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FubiMwd Dally except Sunday and mlggfe
Weekly by the Fairmont Weat Vlr
plnlan Publlthlnp Company.
Hi " Entered at t'h. !-"?to.T. it Fairmont,
lf' 'WW Vlrrlnla as necond-cluts mail mat^;
| ie^ B jli c at 10^1 ^ o p ft^ ^
* 'I
m* .
th&t thcr
! spoken in Afe Beason, ho
y tfce,
r o^ schools?
' la tills a combination la restralnt.of
'office seeklngf-r-Fairmont TlSaca. , .
j Not at,all, merely helplag for help
back which l? a common rule la poll'
tics, that's all.
If Uncle Henry G. Davis will agree
> to flnanoe tie next. Democratic cami
paign In West Virginia, Democratic
' candidates may become more numerous
t as soon as tie word, i;ets out. That Is
[ the main .point behind tils talk of his '
candidacy for Governor.
Money Bays Davis couldn't be elect'
ed Governor of West Virginia on the
1 Democratic ticket if he were as old
' as Methuselah. No, Indeed, West Vir1
glnia has quit electing Democratic
1 officials.
a '
B|* + + V
t *i* 1* f
8 A Suicide Town.
Y Some montliB ago Huntington hapt
pened to have a number of suicideB.
8 .The same suicide wave has often
'|come to other cities. Teethe Char0
leston newspapers particularly took
8 occasion, every day almost, to call attentlon
to Huntington as a suicide
8 town.
* That chickens will come home to
e roost is shown by the fact that there
have been half a dozen suicides- in
11 Charleston within the past two months
n and they still come with appalling reg8
ulapity. The record Is worse than was
' that of Huntington at its worst. In
8-the same period there has not been
8 a single suicide in Huntington.
l' And the Charleston newspapers have
e been noticeably silent in their dise
missions of suicides and s Icido towns
t- of late.?Huntington Advertiser,
-8 Swisher's platform.
It Charley Swisher, who may be class's
ed as the leading candidate for the
e Republican gubernatorial nomination,
8. at least until some one else forges
9. aheail of him to the race, was In the
e. city last night; shaking hands with
h his many friends ami Interviewing a
il- few of his supporters. Mr.'Swisher
a- appears very sanguine of snccess in
rf|hls candidacy, and, as is usual, his
if I ardor and enthusiasm is proving a
y source of encouragement to his friend s
also. Mr. Swisher's formal anonuncement,
setting forth the platform upon
which he will make his campaign, will,
is we understand, be Issued at an eariy
v- date and will appear In all the papers
simultaneously.?Grafton Republican.
w Good Advice,
ig The schools ore opening up all over
i? the State. This ought to be the ban>
ner school yenrln the State's history,
id The term of the public district school
Is Increased to six months throughout
:d all the counties of the Stale, and
n teachers' wages have been Increased
r- In m<?st the districts. We hope that
te the people will fully equip their chilto
dien with the proper school books and
>y send them to school the full term and
in thus get the full benefit of the schoole
Ing so generously provided by the
a- State. Don't knock; don't kick, but
Is join in ami help push the car of Edute
catlonal Progress.?Lincoln Republiit
!y The Cotton Crop,
m Wish some one would como along
a with some definite Information about
sr the cotton crop. Here's a fellow who
a croaks about the shortness of the
ie crop and the longness of the price, and
here s William 8. Whltam, head of one
a- hundred and four banking Institutions
In In the south who proudly hails cotton
re as king and denies the possibility of
or pnnie in view of the wonderful crop
in for this year. It isn't a sin to hope
the crop Is good, but It doesn't seem
to make any differenced the increase
of the price of thread and calico. ?
w Huntington Herald.
P- Plenty of Material.
ie .Tii,lire W S. Meredith, nf Fairmont.
10 la llie latest applicant forappolntmertt
to the Supreme Court bench, to suc't
cecil .Judge Sanders, whose roslgna'y
tlon becomes effective next Monday,
a- Judge Meredith lias the endorsement
y of the Marion county Bar Association,
a- The governor will have no lack of
good material from which to choose
it In tl,e fil'ing of the vacancy.?Cbarles1
ton Mail.
le None Ahead of Haddox.
n in electing Warden C. E. Haddox to'
the position of president of the Wnrle
dens' Association, the National Prisii
on Congress at Chicago conferred a
h- high honor' upon a competent and deserving
man. But few men have glv,g
on the subject of prison government
ft more,study than has Warden Haddox
1- apij pone .surpass him In ability along
[ agree with you(Jearttly In what yon ;
Bay. West Virginia Ib not lending
enough encouragement to young people
to attend the Normal schools. As
It Is, too many attend only just lone
enough to prepare themselves to pays
the examination, I! certificates were
given without examination to those
who graduated. 1 helleve many who
now drop o-.t for,, the examination
would attend the additional two or
three years required to complete the
course and to graduate. The result
would be that the State would have
very many more well equipped teachers
than it now has,
Our school opened up In good order
with an Increased enrollment over any
previous year. There Is good prospect
that this will be an excellent year
for the school. The new teachers are
taking hold of their work with a zeal
and Interest that means success.
