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The Brownsville daily herald. [volume] (Brownsville, Tex.) 1897-1910, June 14, 1902, Image 3

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The daily herald.
SAjFURDAY, JU3StE 14, 100S.
Ditrint: I lie hot weather, l be
steamship Mia rite will make trips
between GalveiHon and Point Isa
bel every ten (lays only, intend
if weekly..
Tle number of hardware druii
tilers visit itstr Brnwu.svilljjHWM'
ent shows that thjew agricul
tural deveJopiux in tins seotimi
is uttraatinc attention abroad.
Attrition iinipraits T h e
ufldmoner Brazo will sail in three
days direct for New York. Parties
deairiui: spaoe from that point to
Brownsville may apply to the Kio
Gran do Railway Co.
An assortment of baseball
iseballs antf
bats at Kowalski and 13
Two more recruits for the Fourth
Infantry arrived at Port Brown by
last night's stage.
The democratic county conven
tion meets this afternoon at five
at the court house.
Among the hardware agents who
arrived on the steamer, two are
here for the purpose of putting up
itfome rice machinery for Lon O.
Hie steamer was advertised to
sail today, i The cmineetint: train
left at nine a. m., but th ship had
not sailed up to 4:30.
Foil HKNT A Urge and com
modioli b-itli house on the railroad
wharf at Point Isabel, belonging
to Mrs. J. Hill and Mrs. L. Sebree.
fpor terms and key apply to Mrs.
J. Hill, Isabel, Texas.
Santa Cruz park will be :he cen
tre of attraction tomorrow after
noon and evening. During the
afternoon there will be htrse
raoiug, baseball, and other diver
sions, while at nignt there will be
danaing, fire works, ate. A priw
of $20 will be paid the winners in
the baseball match. A rest mt rant
will sell all sorts of refreshment,
and there will be music and a good
lime generally.
A number of oasiv ot lyuhifrtn
fever are reported about town.
This is a disease whiah genernl
ly due to impurity in the food r
water supply, and it is believed
that flies' parry fhe in feel inn It
would be well therefore to grd
against it by taking care nut to al
low any llie to net into or on any
article of food. Milk should be
Carefully boiled and kept from the
Hies, and bailed or distilled water
(Should be used for drinking.
Judge Wells spent the day at
the Point.
Two recruits for Fort Brown ar
rived ou the stage Thursday night.
Miss Mamie Closurr of Hidalgo
is visitiug her grandmother, Mrs.
Mrs. M. Dougherty of this city.
M. Cambeilh, representing a
a Galveston beer firm, arrived on
the steamer Manteo yesterdwy.
Gharlos V. Ford, a diehartd
soldier, left uti tdj itifii-r im
his home at HtHuHMa, T .m-.
, fHnnstmi Wttfwiui, h tutnUr
agent frm UwuMwu, catite um (be
H. W. La uk Htit) Win. UrigKs,
hardware geuU4 from Uke
Charts, La., arriwd 911 the steam-
Sum Lewiu,
d mummer, left by
the well known
tilts steamer far
his home at Victt
ih, Texas, alter
tapewdiing a short
time here.
, Miss R. Cleat wircrrttirued by
the ateamer from iaiville, ?ex-
where nhf Uh. Wieeri ttbteiirllinr
has jtie
v , ...... A
" ""mi cvinnn.i
lultlt I) Hill nf ilmwictrilln I..-
petit htvrrM! here last t
by yentirday'5
pteamar, and is autographed at the
1'lwrln Mr '. . .r . uii
SwrVfViir )A. llm mui, cti.- I
by yesterday's steamer fiom
Bryau, Texas, where he ha been
attending the A. & M. vollejfe.
Daniel Reyes, who is tpnrhiuj; j
ehrol at the Yeseit ranch, i in
town today far A brief slay. H
report crtiu in that neighborhood
fl total failure wtt aeeontit of the
dry weather.
.Gaston Vasseur, who Una bepn
here and in Matamero several
days in the interest af a larjip ex
porting house cf Paris, France
left today by steamer on hi re
turn to that ciy. Mr. Vanseur
maJns a tour of Mexico ami this
Lsotioh . for his- firm every two
yD R. Swift, rf Iaki
'La., representing j hardware
house, J. T. iSimmous, of Dallas
Texas, traveling for the Mtdin
Plow company, Pan! Joplin repre
senting the Gore Scott Thrashing
machine company and C. Ijaoeaster
representing the Avery Plow com
pany, were arrivals bore by yester
day's steamer, aud art staying at
the Miller.
JSditar 1Ikxai.
druiia, lex., .June tu. lu ny
e-otiutry, more especially in a dry
country, and most especially in a
country where there m a partia
drouth, the ivethr is a legitimate
topic, and you onght not to in sur
prised if I bei 11 with the old
Sinco tht latter jrt of April, I
believe, we have had not a drop if
rain. It is now June .10 aud the
sky is still without sinof rain.
