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Eid delvtrtdtion.
Ire and an elaborate
if Bunner's Ridge,
; of East Park ave
|u>ney rcuoie naa returned irorn
^ where she had been for sevtoward
Smouse, who was call,
ft Lake by the serious Illness
son,: returned Tuesday. Their
Wends will be glad to learn
s child Is much better.
James Dorsey and daughter,
of" Columbia street, went to
yeiterday where they will
L few days visiting relatives.
Leote Hood has returned from
tile where she had been visitSimmons,
of East Park avenue',
d today after a short visit with
er.llrs. Palmer, of Monongah.
Edward Maxwell, Mrs. Homer
d-daughter, Louise, Mrs. F. S.
id Mrs. 'Clarence Robinson exgo
to Webster Springs ThursVilllam
Gwynn and daughter,
OS, were business visitors In
Lulu Bishop, who had' been
relatives at Little Falls an J
town, returned home Tuesday
Davlnna Brown, who has been
St of Miss Minnie Stlmmel at
Cameron, returned home last night
"I wish to goodness," sld the girl,
llpijfjt fo?. It wil'-mean a great deal to
jpraflp. -Without It their crops would ,
it lakes all the curl out of my ,
j HI stop your pain free. To show i
I will mall you free, a Trial Package i
K'sW-jUWSrrBiv Shoop's Headache Tab- I
| lets. Neuralgia, Headache, Toothache, 1
Period pains, etc., are due alone to I
blood congestion. Dr. Shoop's Head- .
ache Tablets simply kill pain by coax- I
Ing away the unnatural blood pressure, i
ind Mr*. T. L. Alba. 5
Miss Lolo Jone* has returned from
i >1*11 with friend* in Elldn*.
Mix* Flora He**, of Mannlngton, Is
visiting her many friend* here.
Mr. and Mr*. \V. J. Ashcraft, of
Wyatt, *pent Saturday and Sunday
at this place, the guesu of the latter'*
parent*, Mr. and Mr*. Joseph He**.
Mr*, Will J. Moore, of Big Run, waa
calling on friend* here Tuesday.
AlT.li rtirg* and niece Mis, gtelle
Brummage, spent Sunday - at Dent's
run. the guests of relatives.
Miss Opal Martin, of Wyatt, who
was called home on account of the illness
of her mother, is here again
staying with Mrs. N. B. Sandy.
We are glad to report the sick of
onr community ail improving at present.
Mrs. W. 8. Sharp, of Wyatt, was
visiting ber parents, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin
Martin, last week.
Miss Olive Spencer, Mrs. Celia Myers,
Mrs. Bessie Heldreth, Clarence
and' Tessie Atha, attended the Box
supper at Whetstone Saturday night
Miss Ida Hall, daughter of Rev.
Blackburn Hall, of this place, and Mr.
Will J. Stewart, of Mannlngton, were
married in Fairmont, Sunday afternoon.
Rev. H. R. Hess, of the U. B.
Church, performed the ceremony.
Mrs. Stewart was one of our highly
estedmed and accomplished young
ladies. Mr. Stewart is an enterprising
business man. We extend them
our best wishes for a happy life.
Thorough disinfection after contagious
diseases means the burning of
such things as carpets, mattress, comforts,
blankets and curtains, unless it
Is possible to subject tbem to the action
of steam. WKl the room stripped
of all draperieB, etc., wash all the furniture
wdth bichloride of mercury in
solution. -\ .
To make the solution pour a gallon
of boiling rain 'water upon four ounces
of the salt, stir It till dissolved, let
cool and dilute It one-half. After
Washing with it thoroughly, rinse in
tepid water and rub dry/ When the
things are outside wuBh the paint and
walls with the same solution, also put
plenty of it in the water for washing
windows. If there Is a closet, wash it
all over inside, and afterward All any
cracks with soft putty. Wash the
floor, slopping it freely with the bichloride
first, as danger lurks in every
grain of dust, says the August Delineator.
After the washing not sooner
open -windows from the top and
let stand a few minutes. Shut them
tight, and paste paper over the cracks
about tbem, also over any cracks in
the wall, and a double sheet over the
fireplace. Tack a strip of tin around
the Inner edge of the door so that
when the door shuts, the tin will close
the crack. Next put & big Iron pan In
the middle of the floor, set nn Iron
skillet In the middle of It, and put Into
the skillet a pound of flowers of sulphur,
stick in a short fuse, light It,
and go outside, shutting the door. In
Ave minutes look Inside to make sure 1
the sulphur is well aflre. It will fill
the room with thick, stifling smoke.
It will also bleach out and destroy any 1
colors on walls or ceilings.
