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E01w. Bell 'Phone, 241.
lor Broh'e 8Hoe Store.
slonary Society.
Issionary Society of
eet SI.'E. Church will
tyJlW'fy *-,'.1 . '
nfJ-prnnnn ntthp hr?n\p
ol Mrs, Henri J. McElfresh on Cuffey
oi' ; atre<}t. All numbers nre nrgwl to bo
Winchester.. Va.
Miss Mary ROblnson, formerly, of
K- tills city, but who now resides at
"Winchester, Va., entertained a num-,
ftSuroffloffh er-"young ifrlends last evening
In honor of htr eighteenth birthday
en, eenuerts.
Hpjgnik, evening at the First M. E.
(or converts ami
Sr . eeeliera only will be held. The revival
fe services came (a a close last night.
revival has been the greatest
PPlfln'thls- ward (or years. Rev.
^iurkalSKpn' ls an able Bpeaher anil has,
Hg$^ou^lib;hias been here but a short
Hsganie; done much good. It Is desired
|??air converts auu seencia uu j?cn:,thls
evening. Tne meeting is for
m alone.
Will Meet To-morrow.
ell members of tlie Junior h. T. L.
urged to he present nt the meeting
narrow afternoon at four o'clock
the Diamond Street M. E. Church.
Died In Virginia,
frs. Rny, a former resident of this
d, died In n hospital In Virginia
; week. Mrs. Rny was the mother
Mrs. A. p. GasklnS, of Market
iet and Mm. Charles Mcserve, of
noke, Va. The deceased had rert.TVltb
Mrs. Meserve until her 111s
when alio was removed to n hos.1
where she,died. Interment was
!o near Roanoke.
I Mrs. Mary 3wenringen, of Sterling
!'8 itreet", has been very sick for several
|days.;t?;; ; ,v ; . ^ '
: . 'Mlss Ina Hughes. of Norwood, who
;. spent Sunday with' relatives here,
f. went to Bel! Run Station yesterday
gffifcvJsIt friends.
^KRayraoiKl, tlpe little son of Mr. and
pirs^Elsa'Morris.of Market street,-Is
recovering from a few days' Illness.
Mrs, trice, of Morgantown and
.Mrs. Jackson, of near Clinton Furhnace,
spent Sunday with their sister,
r4*'Jk I'?! ~Tt hn'iflf '-Tm ,.?d
I till O. IIIUVI IJ "I
Mrs. Will Keener and Mrp. Wit mere
were- the guests ot friends at
Bellvtew Monday.
i ". Mrs. J. 0, Farranee. of Hnymond
street, Is quite sir];.
'.i^IrjfDelber^Hoult and family moved
yesteriiay from near Haymond street
.to Ba^t, Ferry street.
^Mr^wtd^irs. H..B. Matson, of Gmfton,
were In this rlty yesterday.
,f:.Mrs. J. S. Walker, of East Park
avenue, Is confined to iter homo by
The ilttle daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs,
Will McElroy, of Barnes street, Is
quite sick.
) James Adams, who has been suffer!
Ine from a severe attack of grippe, Is
.'.Mr. Chappie Morris. of State street.
I Is quite sick nt his homo.
1 'Charles Johnson, who lnis boon conffneil
at the Minors' Hospital nt Pairhnont
for several weeks with a broken
ankle,'returned to tills place TilliesMr.
anil Mrs. Tester pitcher were
calllpg on the 'family of H. L. Harris
Thursday evening.
! Misses Eitnlce and ltossie Sorgent
were visiting the family of Charles
Bower, at Montana Sunday.
|K:, .Messrs. Nell and John Devault, ot
Spniite Day, were visiting relatives at
fe?Sthls place Sunday.
WroMljsyElsle Holmes was Hie guest
Sjj'Ot Misses Eva and May 1'ltclter SunSJfV-fA,
d. Klnkend was calling on Mr.
aid Mrs. Lester Mtrher Sunday.
. Misses Rosa Carder, of Smltlitown.
Ki?d. Hat tic Hawkins, o[ Rosstown,
f^ 'wero the guests of Miss Leslie Harris
fJiV Saturday night and Sunday.
ti>;, .'.Mrs. G. \V. Hartley! of Norwood,
I^^M^lsitlng tlio family of J. G. Hart'J;
' de}', at this place, Thursday.