I tie thermometer Lite last two
weeks has beeiLiegistrriug 93 to
95 in the shade. In thr ann I snn
pose it is 100 or over, bit! I don't
stir outside until ) o'clock p. 111 ,
so I can giv no personal exper
In La (ii-nilH- with Iwn nr ttrt
ijixuione, there are no cnips A
little frijoles and grbtiss have
been raic-eri in the dty btd of th-
estero, bni that ia nII. What I mis
iiiusl. ajmrt from elotis, WMUr
mehtus and melons. There arr
uoue here Below u from Ihf Snl-
adt to La 1 labium, hmI hIhiv, from
Lu Caslta to town, tbrre are prrtly
fair crtip, Utii sadly awlmx ram.
In the briok conntry (litre still
plenty of gnuss and water, but
well, you can just as well fill np
the hiatus as I. A friend jtwt in
from Lflguna Seca, Hidalgo county,
reports the road-side destitute of
pasturage, but with au abundance
of nopal. Some of the trees and
shrubs begiu to look sere. There'
is, though, a most proftise erop of
mezquitcs, so we have something.
, r- -
On May 29, at Rio Grande, died
the only child of Mrs. l&ltatt de
Pena, from brain fever.
On the first of titi; month, Teo
fito Garcia, his mother Donn Yir
uea, and stsVer, .Sn.-nt Kut.dif
mnrmng from m visu l t.in, lm
quite au adventure writ . roo 1-,
whmh wi uir m; of tb liu Utr
ntad. Asa rttlr the- NoiutMU me
very timid, bot this our mn after
the buggy, ainl when ntmr xlH-n
to 5nip up, as if to pf in, snap
ping and snarling. It whs exces
sively tli iti him! frothed at the
month. Teofilo had m pistol and
as Iho animal whs evidently rabiosa.
he lashed his horse int a nnl p
mikI the coyote was left behind.
There Is no doubt theMtiiniNl wit
mad. Sinee April I hive h. nr-l t
no les than dim unci .vmk m,
it-ihWtJrlimJ. I ..ii- .i-n.' 1
.. u . 1 1 .. . i r.. - i
...1 ..... .. .1 ... 1 1. . .
" lu nrnd vxvW Ht Lhh Arte.
sprittgi returned
i Pita?. Yotlr idea of PastettP I'
hMtuwis a gund thintr One nattbr
:nhlili'l m tlii.- Mutton.
K--;f hnll ritlliittf.
On .Iiiwh th fOle brre Wftv
ntufli excited at a ramor that a bear
rur 111 iU- earrixal near by! Hh
tr4.-U wre seen awd riMrtd to be
enormous and a distant glimpse of
tht niMitfU'r wiw Uol by two woHi
enllrrs. SrTeial hunters 5lliednnt
to hmk for tn aoiuidl. bat only
saw the truck?. I had tstonn bear,
and I stayed ni home. I' tnri ed
tit finally 'hat tin ammul had e.
enped from sont rttens tn , and
that, disKtlste! with his iaft of
wild life, and the hostile rrrrptin
icivu him, he had rrlnrmd to his
That same day, another exeiiing
minor Hew thro' the ranch. It was
reported that at a raneh whose
name I did not hear souir thirty
bravily armed horsemen were 1011
irregaird, headed by I'raiimaco d
Leon, an all-ronnd Iwid mm. It
wa reportH they iniemled t at
tack and rob .Sun Mirne(, gather
more adherents aud hold up Ca nun
go, and then isane a prounneia
meuto! The people of Sim Miguel
sat up all nivht, arms in hand,
ready to give the raider a warm
welcome. They did not come. Next
day warnings were sent to Camar
go, the ramies were called for and
a force i mochos aeonred the coun
try. All this wn.: had from a native
of San Miiptel who (Mute here In
buy ammauition. A t umor has been
current that a raid ou Ijti Grnlla
was tr. le made ton.
So tbM-e peace between Great
Britain and the Boers. S Initv as
no one aided ihi latter in their
heroic atrngsrle, snch au end whs
bound to come. I do r.nt consider
it a good thing that the Boers conld
no; gain their desire, nor eau I
aitrec with yon, Mr. Editor, that
they did anything in their treat
ment of that scum of omlanderJTtn
lesseu onr sympathy for tbefli.
But what a mockery it has made
of Britain's preatige. Four, and
eight, lo one! Mngersfoutein, Col
enso, Stnrmberar, Ganna's Post,
etc.! Nearly a billion dollars wast
ed! And what a fljrnre we cat bow
uohly nr repnblic baa lorne itself.
