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Entered at The BrewnsYilie, leiai, pocto&ce
r cecoaa-iiUiii mail iasrtr.
loej Hiouj-i Bjnujiss, Socifc. Siie East
this ofnce and the mtutsr will receive
Jirorapt attepjAoB. and insure better ser
Sr'iea thbrcfcjtec.
Corresp&ndncg solicited on fell matters
local irfterast, o,r ji interest to the
eoDle of .'SBlithwest Tezas. liach com-
jofinicatSajiyimat be accompanied by the
njune of - Its Authors nat far Duplication !
nit i a 1 -i rv .
. ,ne iislqi ismus 19, uanunraf Wm j. Hefiey effe tMs morfiiac
county and the city;, of Brownsville. on jg relum to Waco. .
nn' wlnoh f.hA rttvnArs hMlm fn?lr1 T.n i rr- -r -r - , -.n-i r sTj --,t- i-f?as
pay taxes anrrng trie periau ironj came don Saturday to visit her.
1885 to the end of - 189S appears mother, Mrs. M. Dongberty
with this issue of The Herald. It
'.(jy U RvVvAjrwT t:-v' Tidens maysoon be removed if.rromenwni only c.
' iiM 4 B IjL I mMTt K n A r I Panacea fed
I Climbing Up Ddwn Stairs
O ABHYESB heavy burdens, washing, iron
cv ing, scmbbiitg and otberlaborioua duties
District ttornev J.
I. KJefcfr
cvwauijijex-s wbd not reoeive ijitii; j- . . , . j
papr reguiariy re requoatoa to nouiy p& a wiuxmuuua 'Jeft this irjOrniB for -Corpus
doubtless comprises the names of gliristij wfiere district cojirt opens
some who have perhaps iiuwitting- this vyeek. :'-8&
lv allowed their taxes to go iiu- . ei,;.; iC rn'.js ri-- ,
- & bheriH Joan Olofiier oLHianlfjo
paid. A glance it the list Shows is in tilB CJv. "ivW NW
funtesa.-Boydirecied), but as a guarantefe . . 0,,ir;f '
Pi go&miih, ana when Jy reuuest that there is en euormous amount Year's sreetinss from his rimnsr-
tiioaymmis signatures appear to such i , fl n ri-rpsil- nf vnlivihlp c -s n
ieamiaupications the right is reserved. to jotie, ana a great- oeai or vaiuaoie 0liS friends here.
ififeclocc the name of the -writer should a ." x' t-- v:i.. t 1 iiA u.. n. -
aeeessity aria? for such dlaclosura-. ipxi?jeiL iiuuic i
?. isherift unless
$HE OFFICIAL OITY JOUBHAUiamoojits ba speedily paid by "the
owners. Auotiier emus eviaenv is
; that the financial condition of the
Monday, Jan. 1; 19001
r ' . Ged. Vderolf, the i5an Aatoriio
the ;dehiiquent - .,. . .
Kappy Sovr Tear?
i4Happy Xsvr Year!' Like a belli
Peal's th happy, joyous call: -
"Happy 2s or-Year!" Louder yet!
Happy Nev? Year,rone and all?"
As thbcheery ery rings out
Winter storms are all forgot;
Gloomy skies are summer blue:
Tears no more life's pages blot.
Hope again with tints of rose
Paints, otir castles in the air,
Happy thoughts drive care away,
And happy smiles onr faces wear.
4 Happy. New Year!" Speed the
Send ic thrilling thrdngh the air
Till every -heart beats perfect time
To "Happy 5rW Year!" every
where !
county is bound to be greatly im
proved so soon as these taxes shall
be collected. .
The Herald feels that it owes
those interested some explanation
for the long delay in the pdbiica
tion of the lists since the copy was
handed the paper for publication.
iris return home, after spending a E
erolf's visit here was for the pnr-
puse of investing in ho& in Uara
erbu county.
hiturc of this
pressed with the uns
tnral advantages, with
endtnved. This
vestmons he ha
will regulate sll menstrual irregulprifeies, arid
restore tee entire female organism to its
proper tondition.
Write to The LaI!es' Kealtli Cinb, (care L.
Gerstlo & Cqt Chattanooga, Tenn., for in
formation, free, regarding treatment ofrall
fpmale diseases.
e a mosfcwonderfo
Kl-fartifor twelve i
her and st ? L loud in her praises of same
G. P. has made a mosfcwonderfal care on the wife, of one of nnrtTi-
ante. She had been bed-fast for twelve months, out your medicine has euret
J section, fe-ing im- V; cl LpFEGTUALLX S
HIXON BSOS.. aaiborne. Ala.
