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^jj' *cIii 1 lot J*? t In h rnlo. ^
loua the ? mln i He hat been
It ' Ct* . ! : '.V l:
I rat of the Ku tern Pan Handle
bt r of the legislature from
: 'i^Mflhding 'the
I i , ' ' ;. r _ '
. fair. 'Mr. Fisher Is now an active Repuhj
.hat, he would
aev candidate for office. He
bin i o i reporter.
; -The people of this Statfi^are pros
^ ^ Hclt< (H*
to . the reported actjon of the Coitfe
ence In the case of Rev. I. a. Barne
The letter and resolution are self-e
planatory and will set the matter I
its true light. The' cothmunlcatlo
from Dr. Queen Is as follows:'
,auc vanj wcni.
Fairmont, W. Va,
By order of the Went Virginia Ai
qua) Conference In session assemble
at/Elklns, W. Va., I hand you the fo
lowing resolution to publlBh that th
public and your reading constituent
may know the condition of a matte
concerning which your paper and otl
era gave report during the time w
were n session during the month t
August. I am sure you will as readll
do this as you published the repor
The legal transfer of Rev. I. 'A. Barnei
I). D., from the Pittsburg conferenc
was presented to the president of th
West Virginia Annual Conference an
he signed It, then Rev. Dr. Barns
withdrew the transfer from the hand
of the president before it was vote
upon by the conference Itself.
The Dr. Barnes tried to get a vote o:
enrolling his name without the prei
once of that transfer and subsequent!
with its presentation, hut the' pres
dent ruled that the conference coul
not vote on that paper until ft ha
been returned to the Pittsburg Annua
"Resolved, That we, as a conference
hereby express our disapproval of thi
recent newspaper report In regard b
the action of this conference on thi
transfer of Rev. I. A. Barnes, D. E
The aforesaid reportMs not only mis
leading, but a reflection on both Rev
I. A. Barnes and the conference."
That a copy of this resolution b
furnished the secretary to the' -pape
printing the above named report.
Signed by and in behalf of the Wes
Virginia Annual Conference,
D. S. BOGGS, President.
C. L. QUEEN, Secretary,
Died After
Long Illness
Mrs. B. B. Martin, wife of the pas
tor of the Monroe street Methodls
Church, passed away this morning a
ten minutes of three o'clock after ai
Illness of long duration. The imme
dlate came of her death was gastrin
and heart trouble. She had been thwife
of Rev. Martin for forty year
and during that time she was all tha
a devoted wife could be.
The eulogistic services will be heli
at the Monroe street church to-moi
row afternoon at three o'clock. Rev
G. D. Smith, of the First 51. E. Church
will be the officiating minister. Aft
er these services the remains will fataken
to Washington, D. C., on trail
No. 8. Musgrave and Son undertal
Rev. Martin greatly appreciates th
UtiulnpHo nf Vile netehhorn ilnrinw th
illness of his wife.
Arthur Brobst
Mr. Arthur Brobst will leave to-moi
row for Pittsburg where he will pui
sue his studies in the Carnegie Teel
nice] Institute. Mr. Brobst enters th
Junior year of his work.
The Carnegie Technical Insfcitut
has had a phenomenal growth. Ther
will be 1,900 students enroll Che firs
day of the fall opening of 1907, an h
creaBe of 600 over the opening day c
the fall term of 190G. Four times a
many students took the entrance e:
amlnations as can be accommodate
at the ^school.
Catarrh Cannot tt Cured
with local applications, aa they cat
not reach the seat of the diesaB
Catarrh la a blood or. constltutloni
disease, and in order to cure It yc
must take internal remedleB. Hall
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, an
acts uirecuy on uie Diuuu ana mucui
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is ni
a quack medicine. It was prescribe
by one of the best physicians In th
country for years and Is a reguli
prescription. It Is composed of th
best tonics known, combined with tl
best blood purifiers, acting directly c
tbe mucous surfaces. The perfei
combination of tbe two Ingredient
la what producea such wonderful r
suits In curing Catarrh. Bend for te
tlmonlals free.
F. J. CHENEY ft CO, Props.,
Toledo, <
Bold by Druggists, price 7E.
