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Lawrence Lloyd, Book and Art Shop.
Advisers In decorating and furnishmost
complete stock of stationary in
i " civil and mining engineers^
| ij'cfisa'Engineering Company,
Consulting Englners.
409 Jacobs Bldg., Fairmont, W. Va.
^(carriage manufacturer^
Bb - . Cordray Carriage Co.,
Manufacturers and dealers in High
Orade Vehicles. 420-422 Jackson St
Con. 'Phone 323. Bell 'Phone <*TJ"
cleaners and dyer^~"
W. J. Walsh, Fairmont Ave.
H Work called for and delivered.
Agent for the celebrated Footers Dye
Works, of Pittsburg, Pa. All work
jp.^s'V Flret Ward Livery Co.
?&We. are fully equipped for all comUBpiim^ad.
and drummer rigs. Light or
Iraheavy hauling. None better In Fair||Hiibnt.
Call or 'phone us your wants.
N. C. STEELE, Prop.,
|| 613 K Merchant. St,'.
Dealers In fancy and staple groceries.
Orders called for and delivered.
Family trade solicited. Cor. Walnut
and 4th Sts. Both .'phones.
bjiw&fe.. h. a. Pople Grocery Store.
Cor. Columbia and Merchant St.,
nantn.D tn ofanla mVAr.
Its. Family trade' solicited. 'Phono
s your orders. Prompt delivery. } (
ultjul GROCERIES. nnnr'
fy.-; Reltz's Cash Grocery.
SSI Fairmont Ave. 'Phone 488 Bell..
[.We 'carry a full line of staple gropes,
family trade solicited, call or
[hone us your order. Prompt dellv,>aWU
' > Fancy and 8tapls Groceries.
? / "The Busy Store."
;C. M. Hartley, Prop.. 116 Jackson
xeet- Choice family groceries. Or|kf
by Con. 'phone 273. Bell 173J.
roinptly delivered.
The City Hospital
Hospital and Training School for
I. mutual institution with doors
i to any reputable' physician or
C. F. BOYERS, SR., Pres.,
'. BOYERS, Manager.
Bell 'Phone 302J.
Cons. 'Phone 307.
ie genius of Expect plumbing nnj
of well trained plumbers, are
feature which put
Reed Plumbing Company
, class by themselves. We.do all
Is of plumbing. Prompt service.
LUTHY BROS., Proprietors.
'alrmont Iron and Metal Co.,
Water street, First ward,
'e, pay the best prices in Marlon
ity for Iron and metal of all deMiners
^' 8ETTLED 800N.
^^BotHEEUNG, Aug. 14.?The miners
are on a strike at two mines on the
one a' the Roby mine No.
2 at Ramsey, and the other at tho
COal Co.' mine, at O'Neli's.
men have been out several days,
but it is thought the trouble will he
The miners committee with District
l^^fe-iPresldent Josn Salenka and Secretary
Treasurer Lee Ranxln, and tie
mine officials, were holding a conference
yesterday afternoon, and it was
^^^^^wcted that the trouble would be sel
Rear of Poitofflw Fairmont.
and baggage hauled day or night
"monuments^"" U
A. B. Koon,
Manufacturer of Monuments, Headstones
and Tablets. Dealer In Marble
and "Granite. 212 Jackson St., F. and
M. 'phone 267.
n. M.in g.
For prompt work In Tailoring call
and see us about It. Suits made to
your order. Particular people solicited.
C. A. Bonham, 217 Walnut Ave.
Estimates furnished on all kinds of
plumbing and gae fitting. Steam and
hot water' heating.
The Up-to-Date Millinery,
208 Water St, First ward.
Latest styles and lowest prices In
Marlon county. Come and give us a
Rouch'a Reitaurant.
The most up-to-date restaurant in
Fairmont Everything to eat In season.
Madison Ave, near B. and 0.
depot v
L. C. Wyer, Main St.
Coal and timber land bought, sold
and exchanged; also Real Estate, Insurance
and money loaned on mortgages.
C. Kelly, Main 8t
Real Estate bought, sold and exchanged;
I also handle Are Insurance
and money to loan on first class
G. D. Caldera & Co., Madison' St.
Information Bureau and Bankigra.
Also dealers In real estate; Insuraqce
and mortgages.
'Fountain Restaurant, Op. Court-house.
Everything to eat In season.
Yonr'taste satisfied at?the Fountain.
