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The Brownsville daily herald. [volume] (Brownsville, Tex.) 1897-1910, April 19, 1902, Image 3

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U. S. Currency.)
w.c year H.00
. x months ...
I nree months "I
One month 5
The river had risen tne foot, up
U ont t'clnck this afternoon.
lemons, potatoes
received at Jokn
Be sure to buy a ticket for a
Box of Monkeys." You will have
the time of yonr life.
Arrangements have already be
gun at the Plaza de Allende iu
Matamoros for, the Ciuco de Mayo
Tha rttnr utnf wnrlr nn thi
rice canal somewhat, but the delay
U only, a matter of two or three
days more.
The schooner Olgc arrived at
Point Isabel last evening, and was
discharging her cargo today.
A rise of four feet in the river
was reported at noon today at Hi
dalgo, where the river began risiug
A train came up about 2 :30 o'clock
with freight from the Olga. The
remainder of the freight from the
same ship will arrive later this af
ternoon. A telegram received this after
uuuu by the Eio Grande railroad
company announces that the
schooner Beacbam arrived at Port
Kada today and will reach New
Orlaaitf tomorrow.
The program for the Vega com
pany, at the Matamoros opera
house tomorrow night, includes
two plays: Valeutiu el Gnarda
costas, or the Assassin of the Black
Rock," and "La Marcba dv
The entertainment to be given
on the 25th. at the opera honse is
not under the management of "The
Kiog'a Daughters," as previously
stated, but is given by some of the
young society people of Browirs
ville. In J( Vse (javito's I'outt this
morning ue Taurino Gonzalez
was up ouharte of .swiudliuir,
at.d was bound over in the sum of
$100 to appear brfort thr count
court Th prisoner is areim-d of
svciiriug oily scrip for a small. sum
by fraud.
It is Irarued that, the nirrcdiants
in Matamoros having raixed the
price of corn to a fitfiir hvynud
ihv resuh of the poor people, thr
city authorities took charge of the
itter, and bought a large quanti
ty of corn which they are retailing
at uost to consumers.
Buy. a ticket for "A Box of
Mouktys," to be presented at the
opera house next Friday night. It
i a first eUa c'omrdy, and the per
twriuvrtt are all excellent. You are
mite to enjoy it immensely. The
rarity of uuh au went in Browns
ville nhould bring out a full at
In its report of the Knot) re club.
The Uerald erred in stating that
-the next would be the evening
nirvling. A there sre five Wed
nesdays in this mouth, the even
ing mreting will not occur until
the week following, which, it is
understood, will be the last mret
lutr of the season.
One of tha disrfppniuted appli
cants for tha plaee has filed a pro-
tst against tbe cooflrmation of
aller Burns aa judge uf the new
..ft. tt- r..-.i j;.,.r . it
lUUi 1 exits rederal cilttntt, alleg
sapTwDtous lQflt
g tnat Mr. Burua 'Macks Iealiwearyninacwllsn.lsw"Rt.
HUT i ue uuarge is Quite
coining from the source
it ilnac
Tbls fflotbibit at LitiU Veasamn
was pasting alonp Washington
street near the Peciua corner, he I
noticed blood smeared nnd trrk-i
ed alonp the fauur, and started out j
to geek the canse. He was not long
finding: it, as a short distance away
he came npon a poor burro with a
great gash cat in its aide. Evident
ly some crnel and malicious person
bad cat the poor animal iu raera
wanttnness. The flaud that did it
should be severely punished, if he
cuo be found ont.
Small boy with "nigger shoot
ers" ahootiug at bird', are not uu
common on the streets nowadays.
On Thursday a littls fellow was hit
on the chwek by another with one
of these weapons. Had he been hit
in the eye, the consequence might
have been serious. The police
should keep an eye out for the
"nigger-shooter" boy.
Tickets for the farce comedy,
"A Box of Monkeys," are now on
sale at the Botica del Leou, and
are also being sold on the streets
by childreu. Admission 50 cents.
