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J&on. phone ^ phone 241.
ie Prum. dfed at her
antown Sunday even(llness.
Funeral serMonday
afternoon at
ie From home. Mrs.
went, to Morgantown
land; Mr. Morrow and
iriil James, and Mrs.
at, jresterday to attend j
S^lewho were "here
'all's; Mr. and Mrs.
' of'Monongah; Miss
barren, Pa.; Mrs.
id daughter, of PhillBell,
of Triune; Mr.
Oaskins, of MononMrs.
T. Bennett, of
ijlcea of Mrs. faancy
o'clock. The ser;
cled hy Rev. Z. E.
enjwas made to-day
ertaker Cunningham
iad, of. Market street,
)ra yesterday by the
>, Mr. MorrlB.
kson and Miss Nell
at Shlnnston yesteri.
Taylor and Mrs.
guests of Mr. Hayes
floute No. 3. Sunday,
to has been very 111
1 Sadie Bruce have
home at Cattiesifter
a few weeks'
Other, Perry Bruce,
is the guest of his
lllls%ons are visitfather,
Mr. Joseph
I 'Misses Alice and Adelaide Ramsey.
Hmiav&fjjpn visiting friends In this!
irf^riior several days, returned lo their
|^Diie. St ML Pleasant this morning.
'Taylor^.was in Grafton yester^Mr,
ijtfersqhel. Satterfleld returned
iMorgantown' yesterday.
ii&8; George Gaskins, of Smithtown
vas here to-day on business.
Mrs. John Morrison, of Merchant
rtreet, 1?. the guest, of her daughter.
Iris, G.A. Leonard, of Rivesvllle.
i,3qss Beryl Leonard returned to her
mime at Clarksburg to-day after a
nonth's visit with her grandparents
fc.yhhd Mrs, J. H. Leonard.
. Mrs; T. Bennett returned to MorSjfi&wn
to-day. She was tfccompnnled
7,:Ser'granddaughter, Miss Dana Jaijtiwrence
Pl'sher, who has beep serihsjy
il'i; Is Improving.
jiflss Magda Wiley Is visiting friends
ife.;,' ' Catarrh Cannot Do Cured
StMliUi Mocal applications, as they canBL:.
ant reach the seat ot the dlesaae.
Catarrh Is a blood or constitutional
disease, and In order to cure It yon
'take Internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, and
K^Wtts Blrectly on the blood and mucosa
Sg^ynfacej. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is not
a quack medicine. It was prescribed
by one of the^best physicians In this
SL-iaomtrr for years and Is a regular
prpr?acrlptton. It Is composed ot the
best tonics known, combined with the
best/blood purifiers, acting directly on
f^p^timucdus surfaces. The perfect
combination of the two Ingredients
jlvifs what produces such wonderful re
suits In curing Catarrh. Send for teaF.
J. CHENEY & CO. Props.,
I^Mf^tt-^/Druggtsts, price 75.
^^Jrtvfiail's Family Pills for constlThe
Kelley-Finley Lumber Co. has
a very complete stock of lumber and
building material at present, and all
will find It profitable to see them be
Creek, surrounded ''by' -six feedljg
muddy roads a * (here la bo much haullog
by oil Companies. The road leading
to Manplngton la No. 1, No. 2
up Campbell's Tun, leading to St. Leo
Wadestown and Burton and to Greene
county. Pa., No. 3, to Glover's Gap
No. 4 up 8tate's dork and to Seven
Plnhs: No. 5 acroSB-on pent's run and
LogtiiEport; No. 6 up Johnnyctike
through Flat run and to Falrvlew. So
nre ere not hemmed In by any means,
Charley Campbell and wife, who
spent a week with friends here' and
Campbell's run, returned to their
bom5 at Ptncyvllle, Ohio, Sunday last.
Miss Lizzie Deen is calling un her
cousin, H. L. Campbell, this week. She
Is a sister of -Mrs. Sbuman, of Glover's
A mad dog passed through Dunkard
and the head of Fish creek. He bit.1
quite a.number of dogs as he fought,
** ??-r?oo Up was
e\eryuimg uc wmc --killed
on the Hack Maple farm, so ends
him but the result of his trip through
the country is In the future.