Epp^lwMlen'YPricliett was sho|>plng at
"Ftulrnjont Saturday.
l^ro^HugllfiBpn of Mr, and Mrs. H. 1..
I-Jt Ha"rrls,wlilio playing on the Ice at
B ^^^rail?)r')ifjniit week,/ell and
)"st above the
hxie both be?o quite Indisposed for |
several days.
Mr. Garrotters, of near 8mithtown, .
was at this place last week buying far.
' Call Hawkins, of near Murray, was
a business caller at this place Wednesday.
Glenn Carter,\pf lit Harmony, was
calling on Ihe family of E. E. Harris
Mr. Cunningham, of Maryland, was
a business visitor at this place one
day lost week.
postpones, coming for a few
days, however, on account
of illness.
On account of his Illness, Governor-elect
W. E. Glasscock lias clianged
his plans regarding his ridurn to Morgantown
and will not be here until
Wednesday or Thursday, probably, ol
this week, ?ayB the Morgantown PoBt
Chronicle. When lie left Morgantown
last Monday Iot Charleston It
was with the Intention of returning
lo his home hers by Sunday. HIb Illness,
which followed the governor's
reception at the executive mansion
Wednesday night, caused a change In
his plans. Ill n 'phone message to a
member oi his family here yesterday,
he stated that he will probably return
about the middle of the week.
While ills fffness fg not as serimis
as was first reported, lie Is lar from
being a well man. Charles Brooks
Smith, Charleston's chief dope dispenser,
hU9 the following to say regarding
Governor Glasscock's Illness:
"Govcinor-olect Glasscock got Ills ,
flrst experience standing In a recep
null Illit; ?UJ H"?i iiviua mui |?i.w4|/
handling a fast-flowing stream of
folks, w!io were invited by Governor
and Mrs. Dawson to tbo mansion.
The newly . elected governor got n
tasto of the social mill lie Is expected
to trend for four long years, and ne
came out only second' best, Tbo following
morning found him housed
up with fatigue, a severe cold, and
n lively assortment of jhllla and
fevers. Glasscock Is n delicate looking
man. like Dawson, but be hasn't
the physical strength of Dawson by a
whole lot. He ling the nervous temperament,
the lack of which Is doubtless
a great help to foe present govs
ernor In discharging both official and
social responsibilities. The causer-.
Ivntlon of his own physical resources
will bo one of the duties to which the
new governor will liavo to apply himself
diligently. Lots of exercise and
fresh tilr; cultivation of the Emmanuel
mental suggestion hocus-pocus
business; allowing subordinates to attend
to details; and a half-way devotion
to tho Fletcher theory Is the
good advice here gratuitously ottered
the new ^executive by yours-truly, the ,
eminent Doctor Fizz.
(Union Associated Press.)
GUTHRIE, Okla., Feb. !).?.Masonic
bodies form all over Oklahoma, with
men prominent In the fraternity from
other States, nru participating In the
1? ???.1 i_ j?? r?_ .v,
(I'nlon Associated Pi-phs.) '
BOSTON. Fob. O.-Tho blue flag of
the coniodore of tho Eastern Yacht >
iClub will fly during tho coming season
| from the main truck of the Auxiliary
schooner Arabella owned by,Washington
B. Thomas. President of tho American
Sugar Refineries Company. If the
report of the nominnting committee of
the club Is accepted at. the annual
meeting of tho club to-day, It Is expected
that the nomination will be confirmed.
The other flag officers of tho
club, Vico Commodore F Lewis
Clark and Rear Commodore Robert W.
Emons, third, are renominated, as
well as Secretary Henry Tagghrd and
Treasurer Patrick T. .laekson. Two
vacancies In the Regatta Committee,
caused by tho resignations of Henry
tammnm*n[ mm mihiiwin i
MJUVmvv U|frncii iiruu; iui bite i?uipose
of amalgamating the grand lodges
of Oklalionm nnii Indian Territory Into
one organization. Tho consolidation of
the two territories us one State renders
tills uctlon necessary. Tho convention
will continue througn to-morrow
and will doubtless take rank ns ,
one of Hie largest Masonic meetings
ever held In tho Southwest.
