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|fe?, $4.00
H^3wmw..v. .?.oo
M|Vi 1 month .........??'?.*>? < i >. V"
By Mall, Postage Prepaid.
Pally, One year | ii.00
HKaEffiwKr',................;.. i.so
SK: j zs; =:=: 'I
ziym.ii/. i inwiiii i*o
' o*. 'Mon^.yC"nd Tlfuraday.)
HHVP^O ee a ...... . ? *' W
HH8pwr.ni. .50
Three months 26
CEO. M. JACOBS President
M. C. LOUGH Editor I
|rL. Mo &AVI8 Business Manager
| SffltJ^TION."
Mr. Henry Clews, of New York, the
nker and financier.
t will or ftu
thai the* clubs cannot lawfully' ieli intoxicants
tinder li club license. They
014/ keep beer or- liquors for dlstribuflon
araong members,' may give It
to them, but cannot sen it. The concensus
of opinion among: lawyers and
judges Is that Judge Mason'is right In
his opinion. tHoweever, Judge Doolittie,
of- Huntington, holds that the
clubs are entitled to sell under the license
granted In accordance with the
new law. A test case In the Supreme
Court of 'Appeals will no doubt be carried
up soon, but In the meantime our
advice to social clubs la to take fair
warning and go slow In the matter of
selling intoxicants.
The independent-Herald published
at Hinton, Is about what its name ira
plies and although Democratic It Is
not of the new brand, tainted with socialism.
Editor Wm. H. Sawyers this
week rids his system of the following:
"Every now and then some Democrat
jumps on thee ditor of this paper
for not tacitly swallowing all Mr.
Bryan's populism. We are one Democrat,
gentlemen. The rest of you
may swallow populism and socialism
for policy sake but we do not. And It
occurs to us that In politics we have
to light the Republican party and we
must fight It In the spots where It U
wrong and not fight It where It Is
right. The American people nor no
other people on the top of God's green
ithe 'Initiative and referendum.' The
the 'Initiative and referdum.' The
great masses are no more honest than
their representatives and In the multitude
there Is more often confusion
than Intelligence. The Congress of
the United States Is honest except
where It Is cowardly and nfrald of the
people. Mr. Bryan and nearly all oth
?? "? onsllmntlnn
er {lutiucmus gu uu mv aoouuiti'ivx
that the people are always right, A
true Jloses makes no such assumption.
He occasionally gets red headed
and breaks up their golden calves
and turns them Into the right direction.
And we want no government
ownership of railroads. Who would run
the railroads If we had government
ownership? Obviously the very same
fellows who are running them now or
they would not he run at all. We
know just as much about running a
railroad as Bryan and the sum of what
we both know Is nothing. But we
( cognize the fact in nature that when
Oo.l made diamonds and precious
stones lie mixed them up with dirt,
when he made gold and silver he stirred
a lot of dross and alloy into it. And
when he made mnn he made in him
a mixture of almost everything. Brynn
Is one of these men who seem determined
to keep the worst side of his
politics to the public."
Sheriff Furhee tells an interesting
i""i with n nice lesson In It.
A lady In Pennsylvania owns a lot In :
one of the additions to Fairmont.' Under
the old assesment the lot was
valued at $130. The lady had been
paying her tn.\es right along not noticing
particularly how much the
amount was, but not long ago she
came to Fairmont and dropped In at
the sheriff's office to see what had
happened. In a somewhat Injured
tone she Inquired why the value of
her lot had been increased so much on
the assessor's book. She said a couple
of years ago it was valued at only $130 :
and now she noticed It was down at
$330. She thought they must be trying
to rob her because she was from
another State. The sheriff explained
to her the law of assessment on the
"true and actual value" basis and then
said her taxes would probably be but
little higher. He asked her If she had
her receipt for 1905. She said she
had and on comparing It with the receipt
for 190(1 it was found that her
taxes were 17 cents lower under the
new assesmcnt than they were under
the old. She was convinced by the
figures, but she seemed almost as
much puzzled as a Democratic editor
to see how her property could be Increased
In valuation almost three times
and still the tax he lower. It was simply
n matter of the rate going down
more rapidly than the valuation went
up, a thing our Demoratic friends grew
red 111 the faeo allying never com
and never would happen, but it did,
Tho Sistersvllle Review has been
greatly Improved under the management
by Mr. Harry \V. Smith. It la
newsier, better printed and better ed
Itcd, hut best of nil Ha Republicanism
is sounder. The Review la now snylng
somo things that tell for tee good of
the Republican parly In general and
lax reform In particular. We congratulate
Editor Smith on the aucccsa he
is having.
It nomination didn't mean election
on the Republican ticket there
wouldn't be half ao much huatle among
the boys to get on It Our Democratic
friends aren't having any no-'
ticenble rush of aspirants to lead a
forlorn hope.
j'-* ^ ^ v |
; ==========
. Setftenberr- Yes.' Hot?" .Well, we
should lay Bo,
The Stogies smoked tip lively yesterday,
.J. .J. cj,
* * 4? *
The School!,
With the opening of the university
end the normal schools this week tne
once more in full operationetaohinrd
State's educational plant Is once more!
in full operation. That It should suecussfully
and sufficiently accompllsn
the important work for the performance
of which It is devised ought to
be one of the most ardent desires of
every good citizen. The progress of
the race Is largely dependent upon the
fidelity with which each generation
performs Its pedagogic function in relation
to the generation next succeeding.
