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, TfljE-DAILY -HEttiLD
e BfFieiii gin mmJ
mt 0. WSife&
jx rscjssros.
Subscription Rates.
Dne Year $6.00
fe Months, 3-
;.:- - -- t r4
t .. . 6octs
Corn is still relating nfr 16 cents
Sugarcane in small quantifies is
oming in daily.
John W. Poyt is having sojme to
pairs made on his residence.
Dr. Price's Crearfs Baking FowcEe
World's Fair Kis&est Award.
There will bo "no Hies en yon'' if
3011 hfry a 10 cent fly trap at liQtica
.lei Leon.
There will be a game of base-ball
:atthe Point tomorrow "between two
-juvenile nines
Wood is a rather scarce article
:aow, and the little that is brought
Into town sells high.
5)on't forget the excursion over
ihe Uio Grande railroad tomorrow.
!Chere will be fun at the Point.
Alice is to havo a new postmaster,
B. S. Overton having been appoint
ed vice Adolph Voight, removed.
A lijjht Tain, lasting about a half
'an hour, fell late yesterday after
:inoott. It has also been tning to
Vain!at intervals today.
WANTED : A tioy to learn The print
ing trade, one who is nof aftraid to work.
Ilust 'be intelligent and able to wFite
English. Apply to this efnee at Vn .
Frofti'R. A. Marsh, who is in town
from Delfina. iKdalgo county, we
learn that the vote of that county
lor 'the amendments was 467, only 6
Votes being cast against. :
The Rio Grande railroad company
Viauled 30,006 pounds seed cotton to
Point isabel last evening, which is
froing loaded on the schooner Lake
Austin for Velasco. About tho same
rfmouut awaits the lelum of tho
'Owing to tho sorious illness of tho
Avife of Editor Romr&ldo Trevino
bl the Dos' Ropublicas. that paper
Tailed to tftake Jts "appearance on
Thursday, but will come out as
Visual n Sunday. We hopo that
Mr. Trevino may soon improve.
'Commenting upon the slump in
Mexican money and tho consequent
?3se in the prieo of groceries, etc.,
yebterday, a Mexican lemarked:
VtAnd the Bed club told us that if
iho republicans were elected Mex
5can money would be worth more
and everything would be cheaper."
San Antonio Express Aug. .
William Kenedv, chief engineer of
Iho San Antonio & Brownsville
Bail way sur voting t;orps, passed
through the city yesterday on his
way to Austin, ihere he was called
on oiisiness. The surveying corps
has reached San Diego, where they
re now resting. Work on tho sur
vey will be resumed as soon as Mr.
Kenedy returns to San Diego.
3Irs. F. L. Laucasier is in the city
1Irom Santa Maria.
Mrs. II. E. Woodhoaso Spdit the
lay in tne city front her sumnier
fe. R. Jeffordscame uf from the
Point this morning and left this af
Aernood for his raucllin Hidalgo.
Private Charles D . Kuth, Go. n,
23d Inf., Fort Browri, has been trans
ferred to the hospital corps and is
"detailed for duly at Camp Eaglo
iass. Ex press Army Notes.
6. H. Woessner the sewing ma
Shine man says that on his rounds
through Nueces and Duval cottnties
lie iUisscs lhanv families which "are
reported to have gone to Galveston!
In wsrfc In tho factories or in the
!Eo Gret eiu Xojoro,
Preparations have been tnade by
tlie leading cHlze'ns ol Matamoros
lor an -elegant reception, and ball to
"bo tendered c Gen E. Ldfero this
evening, m3i on or-of Ills return to
he Hgtoic Uity.
The following gentlemen will
serve on the various committees in
dicated, for 'this notable social hap
pening, as published is the Cronista :
Invitanon.-ritaiaet coiis, ueu.
Andres Michel, Gen. Lauro Cavazos,
Francisco P. Farias, Guadalupe
aitindoz. G. 31. Raphael, German
deception. flannel Trevino San
tos Coy, John IT. Yalls, Frank S.
t Schick, Manuel 31. Mendiola, Fr.