(Union Assotdnieri TVess.l
t NORFOLK. Vu., Feb.!).?Jubilant at
having remlered a large part of the i
Old Dominion as dry as the proverbial
hone, the Anti-Saloon League worhers I
of "Virginia are gathering In Norfolk 1
to-day In consider projects for currylug
on the crusade. It Is proposed to
organize n .campaign to make Norfolk
and Portsmouth "dry." In the latter
city It is said the "dryfi" have a majority
but the practical men of the prohibition
element will not make the
city "dry" as long its Norfolk is "wet."
holding that it would he useless to do
so. It Is believed the Anti-Saloon executive
comittee will make Its hardest
tight In Norfolk and, falling to
carry It. that It will then force the
issue of State-wide prohibition, the
only means left to make this a dry
city, if local option fails. The convention
will last three days.
a. Moras and A. Appleton Packard, are, bl
Oiled by the choice ol Louis M. Clark | be
and William L. Carlton. The Regatta oc
Committee, -which will probably con- be
duct the International sonder races, Ai
will consist of Stephen W, Sleeper, as; 'Hi
William B. Sharps, Charies E. Hodges, Bt
Secretary, nnd Messrs. Clark and
Charlton. mi
Made Good Showing. nil
At the Temple alleys last night In ell
three practice games the American rtt
Laundry team, which will-enter the oil
howling tournament at Pltttsbttrg, rep- til
resenting this city, made a line score pr
at ten pins. The score: th
Whipple 193 218 193 032 ha
Carr 297 183 205 595 th
Robertson 241 181 107 502 kr
J. Hayes 104 1?4 154 512 or
Drcsbnch ...,210 195 173 578 es
Totals 978 999 902 2879 do
??. mi
Interesting Duckpln League. In
The Coal City team ami the Free
Press team hail an Interesting contest
nt duck pins. The score:
G, Flshhack 115 121 70
Walker "0 30 78
Moore 85 105 89 Bc
Martin 12 89 105
J. Hayes S I 90 92 ^
TotalB ?? ??
Russell 97 89 94 cs
J. Flshback 50 S7 93
Mitchell 103. 80 81
Way man 101 SO 59
Stewart 01 97 70
Totals 185 133 42f/ wc
?- Tt
Calendar ?
tl'nlnn associated Presp.)
George Ade, Journalist, humorist
and playwright, Is to-day celebrating
Ills dM birthday. The famous creator
of "Fatiles In Slang," who not many
years ago, was a Chicago newspaper 0[
reporter, Is now one of thn wealthiest nn
literary men of America, and few are u,,
more popular. ve
Ade Is a Hoosler hy birth, and al- (ei
though he has since Graveled all over er,
the world, and up and down In it, he wj
Iras renialnitl true to his allegiance to s|,
his native State. The llttlo Indiana t|c
town of Kentland has the honor or ho- ve
Ing Ade's birthplace. He was horn on
February 9, 1 SCO. His youth passed
very much in the manner of other
Hoosler lads, and history r.lcords no Pi
remarkable Incidents In which tho In*
clpient humorist figured. Far from
being a hilariously tunny lad, lie Is
said to have been somewhat staid and
solemn of demeanor, anil given to Phil- l ;
asophic melancholy.. ?8'
Purdue University wae Adt's nlrna 011
. . ... .. . 1 ,th
WTmttiSy Reduso Stylo 750NfclL
B* S/f9V "tout women), whlct
\vJj llll trated here, Is bwlll
t jJ*rW/// description, with
\ /^yjvMvtlJ/r high bust. Made of a
\ ffl Jf ME M countil, tn White a
\ A(/v7 ft Jtv/M ' Hose supporters rr<
\ I H IbJ/jMtf ' ides. SUei 22 to 3?