Silas Campbell, a B. and 0. brakeman,
who has been In our midst for a
week, went back Monday last He
was calling on friends at St. Leo while
Alvy Thompson and wife of Benwood,
were at his parents Saturday
and Sunday. It will be remembered
that he had his foot taken oil last fall
He now has a new one and can get
around real well. He Is now ready
for a Job. '
A nice parly was given In our town
by Mrs. Will Talklngton for a visiting
girl, (we did not learn the name)
There were 30 some present ranging
frojn C to 13 years of age. They had
a nice time and servc.l ice cream, cake
and other things in proportion. The
little folks enjoyed the evening. A
few that were present were as follows:
Ross Complied, I-aura Campbell,
Marl, Susie and Harry Ormduff
Annie Klmmer, Harry Neer, Geneo
Dawning. Esther Martin, Isaac Brummage,
Willie Ornnduft, Willie Hibbs
Margaret McConnell, Lawrence McConnell,
Derwood Hibbs, Jean Grant,
Gale Grant, Mildred Metz, Lilllaa
Dawning, Glen Dawning and others we
did not get their names.
The Marlon Oil Co. (that some of
our Mannlngton correspondents call
the Pewee Oil Company), wus shut
down for a few days on account of a
cable which was delivered Monday by
Fred Post and the Floyd boys. They
stayed Sunday night at Henry Campbell's.
Glover's teams which are now hauling
the S inch casing for the same well
are boarding at the above boarding
house. The wells is almost ready for
the S inch.
The little daughter of Lee Rice Is
very bad at present with cancer on her
| face.
j We are to have a new road from the
upper crossing to Campbell's run and
cross the run with a 25 foot bridge
then around to the old road * <!'
trance of one half of a mile. This is
much needed for the old one Is almost
all In ponds. We hope the contractors
will shove the road to completion.
Will It Come to This?
If Mr. Roosevelt, does accept a
third term nomination, lie will be
forced at the same time to accept the
presidency of the Ananias Club. 10 the
membership of which lie lias added so
many names.?Florida Times-Union.
"My husband has Riven me the $50
bonnet I wanted," said Mrs. Galley.
"The Idea!" exclaimed Mrs. Chellits,
"He usually is Indulgent after he'
been Indulging. He didn't get home
until :! o'clock this morning." ? The
Catholic Standnrd and Times.
"Isn't that a new bonnet on your
mother?" asked Miss Nearslte.
"I believe so,' replied Wlss Whocdler,
"but papa Insists It's on him."?
Philadelphia Press.
Heart Strength
Heart Strength, ot Heart Weakness, means Nem
Strength, or Nerve Weakness?nothing more. Positively,
not ono weak heart In a hundred Is, in it
enlf. actually diseased. It 1s almost always a
hidden tiny littlo nerve that really Is all at loult
This obscure nervo-the Cardiac, or Heart Nervi
?simply needs, and must have, more power, mors
stability, more controlling, more goveniun
strength. Without that tho Heart must continue
to tail, and tho stomach and kidneys also hare
these same controlling nerves.
This clearlr ex d la ins why. as a medicine, Dr.
Shoop's Restorative has in the post done so much
for weak and ailing Hearts. Dr. Shoop first soughl
the cause of all this painful, palpitating. snffocat>
In* heart distress. Dr. Shoop's Restorativo?this
popular prescription?Is alono directed to these
weak and wasting nerve centers. It builds;
It strengthens; it offers real, genuine heart help.
If you would have strong Hearts, strong di.
festion, strengthen theso nonres ? ro-osubllili
them as needed, with
Dr. Shoop's
\~-jt J ikfe'' i
Chas. Fleming and family were calling
on C-E. Miller Sunday.
Miss Zellla Satterfleld, of Clarksburg,
la spending her vacation with
her parents, Mr. J. E. Satterfleld.
