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oiimcnia no arise iron
1^ ;
!"' ii a blood or constitutor
limi in order to cure it y
ftke Internal remedies. Hal
i'.;6dre is taken Internally, a
Ictly on ^he blood and muco
i Ball's Catarrh Care Is n
medicine. It was prescrlb
( the best physicians In tt
6s.known, comblaed with t:
produces such wonderful i
StoringCatarrh. Send for ti
. j. CHENEY'& CO. Props.,
imeats in this paper brl
ported, product* that compete with
American products, which vfill at least,
equal a difference in the* cost ttf production
In this country arid, abroad,
and that proper allowance should be
made in. this difference for the reasonable
profits to the American manufacture.
The claim of protectionists, and
It. has been, abundantly Justified in the
past, is that.pretectlon secure sa high
rate of wages and that the encouragement
It gives to. the home Industry
operating tinder the influence of an
energetic competition between American
manufacturers, Induces such imnmvflmpnt
In tbo methods of maniifan
ture and such economies as to reduce
! greatly the price, for the benefit of the
; American public and makes It possible
to reduce the tariff without depriving
' the msmufacttirer of needed protection
1 and a good profit.
Business System Rests on Protective
Tartlff?Free Trade Revision
^ Disastrous.
The present business system of the
country rests on the protective tariff
j and any attempt to change It to a free"
trade basis will certainly lead only to
Duty of Republican Party to Prevent
| Excessive Tariff Rates.
It Is the duty of the Republican parly,
however, to see to It that the tariff
on Imported articles does not exceed I
j substantially the reasonably perman,
ent differentia! between the coBt of,
production in the foreign countries
, and thnt in the United States, and
t therefore when changes take place In
the. conditions of production likely to
produce i? very large reduction in the
cost of production In the United States
It ts time that schedules be re-exami
Ined and If excessive that they be re'
duced so as to bring them within the
- Justification for the rule, by which the
j amount of tariff to be Imposed under
r Ihe protective system is-properly dei.
termlned. 1
1 Temptations to Monopoly In Rates Exceeding
Protective Principle,
f Whenever the tariff Imposed is largea
ly In excess of the differential between
the cost of production In the two cobntries,
then (here is formed at once a
great temptation to monopolize the
business of producing the particular
r nfrtSimf otiU fn fnke advantage of uro
1 fit In the excessive tariff. This tie'
nies to the people altogether the econ*
! omies of production that competition
5 under a protective tariff should develop.
Reason for Thinking Some Schedules
t Excessive.
, In the enormous progress in the'
] manufacturing plants and the Improve3
ment in methods which have been
. brought about in the last ten years
. In this country, there is the strongest
3 reason for thinking that in many industries
the difference between -the
cost of production in this country and
abroad, has been rednced. This is an
opinion of mine formed a priori be- j
J cause I am a Bincere believer in the
? efficacy of the protective system ultimately
to cheapen the cost of prodttc-l
Hon. The opinion has been confirmed
111 by conversation with manufacturers
ie' and others who knew something of
ia what they speak.
D," Prosperity Argument Against Reviad
Objection is made to revision on the
o( around that we are enjoying business
6(j prosperity, that this will be disturbed
|(! by a proposal to change the tariff, and
that we should wait until hard times
before we revise. I cannot follow the
^ argument. The revision proposed is
Dn to be by the Republican party and is
I not to be a departure from the protec^
live principle but In conformity with
rc_ It, It will affect only those persons
is Injuriously who are making on unreasonable
profit out of an excessive rate.
The present prosperity is not dependent
on sueh a profit. It It were, then
O' It would not be the prosperity of the
wjiole business community but only of
ti- a few unduly favored at the expense
of the community. In the present tem- i
per of the people, general prosperity
ng has net prevented the remedying of
other abuses and injustice. I don't
know why it should prevent this.
= Advantages of Republican Party on
Leadership of President Roosevelt.