Leave the room shut for twenty-four 1
hours, then open and air well. Re- 1
member that bichloride of mercury Is
deadly poison.
."Hadn't Woodby got his coat-of- I
arms yet? Why, he told me he was
going to look up*hls ancestry the first 1
chatfce he got, and " 1
"Well, I believe he got a chance 1
to look tip his family tree, but be saw 1
some thlngd hanging to the branohes '
that discouraged further resuarch." ?'1
Catholic Standard and Times. '
"Lady Wlndemere's Fan," has been
revived In the stock houses.
Catarrh Cannot do Cured
with local applications, as they can- '
not reach the seat of the dlesase. '
Catarrh Is a blood or constitutional 1
disease, and In order to cure It you E
must take Internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, and <
sets directly on the blood and mucous 1
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is. not 1
i quack medicine. It was prescribed 1
by one of the best physicians In this d
country for years and Is a regular
prescription. It Is composed of the <
jest tonics known, combined with the 1
jest blood purlflers, acting directly on I
die mucous surfaces. The perfect
combination of the two Ingredients b
is what produces such wonderful re- b
suits in curing Catarrh. Send for tea- h
ilmonlals free. c
F. J. CHENEY 4 CO, Props.,
Toledo, 0. I
Sold by Druggists, price 75. I
-Take Hall's FamnyjPilli for constl- ?
/ I \
/ ? V
i I
I attribute my goo4 health to Father
John's Medicine. I had a very
bod cough caused by catarrh and bronchial
trouble. I bad used all kinds of
"-euiHn.. without receiving
any relief. Finally a friend told me to
try Father John'a Medicine and I am
happy to ?ay that wonderful remedy
relieved' my coufh and cured my
throat trouble. It also added leveral
pounds to my weight, aa I waa considerably
run down," saya Mrs. A. E.
Hughson. 30 Yarmouth St, Boston,
Mass. Cures throat and lung troubles,
makes flesh and strength. No alcohol
or Injurious drugs.
Moore Predicts
World Upheaval
LONDON. Aug. 14.?"Old Moore,"
in his almanac for 1908 predicts the
usual assortment of startling happenings
all over the world. Earthquakes,
fires, railway disasters, notable
deaths, financial and diplomatic crisis
are generously strewn over the almanac's
pages and "Old Moore" has a
particularly heavy calendar of accidents
and Incidents for London.
In' January a national calamity will
occur to St. Paul's and the London
tram cars will help the rates by their
profits. In May a claimant will arise
to a large London estate and in July
the people of London will be threatened
with the collapse of the Nelson
Column, the Duke of York's Column
or the Monument The latter half of
the year will be comparatively uneventful,
but about the time of Christmas
eve sixty-five engines and five
hundred firemen will be busy In a
danger zone in the city of London.
Experiments In wireleBS telephony
are shortly to be conducted on an ex
tensive scale in isngianu. ror nunc
time past a number of experts have
been making investigations In Germany
and -Denmark, and Dr. Lee Forest
Is also conducting a series of interesting
experiments in America. So
successful have the experiments in
Denmark, for Instance, proved that
two persons twenty-live miles apart
speaking into instruments totally unconnected
by wires, were able to converse
distinctly. Even greater results
are an/clpatfcd in England within
the next few weeks.
Ian MacLaren's Estate.
The filing of final papers shows that
the Rev. Dr. John Watson, of Croxas
"Ian MacLaren," left an estate of
which the net personalty amounted to
$260,000. After certain-minor bequests
he left the residue of his property to
his wife for life, with the remainder
divided equally between his sons,
John, Francis, Henry and Frederick,
on attaining the age of 25 years. He
further directed with reference to his
copyrights and other rights in his published
of unpublished works that his
trustees should have In their absolute
iiscretlon the fullest power of publication
and sale.
Mrs. Arthur Holland, Interviewed,
explains the coming Woman's Contress
"The Woman's Congress Is one of
the most necessary organizations of
)ur day. We will take a single Illustration
to prove my words. A husjand
gives his wife a $10 bill to buy
i new hat She is very busy and asks
lira If he will go out and buy it for
ter. He does so, searches the shops, .
ind with the best intentions in the
vorld, chooses a Parisian model (
vhich Is absolutely unsuitable.
"His wife knows that he has done
lis best, but the hat Is useless to her
md she blames herself for not going
mt In the first place, because sho
mows best what style would prove
mitable to her.
"It Is exactly the same with the
.-ongress. Our candidates In Parllanent
are willing to do their best for
is, but only women can Judge what Is
lest for women and that Is the founlatlon
stone of our movement
"We Intend to employ women only
n our congress, even to the printing
'here must be one exception and that >
i the legal adviser.