f II 111 ) *** ^0Un^ 0n <<k^ *'
780 1 Weinjarten Bros., 1
mater, anil irom in is ituuvu imuuuu
instittnion of learning he grndrinteil I11
and took his degree In 1SS7. He lnrnieiHtitely
took ii|i journalism ns n pro. ml
fesslon, and hail Ills flrst experience w'
ns a reiKirtu- on the newspapers ol Ec
Lafayette, Ind. His llgth was not hidden
under a hushel. Iinil it was not Ei
long until die reflection cast by his reeffulgent
genius became visible In Chi- thi
engo, resulting In 1S90 In a call rrorn qu
the ClilrngoRecord to beeomf- n mem- El
ber of Its staff. It was for this news- oil
paper that Ade wrote the first "Fables an
in Slang." These soon attracted more Iffthen
loot] attention, and they were '
syndicated nnd pii-bllshfll In newsp.v nn
pej-ss throughout tlio country. an
Ado continued In newspaper work In sw
Cliicngo until 1(100, when he gave up of
His regular work to give 'Ills entire ell
-i?n t- i'm wi-ltlne of plays. His
"Sultan or Sulu" mniie n tromeiuious lol
2&MRestrains tendency
over-developed propo
tJT t'10U^t ,0 ^ atta'M
7 "V. . toned apron e:
tke atdomen a:
^rCC^?m mC
/ of any larness
sz wtSTOm^Jvlo/ deemed cssenti
nTUifirjtMt. e~A?5?SES
D. FAHHNEY k SON. tUcnnow?, Ha
t, &8 did aba "Thy Sho-Gan." Ade's
st work, although perhaps not the
at from a libancfal standpoint, nat
on In his stories of Hoosler life
le lives most of .the time on a splen
J farm, called Hazelden, near
ook, Ind.
Although he baB now reached the
iture sse of 43 and acquired a com'
fence. Ade was at last reports still
imbered In the ranks of the bach'
jra. Ever since he achieved fame,
mors ol his engagement have been
rculated, and many a talr and bean
u] maiden has figured In the public
inls as Ine prospective helpmate ol
" Honsler humorist. These report*
ive become so freciuent that Ade p8'
etlcally dec.lnres that he' never
lows whether or not lie |s engaged
to whom until he consults the lett
edltlhns of the newspapers.
Ade's permanent address Is Iluzel
n Farm, Brook. Ind., where he does
3st of nls writing and conducts n
rge stock farm na a side line.
'(I'nlon Associated Press.)
PITTSBURG, Pa., Fob. 9.?A special
?etlng of the National Executive
ion! of tlie Building Trades' depart
:n tniof the American Feileratlon ol
ibdr was held In Pittsburg toalay,
le most Important question consid'
oil waa the attemjit of building con
ictorB In Boston and other cities to
tabllsh the "open shop."
(L'nlon Associated Press,)
DETROIT. Mich., Feb. !).?Represenlives
of the tngmen's' and dredge
>rkers' union and olhelnls of the
rVwiiAoe' Acun/?tnMnn inpf. horn t/y
i6 u???a ?
y lo confer on the scale of wages for
xt season. The unions Involved ore
Hinted with the International Long'
orcmen, .Marine and Transport
orkers' Association.
'Onion AsroclfltO't Press.)
MADISON, Wis., Feb. 9.-Hundreds
adult farmers, stockmen, dairymen
d their wives will go lo school at
e college of agriculture of the Unh
rally of Wisconsin during the next
n days, thj special coarse tor ferns
s having been Inaugurated to-day
th a large attendance. The Wlsconi
Agricultural Exiwrhnent Assoclain
will hold Its eighth annual com
ntlon during the Institute.
cturesque Styles Revive Memories
of Famous Women.
A day or two ago as I was walking
rough the crowded avenues among
0 throngs of women gaily plctur[jue
In their charming winter toll:es,
it struck me forcibly tlmt more
an one woman there was wearing
ite unconsciously some bit of history
sordid, tragic, heroic as the case
ght be?emblazoned on her sleeve,
Ites Edouard La Fontaine In (lie
brunry Delineator.
It wasn't alone Die Dlrectolre and
dplro periods?"And who was "Dljtolre'?"
I heard a woman asking
> other day, quite as if she were InIrlng
Into the antecedents of the
Izabetlian rnlf or the Marie Antoln;e
flcliu?but tho whole -Moyen Age
d Die Renaissance that hail come lo
? ngaln.
The Idea rather caught my fancy
d I began to look for dead queens
il forgotten favorites wh odonhtless
ayed the fate of nations by the. cut
their gowns or the coquetry of an
low sleeve In days gone by.
I saw tall, stately 'Marguerite of Vn"
t" prwoiiie?tap new shade of red
to overfleshiness, and moulds the
rtions into graceful outlines hitherto
ble only by slighter figures,
lid result is attained by an unctension
which reaches down over
ad hips, giving the wearer absolute
ivement. .
e absolutely eliminates the neccesity
s?like devices and straps, hitherto
al on corsets of this kind. .