We are accustomed to- think of our
typld industrial development as the
true measure of our State's great progress.
As a matter of fact that pro
gresB will be far more accurately
gauged by the advance we make in
our methods and means of education.
Changes (or the better In our school
systemduring the ten years past have
been most encouraging. Since the university
first began to feel the impulse
and the Impact of. the educational ideas
of the new century, great steps =
forward have been taken. 'As Presl- ct
dent Purlnton so strikingly showed in |s
his convocation address, our present g(
rate of expansion continued through a
period of flfteenvyears would make our j3
State University a greater institution
than any university now existing in al
this country??greater In the number w
of its teachers and students and in its "
wealth of equipment and Income. "
The effect of this development at
the university has been (elt through- ~
out the entire common school system
of the State. The number of well
equipped high schools has been growing
with Increasing rapidity. The secondary
work of the State normals has
been strengthened, and some of the
normals are now on the way toward a
nroner performance of their distinc
tive function as technical training |
schools for teachers. Best of all, hundreds
of teachers of the common
schools In the smaller cities and
towns, and a smaller number from the
rural schools, have come Into contact
with the new educational thought at
the university summer school. The
new educational spirit has Infused itself
more or less into the conduct of
the teachers' institutes, so that every
county In the State has' shared to
some extent In the awakening.
Much remains to be done. The last
legislature failed to give our antiquated
school laws the overhauling they
so much need. The splendid work of
the educational commission could not
successfully run the gnuntlet of invincible
legislative ignorance and prejudice.
The fragmentary legislation
which was adopted afforded some re- _
lief, however, and the fact remains
that much progress is possible, even
in the face of inadequate and unintelligent
law making. The enlighten*
- i- in
mem 01 puuuc uijuuuu Hi icaniu ?
the importance of the work of the
schools is evidently making progress
all over'the State, and this enlightenment
will be followed by the enactment
of a more satisfactory school
law for West Virginia.?Horgantown
MORGANTOWN, Sept. 21.?At a
meeting of the Board or Education of
Klngwood, held on Thursday, William
Colver Gist, of this city, formerly of
Wellsburg, W. Va., was elected to the
snperintemlency of the Klngwood
Mr. Gist was a member of the faculty
of the Grafton High School during
last year but recently has been
with the United States Express Co.
Mr. Gist graduated from the University
in the class of 1900.
Mr. W. J. Aldlnger, of the Electric. I
Theater, returned last night from I
Pittsburg, wnere no muuo m-musoments
for some ot the host pictures
ever shown In Fairmont. "A Case of
Arson" has already arrived and was
enjoyed by large crowds Inst night.
The same picture will be shown to-day
and to-night and Is certnln to draw
large crowds, as it Is one of the most
beautiful as woll as exciting sent out.|
The beautiful Illustrated song,;
"You're the Brightest Stnr of AH My'
Dreams,1' will be sung today and to-, i
GRAFTON, Sept. 21.?The prospective
suit that has obtained some atten- j
tlon by the local press for the past
' 1'. . ' lv?v;&?fr?rS t'vV'.l
Whloh?freah, clean, m
delicate salt-w
of the sea?the
flabby, slimy,
tasting of litt
and preservati
Which-a case of par
clean and who!
ded in ice in a
a wojden tut
and impure w
and an odor of
Which?in a word appi
palatable, appi
or The 1
Sealshipt Oyst<
mtly at Stafford, Monroe county, 0.,
not in fact the real heiress but that
iveral persons of Lewis county, this
ate, the entitled to the estate, they
Ing alleged to be the uncles and
ints of the late Adolphus Armstrong,
us institute in the local circuit court
its afternoon. Some seventy persons
111 be summoned to answer this aeon,
they being residents of both this
irp ORPJ
Jco Qream
Ice Cream is me
? enjoyed, totem
ijj fying, to leaye
ll) Try our's and see if i
o GC?
tJoth I
An Americs
VT r\ xvr K i
W W -W j
holesome oysters with a
ater tang,- the trne flavor
t Sealshipt kind
or i
, bruised, white oysters,
:le else than stale water
ves?the tub hind.
e white enamel, smooth,
lesome, sealed and imbedSealshipt
?, soggy with stale juices
ater, with a loose cover
sals to j on as the more
etizing and eanitary,
t Oysters
7nb KindP
:rs Fresh Daily
State and Ohio. -The ca6e will prob
ably come up for trial at the Octobe;
term of the circuit court.
Record!, Record!, Records.
Gold moulded Cylinder Records, 1G(
each, $1.90 per dozen. Regular, 25c
$3.00 dozen.