Trovino Canales, Miguel Esohazar
rcta, Joaquin Arguellos, Leon Ara
gon, Servando Gal van, Alfredo
Decoration. Marcelino Bougier,
Julio Olivo, Luis Guerra, Antonio
3. do Gaceies, Manuel Cardenas
Music Col. Pragedis Cavazos,
Enrique Gal met.
Refreshment. Dr. Miguel BaVra'
gan, Nicolas T. Guzman .
"Orden do MtjsaV-M. H. Cross,
Mutias Guena, Dr. Lamberto Ayala,
Caldonieio Uitusastegui, Miguel G.
Betanconft, Jose Dosal, Lieut. F. B.
tie la Pcna, Fractuoso Davila, Fr. R.
Trevino, Henry Sielson, jr .
Floor pianagors . 2icolas T. Guz
man, Lorenzo Gaiibay.
To tender the entertainment to
Gen. Lojero. Rafael Sells, Dais G.
y Guerra, Nicolas T. Guzman.
To escort Gen. Lojero to the opera
hpusd. Dr. Miguel Barragan, Dr.
Antonio C. Guzman, Luis G. y
A felt want is that gnaw ing at the
stomach after you have eaten a full
meal, and can't eat any more, and
yet there is that feeling as though
yon had eaten nothing. What is
wanted then is a dose of Simmons
Livor Regulator, the best Dyspepsia
'enroj for that is what that gnawing
means. "Simmons Liver Regulator
is all that is recommended for In
digestion." A. R. Dyche, Londou,
The Election at Laredo.
During last May tho Times pub
lished the Governor's proclamation
tor the holding of an election to oc
cur to-day to vote on certain amend- j
ments proposed by the legislature.
The election was sadly neglected in
Laredo,' no tickets were printed and
no interest taken on it. - The polls
in Wards Nos. 1 3 and -L were open
ed this morning at the appointed
hour and the poll in Watd So $
was not opened at all. The pre'sid
ing officers are 'the same gentlemen
who were appointed by the County
Commissioners at the lastlovember
election. No. 1, Jose Ma-Vela; No
2, J. A. Ortix; No. 3, Emilio Florei;
No. 4, A. Deutz. At three o'clock
not twenty votes nad been cast in
the three polls put together. Lare
do Times
The merit of Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is literally written in blood.
It is traced in tho vital fluid
Of millions of the human race,
ts is positive medicinal merit
And curative power is written
Upon the heart, and gravS upon
The minds of thousands
Jf people whom it has cured -
And given good health
When there seemed nothing before
Them but darkness and despair.
It cures all diseases arising
From or promoted by impure
Blood by its intrinsic merit as
The One Tt:ue Blood Purifier
Mrs. "7ixslows Sootiiivg Sykup has
been used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their child
ren while teething with perfect suc
cess. It soothes the child, softens
the gums allays all pain, cures wind
colic, and is the best remedy for
Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor
little sufferer immediately. Sold by
Druggists iu every part of the world
Twenty-five cenls a Lottie. Be sure
and ilsk for fMr. "Wlnslow's Sooth
ing S:rup' and lade no other kind.
Wanted: Agents and salesmen
for the Security" Gash Recorders
in thia city and state. For particu
lars address Hough Cash Recokdee
The Defeat.
There soema no doubt whatever
that all of ffhe amendments voted
upon in Tuesday's election were de
feated. The defeat was probably
-due to a general misunderstanding
ot their nature, "by many and a lack
of interest on the part of others.
Tloweverthat may be, it is greatly
to be regretted that they did not
carry. The development and prog-ess
of West Texas have received a
serious set-back, which may possibly
Fer-fciever m overcome, in the defeat of
the irrigation amendment. It seems
impossible to securo legislation
(which will enable the people-of this
region to establlshlrrigation systems
on a scale sufficient! large to be of
"sneral benefit. As to the imend-
ment to validate the bonds held hyr
fhp. state school fund, the entire
slate will be thefoser by ils defeat.
The defeat of the railway bond
amendment is naturally of the
greatest import to those counties for
whoso benefit it was, intended. 'It
seems hard that narrow minded or
illiberal voters throughout tho stale
should have the power to inflict
such a' hurt upon these counties
which have struggled so long under
the great disadvantage of being
without rail connection. The de
feated amendment was fair in its
provisions and would merely have
given those counties tho right to
decidefor themselves at any time
whether they should incur a limited
indebtedness for tho purpose 'of se
curing -2. railroad.
