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Ob, Hoyji&.-thls.ls Lieut. Brant, JUBt
back from hlsi awful Indian fighting.
{ ''How very nice tbat he should happen
to arrive just at this time, Isn't It?"
raj|jjiS-"jwtiag officer silently accepted
l/'Mr. Wynkoop'e extended band, and
S found a 'convenient chair, as Mlsa
Spencer hastened from the room to
announce his arrival.
"Why "Just at this time?' " he quesi|u?Wyiikoop
cleared his throat
"Why?why, you see, are are to be
IpmMrled ..tfals. evening?Miss Spencer
and myself; We shall be so delighted
Bj^havb yqu Witness, the ceremony. It
take place at the church, and
my people Insist upon making quite
jBffljgtfalr out of the occasion?Phoebe
Is so popular, you know."
the lady again bustled In, her eyes
SSiJbwing with enthusiasm. "Why, I
. . . tfilhk It Is perfectly delightful. Don't
riv .-Vcii, Howard? Now Lieut Brant and
mlp^' stand up with us. You
13 "That must be left entirely with
Nalda for declBlon," he replied, soThere
was a rustle at the inner
pl't^r^antj jtfalda stood there. Their
.V-eyes met/ and the color mounted
ifc^wjifUy to the girl's cheeks. Then he
resolutely forward, forgetful
presence, and clasped her
Riband in both his own. Neither spoke
- ' a word, yet each understood something
of what was in the heart of the
'"Will you walk outside with me?"
J&lSijMkedi'''at last -"I have-much to
. sajf which I am sure you would rather
bent her head, and with a brief
I explanation to the others, the
officer conducted her forth Into
ght July sunshine. They walksilence
side by side along the
f the little stream. Brant glancJvely
toward the sweet girlish
Then he spoke.
da," he said, gravely, "I have
back, as I said I would, and
if read welcome In your eyes?"
II have come to say that there
longer any shadow of the dead
n us."
looked up Quickly, her hands
I, her cheeks flushing. "Are
ire? Perhaps you mfsunderperhaps
you mistake my meanlow
it all," he answered, soberim
the lips of Hampton.' ,
; have seen him? Oh, Lieut
please tell me the whole truth,
missed him so much, and since
r he rode away to Cheyenne not
ird to explain his absence has
back to me. You cannot
tpud what this means, how
ke has become to me through
if kindness."
have heard nothing?"
5 jord."
Brant drew a long, deep breath. He
^ ' had supposed she knew this. At last
P: 3hei'said - gravely: "Nalda, the truth
wllj prove the kindest meisgge, I
-think. He died In (tat unbroken rftfg
j??3$j defenders clustered afcisut Sen.
ji-SOjister on the bluffs of the Little Big |
11 lihghMlgure trembled so vlo?;;3liinfl5
that he held her close within
"'d^is Sfms.
E>^3'!There was a smlie upon his face
' when we found him. He performed
his full duty, Nalda, and died as belli'
came a soldier and a gentleman."
C"t "But?but, this cannot be! I saw
V the published list; his name jyaj not
among theBAggSUi**""1"
wSo tell was Robert
i|';>v6ently he drew her down to a seat
if'- upon the soft turf of the bank. She
looked up'at him helplessly, her mind
?'.seemingly dated, her eyes yet filled
si (^TtObdH Nolan? My father?",,^^J-kHe
bent oyer toward Eef, ii'rfiSSlng
his Hps to her hair add Stroking It
Epj&dgj-iy with his hand.
??,'iTe8, Salifft, darling; It was truly
ft! "fobe'rl HSittpton Nolan who died la
5$fcatti4, In the ranks of his old reg|.
twfiSSt?died as he would hav$ ehjifii
i^to'dle, tEank Qodl complalfiljr olhareJ
eTgra. htaln upon his honor, {ft
%'^Si uW? girl and 11 e ton whift 'I \tell
ybil. TEihre Is in chh story,"tib word
^>y?ibh does not reflect, ndblhKy upon,
soldier's daughter,"
?,visile uplifted her whife face. "Tell
ihd said, slmpft, "all you know."
a ?^'HWy?ecoimt9jL'16j ,W slowly, care*
fully, the detaua of that desperate
[ Journey northVird, of their providential
meeW88"bn the Little Big Horn,
*' (if l&n nsitVrtt left In his charge, of
lufj'4 Co. ^
He Held Her Cloee Within Hie Arme.
