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tttt tts&J&b is the onlj paper ptibUshea
ttn the lower Rio Gtande-.
tttiu 2otoc6 at Bnl'ms'7ni6'feai
til i"d-C2aw Jfa dfsiier.
Subssnptwit Hates,
One Yta$ :: .. -. 64o
6 Mottthsj -.. k . i 3vOO
I k -. . -. v -. 60 Gt5
: MM Barrr 1 Ttnamrr-irni :-' 1 .1 j
, TOlSSUAYj SEP5!'. 28, 1897.
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W a lrttt4V 'arV
They are
rtel comfort."
lPraftcisco Arkansas, aged i8j died
tut Sight IH MiUhlOrOS.
: JPr Prlci &rem Baking PowiM
- . WHtf 'ft htsfta Awtttt
; iTrom the Kueees river to San An
?&dfiio the country looks very dry.
Alic Exporter.
3?h fiver rose still higher lasj
"eight it now lacks bat three inches
or reaching high Water mark again.
'BETT1R than cure is prevention
By taking Mood's SarsapariilayOU
wy xwp wen, witii pure Blood-, strong
The fair in Matamoros Was to
have ended next Thursday the
i9Qth. bat the city authorities havo
txtfended the time until Sunday
BgUIar meeting of the Knights
of ficnorthis evening. All mem
br are requested to attend as im
portant business will bo transacted.
ft, only remains now to raise the
feeaas for the railroad to Bait Anto
fcio and the sooner the bonus is
Jaised) the sooner work will begin
on the road
A ipecial meeting of the Odd tfeU
lowi lodge is called lor tomorrow
bight at 7 oyclock. All members afe
freaestsdto attend as business of
importance will come before the
- ioreto Alv&rado who was arf est
d for shooting Mike Kearney, had
his examining trill this morning
before Juttice Miller and Was bound
over in the sum of $2000 to the next
term of district court, ifot being
able to give bond, he Was r emand
dtojaih v
It is reported that the scarcity of
tentavos which our citizens flow
complain of is due to the fact that
ft certain few merchants are hold
ing them to exchange for Mexican
peot by which a very good profit
is made.. It is said that one of
these merchants claims that he sells
eighty dollars wortit of cehtavos for
one hundred Mexican silver' dollars,
thus gaining 20 per cent by the
- transaction
It is Understood that by orders re
cently iBstted by the "War Depart
Jhejit of Mexico most, if not alh, the
Military troopSj Battalions and teg
iraents of the army Will change
osts every year. According to this,
the 13th. regiment now stationed
In Matamoro8 will late that city
about the drst of May next tear.
The prospective loss of the reg
imental band is not appreciated by
the citizens of the Twin Cities.
A good recommendation for 8im
ftionsivei,RegdlatoriBJ that it is
purely vegetable and strongly tonic.
Then too, it is Setter than ills be
tadse easier to take in liquid or
powder and With no griping while
tfce relief from Constipation, Billi
OBsMft&j Sick Headache and Dyspep
ia isuidk and sure "I find Sim
mons Liver Hegtllator a very safe
aid trainable family medicine.
itev. J.M. Kollins, airfield, Va.
The examining trial of Joss Be
ttartini and E'olicarpia Salinas, tha
ttiM and woman who were arrested
fretetday for passing Ctinterfeit
tnony was held yesterday afternoon
before V. S. CommiBsidner Tilgh-
teaa, both bein bound over to the
3xt terra of feaeral cosrt. Demar
fifli'e bond W;as fixed at $I,0H) and
fiat at the wjeman at f 250. Neither"
of tftsiti beiilgble to furiiish thtfS
tairsd ooH(i, they wero remanded
w J
MTJBDE&SD AD HOBBSDs'jgiijj iJdMMlttd Metanr.