For the week endirg Friday
Aug. S, 1807, itaken at ort Brow n.
xTuly 3I...
Aug 1...
Max Mm Mean Precip
..93 ....71 82 gf
, 97 74 85.5.. ..W
..SG 75 85. 5.... 00
..96... .72 84 00
..98 85 91. 5. ...00
. 9S 73 ....85.5. ...10
96:28.. 74.il.. 85.5.... 10
For the conesponding week in
Date Max Mm Mean Precip
July 31 90 ...7G 86 00
Aug. 1 96. ...73 84.5 00
"2 94.. ..73 83.5 00
3 '95. ...76 85.5 00
4 86.... 73 79 '.16
I 5.. ..97. ...71 ...-84 00
6 97. ...85 91 00
Mean 84.78-.. .16
The U. S. GoVt Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
sucerlor tG all others
T will sell, for cash, SOjOOO acres of
land in Hidalgo county, Texa, at 80
cents per acre. Have also for sale:
horse stock, cattle and sheep, on pri
vate terms, as soon as tiie number
can be ascertained. Apply to
Jony McAllen.
Brownsville, Teas.
This Is Tour Crportnity r'"
On receipt of ten cent, cash or stamps,
a generous sample v. ill bo mailed of tho
most popular Catarrh and Hay Fever Cure
(Ely's Cream Balm) sufficient to demon,
strata the great merits of the remedy.
SG 7arren St., J?e-r Tori City.
llev. .John Bela, J , of "Great Falls, Mont
reeommended Ely's Cream Balm to mo. I
can emphasize Ins statement, ''It is a posi
tive care for catarrh if used asdirected.''-?-Bev.
Francis V. Poole, Pastor CentralPres.
Church, Helena, Moat.
Ely's Cream Balm is the acknowledged
cuTe for catarrh and contains no merenry
ncr any injurious drug. Price, 50 cents.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at
east one dreaded diseaso that
science has been able to cure in ali
its stages and that is Catarrh. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is the only- positive
cure now known to tho medical fra
ternity. Catarrh being a constitu
tional disease, requires a constitu
tional treatment. Hail's Catarrh
Cure is taken internally directly up
on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system, thereby destroying
the foundation of the disease, and
giving the patient strength by
building up tne constitution and as
sist ing nature hi doing its work.
Tho proprietors have so much, faith
in its curative powers, that they of
fer One Hundred Dollars for any
case that it fails to cure. Send for
list of Testimonials.
Address, F. J. Chexey &. Co.,
Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c. ' "
Hall's Family Pills-are the. best.
Tlfe following uncalled for let
ters remainingVn 'the post office at
Brownsville, for the week ending
Aug. 7, 1S& are :
Bela, Mamvela L.
'Cardenas, Juliana
tontreras Patricia Lopez
Cobarrubia Refugia
'Galban, Carmeir
Lopez, Eugenia
Marion Eugenia
Melendres, Reyes
Zandoval, Eugenia
Allan, S.
Abrego, Sabas
Dewees. J. H.
Espinosa, Antonio l
"Estrada, Juan
Fuentes, Ambrocio
Gusman, Juan , '
Henry Richard
Landin, Felis
Rodriguez, Rosalio
JSios, senoii
Serda, Juan
Tupapse Tedise
VaHes, Juan Torres
Persons calling for the above let
ters will please say advertised.
Wm. J. Russell, Postmaster.
W FAITHFUL gentlemen or la
dies to travel Tor responsible, estab
lished houo in Southwest Texas.
Moiithl v $65.00 und expenses. Posi
tion stead v. Reiererce. Enclose
self-addressed stamped envelop. The
Dominion Company, Dept. II, Chi
cago. Xotlto Ice Consumers.
iOffLcelLof -. I
mvtiz&e Works,
m-ownsvilfeexa 1S97
In order to continue busiriesand-
pay expenses, we are compelled- to
make tho following prices, com
mencing August 1 : v
80 ibs (one bar, full weight) $1.25
"No ice cut less than 5 IBs. or sold;
for lesa than ten cents.
