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eontlnues^fd-hold an enviable position
good deal of plotting is going on that
and no one who-fcaa]made a promise
will think of disappointing their faeral
and kindly turned friends of the
care -are "now donbllng
scrlptlons while they have
the chance to do double the service
We don't expect them to last long.'
dded to this sale
l's Shoes
l plain leathers,
ltton, light and
i. These webave
wo lots and pris
follows, Shoes
or $2.25, $2.50
sold for $8.50
you to buy a
se, and lay them
all and Winter
i /tow -fit wrtn in I
LEXINGTON, Kj? Aug! 23. ? When
William H. Taft, letretary of war, and
candidate for the Republican nomlhalion
for President, arose to, speak rln
the Woodland park auditorium here
yesterday afternoon,/ cheers such as
Kentucklans 'ohircan give greeted
him. He was Introduced by Judge
E.1 C. Orear of thh Kentucky court of
appeals, who declared him to be the
corping man and a true representar
tlve of the Republican party.
. Secretary Taft'a immense frame was
the first thing to catch the attention
- at--. iejix-i ?nf ? min. I
IU mu ttuuiciiwi luy/ unnwi #
Ste sizing him up and. then again cheered
loudly. He complimented Lexington
and tffentucky, Hie first sentences
brought smiles to the faces of his audience,
but-.these were soon lost He
delved Into the negro equality question,
and no speaker has been bold
enough heretofore to talk so straight
from the shoulder on the subject.
Many Negroes Iji Audience.
There were many negroes In the audience
and there was uneasiness upon
the countnancs of many, who sat
breathlessly listening td the famous
traveler and politician. However, he
relieved all doubts directly by asking
Kentucklans to brush away this specIre
and break the solid south by entering
the Republican column. After he
sat down byndreds of people, men and
women, crowded the stage and shook
hands with him.
Congressman Edward Denby, of
Michigan, shaking bands with Judge
Taft, remarked on the tall appearance
of the Kentucklans. Judge Taft said:
"Yes, they seem to grow up down here
while us northerners grow out." .
A little boy seated at the breakfast
table at Elmendorg by the side of
Judge Taft declared that if Judge
Taft was allowed the second helping
to waffles be supposed there would
be nothing wrong In him asking for
Secretary Taft In hiB speech, dIScupssed
the race problem and political
Issues from the southern standpoint,
and made an appeal to Kentucklans
to aid the Republican party In s'uifport
of the principles of his party. Calling
attention to what he termed the south's
lack of representation In the counsels
of the nation, he declared that this
was tru 'because one single issue has
made it the perpetual tail or the Denfocratic
party, so that however small
the northern head, it wags the tall.
The south has permitted the shadow
of an Issue tat circumstances ought
long ago to have removed to bind it
to the Democratic party no matter
principles or candidates that party
MORGANTOWN, Aug. 23.?Attorney
E. G. Donley received word from
bis law partner, Former Mayor John
L Hatfield, yesterday. The genial
ex-mayor Is covering ground very rapIdly
now and taking in the sights in
Ireland, Scotland, England add other
Mr. Hatfield landed at Queenstown,
Ireland From Queenstown be
went to Cork, Blarney, where he
kissed the Blarney stone, Lakes of
Klllarney and i Belfast. He was at
Belfast during the recent trouble and
say some turbulent scenes when the
city was placed under marshal rule.
From Ireland Mr. Hatfield went to
Glasgow, the great manufacturing
cester of Scotland. He was in Glas?nw
when he wrnte last, but WUS
ready to start for Edlnburg* and the
land of Scotts. He is enjoying the
trip very much, He writes that he
will try to return to aiorgantown by
September 1st.
Things are rather au'et about the
court house. .Beyond few deeds, orders,
final reports, etc.,there Is nothing
of an interesting nature.
The following deeds were admitted
to record: J. R. Smouse and wife to
Annie Bllllngsley, lots in City of Fairmont;
consideration, $1,675. Thomas
W. Fleming, et ux., to Henrietta Warwick,
parcel of land in First ward;
consideration, $1,350, Paul McCoy to
Clara Gllkeson, part of lot on Fairmont
avenue; consideration, $728.67.
The answer of C. S. Rlggs filed In
v?N?? Tto w t? niMr.
IRflc VII ivvuoj ui,uo! ?M. in ??. ...v.man.
Decree entered In the case of Gus
Foslrorg vs. Elizabeth Fosburg, requiring
the plaintiff to pay the defendant
Final report died by special commissioner,
H. C. DeShtelds In the.chancery
case of Mary Alloc Hood vs. A. R.
