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The Brownsville daily herald. [volume] (Brownsville, Tex.) 1897-1910, August 02, 1897, Image 2

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yiir-Ji "Tt "iiifrTV
eh& assss
g -
-Zr. -- rr - T
tHtsrsd at tfcs 3Vst;3ice s Brownsville Tex
as Sscond Class Jfiil JsKier.
rissaed2Teij35s3' Except Sunday.)
Mifff'Tr ,frijurtaifej.t"iiii ii-i o
H5 SerXtd Is the cnTy'plrpPr published
on the lower Rio Grande.
Stft$irfyf&8 Rates'
'One Year . . 6.00
15 Months, ........... 3.co(iu Williamson
x , -. -. . . . , 00 cts
7u'&3 DAY, AUGUST 3 ,18S7.
"Vote for ihejKuhvay sinend
Tote Tor
Tee adoption of the railway
amendment will make work for
.iijioor men -or uaraeron coun-
- The adoption of the railway
Xjniendment will bring a rail
i-oau "to-nsvilfe, aI1(j -enaTjle
tnfarmeTSi"a--5jl.3encrs ro
t. isDose -of 4.heir orocrb-"'
The Houston Post seriously
considers the question: "Are
" fte tn ih'e verge of waif ' Most
probably wb are not, but Japan
ihay be ob the vprge t3f getting
a good thrashing.
-JAiPArf has not yet succeeded
"sJn reducing to subjection the
island of Formosa, which she
fook Trom China. She had bet
ter attend to that business be
fore attempting' to interfere
Vith Hawaii.
tfiiiiRSEAS' Blake has dis
appointed ihe prophets by fail
ing either to resign the chair
manship err to, announce as a
candidate for governor. Mr J
Blahs is o:ie of the few happy
ones who havs allihey want.
Ots the result of tomorrow's
v Section hangs the fate of Cam
eron county. The tide in the af
fairs of the lower Kio Grande
ittnll be at the flood tomorrow.
SoaH we take advantage of the
opportunity and be borne with
it on to fortune?
Tile railway amendment will
effable Cameron county to se
5re The long needed railroad
Connecticut with the markets,
and the expense will be equally
divided among the tas payers.
"It afford a fair and impartial
olBticmof ihe railroaa ques
Reiember, the irrigation
amendment is only s sort of
Tocaf oplfotf la"w,- giving the
bright ta those owning irrigable
fafifds to organize for tlte' pur
pssg of establishing irrigation
lafrt?, and exempting all
vnoseIands are Hoi suscepiiblB
of irrigation
Enc-liss papers are ever
eady with predictions of seri
otis tronblfe fot-this big western
fepSbiiC, Some of them now.
oip?3ee a disastrous var be
fMTpen Japan'and lhetlnited
States, while5pthefs thinfeth'e
dismissal of President Andrews
fftfar iSVfqculty of Brown uni-'
ersityrt account of his incli
d'attotr towards fMe gilfer, port
snda'gfgantic sirnggTe between
fh? people r.nT the capitalists
whivh sb-tll ha morn fiercely
viMu.tiiiia mtf sii crvii war
rwwi notir- 111 im
4 Maxi mo Martinez, tire triple
Burderer, wa'shanged al'FJores-
JVill Friday, July SO He bang
two songs on the .gallotvs and
died -game.
A sixteen yea? old w-liite girl
was ssalted 1)y a negro ma-n
at San Antonio in the outskirts
of the city last WednesSay in
"broad daylight. The ravislier,
Henry Uobinson, was arrested
and was denied "bail,
Jules Bunnell and Miss Slia
were married
at -San Marcos last Sunday,
went to Houston and on Wed
rneselay both committed suicide
by taking morphine tit "the
Hatchl'us &ouse.
Gen. Stewart Woodfora, the
new "UV S. minister to Spain,
aile froa New York Wed
nesday for Madrid.