Take Hall's Family Pills for cons!
Free on requests-school satchel 1
r- Mr. J. L. Lewis has returned from
s. Pittsburg where he wan'looklug' sifter
ti the Interests of the Federal Coal Cpran
l>ahy and when, asked abirjt the re-orn
ganizatlon of the company gave out
the following statement today:
"Yes, we are making the Federal a
purely West Virginia association, dll
vldlng up the stock among ellglfie lod
cal coal Interests. The property Is
1- well known to be among the best In
& the Fairmont region for gas, fuel and
y coke?clean, nine-foot seam, cheaply
u produced and only needs tonnage to
i- make good dividends,
e "With equitable railroad servlcfc the
if Federal can be the survival of the
y fittest. We don't claim to have all the
t, merits of the best Copnellsvllle coal
b, for coke,-.but?we compare favorably
;e with the product of the Klondyke
e where most of the Conuellsvllle coke
d Is shipped from. It will be the aim of
is our association to forge ahead coni
servatlvely and hope ultimately to get
d the tonnage up In keeping with the
large acreage, The company Is no
n longer In the bands of one man coni
trol and the affairs of the company
/ will be administered entirely by local
|. Interests and we hope to merit the
d best wishes of our home people.
War on Obscene
; Postal Cards
? MARIETTA, 0., Sept. 14. - Uncle
r Sam has started a crusade against
| the fellows who persist in sending ilt
tustrated postal cards of an obscene
nature through the mails, and 'two men ,
employed in 'Athens county are the
first to come under the ban of th(?
law. They were arrested Thursday by
Deputy United States Marshal McCalllBter,
brought to Marietta and arraigned
before United States Commissioner
j beeper. The men arrested are Roy
Jones, of Licking county, an attend(
ant at the Athens State hospital, and
Thomas Huffman, of Hocking county,
who has been employed at Nelsonville.
Some weeks ago, It Is charged, the
men mailed "comic" postal cards
t through the Atheas office. Postmaster
t Finsterwald saw the cards, concluded
j they were of on bbscene nature, and
y. reported the matter to the department.
s The information was turned over to
9 the Cincinnati office and Inspector Olds
field was detailed on the case. In a
t short time lie had worked up sufficient
evidence to warrant the arrest of the
1 two men and the affidavits were ac..
cordlngly filed.
Thursday morning. Deputy Marshal
u McAllicter went to Athens county and
. arrested Jones and Huffman. He
e brought them to Marietta, on the aftera
noon train, and they were immediately
taken before Commissioner Leeper,
where they wore charged with vlolnte
lag the II. S. Postal laws. They waived
o examination ami were held to .court,
in the sum of $500 each. Jones gave
ball with Superintendent J. F. Hanson
and Assistant Superintendent C. E. Atkinson
of the Athens State hospital, as
sureties. Huffman- appeared to be
friendless and was remanded to the
Washington county jail to await the
sitting of the federal grand jury, at
Columbus, the second Tuesday In December.
Jones, In company with Dr.
Hanson and Dr. Atklneson, returned to
Athens Thursday evening.
Deputy Marshal McCallister, In cona
versation with a newspaper correspondent
shortly after the men were
aralgned, stated that this Is but the
beginning of a war on the suggestive
|t postal cards. Many of these cards are
absolutely obscene and the governlf
ment proposes to stop the sending of
a such stuff through the mails. To. that
t. end, evidence Is being gathered, aad
j several other arests will likely follow
within the next few weeks. He states
that the government is taking tho
names of all dealers who traffic In such
cards, and they will _be compelled ?to
quit handling them under penalty of
?j the law.
Jones and Huffman, the victims of
|u the law, stated while here that the
* cards mailed by them were nothing
[S more than are being sold over thouBands
of novelty counters. According
^ to this Information, the so-called comic
ia postal card crank will do well to quit
ir the habit.
ie A town would go off the commercial
in map without newspapers. One way to
2t accomplish this Is to spend all'your
t, advertising appropriation for street
g. oar, barn or fence advertising. You
I. think It costs you less, but' does It?
School books and .supplies at Globe
), Book Store, Watson Hotel building, tt
* pmPeaU^^^
HnnHrerte of nee
--TT-rV JT~~
Your last chancf
thing to be
Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, of Pittsburg,
are the guests of Capt. and Mrs.