L. QERSTLE & CO., Pronrs.. Chattanooga, Tcnn
?s, with which it is S&w V&r ft
s is the second in- OVERCOMES ijrf& 1
s is .ae seconam r . KUOn
s made in Cameron iUuiru CQsi
That T?-as in last August, when the A ' . , " . fT T,
umer truuL ssverai years ago. i s w V''
uuunty uu i-L: hi t. yucio wun iuiu-i
ed the lists over to The Herald.
As any can see the publication of
Slseosea or ilie Blood unci rferv?.
Kb oue need stiller "with neurclci.t. 5
'0;ving to-the near projeh of
othenme, aujecums ti Brovrns' IrJfcir;'
PERMANEiTLt convenience of the patrons of the te- Kno u. fcr onir9g.ritfk
Brownsville post office, thewindoWj oar irsst rained reaiit. Forgzlitfgj
Happy lew Year.
Tee Herald goes to press early
today in order to allow the print
eiu a half holiday.
The local bands were out this
morning serenading the mnrch&uts,
who repaid them liberally.
The ndw municipal adrainistfa
lion of Slatamoros with Sr. Ra
fael JSolis as president, or mayor,
was installed in office this morning
at teri ocIock.
A small boy named Samuel Cobb
was very badly scalded yesterday
cfterwUm by turning over aJarge
can of boiling water an himself.
It is feared his injury max VT0VQ
fetal. . The boy is about eight
years old.
Sy order Judge T; S. Maxey,
tbe United .States district and
circuit courts were opened here" this
morning by Deputy U. S. Marshal
Jobn M. Hay lies,' ana was imme
diately closod until the fourth Mon-
vltrbruary,- being the 36th.-
rzi iU W All pf3CSti FTA id RK SCIT.L
StocltlsOiders Meeting .
The regular aunnal. meeting of; ??;?oii.iE h Fsr Cvcn;Eo
such an extensive list is more tnanthe stockholders of the First -Ka-I rj iV
any newspaper office outside of the tional Bank of Brownsville, Texas,
large metropolitan offices could a3-!vni be heid at its banking house
eomplish, arid so the copy was for-;0n Tnesday, January th:", 1900,!
warded to the publishing firm of -between the hours of one and four
Ben. Ouhnore & J?a., in Houston; ' o'clock p. rr.., for the purpose
Texas, with which Ths Herald electing a board of directors for
proprietor had Contracted for their the'ensuing year, and such other
far the delivery of registered! "All dar
matter will be bpen from 8:36 ' .
tO 9,&. m. OU Slinda'. All pain haolahed by Dr.
J. B. ShAbfe, p. m.
A. ASHHSDr, Cashier.
Browsnviliej Texas' Dec. 5, 1899
publication. This was tno latter business as may properly come
part of August, and -the 1tTorlr-:Defore
should have been ready within at
least three weeks. For some inex
plicable reason, however, the said
firm did not complete its contract
until last week, over four months
from the time 6f receiving the copy,
and the li3ts were forwarded to
The Herald via Alice. The
behaviour of the Houston firm
is inexplicable. The delay has been
altogether unreasonable and has
cost us endless worry and anxiety,
besides a considerable sura for
telegrams to Messrs. Culraore and
to other agents in Houston whom
we wired repeatedly to take the
work away from tHe Cuhnores and.
have another house to do ot. The
Cuimores refused to surrender the
For Sale.
Anydn'e wanting good gentle
dairy cows,, native stock, with
calves from to 15 days old. apply
at this officH. Price, $25.00 U: S.
Cy. percow and calf.
Deafness Cimaot be Cured.
For Over Fifty Years.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
has been used for over .fifty years
by millions of mothers fee 'their
children while teething, with .per
fect success. It soothes' the child,
..softens. the gums, allays ail pain,
cures wind colic, and is the best
reniedy for lUarrhoea. It, will re
lieve the poor little sufferer inima
Jiately. Sold by Druggists' in
every part of the world. Twenty
five cents a bottle, Bo- sure and
ask for Mrs. Winslow's Soothing
Syrup," aud take no other kind.
Dryics" preparations simply devel
op dry efctarrh; Ihoy dty up the -secretions,
7bi4h xditete to tha mcmbnuia and decom
poso, erasing a far mora sriona trouble than
"J1UWU t.pinai.iviio,ao WIU1JU,I thecrnaryxormof catarrh. Avoidfdldry.
reach the diseased pbi-son of the ear. )
There is' only one way to cure deaf
ness, and that is by conscitutjona
remedies. Deaf ness is caused by
an inflamed condition of the
Eustachin Tube. Wheir this tube
gets inflamed you have a rumbling
sound or in perfect hearing, and
copy, however, saying repeatedly when jt fe entireH. cioso(I aeafness
that the work was partly done 'and-jgtue result, and unless the in-
won Id be completed "in another
week." Finally we we're forced to
employ a lawyer's services in
Houston, and not until then did
the publishers release the lists.'
icg iakaknti. fumos, amohe and anuiftf
ftcd tias thst arhich cleanses, ?oothea and
and vnB. cure dMarrh or cold in the head
easily sad piftascmilT. A tri&i siza Trill bo
mailed -for 10 ciate. AU drnggists sell the
SDe. aa. Eiy Brother. 56 Warren St., K.Y.
