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MP"" -.^- Tvw VV* i> Sra=5=satoi
a ?8<iinro D?a>" t* Aii Adytrtiwrv | i:^ f ' "In Every Sense of the Word?THE HOME PAPER. y ~r~ : > |
- .. - ' ,. i . . . ?:'^M|
?; Young Couple Off
For Oakland on
- was Harry Knoff and beautlfu
p Florence M. Gibflbn, of West Newton
Fa., that journeyed from their hom<
ITwrough to this city to obtain a II
cense that they might become mat
and wife. The way here had posset
li.cpleaiaantly for they had fond hopet
of consummating their 'plans in Fair
roont but the strict laws of th^ Stat<
caused a balk in the proceedings thai
were to make them happy. The In
formation that they could not procurt
a license here caused a saddened look
' to pass over their faces and Knolf't
^?|;Pfl 'teart hung like an awvll In his breasl
until it was suggested to him thai
"Oakland was only n little ways in th<
sjg distance and that train No. 14 Whlcl
ijjjflftSjjy would tyjtrry them there left this eltj
at 1:35. ) Tnp gloom tnat came ovei
jjffl^.h-thelr faces brightened with the hopt
S^iiS ahead. Oakland was not for off ant
VI _ the laws of Maryland would not re
'|f quire the license to be granteil In thi
ferl > county of the bride's home as Is ttu
case In West Virginia.
The couple went out on train No
14. They had their tnces to the -as
and looked as If they would succeed.
''The expected battle over the Crab
local option bill did not cr.mo up to
day, tho Senate passing only two bllli
and taking a recess to allow the com
jnlttoea to do some extra work. Thi
'fwA Viltla rrvnenar? wnrntTiy* WnfflnH
eral license bill and his primary elec
tlon bill. Tbe'Housc now gets thes)
&?; measures.
. The House did a "raft" of small bus
Iness to-day but none of the big meas
'tires came up for consideration.
n??' ?
Rev, Hickman Arrives.
Rev. John T. Hickman, of Coving
too, vs.; arrived hero tbulay on -trail
No. 71. He will assist Rev. O. D
Smith In a protracted meeting at thi
First M. E. Church of this city,
ilk No Partnership
||||fe^' OF MISSOURI.
^^^^^KFFKBSON CITY, Mo., Fob, 3.jfia^^^QM^'jopnliir
Idea that tho Standari
sjB&V' Oil company and the State ot Mis
Eourt are making a partnership dickei
Is exploded by a statement pubJis'jet
'Attorney- General:'Major. Regard
tag the motlonB tor a modification o1
Judgment of ouster filed by the Stand
HHSKf-uid Oil company of Indianapolis, h<
"It is not on offer to do buslnesi
In partnership -with the State, but tha
1 'the Judgment of ouster be modlflei
and the matter hold in abeyance am
fe la the meantime permit the companj
| to do business under the eye of the
court. If the court desired,. It coulr
, under the modification, proceed at anj
8Bs8$!.V time to render a Judgment of flnh
?lw?SV ii ' .
"Under the modification as propos
ed tho State could control the prict
of the Droducts and prevent tlio com
I pany from recouping Us losses lr
fines from the people."'
Classified ads. are Introducers?are
In a wny "acquaintance brokers,'
bringing people together t^oh havt
Bj|||: business to transact -with each other
S Re-Covered
P'Vou. .
m **.'
* scotrs
investigation of state penii
. tentiary will commence
WHEELING, Feb. 9.?Senator Flynn
and Delegates Dennis and Warder, of
' the penitentiary investigating cant- I
mltteo, arrived In MoundsvlIIe last evcnlng.
