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^ III ~ *
H | 1101) 11 lil u I
> \ ' ^''~i i
1 ^
Ivts jijiiu auu siowi t
i former's mother on Long
Ilpj. Henderson was at Shlnnsto
Wheeling last night
if ii short time before going to
kraest Harden spent Sunday at
John L. Wagner has returned
ami mi. o. r. iuuiiuw imurueu nuiii
Campbell: &ro here from Forkuburg 11
r?? ti.k -jnv.' wwUnjnf the P. M.I I
Mrs, Pltzer, of Murray, was visiting
ber Saturday.
Mr. Watson, of Miller-Clark Grain
Co.. of Fairmont, wbb a business visitor
here Thursday.
George Harris and Charlie Frederick
were business visitors In Fairmont
Misses Clara Joltlffe and Delia Rad- J
cllflfe spent Sunday at Murray, the ,
guests of Miss Qoldle Radcllffe. ,
Mrs. Dora Harris, of Murray, was !
visiting friends here Saturday even- (
Misses Floy Malone and Cora Haun, .
were shopping In Fairmont Frldny. ,
Miss Ada Harden was the guest of .
her grandmother, Mrs. S. W. Harden. ,
Sunday afternoon.
Messrs. Oltey Starkey and Henry ,
Starn made a Hying trip to Fairmont .
Saturday evening.
Misses Ruthjmd Blanche Malone, of ,
OpekJska, were visiting relatives here |
Sunday. (
The dedication of the F. M. Church (
at this place Sunday afternoon was ,
quite a gucceBS, Five new members ,
were taken into the church. Follow- ,
tag are the names: Mr. and Mrs. j
Rulph Mazzo, of this place, Miss Carsie
VanGiider. Joseph VanGiider, of
Forksburg, and the name of the flftii .
party the writer could not learn. Mrs. ,
.Mazzo was baptized Sunday evening. .
Among those assisting with the meet- j
lug were the following: Mr. hnd Mrs. ,
Atha VanGildor, Miss Cassle VanGil- j
der and brother, Joseph. Messrs. Sherldan
VanGiider and Lloyd Page. (
Misses Bess Guthrie, Josie Morgan
and Mai Campbell, of Forksburg. Mr. ,
WesB VanGiider, of Goose crook, Pa..
nnd Mrs. Baldwin were present as '
was also Bro. Campbell. Rev. Baldwin
delivered an able sermon to an attentive
audience Sunday evening.
At the M. P. Church Rev. I. A. '
Barnes delivered a sermon, npich appreciated
by his hearers Sunday
morning at 10:00 o'clock. Mr. Barnes
is an able minister and we are delighted
to have him back on our circuit
ruariey naiicjinc, 'ti rmiuumi, ... ,
a pleasant visitor here Sunday.
Bert VnnGlhlcr, of Forksburg, was
circulating arpong friends here Sunday.
Ml^s Bertie Dawson, of Newbury,
in visiting .'.Irs. Steven Poling.
Boh Swisher arrived home Sunday
evening after'an extended visit with
friends at Murray.
Dick Malone was home over Sunday
from Pennsylvania where lie had
been employed for some time.
Mrs. Harry Knight and son William,
of Fairmont, who^liave been visiting
the former's mother, Mrs. Laura
Fletcher, of While Day, spent Saturday
evening with relatives here en
route to her home.
MF. and Mrs. Henderson Stanley, of
White Day, have left for Muncle, Intl.,
to visit their son, A. 0. Stanley, who
Is a lawyer there.
Mr. George Gasklll, who has been
assistant superintendent of tho Montana
mines, has been transferred to
GaBton ns superintendent ot the
mines at that place,
Mr. and Mrs. Irn Devault, of Enterprise,
are visiting the latter's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Harden, at Smithtown.
Geo. Harden and son, iieroeri,
made a' hurry trip to Murray Sunday.
The.? folowing people from Murray
composed a party that attended
church here Sunday evening. Misses
Myra Hall, Lizzie Jolliffe, Gohlie Rndcllfte,
Miss Davis, Messrs. Lloyd Bisset,
Smith Harris, Clarence Bisset.
