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The Brownsville daily herald. [volume] (Brownsville, Tex.) 1897-1910, May 30, 1902, Image 2

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(XS. S. Cwrroncy.)
One yoar 16.00
a.x months 3.00
Three mnths 1.50
One morttM 50
PorrecfKMMtonce solicited on all mat
Uit neopta of SoetbWMt Taxws. Each
conaiHanic&Uoit must bo aocompanlod
)v tko mum 6 of !U author, not for pub
lication (aiH no alroctod), but as a
ruamwtec of good faltb, and whon by
qtwt mtoHxmoac siRijat&ro appour
i KMdt rxMsvitntttictttioiis tke right Is ro
wrroti to iilocloM the name of the
1,-rlUr kM a riootMit.v arise for
jucU Hskd'wtre.
SMtMcritMr yrho do net recolve their
..anw regalWly wo requtrnUd to notify
ili in oMoa and U matter will roootvo
prompt attention nM imraro battor hot-vu-n
iik HRKAU) i MtthurtEed to n mi emtio
Hon. J.B.Dibiiell,
ax a candidate for Cougreic from this,
the WfUwwtUt Dintrict, subject to Uioho
Uumoeratic Congrontiottal Convention
Tun 1Iiti.AiJ is wttltoriited to km noun co
Hon. J. N. Garner,
a CiutdidftU for (JoMfrraw rrom as thfe,
tlu l'HJWuUi Diufcriot, mibjftot to the
Democratic Kmtittatlnj Convolution.
Saoahta, the prime minister of
Spniti, who hits been the njHinstuy
of that government t h rough all the
tr'MllM stud doolMfal ytar of
Kiux A!Tn'ij wtimnity, Uepiiu
III' I'.H N HCWKjUtlW iej Hr.
VVjJ8L4, ptliap KWtwiul di nut
create t'yrmw de Br rgrroe Ht
lea ni imp etMtrt seem to beeouvine
od that one &untttl Blberly Gross
of Chicago wa thu progenitor, of
thfl long-ntmed here but, still
1 tout n nd deorwi smlil for having
(liMHivitml Cyrano. If it had not
Imm'u for tht KrvucliutMn's genius,
the- world would never have
known the eihaineter, and Richard
Mansfield wmld have misled one
of hit imm telling hits. It is
queiwiuuablr Ihemfuir whether the
Cluoagoaw's of aim to $250,000 of
royalliw on thu play i justifiable,
ns the royalties would never have
been earned, if Edutotid Rostaud
had not pwbliahed thu now famous
play. Mr. Cross claims and has
apparently proved that the French
writer has taken a comedy written
by Gross twenty-five years ago,
entitled "The iMerchaut Prince of
Cortiville" and made it over into
"Cyrano d Bererac." Perhaps
the charge may have some founda
tion, but the courts should have
made allowance for the genius
whieh gave lo Cyrano the life that
the merchaut prince of Ctiruville
nover enjoyed.
Tritt banting of a negro rape
fiend in Te.vaa lite oilier day whs
made the subject of a discussion in
the United States senate Monday,
ii resolution to investigate these
lyntshings being introduced by Mr.
Galliner oT New Hampshire. That
such au atrocious deed as the burn
ing ot a huMwii being ttkoald mill
forth widespread ooudeitt nation is
not to be wondered at, bnt it is a
remarkable faot that, in discussing
the horrible affair, no reference
was mad to the infamous outrage
for which the, lit d was burned.
Tim people of the Nortu, it seems,
on u not oouoetve of the rage which
such au nutrag eagaiunt the woman
hood t the iioulk tnllauics in the
hearts of tu whiles A similar
crime i tlw city of Cleveland,
Ohio, n-.fiulv wa punished by
fine uil a brief term f imprison
ment, as if for a mere misdemean
or. It seems almost inoredible to
a Southern man that such a fear
ful crime could be so lightly pun
ished. The Heuald is no apologist
for the crime of buruing a human
being at the stake, but it does be
lieve that the crime for which tho
negro Morgan was burned deserv
ed instant death by haugiug or
shoouug. it is the oue crime for
which lynching is excusable, aud
there are doubtless very few, if
any, men in Texas ivho do not
condone lynching in such iimtauoes
but uot burning. As Senator
Bailey aptly informed the New
Hampshire member, the federal
government has no right whatever
to middle with the execution of
the laws in the individual states.