They were met at the depot by
the penitentiary enrrlnge and driven
In tkn Inofl^nMnn wliorn FhoV
spent the night. Senator Jake Fisher,
of Braxton, and Delegate Colcord, the
I other two members ot the committed,
went through to Wheeling, where thi jr gc
^ spent the night. The committee will Jn
probably get down to work by noon to- w)
( day. J. W. Gllkeson. o' Romney, mem- or
I ber of the board of 'km: its of the. jD|
, penitentiary, also arrived In Mounds- be
vdlle last evening, accompanied by his pr
, brother, who Is a member ot the blI
' House of Delegates. They registered ^
\ at the Clendennlng Hotel,
i Senator Fisher and D"tegato R. C. vo
; Colcord were Interviewed last night it*
i at the JflcLure Hotel about -
t the plan of Investigation the coran.lt- ^
t tee would follow, Bbth gentlemen said
that no definite plan hod beer, dec'd-d ?a
i upon, and that they could mala- no poo- 2J
Itlve assertion as to the con.8" to be
j /Delegate Colcord said; "As we
1 have to make a report to the 1 .islalt- e
ture by the 18th. we may not be able
> to make a thorough Investigation: II 1
! depends upon what develops. Eat. we wl
will go as deep Into the matter as we In!
. | can. We will have no Hire for saving th
1 the hooka audited; but we may reconi- foi
mend In our report that they be and- de
Ited. We may call In papers net l> re
cated at Moundavllle. contracts, etc.,
If we think it necessary anl hav the
time. I do not know what die commit- (p
I tee will'do. but I, personally, believe ab
I In having the Investigation public. 1 pj
cannot 3ay what will be done in any ^
. of these matters; our plant will be de- j,j(
olded to-morrow. I undent'nd Moore ^
will deliver the goods?all his friends
say so?and he' will attend the Invcs- ([l
; tlgatlon." b
. Senator Fisher said that he "did not
j know bhe opinion of the Org nn the m(
. eommdttee, and I do not know what ^
. plan will be followed. I an not 111 fa- aD
. vor of a public Investigation. I do not be
. UlinK auuiung me uuim? .
. and i do not think we wl'd have time
for It. It should not he tackled unless
, It can be done thorough!/. Iliir plan ,
. of proceeding will b> In'! largely to .
the chairman of the committee." jjj
? efl
oficials say switch was tam- wl
pered with but there Sh
is no clue. In
? un
) COhDWATER, Miss., Fob. 9,-Supt.
H. McCort, of the Illinois Central th
Rallronil. declared yesterday after- tic
noon tnot the fast Chicago flyer on ra
the Illinois Central, northbound, from th
New Orleans, which was wrecked here ?
had been deliberately thrown Into a _
"concocted" switch. There Is no cluo ?
to the wreckers. r
While the disaster Is attributed to
an open switch, railroad officials decar
that no employe was responsible;
and declare the switch must have
been tampered with.
The Dead:
Martin Stanton, Memphis,
Seriously Injured.
George D. iMntthes, express messenger,
legs broken.
Mnsco Victoria, stealing a ride, bad
1 ly bruised una cut.
' George Bnmeit, Memphis, engineer,
I budly scalded, cut about the head.
L. F. tieber, postal clerk, cut about
bead and shoulders.
Hugh Wlckley, Memphis, badly
1 3. F. Stevens, Memphis, bruised and
Internally Injured.
J. G. Neudorfer, superintendent ot
. thn \Tieclsstnni division ot the Illinois
Central, knocked unconscious and
! badly cut about fnco and bold.
K. T>. Cameron, baggageman, legs
; broken.
Mrs. C. I,. Herbert, Brownsville,
Tenn., >nrm and face cut and teeth
kmocked out,
Unknown Italian.
Polite Vaudolvlle and Motion Pleturea.
Vaudeville Matinees,
..Motion pictures every day. 1.30 to
r,:00 p, m. Night, 7:00 to 10:00,
Songs and- Pictures Clianged Every
Day. L.
Mue got in Position ?