The Bsiic cures T?ithout pnic, does not
irritate or eanse eaeoraig. It spreads itself-H
over an irritated aad angry surfaca. relieT
in? immediately the psiufoi iafiammation..
With Ely's Cretan Balm you are crzaod
against Np-sal Catarrh and Hsy Pover.
, 'I . . .
Man From. Brownsville
Jjaredo Times.
About foti'r o'clock this evening
a large portly looking Mexican,
about thirty years old, fell prone
The Union ball inXMatarnoros
last night was a very elegant, affair,
being largely attended by the elite
of botli cities. The Herald had
hoped to obtain a full account of
this brillia'mY social evept, with j on the street in front of the Santos
the names of those attending, bnsi Benavides building. At first it wa's"
thought be was drunk, but it was
shown afterwards lie was sober.
He was carried to the Marshal's
office aud' medical . attention secur
ed. At this, writing he had not re-
flammation can be taken out and
this tube restored to its -normal
Mexican and Sufithern Birds. Mammal
Skins, Bird Eggs and specimens ot
Natural History.
Parker Row J$ekt door tc LucioB ouis
Store. ,
Brownsville, Texas.
JOHN bartLett
Will practice in District, State an1
Ferloml Courts,
tc!3. ucc.cssor to Misi
V A Invars in the
w pfices am now ra
i 6t the c'r jies-i
3 1 AeSattcr
ft " Patterns.
(is tm
T?ilisabeh Street, .
Oaico TrJIii Zm. B. Wells, la Bio Orande Ksi o
Brownsville, - - - - Ter
To C ire La Gripiie in Two Days
. Tako "Laxative Bromo Quinine
Tablets. All druggists refund the
E. W,
condition, hearing will be aestroy-1 money if it faite to 3Ure
eu rorever: mno cases out. ot!-, . . . - , - .
fen are cansed by catarrh, whicb isj (jrL'ov 5 signature is on each box
nothing &'it an nmamed condition j -oc
of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred dol
lars for any ease of Deafness
was disappointed.
Sheriff E. C. Forto today, treat
ed the prisoners to a substantia!
Kew Year's dinner, which wasaup
piemeuted with an abundance of
good things. The prisoners thor-; yved
oughly enjoyed th meno, and ap- j it ataijjed.that his'name is
preciate veryhighiy the kind trexi- rorre.vof BroWnsville,'and
laenL of their generous guardian.;, , ...
he was attacked with an epe'hptic
The police juggsd qrJte a number ! t
sbont town who were celebrating
the end of the old year too hii- J Foderar doart Notice,
arioupiyand as a oottseqiience the : . - . , . .. . .
- ., - .4 yuuw io jiacuv iiivcu mini, met
following genllemeu are speadmg i, . - . J
-kt . ., U. S. circuit and. district courts,!
Carriers of Tub Herald are not
(causeVl by catarrh) that can not authorized to sell or otherwise dis-
be cured by flail s Catarrh Gttre. : lK)Se of ers , car ex.
Send for.circolars. free. . . i t A i
F'J CHENEY & CO eeP to deliver them to regular
Toledo', Ohio, subscribers, and. all persons are
Sold by drnggist?, 75c. , hereby requested not to purchase
Haii's Family Pills are tne best, copies of The Herald from car-
- - , tiers. Extra copies are placed on i
barber shop, or may be had at-The
Herald .odk'f.
sIss-&lsls' - Jesse 0. Theeler,
: i
Psysisian, SufgBoo, srifeiiEarl.