3t 930 Main Street, 2d Floor.
r %)0 QIC
ant to be eateu, to be
atritious. to be tatisa
taste for id ore. m
t doesn't do all this. q
in Stage Beai
ro's He
B\\ s
left here ami went to the fair. From
there to Trlatlelphlaj; thew theyt^ttr, |
lted .Fred Chile's, from there tfcey *
went to Charlerol; from there to VaIon
town; from, there to Morgantown,
aad to Fairmont. They report a goou
, IT""' ^11 nrt PnmnKflM'n _
run, Delany No. 1, went through the
Campbell run sand with only about a
ten barrel showing.
The South Penn has the,timber for
the new well on the Fox farm on
Campbell's run.
Mauntes Metz, of our town, ban left
for California to wqrk In the oil fields. ,
Mr. H. C. Ferrell was united In'holy
matrimony .to Mrs. Jane Well Uxhill.
He was taking In the fair and h?
thought he would take him a wife "and J
our boys said tit for tat and took $G 1
for a serenade. That Is all right, boys, '
your turn will come soon. 1
Jim Wilson has been crazy, for a {
week. It's a big boy baby. t
Dock Fletcher, of Halleck, Is attend- ,
Ine the reunion at Mannlngton. He t
is the father of Mr. Mell Fletcher, of x
the Trust company bank. '*
The train killed two of Hez. Hawkins'
horses this morning.
Ell Hawkins Is going to Wheeling
to-day to have one of. his eyes taken I
out. It is feared he will lose his life.
Hope lie will get along all right.
Saturday Offer.
. One box Shlnola, the wonderful Shoe
. Polish, free with each purchase of
$1.00 or more at Smith's Shoe Store,
tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 21.
' The opening of the new basement,
at the Coal City House Furnishing
Co.'s store has made room for much f
Improvement In the appearance of the
establishment. The first floor has 3
been newly . papered and painted
throughout, more space Is left for passage
to the elevator, the walls ar4 ?
beautifully decorated with samples 'of 81
the hundreds of framed pictures that
are carried In stock, which can be very
easily seen at a glance as a flood of E
light comes In from both the front and p
rear windows.
The china department In the new
basement Is as pretty as a picture 6
and the tallies and shelves ladened g
with decorated china certainly pre- ;
sent a fine appearance.
Barnsvllle M. E. Church, y
Sunday services at Barnsvllle M. E. e
Church: Sunday school, 9:30 a. m., *
0. F. Nease, superintendent; preach- V
Ing, 10:30 a. m.; Junior Epworth ?
League, 2:30 p. m., Mattle Miller pres- J
Ident; Epworlh League, 7:30 a, m:, g
Hugh Glasscock, president. H. W. A
Flanagan, pastor. f
" ' 7
Book cover given free to each purchaser
of school hooks. Globe Book ?
Store. tf r
??????? p
*4--, Saved Her n
lly Hair With v
the Writes as Follows to the Herpl- *
cide Co.: v
"For the past two years I played a 'c
art that necessllated the wearing of a *
tig, My scalp wonld perspire under *
lie wig and it was not long until danduff
made" Its appearance and conlantly
grew worse. I used every rem- F
dy I could find to rid my head of It, e
ut all to no avail. I finally decided s
o give Newbro's Herplclde a thor- f
iugh trial. f,
I cleaned and dried my hair before h
.pplying Herplclde and after three or p
our applications I Was delighted to p
ee the dandruff disappear and my hair g
b now as nice as ever. I
could not be without Herplclde and
can recommend It most highly and J
lelleve It will do all that Is claimed
or It."
Respectfully, signed)
270 Marston Court, ?
Detroit, Mich. o
t Leading Petersburg, Va? Barber ?
Writes that Herpldde is the Beat.
" I am using Newbro's Herpldde re?- e
tlarly In my shop and I consider I: f
he best prefaratloln for the hair and o
cplp that I have over used or expect p
o use," n
Signed) W.M. II. OROWDER. j
'clerslmrfe', Va. g
More men and women have gotten 1(
losltlve results from the use of New- #
iro'i Herpldde than from all other j
lair remedies combined. j
Guaranteed under the Food and .
3rugs Act, June 30, 19&8. 8erlal Nb,'^
y IVh'ich Perunct Cvrcii Jft JH m
Vtry Short Timt
aymeni on beat lot in Kuy
at 111 Galley street,
int at once.
teady employment /Apply Te^tM
treet, Belt Line. Fairmont Minlni9
lachlnery Co.. tf
ft, or a lot at reasonable price. Fourth I
i, corner Virginia^avenue
amous store. Apply Wye.
ralppeJ. revolvlngropcra <
in machine. Best location In town |MH
wneMnust change climate on account I
ring outfit. MuBt 8elT^ .oftca A AffS
ly at Mrs. Pli?tCal;ll8J,Cl Locwt ;U|
ue. OR
on strset, one block from court-boose, j
it 88 ''front by 100 feel, For ternjgBtl
nd price 'i^y, Chas. a. Mllle^H
i^iuMUA W. Va., Packing Dep., J
OR SALE?Two automobiles Apply

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