To Keep Things I
GoingTo-Day 1
CHARLESTON, Feb. 9. - The c
rnpplest light of the session was that j
the senate yesterday afternoon
ten the Craig local option bill was j,
dered from Its. Becona to third read- t
5 after the Fisher substitute had ),
en beaten. The opponents of the c
nig bill resorted to all sorts of 1111- s
isterlng and dilatory tactics, but I
use behind It had their forces well v
hand and carried every point. The f
te by which the bill was 'ordered to n
i third reading follows: ti
Ayes?Ashburn, Bailey, Baker, Blue, e
issln, Craig, HatBeld, Gartlan, John- 11
n, Llttlepage, Mclntlre,. Meredith, a
intee, Silver, Smith' tor Kaieignj,
lllken?1<5. *
Noes ? Carroll, England, Grimes, ^
ulett, Kldd, Ehlnn, Smith (of Ca- o
11), Sutherland, Forman?9. ](
Bine's vote In the affirmative means c
renewal of the fight to delay action g
len tihe bill comes up on third read5
for passage. He first voted In a
s negative, hut changed bis vote be- \
re the result was announced In or- n
r to be In a position to move tor a p
consideration. ]j
Scheme to Delay. Il
The scheme of the opposition Is to
r to delay action until some ot the ,
sentees, who included Coffmnnn, /
sher and Flynn, return. Usher
waver, was paired with White, so
5 absence makes no difference, and
both Coffnmnn and Flynn vote'
nlnst the bill It will still carry If 8
e sixteen who voted for It will stick
It The question came up on Fish,
's substitute to the Craig bill.' Blue
ived that it be made a special order
r Thursday afternoon to give Fisher \
opportunity to be present he now 1
lag at Jfoundsvllle. This wits lost ?
' a vote of twelve to fourteen and the t>
n began. England moved to adjourn. 0
roll cal was demanded and the mo- '
>n was lost Blue then moved to 1
[lend by making local option elec '
ma mandatory in each county.? This
rried. Another amendment by Blue 8
make the county the unit was lost v
a vote of eleven to litteen. '
Squabble Over Amendments. ^
A third amendment by Blue to the ^
'ect that any magisterial district s
llch casts a majority on the dry side (
all bo dry regardless ot the result
the entire country or city carried
England proposed an amendment to
e effect that cities or 5,000 popula- c
in-or over, Instead of all Incorpo- c
ted cities, should be exempted from a
e county vote. This was lost. On 1
(Continued on Page Five.) h
Mr, E. B. Carskadon, whoso an
clerk appears in this Issue of the ^
ducUon to tlie people of,Fairmont,
for a number of years and numbers ]
his uniform courtesy to all classes
practicing attorney nt tna ntnnon c<
elork in tho_Hoiiso o[ Delegates nt i
1907. Ho Is also a member ot sevo:
or which he holds responsible posltli
As to qualification for the ofllce
posslblo room for doubt, and that hi
service and make It a pleasure to t
elork are facts accepted by all win
.. * ??
Edward Baxfer Perry, the famous
liano lecturer, made hie flrst appear,nce
before a Fairmont audience last
light under the auspices ot the Wonan's
Club of Fairmont and he made
friend of every one In the audience
lefore many minutes had elapsed.
While Mr. Perry is a blind muslIan,
the fact claims no Indulgence
rom hU audience, for his artistic coneptlon
nnd rendition Is hot marred In
at least by the affliction/
Mr. Perry Is, the originator of the
ecturo recital and last evening by the
rlef lecture which prefaced each Beaction
enabled eery man. woman and
hlld In -the audience to grasp the
Ignlflcance of the musical message,
'erhaps the most beautltul selection
rhlch he rendered was Sontet Op. 35
rom Chopin, introducing four movelents
Illustrating four different canis
In a beautiful Polish sketch. Otnr
numbers of his programme were
rom 3ctmmann, Liszt, Rubensteln,
ml a selection composed by Mr. Ptry
himself, Ballad of Lost Island, a
- lerd seleotlon lllustratlng-dlie terrl- 1
le Lflst Island tragedy. To say that
ir. Perry s audience was a delighted
ne puts.dt rather mildly. His fault;ssi
playing, brilliant .execution, and
lever interpretation won the admlra!on
of every one In the house.
Mr. Perry made his Initial appearnee
here under the ausplots of-the
Roman's club through the Music Denrtnient.