How it hurrahed for (Greece in its
fight for liberty. How eagerly it
welcomed Kossittli. How hurriedly
it reco nixed the Second and Third
PrFnch republics. How boldly did
onr orators au l public men flont
and defy the despotism of the Old
World. How our senalnrs uui tvit
he British lion's tat I. And now
h what a fall! Two republics wip
ed off th map, nud not a word
5 a id. A most desperate, most he
roic struggle for liberty by a little
people against a great and silence
on onr part. A fight for self-government
agaiust n nation that
wice tried its beet to overbear us,
and we averted our face.
ISl Sornwto.
List ot Lottcrs.
Tk uftttl for letters remaiiiiuff in
tlw peat ofllce of Brwusrville, for the
wee eiktbtg June M, IMS, nre n fol
CuntH, Siitn. JowU
Cmn-, .Mias iMIuuie
CflVHXOeS, Sium
SnahntiKiirm Ksrxloii
(tureitt, im. 0krnt
Iiy Sntu. Aid
IjtKiii, Eetitdn de
So, iritn. Pnnliia
unehes, ini. Qnlntiun Lenl de
VillwuiievH, Sritu. Rnpcrtn.
Mnnoz, AfirnelrO
MetidenliAll, Chnrtes C.
Morales, Diodoro
Pere?, rtasnlio
HelatHl, A.
nto!, Tloenfe de los
Pr.i, ("lililisr for tkw aln.tw ntimr
will plcaee my iwlvrtteeL
J. B. SiiAJtex, PoMtnuutr.
ilv Are Y.Hr Kidney.
3L Tro
aaurer of the Brooklyn East E.nd Art Cluk.
larities are gener
ally tb beffinnint;
of a woman s trou
bles. With the Yitalitj at a
low ebb. th blood weak
ened, the diffesdon disor
dered, she jroes about pnle
fooed, hollow-eyed and nag-
Sard, a piteous contrast to
10 blooming health oE
her former self. Bat oxer
? 1,000,000 women have found I -health
again by taking Wine of Carclui
As a regulator ot the menstrual periods
Wine of Cardni has neter been Known
to fail. It has seldom failed to restore
perfect health, even in the moei persis
tent and ageraTuted cum of weakness.
Miss IdaX. Snyder, of No. 535 Ber-
fen Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., lias used
Vine of Cardui and she says it helped
her into a new life. Health to Miss
Snyder is worth a great deal. She is
an attractire young woman with intel
lectual attainments and she occupies
the position of Treasurer of the Brook
lyn East Knd Art Club. This position
marks her as a person of intellect, cul
ture and refinement and it speaks highly
of the respect and trust her fellow
women have in her. She writes :
"If women would pay more attention
A Blonde's
show more plainly tHan a brunettes,
but these discolored spots greatly mar
the beauty of either. :
j will effectually remove Freckles,
Sunburn, Tan, undue Redness,'
Sallowness and all other blenw
ishes to beauty.
for the face, neck, arms and hands.
Can be easily and quickly applied. '
Others cannot detect its use
It leaves no sticky feeling.
Harmless as water.
At all druggists.
Price 75 cts.
Las Dos Naciones.
M. Sjilmalhi&Co.
The public will find an
extensive assortment of
The Fine and Fast Sailing Steamer Manteo,
isHppointed to leave Galveston tor Brownsville every Sunday at G a.
in., nud Brownsville for Um Ives ton every Wednesday at noon, carrying
freight and passengers (cabin and deck)
The marine iasnninee rate on cargo from Galveston to Browmvilla
will be s of one per cent. Instructions to insure and value to bt
iMtired, endorsed ou bills of lading, will be all that is necessary to
have owners' good covered.
For passage and freight apply to
Brownsville, Texas.
E. 0. FLOOD, Agent, Galveston, Texas,
to their heal tli wc woii
have more hxffj wive
mothers and dxuf mm, ana
if they wouli use aaoec fckl
ligcnce ia the nutter of mH
chics, observing rnuItSy they
would find that the iectofsr
prescriptions do not tetfetm
the many cures they arc fhreo
credit for.
MIn consulting with asv
druggist he advised McFXnc's
Wine of Cardui ani ThW-
ford's Blade-Draught, and so I took It
and have every reason to thank Uas for
a new life opened up to me with rsstersd
health, and it only took three months to
cure me."
You may secure the same relief as
Miss Snyder, if you take Wine of Cardui
as sho took it. Thedford'a Black
Draught ia tho companion medicine of
Wino of Cardui and it is a liver and
bowel regulator which assists greatly
in effecting a cure. If you take these
medicines according to directions, the
relief and euro is simple. Some cases
aro cured quickly and others tike longer
because the disease has run longer.
Remombcr how Miss Snyder took Wine
of Cardui and has health. The same
medicines aro offered you to-day.
A million suffering women
have found relief in
Wine of Cardui.
prices without competi
tion at
steamship line

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