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Jesse O. Wheeler, Ed. an Prop.
Issued Every Day Except Sunday.
Office: Herald Building, South Side
East Elizabeth Street.
Official Journal Hidalgo County.
MONDAY, AUGUST 19, 1901.
A nice shower this morning.
The bull at Fort Brown touight
promises to be a great success un
less the weather should interfere.
The schooner Pierce Simpson
will sail jthis afternoon from Gal
veston for Brazos with a cargo of
general merchandise.
No news has been received here
yet of the schooner Beacham which
sailed from Brazos Santiago last
Monday for New Orleans, but no
fears are entertained by the agents
here for her safety
Two bricklayers who went from
Brownsville with several others a
tew weeks ago, to get work at
Beaumont, returned horns Satur
day. They report that they could
not get employment there, on ac
count of the labor unions. The
other bricklayers that went at the
same time also left, some going to
Monterey and some to Laredo.
Emile Kowalski of New Orleans
writing to his father, Louis
Kowalski, relates that in a recent
storm on the Gulf coast, a wrecked
sehoouer was sighted at the mouth
of the Mississippi, with three men
clinging to the rigging. She was
supposed to be the Dickson. It
was so rough that it was impossible
for aid from shore to reach them,
and the men probably perished.
Oil Lands In Tamaulipas.
Under its Mexican notes, theSau
Antonio Express of recent date has
the following from Tamaulipas:
On the lands of .the Chapa es
tates, near El Chapcno ranch, in
dications of oil have been found;
a sulphur veiu was encountered,
also large beds of asphalt. Don
Hicardo Bennevendo hps left for
the United States to interest Amer
ican capital in the exploitation of
these deposits. The above uamed
lands adjoia the Sacrameuto lands,
near Sota La, Marina, and extend
down the Gnif Coast to the Rio
Grande, near Mataraoros.
KEEP your blood pure anil your
stomach and digestive organs in a
healthy condition by Liking Hood's
Sarsaparilla and you will be WELL.
Masonic Notice.
A 'regular communication of Rio
Grande Lodge No, 81. A. F. & A.
M., will tie held Tuesday evening,
Aug. 20, at which inportant busi
ness is to be transacted.
A full attendance is desired.
Sojourniugrethren are cordially
By order of Benj. Kowalski, W.
. .1. P. Gumjiikgs, Secretary.
U- 4
A .Martyr to the Cause
Who will be the first to give lis
an invention, tor the burning of
BeaniihMit oil in cooking and heat
ititr stoves? Shiner Gazette.
TIih hired girLis working on it,
but insr as .he' begins to think she
has solwd the pmhlem she i call
ed hence Houston Post.
The waters-Pierce Oil company
Again had the lowest bid for sup
fdvinir the state institutions with
oil when the bids were reopened,
ft has developed that the pnee of
oil in the Beanmontr field is only
10 cents per barrel.
Death of Father Michel.
"Written for The Herald.
A telegram received last evening
by the Rev. Father Superior ofthe
Oblate Fathers conveyed the sad
news of the death of Rev. Father
G. Michel, who yesterday morning
succumbed to a lingering and most
painful malady, in the Santa Rosa
hospital at San Antonio.
JJunngttne many years or nis
ministry in Brownsville, this holy
servant of God rendered himself
so well and universally loved that
any praise or enumeration of his
virtues and labors cannot but be
an echo of the eulogies which all
hearts are already pronouncing, on
recalling the abnegation, zeal, tender-heartedness,
and all the other
heroic and gentle traits that charac
terized his saintly soul.
Father Michel was born in Metz,
in 1846, of French parentage. His
ecclesiastical and classical studies
were pursued in Antiu, France.
