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n the^cUy^00
, of Waynes*
\\ cs^cniport, Md. ^Sli& will
' ojt'-HQSpItal, returned to his home nt ]
t that has ever entered the
Hospital and his recovery is remarks- ]
H iveekBiff^^hg a cancerous growth re-||
moved from his face. The operation
gives promise of being entirely successful.?Morgantown
New Dominion.
l^y^v^',a-;message from Denver. Colo.
BrlibarJila niece. Miss Grave Kelley, has
i been?^ckeh with typhoid fever and
has been placed In a hospital there for
Miss Grace just left here
-> last week-twith Miss Jennie Fleming
for an extended visit to her aunt in
Attor Bri nn n, of V e ton,
nets trlj> to Elklns this afternoon.
Mrs. S. J. Snider went to Opeklska
this afternoon to spend the night with
her slater, Mrs. Long.
Jllss Ruth Bailey, of Morgantown,
will arrive here this evening and will
be the guest pfMiss Melissa Williams.
Mr. atfd Mrs; Will Johnson, "who had
been > the guests of Mrs. Katharyn
Fletcher; left to-day for thelr'home In
Cleveland, Okla. ~*
W. S. Hamilton has returned from
a few days' visit with. his family at
Mt. Lake Park.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Robb are
moving from Maple avenue to the A.
D. Simon property at the head of
Qulncy street.
Mrs. E. Z. Rogers and daughter,
Louiee, will arrive from Washington
this evening and will be the guests, ol
Mr*. B. GtWilliams.
Misses Bertha ana uiara L,ioya ami
Myrtle Knotts are expected home this
evening from a three weeks' visit with
relatives In Philadelphia, Pa., and
Patilsbury, N. J.
Miss Edith Bailey, of Morgantown,
Is the gttesti of Miss Laura Williams
at the Tavern. Miss Bailey came up
this morning a horseback.
Mr. and Mrs. Bickles, nee Miss Fanny
Satterfleld, who have been residing
in Cuba, are expected home to-day to
spend some time with Mrs. Blckle's
father, Mr. W. N. Satterfleld, at Rlvesville.
From Clarksburg New^.)
Miss Beryl Leonard arrived home
night from Fairmont, where she was
has spent several weeks with relatives.
Miss Beatrice Watson returned last
night from aFlrmont, where she was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett
Helmick for a few days.
Andrew Philip Erwln, a young son
of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Erwln, of Fairmont,
who are well known here, underwent
an operation for appendicitis
at Cook's Hospital on last Monday
night. The operation was a very
serious one, but hopes for his recovery
are entertained.
Chield Falls Five Stories and Is Not
Fatally Hurt.
NEW YORK, July 31. ? Fourteen
year old Frederick Sullivan, of 1803
Third avenue, fell five stories from
the roof down the -alrshaft yesterday
afternoon and was not fatally Injured.
The boy's escape from death was owing
to an open mubrella, which he
had in his hand when he fell off the
roof. His mother had sent hira up to
get the umbrella. He found It open,
and did not take the trouble to close'
The boy was still clinging to the
handle of the umbrella when he was1
licked up at the bottom of the alrshaft.
It had served him as a parachute and
greatly broken his fall.
Many bargains in wall paper at
Lloyd's Book Shop tf
Is the place to drive up for a thirst
killer or to take the dust from the
parch and dusty throats of the
automoblllst, bicycler or driver.
Don't pass our store without refreshing
yourself with a glass of
pure, sparkling ice col soda water
or an Ice cream soda flavored with
pure fruit juices. Yon can get it to
ravish the plate at
The Prescription Store.
Both 'Phones.
District No
This coupon when properly flllec
Contest' Manafter of the Falrmonj ^
j votes In Pony ConteBt-and for -Dlstr
When the'fliut performance started ,
at'the Grand Opera House last night ,
the theater was well filled and befoie ,
the performance was" half trfer the
house "was crowded tb the doors. It
has always jbew claimed (hat Pair- J
mont amusement lovers are very die- (
cernlng and know .when something o( ]
unusual merit is to be offered. No
mistake was made last night, for the i
vaudeville bill put on was wlthqpt exception
the best that has "ever been
seen In this city. (
The PerrinB, who open the perform- (
t ance, put on a very strong comedy |
sketch and Introduces some good ,
songs that they know how to sing.