They are to be congratuated
and heartily thanked by the pubic
for this Instructive and entertalhng
W. Vs., Feb. 9.?
Vhlle the Senate was engaged In
>asslng a liberal local option bill
long the smooth highway, the prohlItionlsts
in the House stole a march
n the antls and pulled the Yost statuor.v
prohibition bill up from its flrat
o second Teading on a motion to take
t up out ot order.
No roll call was demanded, but a
landing vote was taken, showing a
oi8 or 27 10 21 in lavor oi mi vanning
he bill.
Adocates of the measure took adnftage
of the absence of several of
hose who were opposed to It. It
Ives them a gain of several days over
he regular order of the calendar.
Growing In Interest.
The meetings at the First Baptist
hurch which began last week, arc Inreaalng
In Interest and attendance
nil the outlook for a revival of great
ower is brightening. Several have
sked for special prayer In their bealf.
?? I
E. B.
I GarsKadon
? candidate
I ior
V m cierk
r ui
nouncement for the office of city
Vest Virginian, needs tittle Introns
ho has heen In public life here'
lis friends bj' the score, owing to
of people. Mr. Cnrskndon Is n
onnty bar and served as assistant
Iho session of the Legislature of
ml local secret orders, In many
which ho seeks there can be no j
> would render the public efficient
ransact business with the city
a are acquainted with Mr. Cra
I;. V , I
Cook Confesses I
She Wrote The I
Letter If
WHEELING. Feb. D.?Toe author- ship
of the black hand letter to Mrs.
Thomas - B. Sweeney, ot Highland u
Park, which promised at first to 'jo '*
a mystery of the most baffling nature. 81
was discovered about 12:20 o'clock ?
yesterday, when Mrs. A. L. Walker, |l:
nee Mary Hlnes, the cook at the Swco- "
ney residence, walked Into Mrs. Swee- "
ney's room and in a most sensatlonnl T
manner recited1 'now she had written 81
the letter, and gave a complete con- 01
fesslon of the ease from beginning to u
end. Others or the household walked" 81
Into the room while the broken heart- 111
ed and sobbing woman was reciting
Lhe details of her act, which she aft- "
envard rtduoed to writing at the sug- 1,1
gestlon of others nnd wnlch was taken
Into cuntody by Trosecutlng Attorney le
Bernar<l Hnndlan.
The. most pathetic circumstances .
surround the case. .Not more than
seven weeks ago Mrs, Walker lost her f]
husband In Dtnver, Colo., leaving her j[
with two small children, the oldest
nt whom Is little more than two and
a halt years old, while the baby Is 1
hopelessly 111 with tuberculosis. In
the Bellalre railroad wreck, it will be d
remembered, two ot tier brothers
were hilled, while still another, the
only remaining brother,, whs killed
on the B. and 0. railroad. In the face
ot all the trouble and the seemingly
... ... .... tr
cruel rate winch nas pursued tue ram* %
ily, the discovery of the daughter's **
guilt In the blael; hand case, has a!- m
most prostrated the aged mother with
Held In High Esteem, . jj
After' taking all phases of too case u
Into consideration, Sheriff demons doelded
several days ago that Mrs.
Walker was the guilty party. Tiie t,
Sweeney family, by whom Mrs, Walker
was held in high regard, were very
reluctant to believe her guilty, al- jj.
though at the close the evidence all a
pointed that way. gl
The confession yesterday might
have been delayed several days hnd It
not been for a conversation which N
took place between Mrs. Walker and ^
the colored man, Henry Joyner. Toe
house girl, Edna, being eliminated 0l
from the case, it had narrowed down g|
to Henry ond Mrs. Walker. ^
Mrs. Walker Said to Henry: "They ai
don't suspicion Edna any more." d<
"No," he returned; It's between yon hi
and me now, and the best thing .the di
guilty party could do is to go and con- a
fess," tl
Five minutes later Mrs. Walker, or la
Marie, as she was known at the home, m
entered the room where Mrs. Sweeney e<
was sitting and said: ".Mrs. Sweeney, tr
come?" She got no further, for at
tnat time Mrs. Sweeney Interposed: fr
"Marie, we know who did It." hi
Marie could stand no more, and 11
then and there collapsed. She broke 's
down and wept bitterly lor a tow-mln- ?'
