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(SHfiyKsi'i'y 2;i
K^/. . !
fl B
I. Camden, Joseph B. Neal, Dr. T.
Roberts, Gilbert L. '
son, Judge A. G. Dayton, Judge B.
I^leri . Hon. Elliott Northott, A
j&teson. George H. Gordon, John
icCtUer and James D. Butts,
le fololwing will be the ushers:
einiiess, Sims Powlt and L. V.
"(tractive and honorary pallbearers
|meet at the late residence of
and proceed from there to
iA^a'Atttrb-'Mtilhflflrape wtlt moot nt
IA4IU {jitiiuvuibig Tv III uivei ?i
e P. M. sharp at the late residence,
iarSnda," for the purpose of copying
the body from the housb to
pfe; funeral services over the retina
of the "Iron Judge" will begin
i^iree o'ctoch. From one o'clock
pi faro o'clock the body will lie In
i|? in the Episcopal church at which
nefUie'general public will be given
Icaip^tdnlty to take a look at'the
wsof .the distinguished jurist
The funeral services will be attendby
prominent men from all over
e State among the number beln^
hn T. McGraw, Elliott Northcott, exivernpr
Fleming, Major J. D. Butts,
dfce John H. Holt, Judge A. G. Day9,-Judge
B. F. Kellar and others. A
jttWjtofthe members of the Wheelp|i?r
:will be In attendance at the
ood county bar will attend the oh
ing to poor health I
elry at auction. Sa
I will continue until
5 choicest of the goc
promptly if you wai
's yet to close out th
ick Consists of
lets. Rog
Line of U
o the Safe and Fixtu
13 Water St.,
To Test Speed
' Today the CbampB -went to Cbarleroi
to play the team there. Charlerol
Is one of the fast teams in the P. O.
M. league and local fans are anxious
to see what the W. P. league teams
can do. Carlisle will pitch today's
game. Friday the Champs will play
Clarksburg at Southslde park and on
Sunday Charlerol will be here for a
game at Traction park. There will
he no game at Amos Saturday as was
Went to See the Racei.
A large number of Falrmonters
went to Clarksburg to-day to attend
the fair and watch the races.
MORGANTOWN, Sept. 5,-Ed M.
Heermans, who has edited halt of the
aewspapera la West Virginia at one
:!me or another, and who has edited
lallles In a dozen different atates, is
nere on a brief visit, having arrived
from Kingwood on the M. & K. train
which left that city at 10:12,
Mr. Heermans secured a flood story
n the southern part of West Virginia
l few years ago at the risk ot his life;
le has written up the moonshiners of
ientucky when their rifles sent buleta
whizzing through his whiskers;
re has criticised public men when his
ife was said to hang on a thread In
:onsequence; but he says he has never
mdergone an experience that required
more courage than making the
Ide on the M, & K.
Heermans was at one time the
Vest Virginia correspondent of the
'Ittsburg Dispatch, he has edited the
Post In this city, the Times at Fairnont,
The Advocate at Mannlngton,
ie has done special work for leading
netropolltan tallies, contributed arlcles
to all the big magazines and re:ently
has been editing the leading 1
lally paper In Springfield, Ohio, a
ity ot 50,000 people, where a negro
s occasionally strung up if news haplens
to get scarce.
School hooks and supplies at Globe
3ook Store, Watson Hotel bldg. tt
Subscribe for the West Virginian. '
+ ;
Suits and Overcoats
$15.00%nd up
Cleaning Repairing
Pressing Altering
Bell Phone 401J
.112 Main St ^ 2d Floor ,
^ i
mil ?l A
??mmmm^mmmm.tmm (fl|
;' ,i -Vj ...
am closing out my
le begins each eveni
the entire stock is:
ds are yet to be sol
it a bargain, as it wi
e balance of the stoc
^ t ...
3, Watches, Rings,
ers' 1847 Silverwar
p-todate Jewelry.
.res, Tools and Matei
1 H. H
\ "
TT m
jl an invi
"On Parole" or "Miss Dixie," was
the title of the farce comedy presented
by the Morrison Comedy Company
at the Grand last night which proved
to be another one of the exceptionally
strong numbers for the week which
the company Is spending In Fairmont.