Carrol, the little eon of Aipheus
Walker, who has been very sick, is
slowly improving.
Mr. Chas. Malotte is getting along
nicely with his new bouse. When
complete it will be a credit to our
A party of yqung folks from our
run are going to Clarksburg August
the 4th. All wishing to go will be
hand Sunday morning for the eight
o'clock car.
The Children's Day service at Walnut
drove Church was attended by a
large crowd. The children rendered
a fine programme consisting of song
and recitations. After a short address
by the Rev. I. A. Barnes, the
offering was taken which amounted
to twenty-live dollars and seventy-live
cents. The house'was beautifully decorated
with flowers and ferns, which
looked no nicer than the yard which
was spread with good dinners which
put the crowd in good shape to listen
to a very interesting sermon by Rev.
It this does not go - to the waste
basket, you will hear from us again.
: t
?I ?
MONTANA MINES, July 30. ? Mr.
Ernest Gaskill, of McMecben, is visiting
friends and relatives here.
Wm. Harris spent Sunday with
friends at Viola.
Several of our young people attended
a ball game yesterday at Rlvosville
between Rlvesville and Barnsvllle.
The score stood 14 to S In favor
of Rlvesville when a dispute arose
over a decision of the umpire and the
teams left the field.
Mrs. Lon Wilson, of Brownsville,
Pa., Is visiting Mrs. D H Dawson.
Mr. 0. L. Bowman has returned from
his trip to Baltimore, and reports that
a trip to that city is well worth taking.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F Ash, of Rlvesville,
spent Sunday here with friends.
There Is a rumor afloat that one of
the store clerks who has been making
frequent Sunday trips down the river
for some time. Is soon to take unto
himself a better half.
John Cauff, of New England, was
circulating among friends here yesterday.
M. W. Harris, of Fairmont, spent
Sunday with friends at Viola.
Misses Ivy. and Lulu Larew, of Newburg,
who have been visiting friends
at Viola for several days, returned
hn...o ynlilnif '
Jack Davis, of Fairmont, spent Simday
here under the paternal roof.
Of all "white lies" the one white lie
That most deserves the crown
Is that atrocious stuff we buy
For "country milk" in town.
?Catholic Standard and Times.
"He's a good talker."
"The deuce he is! Why, I didn't
know he could talk at all."
"Well, you were never with him
when his wife wasn't along."?Cleveland
This is the prayer of a South Georgia
"Lord, jest send any weather that
pleases you best. We ain't goln' to try
to run it any more, We've done flung
up!" Atlanta Constitution.
"1 seen de devil once,' said Brother
"And how did he look?'
"Well, snh, ter tell de truth, after 1
quit rttnnln' I clean dlsremombered his
favor."?Atlanta Constitution.
"What we need," said the managing
editor, "is a good, snappy book reviewer."
"Well," replied the applicant's
champion, "If you want a good, sharp,
exacting critic, my friend is Just the
man for you He's an unsuccessful
author."?Catholic Standard and
"My little girl is named Evangeline.
My wife gave her the name."
"Your wife is romantic, eh?"
"That's It. One time sho was at the
race track.and had a dollar on a plug
named Evangeline, and it won." ?
Washington Herald.
"What Is the reputation of tho de
fendant for truth and veracity?" asked
the browbenting lawyer.
"Very good," replied the witness.
,4TX/1 rfw over lrnnw him to tell a
"I think not."
"Then yon are. not certain?"
"Well, he told me once that j;ou
were a gentleman."?Nashville" American.
CLARKSBURG, July 30.?The third
annual, reunion, and picnic of the'Harrison
County Odd Fellows Association'
will be held here to-morrow. With the
fifteen lodges of the county corrying
a membership of over one thousand
members gathering here for this affair
and with- the hundreds of threelink
men from other sections coming
in, it promises to .be one of the greatest
'events ever held here.
With favorable weather It Is pretty
much a certainty that the attendance
will be far greater than It has
been In previous years and as the programme
was never more attractive It
Is safe to say that the vast crowd here'
will have a most pleasant day.
