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(U. S. Currency.) , J
tftie year $6.00 j
Six months 3.00
Tnree months 152
One month
The Knights of Honor hold their
regular meeting tonight.
The district court part will
probably come down from Hidalgo
thiS afternoon, as court was expect
ed to adjourn there today.
The body of the unfortunate
suicide, Sabas Hernandez, has noc
been found. As it is now over a
week since he was drowned, .it does
not seem probable that the remains
will ever be recovered.
The Sol de Mayo reports the
death, in .Matainoros Saturday last,
of a coachman named Mariano Es
camilla, at the age of 125 years.
The remains were buried' in the
family cemetery at the Longoreno
Postmaster JSharpe's little red
light now shines no more of nights
at the postoffice corner. Since the
mail no longer arrives in time to
be distributed at night, the red
lantern is out of a ob, while the
postmaster and his assistants are
able to take their rest aftersupper,
which they doubtless enjoy.
The average hen does well to lay
one egg a day, and many of them
lay only one every other day, but
Mike Jagou has a white hen at his
home which surely lays all the
other biddies in the shade, having
laid two eggs at once, which feat
she performed at noon today. Mr.
Jagon had the eggs on exhibition
at his place this afternoon. 'I hey
are indeed a rare curiosity, being
of ordinary size, thougn the shell
is not quite fully developed on
either, and joined to each other by
a short cord of a whitish substance
like a development of the lining of
an egg-shell. This is the only in
stance the editor ever witnessed of
a hen laying two eggs at once.
The Kcnewal a Strain.
Vacation is over. Again the seliool
bell rings at niorning and at noon,
again with tens of thousands the hard
est kini of work husb'jgnn, the renewal
of which is a mental and physical strain
to all except the most rugged. The lit
tle girl that a few days ago had roses
in her cheeks, and the little boy whose
lips were then so red you would have in
sisted that they hud been "kissed by
strawberries," have already lost some
thing of the appearance of health. Uow
is a time when many children should bo
given a tonic, which may avert much
serious trouble, and wo "know of no
other so highly to bo recommended . as
Hood's Sarsapurilla, which strengthens
the nerves, perfects digestion and as
similation, and aids mental development
by building up the whole system.
-o-o -
Late Items.
Hear Admiral Schley will retire
from active service in the navy to-
morrow, Having reached the age j
limit I
A motion has been made in New
York for the immediate hearing of
the case of Albert T. Patrick,
charged with the murder of Million
aire Rice.
U ,o vM,n,..? thr Ki,T tfdv.n.r,H
is suffer in? with cancer of tin-;
throat, and it jV id to be possible j
A, ,1
that the rorumttiuu may not occur t
next year as planned.
Santos DnmonMs fitting np an-;
other airship, it. order to make ;
more experiments ,
. :
Twentieth Centur' Medicine.
Cascarets Candv Cathartic are as
far ahead of ancient pill poisons and
liquid physic as- the electric light of
the tallow candle. Genuine stamped
C. C. C. Never sold in bulk. A11
druggists, ioc.
A Murderer Who Was Filially Kill
ed Himself.
(4nid-iH-iiH Mnr- flr-t j. 1
bnatiaiajaia, Alex,, Uct. 4,
l - Jose Hernandez s'owe . time a go
ne ago
-i ,, --, ..
committed a double nnirdet
one of his victims being his own j
. ' , r, , , ,1
brother. He escaped, went to thet
City Of Mexico and got a position
on the police force., A few days
ago it v,Tas discovered that he was
a criminal wanted here, and twof
detectives were" dispatched to this
city having him in charge. While
I en route Hernandez escaped. The
next act in this drama was Hernan
dez appearing on a neighborhood
hacienda, where he told a pitiful
story, that he was a poor peddler
"and ha'd been robbed and maltreat
ed on the public highway. The
owner of the diacieuda aided him
and gave him a hurse and the es
cort of the servant to go to this
city. On the way Hernandez kill
ed the servant, and while leading
the man's horse was overtaken by
a posse and a fierce tight ensned.
