it Barnsrtlle. shaft, was painfully inured
yesterday about four o'clock by
'ailing between cars, sustaining a
imashed .foot. He was taken to the
diners' Hospital. Colaruse's foot may
lave tojbe amputated i
Beautiful Diamond Bing*
ginian's Next Big Offer.
to Enter One of the Most Liberal
rginia Confined to the Limits of
ouch for the nine and genuineness 1
if the articles as claimed by this pa- J
The contest is open to the boys, girts (
ind ladies of Marion county and while i
t will be in a measure a test of pop- <
ilarity still even this much coveted
ttrfhnte mar not be the true test of
sadershlp as It will be an event In <
rhich personal effort and courage with I
l persistency of purpose will largely '
inter. <
The plan on vhlch these prizes are I
o be distributed is, you will find, a !
nost equitable one. giving all partici- 1
ants an equal show. The capital <
irize is to be awarded to the boy, girl '
>r lady receiving the highest number t
tf "Votes In the entire county regardess
of district limitations, more fully
et out hereto, and after this selection
s determined the other prizes are to >
>e divided into three districts as fol- 1
ow8: District number one includes all 1
if Fairmont*and Fairmont Independ
int districts. District number two im 1
dudes all of Mannlngton. Lincoin ana
>awpaw districts, and district nam*
>er three includes all of Grant, Winield.
Union and Union Independent i
To the person receiving the highest <
lumber of votes In each of the three |
listrlcts will be awarded a $50.00 dia- ]
aont ring, and to the person receiving i
he next highest number of votes will 1
?e given a $25.00 diamond ring. Aside
rom the main contest there will be i
.warded fire beautiful gold watches t
o the most popular one out of each i
if the following classes: Class num- 1
ier one includes postoffice, telephone 1
r city employes, including policemen I
nd firemen. Class number two in- ]
ludes salesladies, salesmen, or profes- i
ional man or woman. Class number I
hree includes railroad.'traction comlany,
glass house or factory employe, i
nt West Virginian
] 8a
I ?
? ?
oat and brought or mailed to the
st Virginian will count for 25
t Prises, as ell as for 10 votes for
?e? in the "sxtra spedal" offer. T*
I* y Will Arrive This Evening
tteaay for me irip.
The steamer Leroy will be at the local
wharf to-night. ; Tomorrow It will
convey an excursion to Morgantown
and return. The boat will leave the
local wharf at eight o'clock in the
morning and return at seven o'clock
in the evening. A good lunch counter
will be provided on tne steamer. Tickets
for sale at the wharf.
Or. Reynolds Dies.
KEY8ER, W. Va., July 27.?Dr.
Orlando S. Reynolds died yesterday
evening at the home of his father. Cir-'
cult Judge Francis M. Reynolds at|
Keyser, aged 27. from typhoid fever.j
Dr. Reynolds graduated from the University
of PensylTanla ami for some
time practiced in the Episcopal hos-j
pita] in Phlladeipnia. Later ne prac*i
ticed medicine in McDowell county,'
and about a year ago he returned tol
Thanks to Mr. Gallahue.
The West Virginian acknowledge* I
it indebtedness to Mr. Harry Oallahue.l
a local newspaper man. and who on,
yesterday published through the
Time.* an Industrial write np of this1
section, for some of the matter and ;
cuts used in to-day's issue of this paper.
Price's ,Eisy Job.
Policeman John S. Price arrested a
blind horse last night at 1:30 o'clock.',
The mayor's court was a blank this
morning. L
'e Gold Watches, The West 7i?. J
. . .. [i
Ever Offered by Any 1
a Single County.
lass number four Includes lodge J
members, members of any secret or
public organization, churcb or society. '
Class number fire includes teacbers '
stenographers, bookkeepers, bank or ]
office employes.
It costs nothing to vote or nominate '
your friends as a coupon will be print- '
ed in each issue of this paper that will '
be good for 25 votes in the pony con- \
test and fof ten votes for one of each
of the five classes enumerated, during J
the first week of the contest, and good !
tor five votes in es?h contest everyday
thereafter. In addition to these ;
coupon votes additional votes will, be
swarded to either old or new subscribers
for the daily or semi-weekly '
West Virginian full particulars of 1
which are more fully set out and ex- '
plained elsewhere in this paper. Per- 1
eons living: in one district may voie
for a candidate! n another district, or '
persons living outside, of the county
may have equal right to vote for any
candidate they may choose. The number
of votes received by a candidate
In one district will have no bearing
whatever on the result of the contest
In any of the'other districts.
A good start in any race, is always a
decided advantage and It will be good
policy to stairt at once to save the coupons
as they are valuable and repre
sent to you what may be the deciding 1
rote at the end.
The contest manager may be seen
tt any time at the btislness office of
the West Virginian and anything that
may not be thoroughly understood will
be cheerfully explained. Cdl at the
office; make the West Virginian your
headquarters, get acquainted with the
people, make new friends and a jolly
month of August will be spent in this
friehdly rivalry.
The vote win be anounced from day
to day.
N *
CLASS NO. 1. i
Postofflce, Telephone or City c
Employe. *
" 10 Votes, d
CLASS No. 2. J
leslady, Salesman, Professional Man
nr Woman. | 0
10 "Votes. 4
I .?
CLASS No 3. (
i I road, Traction, Glass House, or
Factory Employe.
; 10 Votes.
?? . .
CLASS No. 4.