Bold Mr. ana Mrs. rerrins nave bwj |
voices, and theifr sketch is very amus- ,
Ing. Mrs. Ferrins made a big hit ia (
her character work, and the appear (
ance she made in doing her straight
work pleased the audience very much, {
as she has a charming personality and {
a very sweet voice.
Ed. Long and his family of trained ;
fox terriers, held the rapt attention ot
' the audience, and the numerous tricks (
done by the dogs were almost marvel- T
ous. Somersault Tony is well trained
in bis acrobatic acts, and all of the
dogs?seven in number ? displayed
wonderful Intelligence. Mr. Long, the
owner nnd trainer of the dogs, is very
proud of them and is all the time
teaching them new tricks. It may be
of Interest to note that these dogs
are all of one family, the mother being
one of the best performers. To- t
night will be the last appearance of
Mr. Long and his dogs.
Walker and Burrell's big musical
comedy act, which closed the bill, was
the best thing of the kind ever seen C
here, and both artists were at home
with any of the large number of Instruments
on which they perform. The
cello solo of Miss Burrell wns espe- c
cially line, and she had to respond to ^
several encores. The Imitations given n
of a "Chinese Orchestra," furnished 1;
much amusement. These clever peo- 'n
pie have made a careful study of Chi- u
nese music and use the Instruments a
of the Chinaman and give perfect ren- fi
dltions of the popular airs of that a
country. n
The motion pictures? "The Holy d
City," "Kidnapped" and "An Icy Day," s;
exhibited last night were pronounced s
by all as the best yet offered. The s:
illustrated song was also very good, li
but on account of It having been used i'
here before a new one will be put on b
to-night. o
For Saturday afternoon a special d
matinee is being arranged and on this ft
occasion a "Teddy Bear" will be giv- o
en to one of the little girls present,
nnd a pocket knife will be awarded to n:
one of the boys attending. Every, tl
child present will have a chance to,a
draw these prizes. ti
Tonight will close the engagement of y
the bill now on and on the last three h
nights of the week three new nets l<
will be Introduced, as follows: Ed. i*
Gardner, In a comedy singing and Jug- ti
gling act; Billy Durant, In his big mus- li
leal act, and the celebrated Chatham p
Sisters, singing and dancing corned- w
lennes. ' t<
For This Day, Wednead
"No lucky fortune willct
On you own heart you
This Is the 212th day of the yea
the moon Is la the third quarter.
This Ik a most unfortunate day f<
hasty In temper. Quarrels begun to-c
Hons during the year that will wreck
An evil day for speculating In 1
day for laying money on margins.
Those whose birth date this Is t
losses If they speculate or otherwise
except Bound business propositions,
however, will prosper greatly If the
The child born to-day will not be
be trained from early youth to depen
have many friends, but- they will not
help. It will be Inclined to untruthful
manifest itself at an early age. It a
>nt West Virginian
j Contest
I out and brought or mailed to the
rest Virginian trill count for 25
i? PrU ' ,'eU ' .V) 1 t , f
g g
Samuel Metz bad a light itroke o
jaralysls. tills week; but U able to b<
ip and about.
gilas Campbell, who has been'call
ng on friends' for a week past, return
id To Fairmont Tuesday,to resume till
work as brakeman on a frleght. Hli
run Is from''Fairmont to Holloway.
There jt^a.jery.prety.wed(Ung a
Lamech _ Freefftnd's last/. Thursday
light. The contracting parties wer<
Tile Walker and. Sybil Burdette, ol
rtoane county. The groom Is a neph
rw of Mr. Freeland. The ceremony
was performed-by the Rev. Wm. Robej
if this place. . . ?
The well being drilled deeper by the
South Penn Oil Company on Josepl
Sampbell farm Is making a good show
ng for a good producer in the deej
Sarah J. Pngh was calling on hei
irother. David Watson, of Farming
on and her sister, Lizzie Wllfong, ol
he First ward, of Fairmont, Saturday
tnd Sunday.
Potatoes will be a poor crop as they
ire affected by the blight and are beginning
to rot
The Hon. County Court'were in out
nldst last week locating a new road
hrough Z. Tennant, a much needed
ihange as the farmerp can.not travel
nore than half the' time such seasons
is the present one has been.
