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Choice Office Rooms
Geo. M. Jacobs Bldo.
Monroe Street
Kfipeclal Inducements and 0
4':' / County Clerk's Office. ?
WANTED?Four waitresses at Manley
WANTED?Laborers; good wages,
vyifteady employment Apply Tenth
street, Belt Line. Fairmont Mining
wanted?Chambermaid at the Manwanted?Girl
lor general houseVorltl
Apply 807 Benonl avenue, tf
for rent?A four room cottage at
722 Gaston avenue. tf
v for rent?Two dwelling houses in
toff; .T?iird ward; all modern conveniences,
K well located. H. Shaln, Peoples' Bank.
for rent?Six room house. Inquire
pV s|C. Morris, 228 Washington, St. tf
for rent?A few c^pice office rooms
C.4 in the new People's Bank building.
FOR SALE?I.allies' side saddle, bridle
p&|^|4bipket. Only used one summer.
sell cheap. Inquire at Holt's
I^.'V.ctsir- store. 31-41
.Tramp puts a baby upon
a redhot kitchen stove.
|p| 'OSWEGO, N. Y? July 31?A drunk1
en Pole, a sh-anger in Ihis city, en
I tared the home or Charles Leonard
288 East Second street, about^ noon
yesterday, took a seven months' old
1 baby from a crib, where It was sleep
Ing and-placed It on a reil-liot kitchen
stove. The cries of the child brought
the mother, who bad left the house for
a minute. The baby was badly burn,.
ed before It was rescued.
|lv I ; . Advertlments In this papor bring
It Madison Academy
'2; Opens Fall Term Sept, 2
Commercial, Classical, Nor"
mal and Scientific branches
aete taught. Da; and evening ses
lions. Send lor catalogue to
TM^T ALWAYS eu lUUbintH.
Ii a happy PUTO and a good, nour
JgSgg ^shlng.ioai or wises aencious
' bread. Our bread doesn't make
your purse suffer. It is more economical
than baking at home, and
you get palatable and wholesome
| fating without cooking during the
heated term, at less coat than when,
few dij-.s Ahlch bK been clear and
bright have been a great help to the
farmer* ano ther are'all bUiy. Thle
!? the first time that wheat has been
In condition to put lnJojUck and 'M,
farmer? haye made gdod-'tuife -<if the
time. It I* very nnuaual for whgat .(si
be so late in getting ripe ss It Is this
'year. The season seems to be about
'one month late and should It be an
early fall the corn will not mature.
The outlook for the wlntler is'not very
bright as all kinds of food' stuffs will
be scarce and high. The fruit and
berry crops will be a fallur- even the
black berry crop is a failure and are
selling at forty cents a gallon on the
street This season seems to be almost
equal to the year, of long ago
when they, speak of a year without a
The Chas. Phillips Tool Co. is rushed
with orders and have been running
at night for some time. There Is an
unusual amount of drilling going on
In this district.
The Pottery has been working over
time for some days and everything
seems to be .on the boom In that section.
George W. Hawkins Is making extensive
Improvements on his property
near the pottery. When finished It
will be one of the moet convenient
and desirable homes In the city.
Mrs. Sarah Mockler is making extensive
Improvements on her property on
Buffalo street, which will add very
much to the convenience of the property.
Maurice Hernsbeim who has been
very sick for some time has gpne to
Terra Alta to try the mountain air but
so far It has been of no benefit to him.
To see flowers blooming around the
depot Is a new experience to our people,
but the B. and Q. has been beautifying
its grounds this summer and It
adds very much to the appearance of
the place and I am sure the traveling
public appreciate It. What an Improvement
green grass and blooming
flowers are over the old cinder pile
G. W. Long has returned from Parkersburg
where he has been for some
time. While there he both bought and
sold some property.
J. D. Charlton has been shipping several
car loads of manure from the stables
of the city to his farm near FarmIngton.
Jim Is giving bis farm much
attention. *
Miss Lola Oble, of JIacksburg, Ohio
who has been visiting .Miss Hazel Munnel.
has returned to her home.