5CGt SeMer Kills 111 rpoy.
er a&d. Thea Escapes
CotUIla Texa&i Sept 27.Wv &
HaWkins, a respected fartaef forty
3ft eight years of age wis murdered
nine Bailee Boath of here yesterday
morningby his goabkeardef) -Juan
Martinet. Hawkins body wag found
at sanrise this moraing by . Will
Bucko wj & hunteri The facts as
gleaned by your correspondent heiO
from Chief Deputy Sheriff Wv Mi
Burwell of La Salle county tetnrhed
from the scene this morning are as
follows. Owing to carelessness or
thievery of the goat herder Hawkins
had been losing goats he went yes
terday to repremahd the Mexican,
who became insolent and stabbed
his employer twice in the left side
and Once in abdomen Whereupon
Hawkins rah fttlly two hundred
yards and then felh The Mexican
who had been a close pursuer, buried
his knife in Hawkins heart, then
dragged him behind a tree and;
prickly pear forty yards away
The Mexican rifled HawkiUB
pocket obtaining therefrom about
six dollars. The Mexican returned
to camp. Shortly thereafter Hawk
ins ten-year-old son rode up The
Mexican asked the loan of the boy's
horse saying that some goats Wefe
astray. He then replaced the boys
saddle with his own and rode away
tolling the bby meanwhile to book
dinner and that he (the Mexican) on
his return Would give the boy a
quirt He passed her two miles
further south, presumably en fonte
to Mexico. 'Civil officers and rang
ers are how in pursuit Tlie goat
herder is a one eyed youth Of nine
teen years.
Capt Ej J. Kenedy came tip
from the ?oint last evening.
T J. McMintt, llsqv, left this
morning on his return to San Anto
nio; Mr P. J. Kimball, of Brownsville,
is spending a few days in Corpus
Mrs. Manuel Aloh2o and son havo
returned from their trip into the
interior of Mexieo;
Dr. H. M. Hunter and L Y.Baskin
left Ofl the stage this morhittg for
San Antonio. Both gentlemen left
feeling Very hopeful of the success
of the railroad project They say
tnat ail that remains is for the three
counties to raise the bonus and the
road will be promptly built
Dunn's Examining TrlgiL
The examining trial of John
Dnnn, the young man charged with
kiil8ngRUperto Gomez, commended
Wednesday in Judge Hopkins courtj
but owing to the large number of
witnesses to be examined Was riot
concluded at the hodr of going to
press, but will probably be to-night
or early to-morrow morning. The
court room has been crowded, great
interest being manifested in the
proceedings. Caller, H-.
Mr8j WiJtatiOW's Soothing Sriiutf has
been used fdr over fifty years by
millions Of mothers fof their child
ren while teething, with perfect sue
cess. It soothes the child, softens
the gums, allays all pain, cures wind
colic,- and is the best remedy for
tJiarrhcea; It will relieve the poor
little sufferer immediately.- Sold by
Druggists in every part of the world
Twenty-fife cents a bottle; Be stiro
and ask for' "Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ing Syrup' and take no other kind.
i&dies) I make' big wages as
home, and want ail to have the
lame opportunity.- The work is
ter'y pleasant and Will easily pay
$13 weekly. This is no deception.
1 want no money and will gladly
send full particulars to all sending
stamp. Mis M.A.-Steb'bins LaW
rencev Mich.-
t fcave this tfay bought the" re
mainder of the stock: of dry goods
etc. of Mrs.- S.- Askheim and Willi
continde Bu'stases at the gtfHe; f ip
All persons indebted to Mrs. Afe
nmm win piecse can or me asa set
tle aame. A. Tn.
J ifevwjKYile Tea. J?Iy, 1 '97
The meeting of the railitfkd eoto
inittee was held-, as ahnOanCfedj yes-terla-V
aitortioon it the ofiictt Of
Chairman William Kellyj mom than
a. quortim being present After con-
siderable discussion an agreement
Was finally made with the represent
atives of the railroad company about
the same in sUbst&nCe as that Which
Was outlined at the first meeting of
the committed last Thursday) and
Which was bUbHsbM in tfridajs
Heeald. The committee Agreed On
behalf of the counties of Stair, Hi
dalgo and Cameron to set about the
Work of raising the required bonus
as speedily as possible.
