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IS? AJbangh received word tnis
Jrom her eons, Wylle, aged 17,
Frank, aged 19, that they were
gjtn 'St-icialmllle, Ohio. The
ran away from home about three
is ago, and this is the first that
been heard' from them. They
jft'ccbirtpanied by John Winters,
|)|iab'out the same ago, and all
arrested onthe charge of throwtones.
at railroad employe and
[nj^TSlB- watoh. The boys asked
mother to try to get ball for
to; the amount of three hundred
i^fag th'ey were anxious to get
Mrfi. iijbau'gh left for that' place
^afternoon 'to see what could
Trial Sermon j
WUllson, of near Toledo, Ohio,
'Oa^h at the Central Christian
'to-morrow with a view to beled
to the pastorate of the contmf
Rev. Wllllson Is highly
tended and It Is likely he will
BBjfiEjftffife-''. to-'-tte' pastorate It be
1 proves acceptable to the people. A
|* gocS' t^ji of- the congregation Is
-dewhl'-Jjy the pulpit committee who
have secured the services of Rev. WllI
; MIbs Anna Rudner, of Canton, 0.,
B^tafguest'at the home of Mr. and I.
$ r Reiner it their home on Jackson
Cut Price Sale
; Qoritfnues
I Wrfkve added to this sale
' j egveral styles in
Poteen's Shoes .
I^J Pftteat and plain leathers,
I lace and button, light and
fsoles. .These wehave i
in two lots and priin
as follows, Shoes
Id for ?2.25, ?2.50
tat sold for $3.50
I it wiu pay you to Duy a
: I pair oi thfse, and lay them
I aside for Fall and Winter
I Men's, Women's and Chil
whrkung. Auk. 24.?Edward
Harden, a well known' young man Is
facing a serious charge as the result
of being found In the company of a
young girl by the name of Leola
Doyle, about one o'clock Friday morning.
On hearing the statement of the
girl, Prosecuting Attorney Schuck Is-,
sued a warrant for the young man
charging him with attempted assault.
The warrant was secured before Justice
Hobbs and Hayden was released
yesterday afternoon upon furnishing
bond In the amount of $1,000.
Friday morning about one o'clock
as Cilllcer Walker was rounding the
corner near thp Second ward market
house he found Hayden and another
young man In company with the Doyle
girl who says she Is less than fourteen
years of age and Ella Owens,
who Is' past sixteen years. The officer's
suspicion was aroused to the
fact thai something was wrong and
he accosted the two couples.
The young men had ordered a hack
(o take,the girls home and they were
arnnriin? nwnllina Its arrival. 'The
officer dlil not hint that he would
place them under arrest hut after the
cab had arrived and the two couples
got in, he clinthed on' the seat with
the driver and Instructed him to
drive to police headquarters.
The girls said that the' young men
had attempted to have Intimate relations
with them against their withes
and the four were held until this morning
for an Investigation. The Doyle
girl stated she would not be fourteen
years old until next June and on account
of her being under the age of
consent Humane Officer Crelghton
was called Into the case. He In turn
notified Prosecuting Attorney Schuck
who made an Investigation which resulted
in the holding of the young
man to the grand Jury.
Both girls said that'" they had met
the young men on the South Side and
who Invited them to take a street
car ride. They had never seen the
boys before but accepted the Invitation
and boarded a car for Mozart
park. They took another car to North
Wheeling and when they reached the
end of the line, the girls say they
got off the car with the boys to get
a drink of water.
The statement of the Doyle girl
was to the effect that Hayden attempted
to have relations with her
although he did not succeed In accomplishing
his purpose.
The cars had stopped running by
tbis time and the two couples walked
down the street to the market house
where the hack was ordered to haul
them to the homes of the girls on
j 1 weniy-inin auecu
| The young men did not deny that
they had attempted to have Intimate
relations with the girlB but claim that
It wag with their consent
On account of the Owens girl being
over the age of consent the young
man who was In company with her
was released.
The Investigation was pushed by
the prosecutor on account of the tender
age of the Doyle girl and a physician
was called to make an examination
but found that she had not been
Both girls reside on Twenty-fifth
street and it Is said that Miss Owens
Is the cause of enticing the younger
girl. Her mother, who came to the
building with the mother of the
younger girl said that she had been
In an Industrial school on different
The serious feature of the accusajtlon
Is the fact that the girl seems
to be under the age of consent If
proven tbe charge placed against blm
means from one to five years In the
He is a young man who has enjoyeda
good reputation and his fylends Insist
that the charge Is groundless.
The Wilson Produce Company having
sold Its business to the Bacon produce
Company, of this city, this Is to
notify the public that I am In no way
connected jlth the successors of the
Wilson Produce Company interest In
the same having been transferred tn
the sale to the Bacon Produce Company.
All persons owing the Wilson Produce
Company are hereby notified to
settle their accounts with the Wilson
Produce Company at the residence of
Bell Wilson, manager, 515 Washington
19-3t A. J. BOYLES.