Hampton's riding forward with dispatches,
and of his death at Custer's
rMa. While he sooke. the crlrl Bcarce
!y moved; her breath came In sobi
and her bands clasped hlB.
"These are the papers, Nalda. I
opened the envelope as directed, and
found deeds to certain properties, including
the mine in the Black Range;
a will, duly signed and attested, naming
you as hls'sole heir, together with
a carefully prepared letter, addressed
to you, giving a full account of the
crime of which he was convicted, as
well as some other matters of a personal
nature. That letter you must
read alone as his last message, but
the truth of all he says has since been
She glanced up at him quickly. "By
"Yes. by Murphy, who is now lying
in the hospital at Bethune, slowly recovering.
His sworn deposition has
been forwarded to the department at
Washington, and will undoubtedly result
in the honorable replacing of
your father's name on the army list
I will tell you briefly the man's confession,
together with the few additional
facts necessary to make it
"Your father and mine were for
many years friends and army comrades.
They saw service together during
the great war, and afterward upon
the plains in Indian campaigning. Unfortunatetly
a slight misunderstanding
arose between them. One night
they openly quarreled when heated
by wine, and exchanged blows. The
following evening your father chancing
to be officer of the guard and on
duty, my father, whose wife had then
been dead a year, was thoughtless
enough to accompany Mrs. Nolan
home at a late hour from a post ball.
It was merely an act of ordinary courtesy;
but gossips magnified the tale,
-*"^"Donald, I Love You."
- -y, i.<nr\r?Tys-jis:i ?
5nd bore it to Nolan. Still smartin? |
trom the former quarrel, In which I
fear my father was in the wrong, he
left the guard house with the openly
avowed intention of seeking Immediate
satisfaction. In the meanwhile
Slavln, Murphy, and a trooper named
JTynn, who had beep to town without
passes^ half-drunk, stole
tfifSugh the guard lines and decided,
to Halle a midnight raid on the colonel's
private office, Dogging alohg
behind the powder house," they ran
suddenly upon my father, then on the
way to his own quarters. Whether
they were recognized by him,'"Br"
whether drink made t&em reckless of
consequences, Is unknown, hut one of
the men instantly fired. Then th&y
ran, and 8ttS???aei1 ,n saining 115 ear
rBcits unsuspected,4 ?
She sat as It r&Sclniited by his recital.
" Yf? rather heard the shot, and
ip'rhnpc toward the sound, only to fall
JieAdtong across my father's llfelesa
Msiy. As he came heavily down, his
Revolver was jarred out of Its holstei
aDd dropped unnoticed In the. gAss.
An Instant later the guard csthj) runnlng
up. and by morning Oapt. Nolan
was under arrest charged, tvlth murder.
The clrcumstantfal evidence was
etrnnc?his ouarwfl "frith the mui>
dered man, MS heated language a
few moments previous, the revolver
lying beside the body, having two
chambers, discharged, and his being
found there alone with the man he had
gone forth to aeek. Slavln and Flynn
both strengthened the case by positive
testimony. As a result, a courtmartial'dismissed
the prisoner in disgrace
from the army, and a civil court
sentenced him to ten years' Imprisonment"
,. "And my mother?" The question
vvas a trembling whisper from quiver
Iks lips.. ,
f "Tour"mother,"-, he said regTetfoH>,
fort!dt^ng fol wUh^her'^From1 that
hour nose-of her 'old acquaintances
could learn anything regarding her
whereatgmts. Sbe did not return to
her.famlly In the east, nor correspond
with anyone in the army. Probably, ut-'
terly broken-hearted, sbe sought se-.
cluslon In some city. How QUIla obtained
possession of you remains a
"la that alir'
Thou IrAnt illanl f/tw a Inner Hmn thn
A UV/ >V|?fU?UkiVI B iwug UUiV, WAV
ilow tears dropping trom her eye*,
her hands clasped in her lap. His
heart, heavy with sympathy, would
not permit him to break in upon her
deep sorrow wlthv words of comfort.