Thomas Reed, on Benonl avenue.
Wm. Rathbun lias returned from a
visit to New York City where be went
to meet a party of relatives who were
returning from a several months' trip
abroad. ^
Miss Virginia Neil, of Parkersburg,
is the guest of Misses Edith and Agnes
Henry at their home on Fairmont
avenue. Miss Neil is en route to Morgantown
to enter'the W. V. U.
Mrs. Guy 3insel, of Clarksburg,
Misses Rose Flann'ery and Edna Warder,
of Grafton, were visitors In the
city yesterday.
Robert Hall, of Eldora, Is very ill
of typhoid fever at Spottswood, N. J.
where he had been In company witl
nis aunt, Miss Laura Lowe, for sever
al weeks taking a course In the Physi
cal Culture School. Dr. W. H. Sands
and a trained nurse left last night foi
Spottswood. Mr. Hall Is a nephew
of Attorney S. C. Lowe, of this city.
Mrs. II. E. Crowe has returned from
a several days' visit In Wheeling.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Michael and son
Crawford, of Montana, left to-day foi
Webster Springs to spend a few weeks
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Martin, ol
Sutton, stopped off in this city ovei
night on their return from thd Wheel
ing fair. They left for home this
Mrs. Ira L. Smith returned yester
day from visiting relatives at Mason
town, fa.
Mrs. A, A. Hamilton will leave Mon
day for Sutton where she will Jolt
her husbnnd who Is engaged In mak
Ing extensive street Improvements foi
that town.
Mr. E. C. Rowand has returned fron:
an extensive pleasure trip through
the east visiting the Jamestown Expo
R. 0. Kendall will return to-nighl
from , a visit to eastern cities.
Mrs. gstelle Levette, of Gassaway,
and two little daughter, are the guests
of Mrs. C. P. Randall,
Mrs, Luther H. Randall will leave
Tuesday for Buckhannon to visit hei
parents and to take In the Upshui
county fair. ,
Mrs. E. F. Hartley has returned fron
a trip to Baltimore.
Mrs. D. P. Fitch and Miss Louise
Fitch have*returned from a two weeks
visit In Pittsburg where they were
the guests of Miss Emma Baker.
Miss B. E. Gavin left this afternoon
for East Liverpool, Ohio, to spend several
days with relatlyes,
George Linn, of Charleston, was In
me city tost evening en route iu nur
gantown to enter the W. V. U.
Mrs. Florence Stevens went to Fair
view, this afternoon to visit friends.
Mr. anil Mrs. G. A. Corbln, of Mis
sourl, are guests of the letter's sister
Mrs. Rebecca Janes.
Every young person employed dor
Ing the flay should take advantage oj
- ^
iple supplied themse
nakes the sale seemverythinj
iothing I
) to get Jewelry, Wat
found in a first-class
You IV
We Fii
Order of Sabbat
Various Placi
M. E. Church, South.
R. T. Webb, pastor?Sunday school
at 9:30 a. m., conducted by W. D.
Straight, assistant superintendent. Let
iib begin the new conference year with
a full attendance. Preaching at 10:30
a. m. and 7:30 p. m., by the pastor.
Epworth League at 6:30 p. m? led by
Miss Martha A. Huffman, subject, "Instruction
In God's Word," 2 Tim. III.
14-17. Prayer service Wednesday at
7:30 p. m. Ladles' Aid Society will
meet Thursday at 2:30 p. m, at-the
I residence of Mrs, L. C. Boyce on Albert
, Court. The pastor Is at home again
i after being absent at conference, and
desires to meet all the members and
friends of the church at the first sri
vice of the new conference year.
First Baptist Church.
, All the parents of the children who
attend the Sunday school, the member>
ship of the church and friends of the,
church are invited to attend the services.
specially at 10:45. The pastor
will preach a sermon to children, subject,
"A Big Ugly Spider." Our special
music will be rendered by the children.
