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The city cemetery is being put
in order for All Saints' and All
Souls' Day.
Wheu shall we have another
baseball match between the town
boys aud the soldiers?
The schooner Mary Ann is at
Corpus Chriati, and is expected to
Bail any day for Point Isabel.
The river is down to its low stage
at all points above. At this place ;
it is also about to its old stand.
The schooner Pierce Sinpson
sailed from Galveston last evening
for Poiut Isabel, with 140 tons of
merchandise for this port.
A lot of drawn work was raffled
at uoon today at the Jagon's. Peck
Forbes of the garrison was the
lucky winner, he throwingy forty,
the highest number thrown.
; A construction force has been
working for several days on the
track of the Brownsville and Gulf
road through the city, putting in
new ties, repairing crossings, etc.
The Casino Matamorense has is
sued invitations for a reception and
danse to be given at the opera
iiouse in Matamoros the night of
next Monday, the 21st. inst. It
will be an elegaut entertainment.
! ftQT A lady's gold lace pin,
! Marquise Shape, set with
brilliants mounted in black enam
el; valued as a keepsake. A
liberal rewurd will be paid for its
delivery at the First National
Bank, Brownsville.
Ducks are on sale at the market
now at 8 centavos each for the
''choicest teal. Wild geese are also
brought in occasionally, selling at
31 to 37 cts. Both ducks and geese
are fat and make fine eating. Prices
will probably be even cheaper later
A pleasant visit by G. W. Ueb
bling of Cincinnati was enjoyed by
the editor this morning. As stated
elsewhere, Mr. Hebbling is inter
ested in placing orders for rice
machinery in Texas, and though
the rice industry in Cameron oouu-ty-ii
yet iu its infancy, he expects
there will be a big demand in the
near future for such machinery.
He believes that rice culture is the
coming industry here and will be
the means of bringing this country
out. He says we have the richest
soil right here that he has ever
The Herald is reliably, inform
ed that a deal has been made
through Lawyer Lon C. Hill, for a
large syndicate, for the purchase
of 15,000 acres of land from the
Hicks and Landrum property, out
of the Espiritu Santo grant. The
land will be irrigated aud devoted
to the production of sugar, rice and
other cereals. 'I he sale has not yet
been completed, as the work of
making abstracts, etc., will require
some time, but it may be regarded
as a certainty. This laud adjoins
the Ratcliffe laud. The terms have
not yet been made known.
Arrested After Six Years.
Six years ago a man named Cal
ixto Garza was killed on a ranch
near Matatnoros. One Juan Mejia
was charged wi;h the deed, but he
took his departure for parts un
kuown. Mejia returned to Mata
moros the other day, however, and
was arrested in that city yesterday
jnorning to answer to the charge
of having killed Garza.
Baptist mission.
' Levee street Opposite Opera
House Services every Sunday at
11 a. m. and 7 p. in.
Pasters residence iu same but Id
jug. Visitors always welcome.
Lottls ChUinpioD Is in town. from
Santa Maria.
Miss LaroChe came up from the
Point last evening:
Dr. A. Si Wolff went' to the
Point this morniug;
J. V. Shiner and D. B. High
tower visited Point Isabel todaj.
Capt. Peterson of the schoouer
Olga came up from the coast last
Rev. Father Charles returned last
evening from a pastoral visit to
Point Isabel.
Collector Maris arrived by the
Matamoros train this afterpoou
from Rio Grande.
Meliton Rodriguez of Rio Grande
was a passenger down on the train
to Matamoros todiy.
D. S. Consul P. .Merrill Griffith
and wife left Matamoros yesterday
for a visit of a month or two in the
John Young, of' the Santa Anita
ranch' of Hidalgo county, has gone
to San Antonio, accompanied by
Mrs. Young.
Two of the Misses Champion,
daughters of P. S. Champion 'of
Hidalgo county, anived iu town
this afternoon.
C. Chapa from Caraargo and F.
Chapa from Hidalgo came down
on the Mexican National train to
day to Matamoros.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Celaya left by
stage this morning for San An
tonio, where they will spend about
two weeks, visiting the fair.
G. W. Hebbling of Cincinnati,
0., arrived here by stage last night.
Mr. Hebbiiug is agent for a large
manufacturing coucern and is trav
eling in the interest of placing rice
machinery in Texas.
B. C. Forto and wife of Browns
ville are registered at the Southern
hotel in San Antonio, where they
went to secure medical treatment
for Mr. Forto v It is reported that
he is quite ill with some thioat af
fection. , Late Items.
it is believed that Malavar, the
Filipino leader, is planning a ris
ing in the province of Bulacau.