Another meeting will be held
Thursday for the purpose of ap
pointing tnb-cOmmittees to canvass
the three counties and solicit sub
scriptions to the bonds.
When billions or costive eat Cas
ttaret Candy Catharticj cure guaran
teed 10c. 25c.
Cfrg&p PAssfenger JEtatesi
The Morgan Steamship Company
has made the following reductions
in its passengor rates from firazos
Santiago to Galveston or New Or
leans, for single or round trip
tickets t
Between $vlazos adgAlves'tOS-.
Cabirt. Decki Round trip-.
t51T.50. $10.00. 5$000
Cabin. Deck. ItoUnd trip;
$20.00. $15.00. $45,00
Deck rates include meals and
bunks; Hound trip tickets are
made available for return sixty
days from date of sale. For lull
information call on or write M. B;
Kingsburyj agent, Brownsville Tex-
VnOHronMtlD&& made at
Thel Ckidaso Demtal Parlors
Offices1. Cof. Houstbn Stahd AVg; d;
(Hicks Blbck) San Antonio Texas, is
guaranteed nd kept Irt repairs for 5
yeats. Chatlered undr the 8TJM.TE
I.JLWS and T&OROC&niiY
office offers such inducements JV&
finfe -work;
Best set cf teeth including extraction,
$3.00 td$S.ob.
Pain'ess extraction, of X eeth by expsrts
only, 5d cents.-
Fihe gold crowds' 22k Qnf $5.bOi
Compositloii fillings of all kinds, 50&S:
tb $1.00.
Beautiful gbld fillings fdim; $1:00 dpi
ExarHlhatlah FreS;
Gerniah and English spbken:
Drs Goodman & HaVs;
er Infattts ana ChildraiL
jfeentoval Kdtice
This is to notify the public that I
liave moved my jewelry shop from
Jefferson stfeeti opposite court
housej to Adams streetj opposite the
store of ituan Fernandezj where I
wili be pleased to serve my old cus
tomer's a? well ks the hew Odes. My
Work speaks for itseifi
Nicolas Sanchez Alanis
BfoWfisville' Sept: IS,-1897.
Your BtfoT Jjeakal
If you have a tin roof on toSr
house and it loaksj or if you want to
prevent it from Ieaklngj hcvffit
coated with the famous Water Proof
Rubber Roof paint. W. A. Wind
sor of Sati Antonio is now in our
city and has closed a dontfact with
a number of Our citizens to paint
their roofs as soon his supply ar
rives on this steamer. He has
ermring a large consignment ot
Rubber Faint and WU1 be" pleased
to figuro wifcli thoe In need of seen.
Will practice In the Federal and
State Uoitrtf
Rio GFftmie Gtiy,
& 0 - - - - - iitk
How's Tils?
We efeir Use ftandred '"Dollars
Eeward for any Sis of Catarrh that
caBnbt be cured by Hall's Catarrh
P. & GafirtT Co-. Toledo-, O;
We-, the ahdersigned; have known
Jr. -J. Cheney for the last 15 yearsj
and believe him perfectly honorable
in ail business transactions and fi
nancially able to Caffy out any obli
gations made by their firm.
West & T&uaxj Wholesale Drug
gists, Toledo; 0 -.
WAfcOiHGs Kesxa & 3avtk Whole
sale Druggists, ToledOj O;
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally, acting directly upon the
blotid and mUcous surfaces of the
system. Testimonials sent free-.
Price T56-. per bottle-. Sold by all
flail's Family Pills are the best
The Herald office is prepared td
do all kinds of 36b work With neat
ness and dispatch and at living
prices; Remember The Herald Of
fice when you Want any work done
at that time-.