Groves Rndclltte, James Murphy and
ilynry Hall.
HOULT, Setp. 2.1?After a long absence
we come again with a small
batch of news.
News items are very scarce.
Indications are that this win ue
a Into fall so far on ripening of vegetation
ami unless frost holds off till
well Into October there will be much
corn that will not ripen. This Is due
partly to the lateness of the spring
tlmt made planting late and partly
to the cool, wet summer that Is Inclined
to prolong growth and retard
ripening. But very few persons have
cut any corn yet. Corn will probably
be fairly good If it gets to ripen.
Robert Holbert was on a visit to
his son. Elzn Holbert, of Xlnsontown,
Pa., last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Llston Burnworth and
two small boys are visiting relatives
near Ohio Pyle, Pa. They expect to
stay a week or more and will be accompanied
home by Mr. Burnworth's
brother, Enoch.
Mrs. Charles R.. Hoult and baby
wero visiting her parents on Prlckett's
creek. last week.
Earl Holbert,' wife and baby were
visiting Mra. Holbert's parents at
Hutchinson Saturday and, Sunday, Mr.
cfTaf?reTo j
Unite on Him
tn Enthusiastic 8upporter of the New I
York Coverno'r Declaree Falrbanke, |
Foraker and' Knox Will Throw
Their Support to the Great Inqulsi,
tor at Soon ss They Find They Cannot
Themselves Be Nominated?
Handicapped In Hit Own State.
NEW YORK. Sept. 24.?One of the
inost enthii3laetle Heches Republicans
In this State predict In chatting
with your correspondent about the
pread of Hughes sentiment in the
West that the friends of Senator Foriker,
thoso of Senator Knox and of
Flee President Fairbanks would unite
with the friends of Governor Hughes
to prevent the nomination of Secretary
Taft and that they would support
the Governor If it Is plain that neither
Foraker, Knox or Fairbanks can win.
rhe reactionaries, as we are sometimes
called who are opposed to
Roosevelt's radical policies, do not
want lo see Secretary Taft nominated
because rait woua carry our rue injuries
of Roosevelt, which, we believe,
are not boneflclal to the interests of
the country. Governor Hughes has
shown by his veto of the Two-cent
Fare Bill, passed almost unanimously
by the New York legislature, that he
lias nol lost Ills head In the popular
clamor against railroads and other
lawful corporations. It doesn't seem
that either Knox, Foraker or Fairbanks
can get the nomination, and as
I am opposed to both Secretary Taft
and President Roosevelt, I look upon
Sovernor Hughes as the hope of conservative
Republicans In the nominating
convention. Anyone with half an
eye can see that there Ib little sentiment
In this State for Taft, although
a good deal for Roosevelt, and the
only thing to-day that stands in the
path of the Governor is the attitude
of the Republican organization of thu
3tate, under the leadership of Timothy
L. Woodruff. For some reason
that 1 cannot fathom the former lieutenant
governor is opposing the obvious
sentiment of the masses of Republicans
In this Stat" and if the
Ffughes followers swamp him In. the
next meeting of the State committee
I shall lie more than pleased."
"Hughes," It -was suggested, "does
not seem to be working for the nomination."
"That Is just It," replied this Republican.
"He Is big enough and
broad enough to realize that a man lit
lo be -President should not schema
and dicker for office, for the people
will sooner or later discover a presidential
possibility without outside aid
or suggestions from political bosses
and lenders. These bosses should
stand aside when popular preference
Is plainly against them."
"But Odell Is working hard for
"That is true," said the former
Holbert had to return to his work
but Mrs, Holbert and baby will remain
a few days.
Mrs. FJlzabeth Knight Is visiting
her son, James, at Fairmont.
Mrs. Laura Dean and adopted
daughter, Marian, of Neodesha, Karl.,
who have been visiting relatives lu
this Stnto most of the summer, have
returned to Mr. Robert Holbert's fram
" I"'* I" \Tnrirtnr*nUo nnitttfv
air. ami Mrs. James Hartley, ot
Chrisman, III., are visiting their many
friends and relatives In this county
and havo been guests of several persons
in and near Hoult.
