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Jesse O. Wheeler, Ed. an Prop.
Bubsorlbera who do not receive their
iy the name of Its author, not for pub- 1 noma oar-son a.vu
ilcatlon (unleBs so directed), but as a ! Robt. Stilluian '3.00
the people of Southwest Texns. Each ; Vf . V, nn
to such communications the right Is re- r 1 iarrla J-uu
request anonymous signatures appear jM. H. Cross 5.00
writer should a necessity arise fori-, r pnfof r nn
served to disclose the name of the i J- li- Putegnat & Bro J00
fuarantee of good faith, and when by
jrpmpi attention ana insure ueuer - cr -
The Lawn Party this evening.
Don't miss it.
FOR SALE: A ladies' bicycle
For further information apply to
Colonel Wreford.
Brownsville has responded liber
ally to the call for help for the
storm-Btriokeu town of Goliad.
Uegular meeting of the Wood
men of the World tonight. It is
important that a full attendance be
The steamer Manteo arrived off
Brazos late Inst eveuing and ITas
been unable to oome inside today.
Unless the wiud shifts from its
present direction it is not likely
that she will uouie inside before
The soldier left Santa Maria t
four o'olook this morning and will
umroli to Nanmjo tonight, which is
twelve milos from here. They will
make an early start in the morning
and are expected to reach here
betwuen nine and Ion o'elnuk f
the toreiiouti.
Me sur' In ailiMid tin mwu Parly,
whiuh wiH be held from five, until
ini o'oWk I hi. eVfiHiivr i" iIih
post. There will he n .lny pole
danue, the eleotion and coronation
of a May queen, and music, with
delicious ice cream and cake for
Au albino child, which is of
Mexican parentage, was brought
into town from one of the ranches
the other day, and was au object
of considerable interest to those
who saw it. 'I he child is about six
months old, and is said to be a
perfeat specimen of albino, having
white hnir, pinkish eyes, and
white skin. It wn taken tu the
public school, and exhibited t the
pupils nud teachers. Albinism i
a rare nud peculiar phenomenon,
which consists in the absence of
coloring matter from the skin, and
also of the dark pigment which col
ors the hair and eyes. It WU
formerly believed that albinos oc
curred only in Africaus, but it is
now kuowu that the same pheno
menon occurs iu individuals of all
races, though it is quite rare.
You are oordially invited to at
teud the Lawn Party in the post
this evening.
Mr. Fannie 1). PnUgnat, who
was quite ill several days ago, is
now mu oh better.
Chas Pearson of Lake Charles,
La., arrived on the stage last night
and is stoppiug at the Miller.
Sau Antonio, Texas, May !J8, 11)02.
Sealed proposals in triplicate, for fur
ninbinc .Forage during year omling
Juue 30, 1908 at Posm in Department of
Texas, will bo received until li! m., Juno
28, 1908 Proposal will bo received at
mime time by QuHrtorotaKter at each
Post for furnishing supplies required
by that Post only. U S reserves right
to reject or accept auy or all bids or
auy part thereof IiDonn&tlon furninh
en on application here or to Quarter
tuasters at various Powta. Bnvelopos
containing proposals "bIkmIi! be mark
ed "Proposals for at
" and addressed to the
understgnua or to respective Post Quar
termasters JNO, L DLKM, C. Q. M.
For The Goliad
Storm Sufferers.
Following is a list of the con
tributions made by onr citizens
Tor the relief of the Goliad' storm
Jose Celayn D.00
, fi . Kowalski o.50
Mrs. fl. BoIIack.... 2.00
hheiro 2.00
M. Barreda & Bro 2.00
Miguel Fernandez 3.00
Juau H. Fernandez 3.00
E. li. Goodrich 3.00
M. Sabualla & Co 2-00
O. Sauder 2.00
Aarou Turk 1-00
W. F. Deuuett 1.00
li. Gruuewald 1.00
John J. Smith 2.00
A A. Browne 2.00
C. 11. Muris 2.00
A. Uollauk 1.00
J.O. Wheeler 1.00
W. M. Katcliffe 2.00
Bnlauce left from rice celebra
tion fund 11.57
Total amt. collected $09.07
Several persons subscribed to
the ubove fuud who have not paid
the amount promised by them,
and their names aru therefore
omitted from the lifct. Should
they still wish to pay the amount
subscribed by them, they can
hand it to Mayor Carson .
The subscription list svas circu
lated by Thk Hkuald'k editor, and
thw limited time which he could
devote to Hi work hnx prevented
his seeing all of intr eidzen.', only
those met mi th principal husi
iuvs strrts hiivinir been seen by
him. It' any others feet inclined
to iidd their mite to the fund
they can baud it t Mayor Carson.
The sum collected, $09.07, was
turned over this morning to the
mayor, and he has forwarded the
same to the county jndge of Goliad
Mayor Carson this morning sent
the following telegram.
Brownsville, Texas, May 22.
To the county judge, Goliad, Tex
as : Draw on Fir&t National Bnuk
here for $09, Browosville's contri
bution in aid of cyclone sufferer:.