utes, and between sobs she related "
to Mrs. Sweeney how she had placed m
the note under the mat demanding
the live hundred dollars and that she
was sorry she had given her so much
trouble, Tne writing ot the note, she
said, was Inspired by reading an artl- g(
cln in Everybody's Magazine about
tlm black hand. w
Mrs. Walker evidently did not wont ct
the five hundred dollars, but merely ?
wanted a reward of about twenty-Are ac
dollars front Mrs. Sweeny for saving bi
herself and children front black hands, ct
which was substantiated by the tactics
she used.
On Thursday when the letter was received,
she saw that Mrs. 3weeaoy
was greatly agitated over the affair y.
and said to her, "Let me take the nl
bundle down to Pryor's station and nl
make It a bogus package." She kept
on Insisting that Mrs. Sweeney allow D
her to take the bundle of bogus mon- _
py down and hide it at Pryor's station,
where It was demanded to he loft.
The Letter.
The following Is a copy of the
letter found under the door mat on
Thursday morning:
"Mrs. T. Sweeney:?
"It yon don't put J50 !n a paper
and put It In Pryor's station by R ^
to-night, we will kidnap your two hoys. ^
Do not dare to tell any one and come M
yourself so we will know you did not ^
tell any one, Do not tell any one or
, (Continued from Page Five.)
WASHINGTON, D. C.. Fob. D.-Govrnor
Dawson's day In Washington
as a vwy busy one with conferences I
t the cnpltol with Senators Scott and *
Iklns, luncheon with the latter, and
it*ii uu iuiiJruni|nu irtr|iuuu iuc
otel. This was Governor Dawson's
rat visit of the year and he Insists
tat his errand was on private buslE3S.
This did not prevent long talks with
K' Senators on West Virginia mat- r
!rs concerning pending legislation ^
: Charleston. Regarding prohibition, r
overnor Dawson Insists that the r
arty must redeem the pledges of G
s platform ns to the submission of ''
te prohibition amendment, ibut he 11
mtures no prediction as to the re- r
lit of the fight. Governor Dawson '
jmpllments the present legislature e
rges longer sessions with annua! d
ilarles and Insists on adequate 1
Inlng Insnection. 0
He denies that this visit has any- c
ling to do wltn his desire (or a ^
residential appointment and he did
it call on President Rooseevlt. He r
ft for his home last night after fur- tler
conferences with Scott and oth- 8
a of the Went Virginia delegation. 41
DAYTON, 0? Feb. 8.?Still groping v
ir olews to the dolnty of Elizabeth c
ulhant, -with not n scrap of Infor- .
latloa concerning the whereabouts of d
le girl previous to the crime, the 11
jllce have been unable no yet to dot- 11
iltely settle upon a stable theory of ''
ic mystery, which continues to be
reabsorbing topic here. The author- fl
los last night claimed to have Infor- c
latlon on which to base a -belief that 0
vo girls answering the description 11
: miss i'uinart and tee woman wno u
os soon la her company, had applied '
ir a place In a resort conducted hy a
woman In Pearl street. The date a
Iven by this woman la January 14th. 1
Jaoob Ready, a shoemaker, whose n
top Is In the neighborhood of the
Jatthews home, whoro the body of n
llss Pulhart was found, says two 0
Iris entered his shop on the after- 11
Don of the same day. One ot the '
Inls, presumably Elizabeth Pulhart, f:
sd the heels of her .shoes lowered, a
id the shoes were found on the c
sad girl's feet. According to Ready, a
Is visitors sdmtttod they had been "
-Inking and said they wore going to
theater. It was n short time alter
Us that the Fulhart girl s slster-ln w
says she saw them entering a P
ovlng picture Show. The girls talkI
with two young men at the enunce
of the show.