Yours very truly,
Tax Reform
(Continued from Pace One.)
these bodies were communicated with
and reports required. Then these reports
were analyzed and figured. Correspondence
looking to reducing the
levies made was had with one hundred
and fifteen districts. In about twentyfive
districts reductions from the
levies originally laid Were made, effecting
a saving to the taxpayers of
about twenty-five thousand dollars. In
several other districts reduced levies
are being urged. In no.Instance
where reductions were made have the
interests of the schools been affected
disadvantageously. In -a large num
her or cases larger scnooi levies ore
laid, within the limits o? the law, than
are deemed necessary by the tax commissioner's
office, but the levies were
allowed' to stand upon representation
o( the school boards that the amounts
levied would be needed.
In tho laying ot county levies, including
road taxes, more or less sharp
couirovercies arose In ten counties us
to what is the limitation of the levy
as deflned by the law of 1907. In all
lnslunres, however, but two of the
county courts ultimately complied
with the rulings of the tax commissioner's
office. The county ot Wirt
decided to test the law and at the
September term of the Supreme Court,
hold at Charles Town, Jefferson county,
tho matters Involved were argued
and a decision of the court is expected
shortly. Should the ruling of the
tax commissioner's office be sustained
it Is putting the matter conservatively
to say that the aggregate saving to
the taxpayers of the State, from illegal
or excesaive county taxes, will amount
for the current tax year to fully fifty
thousand dollars ? possible much
The same vigilance has also been
exercised in regard to municipal levies,
though there has ben no controversy
us to the limitation by law oi
the levies. The effort has rather been
to keep the levies within reasonable
limits and Inside of the maximum
It Is probably not overstating tho
matter to say that the action of the
tax commissioner's office, as to levies
of all kinds, has saved to the taxpayers
of the State considerably over one
hundred thousand dolnrs.
Other Important Work.
The preparation of the forms and
supervising the returns of the largo
number of public service corporations,
analysing ami compiling the same for
submission to the board of public
works, estimating the values, etc., is
of itself an enormous task, involving
months of labor anil much of it of a
technical and expert character. This
work Is being further systematized
and Improved.
The work of the olllce, embracing
all forms of taxation and including In
its scoiie the supervision of the entire
system of taxation, Involves an enor-'
mous amount of correspondence with
assessors, clerks and other ofllclalB, ns
well as the individual taxpayers, and
several hundred rulings, Involving the
interpretation of the- tax laws, have
been made during the past year.
The legal suits and Important cases
in court have been too numerous to
mention in detail in this article, but
Involve such Important matters as the
appeals from the assessments made
by the board of public works of railroad
and other public service corporation
property, leaseholds, compensatlnn
nf nltoulffo nnllaotlnn nf Miiltntlnn
taxes, liability of liquor dealers for
incernflcd taxes after May 22d, assessments
of bridges, limitation of
county court levies, etc. 'These suits
have kept much property on the tax
duplicates, Involving many millions of
dolars, have added increased revenues
to the State, effected savings, etc.
A Great Department.
It will be seen by this brief summary
tjilit, the., tax commissioner's,
office Is q busy, and lijiport^nt dcpartj
II 'it
and eleventh versew'whlcli. readeth:
"But that ye may know "that ttn> son
of man hath pow<*r on earth to forgive
sins be salth to thenick pf: the
palsy, I say unto thee arise aindtake
up thy bed#nd go.thy way Into thine
house.*' The reverend will move hi?
family to the parsonage on High street
in the near future!
The average Stlndky school attendance
at this place for tie month, of
September, 1907, was olghty-nlne. Not
so bud for RivesvOle.
The sick of this section are mostly
all on the mend at this writing.
Mr. wm Trlppett, who has been confined
to his bed for some time with
typhoid fever, Is getting along nice*
Misses Edna and Edith Thorn,
daughters of ex-road supervisor. T. L.
Thorn, of Rlvesvllle rural route near
Baxter, are recovering from a serious
sick spell thought at first to ba typhoid
Lloyd Kennedy, on Rural Route No.
1, near Grays Flat, Is recovering from
a serioys siege of typhoid fever.
