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Jesse O. Wheeler, Ed. and Prop.
Issued Every. Day Except Sunday.
Office: Herald Bitt.dixg, South Side
East ElizabcHi Street.
Official Journal Hidalgo County.
The weather has been a little
cooler than usual today.
Justice of the Peace Valentin
Gavito was qualified as ex -officio
notary public on Tuesday. j
Miss Susie Dorsett, the agent!
for the Brownsville & Alice stage!
company, is sick and was unable
to be at office today.
HUMORS, boils, pimples and all
eruptions are due to impure blood,
and by purifying the blood -with
Hood's Sarsaparilla they are CURED.
Two more smallpox cases have
recovered and were dismissed from
the hospital camp this morning by
Dr. Combe. The doctor still has
two more patients under treatment,
whom he will be able to discharge
about the likh. instant.
The schooner Pierce Simpson
sailed from Point Isabel this morn
ing for Galveston. She carried a
number pf passengers, among
them four sailors belonging to
other vessels who were left hehiud
by their ships sailing recently,
while they were enjoying the sights
in "Brownsville.
The marriage of H. P. Lister
and Miss Emilia Din will take
place in this city in a few dnjs.
Mr. Lister formerly resided in Hi
dalgo county, but more recently
has lived near Monterey, being
employed on the hacienda of A. P.
Barreda there. The bride elect is
a daughter of Guadalupe Diaz, a
well known citizen of Browns
yille. The city authorities of Matamo
ros have arranged a grand sere
nade to be given tonight in the
Plaza de Hidalgo, in honor of the
birthday anniversary of Gen. E.
Lojero, commander of the 4th.
military division of Mexico, whose
headquarters are in Matamotos.
The editor of The Herald ac
knowledgesthe receipt ofjnn i irrita
tion to be preseut at the serenade,
which will begin at eight o'clock
this evening and last until eleven.
A Sustaining Diet.
There are the enervating daiys, when,
as'somebooy has said, men drop by the
sunstroke as if the Day ol -Fire had
dawned. They are fraught with dan
ger to people whose systems are poorh
Cnt-umul: and this leads us to say, in
thp interest of the less robust of our
readers', that the full effect of Howl's
Sarsaparilla in such as to suggest the
tfnrietv of calling this inomcme some
thin besides a blood purifier and ton
ic, say, a sustaining diet. It makes it
m'nnii easier to bear the heat, assures
refreshing sleep, a" wffl without any
doubt avert mueh sirkness at this time
uo rir teM I wa a T,clu" v
.Tt'tSlk toast, ana aiximt - r;
not retain and dtsest -i " aund s,nce then I
SSSiSSg 11 1 am -11 as I
. i.,, . . .c I
DAY1U xx. iu.- .
. .i.t.Mo Potf ct Taste Good. Do
plwPJAr sTcken Weaken, cr Oriyc. 10c.
i4rUip """"J "
W. N. Parks and family, return
ed to the Point yesterday.
Miss Mary Scanlau returned this
morning from Point Isabel.
L. fl. Bates visited the Point
last night, letnrning this morning.
Mrs. Win. Kelly, accompanied
by her daughter Miss Geraldine,
arrived at home last evening.
xMiss M. Duffy and nephew Geo.
Scan lan sailed from Point Isabel
tins morning on the Pierce Simp
son for Galveston, to visit friends
R. Sharpe, assistant U. S. dis
trict attorney, left yesterday, by
nay of Matamoros, on his return
to Laredo, after spending several
weeks here.
Mrs. W. N. Parks and children'
left Point Isabel this morning by
schooner for Galveston, where they
will spend a short time with
friends. From Galveston, they will
go to New Braunfels for an ex
tended visit.
Ricardo Benuevendo of Mata
moros left here Tuesday, via
Alice, for San Antonio. Mr. Ben
uevendo goes for the pnrpose of
seennng machinery to bore tor
i newly-organized company of
To Bore For Oil In Laguna Madre.
A move is on foot to bore for oil
in Laguna iMadre, somewnere on
the Mexican coast, by a company
thai was lately organised in Mata
moros. A representative has gone
Torth to bnv the necessary ma
The main staircase in William
C. Whitney's New York residence,
Fifth avenue and Sixty eighth
street, is of white marble and is
carved alter a staircase in the
Doge's palace in Venice. Mr.
Whitney brought the design to
this country and the work took six
months for completion.
An Important Work.
