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MOXDAV, AUGUST -2, 1897.
TOWfi. "
"Vofe. for the railway
iment. ' " ; " ' . . '
, A few drops of rainiell yesterday
Jafternooir. . . ."'
'- The steamer -is advertised 'to -sail
from Brazos on "Wednesday morning
liext, connecting train leaving here
ht 5 p. m., Tnesday.
The railway ammendment will
ave us from stagnation, will bring
newJifetotiiislarid it will bring
Us& raiVroad. Yote for it.
S. P. Wreford informs us that ho
is not buying cotton any more and
ho is not decided whether he will
Jentor the market again this season.
If y ju want to keep coal theso hot
'days go to Celestin Jagou's arid tak1
ii seat beneath one of those electric
fans which he has put up in nils cs .
'The schooner Lake Austin Ar
rived at Point Isabel yesterday with
ia sargo 61 lumber, with Capt. Law-.
Ison master. The captain is in tho
?city to remain a day or so;
The steamship Morgan arrived in
side the bar last evening t brio-
o'clock with 27 carsof freTglitrxJ
train with passenger?, mail andex
fcress arrived at 5 o'clock in thejt?
There were a few doubting T-hd-"maselwh'6
refused to believe that
;Mr. Marris had really bagged the
bollectorship,but the state 'dailies ar
riving last night comprised the
"news of the appointment arid set
all doubts at rest.
iiddies I make big wages at
homo; and want all to have the
"same opportunity; The Work is
Very pleasant and will easily pay
$18 weekly. This is rio deception.
I want no money and will gladiy
JsendUfull particulars to" all sending
stamp. Miss M. A; Steb'biuR, Lawrence-,
. , "General Eniiliario Lojero is "ex
pected to arrive in 3Iatamoros to
biorroVv. County Surveyor Martin Hanson
TQturhed'Saturday from a business
trip up the fiver . - "
. .Capt. Jesse ThpJ nham came home
- .by Saturday's M& M. trains after a
-hricf visit to up river points; -
T . Miss Jiilia Bollack has returned
frbiri"a delightful visit to her friend,
MissMaggie Kenedy on Brazos Is
jjantl.' . " .
- D,".-S. Cage of Velascd, aVIio is
connected with a cotton seed oil
iniil of that cify, arrived on the
steariior yes'terdiy to look into the
'cotton business in this section.
I. A. Duncan arrived on the
. steamer yesterday and will niake
Brownsvillo his home, tiaviriing ac
'cepted the position of Cashier of the
First National Bank. Mr. Duncan's"
fariiilv did riot accompany him, but
will arrive later.
- Charios Baxter, who is connected
with the Sodtllefri Pacific company
witli headquarters at New Orleans,
arrived on yesterday's steanier bn a
brief visit to friends at Brazos'. It
Is reported thatMr. Baxter finds the
attractions of this port greatly ori-
liaricedb a certain pair of bright
byes arid that he hopes some day to
carrry tlieir possessor back to New
-Orleans with him. He will return
home By this steadier-
- .... ?
J. T. Smith of Austin, arid, who
tiy-ttie Way, is one of the" best known
?civil erigirieersMn the slate, arrived
In Browrisvilid last evening via,
-steamer. Mr. Smith is iiero again
-to talk water-works and electric
iight to our people . arid has the
Sipital to contrupt these enterprises,
Ihe onl: thing reniaining is Idr our
"citizens to give him the 6n-
cddragenier.t lie asks. If the proper
franc1ilsJs and support can be hid
Mr. iSniith will. put. up. a 50,0301
pH$U r-
Court TIeusfe Crowded "Witli Ven
ters to EaUorse "the ISaHw&y
Pcrsnant to the call issued.' hy a
dumber of our leading citizen, a
publfc me'etiifg jvas held Saturday
night at lheconrt house for the pur
pose of 'discussing the merits of the
proposed railway amendment. The
meeting was characterized by groit
enthusiasm, the large coaftj room
"being filled to its utmost 'capacity.
Capt. "Wm. Kelly called the meeting
to order at 'Bight o'clock and stated
the purpose for which the citizens
had been called together. In forci
ble and pointed sentences ho .set
forth the salient features 'of the pro
posed amendment, its fairness to all,
and the great benefits that must ac-
cure to the lower Eio Grande from
its adoption. The great need of a
railroad to develop Cameron couniy,
and the failure of so many enter
prise's for tho construction of a road
lilt her, leaving Us almost without
hope, and the dreary prospect which
the frituro holds-for us, unless a road
be speedily secured were faithfully
"depicted by Capt. Kelly, who then
pointed to the wise provisions of the
proposer! amendment as affording a
final hope for securing the long
needed railroad'. He also explained
the provisions of the law, which al
lows rio greater 'tax than two p$r
centum to be assessed for the pay
ment of . the interest and sinking
fund for the bonds which it autho
rizes; aridfalso.prohi bits the issuance
of sucllricls, except;npon the corii
pletion arid euipnie&of the rail-
road. Capt. Kelly's emar HpotJ., TqS jrrijy 27, 1SST.
very enunuaiasiicauv iucbivkii.