The scene of the play put <Jn last
night Is drawn in Virginia just before
the outbreak of the war and the little
story of love and heroism is carried
on throughout the conflict between
the North and the South in a most
interesting manner, with sufficient
comedy to make the play decidedly
interesting. -The bombardment at
Federal headquarters was the real
thing. Mr. Hugh Morrison has not
failed to Jteep up his reputation as an
actor of the first rank which he established
by his work on the opening
night, and last night-.his ability as; a
burnt cork artist was abundantly recognized
by the large audience that witnessed
the performance. Mr. Harry
'Feldman, all round comedian and expert
dancer, made good also in his
black face work. The dancing of
Feldman and Ball has made a hit with
all who like to see dancing done lust
right with the full quota of variations
which they know so well how to Inject
Into their work.
Miss Eva Sargent Is another one
of the company that Is pleasing the
theater goers and she will be seen
to-night in the leading roll in the
' Vagabond's Wife."
Another feature of this company,
which Is pronounced by all to be the
best stock company ever appearing
here, Is the work of Alleen Morrison
who Is an adept In any role she assumes,
and her versatility is equal to
that of any member of the company.
Mr. Morrison himself not. excepted.
Her work shows the evidence of re
flnelnent and good training. As a
whole the company Is well balanced
and while some improvements might
be made In some particulars still the
specialities and vaudeville acts alone
are well worth the price of admission.
The Ladles' Colonial Orchestra has
brought out good crowds each evening
to witness the open air concerts and
Miss Mary E. Reber, the director, has
a band of musicians that Is not surpassed
by many of the .larger shows
on the road, and the Morrison Comedy
Company makes no mistake In Incurring
this additional expense as
their music will be a bid for crowded
bouses should the company make a
return engagement.
It was quite noticeable to witness
the smiles of the members of the orchestra
last evening while Mr. Morrison
feas doing Borne of his best comedy
work, and it can be said right
here that an actor that can amuse his
own orchestra la not In the mediocre
entire stock of
ng* at 7.30 p.m.,
d and you must
U take but a few
.. I. .
Lockets, Bracee,
and General
rial are for sale
it, W. Va.
Local Lawyers
Attorney Harry Slaw started to
Charles Town today where he wtll
appear before the Supreme Court of
Appeals to argue the case of T. A.
Deveny et al. vs. the Cook and Hart
Coal Company. The case is to be sub-,
mitted for a rehearing to-morrow. Mr.
?haw and Henry M. Russell, of Wheeling,
represent the Appellants and W.
S. Meredith, Charles Powell and G.
If. Alexander represent the Appellees.
CHARLESTON, Sept 5.*- Mrs.
Henry Shlrkey and her daughter-inlaw,
Mrs. Bert Shlrkey, of near Sissonsvllle,
had a miraculous escape
from instant death while en route
home after attending the big festival
at Sissonsville. Just after leaving
the grounds on which the celebration
was held they were compelled to cross
the high bridge that spans Poca river
.and their horses becoming frightened,
ucviiuici uuuauugcauic.
Although a number of people were
In the near vicinity, none were able
to assist the ladles, and finally the
horse plunged over the bridge to the
ground below, a distance of between
40 and 60 feet Mrs. Bert Shirkey
iell from the buggy before the horse
took the plunge but was precipitated
down the embankment. Some bushes
broke the force of her fail and she
escaped injury except for a few
Mrs. Henry Shirkey could not escape
and1 fell the full distance. The
horse was Instantly killed and parts
of the demolished rig struck Mrs.!
Shirkey, bruising her painfully. Fortunately,
and in a most miraculous
way, she escaped serious Injury, although
those who witnessed the ao'
cldent expected to find her dead or
fatally mangled,
Dre. 0. L. Aula, of this city, and
W. F. Shirkey, of Marmet, were called,
and after an examination stated
that Mrs. Shirkey will recover In a
few days.
At Weft Virginia 8tate Fair, Wheeling,
September 9th to 13th.
In addition to the regular Fair and
Br position features, and hundreds of
high class attractions. Including the
big air ships, will be Inaugurated one
of the finest racing programs ever of- J
fered, affording eighteen trotting, pacing
and running races. Some of the
best horses hare been, entered and
fast pnd exciting racing will be wifc
from Atlantic City.
Mrs.' j. v. Bumgarner and Mm.