Mr. and Mrs." J. P. SIcElfresh ami
small son were visiting Mrs. McElfresh's
father near Pine Grove Saturday
and Sunday.
Misses Ina atyl Olvia Diamond, of
Phillppl, are visiting their aunt. Mrs.
Ann Snider.
Charles and Luther Austin, of Monongalia
county, are guests of Robert
Holbert <
Mrs. James Snider was visiting 5(ier
parents at Hutchinson last week.
Mr. Benjamin Wilson, of Rymer,
this county, who has been working at
Montana Mines for some time, returns
home to-day.
Mrs. Knight Hartley, of Pittsburg,
Pa., is visiting her parents, Mr.'and
Mrs. Wesley Wolford, here.
Miss Jessie Englen went Friday to
her grandfather's near Morgantown.
We have no weddings to report
yet but we still live In hope.
Sliest Music?Sheet Music.
All the late popular "Hits."
It ?30 Main St., 2,1 floor.
"I thought you said you were going
to make this play realistic."
"It Is renllBtlc. The characters arc
drawn with Infinite skill and?"
"But the millionaire who breaks the
laws gets dragged off to Jail."?Chi
cago Record-Herald.
School Books at Qlobe Book store.
Watson Hotel Bldg. ti
If you want the proper counts
! - I' M':1: '
be just os strong without Well's sup- J
port,' and If the e*-governor'f reaolu- j
lions committing the Republican or- i
ganlzation of this State to Hughes
should be defeated, Governor Hughes j
would 8till be the strongest man in ]
the Republican party of this State- '
j and tho safest man that could be picked
for the presidential nomination."
The strength of Bnghes Is the nightmare
of the bosses, and Odell Is simply
trying, as he freely admitted in
the last meeting of the State committee,
when he tried to get his Hughes
resolution through, to get a front seat
on the bandwagon. Why, all of the
Independent newspapers In this State
and on0half of all the Democratic
newspapers wll support Hughes as
against any Democrat who may bo
nominated, and the election would be
simply a formality with Hughes as
the Republican candidate."
"The plurality for Hughes last fall
was not large," suggested your>corre- r
"There would have been no Repu'o- ^
lican plurality," this Republican re- r
plied, "If Hughes hadn't been the can- s
didate, and the administration of the <
affairs of this great State would have
been completely In the hands of the
Democrats and the Socialists -allied
? '1 "? nn?a,1 iha I I
Willi uiem. nc aiuuc oat miw
from that catastrophe. Yet he never
turned a hand to get the nomination,
unless the performance of his duties
as investigator meant worlt of that
kind. The .West is discovering 4
Hughes, who has never figured in national
affairs or in affairs at all out- Fl
side his own State, Just as it discovered
Cleveland, who had scarcely vis- U
Ited Washington when he was nominated
for the presidency. The Governor
is not seeking the indorsement SI
of his own State; is not bothering hi3
head over the chances of his own Ti
nomination; but he is taking a more
direct route to the White House, it
is along the path of conscientious per- A:
formance of immediate duty, turning
a deaf ear to every voice except that Ti
of the people he is serving so well/'
"In your opinion, ip-Roosevelt out
of the race?" was asked. B;
"Absolutely. . In view of his voluntary
promise made on the night of the u
election he could not afford to accept
a renomlnatlon. To do so would be
to establish a precedent in not squtfr- j)
Ing promise with performance, which
would be demonalizlng; nay, more? \\
It would jeopardize Republican chan--.i_
CCS at me puilH aiiu miug nuivuiv
'upon the natlonnl ticket. Even now
It Is Unfortunate that the President ^
lius permitted It to he known that ho
Is favoring the candidacy of Tnft. It
Ihe American people have a well- ?
grounded objection to a third elective
term, surely their objection to
any President's attempting to name F
his own succesor In office Is not without
reason." T
Arm Broken
The chief feature in celebrating Emancipation
Day yesterday was a base- S
hall game between the colored barbers
und the hotel men. The game was a P
8ood one, but unfortunate for Garfield
Banks, who snapped his arm while
pitching. Banks was the slab artist
for the barbers and In delivering the
hall to a batsman he gave a quick q
jerk that broke his arm above the elhow.