I .cannot close without comment on
Ihe position of advantage for the coming
national campaign which President
Roosevelt, by the Intense earnest
ness, vigor, courage and success with
which he has pressed the reforms that
lightly bear his name, has .secured to
Ihe Republican party A trimming, donothing.
colorless policy in face of the
proof of business, railway and-corporate
abuses would certainly have driven
the party from power, however little
responsibility for them could be
justly charged to it It was not political
ndvnntage which the President
sought In these reforms buthereaT
betterment of conditions which he has
effected. Still the belief of the people
in his sincerity; his courage and
his amazing quality for doing things
on their behalf has won for him a
hold on the American public, at which,
even, big bitterest opponents marvel'
The game wan characteriied by heavy
hitting. all' the .way through. Grednsburg
forged to the front In the beginning,
but wae tied twice during the
game and each time took the lead
again; McMullen, the latest addition
to. the home bunch, was seen on the
centerptege for a little while,. but he
was unfortunate In allowing a hit that
resulted In a scare and followed, tnls
by walking a man. The bit was due
to what seemed to everybody, disinterested
and otherwise, nothing more
than a very crooked decision by Um:
plre Johnson. But .the new pitcher
was called out and GalbraltH sent in
to do* the heavy Gal was wild and
-careless, pitching the robtenest game
he ever handed out since his connection
with the team, and It was only
due to his faultless support that regulation
score card was big enough to
chalk up the scores made on. him.
Ganlear was also enjoying an off day
and got but one lilt. This was a twobagger
and would have meant something
if It had -been followed up. Grlbben
got a homo run by clouting the
ball to left Held fence1, causing O'Brien
to tie himself la a knot and land in
a heap In his effort to get It. Kmerling,
the visiting pitcher, was tapped
rather unceremonously and had to be
retired In the seventh, with left banded
Wallace to fill the vacancy. Lefty
handed out new Tangled mysteries sufficient
to save the day for Greensburg,
even after every man on the local team
had got his batting eye preparatory to
tying the score. Score: ?
Smith, rf 4 1 1 1 0 0
HolIi3ter. 2b 5 2 3 3 4 0
I Clarke, cf 3 0 1 4 0 0
Conaway, lb 4 0 1 11 4 0
Simpson, as 5 0 1 4 2 0
GatHear, If 4 0 1 1 0 ' 0
Grlbben, c 4 1 1. 1 1 0
Wardman, 3b 4 11 2 2 0
Galbralth, p 4 0 0 0 4 0
McMullen, p ....... 0 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 27 5 10 27 17 0
Stlllwell, 2b 3 0 2 3 4 2
Nugent, ss 5 1 2 1 2 1
O'Brien, If 4 1.2 4 0 0
Bowser, cf 5 0 1 0 0 1
Powell, lb 5 1 1 14 0 0
Reed, c 3 0 0 3 0 0
Bennett,' rf 3 3 2 1 0 0
McAvoy, 3b 4 1 2 1 1 0
Emerllng, p 2 0 0 0 3 0
Wallace, p 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals ,...3o 7 12 27 10 4
Earned runs?Clarksburg, 2; Greensburg,
2. Two base hits?Clark, Ganlear,
Bowser, Bennett. Home run ?
Grlbben. First base on balls?off McMullen,
1; off Oalbralth, G; off Emerllng,
2. Struck out?by Emerllng, 2;
by Wallace, 1. Left on bases?Clarksburg,
7; Greensbnrg, 10. PaBsed balls
?Grlbben, Reed. First base on errors
?Clarksburg, 4.
Bids will be received by the Boarfl
of Education ol Union district until
Tuesday, August 20, at 10 o'clock, for
the construction of a one room brick
school house at Heunmond. Brick to
be bought and furnished by the
I board. Not receiving bids by this
j time the board will hire the work
J. F. MORGAN, Sec. B. of E.,
oat Fairmont. R. F. D. No. 6.
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Bad Symptoms.
RM-- " 1 urtin lino nnvlrvlIdol ftnnda
jLJUO WUUluil lirni mw |/v>iu?.vu.
aches, backache, sees Imaginary dark
spots or specks floating or dancing before
her eyes, houtlawing distress or heavy
full feeling ih/tomach, faint spells, dragglng-downAeellng
In lower abdominal or
pelvic regton, cosily startled or excited,
1 Irrcguldfor palnlul periods,with or without
rfcjvlc catarrh. Is suffering from
we akntpsps andflcrangements that should
have e.Wy a/onllon. Not all of above
symptotb anf likely to be present In any
case at ano/lme.