{For tall Radnso Style 760?(For short
i ia lllua. v (tout women), is the same na
t as per style 700 exept that the butt
duCS " -omewhtt lower all
t drab? wro?nd- Made of wh,te 00(1
>nt and drab coutll. Hose supportera
I, front and siacs. sues **
c, *3.00 to 31. _ _ Price, 13.00
: deiler, iverywhercOt $1.00 Bad Up.
Wi., 37? -9 Broadway, Now York
doters dye works and dyes
Your evening costumes, rondo fresli
id pretty by specially trained artists
otblng to.o large or too small, \V(
enn and dye all inscriptions of la
es' and Gentlemen's garments, bo
des enrpetn, rugs, shades, blankets
its and gloves. Goods called lor and
illvered, Phone 13.
. j , W. J. WALSH, Agent.
remedies. DeDafnees Is caused by an
Inflamed condition of the mucous lin,
lag- pi the Eustachian Tube. Wh?n
this tube la Inflamed you have a rum|
bhng sound or Imperfect hearing, aul
when It ta entirely closed, Deafness Is
' the result, and unless the Inflatnma
, lion can be taken out and this tub;
restored to its normal condition, benr
, Ing will be destroyed forever; nire
cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh.
which Is nothing but an InlUm
ed condition of the mucous suffices.
We will give One Hundred Dollus
' lor any iusp ot Deafness (caused by
\ catarrh) that cannot be cured by
, Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for np.'U
tars, tree.
F. J. CHENEY k CO.. Toledo, 0.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for corsetnation.
that Is us old as the gooseberry from
which It takes Its name. Her sleeves
were carefully buttoned along Ihe outside
down their entire length with bold
buttons that should have borne the
arms of Valols and Orlcan. Perhaps
they did, hut 1 lost her at the entrance
of the Hits: before I had a chance to
I reread the dark, sinister history of
Beatrice CencI In the scallops of an,
other sleeve below a laughing holiday
face on Its way to the skatlag-rlnk.
t anno rtf Rrltlnnv In her fa
vorite Beauvols blue with the whole
wall of Troy castelhitft] on her sleeves
from her elbow to her wrist. I saw a
famous creole beauty as Citoyenne
Josephine Beauharnals in a small,
close sleeve of unpretentious cut. as
Madame Bonaphrie, wife of the First
Consul, in a Ieg-o'-mutton sleeve that
looked quite modern till I saw that-it
buttoned to the elbow in true Ineroyable
fashion; as the Empress of
France in a small puff sleeve in an evening
gown displayed in a shop window.
Notice. *
J. F. S'ealey has removed his tin
-hop from Jefferson street to the Cunningham
building, corner of Monroe
and Jackson streets. The publL* Is
'hanked for its past patronsge and his
better location will enable elm to im...
prove ma service. ?
''Give Yourseli
A Chance"
r airmoni
A 7? per cent, increase in
the student body.
''There is a reason."
Spring Term 0pZeh!8
Send for Catalogue to the
I If you were a merchant would'
n't you rather sell a thousand
yards ol silk In a day, at a profIt
of 10c a yard, than to Bell
(without advertising) fifty yards,
at a profit of 25 cents a yard?
fsu't It plain that in all such
Instinces the buyer gets the benefit
of the "volume of business"
which advertising enables the
merchant to do?
The money cost of a Journey
?long or 3hort?by stage coach
(not to count time, or comfort)
was greater than that of a pres;
ent dry Journey by railway, The
"old ways" of doing things were
not even CHEAPER,
The cost of things In nn oldi
fashioned store nowadays Is
greater than in the progressive
stores?the nuwrtlsed Btores.
' ' Tt's not even CHEAPER to patronlzo
Uio non-progressive merchant?not
to count the unwisdom
of helping make it possible
| for reactionary and non-progresslvo
merchants to still "do
. , , m , -V {. y -_ '-1' ;
jYou I
I Know s
4 ' 1 - *
i k
* that It a man waits until he Vt
i k
J has Saved a Few Hundred Dol- ^
% lar? before lie resolves to In- *
ej vest he probably will wait until is
i Vt
_ tor some reason or other he u
^ will conclude-that ?