The Morton Cadets are irx-
J dignant because fhey did not
get the first prYze in the San An
tonio drill.
-A fight al Waco last Wed-
1 nesday between two brothersr
W, W. itivett and B. F. Kivett,
on one si'cte and W. M. Bambdin
on tli'e oilier, resulted in 'the
death of both the KiVetts,
Lambdin being slightly wound-
1iefight grev out of love
- . c ii ?p ijam
sister -of the Kivetxo
juages iott ana Morns irsaye
- -1 A V
handed down a, decision in the
United States court, holding
that the Johns Hopkins tiniver
sity and other holders of Balti
more ahtl Ohio 6 per cent first
preTened bond3 are not prefer
red creditors, and are in the
same categorjr as the stoclihold
j?rs. Johns Hopkins university
holds nearly $L,000,000 of the
ecrritie, and if the decision
is upheld in the higher court it
will seriously affect the finances
of the university!
The Baldwin locomotive
works have booked ah order
for twenty locomotiyes for Jap
an. This3 with orders already
received, makes a total of fifty
for Japan. Ihirty have just
been shipped.
General Weyler iS" .to take
the field. again to pacify Hava
na province.
A severe shock of earthquake
sras felt in the Arno valley of
Italy, July 2S.
k Admiral iNavarro is to return
to Spain November 20, when
his term of service expires.
The Yirginia populists met
at Roanoke on the 2Sth and in
dorsed the national platform
adopted at St. Louis.
fi,e directors of the Southern
Pacific hayer eltcled Geoige
Crocker as a director to fill the
vacancy caused by the death
of his brother, C. F. Crocker.
Despite the law against
carrying concealed weapons
titer is always a six-shooter
in the hip' pocket wbSn a man
wants to do any Killing.
Fly traps 10 centsBotrcd
Leon .
Cascarets Candy Cathartic,the most f
wonderful medical discovery ot the
age, pleisant and ref resiling to the
tate acting: gently and ptitively pa
kidneys, liver and bowels, cleansrag
the entire system, dispel colds, cure
neathich'j. fever, habitu.nl conbtipatioii
and bilirousuess. Please buy and tiy u
box ot C. U. G. toddy; 10, 25, 50 cents i
Sold ana gaaTanseaJ. co cure uy ;m
E SIT is what has given Hood's
SarsaDarilla the largest sales in
the irorlcl and enables it to accomplish
ihGusiadsof TTonderlul CURES
Try a 10 cent flY trm.
a ''reel conlf9rt.5,
They are
.Ules-KE PnAsxcssdSirs JZEJOttS.
- rflia
Unr -'tTT 1
9 J?JP
Should be in every family
medicine chest and every
traveller's -crrp. Tfeey -are.
Is Qut iZ older; enre lieadache WHoasnc;sTjii3d
all Uve-tTonMat. UU1 and egpent., i reot3-
lnvainaoie -when the stcm.ii'h
Miners V,ill Try To 'End the
Struorsfle Withift Ten
Pittsburg, Pa., July 2$. The
Pittsburg Leader prints 'today
what is claimed to he the inside
developments of the tabor
trades conference at Wheeling
yesterday. The strike, it says
will be lost or won within the
next ten days or two weeks.
The plan of campaign mapped
out has fixed that point to a
certainty, f . H. Morrisey of
the Railroad Firemen's Union,
opposed the -suggestion- of
Ratchford to place the West
Virginia campaign in the hands,
of DeBs. He said that; while
he had a deep regard for Dehs,
the corporations and the courts
are prejudiced against him and
he believed his pathway would
be a hard one. The naming
of a man to manage, the West
Virginia, campaign was - rost-pCaiOT,i-esident
ao said would make the
appoiiitr.,, ,
rr -t ir a day or so.