IA MtKla Elegaiite aii'ofsiiop.
I have opehed a first-class tailoring
establishment bfi Parket 0Wj whbfe
I am prepared to make suits to order
in ail styles and on short notice.
TIi& latest fashiofl plates oh hand
and perfect fits a certainty;
BroWfisviile, Sept . 1 i '97.
$i&6 tfailOfin.
it yea want a pair of pants or a
sdit of clothe3 made in the latest fa
shion Or clothes cleaned Or dyed
ball on a first glass tailor,
he Tailbr;
Cascare.ts Candy Catbartic,the mtist
wbnderful medical discovery of the
age-, pleasant- and refreshing to the
taste acting gently and positively dn
kidnev8j. liver and bowelsv cleansing
the entire Ostein, dispel colds, cure
nead ache, fever j habitual constipation
and Billioiisness ; Piea3e bily and ti y a
box of C: C. O. todavi 10. 25. 50 cents.
Sold shd guaf anteM to Cure by all
The If. & 66Vi RepQfA
show kofkl Biking PbWtkt
. W&rtoe to mil othctm
t will sell, for cash, SOjOOO acreB ot
land in Hidalgo county, Texas, at 80
cents per acre; Have also for sale
horse stock cattle and sheep; On pri
vate terms, as sodh ds the number
dan be ascertained. Apply tb
ttbdic JitiALiiBK.
Brownsviliej Texas.
dfiice with Jas. B. Wells.
BtdwftwilUi i i : i : 1 i Texm
1 UUllg gy. of a SchdStfsWp in
1 . Hraughoft'a Practical BnaM.tsS
& ec&oiarship ia mSSi any dther rCjmtable bdsir
aesi college Drliterarv sckooiia thsU. S; caa be
secured by, doing A little work at hone forthS
YoiltHS' ad6catej an iUHstrateli semi-iricnthljf
journal. It 15 electing In character, moral iS
tone, aild esfwckl intdfeadsjs aHdtirofiliHle td
young people bat rd Wth interest aid profit
oytfeople df aU ages. Stories and otHcr inter;
esting matter well illnstrated; Sample copies
sent fn. Agent? wittled. tt AddreS Tctas'
A4v3it PuBiCa, Nashville, Tena.
Heatios this paper.
Pianos and
Organs Tuned
is home agaiii .tid Is pre
pared to furie arid fepfalr'
fjiafloSi organs1 arid all
kirids Of rriusical' Insfni
menfe dri shdft iiotteg.
Can be fbilrid at the
0?he f idtori'es o Hood'ft
Sarsaparilia over all
Fof rtis of disease '
donc'Itisiveiy prdve
. i'hatit is in nrtenrirff VA
Bloo purifier, it "ddhiju'ers
The demdn,- ScfofaU;
Believes the iichitig ami BiiFning
ofaltrh'eui,' c'dres frinnirij sorfes,
droere boilg pimples, arid ev6ry
dfKer lofia of h'dmor or disease Ofif-
iuatii in impure blod. Ihd cdrga
fey Sd's sarsapariifa f ctife-
absolute pefiiflatfe'nt,- perfect cures.
"f hey aria' based upon its great pdwer
0 purify and exrioh the MesFd
oti e a Il lm 1
m . .
igaJfe Drugs
Hift S4vihgrjf gaining of -'ie&ith tiia depfetirl feh,
5&e frshhSSS fc'r purity bF druyiou 'use; Obtain 'ptfe
tiV6 results ihiit be had; Z
W '-We bffe'r safe reliabm
St ddSs We destroy it. The
reliability and accurate prescription work ittsures the best
of every thing;
S We eonitjiy stripy
riCStiiuuuua piaivu jm.j
Fly traps 10 centsSeti'ca del
deiestia -JagOd hds a liirge Ufc'ant'i
ty 0! fine grapes-, which he is rellin
Ciscifets stimulate livef kidneys
and bowels; Never sicken weakeh
'or gripe lDc;
Just try a 10c bttx of CascarCt thu
finest Uvef and bowel rgjculator ever
There wiil be ntiQ flies Oh ybn" U
Von btiy a 10 cent fly trap at Botica
lei Leon-.
it you want afi ifikstand that you
cannot spill the ink Ottt Ofj you bad
get it at Botica del LeOn full 01
ink for only 87 cents-.