Hernandez opened tire nnd killed
one of his pursuers and fatally
wounded another. . Finally he was
himself killed. Thus" this dnyna
ot crime involves the death of five
. B-
Don Simon Celaya visited the
Point today.
Dr. A. IS. Wolff went down to
the coast today.
Gapt. Gas. Thorsell returned to
the Point tday. "
Mrs. N. Lightbur:i and child
of Point Isabel are in the city.
Albert Lieclc and two sisters
came up from the Point last even
ing. Phil. P. Barbour came up from
the coast yesterday and returned
this morning.
Rangers Roebuck and George
and Harry Wallace left this morn
ing for the country.
F. Labordi and his sisterinlaw
Miss Marks went tohe Point to
day to spend-a couple of days.
Messrs. Hill, Gordon, and
Brooeks were out today, looking
at the country around Brownsville.
Mike Carrigan left by this morn
ing's stage for San Diego, after
spending several days here on
linsin ess. t
Mrs. Joe Alamia left yesterday
on her return to her home at Hi
dalgo, after a short visit to-the
family of J. B. Alamia here.
Mrs. Kenedy has not yet gone to
Buffalo, as she expected to do., be
ing detained at Philadelphia, by
the serums illness of her mother,
news of which was just received
State of Ohio City of Tolkdo; )
Lucas Couxtv, S
"tfitAVTr .T Chfa'ey mnkes oath that he
L senioi! ptlTtnor of the firm of F. J,
Chbjcey- & Co. doing business m the
Cicv of Toledo, County apd State nfore-
said, ami tnat sjuu nnn ym pjy w
for nrnch :md every case of Catarrh that
cannot h cnml bv the ue of Hall's? 3Ir. Winslow's .Soothing Syrnp has
Catarrh Cctk. j been n.ed for over fifty ytrs )y mil-
FR -VNK J C HENEY. 1 OIls ot motliers for their children while
. j itet thine, -with perfect success. It
mtovn mr an1 cnrkaT'llJ!
tu .i m..,.
a. D. 1SSC.
t )
Xoinry Pnhlic
Halt's Catarrh Gun is takeu internal
i ..fcu Kwwrtx- n w hkvir? mimI
. c.
for toimoniaLs free
p. j. CHENEY & CO', Toledo, )
goW Drugjrigts, 75c.
Hair? Family phi arc t.
. --
BaiMsjtto Powder
Drying-preparations simply deveT-
v. hieh adLeri; to the membrane and decom
pose, causing : . f .ir inoro serious trouble than
the ordinary fonuof catarrh- Avoid all dry
ing lnnaianis. mines, smoses and snuffs
and use that "which, cleanses, soothes ami
IieaIs- Ey's Creaui Balm is such a remedy
and cxre catarrh or cold in ilia Wl
easily and pleasantly. A trial size -will be
inftiled for 10 cents. AH drrurptstg sell the
r0e.aze. Elv Brothers. 54"Warnm S. K V i
. The Belm cures withon': pain, does not,
irritete or causa eneozing. It spreads itself !
OVer an irritated ro!d aagry surface, robW:
against Nasal Gatarrh and Hay Fever.
By Cabie to Asia.
New York Mail and Express.
American commercial enterprise
keeps within range of American
political expansion aud govern
mental initiative. Already several
new steamer routes have been pro
jected to follow the progress of the
flag westward across the Pacific.
A submarine cable, it is now pro
mised, is soon to add another and
more intimate link between the
California shore and Hawaii, aud
the Philippines, thfre to join the
cables that run to Japan aud to the
mainland at Hongkong. The com
pany which intends to push the
enterprise was incorporated at
Albany a few days. ago, aud its se
rious character is indicated by the
appearance among its incorporators
of John W. Mackay, one of the
owners of one of the Atlantic
cablf. He promises that the work
will bf completed nine months
after the lauding permits shall have
been granted bv this' Government.
ft Ifc-RVCUS troubles are cured by
s liMii'. tvir.-apiirilhi, "which en
riches ami pnriuVs i ne blood, i t is the
est medicine for nervous PEOPLE-
That Mexican Jetty.