Miss Ora Dent Is home from a pleasant
visit to Untontown.
Some of our people have been buying
groceries from some of the socalled
pure food firms of Ohio. Their,
goods are-not as good as can be bought
here for the same money. Why not
patronize your home people who help
you pay taxes and support the city. If
every 'one would patronize th? home
people and pay cash, as they do to tho!
stranger our people could sell cheaper
and better goods. Stand by your home
merchants. Boom your home town.
'The dirt Is flying on the trolley line
between here and Farmington and it
looks like we would soon have the cars
sure. More men are needed all along
the line. Real estate Is getting active
along the line and It begins to look
like business.
The Mannlngton Juniors have gone
to Hundred today to cross bats with
.. . .. -. . l
me leam ar mui pmce. ti. win uc u
hot number.
The tank at the water station burster!
yesterday but no particular damage
was done. The hoops were rusted
and gave nway suddenly. It will
be repaired at once.
The 1-adles' Missionary society of
the Presbyterian Church will have a
picnic at Eureka park, Downs, to-morrow
and will return on No. 55, if a sufficient
number will report to Mrs. A.
L. Prlchard.
The Woodmen's band held their
weekly concert last night and the Elks
band will give a concert Friday night
Advertiments in this paper bring
We have an
Elegant Line of
A Suit from one of
these would help
SOME these warm
Merchant Tailor. .
Main and Madlton Sts., 2d Floor
to attend the meeting of Uncommercial
Law League which la now In ae*
aion; On hie return he.MiM^Wylor
will go to WadeitowiFftj- (he nauai
V)mm$r Tacaflon,,,^ 'fffi' 1
"'MliW Deiajr^ftoeri Srlll'ehtertaln thf
Thuraday Club at her home on Main
street tomorrow. ,
' MIib'Marlon 8hiw will tatertaln at
lunchfon Friday afternoon ;lh honor of
Mlia AideS Morgan. " '
Dt. ChSal L/'ftey and wife baVe>6
turned to tneir home in jersey wty
after a visit to friends here.
The weekly services of the Episcopal
church will be held on Thursday
of this week instead of Wednesday as
Mrs. Sallle Plcbard's Sunday school
class held a picnic at Downs yesterday.
There were about twenty-five
present and they all bad a delightful
time and returned on NO. 65 last night
These outings of the Sunday school
classes help to make the Sunday school
'Mollle Anderson has gone to her
home In Cameron. She will be there
for some time before returning here.
Misses Bessie and Olive Keever
spent Tuesday visiting relatives In
loe Dlggs and friends have been
camping near Lumberport for the past
two weeks. Owing "tb the excessive
rains the life of the camping parties
has not been pleasant.
RIVESVILLE, July 31.?Sunday was
a busy day down here. Baseball to
further orders. Rivesville vs. Barnsvllle,
or some at least were from
Barnsvllle, but the principal players
or contenders rather were not natives
or residents of the little newly Incorporated
town, but that was all right,
no klok coming as to that, nor none
whatever, as far as the writer Is concerned
as he Isn't a ball player, but
rumor has It that the umpire of one J
olg fellow who said the oUts and Ins i
and seemed to be the push and pull J
for Barnsvllle altogether, might have
had more warm friends down here If
he hadn't shown his warm feelings
for the Barn.vltes quite so plain, but
till Is well that ends well.
Rivesvllie will be mindful of several
occurrences in the future which
took place at the game Sunday and
would much rather be the victims of
a wrong or an overdose of authority,
than a defeat so, so, so, and bo long'
as to that a hint to the wise should
be sufficient. *
N'ear three hundred people witness-1
ed the game. Even big Mas Chlpps, j
Frank Yost, I.eroy Shuman ami several
others front old Monongalia county, I
Fairmont sad other points were rep-!
resented also, and the game could
have been an interesting one should
the right spirit have prevailed, .but
let It go now. Sure, sure, to be sure.
Rivesvllie batteries were Dent,
Thorn and Harris. Score 14 to S In
favor of Rivesvllie.