Neglected or badly treated and snch
cases/ften run Into maladies which deman/
tlte surgeon's knife If they do not
No medicine extant, hits snch a long
and numerous rwom ni cores in sncn
roses us lirTTCFTe's Favorite wmctiE
tion. . ao medicine lias such a strong
pffiNsly lift IJ n(wry nirn t,. ni ffirg m l5,
ePvphU tnnrrPdtPnU?-worth mnri> Ihgnafly '
number of nntloir.v non-TtrofttjSlnniU tr&,
timnniais. The very best ingredients
known to medical science for the cure of
woman's pccullur ollments enter Into Its
composition. No alcohol, harmful, or
habit-forming drug Is to bo found In the
list of its Ingredients printed on each
bottle-wrapper end attested ttndflr oath.
In any condition of the femalo system,
Dr. PlercVs Favorite Prescription can do
only good?nover liarm. Its whole effect
Is to strengthen. Invlgorato and regulate
the whole female system and especially
the pelvic organs. When those are deranged
In function or affected by disease,
the stomach and other organs of digestion
become sympntliotlcally deranged, the
narves are weakened, and a long list of
had, unpleasant symptoms follow. Too
much must not no cxpcctcu 01 tins -t?vorlto
Prescription." It will not porform
miracles: will not cure tumors-no medicine
will. It uilll often prevent them, If
taken In time, and thus the operating
table and the surgeon's knife may be
Women snfforlna from dlseaswj of long
here tMo season Score
B?". ?. 0 1 0 2
Weltyi lb; ............ 1 1 9. 9'
Waaher. If 0 2 4 0
Ralston, m ........ c.. 1 0 2 0 :
White, 2b 0 2 1 3 1
Miller, rf 11 2 1 I
Farmer, bs 0 0 2 11
Slevfn,x ,0 1 7 0 1
Crabbe, p 0 2 0 1 (
Totals' 3 10~27 17 S
Mack, 2b 1 0 2 11
Keller,'rf 1 2 0 0 1
Evans, lb .....0 2 13 2 (
Haught, m ...;1 0 ?-2 0 1 I
Conners, c 0 0 5 2:
Gates, 3b 0 2 3 0 I
Murphy, If 0 0 0 1 I
Cowan, sb 0 1 2 2 I
Andrews, p 0 0 0 6 I
Totals 2 9*26 21 I
Scottdale 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 1-1
Fairmont 1 0100000 0?:
Sacrifice bits?Murphy, 2. Stolet
base?Haught. Base on balls ? ol
Crabe, 3; off 'Andrews, 4. Struck ou
?by Crabbe, 6; by Andrews, 2. .Let
.on bases?Scottdale, 9; Fairmont, 10
Passed ball?Conners. First base oi
errors?Scottdale, 2. Hit by pitcherEvans,
Slevln, Ralston, Washer.. Tlmi
?1:55. Umpire?Brlcelln.
and Mrs. R. W. Duvall left this morn
ing on a visit to friends and relative!
In Braxton county.
Mr. and Mrs. E<1. Goodwin spen
Sunday with relatives at \VInflelJ.
Mr, and Mrs. R. A.. Brown, of Clarke
burg, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. W
Dent Harris, of Catawba, spent Sun
day with Lawrence Malone.
Montana baseball team played i
team composed chiefly of camper
along the river here yesterday. Mon
tana defeated them easily and, pllei
up runs to numerous to mention.
Messrs. Wm. Jones, Jack and Fran!
Davis and Grove Sergehft went or
the excursion to Pittsburg yesterday
They report that the train was abou
three hours late In arriving In tbi
Smoky City, and that they did not havi
much . time for sight-seeing.
Mr. and Mrs, John Hunsaker, o
KIngmont, are visiting Mr. and Mrs
Guy Michael.