The farmers have begun their grass
ind oats harvest
The hay will be better than at first
nucleated. The oats crop Is almost
i failure only a few fields that will
nake an.average crop.
The blackberry crop is a failure and
he children will have a rest from that
)ne Man Cannot Grasp and Interpret
It All.
"The more I study, the more I am
onvlnced," says John Burroughs !n
Tie Delineator for August, "that one
inn's faculties canna^, penetrate wholf
this noble, fascinating mystery of
ature. Nature Is all things to all
sen. She is one thing to the artist,
nother to the scientist, another to the
armer, still another to the observer
nd nature-lover like myself. We do
ot see the same th'ngs because we
o not have an equal Interest In the
ame things. Or, If we do see the
nine things, we Jo not all get the
ame Impression from what we see. It
> only Important that eve get a true
npresslon, that we do not see Joule.
or, if we arc seeing for purposes
f science or natural history, that wo
o not substitute what we think or
tncy for what we -ealiy see, as some
f our late nature writers have done.
"My own chief Interest is In the
ilnor phases of nature, principally in
le play of wild life that goes on all
bout me. For big sane, one must
avel far; but stay at home and keep
uur eyes and ears open and you may
ave some fresh bit of live natural bls>ry
almost every day in the year. If
r.e had a sympathetic record of all
le little Incidents that occur In the
ves of the denizens the nearest
Iece of woods during the year, he
ould have a most entertaining chap:.r."
ay, July 31, 1907.'
>me as your friend;
must tblB day depend."
r; moon's age, 21 days. To-Jay
ir those who are Impetuous or
lay threaten to assume .proporthe
affairs and happlnesB of all
? I
utures or options. An Inauspicious
ire almost certain to incur heavy
: Invest their money In anything
Their regular business affairs,
y stick to them alone.
! aided much by fortune, and must
d exclusively on itself. It will
be In position to extend much
Iness, and this tendency will
in be eradicated wholly by stern
rt AGO Ma 1
w ungu IIV. i*
PostofSce, Telephone or City
... 10 Votes.
CLASS No. 2.
;slady, Salesman, Professional Man
or Woman.
10 Votes.
CLASS No .3.
Iroad, Traction, Glass House, or
Factory Employe,
10 Votes.
CLASS No. 4.
odae. Church of Society Member.
? ^ .* t y?v?
3 ^ V^tr 11
; / ' 8TA'RTED.
It -NEW YQRK, JulyEvelyn
i:Nesblt Thaw gnve an authoritative
{ statement 'yesterday concerning 'her'
t plans, declaring that she had no pr?s.
ent Intention of returning to the stage,
, but will devote her energies to the
t study of music. This statement was
. called out by a published report that !
, Mrs. Thaw Intended to take a leading
, role at a Broadway theater. Mrs.
Thaw visited her husband1 In the
, Tombs, after which she made the
! statement in wmcn sue aecmreu bub
had no Intention ot returning to the
) stage. Mrs. Thaw was dressed In a
dark brown cloth suit and from a black
. sailor bat fell a white veil, which did
not conceal the frequent smiles which
, punctuated her story of her plans.
- "No, I hare not the slightest Intention
of going back to the stage,"
Mrs. Thaw said, "and I am quite sure
that I'do not know where such a report
came from. I have started to
take singing lessons at the suggestion
of my physician, who says that
I have a slight afTectlon of the vocal
chords. My health, otherwise, Is perfect
No, I have never even dreamed
1 of going on the stage. When I first
went on the boards I had the Idea I
"was going to be Sarah Bernhardt the
second. That Idea soon (led after one
or two rehearsals and now 1 would
never think of going back on the
stage. I am simply going to study
music to strengthen my voice and develop
It but It's too early yet to say
what I shall be able to do, for I have
obly taken one lesson.
"I Intend.to remain here during the
summer and fall till the trial. I shall
not return to Pittsburg. I spend as
much of my time with Mr. Thaw as
the prison rules allow, but I found so
much time on my hands in the afternoons
and evenings that 1 took up
the study of composition, English history
and philosophy. Now I am busy
all the time."
Mrs. Thaw dally visits the Tomfbs
prison In which her husband Is confined
awaiting his second trial for the
killing of Stanford White on the Madison
Square roof garden a year ago.