Hall et al." ,
- >
esting day of the whole
week for bargain seekers
The Shirt Waist Opportunity
To-morrow at thlt special day's sale will be a rare opportunity to
buy what white embroidered waliti you'll need at a wonderful saving of
money. Take your-choice of hundreds of fine white. Lawn Waists,
, beautiful styles, $1.25 to $1.75 values.
For 79 cts
t To-morrow will probably cloie out the balance of our Wash Shirt
tock. We've had a wonderful rapid sale of this stock the past few
dayt. Quite a nice selection left for to-morrow's offening; at price onehalf
and less original prices. .
White Wash DRESSES
Saturday morning (to-morrow) we will place on sale balance of our
entire stock of White Wash Dreises for one day's clean up sale; r^ular
prices up to $5.00 each. This season's styles; take your pick of the
lot to-morrow for
Table of Children's Gauze Undergarments
One lot of gauze shirts and pants, sizes 2 to 12 years. .Sold from
15c to 35c each. Your choice for
8c and 15c
Children's Corset Waists
One Jot all sizes. Sold up to 50c each. Tomorrow the price will
10c 25c
Corset Covers
About 3 dozen Corset Covert, regular 50c quality, slightly soiled. Sat..
urday for .,. ...
; x
Women's Chemise
About one dozen and half of Women's Chimese, embroidery and
lace trimmed, slightly tolled. Sold this season at $1.00 and $125,
Choice 50c Each''
(The Final on Hats)
We have only 11 trimmed Hits left In our store. Will divide them
Into two lots for Saturday's selling.
Seven Hats ~r,s-00' Q9c
Four Hats $,? $?,00
One Lot Misses' Wool SKIRTS
Just 23 In the lot, In navy blue, brown, black and fancy cfteek effects;
Lengths 27 to 35 inches. Sold at $2.00, $2.50, $2.75, $3.00 and
$4.00. To-morrow your choice as long as they last
For 98c Each
Advance Autumn Styles in Tailored
o ITI nn c
lineman yesterday' was electrocuted
while working, at' the U>p of "aBell
telephone pole 'on, the Illand. The
taan-ma Charles W, Sn^r;;aM'd''tlie
accident occurred ..at the corner ot
North BroadwayZane streets at,
10:25'h'ciock In the morning. The
inan came in contact with a feed wire
ofthe Consumers Electrical Company
L n^r.^rtvlTnfl>aTp '> *>Sf> VnlttI
?- * ?
His home Is In Pennsylvania,- and, so
far as can be ascertained, be is without
any near relatives la tils vicinity.
Yesterday morning Charles Synder,
Lee Carter and M. J. Kennedy, three
Bell linemen, were sent to the Island
to. remove an old .wire which had become
grounded, that, extended from
North Broadway end Zane avenue to
York street Snyder .went upt he pole
to work at the end of the line on Zane
street and the other two men started
for York street "but were called back
by the accident to Snyder.- They
found,him lying on. the pavement, still
breathing, and tbey.. worked his arms
and did all In their; power to revive
him, but he died" In a few minutes.
This Btory they substantially told to!
Coroner Rogers, wiio was Soon on the I
scene, adding they'did not know wnat
had caused him to fall.
Continuing the Inquiry the coroner
brought out more Information to the
effect that David McBlree and C. W. j
Grlffln, working upon a broken wdter
pipe In a ditch about 20 feet from the
pole on which Synder had been work'
leg, heard a sizzling noise and looked
up Just in time ''to see him failing
through the tree' that stood next the
pole. His arms and legs were outstretched
and he appeared to make no
effort to save himself and struck the
ground on his back, wlth.hls head ou
the curb, and at no time uttered, a
sound. They did not see blm-goup
the pole, Harry Yaus, a boy, and several
women also saw the- man' fall,
but no one saw hfin grasp the live
wire. This latter was examined by V.,'
A. Kent, a lineman for, the ,city, wfio
stated it belonged-to" th'^ Consumers
Electrical 'Company, k:arr}e?^2i$8j]
volts and the Insulation was wbni off
for a distance of-about, ap-inch, ^ang n
half. Snyder , evidently touched this
and it caused his lmmeiifa,td','death. *'
Coroner Rogers took this.'view anil
rendered the following Verdict:
"Charles IV. Synder met 'gea% by
being accidentally electrocuted by- a
wire of the Consumers Electrical Company."
Had the wire not bees fatal, It- is
possible that Snyder would have died
from Injuries he received in the fall.