Special attention . given to
treatment of disease by electri
. Responsible calls attended
day or nijrbt. Office and res
tidene in Pana Building.
fjp-oa Strpet, Brownsvilif
Alberto Gonzalez,
will not convene' at BrowusviU?1
Francisco Eojaao, luaroelo Agnirre, untu ueorimryjsorn. A. u., iwu,
elso Martinez, Modesto-Gonzalez, uentie the attendance of defendants
Alfred Fry,
nd Hirario PerezJ They will' at and witnesses isun necessary until
least begin the New Year duly, thai date. - . .
sober. j Cils. P.rTiiJ8miANy
In accordance with the suggeslion: DyGlk. U. S.:Gonrts.
of the Pope, midnight mass was Brownsville, Tex.. -Dec. 23," 1899.
celebrated in the Gathc4ie church t ' ' ' '
in Brownsville last night, being Trie ffiodern Joilter
attended: by a large number. I is Has fount! that Her little oues fea
not custoniafy to hold the midnight improved" mbre by : the pleasant
mass on Ifew Years eve. bur the Syrup of Figs, when in need of the
Pope having deereed that the .year laxative effect of a gentle remedy,
1900, as the end of the Nineteenth than by-any other, Children en
century, shall be observed by the jov &M t benefits- them. The
Catnohc church as a "holyVear" -''-,.
it was suggested by his hffiiueis rire remed hJ? of f lts
iru l-rvvWlV&xw in-inaincLureu oy cue uauiorma
f'-A n 1 FT
m w
Semen, East., Jan. Sl-
I usod Vriae of Cardni for ner
TCtisneas aad -watness in the
-womb. After taking one bottle I
wss Troll again. I am c mldwifa
knd Rlways recommend of
Cardni to my lady friend3 during
TTsnancv and after Birtass atonic.
isverv lady who takes it fincU thzt
it does even mois than is clainced
lor it.
lAViil practice fn all Federal and State
(Courts Oompiete.ahstract of Star;cuty
aud famusy tieeS in relation there to, kept
iff office. , .
R. J. B. TKKO&
R; R. P. ADERrlbk,
Graduate Vanderbilt Dentai ollege.
No chargeMfor examining teeth
li Hscrs:
tn?r. c
I For advice in caeca resafciir special I
( drecttoDS, aadrwaj, fSvinttsyinpiorai,
tern -
i to 6 p. m.,
Q to i.e. m.
flacegth street. Oj. b.Ip k. from P.C
Nobody knows woman like woman. .. .Men go to medical coHeges,
study books and listen to lectures. They learn indirectly of the diseases
of women, but they sre men and can never Ally .understand the ailmexitV,
the sufferings, the agonies of mothers, wives and sisters. A woman
lincrVs. Mrs. Boisvert i&siovys. She lias passed through the trials
and tribulations of her sex. . She has been near 03' when her sisters suf
fered. She has seen them relieved zrA cured with Yvlne ot CirduL Is
it any wonder' she recommaids it? Is it any wonder that thousands
of other women recommend it.
Tliey liHoiv. They have ac
tual . experience to-oromnt them.
dtecfioBS, aflUrwaj, sSvinttPTinWora, Thev snrsri ih fifimc from
mouth to mouth, telling how Wirie
of Cardui helos voun? eirls, heTos
the weak of all ages, helps and cures all womanly ills. .
Drag fists Sell Large Bottles for $1.00,
The Only First. Class Kotel in
'onvenint to the business portion - oi
the city Table supplied, with . fish,
oysters, shrimp, crabs, ve'niscn,- ducks,
:eese, and all kinds of vegetables in
itlrs. Lily Sebree", Prop.'
Anf one sending a sSelch and descrxptfon msr
qclciiy ascertain oar opinion tree Tractfeer aa
iiiTcnt'mn is orohafciy rfacu.-fp?9 Comraur.iofv
tion3sr;ctlycn:i3eei;t!aL Hos-ihjjcl; on i'aiciiia
sent free. Oldest at-enr7 for -:carJnfr psteiits.
Pteats tKXen tijroucb Kunn & Co- jscalvr
special notice, without charge, iatbo
A hancisomelr flln strated TreeW-. I-irecst cir
cclatton Oi any suientiac Icirnal. Terms. S3 a
yer.r: roar raonttu. $L Sold byall newsdealers.
Branch OfSce. 623 F St- Waitimstea D. 1
Jellies and, Jams
atroealTand Ribe
-igh Gracle Hams
- Jntuiegs and Spice
n J
Jits-ackfire) and Macaroni
XJ Jh'r'jokite and Cheese
J? jootlgoods for the monev)
W" fni
fnious if you please,
v ssrnncelli, Canndd Fruit
sverv that s nice,
fever fails tojui
O rve- money by -buying at
M .
If ill
661 stiff crc d for twcntv-hVc veau
heart trouble, juia tried ddl2ssreSS
diss Vritncut rchef. i steacily
wozse; and bzcarae cnabtg
cSovm; jny heart vca!d palpi ta1
iiuttcr, and at ttoes it as
thoca I could act get ray l-r
sccc tarfc tcitics or.i-. iVaies
Care, anA thenk God I
good health as a rKUt, it carca.
fitrs. Ella Schlntihclm, Kfc.
toTKiSf 1
is sold by ail dreggists on goarantes
.. - .
V. -

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