Mr. J. V. Williams, one of our village
business hustlers, has fitted up
a heat ice cream parlor on Main street
and In addition to'that he Is handling
organs, pianos, phonographs, grnphophones
and a general line of furniture.
Good luck to a man with the nerve to
place everything on the market at
Rlvesviiie from a folding bed to a
goose yoke and don't you ihlnk (hat
Williams hain't got it either, the goose
yoke and the other, too.
Josh Sruceby's writings In the
West Virginian Jams a whole lot of
truth into the air, that never would
have been though of. Josh's sayings
are lasting. They don't lenve wllh
the dew. Josh, you will do no harm
and lots of good by sprinkling old
Marlon county guite often in the next
two years.
The'Lone Star has got to be mighty
careful about what he says^f date, as
there is a certain man in the country
who don't hesitate to tell his hired
hands and most everybody he can get
an audience with that the Lone Star is
a bad shiner, but against he gets the
rounds and tells the thousands of readers
of daily papers about the Lone
Star, he will not be any more popular
himself among the people than a billy
goat In an orchard of young apple
Your humble correspondent Is like
the Irishman and the flees. They begin
on me flrst and I'm ready to quit
at any time.
J. A. Hess, of this place, went to
Pittsburg on special business Monday
last. A development of no little significance
Is likely to become visible
soon after the return of Mr. Hess, providing
things materialize as per plans
noW on file.
H. J. Rice, a well known coal dealer
of Fairmont, was here Monday
meeting some of his business assocl-.1
ates ana returning to Fairmont on
Pawpaw flyer. The Wabash hasn't
pat on any Monday morning or before
breakfast trains down this way yet,
so the old,?; ft: O. Ts;stlll the main
interesting addreses will be given dur
^ log the e ro F y h M
band will begin .tb^^riaro^^
concerts. The Qecjslian lady'quarto:
will entertain In the evening; a ntimber
of well known singers and instru/>(;?
zr-jr^r* TST ; > .
mentallsts are alio on the programme.
Mrs. Jolin Rule, of CiariaTburirt ei$tertalned'
at cards- Monday evening.
Xighf refreshments were served.
'Mr. Harvey B. Rep^ttp; of Wheeling,
Ypeiit the week end with' Mrf Ja?
Taney 'dt Hoffman' Hall. Durlug Mr.
"R&ppkto's'stty' Mr. Tauey:gave a
small 'stag affair In his honor Those
present were: Mr. Reppetto,- IraMcKee,
ot Pittsburg; Chauncey Devore
and Camden Taney, of Wheeling;
James Burns and Oorwln Burns; of
Morgantown, and George Slncell. of
C akland.
The preliminaries In the ladles' bowl!
lng contest hare been rolled and the
| following handicaps announced: IMIss
I 41.uy 'J: upper, sdratcfc; Miss Margaret
iBIshop. 2; Mrs. J. H. Mlqk, 5: Miss
i Mgrgaret McLain, 11; Mrs. W. H.
| Scott, 13; Miss Kate McLain, 15; Miss
,Evelyn Burns, 22: Miss tela Pitt. 24;
, Miss Dorothj1 Scott, 51. A chauge In
the gentlemen's contest has been
i mede, so that W. ti. Scott wfll roll
.scratch with Mr. List.
Uev. and Mrs. Darlil W. Howard
i spent the week end at the Lock Lynn
I hotel.
I Miss Heicn Graham, of Piedmont
Is visiting Miss Kenny of Piedmont
at her cottage here.
Mrs. II"aier Jackson, Mrs. Charles
Iambe 1. Miss Genevieve Harrison and
Miss Mildred Lambert, of Clarksburg
are at the Lock Lyua for a stay of
about two weeks.
Mr. Thomas Gausburg made a short
stop at the Mountain Lake hotel this
Miss E. Murdock and E. M. Lang, of
Kingwood, W. Va? spent the-week end
I with relatives at the Lock - Lynn
I Heights hotel.