"Women over 24 years of age will
? eligible to vote, and each voter will
>e presented with a badge, which must :
e shown at the poll before her voto
an be registered.
4?n law. ntwnAlio/1 thai tfia filflflUnn of
n embers to the oongrew. ?hall take <
ilaceln six moothi, by which time |
CetsllI Flay* Man.
"To pot It t tartly, and plainly," Miss
Corelll writes, "a great majority of
tie men of the present day want women
to keep them.
"It la not i manly or a noble dealre:
but an tie kind' of. men I mean 'have
neither the courage nor the Intelligence
to Hjbt the world for themaelvea,
It U, 1 auppoae, natural to such
inefficient weaklings that they shoul'
?seeing the fierce bea* and contest of
competition In every branch of modern
laboi^-gladly aneak behind a woman's
pettltoata to escape the general
"But the point to which I wish .to
call the attention of the more thought
ful or my readers is that tneae very
sort of mea (-when they have secured
the Ignoble end of their ambition,
namely, the rich woman to live upon,
under matrimonial sufTerance), are the
first to run down women's work, women's
privileges, women's attainments
and women's honor. The man who
owes his dinner to his wife's unremitting
toil Is often heard to speak of
the 'uselessness' of women. v
"The woman who paints a great picture
is 'unsexed'; the woman who
writes a great book Is 'unsexed'; in
fact, whatever a woman does that is
higher and more ambitious than the
mere act ol fllngdng herself down at
the feet of man, and allowing him to
walk over her, makes her In man's
opinion unworthy of his consideration
as woman; ind he fits the appellation
'unsexed' to her with an easy callousness
which Is as -unmanly as it Is despicable.
Second Edition of Daughter of the
Elm on sale soon. Leave your order
at Globe Bcok Store. x
"LQ8T IN THE ALP8." 4t
the Pri
itne jt
| May b<
J The pony outfit has no
ness and wagon are being
* be on hand in due time u
0 later.
A The prises f or Distric
* ing of one $50.00 diamond
* mond ring can be Been at
A B. Scott & Co., Fairmont, V
A The prises for Distric
ing of one $50 diamond ring
X ring, can be seen as follows:
A 17 store of S. E. Phillips and
^ store of 0. A. Long, both a
X The prises for District
+ ing of one $50.00 diamond
A mond ring, can be seen at tl
X Fisher, Fairmont, W. Va.
m The five gold watche
prizes can be seen at the jev
& Brownfield, Fairmont, W
Fipft llnrli
To Roi
201 and 203 Mi
HUNTINGTON-, Aug. H.-Becent
developments Indicate that Central
City la being made headquarters for
a largo body of Mormon elders, or, in
the authorised version of the sect,
elders of the chnrchof theLatierDay
8alnts. Tlif'patty >lth headqiiutaraj
there at present numbers fifteen, end
may be catalogued as follows: One
president, one secretary, and thirteen
While It Is. not known that any
proselyting has been attempted within
the . city limits. It Is knows that
the elders are waging a vigorous
campslgn In the adjacent rural districts
of West Virginia and Ohio,
working the Big Sandy, Twelve Poleand
Guyandotte valleys pertinently
and systematically.
For a number of years toe Mormons
have been remarkably successful
In Wayne county and within three
years a large number of coo verts
have removed to the Mormon settlements
In Missouri, and some to Utah
and Idaho. Whole families hats been
known to embrace the faith and
many of these have emigrated In a
tody to the west.
The elders now canvassing Southern
West- Virginia travel In pairs,
preaching wherever they can obtain
an audience, and distributing tracts
from bouse to house.
The elders now stopping at Central
City are men of magnificent physique
and elegant address, finely educated
and retdy with a plausible and catchy
story Betting forth the doctrines
which comprise the chief tenets in
the Mormon faith.
Adverttmenta In this paper bring
iere I
zes in i
'ony i
test 1
eSeen I
t arrived yet, as the bar- I
made to order but will [#
rhich will be announced 'i
:t Number One, consist- Z
ring and one $25.00 dia- #
the jewelry store of A. W
T. Va. 2
t Number Two, consist- a
; and one $25.00 diamond
the former at the jewel- X
1 tha.latter at the jewelry 2
,t Mannington, W. Va.
Number Three, consist
ring and one $25.00 dia- Z
le jewelry Btore of W. A. #
s, the "Extra Special" J
relry store of Riheldaffer 2
. Va. #
infill /
asonic Temple
riA vnmilllA nunnn !
rid&ns and Xotbenu the beet mtdidna for
nates; chtclu JSjlJ 4
August 8 and 22 snd Stptsmber S.
eiDirnGi cddmr i y
dMUIIUUfi ?ii Hinui?i n. u
a- A. R. National Encampment,
September 9-14.