"Naida," he whispered at last, "this
may not be the time for me to speak
such words, but you are all alone
now. Will you go back to Bethune
with me?back to the old regiipent
as my wife?"
A moment she bowed her head before
him; then lifted it and held out
her hands. "I will."
"Say to me again what you once
"Donald, I love you."
Gently he drew her down to him,
and their lips met
"I wish you to be very happy, Nsida,
dear," he whispered, drawing lur
head tenderly down until It found reBt
upon bis shoulder.
"Yes, I feel you do, and I am; bat
it cannot come all at once. Donald,
for I have lost so much?so much.
I?1 hope he knows."
(The End.)
Thousands of people all ever this
county know of Dr. George Edmund
Flood anil his success in curing Itheumatism;
also diseases of the Kidneys
and Bladder,
For the benefit of our readers we
afe glad to publish, with Dr. Flood's
permission, the prescription for Rheumatism,
Kidney or Bladder trouble
which he recommends, and which he
Is so successfully using in his practice.
It is as follows: Fluid CaBcara Aromatic,
half ounce: Concentrated Barkola,
one ounce; Fluid Extract Prickly
Ash Bark, half drachm; Aromatic Elixir,
four ounces. One teaspoonftii of
this prescription taken after each
meal and one before going to bed. Is
stated positively by Dr. Flood will
produce a shout of satisfaction from
any one suffering from Rheumatism or
any ailment of the Kidneys or Bladder.
"Don't forget to drink plentifully
of pure water" was Dr. Flood's parting
advice, and from the remarkable
results this successful physician has
had It does look as if sufferers from ;
Rheumatism, also Klduey and Bladder J
troubles, should not fail to give it a '\
thorough test since druggists right j
here in our own town can 1111 the prescription.
There's a lively little function
That is going on to-day;
But what Is coming of It !
Nobody dares to say.
But they're very chipper outward,
Though in inward perturbation
They start the game a-playing,
"Nomination! Nomination!
Who's got the nomination?" '
? ,
'Tls worse than "Puss-ln-corner,"
Or even "Blind man's hull," , j
Though of corners and blind .buffing
They have really had enough,
The gnme, "Follow of my leader," ,
Not is In repute with many.
For to tell the truth unpleasant, (
They really haven't any.
Leaders, no, they haven't any.- ^
In the field dl'S nliiny RlchmonJs, ^
AIsb it llkrk horse of two,
Eflt It's up to great mind-readers <
To foretell what they will do.
So till that convention's over, <
There'll be, aftxlous iteration
Of the question of long standing,
"Who lias got the nomination?
Anybody got the nomination?" '
Baltimore American."
In having the cleanest and brightest
home In the city?
"We have Installed the INVINCIBLE
Electric Renovator for heusecleaning 1
and are now ready to clean your carpets,
rugs, fhrhtture, etc., without removing
from your house.
We guarantee the work to be the
best yon have ever seen.
All w'e ask Is a chance to demonstrato.
yfe'alBo do the best laundry work
of all "kinds In the city. When Inter
estddl drop a postal, or .call 77; both
, woman's^ (Useeses?^or in fact
' serious ailments do arise from
these, causes |
offers a Speedy ore r? you. This!
. method of healing wdsdlscovereilj
by Dr. Victor Theodore Junod.one;
ot the most celebrated physicians!
of France, and has been In wide
and successful use In foe hospitals
of France and Germany. It is
used extensively In the hospitals
of the University of Bonn, which
Is perhaps the foremost medical
insiiiuiion in borope. ur. acnmoiaen,
of that hospital, who came all
the way to Washington to attend
the American Medical Congress,
said In a paper read by him before
that congress that this treatment
had .an used In tuberculosis of
the Joints, and had given relief
where even amputation had failed
to do so.
For thirty years I have practiced
this method of cure with unvarying
success. I have references
from many people of prominence
who have been cured by the treatment.
Whatever your ailment
write - me, and I will advise you
promptly whether it will fit your
case or not.