FbRRfeKT:i3welim bouse m
bevee streetj formerly beenpied by
sV H; iiasdii ana family Bent reas
onable; Apply t8 ; Ytttrrid; -
W&iltea:Ageats and salesmen
fbf the "Security d&sh Ifecorders
in this city ahd statei For particu
lars address" fitJuott CAsk Becobdb
bd. Indian Orchard 3Tass.
l'he Best and Easiest Funning
Machine in the Wdrld; Todk
the fedatfof superidty at
the recent Columbian
Wdrld's FaiTi
-Dealer in
Bniiiiercid fit - - Matambtos
f iHl TA8LI
lio Grande
Frdin aiid after duiie iBthj iS97
tealar passenger traiti will
rdh aa follows:
ItS&tJtAS TfiAffr. '.
LeAfea Brownsville (Daily) at 3 a. in:
u mint Isabel it ,, 4?. m
. $brinriy "S;
kziW tim
New Home
Sewing Mines
liiij, Fffllif , Siiilij, Is, Bi. ti
I Ipetlaifp, ffpta
rJruksnbthih& &fets brnj il?
reputation we rriaintaih k5f
- g
Witii m -State Phafrnacy LiW.
u.) v,j - w . . ,
Umi laMMi 1
M - i
l'iwMl From riTnif Hrit Ml
kitii" by Dr. &&& tNHlwi
)f fctJUGH dees k'dt ilwaji iH'dlciil
tOMttmpfebfa. Mr. W.H. Palmer, di
" VaterlbO; Iowa, -wtifes: "I was tifeea
wlti ia n4rbos atflctuTd of Ibe brdc&l
tatee, which deTeloped Into nerrbc jStw1
IntioBi IiiraasortaklcoaldMitsisiQjpu I
got no sleep for days except when nHder tM
inflaenceof opIate3. Forfonrzaoathsltvf
leid agonies and prayed tbatlifeightdtt
and be atteat. On
physlclaa teld I A
ac rest But a Hoed
old hys.cian wkotft
medicine had failed.
I Advised me td ham Dr.
Miles' Bestof tlr
Nerrfne and I thank God that it has brif a
ened my days, leng-tliened my llffe andaayei.
ino from the orfors tJtnervond x trati'diu,i
D2. Miles' Besaedlea ? okl b all f&ai
glSts under a positive J-aaraiite, &t& CbUif
beiiefils or rr oey raltoinled; Book oa EMM
ad'cL Nfrrves sent free to all applies;
DB. MI tES MEDIC h t).i i3kkrk IM
i iwi mm mm
Steamers makg trlijis r betweieii
Mdrgan difcy df New Orfeifii
and Brd'zoo SanHagd,
via (Mv&jfcdn abfaut
evety 10 days
JTof xurther iiif dr'rMHbll (iMl dh df
M.B KliJSgBtjiLY Agxst;
BcHt-?diiig a,iia Lodgifig fiedii
ThirteefatH Strefetx
ASGtJAL A: MlfeSKD, ftni
(Late Cf Mlm'z fioth)
Mcala at all hotir Coffee ihi
Chotolab; J'ish; gfextlsd it illlliruf
of da-)r sfad tiightj
BfownivUie ffel
kieibf'js Stand;)..
a Full tAm Of
Mpt M-jk M
. a a i m
K a c7' -
IE, TkmMrmmrm
mfj. ajliau :iH
- H

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