Following this introduction, the
meotirig was organized, with 'James
A. Browne; as president, Louis Ko
walski as iecrbrarv, and Fecnhdo
COrtoz, Narciso Lorigoriai Manuel
Barreaa 'and II. Eeyes as presidents.
F. C. Fbrto then addressed the
meeting in Spanish speaking at
length, and iriaking. clear t6 the
Mexican clement bf the audience,
the fall mbritsof the propdsed law.
nis eloquent address was loudly ap
plauded. Others who spoke "at great
er or less length iti Spanish were
Antonio Torre?, Paulino Preciado,
Alfred Thornlianv, Antonio Ramirez.
Justnio fjopezj Domingo Malpica
and Alberto Gonzales. All of these
gentlemen were listened to atten
tively and enthusiastically applaud
A band of music was engaged for
the evening and played lively airs
between the speeches. Th'd entire
audience seemed carried away with
enthusiasm, and the result of tho
meeting will doubtless be seen in a
heavy vote tomorrow in favor bf the
amendment included nearlr all of
our leading citizens both A'nferican
and Mexican.
I will sell, for cash, $0,0C0 acres of
land in Hidalgo couniy, Texas, at SO
cents per acre. Have also for sale
horse stock, cattle and sheep, on pri
vate terms, as soon as tho number
can be ascertained. Apply to
JduS M'cASLEyr.
Brownsville, Texii.
Tile Coliectorsliip Fight.
Washington, July 29. The CoUec
torship at Brownsville was settled
by the appointirient of Charles II.
Maris today. Maris was recom
mended arid pushed by Dr. Grant
froni the outset. Against him was
Mr. Durst, and Mr. Itontfrd latterly.
According to Mr. Durst, there are
two factions of republicans in
Brownsville; and Iteritfrb is at the
head of one. Ddrst beldngs to the
other: Durst was recommended by
Congressman Hawley. A short
time ago; Mr. Dursl say 6, to riiake
riiatters sure as against Rentffo, ho
went to the white house with Con
gressman Itawley' and Mr. Maris;
arid he withdrew his application
for Hie ofiico arid asked the appoint
ment of Mans; He also withdrew
his appiidatiori from the treasury
department, stating that he recom
mended and Indorsed Mr. Maris.
Tlie appointment of Maris was riro
mised td Grant weeks ago, aiid there
was soriie surprise lliat it was dot
sooner made, but the president con
cluded to hold it. up till congress"
Tne :New Air TineX "
San Diego, Duval Co., $ex., 'July
29. T-aeen&ineer cbrpVof the Air
line railroad company, nvhicn has a
charter to build a road from San An
tonio to Brownsville vithis. pi awe,
reached San Diejro last night. The
STews correspondent went.out to the
edge of the city and found they
struck the Texas Mexican railwav
track northwest of the city. They
have seventeen men in the corps and
will encircle the city, going on to
ward "Brownsville this morning.
The reporter talked with Messrs.
IfennedV, Gun", "McCroy and -Wise,
who say after they get out about five
miles south of this place they will
have clear sailing aird Vvill reach
Brownsvillo in abobt a bribnth.
After the profile is made; work will
commence at this place and at
San Antonio simultaneously". As
the company has good backing finan
cially lie people have faith In tho
enterprise. "San Diego "needs the
roa'd and the people herb putjup mo
ney for tho survey. Should the pro
ject not suceeed, tho action of the
people will demonstrate one fact,
that they are willing to "encourage
better 'railroad facilities for this
county and section, and will, rio
doubr, if the amendment to the
constitution passes, bond the county
to secure
the railroad. Gsl ves'ton
If you want an inkstand that ydu
cauriot spill ihe ink out bf,"ybu can
get It at Botica 'del Eeon, full of
ink, for only S.T cents.
Notice to Ice CriSuniers.
,."..;,. ...-bffice of .
Frontier Ice Worss.
j . - - . . ''
In order to conn uneasiness anu
pay expenses, we are compelled 'id
make the following prices; com
mencing August 1 i ...".