Reserved seats may be secured on
payment of twenty-five cents extra
at the Botica, in addition to the
admission ticket. Admission to the
balcony, twelve cents.
The Vega bind no longer comes
over to announce the perform
ances of that company. It seems,
they were refused permission by
the customs authorities to oross a
few days ago. Afterwards they
were given a permit by order of
Collector Maris to enter, but for
some reason they did uot avail
themselves of the permission.
NERVOUS troubles are cured by
Hood's Sarsaparilla, which en
riches and purities the blood. It is the
best medicine for r" vr a PEOPLE.
Ice creein served every Wednes
day nnd Suuday at the Ashland
Hotel from five to ten p. m.
J. H. Kirkpatrick of San Antonio
arrived by stage last night, and is
staying at the Miller.
Captain Gns Harms of the
schooner Sloore came up from the
Point yesterday aud returned to
For the Sweetest Little Uirl In
The result of the votiug to de
cide who is the sweetest and pret
tiest little girl in Brownsville, un
der twelve years of age, up to 2:30
o'clock this afternoon, stood as
follows :
Mary Thornham 88
Stella Sherwood 8G
Sarita Starck 50
Nettie Hicks 15
Addie Celaya 11
Evelyn Scaulau 10
Fidela Garza 10
Serita Crlaya 10
Nora Leahy f .6
Cipriaua Barrera 5
Irene Bsrreda . f
Rose Thornham 4
Eva Coweu 4
Katherine Kleiner 3
Addie Putrgnat 2
Louise Putegnat. 1
Sylvia Armstrong 1
Hi ?h Irimir Duvm
Men aud women aliko have to work
incessauuy witn nram ana nana to hold and Mutton, called for by Commissaries
their own nowadays . NeTor were the at Forts Bliss, Brown, Clark. Mcintosh,
demanls of business, the wants of the ! Ringgold, Sam Houston, and Camp at
family, the requirements of society, ; Eagle Pass, Tex., during six months
more numerous. The first effect of the 1 commencing July 1. 1902. Proposals re
praiseworthy effort to Veep up with all cerred and onened same hour .br Com-
I st .1 nV,i'l(fiA,l r.A:..
kucw uuuKo wuimuuy ucij m u
the nervoun svstom. which resnlbi in
i dyspepsia, defective nutrition of both
Ibodyand brain, and in extreme cases
incomplete nervous prostration. It is
tnno to the nerves, and kwrth difoc 1
jtiveand a.ssimilative functions healthy
auMMio. iciouu fcuuw.wiKB, t
Permanently Cures All the
Varied Forms of
It Purifls the Blood and
Removes Every Trace)
of Poisonous Acid.
The Great Medicine Has Cured
More Rheumatic Suffer
ers Than All Other
Combiued Rem
edies. Sufferers from the varied forms
of rheumatism articular, muscu
lar, inflammatory, lumbago, and
gout, should bear in mind that
there is a morbid priuciple in the
blood when rheumatism is present.
This morbid principle is uric acid,
which circulates with the blood
and acts upon the joints and mus
cles, causiug the pains aud agon
it? i of rheumatism. Paine's Celery
Compound is the only scientific
remedy for the permanent banish
ment of every form of rheuuut
ism. If your joints are painful; if
the knees, wrists, elbows, or ank
les are swollen, a few bottles of
Paine's Celery Compound will soon
remove all your troubsaeftins.
If you have inflammatory or sciat
ic rheumatism accompanied with
fever, acute, darting pains in the
sciatic nerve from the hip down
the leg, Paine's Celery Compound
taken at ouce will soon drive out
the disease, and make you strong
and active.
At this particular time when
rheumatism frequently lays the
foundation for other iucnrable and
grave troubles, we specially urge
the hourt uie ml at least one but
tle of Dr. Phelps' life giving me
dicine, Paine's Celery Compound.
No cane in too complicated orlifii
cult for this king of medicines.