The insurrection in the island of
Mindora is practically stamped
Major Braganza, the Filipino
officer who had 103 Spanish prison
ers executed, has been sentenced
to be hanged.
The Spanish budget will call for
over 2,000,000 pesos to pay pen
sions in connection with the war
with the United States.
Desertions from the United
States army in the Department of
the Lakes have greatly increased,
and there are now over 100 prison
ers in the guard houses.
I will open at 'residence, Corner
9th. & Levee Sts., on Oct 1st., a
select school for little children.
Honrs 9 to 12 m. Terms $2.00
(J. S. Cy.) per month.
Mary R. Barbour.
References :
Mrs. Fannie D. Pntegnat,
Mrs. Wm. Ratcliffe.
Pnderewski has bought the villa
of Morges, near Lausanne, Swit
zerland, and with it a celiar of 10,
000 bottles of wine, and a store of
Kirsch twenty years old. The
estate has its own vineyards and
the great pianist will own six cows.
Keep Your Bowels Strom.
Constipation or diarrhoea when
your bowels are out of order. Cas
carets Candy Cathartic will make
them act naturally. Genuine tablets
stamped C. C. C. Never sold in
bulk. . All druggists, ioc.
Sayings qI Confucius,
Answering an eminent critic Ain
Frederick H. Seymour, tlie author
of "Ye Wisdom of Confucius, ,
says: .
"Yon will, without doubt, be in
terested to know that my littie
book contains the greater part of
the sayings of Confucius himself,
for I have omitted only a little
matter concerning ancestor wor
ship, which, though cnrious, I re
garded as uninteresting.
"Like those of Christ, the actual
utterances of Confucius himself
are very few, the great mass of
Confucian literature being made
up ot the words of his disciples
and the commentaries thereon b' a
host of scholars,: doyyin through the
succeeding centuries, making au
immense literature. Confucianism,
occupying the place of religion to
over four hundred million people,
seems to be more of a code of ethics
iu which things uuknown or not
understood are regarded in a de
cidedly agnostic manner, aud Con
fucius and his disciples seem to
have resisted the temptation, to
which the Mohammedan aud Chris
tian prophets alike have yielded to
describe the attributes of God and
to localize the future rewards and
punishments, as represented by
heaven aud hell.
"Certainly the teachings of Con
fucius are nobly philosophical aud
altruistic iu the highest degree,
and will readily compare with the
best thought, of modern times in
these directions."
"For six years I was a victim of dys
pepsia in Its worst lorm. I could ';at notbinp
but milk toast, and at times my stctuach would
not retain and digest even that Last March I
began taking CASCARETS and since then I
have steadUy improved, until I am as well as I
ever was in my life."
David H. Murphy, Newark. O.
Pleasant, Palatable. Potent. Teste Good. Do
Good, Never Sicsen, Weaken, or Gripe. 10c, 25c, Mc.
Sterling Etnt&T Company, Chllage, Montreal, 3w fork. 311
11 fl Til DIP Sold and gnaranteed by all drug
RUaiUBBA cists to CUKE Tobacco Habit.
A Lamentable Showing.
Bostou Herald.
What's a sailor's log, anyway?
We know what it is on ordinary
vessels that sail the seas, but it
begins to be tolerably apparent
that the popular conception of this
subject will not suit the logs that
are supposed to be kept on the
vessels belonging to the United
States navy. The testimony in the
Schley investigation is bringing
out the astouishiug information
that the official records of the
movements of several of the war
ships that took part in the battle
of Santiago have been garbled by
iuterliueatiohs aud erasures, made
mouths after the battle, and are
tissues of wilful miscrepresenta
tiou, made to hield the reputa
tions of naval officers apparently.
It is lamentable showing for our
much lauded navv.
Tlie Kenewal a Strain.
Vacation is over. Again the school
hell rings at morning and at noon,
again with tens of thousands the hard
est kind of -work has bogun, the renewal
of which is a mental and physical strain
to all except the most rugged. The lit
tle girl that a few days ago had roses
in her cheeks, and the little boy whose
lips were then so red you would have in
sisted tnat they had been "kissed by
strawberries," have already lost some
thing of the appearance of health. Now
is a time wheu many children slionld be
given a tonic, which may avert much
serious trouble, and we know of no
Other SO highly to be recommended as
Hood's Sarsaparilla, which strengthens
the nerves, perfects digestion and as-
' L ?
fGerstle's Female
S U a S E nlnrlinor TnflnmwmfiftTi
Ecanty Menses, Prolapsus, Leucorrhcea, Tumors, etc.