The Injured man was taken to a
I physician-and the fracture was reduc- ^
ed. The game resulted In eight runs
a-- ii? n?.l omron nina fnr
jur luti uuiucio auu
the hotel men. Things passed oft quiet- F
Iy and the celebration was a success.
"Is your machine a good hill climb- g
"I should soy so! It Is taking me
over the hills lo the poorhouse."?
Smart Set.
Madge?Is that writer really famous?
Marjorlc?He must be. my dear.
I wrote to him for his autograph and
ho never sent It.?Puck.
He?Wise men hesitate; only fools
are certain.
She?Are you sure?
He?I'm quite corialn of It?London P'
Opinion. <
0(Delating Clergyman?Do you take 01
. this womnn to he your wedded wife tt
so Ions as ye both shall live? ei
Bridegroom?I do?until I meet my it
affinity.?Chicago Tribune. ei
"How did you get Into this coun- ir
try?" asked a reporter of a Chinaman, ct
"Was It through the open door?" h
"No; through a chink," replied the
Mongolian, tersely.?Judge's Llbrkry.
i . _
^ ^^CWiwoyan^ ?
lne known to mfldlcillcleqcof Itlimtda
t the glyceric eitracu ot native medltl
ill roots found In onr forests and conalunot
a droit of alcohol or harmful, or
iablt-formlng drags. Its Ingredients are
II printed on the bottle-wrapper and sleeted
nnder oath as correct.
Every Ingredient entering Into "Farorlte
Prescription" has the written oniortement
of the most eminent medical
vrlters of all the several schools of prseIce-more
valuable than any amount ol
ton-profc3sl??al testimonials?though the
atter are not lacking, having been conrlhuted
voluntarily by grateful patients
n numbers to exceed the endorsements
[lven to any other medicine extant for
he cure of woman's ills.
Vou cannot afford to accept any medicine
f unknown composition as a substitute
or this well proven remedy or Known
oMPOsrnoK, even though the dealer mij
cake a little more profit thereby. Pour
nterest in regaining her'.a Is paramount
o any selCsh interest of Ma and It Is an
nfult to your Intelligence for him to try
o palm off upor. you a substitute. You
mow what you want and It Is his bust,ess
to supply the article called for.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are the
rfglnal "Little Liver Pills " first put up
iy old Dr. Pierce over forty years ago,
ouch Imitated but never equaled. Little
ugar-coated granules-easy to take M
; ?
Dedicated to Sister Mary J. Maton
by Her Pastor, S. M.
jr fifty years, in shade and sin,
The while their true hearts blended,
ntll for him the fort was won,
And there the pathway ended.
nee love Is God's forget-me-nqf,
And blooms In glory vernal,
he links that bound are not forgot.
But hold In life eternal.
ad though the flower of yonth is past
And many a love song given,
he hearts that loved until the last
Shall meet again In heaven.
y many a winding path they went,
And told'salvatlon's story,
ntll the Angel God had sent
Called one to live In glory.
at still his name Is green to-day.
As God's own burden bearer,
'ho helped 1 the Christians on their
Ann was ui griei men biillivi.
'ho gave the kindly word and look,
Some thought of heaven that frees
'hose lite was like an open book
On which was written Jesus.
or life is love, and love Is God,
And death can ne'er be lonely
o those who leave this weary sod
With that sweet message only.
nd so the husband, father, friend,
Who loved the old, old story,
.'as found of death and pain the end
And lives with God In glory.
nd she who loves the Lord, and he
Whose endless love was given,
hall meet beside the tldelesB sea
With rapture there In heaven,
eora, Vn., July liltn, 1907.
(From tlie New York Sun.)
ibscuro wild growths of summer's
Your stems have lengthened toward
the sun.
nth peasant weed anil royal flower
So is it when their rlny is done.'
rom sun and wind, from rain and dew
From homely virtues of the sod,
he measure of sweet life you drew,
And now you lift your face to God.
ecurc that he shall make you fair?