In '78 he came to Texas and be
came chaplain of the Incarnate
Word academy of this city. In '92
he was sent to Canada, in which
country he passed five years, re
turning at the conclusion of that
period to Brownsville, where he
remained until last year, when he
was sent to Eagle Pass. For many
years Father Michel was a great
sufferer, more than once arriving
at the point of death, and with
courage did he combat his cruel
ailment. From that is he uow mer
cifully delivered, and, like "every
one that hath left house, or
brethren, or sisters, or father or
mother tor His name's sake, is he
receiving a huudredfold and life
' Col. Anderson Dead.
A telegram was received Satur
day in Matamoros, announcing the
death of Col. Wiu. Anderson, at
Laredo. Col Anderson was well
known here, having visited Mata
moros and Brownsville several
times in recent years, in the in
terest of a project to build a rail
road from Monterey to Matamoros.
He was lately interested in some
iyiportant mining ventures in Mex
ico. Col. Anderson was a gentle
man who made a very favorable
impression upon all who met him
here, and his death is much re
gretted. U. S. Consul P. Merrill Griffith
of Matamoros was interested with
Col. Anderson in some business
matters, and he left at once, on
receiving the news of his death,
for Laredo attend the funeral.
Death of I. P. Quintana.
A telegram was received yester
day by Dr. M. Barragan, announc
ing the death of Ignacio Pelayo
Quintana at San Marcos, Tauii,
last Saturday night. Deceased was
well known here and in Matamoros,
having been on a visit to Dr. Bar
ragan in Matamoros, very recently,
leaving there only a few days ago.
Sr. Quintana was a pharmacist,
and his home was at Zitacua,
Miehoacan. His death is much re
gretted by his friends and relative
Requiem Mass.
A mass of requiem for the soul
wf the late Rev Father G. Michel
will he held at the Carbolic chun-h
on Wednesday .morning at half
past ix o'clock.
New Orleans Proposes to Buy a
Steamer? for the Brownsville
The following item is clipped
from the New Orleans Daily Item
of Ang. 15:
"There was a meeting of the
merchants interested in the
Brownsville, Tex., trade yesterday
afternoon at the Board of Trade,
to discuss the proposition of. Messrs
Clements 'and Baeeich, for the pur
pose of purchasing a vessel to run
between that port and New Orieaus
It was propsed that the New Or
leans merchants should subscribe
$40,000 aud the Brownsville mer
chants $10,000 Messrs. Clements
aud Baecich submitted a descrip
tion of the ship named Tarpon and
offered to subscribe $5000 Mr.
Jackson, of a committee appointed
to secure subscriptions for the
purpose of buying a vessel to oper
ate between the two ports, said he
had secured $5000. Now the com
mittee will start to seenre more
subscriptions. Sevpral merchants
yesterday subscribed $500 each,
making about $G500 Messrs
Clements and Baecich will circulate
a list, for subscriptions."
pi U ' V 'KRS( N-I .
Wilev Hodges of Arroyo is in
town today.
Oliver I Hieks was in town to
day from San Benito ranch.
Frank Rauh returned Saturday,
vh Matamoros, from a visit of
several weeks at Austin, Texas.
Hon. James B. Wells came in
yesterday afternoon from Browns
ville and registered a: the Elite.
Express Friday.
Alice Reporter, Aug.17: Jndge
James B. Wells was in San Diego
on Tuesday and left here on Thurs
day for San Antonio.
W. H. Schmidt has returned
from Topo Chico, Mexico, where
he spent some time taking a course
of hot baths, for the benefit of his
J. B. Alamia, line repairer in
the Western Uuion office, sailed
on the schooner C. H. Moore for
Galveston, on a two weeks' leave
of absence.
Nasal Catarrh quickly yields to treat
ment by Ely's Cream Balm, which is agree
ably aromatic. It is received through the
nostrils, cleanses and heals the whole sur
face over which it diffuses itself. Druggists
sell the 50c. size; Trial size by mail, 10
cents. Test it and you are sure to continue
the treatment.
To accommodate those who are partial
to the use of atomizers in applying liquids
into the nasal passnges for catarrhal trou
bles, the proprietors prepare Cream Balm in
liquid form, which will be known as Ely' !