Open Daiy and Night. Call and try
our meals.
The Seond Hand Store and Auction
House, F. W. Garrelt, Prop., 20S Jackson
S. We buy anil sell new and second
hand goods. Weekly auction sales.
Con. 'phone 355.
H. C. Coclker, Fairmont Ave.
Furniture repaired. Screens made
to order. Rubber tires put on baby
wagons. -Work called for and delivered.
T. W. Jenkins, Funeral Director,
and Embalmer. Also handle monuments
and Iron fencing. Office Merchant
St., First ward, Fairmont, W.Vn
H. P. Bartholow , Jacob St.
When In ned of a veterinarian call
or 'phone Dr. Bartholow. All calls
answe-ed promptly. First ward, Fairmont,
Commercial Hotel.
Water St., First ward.
Rates from >1.00 up. Special rates
for weekly boarders.
Skinner's Tavern, Madiaon Ave.
You can't beat It unless you cheat
At the Depot.
Yellow Dirt
Citizens of Fifth ward in the vicinity
of Eighth street are glad to see
work begin on tho paving contract fur
that part of town. Severnl weeks ago
several loads of brick and sand were
unloaded In that locality but there
the work stonned and the neonle were
beginning to wonder If winter weatb
er would be on before the paving
could be done, but now they are glad
to see work starling In earnest and
hope It will be finished without delay
Mrs. J. R. Talklngton and dangb
ter. Miss Ada, art going to Plum run
for a few days' visit Mr. Talkfngtoii
;went to Blngamon toAay and wll
Joto: Mni/Talklngton and-Ada while
MANNINQTON, Aug. It?Tho many
friends of CoL T. Moore Jaoluon In
this city are very glad Indeed to know
that be has -won ont In tie suit lnvolvlug
tie sale of hie four thousand acre
tract of coal in Harriwn comity. It
will be remembered that tils tract of
coal was sold by hto receivers at less
than half its value and as me matter
did not look well to some of the credltors
of Col Jackson thty assisted him
in contesting the sale, with, the result
that the sale has Dees eetaslde by
Judge Dayton's court aid It Is further
ordered that the action of the trustees
be Investigated. The decision will
amount to more than half a million
dollars to Col. Jackson. It will be recalled
that Col. Jackson was heavily
Involved by the failure of the TradersNational
bank, of Clarksburg, but like
an honest man he, being , one of the
directors, pat up all the property he
bad to protect tbe credit of the bank,
it Is believed that a thorough Investigation
of this matter will reveal a
conspiracy gotten up by at leaBt two
large corporations to get this desirable
coal field for less than half Its value.
This Is another case of high finance
by local people.
John Kelly, the shoe string man;
WHEELING, Aug. H.?A quarrel
that had Its Inception In children muddying
tbe waters of a small spring
on Bowman's run led to the murder of
John S. Nolte yesterday morning by
Albert Aultman. Three shots were
fired by Aultman, ajl taking effect an.1
causing almost Instant death, while It
was .preceded by Mre. Aultman being
knocked senseless by Nolte, which angered
her husband to murder. A heavy
" * ? A ..n.dlti,!, moo TBOfln.
piece OI it uy 1 buouwiub w*.- ..v~r
on Nolte used on the woman and
Aullman, who will he defended by Attorney
S. 0. Boyce, It Is understood
will take the defense that the case
was justifiable homicide and that he
shot to defend his wife. Aultmap, after
the shooting, gave himself up and
It in the county jail, where he is held
without bond for a hearing on Friday
at 1 o'clock, which will he conducted
before Justice W. IV, Rogers.
The dead man is 49 years of age. a
mlllman by trade and a former policeman.
while Aultman is an employe of
the National Tube Company. The two
families, who live near each other in
Bowman's addition to the city, on Bowman's
run, about a quarter of a mile
from its joining with Caldwell's run.
have been having trouble for some
time past. Yesterday morning it was
precipitated by two of the Aultman
children digging in a spring, and the
two women were drawn into the quarrel.
Aultman, who came out to clean
the spring out agalo. was drawn into
It also and later Nolle came. tVords
led to blows, then the assault .upon
Mrs. Aultman and the fatal shots.
Following the crime the greatest of
excitement prevailed. Hundreds
flocked to the scene and Aultman
walked quietly away and came to the
city, giving himself up at police headquarters,
from where he was quickly
taken to the jail. The affair occurred
at about 11 o'clock and before noon
Coroner Rogers, with Attorney R. M.