Detoctlvo Hondrickfcon has returned
om Vandalla, Miss pulhart's formor
>me, with a mass of evidence which 0
is police are nor going over. Chem- J*
t Bliss, of Springfield, who Is exnlnlng
the dead girl's stomach, says '
will he impossible for him to subitt
a report under a week.
,? ?t ? VMlVllflVU ^
Ill UL\J iVwIi I \J\jt\ I
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Fell. 9..- The tl
5ht to bring Kentucky Into the ranks ',\
' State-wide prohibition common- v
enlUifl was bcgim here yesterday. A p
ill to the field was Issued by the
tnto W. C. T. U. and the anti-saloon .
Ivocates, urging that the legislature I
5 floodcil with petitions "bo that It
mnAt rnfticn frt otiKmH rim mirsctlnn ''
LONDON, Feb. 3.?It Is understood
mt cablnot ministers have come to
I agreement' on the question of a'
wnl policy and that the new ahlpilldlng
programme will Include six
The "Always Good" Theater. c
"Extra Good To-day."
This |s ?no of the best pictures we
wo ever presented, introducing our
.vorltc 'actress again, whom we all
ljoy seeing In the "Olograph" pro- .
lotions. See this picture sure. f
3 n 9?
"The Lilly and the Sunbeam.
RIOHMIO^^V^'fHj,T?A special
ncotlng ot tie stockholclers ot tie
acsape?ke;t Company
act In the
oration to-day and ratlflM aipMtSiBiB
f the hdard ot directors In aathorlaaga
bond Issue ot J30,000,000 tor the
urpose of'perroanentlyr flnindng tho
oad. J. P. Morgan & Co., at3|jnM?M
oeb & Co, are said to^T^BOlS^^n
d tor tho Issue, The road Is now un
*-? ?on MjauageuitruL, una IV U SUlUnl
tiat It may form an alllanco with
thcr systems with the Intention of
vcntually securing a terminus at
Control of the Chesapeake and Ohio
allway, which, a little more than
bree yean ago rested with thnaftM-aH
ylvanla railroad and New
ral systems, passed Into the bands of
klwln Hawloy, of New York, and his V
ssoclates. It Is declared that tho
hango In control means more to VlrInla
ami the south than Is enWSwSBBKI
The .holders of the majority- ?tollj|
hlto stating emphatically that the
laangement will not be changed, say
ist as emphatically that the methods
III be changed, and changed radiUnder
the control of the "Pennsylanla
and Vanderbllt Interests the
hesapeake and Ohio deteriorated, unI
most of Its freight business, was
Iverted to the Pennsylvania! and nl;d
roads, while the Virginia-railway
ad to rely upon coal only for freight
It Is believed that another result
om the ,sale of the Chesapeake and
hlo will he a1 big steamship line out
[ Newport News, the seaboard termlus
of the road. Under tile control of
ie Pennsylvania, all export business
as diverted from the Virginia road
nd routed east over the PemwlWBmaB
nd New York Central to the porta of
few York and Boston for foreign ship
II uuc vsutrsai'BaitH ?uu
crw ownership, goes after the Westra
export business, it is' said that
robably the road will be compelled
a promote a transatlantic freight lino
rom the port of Newport
ccepted here that nnderit&^Bmull
ondlUons, likely to ensue In the mangement,
a new era is sboitt'|^^mSH
pon Newport News.
anama Minister Says His Government
is Sore Because of AtS83SwMW
WASHINGTON, Feb. 9. - C. C.
rosemana, the Panama rdnlster, cali1
at the 6tatc .lopartment and Hied a
potest from his govetnmon^^MmnH
le speech made In tho house of ropesentatlvos
recontly by Rcprcscntave
Ralnoy, of Illinois, In which' Preslent
Oblldla, of Panama, was severely
ttacked. Secretary Banmye^d^SBM
e expected to make a nttaoment later.
"Tho lay I did not sweep the house,
here came to It one I did not expect."
,nd the day a merchant does not ad(Ttlsc
his store Is the day a valuable
atron L00K3 FQR HIS AD. ,
^mile and

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