3 It's Not Worth While \
3 I
? If you come right In and tell ^
k me what you propose to do and k
k k
h what you think you can do-and
jj then if It can t be done ^ |
j* Will Be^Tlme Enough ?
b to get Blue?Jld you ever ob- 55
* serve thut tho bluest man in .
b the world Is that mnn who has b
b saved no money and who finds J
? the better Dart of life spent and ,
~ no preparation made for n k
1 k
home or no Independence. !a
^ When Afflictions Come. l
* h
* ft
k real estate and rent- ft I
'fc iNa ?|
? Entrance Jacobt Building, it
rripy^trtry irwyn?ri.
Sufc! Huh;! Speedy! Satisfaction Guap.
anteed or Money Refunded. Sent propaid
for $1.00 per box. Will Bend them
on trial, to be paid for when relieved.
Sam plea Free, innlst on getting tfe*
penmne, accept no substitute. Irycm
druggist does not bavo tliem send ygtl
orders to tba
IHIIED VEBICn. CI, In 74, UKUHr, ft. 1
Said In ftlmosi hv B. P. Ctnslk
your uppeuruuee uuu mei-cuoo
your comfort?there's just one
practical way?always wear a
Hennen Suit.
One trial?always a customer.
T. Wilbur Hennen
2nd Floor, Main & Madlsrn Bts.
1 ?J
Dollar Savings
uni irv
Does a General Banting Suitneii.
and Saving! Depoalta. OpenSaturday
from I a. m. until
I P. m.
J. R. LINN, taahler.
{ ' v
C7F. BOYEJlS~SIL,_Preer ~
City Hospital
Of Fairmont
Bell 'Phone, 302-J. Con. 'Phone, J81
Ofllce, First National Bank Building..
fauukxnt mror';cbJ^^M
Hall.Block. '^OppositeMarietiasHoW^^S
v- HARRY SHAW, Court-house
Fnlrmont, W,' Va- .
: ., f? , L*.wW-iv<WfS*M|
. . pfflco la, J?ro^;Bulldlngr:||^^^SBH
Attorney "at Law, , ciV/EfSsSi
Office, Hall Block; j?.
' Counsellor at:Law, "
FAIRMONT,'' IV. VA. -liif'
Office Trust Building,
Practice Limited to the Eye, Ear, Noav ^jtagwj
and Throat. ?
, Office, 2S5" People's Bank.
W. C. & JES8E A. JAMI80W^|^^M
Dhvatefsna and Auroeonitl i .
Madison Street Fairmont, W.
Hd?htibt& ;
DENTISTS. l'^-?^ra8|
DR. 'i: 0. McNEELY, ?j|||gj
oentiit : "
Tooth extracted' without pain; b)!'
first class worlc
6lllce In Skinner-Dulhllng. ConsclVdated'Phone,
" ^''^' OTctWI
Manufacturers arid' dealers in HlgbGrade
Vehicles. 420-422 Jackson St.
Oon. 'Phone, 323. Bell 'Phone, 337-W
We malic n specialty of first claso- B
up to date upholstering, botn- plain ai$ hi
fancy, Mattresses and feathers ron- . I
orated. Sewing machine needles and'
supplies. All work" gnaranieedi .h'^i^tteS8H8j 8
H. C. VOELKER,, , c
!?7 Fairmont Ave. Yost Building; ,
? ?.? rit.An? fln-J CTiiOMAWT W l/fci.
M. B. Blaek-Gromme, tlie milliner :with
J. p. Krome, Watchmaker an*
Jeweler, at 111 Third atreet, Clark*burg,
offere $10, $12 and lie Patter*
Hate at only $5.;J.
TION. Remember the plece^'jCifcfewffiSMa
Third etreet Clarkeburg.
Goal and Ice
- Office?Meeenle Temple,Both
' Of FairmMt.
Capital Slock Paid Ii
peo, M. Jacobs preBld?i8
i\V. 8. Hayniond ...... Vice President
J. M". Brownfleld . Caahle?
Our lire nml burglar Jirool
tire free to customers (or private pa- (
We solicit your business, which will
receive prompt and cartful attention.
DIBBCTOItS?Ceo; M. Jacobs,
PILES ^^sopposuoii
OrtJrf 8<ho#li, SlilmUlt, 5'. c"!'
lUren tort.If. Y*., wiiiMi-.fiSif Uro eeiftwl. . iSftwffl
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