Thousands of happy aud grateful
men and women ring its praiies
and omit inn ally recommend it. It
is thr only medicine that enu. res
cue proplf from agony wild death
after physicians projiotiuce them
iucnrable. Mrs. Louisa Rix, Wes
ley, Iowa, says :
Some time ago my husband
was taken down with inflammatory
rheumatism, so that hi- was unable
to get out of bed slnne or to dress
himself. We employed good doc
tors aud used many kind of medi
cines, but wit'i no relief. We fin
ally sent for a bottlr of Paine's
Celery Compouud, and before he
had finished it he was ahlv to be at
work. Another Irottle entirely
cured him."
Save Money
by dyeing your faded
uimtx with Dia-
d Dye?. 10 cmt.
and Mutton . Office Chief Commissary,
San Antonio, Texas, April 8, 1902. Seal-
i ed proposals will bo receive here until
11 a.m., May 8, 1902, and opened, for
furnishing and delivering Fresh Beef
missarius in muse ixmK, eocu receivmic
1- t 1.1 a. 1 T-l
rCnlQ xHll olKr.l itC,,r,r;
at wbick bidder will deliver fresh beef
and mutton of tomperarare not jjreater
than 50 desTeea Falmakeit. Informa-
"Pmrnnlit fnr fWh nf anrf vnfnn
and addressel to nndersignwl, or to
KvmmimTy at post ma ior. o. u
Two and a Quarter hndieis of Kniti
The following bulletin wn re
cetvd lHj"t Hveninir by the local !
signal station :
Fort RionL"ld, April IS. Two
and a quarvr inch"' of rain fell
here la.t i.it:lit.
"Since In-t uk'ht, the river Iihs
risen five feet, three inches, jud
is still rising."
Kstate of R. B. Rntfro, drofa.d.
Whereas, Isttrrs of adminitr
tion upon the e.tMtror R B. Rent
fro, deceased, wrri' grunted to the
undersigned by thr Ci.unty Court
of Cameron County on the 21st.
day of March, A. D. 1902, all per
sons holding claim auainst aid
estate are required to present th
same within the time prescribed
by law.
My residence i.- t Brownsville,
Texas, and my post ofltee address
is Brown.-ville, 'lxss
R B. Rent fro, Jr.
List of Letter..
The uncalled for letters remaining in
the post ofliue of Brownsville, for the
week ondinfj April 19, 1902, are as fol
lows :
Cavsy.ns, Miss G.
Gsrrirt, S. Dnmiiiga
Uracin, Sra. Fraunisaa
Garcia, Srita. .Inanita
Gsrcia, Sra. Kefugia
Salati, Candida
Tillman, Mr. Kate.
Alauis, Guadalupe
Buckley, John
Botello, Sostenus V.
Cuellnr, Porfirio
Garcia, Andres
Garn, ICmilio
Grces, Jesus
Kellsey, Win.
Moreuo, Beuiguo
McAfee, J. P.
Martinez, Luis
Silva, A.
Vasqnez, Modesto
Vyteesio Pancho.
Persons calling for the above letters
will please say advertised.
J. B. Shakpe, PostmaBter.
For Over Sixty Years
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup' has
been nsed for over sisty years by mil
lions of mothers for their children while
teething, with perfect success. I
soothes the child, so ftens the gums, al
lays all pain; cures wind colic and is
the bust remedy for Diarrhoea. It wil
relieve tho poor little sufferer immo-i
dhWy. So.d bv Dn,KgiSb, inov,
part of the world. Twenty hvo cents a I
bottle. 13 u sure aud ask for "Mrs.!
Winslow's Soothing SyrrV'aud takei
. . . . . "
no other kind ,
, , f
Krriortation. of hones nnd
mules from the United
States to
Grpst Rrirnin flip nast six Vl,ar-
ureat Britain tne pasc six 3 tar
amount to $35,000,000.
I Beware of Pickpockets!