Adrlleman, were upon the, scene and
the Inquest was well under way. The
tendency to fight even then was not
all over and upon several occasions
it looked as though fresh trouble
would break out.
The Inquest.
The story is probably told of the
murder best ab the evidence was offered
at the Inquest by the eye witnesses.
The evidence showed the
quarreling first began over the action
of the children and all the family were
tnklnc nart on both th'e Nolle and
Aultman aide. Mm. Aultmnn cannot
tel) a great deal about the crime, as
at the serious point she -was struck
over the head with a club and knocked
senseless, but knows that shots were
flred and saw Mr. Nolte run Into the
yard and fall. -Previously he had
made the remark that he would fix
the Aultmans, It is said. Anna Belts
and Nora Nolte were present at the
So Richmond Drug Clerk Take* Hit
Own Life.
RICHMOND, Va? Aug. 14.?Despondent
because he could .not stop
drinking whiskey Edward Gwynn
Brannock, a druk clerk of this city
and son of Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Brannock,
of 1310 Grove avenue, committed
suicide In Dr. P. M. Slaughter's
drug store
In Brapnock's pockets Dr. HorJ,
who wsb stfmmoned, found four bottles
of morphine. Iodine end Btrychnlne.
- WiL t ? d w.1i " obm
j 1 ?JU BCC 1 ?T?o ?CU
coming here for years ami Rays he
find* the people ot Mannlogton the
moat liberal and Idndly diiposed peo
pie In any town between Wheeling
and Cumberland. Several rears ago
be lost both feet in a1 bridge accident
and has made a living aelllng shoe
strings ever since.
Frances, the little daughter of .Mr.
and Mrs. J. R. Timms, is 111 with ty
phold fever.
Mrs. Samuel Hopwen nai oeen indisposed
for some days.
Miss Delia Hess, of Morgantown. is
visiting at tie home of Abe Hawkins
on East High street.
C. E. Bonwell has returned from the
rates at Buffalo. Mr. Bonwell was taken
Jll after arriving there and as soon
as able he went to New York City
and from there to Washington.
Miss Caroline Andrews has returned
from Morgantown, where she ws attending
the summer school.
Roy Caringer, of the U. S. Express
Company, has gone to Marlenvllle, Pa
Mr. and Mrs. Helllwell, of Bellalre,
are in the city today. They are always
welcomed by their many friends
WASHINGTON, Aug. li.-The statisticians
keep at work all the time and
while flmires are usually dull reading
there Is now and then an emission
from the census or other bureaus that
Interests the public; This week we
are told by the geological survey thai
this country produced 414,000,000 tons
of coal last year, worth (500,000,000.
West Virginia produced a great part
of this amount, ranking next to Pennsylvania
In coal production.
The animal husbandry section of the
department of agricultural contributes
a thrilling Item -to the stltlstlcal
Information of the day when It informs
us that In litters of pigs the
number of males slightly exceeds the
number of females, the ratio being
201 to 200, Is another argument In
favor of the supremacy ot the male
sex throughout nature.
Commissioner of Internal Revenue
John G. Capers, Issued a few figures
about whiskey! He tells ui that there
Is much more whiskey remaining in
the warehouses this year than last
That may mean that the distilleries
are making more, or-lt may mean that
the people'ate drinking less. Anyhow
there are 20,000,000 more gallons in
the warehouses awaiting consumption
than a year ago.
And now for some more figures ol
another and dryer sort. Yet It is in
terestlng just now when the working
people are talking strike and striking
Last year the enormous sum of ter
and one-thtrd billion dollars was paid
to wage earners in this country. These
figures give an annual average Income
or $450 to each person employed. The
profits of capital last year on the labor
of others was but three and one-hal
billion dollars.
Grafton Girl
Has Been Found
PITTSBURG. Aug. 14. ? Edit!
Bolce, aged twenty-one years, daugh
ter of P. L. Bolce, of Grafton, wbc
mysteriously disappeared, from home
July 1G, following a reprimand frorr
her father, Has been located at Wop
como, a summer resort, on Cheat rlv
er, West Virginia.