The members of the various committees
for this affair have been n
very busy set of men end they have
reasons to believe that their efforts
have not been In vain.
Following Is the programme arranged
for the day: j
Parade, 11 a. m, Formed at the
Old Fair Grounds.
Line of March?Main to Oalt, .thence
to Pike, Pike to Fair Grounds.
Address of Welcome?Mayor L. C
Crile, of Cltfrksburg.
Response?Mayor T. Francis Kemper,
of Salem.
Dinner, 12:30.
Meeting of Delegates at 1:30 p. m
at Floral Hall.
Election of Officers for ensuing
yea . j
Address?D. H. Redd, of New Martinsville,
2 p. m.
Address?"The Home" by Septimus
Hall, of New Martinsville, 2:30.
Running race, free for all.
Flag race.
Flour contest.
Tournament, . large number of
Knights taking part.
Baseball game?Adamston vs. Craigmoor.
Prizes Awarded.
First?Lodge making best appearance,
a Noble Grand collar. '
Second?Prizes on Running race, a
three-link pin.
Third?Flag race, three-link pin.
Fourth?Flour contest, cash prize
Fifth?Tournament, crown.
Sixth?Baseball, cash, $5.00.
Chief Marshall, W. J. S. Harmer; Assistants,
C. E. Webb and Howard
Immediately after the parade the
various lodges will line up In front
of the grand stand for review and
they will receive the address of welcome
while in this position.
The Canton has been invited to take
part In the parade and have accepted
the same. With the handsome new
uniforms which have just arrived and
with the large membership, the new
organization will doubtless make a
handsome appearance In the line of
The Canton will be the guests of
the organization at large and will not
compete for any of the prizes.
Come to Lloyd's Book Shop,for reductions
In china, pictures, curtains
and wall paper.
\ ' <Sj
\ v
Named by
Half a century ago, Rev. Father John
O'Brien of St Patrick's Parish, Lowell,
Mass., through overwork and exposure,
became seriously run down. A
cold and stubborn cough and lung
trouble threatened, his life. An cml
?_ _i.it..* mi?ft iVothaf Tnhn n ?t h#?
neui apeuiuiiBv
was fondly called( a prescription to
cure the cold and remove the lung
trouble, aa well as to build up and
strengthen the body. Father John win
soon restored to hie former health and
strength, and he recommended. the medicine
to hie parishioners and ,friends,
Thus it-became the family remedy In
thousands ofhomss, and htcaaa
, V-1' pir- * ' - ]|*A -4V J" J
^''"T' ' V;j|
views, who hai been conducting a publication
at The Hague devoted to Peace
Conference matters, when interviewed
on the progress of the Peace Confer
ence, delivered a serious Indictment
against the British delegates. He said:
"Until last Saturday, when; under
the pressure of angry protests, the
British government Instructed Its delegates
to make a belated declaration of
adhesion to the American plan of obligatory
arbitration, the British delegation
had done nothing for peace, nothing
for abltratlon, nothing, In shorty
for anything the British people believed
they bad been sent to The Hague
to dq.
"Their action and still more, their
Inaction, has been the amazement and
despair of all the friends of peace. I
do not exaggerate In the least when
I sny mar, na iar aa uv?r> pwuvjiyip
the 'Brttish government Is supposed
to have at heart is concerned, it would
have been far better to have had no
delegates at ail than the men who
have hown skepticism where they
ought to have shown enthusiasm, who
hnve repelled where they ought to have
attracted, who have been a wet blanket
upon every aspiration of the peace
crusaders and who have succeeded In
utterly destroying England's reputaas
the leader of the peace-loving nations
of the world.
"As members of a conference striving
for peace ideals, they are about
the most Incompetent set of beings
that ever achieved an unmitigated failure."
Continuing, Mr. Stead said:
"Great Britain having abdicated her
traditional position, the leadership has
fallen into the bands of Germany and'
the United States, and we taught the
Americans that the Germans are warmer
friends and stouter allies than the
Elkins Daily to Issue August 15th.