"TOMEK used
.to think "fe
male diseases "
could, only be
treated alter "lo
cal eSjnins.
tions" by phys
cians. Dread of
such treatment
kept thousands of
modest "women
Silent about their
sjffenrg. Thelr1
iroduction of
7Ine of Cardul has nov demon
strated that nine-tenths of all the
cases of menstrual disorders do
not require a physician's attention
at all. The simple, pure
tclcen In the privacy of acmiA?
own home insures quick relief and
speedy cure. Women need not
hesitate now. "Vine of Carcui re
quires no humiliating examlna
Lons fCr its adoption. It curestiny
. disease that come3 under the head
of "female troubles" disordered
menses, falling of ,the twomb,
""whites," change ofllfe. Itmakes
wdmen beautiful by making them
well. It keeps Ihem young by
keeping them healthy. $1.00 at
the arug store.
Fo- advice in cases rwprfriis scecial
directions, address, giving- symptoms,
the "Ladies Advisory Department,"
Ths Chattanacga. Medicine Co., Cbcttt
Boga.Tean. 7. 1. ADDISG1, H.B-.Cary, Miss., says:
"I use Wine of Csrdui extensively in
my practice andfind it a znut excellent
preparation fer female troubles."
The merit of Ilobd7s Sarsaparllla
Is literally written in blood.
It is traced in the vital fluid
Of millions of the human race,
rts is positive niedieinal merit
And curative power 13 written
Upon the heart?, and gfave upon
The minds of thousands"
Jf people whom it has cured
And given good health
When there seeKied nothing before
Them but daikness itd despair,
tt cures all diseases arhiiig
From or promoted by impure'
Clood by its intrinsic merit as
The Ono true Blood Purifier-
Celeslin Jagou lias a large quanti
fy of fine grapesj winch lie is selling
' FAITHFUL gentlemen or
dies to travel for responsible, estab
lished honso in Southwest Teias.
Monthly 60 00 and expense4?. Posi
tion steady. Reiererco. Enclose
self -addressed stamped envelop. The
Dominion Uompany, XTept. II, Chi
cago4! For Hent.
A "piano in first-class
ondition. Apply fo J. D". Auderso n.
Tneir Difference oi Opinion
on the Subject of'fre'e
Raw Material.
Washington Post.
Representative Bailey, at
one end of the caprtol, de
nounces the doctrine of free
raw materials as undemocratic;
Senator Chilton, at the other
end, says that free raw mate
rial is &e right and proper
thin. Bo'th are from Texas.
Tnis is the beorinninor of a
great political war. Texas is
to he stirred Trom Arkansas to
Arizona, from Indian territory
to the Mexican border. Upon
the seat of Senator Mills the
eyes of Governor Hogg are
longingly cast, while Congress
man Bailey will at'tempt to
succeed Senator Chilton. The
speeches which Baiiey and
Chilton have made had no
bearing at all upon the tariff!
bill. They were 'delivered as
foundations for the struggle
that Texas is to witness. 5
There is said to be already
a revolution i'n the State.!
Without any notice "or pre
vious explanation, two Texas
democrats, Kleberg and W"
den, voted for the111
One represents -,J'San AntJ
nio district, H greatest WSoi
' the United States, 1,
-- Lhe ether v,ras elected by a
very narrow majority over his J
publican opponent. Bailey
s that he sees the hand
writing on the wall. He is
going to make this fight for
the protection of raw wool. "I
will never vote tp give the wool
manufacturers 50 per cent
protection," he says, tVand
give the wool producer noth
ing.'7 On this line he is to
make his campaign for the
The sweetest
and the most
"word in the
English language and the one about
which the most tender and holy recol
lections cluster is that of Mother she
who watched our tenfler jears; yet the
life of every Expectant Mother is beset
with S&.a.G8ZFB! J
uaner iiiiisva v x itivi:
jj id? ca e 5S f
so assists Kture in the change taking
place that the Mother is enabled to
look forward without dread or gloomy
forebodings to The hour when she ex
periences the the joy of Motherhood.