The fact is noted by some of-our
observant ones that orir neighbors
across the Rio Grande are contin
ing to work on the breakwater
they began to build along the river
front opposite Brownsville some
years ago, and from indications are
preparing to extend it far up the
river. It may be that this work
may have no bad effect upon this
side of the river, but there are
those who attribute the aon tinned
encroachment of the stream on this
side below the ferry to the build
ing of this levee, and it is urged
by them that if the construction of
such a levee is allowable on the
other side, we should also be priv
ilege! to resort .to similar means
in order to protect this side from
further encroachment. If The
Herald is uot mistaken, it was
agreed by the International Bound
ary Commission, on itsr visit to
Brownsville several year ago, that
no more work of the. kind should
be done at this point, out it may
be that the agreement was only
temporary. However, that may
be, it would 3eem incumbent upon
our citizens to investigate ths mat
ter, and see if measures cannot be
taken to protect the bank on this
side. Let us not sleep on our
r Q -9 '
For Over Fii'tj' Years
, sooinefi ine enuu. rcens rne frnnis, at-
all pain ; cores wind colic and j
the Ijost reined y'for Diarrhoea. It will
rliev- th poor little sufferer imme- j
diately. Sold by DrnggistB in every j
irt of the world. Twanry-ftvo cents a !
bottle. Be sure anrt ask for "Airs. J
Winsknrs Sootbiiue Svron'anA rakes i
tm-ir kmd.
Genuine stamped CCC Never sold la fcuDt
Csware of the dealer vho tries to sctf
omeihing rst as .good
St. We.
O OiPa 3Eb cEPc i
3 1
ordisease whi h follows in the path Of all those manv disorders that so generally O
afflict women of all ages. Neglect no symptom of Womb Trouble. -On the nrst w .
suspicion of any ttiieaieof this sort begin the use of 2
2. 8 2
IT G'JSSD pass.
2. LE38ETT.
My wife was almost:
the womb
a complete wreck with
female troubles. She
' O it has cured her. She
i 3 13 now on the last bot-
I eS tie and is entirely
j o well and weighs more
- O than ever.
O B. IL Lec-stt.
I O Bro.ion. Ga.
I usel your G. F. F.
tardy cured and the
happiest girl in Amer
ica. Cabbir J. Holmss.
Eianchard. Lx.
If Tonrcasflinnotfally covered byonr Jw
S0Bfideoc9 for free advice Ui L13HS HiUf TK
care I. Gerstls St Co.. Clattaadca. f-tt.
PROPOSALS FOR FRESH BEEP p vour LIojhI jma and vMir
AND MUTTON. Offico Chif Cnums- f" stomaeh and digestive organs in a
snry, San Antonio, Tex., Oct. 1, 1SU. healthy condition by taking IIoojI's
Sealed proptjsals will bo l-eceived here Sarsanarilfa and yoxx "Will he WELL -until
11 a. x., Nov. 1, 1901, rrad opened,
for furnishing and delivering Fresh
Beef aul Mutton, called for by Com-
niissark-s at Forts Bliss, Brown, Clark.
Mclnrosh, Ringgold, Sam Houston, and
Camn at Eagle Pass, Tex., during six
months commencing Jan. 1, 1902. Pro-
pjtvils received and ppemxl same hour ty
Gonimissaries of those i.sts, each re -
cei-iug proposals for hi-; own post Only.
Pr jyosils will also be received stilting
prices at which bidder will deliver fresh
Injcf ud mutton uf temperature not
Kruater than oO degrees Fahivuheit. In-
fcruiatiou furnished on application.
Envelopes containing proposals should
be endorsed ''Proposals for Fresh Beef
and Mutton,' " and addredsed to under
signed, or to Commissary at post bid
for. Jno. L. Clem, Lieut. -Col., Chief
ANAtKK wanted in everv
large county to appoint agents
for the ! anions "Game o'. Skill"
nickel slot machine for drinks or
cigars; lawful everywhere, takes
place of all forbidden slot ma
chines. Rented or sold, on easy
payments. Secure territory quick
Palmer Billiard Table Works, Chi.
cagO, Ills.