GRAFTON, July 30.?Mr. Herman
G. Johnson, editor of the Elkins InterMountain,
was In the city over Saturday
night, shaking bands with friends
and looking after some business matters.
Mr. Johnson came here from
Cumberland, Md., where he had been
spending a couple of days with the
Cumberland News editors and making
a study of tlielr methods of publishing
11 dally newspaper. The InterMountain
will lie published a dally
beginning on August 15th. Mr. Joh
son has put in a splendid plant, which
includes one of the newest and be-t
Mergenthalcr linotype machines, and
he went himself to the company's
manufacturing plant In Brooklyn and
learned all about the machine, remaining
with the company about three
weeks. Mr. Johnson expects to care
for the muchlne himself, but he has
secured the services of an oxptrionc 1
man to operate. The new daily will
begin businos with every prospect of
brilliant success. It will be issued In
-four-page form at first but will later
lie changed to an eight-page folio.
The Traitor by Thos. Dixon, Jr., on
jsnle July 30th. Leave your order at
I Globe Book Store. x
K " rtH I
f II I
's'w-'' " *' wfl
;;- '
the People
known an "Father John's Medicine."
Father John recommended the medicine
to his parishioners and friends,
and because of Its merits it became
the family remedy In thousands of
homes, and became known-as "Father
John's Medicine," haying been so
named by the people, and was advertised,
all with the approval of Father
It will cure all throat and lung troubles.
prevent Consumption, and make
flesh and strength if taken faithfully.
It Is'not a patent medicine and does
not contain alcohol or poisonous dn^s.
_ "
CLARKSBURG, July 30,-The directors
of the Wallace Coal & Coke Co ,
which owns a tract of shout four thousand
acres of coal on the Short Line
railroad near Wallace, this county,
held a meeting recently at the office
of Its "attorneys, McDonald & Cray, at
, Unlontown, Pa., and made arrange'
ments to contract for tiie drilling of
several test holes on the property, for
the purpose of obtaining tests and ascertaining
the depth of the coal with
a view- towards locating shafts to develop
the property. The tests already
. mnd? In that vldnltv show that the
j coal Is of greater thickness and of betJ
ter Quality, especially-for coking purposes,
than coal along the outcrop. It
is understood that the company will
operate extensively both as to the mining
of coal and manufacturing of coke.
Subscribe for the West Virginian.
420 Monroe St., Fairmont, W. Va
Through Service
Fairmont to Clarksburg
Cars leave Cor. Main and Jefferaor
Sts., Fairmont, .HOURLY for Clar.ki
burg and Intermediate Polnta fron
6:00 A. M. Until 10:00 P. M.
JANUARY 25, '07.
A. M. A. M. *P. M
Fairmont 5:30 6:00 10:0C
12th Street ....5:39 6:09 10:05
Jayenne 5:45 6:15 .10:15
Monongah 5:53 6:23 10:23
Chlefton 6:10 6:40 10:40
Worthlngton ...6:15 6:45 10:45
Hutchinson .... 6:50 10:50
Enterprise .... 6:66 ..10:66
Shlnnston 7:06 11:06
Gypsy 7:14 11:14
Wleadowbrook .. 7:20 11:20
Pery Coaling Station 7:37 11:37
Short Line June. 7:41 11:41
Clarksburg .... 7:46 11:45
?Hourly Until.
A. M. A. M. ?P. M
Clarksburg .... 6:15 10:15
Short Line June 6:19 10:16
Perry Coaling Sta. 6:23 10:23
Hepsibah 6:33 10:3?
Meadowbrook .. 6:40 10:40
Gypsy 6:40 10:40
Shlnnston 6:54 10:64
Enterprise ..... 7:04 1U04
Hutchinson .... 7:10 11:10
Worthlngton I..6:15 7:15 11:15
Chlefton 6:20 7:20 11:20
Monongah 6:32 7:32 11:32
Jayenne 6:45 7:45 11:45
12th Street ....6:51 7:61 11:61
Fairmont 7:00 8:00 12:00
?Hourly Until.