[ Mrs. P. W. Lange, of Holcomb, W.
Va? spent the week end at the Mountain
Lake Park hotel.
Miss Nellie C. Cnsslday, of Fairmont,
will spend the season with relatives
at the Lock Lynn hotel. !
Mr Carl Wlllett. of Clarksburg.
spent the week end with his parents
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wlllett at their
cottage here. _ I
B. F. Park, of Fairmont, is at the
Lock Lynn hotel for a short stay. i
Mr. Corwln Burns, of Morgantown
left here 'to-day for Terra Alta, to attend
the State shoot for picked squads
of National Guardsmen being held
there. He will return to-morrow.
Mr. R. Zelslng, of Clarksburg, spent
the week end with his family, who are ,
stopping at the Lock Lynn hotel for
the season. : s8 |
R.. A. Re gen. of Buckhannon, made ,
a short stop at the Mountain Lake ho- ,
tel last week.
Mrs. W. H. Smith, of Parkersburg, i
spent the week end at the Lock Lynn ,
Heights hotel. j
Mrs. Matthews Halmes, of Clarks- ]
burg, Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. j
Homer Davis, at her cottage here. (
Mr. J. P. Donley, of Wheeling, spent ,
the week end at the Lock Lynn.
Mrs. John Hammot. of Parkersburg,
are at Haydenhurst for a lengthy stay
If. E. Jackson, of Clarksburg, spent
the week end at the Lock Lynn hotel
visiting his family. '
C. H. Long, of Mannlngton, made a 1
short stop at the Mountain Lake Park '
hotel last week. 1
A.- Bliss McCrum. of Klngwood, W. 1
Va? spent the week end at Lock Lynn. 1
Miss Helen Emery, of Washington, '
will Qurluo Tliiirarlov tn wlelt Mloa '
Katherlne Thistle at her cottage here.
R. T. Cunningham pnd H. P. ifease !
of Fairmont, spent the week end 't '
the Lock Lynn Heights hotel.
Mr. Camden Sommers, of Clarks- 1
burg, was the guest of his sister, Mrs, '
Charles H. Taney, over Sunday at
Hoffman Hall.
The picture man is In town. I won- '
der when our people' will ever learn '
to let the picture fake alone. If they '
have pictures to enlarge why not give '
the work to your local dealer and he '
will have your work done by a reliable
Arm at a reasonable price. Let the
fake picture man alone.
I will triafl you rree, to prove merit, '
samples of my Dr. Shoop's Restorative
and my Book on either Dyspepsia, the 1
Heart, or the Kidneys. Troubles of <
the Stomach, Heart or Kldheys, are i
merely symptoms of a deeper ailment.
Don't make the common error
of treating symptoms only. Symptoms
treatment Is treating the result of
your ailment, and not the cause. Weak
Stomach nerves?the Inside nerves? ;
mean Stomach weakness, always. And
the Heart, and Kidneys as well, have '
their Controlling or Inside nerves.
Weaken these nerves and you Inevita- 1
bly have weak vital organs. Here is
where Dr. Shoop's Restorative has
made Its fame. No other remedy even
claims to treat the 'Inside nerves."
Also .for bloating, bllllousness, bad
breath or complexion, use Dr. Shoop's
Restorative. Write me tonlay for sample
and free book. Dr. Shoop, Racine.
.. - l-iMn ?||
hold an outing at Traction Park on
W wwvIV VfM, MIU "ill WC JUUtbU tmn 'V
Ladies' Day To-morrow.
Thursday .\yjll .bp Ladies' Day, at,he
bay park, which.means that no gdmUslon
will be charged, to the ladles.,The
game will he caned at 3:30 o'clock.
Fairmont, and Clarksburg teams will
meet on the diamond.
Will Entertain Thursday Club.
Miss Daisy L.. Koen will .entertainThe
Thursday Club at ten o'clock'Thursday
morning at her home, 113 ,
West Main street. |
Miss Marlon Shaw has Issued lurl- j
tatlons for a luncheon on Friday at
one o'clock In honor of Miss Ardea
Morgan.?Mannlngton Record.