Alk nurdt B. A 0. Ticket Agent
for full dgtalH.
Through Service
Fairmont to Clarksburg
Car* laava Cor. Main and Jaffaraor,
Ste. Fairmont, HOURLY for Clarke
burg and Intermediate Polnta fron
6:00 A. M. Until 10:00 P. M.
>' 7":
5:00 A. M. Until 10:00 P. M.
JUNE 5, V7.
A. M. *P. M.
Fairmont - 5:00 10;00
12th Street 6:09 10-09
Jayenne 5:15 10:1
Monongah 5:21 10:23
Chief ton w- 5:40 10:10
Worthingfon . 5:45 10:46
Hutchinson 6:60 01:60
Enterprise ............ 5:56 10:56
Shlnnston 6:06 11:06
3ypsy 6:14 11:14
Meadowbrook .-... 6:20 11:20
Perry Coaling Station.. 6:37 11:37
Short Line June 6:41 11:41
Clarksburg 6:45 11:45
?Hourly Until
A. M. *P. M.
Clarksburg 5:16 10:15
Short Line June 5:19 10:19
Perry Coaling Station ..5:23 10:23
Hepsibah 5:33 10:33
Meadowbrook 5:40 10:40
Jypay ....... 5:40 , 10:40
3hlnnston 6:54 1(1:64
Enterprise 6:04 11:04
HuOchinson 6:10 11:10
IVorthlngton 6:15 11:15
Ihlefton 6:20 11:20
ilonongah 6:32 11:32
layenne 6:46 11:45 :
L2th Street 6:51 11:61
?alrmont 7:00 12:00
?Hourly Until.
A a**"1" D. Hiu, TtoBpaofi, BEp't
Orvlad SiUali, BulmtilA, X. C..
ttoy Go All tob bIaIb far Oca." Dr. B. M. Dr??*,
bmlail. hr-T^vHuai "TWyfirt Bmlramlmul*.
faatfao." Dr. B. D. Me<2m, CUrmuf, Tt*n.,*rita:
-I* a pmtif* St jaws, I hAra facad m rcaasGr to
tful joflra." Plica, (0 Cum. Bfyfat Pm. SoU
>, IMgUM. muris KUDT, UWCSSTIS. n>.
Sold la Fairmont bj W. R. Crane & Co.
lEHW? Rertrainj trnJmr
J0?over-derelopeJ pro
tkoujkt to DC attai
/lufmoj CflJflO
Rooms. 2d Floor. Office Hour*?10-12
DR. J. 0. MeNMKLY, %
Kooma n^Ln'p,, Tnjj^ Bufldla*.
mm. Main Bt. ^ Oppoaltt CtHiftrHooac.
(me*. Mm National Bank BaMteg.
LKQ Aw c
Schedule Effective Sunday, June 2, 1907,
Daily. xDaily except Sunday. ISunday
Eastbound. '
No. 4,' *8:40 p. m. (local to' Grafton.)
CUMBERLAND ACCOM., No. 6, *7:90 a.
3RAFTON ACCOM., No. 71; lOjBi.V X*. ?
tor COLUMBUS and CHICAGO, No. 7,
2:24 a. .; No. 71, *1:10 p. m.
For WHEELING, No. 7. ?2:24 a. m.; Na
17. *7:40 a. m. (local); Na 71. 1zZ9 > B
xn. (local); No. 65, ??.01 p. m.
Monongah Dlvlilon.
Cfor^ Clarksburg onlyj^ Arrh'
r.lrmont, Morgintown A Plttlbur, Br.
Leave, Na 1. 5:00 C n.; No. 2. xl OKm
a. m.i No. Bl, -2:15 p. m. Arrive. NqflM
SO.^ljlO p. m.ljNftJ. *T^? p. mMH
for MOROANTOWN. UaveyNo" M.vAl.CKfl
p. m. Arrive, Np. I!, itit a m.
Monday. Wedaerfijr and Saturday.
Depart, No. 201, 7:00 a. m.; No. MfUOtOMfl
p. m. Arrive. No. 100. a.Ua. : rtgtlfKM
202 . 5.00 p. in.
West Vlrrinian wants ads pay.
Our atock of Wall Paper, Roea
Holding*, Burlap.: and'
p 1 ?????
? ?_
( \
iwlike Jrrictt *ai Litterto
rti*l on eomto oftlui kind. j
MPerUll RetfmMjIe
Ich Is Uhtt- Sta?t MMM), b tUOOfl^H
lUt ?XH TO ??pt tl?t the beet
medium , somewhat lower all
radorable J white ami
? drab. flrmfrm^ H^rreaDDortera
Hsmo tot* "d lldcprtoUS3.oe |

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