Pending the establishment of a
sanitarium I have . arrangements
whereby patients can beard at reasonable
rates while taking this
treatment My charges are most
reasonable, and I guarantee satisfaction
if my mtice da, followed.
The work I have been doing bears
the closest scrutiny. I invite correspondence,
and will give prospective
patlsats every opportunity to
Investigate the treatment and my
success in its application. Hundreds
of people who had exhausted
every'other means known to medical
science for the restoration of
health have found a cure in this
I make a specialty of treating
these diseases that have failed to
respond to all other methods of
care. I particularly Invite correspondence
with reference to these
As I am arranging to establish a
permanent! sdnitarlum I will require
the services of a liberal minded
physician. I prefer one who has
some capital to Invest, after a thorough
Investigation of the treatment
and the proposition, this Is
not absolutely essential. Address
1424 New York Avenue, N. W.,
(By Brantland Rice.)
Seated at the breakfast-table on a sultry
summer's day,
Mrs. Smith picked up the paper In a
careless, Idle wny-rThrew
her lamps on social Items, noting
quickly up and down
Names of lucky favored people who
had blown away from town
In this, steamy August weather?till
at last her restless glance
Fell upon the sporting section?and
she lingered in a trance.
Mr. Sy.iith whs eating bacon, which
the same, as yo-i should know,
s a widespread breakfast fodder anywhere
you choose to go?
\nd his Jaw was working deftly like
the handle of a piimP,
iVhen be heard an exclamation from
his wife that made blm Jump.
'What's the matter?" he responded,
with his appetite well sated?
'Why these frows' upon your fofehead?
Why those eyeballs sq
dilated?" ,,,
'Tell the this," she sald^htod shuddered;
'Tell me What this
means I pray"
'Nothing but the gallant playing of
Mike Johnson saved the day?
IVIth the score tied In the seventh
and the combat gliding by.
Mike dashed out and by fast sprinting
swallowed Piggy Jones'
long fly!" '
'Good for Mike," her husband answered?He's
the goods? I always
knew It."
"Swallowed Jones' fly," she murmured?"Tell
me how the man
could do It."
Then she read?With mighty bludgeons
In their mitts, the demon
Hopped on WadSell in the pinches?
hammered him out of the bos,
Shot him full of poisoned - arrows?
S-'| ^ S J"'
' St."
r' ^ ^rwSe^wiw^iAH^WW*::
[ | American Laundry.
Fairmont Ave, Fairmont.
We cater to particular people, work
called tor an J delivered;' Both phones.
jxnnAAr>AA<ir>r?"?vw *'* *?"??? *?
Lawrence Lloyd, Book and Art Shop.
Yost Building; Fairmont
Advisees la decorating and furnishing
of house. The most complete stock
of stationary In Fairmont. Yost Bldg.
Ross Engineering Company,
| Civil mining and
Consulting Englners.
I 409 Jacobs Bldg., Fairmont, W. Va.
ixru-ij-iri-rxnririrtnn.njij'Lnjtrinririnrr-**^^^^ f"1
Cordray Carriage Co.,
Manufacturers and dealers in High
Grade Vehicles. 420-422 Jackson St
Con. 'Phone 323. Bell 'Phone 447J.
Cumberland, Md.
Goods called for and. delivered every
week. Con, Phone, 15.
W. J. WALSH, Agent.
First Ward' Livery Co.
Fully equipped for all commercial and
drummer rigs. Light or heavy hauling.
None better. Call or phone your wants.
N. C. STEELE, Prop, 019% Merchant.
Handy Grocery Co.
Dealers la fancy and staple groceries.
Orders called for and delivered. ,
Family trade solicited. Cor. Walnut ;
and 4th Sts. Both 'phones. j
H. A. Pople Grocery Store.
Cor. Columbia and Merchant St.,
First Ward. Dealers Jn staple groceries.
Family trade solicited.. 'Phone
us your orders. Prompt delivery. ;
' ji. ... .
' Reltz's Cash Grocery. I
.531 Fairmont Ave. 'Phone 488 Bell..
. We carry a full line of Btaple gro- ,
cerles, family trade solicited, call or
'phone us your order. Prompt delivery.
Fancy and Staple Groceries.