Fairmont People at Terra Alta.
Miss Mary Ward and brother, Fred,'
went to Terra Alta yesterday, where ji
with their parents, Mr,'and Mrs. J.)
C. Ward, they will, occupy a cottage
for the remainder of the summer. They
were accompanied by Mrs. Llfllan Porter
nad son, Charley, of Wheeling, who
wilt also occupy the Ward cottage.!,
Mrs. Ward and daughter, Frances, will
go to Terra Alta on Friday.
Entertained the Jokers.
Miss Eva Shafferman _ entertained
the Jolly Jokers Club las"t evening at:
her home on Maple avenue. A pleas-j
ant evening was spent and tempting
refreshments were served. Miss Ethel'
Patton, of Wheeling, was an out of
town guest present.
Picnic at Parkersburg.
Arrangements are being made for a
picnic which will be given this week |
probably on Wednesday, In honor of
Miss Vivian Morrison, of Grafton;
Miss Iris West, of St. Marys, and
Miss Mayme Charlton, of Manningion,
who are the guests of Miss Ertha
Lee Core.?Parkershurg DispatchNews.
Lieutenant Read In Town.
Lieutenant Senns Read, of the U.
3. navy from the Mayflower ,haB been
here for a week the guest or his mother,
Mrs. William .J. Read, at 401 Locust
avenue. Lieut. Read has now
gone to Pendleton county, where ho
will join Jjr. and Mrs. J. C. Darnall,
of this city, and the party will spend
several days fishing. Lieut. Read will
return here later.
Pleasant Surprise Party.
Miss Blanche Hall was given a
pleasant surprise party on Tuesday
evening by a number of her friedns at
her home on Maple avenue. A delightful
evening was spent at various
social diversions and tempting refreshments
were served. The guests were
Misses Mary Hlte, Bird Crlss, Bess
Watson, Sadie Crawl, Martha Swisher,
Martha Hood, Ethel Short, Hazel
Flarn, Ota Amos, Edna Watson, Mary
Prlckett, Russell SatterflclJ, Glenn
[Tarn, Nell Prlckett, .Bailey Hupp,
Tlenn Bunnef, Ariet.Harn and B. Bun- (
To Be Married This Evening. j
A quiet-hut pretty home wedding
will be solemnized this evening at 7:45
o'clock at the home of Mrs. J. T. Arnett,
on Watson avenue, when her
granddaughter. Miss Rose Morgan,
and Mr. Benton Mitchell, will be united
In marriage. Rev. W. B. Clark, of
Christ Church, will perform the mar-|
riage ceremony, in the presence of
about fifty of the intimate friends and
relatives of (the contracting parties}
Four little girl friends and two little
hoys will attend the bride, namely, I
Misses Susan and Katharyn Arnett '
Fay Watson and Virginia Knotts, the
latter of Mannlngton, Master Junior (
Morgan, brother of fhe bride, and Mas-!
ler Bernard Arnett. , Little Miss Flora'
Morgan, tbe bride's sister will bear the
ring. The bride will be attired in a1
three piece stilt of blue rajah silk with
hat and gloves to match. After the
narrlage ceremony Mr. Mitchell ati'L
iils bride will leave for a wedding trip'
to eastern cities, Including a visit to
the Jamestown Exposition.
Among the out of town guests here
tor the wedding are Mr. and Mrs. J.
C. Knotts, and daughter Virginia, of
Mannlngton. Miss Etta Watson, of
Smithtown, Mr. and Mrs. Alt Arnett
)f Texas, and Miss Genevieve Collins
cf Pennsboro.
Entertained Sunday 8chool Class.