Ellis Doll left to-day to visit frlendi
and relatives and also to take In tbi
fair at Pennsboro, Ritchie county.
Clarence West, of Beecbwood, wai
calling on friends here yesterday.
Mack Stewart moved his famll;
from Shinnston to this place last week
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Ash of Rives
ville, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs
George Klngey.
Notice Is hereby given that the ac
counts of the following named ftdu
claries are before me for settlement
(1). Philip Heck, administrator o
the estate of Mary A. Heck, deceased
(2.) Charles W. Smith, admlnls
trator of the estate of Nancy J
Smith, deceased.
(3). Elihu Tnltle, guardian Of In
diana B. Conaway, an infant.
(4). A. F. Pe.ldlcord, admlnlstratoi
of the estate of Emll Schmidt, de
(5.) Camden Swisher, executor o:
the estate of Alpheus Swisher, de
(G.) E. F. Morgan, guardian of Wll
lie Doollttle, an Infant.
(7.) James I. Michaels and W. E
Hess, administrators with the will an
nexed of the estate of Isaac C. Nay
(S.) John Pethel, guardian of Flor
ence May Conaway, an- Infant
Given under my hand as one of th<
Commissioners of Accounts of thi
County Court of Marlon county, Wes
Virginia, on the 19th day of AugiiBt
Commissioner of Accounts.
Aug. 20. 27.
Baltimore & Ohio
Night Excursion
and Return
A M A.
^ ^IllgUSX <?-+
(V ni M^J111 p.
Clarksburg 10 19 .34*'
1 To-Day'i Games.
Butler at ScotWale.
' . Fairmont at Conaellgvlile. '
Greensburg at Clarksburg.
) Standing of the Clubs.
5 Won. Lost. PcL ;
" Chicago .79 30 .721 :
1 New York ...' 62 42 .596
' Pittsburg ....62 '42 .696
1 Philadelphia 57 40 .553
' grooklyn .. .60 59 :46S"
' Cincinnati .:V..,.' 47 6l' .435
J Boston 39 ' 67 .307 (
J SL Louis ....'.........32 81 ; .283
] '
1 Yesterday'i Results.
j r.h.e.
' Philadelphia 2 8 3
St. Louis 5 8 2
2 _
' . '. r. h.e.
1 Boston 10 13 2
1 Pittsburg 3 5 2
^ mm -:r
' r.h.e.
' Brooklyn ' 2 0 1
' Cincinnati 6 8 J.
) _
r. h.e.
: New York 2 7 1
Chliago 1 7 I
> Gamei.To-day.
Pittsburg at Boslon.
Chicago at New York.
Cincinnati at Brooklyn,
at T.niits at. PhlladelDhla.
! ""
Yesterday'i Results.
At Chicago? R. H.E.
Chicago 16 16 1
Washington 0 10 7
8 Innings, called on account of darkness.
x _
" At Detroit? R. H.E.
J Detroit 4 14 1
1 Boston 3 11 1
12 innings.
Gamei To^lay.
j Boston at Detroit
* New York at St. Louis,
j Philadelphia at Chicago.
Washington at Cleveland.
f ; r
Connellivllle Won.
s Connellsville defeated Butler In a
9 close game. The visitors pounded
Welsh hard; but the locals fielded,
, well at the right time and saved the
day. Score:
. Connellsville . ...10000 0 2 0'?3 8 2
Butler .,000 200000?2 12 2
' Welsh,and Grlbben; Jones and
Bone Pains, Itching, Scabby Skin DIs
r eases.
" Permanently cured by taking Botanle
Blood Balm. Blood poison' is the worst
' diseases on earth, yet easily cured
' by taking Botanic Blood Balm. If
Kava anhoo nnri nnIns In bona?.
jwu umv uvUWU ?? M? ?