Rlvoevlle seems to be on the verge
of reformation at prepent. Hie devil
seems to have left here and has again
taken 'up headquarters on Pharaoh's
run as it is rumored that some of the
neighbors up there are too mail) at
each other to even speak anJ down
here they hardly ever get so mail but
that they can quarrel. Look out, up
there", or Rlvesville will bent you religiously,
as well as drinking hard
Quite a number of our villagers went
to Morgantown on steame" Leroy.
Among thorn were Mr. and Mrs. John
Burk, J. A. Hess and several others
from this place whose names we failed
to get.
An honest crew on streamer Leroy
Sunday excursions as well as un honest
Miss Edith Prickett, of this place,
while on-.her way from Fairmont to
her home Sunday left her pocket book
on the boat and after the boat had left
she discovered her mistake and telephoned
ahWl to Lowesvllle and informed
the captain who found it Mies
Lizzie Cunningham, - formerly of this
place but now of Fairmont and an employe
of Hartley's store, was on the
boat and identified the pocketbook an
Miss Prlckott's, and. on the return of
the boat it was delivered to Its owner.
The pocket book contained several
Mrs. Sarah Cunningham, formerly
of his place, but now a resident of
Fairmont, is visiting friends and relatives
in this section'this week.
Mrs. Cunningham Is also looking
after her property in this place of
which is very valuable.
Mr. A. S. Prlchard, one ot Pawpaw
district's enterprising farmers and
stockmen of former days but now a
resident of the city of Fairmont, was
here last week looking after Ills farm
which lies a mile from Rlvesvllle.
It Is rumored that Mr. Prlchard
hinted that things out on the farm
looked mighty good to him and the
sight of hay, corn, apples, peaches and
pears, beans, potatoes and tomatoes,
green grass, fat hogs and milk cows,
sheep, lambs, pigs and sows looked
better to him than the bare streets of
the above named city day In and day
out. and two to one down here Is that
early next spring may find lir. Prichard
among his many friends and
neighbors on the fnrm. "
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Price, of Rlvesvllle
Rural Route, were at Clarksburg
last week visiting friends and relatives.
Deputy Sheriff Jarvls Parker and
Mr. James Brand, of Rivesvllle R. R.,
near Hoodsvlllo, was here Sunday.
They had been taking a look at the
Burns and Barrackman herd of black
cattle which 1ms caused a-great deal
of comment among stockmen this
summer.* ,
Mrs. Z. G. Morgan and family was
here Sunday the guests of Mrs. Ell.
Parker, toko Is a sister to Mrs. Morgan.
The Curveless Woman.
Dressmaking authorities have decreed
that the curveless woman will
be the fashion this winter. We do not
know what It is, but It must be alright
If the dressmakers say It Is?Charleston
School Books at Globe Boo}! store.
Watson Hotel Bldg. tt
All the new records for,October,
both Disc and Cylinder.
3t 230 Main St., 2d floor.
Wie carry the entire list of city and
county school books. Globe boot
store. tl
curing the revenues'of the State.
1 . saT:
Not everyone can be rich, or wants
to be. But'everyone can. If he will,
bet hrifty, which Is better. ._ |
Tlis first lesson one is given to
learn when he enrolls In the school
that quullfles for success Is to put by
a part of his earnings each week. The
surest foundation upon whlchtobulld
a fortune, is the accumulated savings
of mouths and years.
The habit of putting money away is
reflex in its action. The money Itself
Is a valuable accessory, and the quality
of minda nd character developed
through this habit makes for intimate
A skilled and high salaried machinist
who. at fifty, has been forced to
sell a valuable Invention for a small
amount, because lie bail no capital of
bis own to float It, remarked: "If I
had only had a- little money I could
have made a fortune out of that device."
He Is badly mistaken. The fact that
lie lias reached the age of fifty In a
high paid position, without having
saved any money, Is proof positive
that he has not the temperament and
habits that insure success in business
However much money he might
make, sharper and shrewder people
would get it away from him, just as
they have been getting it away from
im for thirty years,
A man who cannot withstand trivial
temptations to spend money has not
In him a stiff enough financial backbone
to make a success of any big
business venture.
The stores, the streets, the places of
amusement, all furnish temptation to
a young man to part with his money.
It the purpose within him Is not
stronger than these outside induce
nents, his salary, bo It large or small,
will be frittered away on unnecessary
expenditures, and opportunity will always
find him empty handed.
It Is the ordey of mind such a course
indicates which spells failure, not the
mere fact of being without ready,
means, though the possession of small
savings has often been the stepping
stone to great success.
Ready cash is the greatest moving
force in the business world. It speaks
with the loudest voice. It clutches
things with the firmest grip. It commands
the surest confidence.'
Other things being equal. It is usually
to the bank which has the largest
capital that we like to entrust our savings,
and It Is the man who has mado
the wisest use of his own money that
we credit with business acumen.