There will be a mate quartette, also
a female quartette and a solo. Those
who love child music will be delighted
with the singing. The night service
will be at 7:30, subject, "The World's
Great Need." The Sundpy school will
be at 9:30, 2:00 and 2:30. The B.
Y. P. U. at 6:30, subject, "God's Om-|
Monongah Presbyterian Church.
You are Invited to attend the following
services: Sunday school at 10:00
a. m. preaching at 11:00 a. m? subject,
Acts, Chapter L This will be the
beginning of a series of sermons on
this flrst volume of "Church History.")
The Y. P. S. will meet on Friday ev-j
enlng at 7:30 p. m., Subject, "God's Omnipotence.'
The services at Mtddleton,
will be as follows: Sunday school at
3:00 p. m., preaching at 7:30; preaching
at 7:80 Wednesday evening and
Y, P. S. Thursday at 7:30 p. m,
To Mothers Living Near the State
Normal School.
A kindergarten, as a department of
the Model school will be opened for
your little folks Monday, September
23. For further Information Inquire
of Miss Hastings. Superintendent, or
Miss George, teacher of Model school.
Book cover given free" to etch pup
chaser of school hooka. Globe Book
_ Store. tf
Advertising on harna. fences and In
street cars does not boost your town,
you depend on the newspapers to do
that for yon. .
uo i :
lives from tiiis stocl
like a give-away gam
$ Must
y - V r . ;, ,- !
;ches, Clocks, Rings, h
jewelry store at you
lake The
rnish Th
. - I
h Services at the
es ot Worship
Flr?t M. E. Church. J
. G. D. Smith, pastor?9:80 a m., San- j
day school, C. W. Evans, superintend- .
ent; 10:45 a m. preaching by the f
pastor, subject, "How Much Owest ,
Thou" followed by the reception of
new members. 6:30 p. m., Epworth j
League, leader. Prof, Joseph Rosier; (
topic, "Bible Study Day, Instruction In
God's Word." 7:30 p. m, preaching by ,
tho nasfnw ait Moot "Pniil'c OBttmafn .
of the gospel.' You are cordially invited
to attend these services.
Presbyterian Church
j ReV. H. G. Stoetzer,.pastor?Sabbath
school, 9:30 o'clock. Prof. J. Walter
Barnes, superintendent. Morning service
10:45 o'clock, subject "The Ark
of Consolation Is learned in the School
of Affection." Christian Endeavor Society
6:30 o'clock, topic, "God's Omnlscence,"
Is. 40:12-13. Evening service,
7:30 o'clock text, Ps. 11:20, "This
is the Gate of t^e Lord Into Which tfe
Righteous Shall Enter."
Midweek service Wednesday evening
7:30 o'clock. All are cordially Invited
to these services.
Grace Lutheran Church.
Rev. A. G. Null, pastor ? We are
growing In our Sunday school at record
speed. School has almost doubled
this season. ~Come and we know you
will stay. Preaching service at 11 a.
m. The last sermon of the Lord's Prayer
series. - Good music. Evening sermon
at 7:30. All welcome.. Services
at Wltlard Hall at end of South Side
Methodist Protestant Temple.
J.-C, Broomfleld, paator?Our new
church year commences to-morrow and
we are exceedingly anxious to start
well. Sunday school begins promptly
at 9:30 a. m., with J. C. Robinson, superintendent,
and Clarence Kinsey,
chorister. Public worship at 10:45 a.
m. with sermon on "Concern For
Souls." Evangelistic service at .7:80
p. m. Remember the Wednesday evening
prayer service commencing at
I Y. oU 0 C10CK.
Gems 8tolen From Plttiburg Woman I
Found by Polite. '
NEW TORK. Sept. U.-Three Tings; '
valued at 11,000, the property ot Miss
Martha A. Simpson, of Pittsburg, are ]
In the possession of Chief of Police
Gallagher, of Montclalr, N. J? and Tol- '
sa E. Uravatl, of Newark, la ha Jail '
charged with having stolen them.'.
Tho rings and a valuable necklace (
were taken last January from the i
/> 1
on of I
. V''-'.::^!WH
^?M I :
m^^mbBKv - * - I
MBmshHw [^M

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