Horse Kicked
BUTLER, Pa., Aug, 14.?Wouldn'l
It jar you to ride In a rig with four
- - ? and havo o run,
cans Ol niUUgi;vcuu utiu w
away horse kick the dashboard off? E
Beater, shooter for the Producers' Tor
pedo Company, went through that ex
perlence south of town and is still in
tact. The rig was-a wreck, but the
explosive was accommodating and
didn't aid in the process,
Beater had a similar experience at
East Brady the other day. He was
hauling a load of nitroglycerin through
town when the horse balked in Main
street. When- they saw the load ol
death many people hurried out of the
burg.- .The wagon was left standing
' S ^ ni',V mftcivf; i- Jj-'rcrf'-V- 'J ' "v
Miss Lena Bookman, of Fferkersburg,
MJ. The Parkersburg State Journal
givet the following account of the
elopement: f
"The many local friends of Slits
Lena Bookman, of this city, will bs
sarprlted to learn of her marriage
which occurred yesterday morning at
ten o'clock at Oakland, Maryland. Sir. |
Carl W. Miller, of Fairmont, was the
other contracting party. Miss Bookman
left this city on Sunday after
noon and went to Clarksburg, where
she met Ur. Miller. Later In the
evening the couple proceeded to Oakland,
where the marriage ceremony
was performed. While the many
friends of the contracting parties
knew nothing of the intentions of Was
Bookman, the news of her wedding Is
' not unexpected.
"The bride Is a pretty and very
much liked young lady and her many
friends here wish her happiness. Until
recently she was a student at the
Mountain State Business College. Mr.
Miller is a stenographer and bookkeeper
and is a member of a proml-.
nent family of Fairmont Until recently
he was located In Parkershurg,
being a student at the same college
as his wife. The couple are now In
the cast on their wedding trip."
Vliftors at Mt Lake Park.
MT. LAKE PARK, Aug. 14.?T. C.
Lynch, of Fairmont spent the week
end at the I^och Lynn hotel.
Miss Alice Atha and H. D. At'na, of
i Mannlngton, made a short stay at the
Mountain Lake Hotel this week.
Mr. A. S. Holbert. of Fairmont, la at
the Loch Lynn Heights hotel for a
stay of about two weeks.
Mlas Genevieve Wilkinson and Mr.
. A. J. Wilkinson, of Grafton, spent the
week end at the Mountain Lake hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Martin, Edward
G. Holbert and Samuel B. Hot
, bert, all of Fairmont, spent the week
end at the Loch Lynn hotel.
M, R. Frantz and G. B. DeVrlez, of
i Fairmont, spent the week end at the
Loch Lynn hotel;
Mr. A. Bliss McCrum, of Klngwood.
spent the week end at the Loch Lynn
Heights hotel.
Mrs. George Martin, of Klngwood,
. and Mrs. B. F. Martin, of Grafton, are
at the Mountain Lake hotel for a
. week's visit.
| R. T. . Cunningham, of Fairmont,
i, spent the week end at the Loch Lynn
;' hotel.
| Mrs. W. W. Arnett, of Wheeling, is
: at the Mountain Lake Park hotel for
a visit of several weeks,
r Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Pickering and
i j Miss A. A. Alexander, of Rowlesburg,
i spent the week end. at Loch Lynn.
A Farewell Reception.
i The congregation of the Central
; Christian Church will give a farewell
reception this evening at the church
i for Rev. and Mrs. Z. E. Bates, who
i. leave within the next week for AlchinI
son. where Rev. Bates has accept!
ed the pastorate of the Christian !
Church. Mrs. Bates and child leave
; Thursday for North Baltimore, Ohio,
.; to visit relatives and will be joined
i next week by Rev. Bates. Rev. Bates
[! will preach his farewell sermon on
; ucxt sunaay.
j Expected Home This Evening.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Fletcher are exI'
peeled home this evening from an extended
visit in Michigan. They spent
some time at Mackinac Island, and at
Jit. Clemens. Mich., and also visited
Cleveland. Detroit and other places of
interest. Mr. Fletcher, who was 111
for some time before leaving here, ha?
almost entirely recovered.
' Entertained at Dinner.
Sirs. Luke Arnett entertained at
dlnlier to-day complimentary to Miss
Chancellor, of Parkersburg, and Miss
' i Peppers, of Parkersburg, and Miss
' j Emily Smith, of Waynesburg, Pa? who
' | are guests at the Arnett house party
' His week, An elegant dinner was serv1J
ed. The guests expect to return to
their homes on Saturday.