Thomas Carson, mayor.
the Collector, Port of Brownsville, Tex
us, May 16, 1902. The following describ
ed property has been soized in Uie Dis
trict of Brazos de Santiago, Texas, for
violation of Section 3082, R. S . of the
United State, viz: At Brownsville
Five hundred and forty-one pieces Mex
ican needle work, sixty-one pieces
earthenware, twenty-six and three
quarter dozon spools cotton threud, one
hundred and eighty-nix dozon buttons,
four pieces- sole lonthor, thirty-live pairs
of euir buttons, one gold watch and
chain, one gold breast pin, one gold
watch key, one Mexican hat, two ivory
fans, ono Mexican blankot, three and
one-half yards flannelotto, one and
three-quarters yards cotton cloth, two
and one-half yards lace insertion, ten
yards linon crash, fifteen yards muslin,
six yards blanched cotton, one pistol,
ono white veil, one pair kid gloves, one
pair kid slipiers, two sheopkins, one
knifo, six bottles liquor, fonr and nine
sixteenths gallons whiskoy. At Santa
Maria: Two saddles, two bridles, one
nose bag, ono wntor horn, one pair spurs,
ono blanket, one sheepskin. At Edin-
burg: Two istlo ropos, four saddlos, five
bridles, ono ox cart', four-eighth gallons
cognac At Rio Grande City: Twenty,
nine and one-half dozen spools cotton
thread, twenty-one and one-quart or
yards silk cloth, one saddle, one bridle,
two skiffs, one pistol, ono hundred and
wonty-nino pounds leaf tobacco, throe
pairs shoes, two istlo ropes, one pair
scad es, ono nose bag. At Roma: Six
saddles, one saddle tn'o, one hat, two
pillow cases, (lace), one pair shoas, two
bridles, soven yanks calico, one liottle
brandy. Any person or persons claim
ing the above described property will
appear at this ollice aud file claim there
to within twenty (201 days hereof. C.
H. Makis, Collector.
A Relative or Friend to
Pass into the Dark
Valley Simply Be
cause the Doctor
Desires to Cling
to Medical
Is Dally Saving Precious
Lives After Pronoun
ced Failures of
The months just passed of the
present year have brought bereave
ment and dark clouds of sorrow to
many homes in our land. Fathers,
mothers, sisters, and brothers have
been forever removed by the grim
reaper, death. The large majority
of such could have been saved had
their friends given them Paine's
Celery Compound, instead of the
worthless medicines the siek ones
were forced to swallow.
In many tHiuilies a too slavish
obedience to inedicHl dictation kept
the true life saver from the sick
and dying: ones. Pa.-i renin ds of
marvelous cures and victories
wrought by Paine's Celery Com
pound were ignored by medical
men ; in u word, it was unprofes
sional in their estimation io intro
duce the life iviug Compound.
Ah ! Remorse is now doing its
quiet but effective work, aud those
most closely interested are suffer
ing for their neglect.
Will you, deHr reader, allow
some dear relative or friend to
pas from life without making an
effort to save the perisbiug one by
Paine's Celery Compound? The
virtues and powers of Dr. Phelps'
preM-ription are wondrously fur
reaching and mightyEven
though your friends have suffered
long, Hiid have come to that point
where the physician is helpless to
save, even then, there is a blessed
hope if Paine' Celery Compound
is usrd.
The desperate cases cured iu the
pat and the number of precious
lives saved, is the bright, the liv
ing proof, that Paine's Celery
Compound makes sick people well.
MOND DYES nevor crock
or fade. Tales no other
Called Meeting Kastern Star .
A called meeting of Hope Chap
ter, U. D., O. E. S., will be held
Saturday evening m 7:30 o'clock.
All members are requested to be
present, as there will be initiatory
By order of the Worthy Matron.
Sara Kenedt, secretary.
For Over Stxty Years,
Mrs. WixsiiOW's Soothing Syrup has
beeu used for over sixty years by mil
lions of mothers for their children while
oothing, with perfect success. Is
teethes the child, softens the gnms al
lays all pain; cures wind colio ami it
the bast remedy for Diarrhoea It will
relieve the poor little sutTeror immo
diatoly. Sold by Druggists in every
part of, the wodd. Twenty -five cents a
bottle. Bo sure and ask for "Mrs
Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup," and take
other kind.
and unless the mother ia well there
tle happiness for children or husband and
little help or comfort for relatives or friends.
It is this greatest of all blessings
health vigorous, bounding, energetic,
ambitious health, that
ftf FE.UA LB
gives to womankind. It heals, strength
ens and regulates her whole sexual ays
tem. Tnere is no wnmn irouoio it will -sj
not core, and at the same time it tonus up (
It 1 J. 11 L : 1 1 .. .. .7 ... ! 1 N,
uautTiKunitoH inuunuiu uuujrniiuuiiitu.
Iconiiderrour S. F. P. 'Certtlit'i Female
haatintdicinel havecTerM-iMiuscd in iiiv
has been entirclr cured by its mjic Hit
been restored and all o: her prims hpcn
lieved, it lias done her more irood than all of th-il--tors
that have ever treated her. and I lam k'uu '. try
and induce all of my ?uMVrinir friends tnusrit. I do
not believe she could In-..- lived had it mt been for
6. F. P. and I intend t ! i, it in my lue ail tha
time. r. M MM)RK. Viull. M i.