Notice to Contractors,
Bids, will be received by the Board
of Education of Union district until
Tuesday, August 20, at 10 o'clock, for
the construction of a one room brick
school house at Hammond, brick to
be bought and furnished by the board.
Not receiving bids by this time the
board will have the worn done.
Plans and specifications can be Been
at A. C. Lyons' office.
J. F. MORGAN, Sec. B. ot E.
8-20 5t Fairmont, R. F, D. 6.
Saturday and Monday; special 39c
Oak^ Ja^^er:^fl, ^fr-,
When Looking Fo
A Ni,
tGL At
J With a pair of
filled mountings
^your face, and ms
the place to fin
store, where two
ians can be found
IW. A.
^ Jeweler an<
232 Main Street, 1
CHARLESTON, Aug. 24,-The body 1
of the man who committed suicide by s
hanging himself to a tree below the
hill at the foot of East Main street '
and whose decomposing body was !
found by boys a week later, Is now 1
believed to be that of G. W. Piereon, '
of Summerville, Nicholas county, as
Indicated by the key ring tag found
at the scene pt the suicide by Deputy
Sheriff Join M. Knox.
The sheriff of Nicholas county, to
whom telegraphic message was sent, t
has locate1] the relatives of G. W. <
Plerson, of Summerville, it Cran- (
berry, who have requested that the '
body be sent there. <
In reply to a message sent to the 1
sheriff of Nicholas county, Sheriff t
John M. Planigan received the fol- '
1 m/lvj,
r w^ /i*j
A dollar starts a savings acc
per cent i
Urrlcd C*rtps prd
Stata D3D >s ?jry Sur
r- l)Mfj
i lYlvy
J ^
ce Pair
>f A
y Fitted
ih Eye,
gold or gold I
, measured for J
ide to your order
d such is at our
first class optic
i. :
i Optician, +
Fairmont, W. Va. *
? *
lowing telegraphic message Friday
"Cranberry. W. Va.. Aug. 23.
"Have'Pierson's body embalmed and
shipped to Cranberry Immediately.
People poor. Answer quick. '
To Alderson's message Sheriff
Planlban replied by wire as follows:
"Body badly decomposed. Wil rejulre
metal casket Expense J 10.00.
iVill you guarantee payment? Answer."
No reply has been received to the
ast telegram sent by Sheriff FIan<
pin yet and no disposition will be
nade of the body until one Is received,
rut It Is probable that the body will
>e burled here.
Special Delivery.
Any city subscriber missing the
.Vest Virginian can obtain a duplicate
:opy from the office by ringing 97
Consolidated or 68 Bell, not later than
":00 p. m. It Is the aim of the Clr:ulatIon
Department to maintain a
ligh standard of service, and co-operaion
on the past of patrons Is solicited
n reporting any Irregularities. tf
of* placing: your account
with the first bank you
come to? Moat of us require
a little accommodition
at times. Open an
account with this sound
* iberal bank.
:ount here and we pay 4
i on Certificates of Deposit
r, w. va.
Capital $100,000
plus and Profits $123,000
- ' ' - '
v '* V' j j
CLARKSBURG, Ang. , 24.?An nnu*
ffual bat touching; reconciliation was
elteolej ln-Magiatrate Q. H. Gordon's
court Thursday evening between Mrs.
Rosa Ollverlo anil her assailant, Mrs.
Saliella Pessl, who out her throat ter:
rlbly with .a razor In- a fit ot Jealous
rage at Dola the last day of July. The
scene somewhat surprised the magistrate,
court officials ana other spectators
who were acquainted with the
Mrs. Pessl, who le a prisoner In the
county jail awaiting the action of the
next grand Jury, on the charge of murderously
assaulting Mrs. Ollverio.
swore out a warrant against her victim
and Frank ZannI, Mrs. Fessl's husband,
charging them with living together
In unlawful cohabitation. This,
It Is alleged. Is what actuated the assault
on the Ollverio woman. Mrs.'
Pessl came to this country from Italy
to join her husband, It Is claimed, und1
found the other woman living with
him. i
As preparations were being made!
In the magistrate's court to hear the J
case, the two women got to talking1
to each other In their own language]
and after a big pow-wow, marked
with''considerable gesticulation and
deep emotional expression, they de-j
elded to become frlpnds.
Mrs. PessI appeared to be real |
sorry for having preferred the |
charges against Mrs. Oltverto and the
former's spouse and requested that!
the warrant be withdrawn. This'
deeply affected the' pther woman's
heart and they both rushed Into each
other's arms, embraced and kissed!
each other In n very affectionate and!
tender manner.
After arrangements- were made
among the partieB Interested for a'
settlement of the costs of the case,
the warrant was dismissed by the
We don't expect them to last long.
39c Weathered Oak Jardanler Staads,
Fairmont Furniture Co. 2t
Miss Fanste Feldsteln and Miss
Leah Krows, both of Untontown, Pa,
are visiting at the home of hfrs. A.