The doctrine of states' rights is
not yet dead, nor will it ever die,
unless through a repetition of the
gigantic fratricidal stniggle of '61.
The states alou have jurisdiction
over crimes committed within their
limits. That, they should endeavor
to prevent a repetition of the hor
ror which was perpetrated at Long
view, it is true. But there will
never be a court held in the South
which will punish any member of
a mob which lynches by hanging
or shooting any creature that com
mits the same crime that Morgan
was guilty of.
The bid made by all of the beef
concerns in the trust to Mipply
beet to (tie government for the In
dian agencies at eight cents per
pound, when they are selling to
private parties at eleven cents a
pound, should be the last eye-opener
the pun j le should require to
prove to them that they are being
unjustly imposed upon by lh
trust. If eight oents per pound
repref til.- n liir pndil wluHi it
must slmw, else the bid would uot
have been made then the price
charged to the people of eleven
cents per pound is gross extortion.
There seems no longer any doubt
of this, but the question is, what
to do t.bout it. The only effective
means of getting at the trust ap
pears to be through the tariff, aud
that sacred wall will probably
have no openings made in it, un
til the democrats gain the power.
Aud when will that bef
Now Post at Ntifcvo Laredo.
Laredo, Tex., May 26. Capt.
I. Guarueras of the Corps of En
gineers of the Mexican army has
arrived in Nuevo Laredo for the
purpose of layiug off the grounds
and otherwise preparing for the
erection of an extensive army post.
The Mexican Government has juit
appropriated $200,000 for the work.
The mobilization of a large body
of troops on the Rio Grande will
add wonderfully to the life ard
business activity of the two Lare
dos. -
Statb of Ohio, City ok Toledo, r,
Lucas County.
Frank J. Cheney niakos oath that he
is sotiior partner of the firm f F J
Cheney & Co., doing business in the
City of Toledo, County and State afore
said, and that said firm will pay the
for each and every case of Oatakiui
that cannot bo onred by the use of
C II Oukk
Sworn to txrforo mo and subscribed in
my prosconso, this 0th. day of Decern'
Ur, A. D. 1SS0.
Dry Goods Dealer,
Has now ou'hand a full liDe of gentle
men, ladies' and children's shoes. One
of specialties in shoes is the
shoe, for missos and children She is
sole agent for the Hamilton Brown
"America Lady and Gentleman"
hoe A full line of clothing, gents
furnishing, window shades and, other
household furnishings . Give me
before purchasing elsewhere
Mrs. J. Dreyfuss.
IIow Arc Tour KUieyi I
Dr. Hobbt Spaiwii PIHt cure all kidney IU. S
tie free. Add. Stcrttng IlemedyCoChlcaitoorN.Y
Experience Convinces.
ProTG its Talue by inTesting 10 cents in
trial size of Ely's Cream Balm. Druggists
supply it and mail it. Full sizo GO cents.
BLY BROS., OS "Warren St., New York.
Clifton, Arizona, Jan. 20, 1899.
Messrs. Elt Bros.: Plcaso send mo a 50
oat bottlo of Cream Balm. I find your
remedy tho quickest and most permanent
cure for oalarrh and cold in the head.
DBU.M. Fotteb, GemMgr. Ariz.Gold3L Co.
Messrs. Ely Bros.: I have beenaflheted
with catarrh for twenty years. It mado me
so weak I thought I had consumption. I
got one bottlo of Ely's Cream Balm and in
thre days tho discharge stopped. It is tho
bi medicine I have used for catarrh.
IVoborta. Cal. Frank E. Kindlehi'imk.
Genuine s tamped CCC Never sold In built
kewart of the dealer who tiles to ;tU
''something iut as jtood.
BieyHo Repairer
U I CY C h IS S UN I) K I 13 S
Such as Iielln, Pumps, "Never
Jttk" Repair Kits, J-Jtc, Etc.
Shop at my Residence.
Colonel Wroford
la all its lUgea.
Ely's Cnam Bali
oieaDiet, soothes and heali
the diflfued membrane.
It cure catarrh nd drives
sway a cold in the bead
qaleldr. en
Creatu Balm Is placed Into ths nostrlla.spreads
over tke membraae and la absorbed. Relief Is Im
mediate aad a care foHow. It Is not drying does
net prodnce sneezlDR. Large Size, 60 cents at Dree
tilts or by mail ; Trial Slxe, 10 cents.