I Messrs. R. L. BARRENTtNE &S0.VS, Schlater. Miss., writ 3 aa follows:
"We have a remarkable statement which vre would like to make to you. There is 8
have the money, and we told
ne comet pay lor it lie (
cured her sound and well
up to die. K, L.
Druggists Sell G. F. P.
Tlie clock at the Greenwich Ob
servatory is the most important
oue in Europe, for it furnishes
correct time all over that part of
the globe. It is, therefore, looked
after and regulated with the great
est care and is uever allowed to
get more than' one-tenth of a sec
ond fast or slow. Ot course it is
impossible to. correct so small an
error by moving the hands, but au
electro-magnet serves the purpose
admirably. The magnet is near the
pendulum, which it attracts the
least bit wheu the electrical current
is turned on. The current is so
limed that it delays the pendulum
if the clock is fast, or quickens
it if the clock is slow. In this way
a few thousand swings of the
pendulum will correct the error of
a tenth of a second.
Genuine stamped C. C. C Never sold In bulk
Ceware of the dealer who tries to sell
"flomsthirg jrsl as .good-'
School Notice.
The Count v Board of Examiners
candy cathartic - r-;-
will convene at the court house, in 1 1
Brownsville on the ISth. day of : V ERMIGELLI
October, for the purpose of exam-j .5
ining applicants to teach in tho ' -BOXA , H J LOS. net 1.QU
public free schools of Cameron' 1 have other bargains
county. Satisfactory proof of th00 num&raasto mention
applicants ability to speakaud un" Wlf Ar T k Cf
derstaud the English language will ( ff (jl Xl D Alio llllj
be required betore a recommenaa-!
tiou to the board of examiuers will
be given.
H. Goodrich,
County Supt.
Oct. loth-., 1901.
fittneato Your Sowsls "With Cits carets.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever.
10c. 25c If Ch C. C. fail , druggists refund money-
State of Orao City of Toledo,
Lucas County, f
Fkaxk J. Cheney makes oath that he
ris the senior partner of the firm of F. J,
Cheney & Co.. doing business In the
lLV Ui. LUICUU, VvUUiil,) (1UU OltllB cHUtC"
said, and that said firm will pay the
for each and every case of Catarrh that
cannot be enred b the use of Hall's
Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed to 2tfxt Session Begins Sep
my presence, this lGth day of December tembei 2nd 1901
A. D. 1886. '
seal .Notary inbiic.
HalVs Catarrh Cure is taken internal
ly arid acts directly on the blood and
mucou's.surfaces of the system. Send
for testimonials, free
Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pill are the best
Yoa can be cared of any form of tobacco usiuft
j kSrSidSg
V- msJ men strong aaan rz&r
! ten pounds in 'ten days. Over MOO ,OOS
MotBerai this is the manner: in which
your daughters are allowed to rush into
womanhood, and this is why bo many wo
men are martyrs to disease. Begin even
before the menstrual periods begin and
give your daughters .......
f JU a FEjIAIE panacea
regularly and they will become strong,,
active, healthy, vivacious and beauti
ful young women happy wives and hap
py mothers.
Panacea) cures nil. FmalA THa. in.
ToiT,fiil C.,WI T e. J
BARRENTIXK & b'ON'S. Schlater. Mk.
Wriio io uiif-V nniTH cire. cuttntie,
TVriu. c:ire-I.. Gxtti ; S CO-, for irea aJrlsa
conceruijig roar case.
Wholesale Prices.
High Patent, per bbl, $9 50
Second Patent, " S 00
Oui'G-ern, " ' 8 25
Old Hickory 7 60
Compound Fairbanks,
by tlie tierce, per lb, 19c
In Cans, per lb, 19e
Mexican Peaberry, lb, 25c
Rio Coffee, lb, 15 J' to 19Jc
According to class.
Standard Gramilated, 13 Jc .
White ,Sfagar, lb, 11J to 12e
Brown Sagar, per lb, 9-85eu
S t-2c. Mex. per vound.
ocla3 per pound
t 3Ti.n.-ltfrt.o. np.-y nmi.n.rl. 1 En.
Celaya Building, Elizabeth St
It, Joseph's College
Brownsville, Texas,
A BoardlllQ and DaV School for
. -
J QUflS Iff 6 fl
and Boys,
, t , i a, , ,
Conducted by the Otelte
THil V
jd timers.
h'ov llflf fl OPne frw Knrfi rvn--
lars Address
Rev 0. Valence, 0, M. I.
Brownsville, Texas.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bwgii
Bears the
gnat-are of

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