Cornelius Vanderbllt worked day
and night, saving overy penny, until
he had $3,000, the nest egg about
which he gathered one of the largest
: A I
1 Little S
|! Time ?
! | spent In studying the system i
. of our cleaning device should \
I convince anyone ol the mer- a
Its of the machine. f
1 * the latest and the best be- j
r cause it does the work In- ?
? tended to be done without in- #
in in upper right l^ comer^^ lt
try Company, of St. Louis, with a 5
nd they will deliver you through ?.
ent of ten full site packages of Samtt
- are the most satisfactory toilet prepi
id and the regular total retail piRC of
||li - Drug Store
fortunes ever amassed.
^ohn Wanamaker's first pay was (
only J1.20 a week, and he walked four ,
miles to and from work each day to
save a part of It, as a corner stone for
the gigantic fortune he has built.
John D. Rockefeller still has the
little hook In which he kept account
of every penny at a time when his salary
was smaller than Is that of any
of the 25,000 men who work for Mm
Not all of us can be Vanderbllts or
Wanamakers or Rockefellers, -or
want, 10 ue; uut tueir e*iieneuceo pyrnvj
lout the way to koney making and
I money keeping, . and most ot us can, ,
! it we will, go a reasonable length In
that direction.
' Stinginess and greed are to be abhorred.
They are at the one extreme,
while profligacy and carelessness are
ot the other. The golilbn mean of
thrift lies halfway between.
Prudence In expenditure is evidence
of sanity, of right livings nd right
What you possess to-day is evidence
of what neeilless things you did without
yesterday. r .
| There are philosophers who contend
that the greatest curse In the world
to-day Is debt, and this curse is -fed
ond nourished by the great army of
spenders, who lay not up for the fu|
tare, who accumulate no capital, who
' are prey to every human parasite, and
' slaves to their own disordered desires.
, TVe will start you on the road ot
thrift and plenty by giving you a
pocket savings bank free ?nd a check
for 60c to start your account Get a
bank to-day, save money and be Independent.
The West Virginia Central Agricultural
Society, of Clarksburg, (now
[known as the "Old Fair") will give
their forty-first annual.meet'beginning
[September -10th and ending with October
3. This Is one of the oldest anil
j one ot the best fairs in this pfirt of
j the "United States. It haa always been
a financial success and lias always
had the co-operation of the farmers
of Harrison county. The display of
farm exhibits together with live ntr.ck
this year will rival all former displays
In number - and selection. We are In
receipt of the premium list anil we do
not see anything In the categciy. of.
what human beings icome. In contact
with'left out It is expected tUt .lhfj
exhibits will come fnora many of the
counties In the State this year. Tl nre
are fifty-nine entry books which In
HJlude, butter, cheees, honey,Abreud.
etc., tlioroughout the entire scale of
i human products and the mauufnetit.-ed
articles, ami cattle, sheep, horses,
goats, hogs, etc. it will pay any farm-,
er to go who Is Interested In domestic
unlmnls for he will see rattle with
long home, with Bhort horns and with
no horns, and (at cattle, lean cattle,
stock cattle, and export cattle and
' cattle big. little and eevry". kind with
the exceptions of the cfiit time"scrub','
which wo think Is a thing o.' the past :
in progressive West Vfrginla. nesjd'-a 1
this display or exhibits (th(V Hie r ;,'.nK;
programme has been arranged . for
which will surpass all other years for
Brew! and line sport. Special railroad
facilities have keen offered so'that i
pwjile' can easily reacu Clarksburg ;
. and get away. No one cpr o(fpjd%i>-,
a is* tHis 'great racing gnd' exhlldtrbf ;
farm products, fi.icy .work add. Ih'o"
stock; Renieihber the-date, It ,begins -
irWnlll 'Al \
-i?n i nuu9c KccriiMu, run uv. >
v,-i-J. ?
^nt at once. ^ ^ ^
room,house, one 4 roc
Famous store. Apply Wyer & M
FOR SALE?Six room house^PralVH
located, for f2,TOO to quick Ky^H
Worth V.ntqre, money. Inquire "Bj||jBj
cyclopedia just from publi. rs. A. i.'. j
soil street, one bloc from court-bouse,
and price:, apply, Chas. A. MillfflBM
Barnsvlllo Mfg. Co. "
l>o Huntington j
Estey Smith, the colored man that
mended as a {(^subject for the
to tuat institution as it oravnr uj|J:oi-|m
Justice Amos ma.lc out the paper
preliminary to admittance and in I
Superintendent L. V- Guthrie: feg
Fairmont, t\. Va,
latlents. that^c^s o(

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