" back and joints, Itching, scabby skis,
blood feels hot or thin; swollen glands,
risings and bumps on the skin, sors
throat or mouth, falling hair, pimples
> or offensive eruptions, or rash on skin,
are run down or nervous, ulcers on
- any part of the body, carbuncles or
! (B. B. B.) GUARANTEED to cure e?'
en the worst and most deep-seated
1 cases. B. B. B.'acta directly "on the
> poisons in the blood, driving all potsonous
matter from the system and
sending flood of pure, rich blood directly
to the skin surface. In this
way sores, eruptions and pimples are
' quickly healed and cured, complete!*
changing the entire body Into a clean,
healthy condition. B. B.| B. has done
this for thousands of cases, so B, B.
B. Will certainly cure you. For rheumaitsm,
aching shoulders, hawking
and spitting, blurred eyesight, catarrh,
cancer, and all evldenoes of Impure ,
blood, take Botanic Blood Balm It
b+stna all nohoa fltlil naillfl. CUrOS fllGU'
matlsm or catarrh, heals every tors
and makes the blood pure and rich..
Is pleasant and safe to; take; composed
of pure Botanic lngredlbh$s.- It fi dlfr
feeent from'any other, blood purUer,
because B . B. B, cures, wherje all else.
loc^'rtLln'W'pa lourtqom^
sohth of /Spokane, w)iere Jthe.v sorf;
Arthur Ftiuver, Is-a prospermia ranchsr.:
the daughter,"Mrs. GroygeRobert?
being th J wife of a merchant-at Rtnj
City, Wa h: HtB'fiiwt wife, who divorced
hm In Dakota In. 1874, remarried
And widowed, Is making her
home wl h her son, while Fiuyer has
also married a. second time, his wife ;
living in Boyd county. Neb. Fauver
and his Ar'st wife met at the home of :
their son a few days ago after 88
years' separation. There were no
teelrs, do Questionings nor explanations.
They talked, with their children
of the old days, but one not
familiar with the story would, never
think they were other than acquaintances.
Fauver says he spent the earnings
of many , years searching for his
children and that It was through a
brother of his fli-st wife be learned of
their whereabouts. He will pass the
rest of his days near his children it
Mr?. Fauver is willing to come west.
CARACAS, Venezuela., Aug. 20.?
Retaliatory measures will probably be
resorted to by the Venezuelan authoriAfir-?
- (mrnolnn t\t
lues as a result ui iuc 'uiu?.v..
their territory by forces from British
Guiana and the seizure of four thousand
pounds of batata which is the gum
of a bullet traee used for Insulations,
Insulating wires, etc., at the point of
One Sexton?Do you have matins at
your church?
The Other?No; we have oilcloth.?
Harper's Weekly. '
Knicker?Think the president will
be out of a Job at the end of his term?
Booker?Don't know, but I Imagine
the majority of his countrymen will
be.?New York Sun.
"Father," said Hollo, "what Is a pingarlst?"
"A plagiarist, my son, Is a kleptomaniac
who lacks the courage to take
anything which the police could be
called on to protect." ? Washington
' "It was a personally conducted
"How are they?"
"All to the good. Post carts were
brought to us at every town. Often
w.e didn't have to leave the train."?
Pittsburg Post.
"Here Is an article by John L. Su!-.
11 van on 'How to Live a Hundred
Years.'" . '
A New Prize in
In addition to the votes In the thi
?til . aIIamaA welne Irs nlooc tilt
will oo cuiuvrcu vytca <u viwwu mm
this date, the one receiving the hi
a handsome gold watch. Votes w
scriptloh the same as to the other
will be worUi. 5 votes this week,
votes the same as In the other class
class or the pony contest can have
special prise.
All entering this contest will :
any other candidates, and this prl
any other.
me floibert Ins
la respectfully directed to the ol
; :i j1 j '
your ailment, and not the cause. Weak
Stomach nerves?the Inside nervesmean
Stomach weakness, always. And
Weaken these nerves and you lnevltabreath
or complexion, use Dr. Shoop's
i five classes already-offered there
gbest number of votes will receive
111 be allowed on payimeii'tsf'w^^^M
class candidates, and the coupons
and thereafter will be worth Hveg
es, Tbe rotes cast In any other an
no effect In this vote or for this
iave'exactly.the same chance as
ze Is In no way connected with
ill Rurlli America

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