It3 use insures safecy to the lives of
both Mother and Child, and she is left
aiiuugci aitei iuitii uciuic uuuuucuicuvr
tie. Book to "Expectant Slot hers "tnll be mail-
ed free on request, to any lady, containing vai-
solo by all oruggists.
Untill Sept 1st to introduce our lfn
frs3 JJlcthod of "IL.JLIJiG and
CXTIlCTJVfr Teeth and our
The? Chicago DtHtftt Parlors $0f
SAJIT 2JiTOAlG, Teas, Ivill al
16 to' each person, coming to their cf
fiees from outside the city, 1.00 JPEIS.
&SJT for SOSIcl until Jental
work is completed. iJif& IVQRIi.
iA: IlEI'telll 5 YEA IIS.
than all
Offices: Cor. Houston stand Ave. c.
Hicks Block) San Antjnic,Texas
Drs. GoggALAN & Hays,
?raFlf Si3 Si
l&M We Pay The Blls!
I M "L ' Mrm ! - L
P - , 'T !T1 L :
Time, Tide, Opportunity
Wait For no Map(
The Pope Manufacturing Co., are selling
thier Columbia 'and Hartford Bicycles at the fok ftt
lowine rAarkabTe-NEW PRICES: "
1S97 Columbias, iTodel 45, 46
-iRn-T .. 1. J.8
180i ; ap, 41,
zSo6 ;, f 45,.......-.. -- ;,
1896 43. Diamond .. ; g
ib'97 liarttords, patterns 7, 0,9,
'W I 7
ii97 A
896 '5 ''!' 3jJ
Our bicycles are unequal artd all machines
'guara'nteed as represente'd.
PoueMn'fe. Co.
ror furthur particulars, prices and terms call, h
on or write.
S-, L. Dworman,
rownsville, - - - - Texas .
The Improved
No GiiimneY! No
Money Saving
1 ly
Cuts Kexreserit
,W j
The Lamp Wltli
and Witliout Sliadc
it is tne only lamp burning kerosene oil which will
-;fr n a -r . T ti - t 1 im
maintain 3. name ot uniiorm candle power udtil the oil is en-
lIrel' exftausted. in other lamps, as the oil is consumed, the
candle power of the flame decreases. HitrhrorL- T nmn ?c oA
candle p'ower by photometric test. Any good grade of kerosene
can be Used in it; and it is the only artificial light which gives
to tinted fabrics their proper color at night; neither gas or
electric light will do this".
By way of comparison we will say the. regular centrai
draft kerosene (Rochester) lamp, with a wick 3 inches "in ch
cumference; will give dbo'ut 28 candle power with a consump
tion of oil costing 6 1-4 cents for io Hours', and producing aii
immense arndimt of heat: The candle will deminish as the oil
becomes low while the Improved Hitchcock is uniform till all
the oil is used, and the cost for 10 Hours burning will not ex
ceed 3 cents. Besidesjhere will be little dr do heat. Burning
both lamps for 5 hours' per day for one year a saving of about
$7.50 will be made in the cost of oil in iavor of the Hitchcock
Lamp, to sdy nothing df the loss hi Breakage, of chimneys
and trouble of cleaning same.
7? A ATin -r nic 4.. 1 L r .'f - v--j; .
AV- iJ- ";". " icimia,
Improved Hitchsock Lamp'dn
Bcownsville in a fewlays, vhen he will show and explain mom
fully its many.advantages. A large number, of ianips-have
been sold in Hidalgo Go and irr fvp$r mc.Ti-,;-.tfritij-
y they could not do without it
IL A,,lf arsh, Asreat
, 49,-. VV. ..-... . 7o
44 ."...... -V.V.... ....... fe T&
10, v"y
- 4-."
Smoke! No
and Absoliite-
. '
ih me agenc iorme sale 01 the
the - Rk Gra'rtde ana he' nlrvTsit
for twice the price. --""
r t .

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