WATSON, W. Va? July 31. ? Mrs.
lite Amos entertained her Sunday
school class aj ber beautiful home at '
Watson, Sunday, July 28. After the .
close of the Sunday school the chll
riren assembled In the beautlfully-dec
orated parlor, where Mr. H. 0. Amos
entertained them with some line se- I
lections ot(muBlc on the phonograph,
until Mrs. Amos announced that they
were wanted in the dining room, and .
there they were seated around a large
table where a tempting course of re- l
freshraenta was served. I
In the afternoon they were taken to j
therbeautlful: groye,. of, Mr.: Craigford: j
THE WEATHER?Partly cloudy, probably showers to-nigbi or Thursday.
| TT1
^rrrn-rcs TTi-hD tHnMCM
In cloth and (iiori. ' y. ' I
Skirts for less than the material alone could be bought for. Within J
Women's Wash Skirts
Now 75c to 4.68
Pretty,, dainty Summer Skirts of White Linen, Lawn, Indian Head. j
Our Skirts ore famous for their style, workmanship and general f
get up. New lir.oes mw prevailing.
$1.25 to 2.00 Canvas OxforS|i^|H
Ten or fifteen cents will make them as gpod as new.
a few grays and mostly small sizes. Popular Qlbsotr Tie style, with|I
turn soles, plain toes and Cubanheels.
Extra Values in Women's (D^rdsSj
The Busy Bargain Basement Offers I
10c Gas Mantles * 4 for 25c r
Making Friends in t%||
Men's Clothing Departmelft^HI
Men who never bought Suiu-of us?a department .stores-are hoc^.!|i
lug in, attracted ny our low prices on Summer Suits.'^ ,
(They feel the cloth, view the styles and the sale is mide^ All Wjffi
duced except blues and blacks, deductions lllw thi?: rt'\''ji;^^
$1.90 for Pants, Were $2.5j| $3.00 |H
Oid lots of lines up to $3.50 and not a pair sold fcr less I ,Jthan
2.50. Neat gray stripes in fancy Cassimeres and I
here they were joined by a number Mr. Kelly said the^tdghercbnrtlfjKjiS
>f children of the Sunday school, also sustained the decletonhj^^^gyS^|
ve noticed several parents present favor. Before Mis Kelly left Parts,
nd they seemed to enjoy the occasion he heard rumors
ts well as the children, especially Mr. to marry Prince De,'
lohn Thompson, who semed to be llv- he did not put much credence In' twj^^H
ng over his childhood days again. he said tor the countess to marry^BM
The affair was In every way & sue- prince would be a greet mUtafc*ifij|fl
:ess, and a general good time was tyid her.
ty all. Those present of Mrs. 'Amos'! "The prince,' he said, ''Is es^jmigflH
lass, and others that partoolc of the; of a spendthrift than^A^m^Q^^^^I
efreshments, were as follows! Opal could be no marrlagejihdersix mlntha fl
tester, Georgia Hale. Blanch Sypult were such a thing contemplated,
"annle McGlnnls, Willie Glrod, Ellen many things could happen ' lnifttttjfl
robry, Martha Glrod, Bonnie Johnson, time.
Sdna Tarleton, Arbln Tarleton, Nelllo "The Counteasipe CastellanM|||HH
foffmans Flora Mahaffey, Lottie greatly chan#tf woi^^KRN^H
i'augn, Emma Smith. Susie Mclntlre, longer the Slip of a girl she was whei*
day Chatman,- Ada Stuok, Cora Amos, "he mhrried- the .Cjrhnjgj Her "liiist'^S
drs. Ben Mahaffey, Mrs. Cal. Tarleton, made a burden 6j? fortune
Ur. and Mrs. Ed. Amos and children she Is even annoyed In the
Vflss Ollle Amos and Mr. and Mrs. C Impecunious counts and others. It
j. Hall. Mrs. Amos Is an Ideal Snn- takes two postmen to deliver the moajpjj
lay school teacher and is loypd by her ,n8 mall for the countess. Many of
tlass. Mr, and Mrs. Amqe both took an the letters are from those who
ictlve interest In having all to enjoy money, butqulte a few are propldsfl
he day. "BLUCHER." ?f marrtage." ,'t
. I
From Poor Counts ,hsnkg (or their kindness and atten
jaaseagere woo arrived yesieruay i>u .
l^eri who

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