Liquid Cream Balm. Price including tl.t !
spraying tube is 7o cents. JJmggists or l y ;
mail. The liquid form embodies the mi-d- J
icinai properties of the solid preparation.
ofdisease which follows in the path of all those manv disorders that so generally
afflict women of all ages. Neglect no symptom of Womb Trouble. On the first
suspicion of any disease of this sort begin the use of
Gerstle's Female Panacea.
This wonderful medicine revitalizes the whole sys
tem, strengthens every, organ of the body and puts
the womb and ovaries mastate of perfect health.
I had een suffering
for years and had giv
en up all hope of re
co ery. butatter using
ouebo'tii of your G.
F. P. Gcrsile's Fe
male Pcr.aoca) and
( e i- of the
Liver Regulates I
find rn . if so much
iniprcw that I am
surprist j. I am now
able to do my work,
which I have not done
for yea is.
Mrs. Si bskb y Grast.
Fulton. Ark.
G. F. P,
My wife was almost
a complete wreck with
female troubles. She
has taken six bottles of
6. F. P. (Gerstle's
Female Panacea; and
it has cured her. She
is now on the last bot
tle and is entirely
well and weighs more
than ever.
B. 1L Leggett.
Broxton. Ga.
I used your G. F. P.
(Gerstle's Female
Panacea) and Liver
Regulator and am en
tirely cured and the
happiest girl in Amer
ica. Cabbie J. Holmks.
Blanchard. La.
Sell G. R P.
If yonrc3se is not f ally covered by oar five hook',
confidence for freo advice to I. (HIES HEALTH CU'K,
care L. Gentle & Co.. CtotUwwra. Trno.
E-f3 BH I
For Over Fifty Years .
Mrs. Wixslow's Soothing Syrnp has
been nsed for over fifty years by mil
lions of mothers for their children while
teething, with perfect success. It
soothes the child, softens the gnuis, al
lays all pain; cures wind colic, and is
the best remedy for Diarrhoea . It will
relieve the poor little sufferer imme
diately. Sold by Druggists in every
part of the world. Twenty-five cents a
bottle. Be sure and tvAz for 'Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and take
no other kind.
The State ol Texas
To the sheriff or any constable of
Cameron countv, Geeting:
The State of Texas County of Cam
eron. To Frederick J. Combe, and to all
persons owing or having or claiming
any interest in the following described
land, delinquent to the State of Texas
and Comity of Cameron, for taxes, to
wit : An undivided one half of Let 7,
in Block "T", in the City of Browns
ville, Cameron County, Texas; 4087
acres of land in Cameron county, Texas,
being a portion of a grant originally
made to E. and B.Femandez, said grant
being known as "Concepcion de Carri
citos," which said land and lot are de
linquent for taxes for the years 189(5 and
1898 for the following amounts: S1S.3S
for State taxes and $59.86 for county
taxes, and you are hereby notified that
suit has been brought by the State for
the collection of said taxes, interest and
costs and you are commanded to appear
and defend such suit at the September
Term of the District Court of Cameron
Comity, and State of Texas, being the
next regulartterm thereof, to be held at
the Court House hereot at Brownsville,
on the second day of September, A. D.
1901, and show cause why judgment
shall not be rendered condemning said
land and lot and ordering sale and fore
closure thereof for said taxes and cost
of suit.
Herein Fail Xot, but have you before
said Court, on the first day of the next
term thereof, this writ, with your re
turn thereon, showing how you have
executed the same.
Witness, Louis Kowalski, Clerk of
District Court of Cameron County.
Given under my hand and the seal of
said Court, at office in Brownsville, this
the 10 day of August A. D. 1901.
Louis Kowalski,
Clerk, District Court, Cameron Co. Tex.
A true copy I certify
Celedoxio Garza,
Sheriff, Cameron County, Texas.