Mrs. Thaw resides In a secluded uptown
apartment hotel.
Ill stop your pain free. To show
you first?before you spend a penny?
what my Pink Pain Tablets can do,
I will mall you free, a Trial Package
of them?Dr. Shoop's Headache Tablets.
Neuralgia, Headache, Toothache,
Period pains, etc., are due alone to
blood congestion. Dr. Shoop's Headache
Tablets simply kill pain by coaxing
away the unnatural blood pressure.
That Is all. Address Dr. Shoop, Racine,
Wis. Sold by E. A. Btltlngslea
& Co.
West Virginian wants adn pay. %
Always Cool
Large Pictures
Good Light
Mrs. Smith's Boarding
The Catch of the Season
Sing Me a Song of the
? . .? . . '
Electric Theatre
Old Poitofflco Building.
'The Birth of Christ,"
Monday and Thursday.
'The Life of Christ,"
Tuesday and Friday.
'The Crucifixion,-Burial and Resur- .
reetlon of Christ
Wednesday and Saturday.
0 G? ^ ^ Q|J- ?'
War. The lockup 1* not en Be^cpm
pieted apfl when Ondeck was committed
tor drunkenness* ie at pace Sought
a means of escape. In his'celi k space
Irtwir onH !ft
diameter'was left (or the sewer. Ondeck
espied this hole and started to
crawl otiu.
After going a short distance he became
tightly fastened In the opening
that he found he wis able to move
neither forward nor backward. He
tried In vain for three hours to get out
and then shouted for help. It required
three strong men to release him.
< + + + + ++ + + + + ++
4* 4*
f +
* + + +*fr 4* *F+ + ! { H* +
MARIETTA?T. B. Powell, Sugar
Valley; C. W. Perlne, Salem; J. C.
Parrish, Farmlngton; George W.
Bland, West Union; Mrs. E. F. Rogers,
8hinnston; Frank Garber, Wheeling;
Daniel O'Grady, Stewartstown;
R. Maloney, Clorksburg; C. Graham,:
Berkeley Springs; G. E. Cain, Bellngton;
E. S. Mapel, Blacksville; E. A.
Clarke, Lone Tree.
MANLEY?T. M. Calvert, H. E. .
Travis, Mannington; W. K. Hoffman, .
Morgantown; S. C. Stathers, Clarks- ^
burg; S. A. Mooy, p. F. Teter, PhllAll
the I
Latest Books and '
Magazines j
A complete line of i
all kinds of Sta- I
uonery and Sup- 1
piles for Home or 1
office. <
A. G. Martin Co. \
111V V J
I On Barne
I One Door Froi
I We will continue c
I of General Merc!
I bargains in first cfc
I These goods *
I out every day at co
I night and save you
IM. R .Miisg
I s , ' 44/
this bank when you open yo
ode are "safe" and we exfc
consistent with good bankir
We solicit the accounti
and individuals.
United State* and
State Depository Sur
~~ ???
tne uSuSh^li
Monday, Tuesday and Wedneeday. I
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday. I
High Class Artists.
and Family of Fox Terriers, Intro-J
duclng Somersault Tony. I
r Introducing strong Muwcai wom-i
edy Act and a Comedy
Two Performances Nightly?8:00 I
and 0:05 O'clock. |
Ippl; Howard Haalett//ftAwrence E.
Sands, Wheeling.
WAT80N-B. R, Britt, B. W.
Brown, F. H. Harden: M. M. Morris I
ind wife, Clarksburg; R. H. Aiber:romble,
Wheeling; Hugh Davis, Daily
A. Davis, Farmlngton; J. C. Jara.lorgantown;
O. M. Hochhelmer, Philppl;
0. O. Osborn, Randall; W. G.
dllllgan, Charles Flelgen, Wheeling;
j. E. White, St. Cloud; W. T. Moore,
3ore; Allen Emerson, J. C. Love, Daids;
Ella Moody,, D. C. Cain. Bellngon;
J. M. Simpson, Opeklska; A. J.
tltchey, T. H| DuSbane, Littleton; P.
y Street, I
n Mansbach's I
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ I
>ur Auction Sale I
rove &Co. |
ur account. 1 Our meth- I
anH atramr ooonmA^oftAn, i

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