.orfoe. Church of 8oc!oty Member.
m-9 -7 - " 7f^~r ?
M n
CLASS No. 5. I
icher, Stenograph*!-, Bookkeeper, f
- H
Bcnk or Office Employe. r
_ _ _ ^
His Gand
invalid boy Bum
hear tractio
Life of Christ at Electric Theater.
The Life of Christ will be shown at
the Electric Theater. Tlhs is abrand
new picture, just purchased from the
factory by the owners of the Electric
Theater. It is the snoste xpensive picture
reproduced to-day. The other pictures
shown at this popular house are
rented,- costing each house about $25
a week, while the Life of Christ rents
for $20 a day, and has to be ordered
from 3 to 5 weeks in advance.
Teh Life of Christ picture cost the
owners of the Electric Theater almost
$600 cash.
The owners, Messrs. Aldinger andTi
McTighe, anticipate .renting this picture
to churches and T. M. C. A/s
after they have showr it at their different
They have already contracted for
about a dozen different religious organizations.
Every child should see this wonderfit!
nnri moat Intereatlnr nlcture ever
produced, as there are parts in it that
would always leave a lasting impression
on their young minds of how our
Barlor suffered on the cross for us.
Tour writer had occasion to visit the
Lyric Theater of Pittsburg, one of the
finest moving picture places in the
U. 8, and while there he witnessed the
most unusual sights of seeing {he people
moved to tears, while the crucifix-'
Ion of Christ on-tbe Cros swas being!
shown. I
The Life of-Christ will he shown as
It was.at the Lyric Theater, Pittsburg,;
and if the people take as much of an
Interest in It here as they did therc
the Electric Theater wiH not begin Jo
accommodate the crowds, for the Lyr-|
Ic Theater was crowded from 9:30 in
the morning , ufitil 11:30 at night; in
fact the sidewalk was -blockaded -to
front of the theater all the time;andthe
picture had'been shown all over
ffco T trrle fiirl If" A ft*
IU^ VI vy UUiUI V U/iiV a?HI ??
mission 5 cents!
By virtue of the authority vested
In me. the undersigned trustee, by a
leed of trust dated the 7th day of October,
1901, executed by Margaret E. I
Engle and DaviJ E. Engle, her bus-'
aand. to me as trustee, of record in
the office of the Clerk of the County
Court of Marion county, West Virjinla,
in Trust Deed Book No. 14,
!>age 43, I will sell at public auction
:o the highest bidder, on Saturday, the
11st day of August, 1907, beginning at
LI o'clock a. m., at the front door of j
:he Court-house in 'the City of Falrnont.
county of Marion, State of West
Virginia, the following Jescrlbed prop;rty,
consisting of real estate and personal
property, to-wit:
All the following described real esate,
sftuated in Marlon county, West
Virginia, and near the town of Fairriew,
and being the same r*operty
:onveyed to sa(d Margaret E. Engle
jy P. W. Yost and others, by deed
lated April 14th, 1900, and bounded
is follows, to-wit: Beginning at* a
corner of Wilson an .Lee streets;
:herice S. 10 degrees W. 205 feet to
lay street; thence N 32% degrees
W. 75 feet, corner to Carroll lot;
Lhence with line of same N. 91-2 decrees
E. 140 feet to Wilson street;
ind thence S. 70 degrees E. 50 feet
A the beginning.
Also all of the following property,
:o-wit: All of the machloeiy. except
he engine and boiler, situated In a
:ertaln repair shop in said town of
rYiirview, owned and operated by said
David E. Engle, which property insludes
all the apparatus and the buildng
containing the same, situated
lpon the Susan Tost farm, now own;d
by the Wilson heirs, and known
? ? lm a - ? _ m LI?U
is me tajgie soup, an 01 wmiu miu
troperty was conveyed to saTd irusee
by said deed of trust to secure J.
3. P. Rinehart, of Waynesburg, Pa.
n the payment of a. certain promlslory
note and its accrued interest,
tearing even date with said deed of
rust, for the sum of 151128, payable
0 said Rinehart one year after date
ind signed by said Margaret E. Engle
ind David E. Engle.
Terms of 8ale. ? Said real estate
viil be sold for one-thlrJ cash, or as
nach more as the purchaser may.
ilect to pay, and the balance in two
>qual payments due in one and two \
ears, respectively, with interest from
late, and to secure said deferred paynentB
a lien will be retained on said
eat estate. And said personal propirty
will be sold for cash. i
Given under my band this 27th~day ;
1 July, 1907. 3
t . Trustee, i
Due Hundred and S
Working on The
RAf fXTAAfl TfllC Pi
The coastrucUon work on the Fairtont
and Mannlngton street railway Is
eing pushed with all possible speed, !
he grading between Mannlngton and <
armlngton is-practically completed;
ork on ths end of the line is being
I M M I I "28
w| -9?
I t W^B ^B*.* MliB^^^B
. B I |*M| fiPI
^r M W V I - - V I
I; ' B ? '^?BI ? * ^^P* ? I I I ^p
^ ' ' "' ^ "
'' ' ??? 3
' |]?\ ItfflTMl Hi rUff*
. . -. : y'vV^fi
Ul BUU KCUU CI ITU^ nil luo oooiiituvo
forty Men Are
y ft d ft gto
- J tA
rorrayori^wui permit, a j
^ MfsSsi
* 1 " >>-i > omId6rftbl6 suoof DQOa

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