* D. JUtt. Thompson, Scp'tB
Graded Schools, Statmillo, S. C., write*: "I can Uj
they da all eon claim for them." Dr. 8. M. Davore,
Rartn Rock. W. Va., writess "Thejrflr* anlrcrtalaaiU
faction." Dr. IL D. M-GU1, Clarkiburf, Tean., write*: B
"In a praotloa of tSyrart, I hare found so remade to
|?q?tl yourc." rwci, do cms. BaapM* rtf. HoitH
byDngliU. martIH RUDY, UHp*rrCR, PA.
Sold In Fairmont by W. R. Crane & Co.
"XtfcfiSM Restrains tender
tboujlt to Ijeatta
boned apror
jSjfljS/ deemed cue
xSVWpBfeyy Rtdoso Styl* 7!
WlllJfl^^ ?t0Mt woawn), wl
fMHlJ trated here, Is b
sSTmAIVJIII description, wit
i//iff// hlfh bast. Mflde
fnLJrmtMIm ? countil, la whit
til If V Hose supporters
rfl tmy .aides, SUctaatc
W C. A JESSB ;pi-"
tall Block. Opposite >:
L P. Ramaae. tra L. Smith.
Attorneys ? ' 'MySnM
Rooms 27 an. 2S, Trus^BuflilJiijpa':
Office. Hall Block.
Attorney at elw,
. FAIRMONT. W. VA.: i iiSS
Office. Hall
Attorney at Law, '[email protected]|8sp6h
Office. Hall Bloc*. .". sawftaKl
tent-House, ^ Fairmont, W. Va?
Res. Main St.. Opposite CoUrt-HigtUsa,,
Office. First National Bank guUMnfe
Attornsy at Law. <'
Schedule Effective Sunday, June 2, 1907#
Daily. xDally except Sunday. ISundajl
No. 8, M:25 a. m.; No. 14, Mitt. p. nsFV-ay
No. 4. *8:40 p. m. (local to OntfteiLlrs^flBM
CUMBERLAND ACCOM., No. 6,' ?7:?r^v|
2:24 m. .; No. 71. 1M p. m. . cHSmMI
For WHEEUNO, No. 7, *2:24 a. ml; No. .
17, *7:40 n. m. (local): No. 71, *1:S0 p? ;
m. (local); No. 85, *11.48 p. m.
Monongah Division. ' ..jSsBaia
(for Clarksburg only). Arrive, nu.i-e*,
*7.28 m m. (for Clarksburg onWfcgjlOe^sjjj
Fairmont, Morgantown A PlttiburgV Br. .
Leave, Ko. 1. *5:00 a. m.l No. 2.*?:4IWg.
A m.; No. 51, 2:15 p. m. Arrive, N^; *
60, *1:10 p. m.; No. 2, *7:40 p.
4, *9:10 p. m.; No. 68, *10.05 p. nb)J Sg
For MORGANTOWN. Leave. No. 69, *K?; S
p. m. Arrive, No. 62, *6:65 a. ml
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.'^?
Depart. No. 201. 7:00 a. m.; No. 208, 4:0#
Arrive, No. 200. s.15 a. m.; No,
West Virginian wants ads pay.
Our stock of Wall Paper, Rom
Moldings, Burlap, and LlncrasUt
Varnishes and- Stains. '
Agents tor Slierwln and WltllaMt
Both Phones, JaoobjiiMdfi
zy to overfleshinesa, and mould# dx
oportions into graceful outline# hitherto \
inable only by iligbter figure#,
lendid result it attained by an us>
i extension which reacbet down ova
n and Lips, giving the wearer absolute j
ture absolutely eliminates the neceesity
esss-like devices and straps, hitherto,
ntial on corsets of this kind.
(O?{Per tall RaSuto Stria 760-O>* shaft !
t d 1 everywhere at $ 1 00 ifld up

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