His t?ad was. badly cut'^nd bruised
.where it came , in. contact' with the.
curbstone, while there was a gash
about an inch long over the-, right
eye, while, his nose was- - split' wide,
open Its' entire length, and when the
man struck the ground,, the Impact
with (he ground was heardvlo>-quite
a distance. , "* ? V
This makes, the second accident, of
the kind to happen In the',p)ty .within
a short time, the other.-victim-bqjng
young Rose, a lineman for, ,thq' NaHnnnl
Tobnhnno /Ihmnnnif tttVift mot
VYc ere shewing ssmc advance styles In the new Autumn 8ults, stylish
models In chirk, stripe and plain cloths. The Jackets are 26 to 33
Inches long, fitted back, semi-fitted and Box styles. 8klrti are the new
Autumn mcdeis. The Price-List on these new Suits
$15.00, $1100, $22.50
and S25.0Q
death but a couple of square away
from where yesterday's accident happened.
Snyder' was 2ft years of age, single,
and Ills understood has,a.sister, Mrs.
W. E, Getter, of Eastern; Pa., and the
authorities last night sent a telegram
to her notifying her of Snyder's death.
The body Is at the Palace morguo,
where It was prepared for burial
Notice to Subscribers.
Any city subscriber missing the
West Virginian can obtain a duplicate
copy from the office by ridging 97
Consolidated or 68 Bell, not later than
7:00 p. m. It Is tiie aim of the Cirlatlon
Depaitmont to maintain a
high standard of service and the cooperation
of patrohs Is solicited In reporting
any irregularities. ' . tf
Saturday and Monday, special 39c
Weathered Oak Jardanler stand. Fairmont
Furniture Co. ,
votes Pony
For J
, -i'-. V'l" i
District No
This coupon-$hen properly filler
Contest Manager of the Fairmont W
votes In Pony Contest arid for Distr
the Food
lllimtratad Sonar
"Just Say Thereof.no Answer." |
Admission 5c *'J
. Put On the Rock Pile.
Police -court was very quiet this :
morning, there being only one offender.
C. \V. Willey, who was arrested on
Madison street last night, was fined
g6. Not being able to put up he was
pat to work on the stone pile.
W. Williams, colored, was fined
glg.50 for crap shooting.
West Vlrglnlhn wants, ads pay. ,
Pony Contest Vote
District No. 1,
Freddy Eddy ...117,430
Art Kern 98,965
Paul M. Hawkins 95465 1
Ruth Posten I'v.. 83,740
Mnude Hartley '.,....31,380
Georgia Hunsaker 11,665 t
Grace Jamison 11,260
Thelma Satterfleld ........ v... 7135
Mae Cronln 8,240 i
Zella Kerns 'p;540
Sterling R. Riggs v .'4,450
uarne uarr 0013
Harel Griffith ......v. . ?... 4290 i
Archie Koon-i . -AMO ,
Donfey Abbott. M#0
Grace Jones. :.4.2845
Blahch Linnft;.. 1 v....i...... 2830
... - -M.,. ? .
" .Wr-86?.. \
;Rufu?.Lytton%s;.7.'.;.vf.f..v7? ;
Leonard'-DhigaiJ i
*.:.,r tsb ;
sf* vv..f,,P,l4We*
iFraooffr"it. Sfetar". . : ? /lftM* 1
tJlaofUii -tocfreisfe; i fa.'.. .f. 81685 J
"MllfirefrtParsons ^-V: Vs ?,933 ;
'GlajW Tno'thmagV" . ' ' . u'y u j00 "
I ,i vusit-f. ' >>l" ' ZA.^
Jamie Jolliff^ . ..,? 48b .
,'EUiel jtoegraoni s.........? a 699,,
Dalay,.Flowers. ftsi>M. -.?-'.600 f
iiona Boby *.... . ft. .. .; 660-'~J
Alto Jtmke .-Vft*.ft-JSSWfer a
^afttttf SttwHt .*t.;..:,.:r.'...^:-.'510
r4JJ ' ' j
s's :
-Forest'sSpringer ; tt-t. . ?19,TOO
m'I'?mii iV i1'1'' " -'r i
|HnAthV,ba|:anc^ i
It takes very litle to turn it. the .
.wrong..way., inferior; .drugs .or ,
uicuiuiuvn vivQ^- vauov ucatui w?u^
the very purest and beat'ehouldbe
.administered "by the best Intel JlgWfceC-'.
"Therefore a tfitSroughly
rellibie pharmacy Is one,where 1
quality Is, the first consideration. ]
Anything purchased at. the South
Side Pharmacy la guaranteed . of
the highest quality.
. 8HINN A R088, Props. ,
Both 'Phones. (
>nt West Virginian
k Contest
friday, august 30. yhj
font and brought or mailed to the ~
'eat VlrgUilan will count for 6 |
let Prliea, aa-jyell aa for b yotea for
tsaea in the "extra special" offer. H
CLASS No. 4. I
ULAbo VUTCb. |

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