So lbs (one bar, full weight)...". .".... $1.25
........ r..?.:y.: 25
;. :y..y.iV.r -15
..:.'.'.-..;...:."...'.-.."I 2
5 ;.,. ......... ............ ..,:.:. .10
"So ice cut less than olbs: or sold
for less than leu cents.- -
We guarantee big weight, pure
crystal ice", and sell for Mexican
Geo. W. IIendall, 31ariager.
r-T. r . t
Dr. Price's Cream. Baking Powder
Yorld's Fair Highest Medal and Diploma,
Wanted: Agents arid salesmen
for the "Security" 'Cash Ttecordefs
in this city and state. For particu
lars address Ho ecu Cash Recorder
co., Indian Orchard, ifass.
Just try a 10c box of Cascaret the
finest liver and bowel regulator ever
CIreap Passenger Hates'.
Tlie Morgan Steaihship Company
has made the following1 reductions
in its passengor rates from Brazos
Santiago to Galveston or New Or
leans, for single or rouud trip
Cabin. Deck. Round trip.
Bit .50. $10.00. 330.00
Oabiri. Deck; Round trip.
?25.00. $15.00. 4o.0d
Deck rates includo meals and
bunks. Round trip tickets are
made available for return sixty
days froni dalri of sale. For lull
information call ori or write 31. B.
Kingsbury; agent, Brownsvillo Te
as. Thcre'wiil bo ttno flies ori you" if
you buy a 10 cent fly trap at Botica
lei Leon:
Mrs. "Winslow's Soothing Syrup has
been used' for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their child
ren while teething, with perfect suc
cess. It soothes the child, softens
the gums, allays ail pain, enres wind
colic; and is the best reniedv for
Diarrh&a. It ivill relieve the pdOr
little sufferer immediately; Sold by
Druggists in every part of the world
Twenty-live. cents a bottle; Be sure
and ask for '-Mrs; "Vinsi6w's Sooth
ing Syrupy arid lade no other kind:
Cascarets sli Jriulate liver kidney
and bowels. XeyeF'sicken, 'weaken
'jr griper 10 Ji
Aieit want is mat gnawing.at tne
--;-. ..... l .; '- - -
stomach aiter.you have eaten ji fillip
.nnnl cinI Aon't ant omr rrtr"V '- tlff
y'e't there Is that feeling as- though l
von hail eaten nothing. What lSj.
wanted then Is a dose of Simmons,
Liver Regulator, the best Dyspepsia J
cure, lor.uiai is wnai. mat gujiivjiij'i
is all that is r'ecoriimendeU for In-f
digestion." A. R. Dvcho, Loridorf,
The U. S. Gov't Reporti
shoiv Royal Baking Pdwder
soDfirlor io sll ethers.
. $100Kewar(I, $10O.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there Is at
east one dreaded diseaso that
science has been able to cure in all
its stages and that Is Catarrh. Hall's
'Catarrh Cure Is. the ODly positive
curb how known to tho medical fra
ternity. Catarrh being a constitu
tional disease; requires a constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken "internally directly up
on the blood and mucous 1slrfaces
of itxo' system, thereby destroying
the foundation of the disease', arid
giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and as
sisting nature in doing its work.
The proprietors have so much faith
In its curative powers', that they of
fer One Hundred Dollars for any
case that it fails to cure.. Send for
1 ist bf Testimonial s ".
Address, F. J. Cheney -& Co.,
Toledo, Y. -r
Sold by Druggists, 7oc. ... ,, ,
Hall's Family Pills are tho best:
WANTED-Active,., sober.- and
trustworthy man "to travel
throughout this section ; good posir
tion; salary 50 a month, payable
weekly, and expenses; splendid op"
portunitv." Address Shepp" Cbm-pariy-.No
. 1020 Ohesnut street, Phil-
aueipmji; renn.
.,.. -r- ..
I have this day bought the re-'
maimter of the stock of lry goods
- i'
ptcdfIrsS. Ashheini arid will
continue business at the same stand
All persons indebted to Mrs. Ash
helm will please call on me and set
tie same. A. Turk.
Brownsvilo, Texas, July ia'97 .
. SagRHEB Law Leotures
1 to Auc 31. 1897. Cocise Includes A. lectnresbj
Mr Justice Harlan, of U & supreme Court. For
B ' CacrioaesYilIe; Vs.
If you wmit to quit tobacco using
easily and forover, be made "Rell
strong, niagnetfc, f ull of new life and
vigor, takes io-To-Bac, the wonder
worker that makes weak men strong.
Man3'tgam ten poand3 in ten da's:.