A sign that would save a million times as
many dollars and hundreds of
lives as well, would be
Girls, Maidens, Mothers, Women of-Middle
Age : heed even the little warnings, never A
neglect one sign of weakness,
of comiHg disease. One bottle of Q, fm P
often cures, a few bottles always will.
I wleh to lay a fe-w -wordi In regard to votir F. f, I
kayo oolr used one bottle of this wonderful remedy and feet
better than I hare felt In three years, and will continue until
I am eatlrelr cured. I baro seen so many wonderful cure
that Is has effected, tbat I now feel that I cannot do without
More than 100,000 women have voluntarily tctin'f4 t caw W
Q. F. p. (Gerstle's Female Panacea) of Ovarian troubka, Prolap
sus, Whites, Tumors, Painful, Irregular, Profuse awl Scanty Mtmm
and in fact, all manner of Female Diseases.
. . .. Write- to Ladjks Hkai.t Clu.
DrUISiS Mil G. F. P. L. ueRSTLB Cm., CMimmff, Jmm.
u, 1, r. cr free adrlce abe-ii year mum.
No Time to Lose
You cannot afford to disregard
the warnings of a weak and
diseased heart and put off tak
ing the prescription of tke
world's greatest authority em
heart and nervous disordere
mils1 Heart Cure.
If your heart palpitates, flutters,
or you are short of breath, Have
smothering spells, pain in left
side, shoulder or arm, you have
heart trouble and are liable to
drop dead any moment.
Major J. V7. Woodccfk. one of Um
best known oil oporutors In tbe chb
try dropped doad Xrow beurt dUwa
recently, ut his homo In f ortlasd, Ib4.,
Trbllo mowing his law. 27t Prui.
Mrs. M. A.Binlsall,Watkh,N.Y,
whose portrait headi this advertise
ment, says: UI write this throygh grat
itude for benefits I received from Dr.
Miles' Heart Cure. I had palpitatiom
of the heart, severe pains under the
left shoulder, and my ccneral healUt
was miserable. A few bottles of Dr.
Miles'Heart Cure cured me entirely.
Sold by all BrusslatJ.
Dr. Mites Medical Co., Elkhart, In.
Jot Guater Moves.
San Antonio Express.
t'ol Jot Guutsr and family will
leave toddy for the Schrefrr ranch,
on the Mexican National Railway
iu Duval county where thy will
spend the summer. It is quit
likely thit Colonel Gunter will be
come a permanent citizen of San
Antonio next fall.
Deafness Cannot be Cured.
by local applications as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to euro deafness,
aud that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of tho mucous, lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tubs is
inflamed you have a rumbling somnd or
imperfect hearing, and when it is en
tirely closed, Deafness is the result, asd
unless tho inflammation can be takea
out and this tube restored to its soraal
condition, hearing will be destroyed for
ever. Nine cases out of ten are camaael
by Catarrh, which is nothing but an
inflamed condition of the mucoas sar
We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafapss (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure. Sond for circulars, frs
F. S. CHENEY & CO. Toledo, O
'Sold by Druggists 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
- Drying preparation si ply etarsl
nmlnrnntnnki tVlO'V ArT Tim ih JTlj
, which ttdhero to the membrsne aad decees.
poso,cftusingft far morosorious trouble tkaa
ftftd us0 tbnt vUch cioanseaf soothes aai
heals. Ely's Cream Balm is such a reesedy
and" will cure catarrh or cold i the hi
easily and pleasantly. A trial size vill M
mailed for 10 cents. All dnigKisU seM the
50c. size. Ely Brothors, 5G AVarrea St., 3C.Y.
. Tho Balm cures without paia, does act
Irritato or canso sueazine. It snreeds Iteelf
over nn irritated and angry surfsce. reliev.
ing immediately tho peinful inflsmaeatiea.
j VUh my,B Crcam yom
1 tgaiuat Nasal Catarrh asd Hay IVrar.
thousands of
one evidence

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