Jesse Virgin, of' MHIsboro,, are vlalt-.
lug at the home of Mr). Samuel Hous- 1
ton, ot Benoni avenue, I
Miss Helen Treat, ot Morgantowh,
Is In the cky, the guest of Hies Mary
Christie on Locust avenue.
Miss Minnie Orr will return home
tonight from a visit with her slater,!
Mrs, Garrett McCatterty, at Philadelphia.
Dr. E. N. Eddy is quite sick at uu>
home of tyis brother, Rev. W. J. Eddy,
on AVnluut avenue.
Miss Goldle Riggs leaves tonight
for Pittsburg, where she goes In the
Interest-of the Millinery Department
of the Bon Ton store.
Miss Mary Miller, who has been the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Orr, of the
First ward, returned today to her j
home at Pittsburg.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Michael and son
Jonathan and Miss Grace Satterfleld 1
expeot to leave Fairmont about the |
first of Oqtoher for Phoenix, Arizona,
where they will spend the coming winter.
Mr, H. H. Rose, of Mannlngton, was !
a visitor In the city yesterday. *
Miss Edna Hawkins, of Waytfesburg,
Pa., who ljas been the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Lehman on Walnut
avenue for the past week, will
return to her home tomorrow.
Mr. H. F. Colebank and family have
returned from a two weeks' visit in
Ohio and Illinois.
Attorney and Mrs. R. A. Watts and
little daughter have returned from a
visit with relatives at Richlands, W.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs, Harry Shore
of the South Side, yesterday morning,
a son.
Mr. S. A. Dean and son,.Davtd,,have
returned home from a visit at Atlantic
City and the Jamestown Exposition.
Mr. John Hall, one of the staunch
Republicans residents of Mannlngton
district, was in the city to-day and
paid the West Virginian a visit.
Editor Sample Is improving his residence
on Fairmont avenue by erecting
a new porch.
Mrs. D. S. Brock atid Miss Elizabeth
Brock, of Pittsburgh, Pa., are
guests of Mrs. A. L..He(fner, on Barney
Mrs. J. H. Swisher and sister, Mrs.
Dora Thrash, of Napier, Braxton
county, who have been vl6lting their
sister, Mrs. John Fox, of Pittsburg,
will return this evening.
W. B. Couwell started for Charles
m -4 fU- C..v,.amo
i uwu luuaj' lu akicuu buc au|?i;u4?
Court of Appeals.
Mr. Frank Davis, of Baltimore. Md,
Is In the city for a few days' visit.
Dr. Mendel Hamilton returned today
to Bellngton. Dr. Hamilton was
called here by the death of Dana Miller.
Mrs. Columbia -Morgan' returned
home to day from a visit of two weeks
at Webster Springs. Miss Edna Morgan,
who accompanied her there, Is
now at Buckhannon for a vUlt with
'Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Hamilton and
daughters, Louisa and Luclle, returnc*
yesterday to Mt. Lake Park, where
they -will remain for a couple of weeks.
On their return to Fairmont, they will
occupy, the old Hamilton Homestead
on Qulncy street, now dwned by Prof.
T. C. Miller. Mr. Hamilton and family
were called here by the death of
Dana! Miller.
Miss Thelma and Master Chester
Reed, children of Mr. Tot Reed and
In the city, the guest of their grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Reed, on
Barney street.
Hon, T. C. Miller and his family returned
to-day to Mt, Lake Park,
where they will spend the remainder
of the summer. They were accompanied
by Mrs. Mary Hamilton, who
will be their guest for some time.
ladles will find our soda water
fountain a boon for those who need
refreshing drinks on a warm da7.
Our Ice cream soda Is a lunch and 1
refreshments oombined,, and our
cold, sparkling soda, flavored with
pure fruit juloea, Is delicious and
grateful to the dainty palate.
On Saturday '
f. V fr%", . V'-'
Night, Sci
li. i v
wq will continue
eral merchandise
9 Owing to the expiration
J goods will be entirely-clo
y thing you want will be ec
and place?
? Heffner Buildi
{M. R. Musi
?tttf ft ii
+ + + + +
i 4,
f *
MANLEY?B. B. Cox,. J. K. Buckban,
Vic Levin, John Vuttall, John A.