For what ethereal shapes are made
,'hen trembles in the Bnowy air
The lowly weed's transfigured shade.
omethlng from fairy gardens lost
The pale Are of a mystic bloom,
he wenver of the snow and froBt
Shall bring with raiment from his
Dedication Postponed.
Owing to sickness among the peoi?
cennrnllv and espeelally so In the
[; P. class Rt Haywood, we havo defied
to postpone tbe dedication of
ar church until the spring of 190S. In
re meantime the Ladles' Aid and othr
factors of the church will continue
i raise the financial standing and ev,-ydilng
considered.this postponement
ill be for the best In the end. Thankig'ail
who have been with us In this
itise for their kindly interest and
Respectfully yours,
;*ook cotter ^yea free to wch pup
; " \:''f' -'y " V'^tfp-jjp!
Which?ffash, clean, w
. delicate salt-wi
of the eea?the
flabby, slimy,
tasting of lit!
and preeervatii
Which?a case of pure
clean and who!
ded in ice in a
a wojden tub
and impure wi
and an odor of
Which?in a lord app<
palatable, appt
The T
Sealshipt Oystc
rWAS (
| 'both i
A dollar starts a savings acc
* ptr cent 1
United States and
State Depository Su
I TpQncfop anri sill I
11 UlldlOl UUUUII I
t move anything from a baby
do It quickly, also male* a apec
Baoda and PlanoB without dan
call me up. I deliver Coal and
in short order. When you have
tklng plated In storage, sea Th
Trunk hauling a special!;
all Phone-Offlce 8, Res. 140. Ill
Oea.?Offlca loo, Rea. 70. j\ (
gh "WhyisTc
relieves the irritation of
Amerlcan.jnoth.ers v
?BkWsP -'yaw/ enteCholera Infantum, i
*** botUe^freei^
Of! t on/I iflU
Maqonie Temple
PIDESl^c Supposliorgf
A AMMW MaUt. TboouMa, Bap'tH
Orated Sohooli, Buiwrllli, K. C., vrlteai " I cu u;l
Uwy do aU yo? (tr term." Or. ft. X. Pimi.B
terra look. w. To., vriurt "They giro nlmnlttil?-H
tattoo." Or. H. 0. McQtU, Clorksharf, Teu.,vriter:H
MIa proctlpr or tlyttrr, I b?n found oo rwirdr toH
Toil yoorr. Puci, M Oshto* 8uaplc? Free. Boldll
by Pragma. MaariW BUOY, UWCftftTKk, Pft. ;
Soli In Fairmont bf W. ft. Crane 6 Co. 1
* call ran rate a*mpu
M. M. Foster, Manager *
Office?Room 208 Masonic Temple
Phonea?ice anil Cpal.
Sheet Muilc?Sheet Music.
All-the"late popular "Hits."
If visit the proper county
; (!'( ' i Hut i k S t o r e. J
h , '' ' I |
^ " |
. I ^
TUi^h d ^ I ^jl
./ . ^ | j'
'.:' -'v.r-^'y
QUIrc ^ ^little acco od I ^ I
jper treatment ol the tab? lineglected.
the gnrne and keepe thedlnatton KOod. Thnfe m
Mit. Cm be given to bebjii one day old. Pep
Cures Bowel -Complaint! and Cello. 85c. at dnif. eg
rou mention this paper. ' S
by DK& J>. FAHEtfEY & BOH, Hxonnnlow*. Htt jfl
Must direct with 'MrfeBMB
mnty and often the pateH, (. ?|
Patent incl Infringement Pfictfce BMMHH
lit ntk itrw>, m- wm.mm ?f^lJ
' wSt^M
WfMk^M Ll
THAT MY, dTfrti* thtm tborookMj. MM&fl
xpam, udpitp jm
. Btoi model photo or ikitch for FRCC ??
oo pHwUbtBty. JO y*irf prteuoa. tuft? ft
|n|? ji ?|? >|i tji ,|M|, i|ii|i ^ ^ ^ ^
Pj i ^ i|j |
*t,u>*r 01 ol* WfS&W^^Bk

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