"The Busy Store." _ j
C. M. Hartley, Prop., 115 Jackson
street. Choice family groceries. Or- 1
ders by Con.' 'phone 273. Bell 173J. 1
Promptly delivered. <
<i .i.n
' ?The?
ti i r i-iosri iflL
of Fairmont. t
Hospital and Training School for i
Nurses. (
A mutual institution with doors '
open to any reputable physician or
C. F. BOYERS, SR., Pres.,
J. W. BOYERS, Manager. 1
Bell 'Phone 302J, 1
Cons. 'Phone 307. ?
t ..., 1 .
Reed Plumbing Co.
First class plumbing gas fitting,
steam and hot water heating. All kinds
of pumps repaired. Water filters all
sizes. Pipe, fittings, valves and'pack- c
ing. Cadd Bldg., Parks avenue. Both 8
phones. Res. Bell, phone, 305?T. s
Fairmont Iron and Metal Co.,
Water street, First ward,
We pay the best prices in Marlon
county for iron and metal of nil de- t
Skinner's Tavern, Madison 8t.
"why should be have drawn
a heating?" e
"But her husband only snickered and c
again turned to his eating.
, "Look at this," she stammered, paling,
"Halm got bumped upon '
the bean.
Umpire Sheridan's decisions threw a|
smell like gasoline? j
Jones was punctured In the lattice?
. Walsh's ..benders broke their
backs, ;
For- they coolaaXeven hit him with a
A. B. Koon,
Manufacturer of llouumenU, Head'
stonej and Tablets. Dealer, in Marble
and Granite. 212 Jackson St., F. and
M. 'nhbnft 257. <
J. C. Ward, Main St
For prompt work la Tailoring call
and see us about It. Suits made to
your order. Particular people solicited.
C. A. Bonham, 217 Walnut Ave.
Estimates furnished on all kinds ol
plumbing and gas fitting. Steam and
hot water beating. - *
The Up-to-Date Millinery,
208 Water St., First ward!
Latest' styles and lowest prices In
Marina county. Come add give .us a
Roush's Restaurant
The most up-to-date restaurant In I
Fairmont. Everything to eat In season.
Madison St., near B. and 0. I
Wire & Mason, Main St
Coal and timber land bought, sold ;
and exchanged; also Real Estate,
RE A LE8T A^T Er"^'^ t
r* UmlU. Mel. OA
v?. r\5M/, main B
Real Estate bought, sold and exchanged.
I also handle fire Insurance
and money to loan on first class
G. D. Caldara & Co., Madison 8t.
Information Bureau and BankerB.
Also dealers in real estate. Insurance
and mortgages. "
Fountain Restaurant, Op. Court-house. G
Everything to cat In season. J
four taste satisfied at the Fountain.
Open Day and Night. Call and tr;
our meals. a
The Second Hand Store and Auction ri
rlouse, F. W. Garrett, Prop., 208 Jackion
S. We buy and aell new and secind
hand goods. Weekly auction sales. ^
Don. 'phone 355. g
H. C. Voleker, Fairmont Ave.
Furniture repaired. Screens made
:o order. Rubber tires put on baby
vagons. Work called for and delivered.
T. W. Jenkins, Funeral Director,
ind Embalmer. Also handle monu
nents and Iron fencing. Office Mer- j
:hant St., First ward, Fairmont, W. Va J
- I-I-IY?WVW?II nnawu l
' H. P. Bartholow , Jacob 8t
When in need of a veterinarian call
r 'phone Dr. Bartholow, All calls
ncwe-ed promptly. First ward, Fair
..^T ' HOTEL.
' Commercial Hotel,
Water St., First ward.
Rates from $1.00 up. Special rates
or weekly boarders.
u m ,
l'ou can't beat it unless yon cheat
At the Depot.
"Do you think that horrid story
ibout Beatrice is true?''
"it must be. I heard it from her
learest friend."?Lite.
, ||
West Virginian wants adB pay. T
iTransier and all K
I move earthing from a babj ci
do it quickly, also maka a ipecia
Mods and Pianos without lama
Mil me up. I deliver Coal and Si
..,J; _ _ . .; .'^iit

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