Youst, S. G. Jackson and'wlfe, George
R. Wingel, Clyde Alexander, C. E.
Casto, A. J. Collett, S. F. Glasscock,
P. H. Martin, Morgan town; Louis
Kohn, Parkersburg; H. E. Beedei,
Clarksburg; W. G. Peterkln, Parkersburg;
J. L. Henry, Buckhannon: J. M.
Wood. C. L. Wood. Worthington: R.
E. Clark, Littleton; R. M. Brown, H.
0. Stealey, Ben Rosseter, George' A.
Kroner,Wheeling; David Weed, Mnntiington;
B, S. Stathers, Weston; J
W. Stark, C. N. McWhorter, Charleston.
WATSON?Friend Bartlett. George
* i'_ rr rr I
K. winger, ruorganiowu; n. rc. nuvii,
Mfngo; F. A. Brown, C. D. Robinson, I
Parkersburg; William G. Worley, I
Klilgwood; T. Hlldebrand, C, W.
Slnsel, X A. Webb, Clarksburg; C. R?
Snodgrass, Rlvesvllle; H. H. McMillan,
Mason town; C. D. Barngs, J. J
Sullivan, C. Barkley, Jacob Senthlnga,
Wheeling; L,. Ratcllffe, Rich wood.
TAVERN?David W. Ellis, J. E, Ellis,
Grafton; E, J.'Hoffman, E. C.
Barnhart, J. W. Tryman, Clarksburg;
L A. Sundmacher, E. L. Creel, A. S.
Harman, E, H. Smith. Margaret Watson,
Clyde Jackson and wife, Morgantown;
Fred Bartlett, J. O. Hare, H.
W. Showalter.^ JIannington; Benson
Jacobs and wife, Little .Falls; M M.
Mnlone and wife, Beechwood; Bettle
Kinsley, Ufflngton; Harry O. Ott, L.
C, Jarvls, L. A. Wagner, Wheeling;
J. L. Lewis, Federal; Mr. and Mrs, J.
H. Stewart, Morgantown; J. H. Jackson,
Jane Lew; Cong Bruno, Menclior
Geovoni, Antonio Richer, Berryburg.
MARIETTA?J. W. Berry, Margaret
Berry, Carl Berry, Rex Berry. Rnbt.
Garlow, Morgantown; J. Brennen and
wife, Parkersburg; R. C. Hardeaty,
Enterprise; W. R. Brandon, Kingwood;
W. T. Bond, Clarksburg; John
J, Ferrell, C. F. Laurm, H. H. Apple,
W. H. Brown, Miss Anna Mulveblll,
Wheeling: A. 0. Nelson. E. E. Reedsr,
H. C. Cummins, Amos; . R. D.
Towzey, Buckhannon; John W. Gigley,
Notice of First Meeting of Creditors.
In the District Court of the United
States, for the Northern District of
West Virginia?In Bankruptcy.
J"1 ? AA ?l T Dlnnoll OWV/I
iu me uiauici ui j, ir iau& * ?,Mv?
William Pinnell, partners as J.
Frank Pinnell 4" Co., and J. Frank
Ptnnell and William Pinnell as individuals?bankrupts
In bankruptcy.
To the creditors of J. Frank Pinnell
and William Pinnell, as partners in
the name ot J. Frank Pinnell & Co.
and as individuals, o {Fairmont, In
the county of Marion and district
aforesaid, a bankrupt:
Notice Is hereby given that on the
31st day ot August, A. D. 191)7, the said
J. 'Frank Pinnell & Co., partners, and
William Pinnell and J. Frank PlnneU.
as Individuals, were duly adjudicated
bankrupts; and that the first meeting
of the creditors will be held at the
office of the undersigned, Referee in
Bankruptcy, at Room 1, in the Court
House, in the Olty of Fairmont, In Storloa
county, Wejt Virginia, the 16th
day of September, A. D. 1907, at ten
o'clock in the forenoon, at which time
the said creditors may attend, prove
their claims, appoint a trustee, examine
the bankrupts, andtramfcot such
other business as may properly come
! at ?
j^18B^C0U' | ^
the Fairmont and Southern pro
with local applications, as they canbest
blood purifiers, acting directly on
^ore* "Sh
III 1 t
?j^- ' ' ^vV|Hi||n S^H
yl T^nflrfl
i/i VRv p w^uB
L-lEv :^5w I
v ~f--!t ' xJmIH

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