Alfred L. Kahn, ajzent for (ng
jjer.heim & I'ohn ot Corpns Cht isti,
and also for several larjje Eastern 1
manufacturers, is here to open a
mercantile agency, selling at retail
from samples, "iiuranteed, at east
ern prices, goods delivered in"
JSgg"" Dry goods, Clothing, Mais,
Shoes and Furniture are his spe
cialties. He is located at present
at the Miller hotel sample room.
Your orders are solicited ami will
receive prompt attention.
Call for ALFRED L. KAHN at
tiff Hotel .Miller.
v. c
Si. Joseph's College
Brownsville, Texas.
A Boarding and Day School for
lYoung Men
I and Boys,
Conducted by the Oblate
Next Session Begins Sep
tember 2nd. 1901.
For Catalogue and Particu
lars Address
Rev. 0. Valence, O.M.I.
Brownsville, Texas.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that that there is at '
least one dreaded disease that science !
has been able to cure in all its stages
and that is Catarah. Hall's Catarrh 1
Cure is the only positive cure now,
known to the medical fraternity. Ca
tarrh being a constitutional disease, re- i
quires a constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, act
ing directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system, hereby destroy
ing the foundation of the disease, and '
giving the patient strength by building :
up the constitution and assisting nature
in doing its work. The proprietors
have so much faith in its curative pow
ers, that they offer one Hundred Dol-
" j iars for any ease that it fails to enre '
Scorpions Send for list of testimonials.
. ,- ... , Address. F. J. Cheney & Co.,
Aeeording to a resolution passed Toledo Ohio.
by the eitv ;ouneil of Dnrnngo for Sold by druggists, 75c.
" . . . . Hall's Family Pills are the best,
the extermination of scorpions
whieh infest that locality and which foOD NEWS comes 'from those
menace the inhabitants thereof, ! who take Jlood's Sarsaparilla for
during the present vear there have : rofua pepsia ami rheumatism.
. .-co - j .Rcportsagrce that HOOD'S CURES
been some lo,b4J scorpions killed
totalling a cost to the municipality cdneate Your nowla Wth Ciiscartw
f vti io I Candy Cathartic, cure constipation" forevec
oi $100... - i0c.v?c JfC.C G fail, druggists ref una mocey
Happy old age
Many -women vrho have enjoyed good
health all their life begin to fade when they
reach the ago of forty-four. They grow
nervous and irritable and suffer with sick
headaches. Their livers are torpid, their
digestion is impaired and their bowels are
irregular. They are experiencing- the
"change of life." And it is not strange that
the cessation of the menstrual habit after
thirty years operation should disturb the
svstem and tax the strongest constitution.
This trying period has no terror for a
woman who use3 "Wine of Cardui. It builds
np her strength and prepares her for the
ordeal. When the change of life is not
safely pissed, a woman quickly becomes an
invalid. Slumbering disease germs are
given increased activity and they appear in
aggravated form. If yon take Wine of
Cardui regularly when approaching the
change of life yea will be assured better
health than you have ever enjoyed before.
A happy old ago and restful calm will be
your reward. Mrs. Campbell was cured
aiier sunenng tnree years with "change
of life." Thedford's Black-Draught, the
companion medicine of "Wine of Cardui,
assimilates with, it perfectly, curing
digestive liver and kidney affections,
and throwing impurities and disease
perms out of the system. Both working
together make a well and happy woman.
Yocsgs, Laurens Co., S.C., Sept. 22,
T lis.. a . .
icgummcnaca your wine ui
. , Cardui and Thedford's Black-Draught
to several of my lady friends, and I can say they are what you recommend them
to be. I have be7n suffering three years with the "change of life," and I did
not ?etanvthiniF that would do me any sroed until Ifcrirt r.mir.. T m
thanks to Wine of Cardui and you, for it relieved me. Mrs. D. H. CAMPB
rn. .tHw In rt vlTKmlrln? iw(.l At n -...
jrfTissr symptom, -Tbe Jjales -AtlTisorr Department."
The Cfcattanooga ifedieine Co., Chattanooga, Tena.

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