Notary Public
Halt's Otarrah Cure is taken inter
nnlly. and acts diroctly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system
Send for testimonials, free.
F J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, )
Sold by Druggists. 7.V.
Hall's Family Pills are the best
Vou crn be cored or any zorra ox tobacco usibi
eaiiJr. oe made well, strong, magnetic, full of '
ucw life and vigor by taking Mw-T&'MAB,
Oit n&kes wcik men atronr. Masv rair
, itn pounds In ten dars. Over MB0,6Mm3
aura. All druggists. Cure guarantee BooVt--A
and advice l'KEE. Adare-s Si HRXIMJ
" tlKD V CO. Chicago o- Kew Yori.
gelable Preparalionfor As
similating ittcFoodandTlegitla
ling liic Stomachs andBowcls of
Promolcs Digesfion.Cheerfur
nessandRest.Conldtns neillier
Opiuni.Morphine nor"Miicral.
Hot "N.iic otic.
Jhfprmwtf. -
m rur.nr.
hinltrytmn ,
Aperfecl Remedy for Cons lipa
non , Sour Stoinach,Diarrhoca
Worms .Convulsions .Fcverish
ncss mul Loss OF SLEEP.
FacSlmitc Stgnnlure of
For Infanti and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
A A If
exact copr or wrapper.
For Over
Thirty Years
Steamship Line
The Fine and Fasi Sailing Steamer Manteo,
is appointed to leave Oulveston tor Brownsville every Sunday at C a.
m., and Brownsville for Gulvestou every Welnesday at noon, eanyiuj!
freight and passengers (cabin nnd deck)
The innrino insurance rute on enrgo from Ualveaton to Brownsville
will be of one per cent. Instructions to insure and vnlue to be
iusured, endorsed on bills of lading, will be all that is necessary' To
have owners' pood covered.
For passage and freight apply to
Brownsville, Texas. .
E. 0. FLOOD, Agent, Galveston, Texas.
E. H. Goodrich and Son,
Have for sale, among other lauds, the following?
. 27,000 Acres lying on the Ar
royo Colorado, good pasture and
agricultural lands.
2. 28,000 Acres adjoining Brulay
Sugar Plantation, good irrigable
land, river Trout.
3. 3G.000 Acres of good irrigable
river front, ull extending be
tween parallel lines to North
boundary of trnct for quunty.
10. 500 Acres of land out of and
a part of the "Jesus Maria
11. 1221 Acres, lying partly in
Starr Co., out of Porcion 41,
250 varus front on river. , f
land, river front. All nrairie
rice lands; between Brownsville 12. 2224 Acres, out of Llano
and Laguna Madre. j Grande tract,, fronts 1666?3
4. 7,000 Acres in San Martin vara, on Itio Grande,
tract, 15 miles from city, fiver 1 13. 1991 Acres, Llano Grande
front, good alluvial soil.
tract, fronts on Llano Uratidi
Lake, 200 varas extends from
middle of said lake, to rear line
of Llano Grande tract.
14. 1094 Acres out- of Porcion No.
70, fronts on river 1250 vara
by 2500 varas South to North.
no N'T sr
O 1 1 1 1 lO
N w bring
Shown at
Subscribe to The Herald, i M l'B . H. Bollack'B
5. 7,000 Acres same tract as No.
4, uear month of river, about 24
miles from town,
6. 6,000 Acres "Espiritu Santo
7. Small farms of from 50 to 200!
aeres, near town. 15. 22879 Acres, Lop Guages and
HIDALGO COUNTY. Mngnelles tracts; Bidalgo conn-
8. 10G2 Acres of land ont of Por-! ryf nnd partly in Starr.
cion No. 52, 240 varas river 1G 13000 Acres pasture, fenced,
fr0D m xr wells, etc., San Juan de Carri-
9. G45 Acre, ont or Porcion No-, dtnft Grant( Cameron county,
4G, 316 varas river front. AIfo partly in Hidalge.
the title and interest to an od-' D jna aq ao arwi da
ditional 100 varas river front in VriHn '
said Porcion No. 46.-Also an-t 14;G44 acn' rlvfQr fT"
other interest and title to 200.18. Porcion No. 48, o,400 acres,
varas river front, also 25 varas ! fronting on river.
Oity property of evey description our lists; "

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