5 If joarcaw In DM fnllr ' 1 ' 'r fr
Mother Makk 1Iapit Huvt".:' nt n
H.lth CUb.flilU. Tw.. . .. I. t-f.ll. In.
Regular Service Rendered by First Olass Vessels-
The xViv and fast sailing schooner
WILL sail from Now York direct for Brownsville on or
about April 1st., 1902. Through rates to Brownsville
advantageous to shippers. For freight space and all
other particulars apply to
RIO GRANDE R. K. Co., Agent, Brownsville.
FRANK L. KIRK, Agent, Galveston.
S- P. WREFORD, Traffic Manaohk.
The Auxiliary Tern Schooner Olg
C. II. Moore and Others.
Frwight rnt natitii iw ithrlis No lightfritRrt rlmrgos at Brazos.
Thfe hue umtiUiitiM m wureboow at CrttlvwUm unit will receive all
roiMttKiiiwtitts on nrrirul and tbrby khtp ilwniunigo on cnr.s orves
saht. The pntroitMr of tlw Jlntninoww, HidiUgo and Brownsville
Sipixrs w inmi(tly solicited.
The Galveston agent of tliiw liiif will rwive conaigiuiit'itts from
connecting lini, mr charKes. ijwureaiwl forwnnl promptly. Soml
orders for frixlit to
EDGAR W00DH0USE, Agent, Galveston, Texas.
00,000 Acres of Kicu nud Sugar
and is Hidalgo oonwty, for sale,
at prices ran(i! from $1.00 to
$2.50 per acre. For partioulurs
write. John Closnku,
liidalo, Texas.
Sdncatc Yoar isowala Wltn Cuicareik.
Oandy C.ithnrtlc. euro constipation forever.
3c.25c IfCC.C fan. druccistsref unit mones
No Time to Lose
You cannot afford to disregard
the warnings of a weak and
diseased heart and put off tak
ing the prescription of thfc
world's greatest authority on
heart and nervous disorders
Miles' Heart Cure.
If your heart palpitates, flutters,
or you are short of breath, have
smothering spells, pain in left
side, shoulder or arm, you have
heart trouble and are liable to
drop dead any moment.
llalor J. W. Woodrock. one of the
beit known oil operators in thocoHB
trt dropped dead from hnurt disease
recently, at hi beao In Portland, I nd
vhllo mowing fate lawn. IT; ii.
Mr. M. A. BirdMll, Watltiiu, N.
'whose portrait heads this adrertue
meot, sajrs: "I write this throveh grut
itede for benefits I received from Dr.
Miles' Heart Care. I bed palpitation
of the heart, severe paias Kcr the
left shoulder, and ray central health
was miserable. A few bottles of Dr.
Miles'Heart Care cartd me entirely.
Sold by all Druggists.
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
1 x-vsntfi
can be lit
Panarr.-O the
I:li-. M wifpi
menr iave
entin-ly re
' . Kav v
"Hba i THT ) Z
'Unanta liwitn'V DRUGGISTS fl T7 X
fr fH-f dlw. SEL! X . JL f
Navsgaiion Co,
Experience Convinces.
Prove itH valno by inventing 10 conts la
trial size of Ely's I'riaiu Bnliu. Drnggifltsi
supply it and we mail it. Full sizo 50 cents.
JBLY BKOS., 56 Warran St., New York.
Clifton, Arizona, Jan. 20, 1899.
Messrs. Elt Bros.: Ploaso Bond mo a 50
cant bottle of Cream Balm. I find your
romady ttio quickest and most porinanent
enre for catarrh and cold in the bead.
DELr.it. Potter, Oan.Mgr. Ariz.GoldM.Co.
Messrs. Elt Broh. : I have boon afflicted
with catarrh for twenty yoars. It made toe
ho weak I thought I had consumption. I
got one bottlo of Ely's Cream Balm and in
thrco days tho discharge stopped. It is the
best medicine I have used for catarrh.
Proberta. Cal. Fiunic E. Kindlxspibx.
Your Life awayl
that rt ll.u T.r n y t ti r 1 -....
.cn pounds in tcu days. Over SBtf , BB9
cured. AU dnijrgwts. Cure truarantuv Book
(M aud advice 1'HHR Adnre-s 81 KHT INfl
"MKDV CO.. Chtcairo or New Vori. 4
Old Parniture
Cabinet Maker
I And Udiierul Repairer is now read
tortipulr and npholstnr furniture.
Lave niid 11th. Htreets.
Crystal Ice Cream Parlors
Will serve ereniu to the public
on Thursdays and Snndnys,
from I to 0 p. ni. Wo guar-
nittot atUfefketilon hxu -wk you f 0
to try fcfc.
Kowal.ski and Browne
. Genuine sUmpcd CCC Never sId In Mtk
Eewar of the dealer who tries ta SiH
; lemething J rat u jo,M

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