Guest Returned Home.
Jliss Ruth Bailey, who had been the
guest of Miss JIaHssa Williams for the
past week, returned to her home In
Jiorgantown yesterday. Miss Bailey
1 had been the honor guest at several
delightful entertainments given duping
her visit here,
A Delightful Trip.
Mr. and Mrs. George Mansbach are
' taking a delightful tour through Cana
da and-the northern part of the coun
try. They will visit Toronto and Que
beo, the Thousand Islands and Nla'
gara Falls. The trip will be made al'
moat entirely by water.
Took Supper at the Park, !
Misses Margaret Howatt, Helen An-i
i thony, Ethel Moran, Messrs. Will
. Simpson, Robert Snider and Albert
Kern composed a party of young peo!
pie who took supper at Traction, Park
1 last evening.
Going to Ireland. ,
-Miss Margaret Casswall, ' formerly
fact there 1b scarce'y anything in your house that won't I
take on new life after a touch of this magic paiit,
It revives all wood-work, and is hot affected by hot I
or cold water. ^ I
' - '=l ? ' S .25. I
We've th? jars you want at pricee you can well afford J
to pay. The famous Mason's Ball Bros. Jars, the stand* I .'J
What 25c Will Buy id the Basement
A Decorated Vegetable Dish
A Decorated Cake or Salad 'Plato:;' | |
A Mottled 4 quart Enameled MixingdBowi
A 6-quart Enamel Preserving Kettle .
Special Glass Boquet Holdenv&inches if
lOc high, cost little, look well, and |
will hold a big lot of flowers. Very Special 10c |j| I m
Wash Goods are seUing at Little Prices I
*jf^AYftftjt^ fa8ter 0,40 &e eat5J^[ it> J lives j ?
/ 1\ In 'yoar%neana and sars part ot^j
if \J. ? your salary? A bank book is th4;&3
^yrVji**yy^^K beat certificate of ebaa^^^^H
A dollar s'arts a savings account here ana we pay 4 j
4 PER C-NT INTEREST Paid on Certificates of.OepoaitS
Un ited Slates and Capital $100,000 j
State Depository Surplus and Profits SI23.QOOBI j
.. _ i j-i|KrjStj
6lio!G6 Otllce Rooms
J 060. M. Jacobs BIdg. gj""- Ca":at
9 Special Inducements and ?? WANTED?Laborers; 3 good
? Special Prices. Apply Q steady employment!. ? Apply I^TentEffl
m GEO. M. JACOBS, m street. Belt Line. Fitomont Ulnln^ffi
j County Clerk's OOce. J Machinery Co. tf .
B9#90900000Q WANTED?tilrl
work. Apply fflffitenoill tVeqae-iBg^B
IrelanJ, where she will spend the win- [ .
ter with relatives of her mother. Mrc. f1 UKt KillM XSi.i^imS
Walter Hose, wife of the secretary to
FOR RENT?Two dwelllat houses aSa
the Lieutenant Governor of India, and Third ward; all modern conven;
a sister of Miss Caswell, will come wel| locate(] H ahaln.<feo'ola^?^M
to Ireland from her home In India and I 2 L
also spend the winter. .Mrs. Hose P0R RENT?SJfcroom house. ijjBjro I
visited her sisters, Misses Jessie and 3. C. Morris, 228 Waahlnttoa/lmB^^B
Margaret Caswall In this city* about FOR RENT?Afew choice office iob3^H
a year ago. . la the new Peopled Bank bulldt^^^
Kee Mar Girls at Loch Lynn. f'
A number of fraternity girls who at- I -l aS
tended Kee Mar College will have a
reunion at Loch Lynn, beginning the LOST?Pair gold
sixteenth and lasting until the twen- between Rhea Terrace -rtBB
ty-thlrd. There will be about twenty- houge x^ot
have gay times wh^le there. Among LOST?A wUte^qashme're:.a^^^H^|
those who will attend from West Vlr- car going out FalrmoatavttM^^^^I
glnla are, MisseB Francis, Beryle and tween ten and
Lou VanDevender, of Parkersburg: morning. Return to 0:'3 Pike street
Edna Snakard, of Marietta; Miss ^ receive1 rewaidi;^
Prichard, of llanalngton; Wllla Te* "
Mi ^ ^ fd*lot^at^rea^nab h- ^pHco ^Inqiiire^at

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