Your Lifeaway!
You can be cured of any form of tobacco using
easily, oe made weli, strong, magnetic, fuli of
new life and vigor by taking fiQ-TO-BAG,
that makes weak men strong. Many gair
ten pounds in ten days. Over 500,000
cured. All druggists. Cure guaranteed. Book
and advice FREE. Address STERLING
.SIEDV CO- Chicago o- New Yori. &
I will open at residence, Corner
9th. & Levee Sts.f on Oct 1st., a
select school for little children.
Hours 9 to 12 m. Terms $2.00)
(u. (y.) per month.
Mary K. Barbour.
Mrs. Fannie D. Pntegnat,
Mrs. Wm. Ratcliffe.
Csrdui a woman can do any reasonable work and enjoy good health. The
health that Vine of Cardui brings makes a woman vigorous in body and mind.
Freed from those terrible devastating pains a woman grows well and strong
naturally. Wine of Cardui regulates the disordered menstruation and cures
kucorrhoea, falling of the womb and periodical pains in the head and back
caused by standing or sitting a long time in the same position. Thedford's
Black-Draught puts tha bowels, stomach, liver, kidneys and blood in proper
shape. Greatly increased strength and endurance is the natural result Most
cases are cured quickly. All druggists sell $1.00 bottles of Wine of Cardw
and 25 cent packages of Thedford's Black-Draughi.
Tot a ' ice aratBredOiess. cjrtag tjm ptonu, 'Tie ladle Advisory .
Delist.- The Chsttaaooga. i'crfici36 Cwspasy, OoTi. '
?S Gerstie's Female Panacea. Q
jg This wonderful medicine revitalizes the whole sys q
fpnv srrpnirrhpTis pvptt nnran i rhi hrwlv nr( Tints !;
ana ovaries in estate of perfect health-
I hji been sufferins
W . koil frixr
en up all hope of re-
co cry. Lutiifter using
one tx'tf ! of your S.
F. P. 'ficrsilc's Fe- J
msic Ppfjaccs) and S
i;e t of the "
Liver r.cjclatsp ,1 K
find :fso much
ininr nt-. -hat I am'H
snfprli-.t. 1 am nov i
ai !'. i. my work. i
whi.:: '7enotdone H
ftr Jv-ill-; x
Mk. SiBr-inrGsAX?-
fM Dni.erists h
GURU YG3. Sell G. r1. P.
hijok, j
twln. j
R, ,
'. I
' ,g
1 B
J ij
j V
t I
Not given away -but
wsli toward -it
. n TNSOME btyles in soft, pret
j C7 ty shades of bh,gray,cerice
hilotropc and of black, hsmdsome
ly made with twelve-inch, bias
flounce, Trimmed with six-inch.
" Accordion pleated rnille, firnish
i ed with an inch hemmed and
pinked, mfiie.
Surely such petticoats at
the price arc simply irresis
tible. CASTOR!
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Havs Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
'THE -
cuhe foi:
Ely's Cream ualm
Easy and j!easart to
Se. Cue tains i; m
jarioos 1.
It quKkly abaorbel.
It Opens and CJ. anses ' 'Wj
Iowa City, Iowa, Aug. IS, 1900
My tvife was sicS for threo years. "Wo tried
everything without relief and spent much
money. My wife tried Wine of Cardm and four
bottles cured her. She took two more bottles,
knowing she would hare to work hard during
the hay harvest. She attended to all her house
hold duties and loaded and unloaded aU the
hay. This medicine gave her strength. For
merly sho was weak and tired and could hardly
get aboutj but since she has been taking Vino
of Cardui sho feels better and stronger thaa
when 20 years of age. JOS. A. EISENHAPER.
Mrs. Eissnhafer had tried everything during
her three years sickness and had spent consicf
crablc money. She was weak and could hardly
get about for three years before she took
Now, after taking the Wne of Cardui, she can
work with her husband in the hay field. That
is hard work, but it is not as injurious to a
woman's health as labor in stores, factories and
offices where thousands of girls arc closely con
fined year after year. With the aid of Wine of

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