Friedman, of Jackson street.
Notice Is hereby given that the accounts
of the following named fiduciaries
are before me for settlement,
1. J. H. Swisher, guardian of Martha
A. Swisher, an Infant
2. J. H. Swisher, guardian of Walter
L. Swisher, en infant
3. F. M. S tacit pole, administrator of
Uriah Thompson, deceased.
4. Thomas G. Lake, administrator
of George H. Lake, deceased.
5. A. W. Devore, guardian of Gerald
0. Devore, an infant
6. William H. Watson, administrator
of James 0. Watson, deceased.
7. M. Powell, surviving executor of
M. C. Brant deceased.
8. Mary J. Hough, guardian of James
S. Thomas, an Infant
9. J. Austin Price, guardian of
Georgia G. Price, an Infant
10. J. Austin Price, guardian of
Jessie B, Price, an infant
11. J. Austin Price, guardian of Annie
R. Price, an Infant
12. John M. Harr, guardian of
Charles, Harry, Bell, Lou J. and Rosa
Carder, Infants.
13. John A. Youst guardian of Ernest
Lee Stewart an infant
14. John M. Harr, administrator of
B. P. Leonard, deceased.
15. H. R. McAllister, committee of
Alexander McAllister, an insane person.
16. Isaac Sturm, executor of Ell
Sharp, deceased.
Given under my hand as one of the
Commissioners of Accounts of the
County Court'of Marlon county, West
Virginia, on the 20th day of August,
Commissioner of Accounts.
August 21, 28.
VOTES P o n i
District No.
This rouDon when properly fllle
Contest Manager ol the Fairmont \
votes In Pony Contest and for DIat:
one candidate In each of the tve d
|P The.l^^^
The MleliclSil !
American G ns
i. '
The Dummy
>? . iO.?" i
liiumraivu ouiif
"Just Say There Is No Answer" \
By Charles Ingram.
Admission 5c
Notice to Subscribers.
I Any city subscriber mlsslnk He '
| West Virginian can obtain a duplicate
[copy from the oSlce by ringing 97 1
! Consolidated or OS Bell, not later tban
i 7:00 p. m. It Is the aim ot the Clr1
lation "Depai intent to maintain a '
high standard of service and the co- ;
j operation of natrons la solicited In re|
porting any irregularities. . tf
Pony Contest Vote *
District No. 1. I
Art Kern 129.899
I Freddy Eddy 117,579
Ruth Posten IOC,<90
Paul M. Hawkins 100,915 '
Maude Hartley 31,380 '
Georgia Hunsaker ?.' 11,500
Grace Jamison 11,200
Mae Cronln .. 8,305
Thelma Sattertleld 7135 '
Zella Iferns 5,510
Sterling R. Rlggs 4,150
Carrie Barr 6675
Hazel Griffith 4280 1
Archie Koon 4000
Dorsey Abbott 3,530
Grace Jones 2815
Blanch Linn 2830
Daniel Cook 1850
Nettie Groves- 1,210 I
Morris Saunders 11851
Frances Ward 1105i;
Charles Wll9on 850'',
Roy J. Wire 835 1;
Rufus Lytton 775 p
Leonard Deegan 623 ,
District No. 2.
Frances A. Slater 24,355
Claudia MoNeely 8.083 !
Mildred Parsons 5,935
Danna Morris 703
Gladys Tcothman .... 700
Jair.'e JolIKfe r.... 035
Ethel Roeg-rson 090
Daisy Flowers COO Iona
Roby 560
Alice Jenks 550 1
Martha Stewart 510 '
District No. 3.
Forest Springer 20,420 |
when life hangs
rt takes very lltle to turn It the
wrong way. Inferior drugs or
medicines often cause death. Only
the very purest and best should be
administered by the best intelligence
Therefore a thoroughly
reliable pharmacy Is one where
quality Is the first consideration.
Anything purchased at the South
31de Pharmacy Is guaranteed of
the highest quality.
8HINN & ROSS, Props.
Both 'Phones, 'i
ont West Virginian
/ Contest
I- oaTanaUTbugui diuijutii u. ?...
Pest Virginian will count for 5|
rlct Prliea as well aa for 5 votes for
lasses In the "extra special" offer, jj.
Mom Popular Poctoffic*. T?Japh?n? or
City Employe.
Mabel Merrtfleld Jl,m
Most Popular Railroad, Traction, Qlasa
Houaa, or Factory Empjoyer^a
Moat Populir Teacher, Stenographer,
Bookkeeper, Bank or Office
Maud Snodgrasg 1,7 5
The Moet Popular Miner or Mine EmCornelius
Hardman 19,170
Poetofflce, Telephone or CHy :
leelady, Saleaman, Profeeelonal Man I
illroad, Traction, Glaae Home, or I
Lodge, Church of Spoletjr Member. |

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