An engineering work of some
importance is the siphon bridge by
which the Churubusco River is be--
ing carried over the grand eaual of
Mexico. The river will be carried
above its normal level, across the
canal on a carriage way, construct
ed of steel, resembling an elongat
ed box, with square outer corners,
rounded on the inner side. The
material was furnished by the
American Steel Bridge Co. Senor
Marroqum is the engineer and
designer. Mexican Herald.
Vienna Albanian i n surge tits
and Turkish regulars have-had sev
eral encounters on the Turkish
frontier. Many have been killed
and wounded on both sides. It is
rumored that the Albanians cut off
the heads of their prisoners and
triumphantly carried them on poles
through Albanian town?. It is also
reported that the Turks massacred
their prisoners. A baud of ma
rauding Bulgarians near'Ghevgheii
eutrenched in a farm house, weie
stormed by Turkish troops and
killed to a man.
I7 or Over Fifty Years
Mus. Wixsi.ow's Soothing Syrup has
iH'en used for over fiftv years by mil
lions of mothers for their children while j
reernmr, wiui perierr snocess. it
. ; . T "
hiy all pain: cures vniicl eolic, ami is
i, , t-r .1 Ti m
the Ihsc lt'iiuHlj for Diarrhoea . It will
relitwr the jMtor little sufite rer innnp-!;
diattdy. Sold by DrujrKists in every I
JN.-tlf. He sn and a-Jc for "Mrs.
i"w j - -
W ulov's SHthuir Syiti." fud
11.1 th-.'r knuL
i The ni'iimser 'T
.i i i
At the Old
Cross Roads" advriises f.r 4n
union cirpenter, .-npalde of sin-
mg bilSS U1 11 qiiattette I hat s
almost a-
fn I1MV as. ' Wanted; H
; soubiftte who ca
r Is. that fet iiiis; (A
tv : - -
S.- t -
U I- ...r i '
Sliout-J ':i-y, '
the wh
l"or U.l- -:. lit
Hocd'x ;:
It fur -r.
tc : . . :--
d '
J i "
Texas Notes. - -The
First National bank of Aus
tin has been suspended by the
government bank examiner.
A big packing plant in. 'Dallas
was destroyed by fire.
A vicious bull attacked John
Fraser in San Antonio Sunday,
inflicting dangerous injuries.
The Knights of Honor grand lodge
of Texas met in Fort Worth Tues
day, and will adjourn tomorrow.
Beef cattle are reported scarce
in South Texas . Pasturage west
of San Antonio and Eagle Pass is
very good at present.
Several cases of sun stroke have
occurred in the state lately.
Corn is selling a SI per bushel
io many places in the state
Labor is in demand all over the-,
state, both for cotton picking aud
other farm labor, as well as In
other lines of work.
Corpus Christi is to have a daily
paper, to b" called the Eagle.
o v
Tin' larcenytlaureof Pennsylvania
has adjourned. Memphis Com
mercial Appeal.
Educate Your JJoy3vj1b With C:iRcarct.
Qandy CathHrtic. oure constipation forever.
iOc.Soc. II C. G. G. fail, druRRists refund money.
Rosenthal was induced to mount
a saddle horse for a ride. He
wasn't used to riding and. couldn't
think what to say to the horse to
start Jiin:. Finally he said:
Well, commence !"
' i-O-
it Would Be Different.
The Peers will not kiss the King
at the coming coronation. Were
they peeresses, that would be an
other matter.
Can it be possible that they have
rnu out of dictators in the Philip
pines? Chicago News.
- Sfow Are Y;ur XlitneyaT
Jr. Ilobbs' Sparazus Pills cure all kidney Ills. San
rrots- Add.SterHnc lteiaevly Co.. Chicaco or N. r
"100 Reward, $10().
The readers of this paper will Be
pleased to learn that that there is at
least 4ne dresulcd disease that science
has been able to cure in all its stages
and that is Catarah. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is. the only positive cure now
known to the medical fraternity. Ca
tarrh being a constitutional disease, re
quires a constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, act
ing directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system, hereby destroy
ing the foundation of the disease, and
giving the patient sLiength by building
up the constitution and assisting nature
in doing its work. The proprietors
have so much faith in its curative pow
ers, that they offer one Hundred Dol-
ia.;s for any c.-te that it fails to cure
Head for list of testimonials.
Addre. F. J. Cheney & Co..
Toledo, Ohio.
sold by druggists, 7"c.
HallVFamily Fills ;iru the sf
RflTR &? g4ls
.bc-- fceari-
P'SC qgff wfir.
: Ely's Cream Cain
f Easy and ij.ea--:T.i. to
ase. Conu'ns lie
; 'Steqiyahs. tm
. itfgSf.