Over': 400,000 cureil- Buy 2To-To-Bac
from your own druggist, who will
guarantee a cure 50c. or 61.00- Booklet
and sample mailed free. Address: Ster
ling Remedy Co., Chicago or New
I Pianos and !
lOrgans Ttoiedl c
3 -w- . .. 1 r3i
1 - -
lis home aonam and is pre-, Hs
Ipared to tune ana repan -
Ipianos, organs
and all
kind's of musical mstru
iments on short notice
jCan be found at tlie t
Will earn yoiii
"weekly with
our plan ol -in-
Tw'd nien niade $500 and
650 last month on 13. You
can do likewise. If you don't
invest an'd keep tRe " "money in
your pocket you will b'e rJoo'r
all your life. Try us with 10
and see what we can do-.
Write for particulars td v .-
Mmm Bstonsico
dffices 513-215 Byrrle,Bid;g'-:
L03 Angeles, California
i. A "" f HT'Wimi- 1 7 iA J
Xvf,5J K. yiWci'M'iv CI? '
ft M
1 I
is: -siks--cSi"
SP5fc. SN. . P0S MBit BV Jr&9t
JF' Mk . . 1 - li .&. k. .Si
m, M&jwrm&mvB) ULfj jltvvuli m
eC -"-1 - -C-l - TJ -KS s-iJ
Safe DraeSi.-: !; S
. . - .... L K&
w The Saving or 'gainmofk&eal Imay dep'end qn$
tlie freslirfess or purity bf "drugs ybxit us'e. 'Oertam dsi-
ti ve results must be Iia'd.
W We offer safe, relfabfe
'Jt 'does we destroy ft. The reputation Ve 'maintairi for
(rdiabilTty arid a'ceurafe prescnptroriivork miniis the best-
,ydfcevery. thing. "". S.-.
g We cdrriply strictly vitH tlie-State tharmacy LaV.
Prescnpti6ns prepared only brggistered Phariiiacists;
- i t.
Yoii Gan Find Mor fed Bargain
Here Than Anywhere Elsei
oy s
Tfeai's O'eid ia
Nothing but
juio. 1 nt;TvflMi.vK
wjmsr k
tne auuse oirroucsome young
ness. Xo matter
t?Zi 'th fg) W a
Satisfaction guaranteed. Special bargains:
7 ' 1 e
For Ladies,
Ladies Dress Go6ds
White and colored lawns-, organdie?, hew styles of Italiari
lawns, solid cdldred fabrics, etc.,. etc. Also a complete line ok:
Cashmeres and linen eoods for medfs summer suite.
HatSj Shoes, FurnisniHg Gpods-, Et6-.'
I3elow i a partial list of)tli"e-c goods in stock
A full line of men's and boy's straw, felt, woolen and com
hats, silk and linen handkerchiefs, shawls, ribbons, ivopU
en and damask table covers, mattings ? rid window
shades; . trunks, gents' furnishing goods, bleach.
ed and unbleached domestics, silver ware, "
sewing machines and musical inst'-'mentsv '
.-. . . .. - - - .-- - "i ..
fegSee tiiose handsome enameled iron bedsteads, '(Mrfe
gle and double) which are fust the thing for this climatu, -
King Brg.
,- -.- v--
u r .,
CfWnieriy i. Kleiher"s Stand..) , M
Just Beeeived a Full Lme Qf
Mi Eli
swltelkt Articles,
rerieniBfj PainiSj Bfisliefj Oiiij Et Eicr ; "
m T If
sin i&iiiiMi n
Ull, mi Mir J U
BfoasIIle; i s
" - fc
! - - "
drtJ?ors-nbthin's: qets btd, ifj
FM lanapr,
Corner of
f ElilZABETH f
J -.AND-. 3
f 13tli. Streets. J
Comemnri SeeM lr6r.rsell
everj Waj
the best- Everything in iss depart
ment first-class, ijo.need to havea care r-.'nrprain tno
Clothing, for ypurf W if it comas fr'roni .r.nandez
au tiziea uuu iutj "- -.-
iijtz-zr' .
s&sieefP' K- - "" "
S1&5? -
rrs suits j-
A't Lw Prices ,"
., .Stylish fabrics is the rule in this braneh of bur . guaii
wuat tne price tne.-auicsiio; -suajjcij
5Iea ani ShiltoaV
if you want good hosiery do not fait to cxnmfnetrih
large assortment at Fernande? '& Bro". 1?IiexJitveSidai
cry of all colors, sizes and prices. " ' -
v. .. A' -!.
Patent Infian SWMIk-
aifaian. rroDnmer.
- eiisfe:

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