WG guarantee bi'g weight, pure
crystal ice, and sell for Mexican
Geo. W. RofDAiA, Manager.
Will Par
Highest Market
Sacks Famislied
to ResDonsible-
Ofhce and Warehouse at the
Old Stand of the Boot.
Will earn you
weekly with
our plan of in-s
Two men made $500 and
$650 last month on $10. You
can do likewise. If you don't
invest and keep the nioney in
your pocket you will be poor
all your life. Try us with $10
and see what we can do.
Write for particulars to
Offices 213-215 Byrne Bjd'gi
Put f 1
, fcVf iBIUiu.
4 U
rr w
1)1 fllflJi lllfeH W:
Safe Drugs-.
The savino- or eaintne
K the freshness or purity of drugs you use.' Cerfam posi-
M tive results must be hacl.
W We offer safe, reliable drugs nothing gets old, iig
lit t does we destroy it. The reputation we mlintairi foVg
i-5-l 0J-'
reliability and accurate prescription work insures the best
ftof every thingf.
.S We comply strictly with the State Pharmacy Lawf
Prescriptions prepa'red only
ft-uSBnnDMSWUxTTf m9tJt Jti'iYdwvftTVflW VS$P Svtlc-5I SL HSSrsSr ? cZ GZr ctr
S53 VS. -CS 3p- -
1 nni 1 inn
I LlPi-ft An 1 U 1 1 t
J S I ? a H f! .Is B ? 53 e SI SI a X i
.n oijLri uj uiiu
You Oan Find More Good Bargain
Here Than Aniwhere Else. Come and See for Yourself
That's (;bd
v.Ati,mo- iif.
efntins for
T- Pkr. KVo. 01 "TlflO Tirl t3-
- n.is&cvi i
XO I -1
I l"".. I ax:
i?-i.-U f li.;nc
c 7
35 -I f l
s f J m
1 ( ir-lt
.ies' iJress u-ooas.
White and colored lawns, organdies, new styfes of ItalTaft
lawns, solid colored fabrics, etc., etc. Also a complete line ol
Cashmeres and linen goods for men's summer -suits.
ats-, ShoBs. Furnlsni ng Qootis Et5-.
Below is a partial list of otlier goods in stock':
?A full line of men's and boy s
hats, silk and linen handkerchiefs, shawls, ribbons, wool
en and damask taBle cov ers, mattings and window
shades, trunks, gents' furnishing goods, bleacF.
ed and unbleached, domestics, silver ware,
sewing machines and musical instruments-.
TSSee those nandsome
6e arid double) which are fust
(irormeriy B.
Jiist Received
Drags," Clenpis, Toilet "Wss,
U tl 1 1 U
Witimery, Paints, Brushes-,
WrA FI-.
I iu pi m luWA
of health lnadepen'd xn
r '
by registered Pharmacists-.
Ptilegnatj KahagCT,
Corner of
t AMD ik
13th. Streets. f
I BrcTnsnic, Tex.
JlJ Ui-Lii-Lfej
in every Way.
f, hot- Pivervthmar in thisdfi3ftr.
vnnr b.n- if t, comeSfroiKernan?!
B-o. They have all sizes aiidhgoadB td
the abuse of frolicsome j Aungsfeg'
?xjoSLj jjL IjjS
PffCtS. . .
?c tlm rnln in f hi? TirSTlcTl Of Otir bUSl
ness. No matter wuat the price the suits ace -napeiy;
Satisfaction guaranteed. Special bargains.
For Ladies, 3fea an! GhildrfEf. . .
If you wapt good hosiery do not fail to, examine tht
large assortment atLFernandez Si Bro. Thev navCi: hosl
ery of all colors, sizes and prices.
straw, felt, woolen and cor&
enameled iron bedsteads, (sife
the thing for this climat'e.
Brownsville i
Kleiber's Stand.l
a Full Line 02.
- Pakf
1 c y 1 1 ii t
ItKdBHHP 1 .
giagiater f
tirs 0tiea Se!ds.-Aiic9 Belie J
0 XudiaU OrpiS!ilisa
- Los Angeles GaliFot rii j
BrowJiSFills, l '

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