Albyslnfianunati.:, t3LU illtmtWii
jorioas diiig.
Senses of T-t--e and Siaeli. Lsr-'eSw.siifi-t.-
, sXX BKulUEItS, M Warxeu btre, ' .r; 1
And so is every woman who neglects the first sign of
those many weaknesses and diseases which so univer
sally afflict her sex. From the smallest beginnings
follow endless suffering and incapacity for either work
or enjoyment of any sort ; wifehood is a burden and
motherhood a misery : even the young woman's beau-
ty fades and age comes on before
5 ffe r H GERSiiH
& ii
0)0.11 1U11U11U1C lClllt,U ov-v-vJ
permanent cure. All forms of Womb and Ovarian trouble yield to
f J this wonderful medicine which has the praises of thousands of wo
havn been made strong- and well by its use. ' I
f Physicians and Other- Q
Medicines Failed; tS.AS i
U. S-. V. UUKCO. ieaiiine 1 feel lifee
been to recommena tnis Kreat
Druggists Sell G. F. P.
Our ll)t Waves Named.
When it's not. a blustering bliz
zard in the United States it's a
sizzling sizzard. Mexican Herald.
To All Parties Delinquent in the
Payment of Their Taxes Due the
City of Brownsville, for Any of
the Years From A. D. 1S84 to
A. D. 1S99, Inclusive,
All persons who wre indebted to
the City of Brownsville for any;
Taxes, for any of the years fromj
A. 1). 1S84 to A. D. 1S99, both j
years inelu.-:ve, or the owners of, i
or interested in, any property j
within the limits ot said City, up- j
on which any such Taxes for any j
of said years are dne, are hereby !
notified that the Delinquent Tax i j
Rolls for said years have been pre-i
pared by the City Assessor, aud !
are now in the hands of said Cityi
Assessor, and of a Special Com-
mittee composed of Aldermen Ben -
jamiu Kowalski, JoseCelaya, Cele-i
douio Garza aud Valeutin Gavito, j
duly, appointed by the City Conn- j
cil of said City of Brownsville, j
aud subject; ac an limes, uuui mei
First, (1st), day ot August, A. D.
1901, to the inspection aud exami-
ested therein, for the purpose of;
such inspection and examination-!
And thereto, that if any such Dc
linquent Tax Payer, or interested j
party, desires any correction made;
on said Rolls, touching any laxest
which they are shown by such j
kil? tn rva rtr Hiprpnn ftlinrjrfid :
against any property in which they J
are interested, that they make audi
file, on or before the First (l?t),;
day of August a. D. 1901, with
said City Assessor, or said Com
mittee, their request, in writing,
specifically setting forth any ob
jection which they -may have to
such Rolls, touching any -of such
matters as they may have an inter-,
est in, setting nrth wherein such
Rolls are not correct, or w-herein.
they may wish any matter changed,
or corrected, in order that all such j
objections may be duly considered
by the said Council of the City of
Brownsville, and all such correc -
Holism-mane on sam nous, iis umy
be proper anil just in the premises,
before their final-approval by the
jsaid City Council of the said City
I of Brownsville.
! This Notice as pnblishpd by Or
der of the City Council of the City
of Brownsville.
Frank Chanfiox,
City Secretary,
i Brownsville, Tex., July 20th, 1901.
iiuants and Unildren.
; I&B Kind YOU Have A1W3YS BOUgll,
. 7 ,
r .
its time. But in
. iv rv
relief and a f '
mx perMa.. 1 am so uiaaajm inj.
Viot"? rAVTY. La Ctm Fla.
a. A ej&6tjii&
-sj- rr rrr Ni -i' -vr v v -v -
C. V. FORD. t
Physician and Surgeon,
Special attention given to eliroiiic dis
eases of all classes. Will visit any
part of th' rounty to attend the sick
day ornijrht. Consultation confiden
tial Calls left at the Dotica del
LSrownsville, Texas.
I Columbia
Standard of the World.
Fay Juveniles.
Columbia Sales lept.
Mrs. H. Bollack
; j
epn s to
' BrOWIlSVillG, TeX3S.
A Boarding and Day School for
YQyfjS m611
Conducted 1)3' the Oblate
Text Sessions Bedus Sept-
, ember znd. 1901.'
For Catjilojriu and Particu
lars Address
Rev. 0. Valence, O.M.I,
-r-v .n rn
J5rownsriiie, l exas.
J j
Elizabeth Street.
1 bJL&h
TT'p-plttei to get n lirst-Hasf;
Shave or Hair-Cut.
PeHte and Gourtaoiis Atntlon to Ail.

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